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Archive Report: Allied Forces

Compiled from official National Archive and Service sources, contemporary press reports, personal logbooks, diaries and correspondence, reference books, other sources, and interviews.

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15 Squadron Crest
16.07.1942 No. 15 Squadron Stirling I W7524 LS-D P/O. Robert L. Melville

Operation: Lübecker Flenderwerke AG submarine factory (Operation Pandemonium)

Date: 16th July 1942 (Thursday)

Unit: No. 15 Squadron

Type: Stirling I

Serial: W7524

Code: LS-D

Base: RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire.

Location: River Sneum, South East Esbjerg, Denmark

Pilot: P/O. Robert Lorraine Melville 400637 RAAF Age 25. Killed (1)

Pilot 2: Sgt. Dennis Robert Barrett 1254392 RAFVR Age 21. Killed

Fl/Eng: Sgt. Robinson Nicholls 525236 RAF Age ? Killed

Nav: P/O. Kenneth Arnott 126850 RAFVR Age 22. Killed

W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt. Henry James Ian Lockhart 991121 RAFVR Age 23. Killed

Air/Gnr: Sgt. G.A. Donovan RAFVR Survived - injured. PoW No: 25041 Camp: 344 - Stalag Lamsdorf, Poland.

W/Op/Air/Gnr: Sgt. John Evan Francis Waylan 963167 RAFVR Age 31. Killed

Air/Gnr: Sgt. L.C. Masfen RAFVR Survived - injured. PoW No: 25671 Camp: 344 - Stalag Lamsdorf, Poland.


21 Stirlings trying a daylight operation using the cover of cloud and dusk. The submarine works at the Lübecker Flenderwerke AG the chosen target. 6 Stirlings were sent from 15 Squadron, 3 from 7, 3 from 149, 3 from 214 and 6 from 218 Squadron. Only 7 of the force reported bombing the target.

Above: Pilot, P/O. Robert Lorraine Melville (courtesy Roger Leivers)

Reported to have been hit by flak between 21.20 - 21.27 hrs, whilst flying very low at about 300 mts. crashing in the estuary of the River Sneum. The two surviving crew members were picked up and treated for burns prior dispatch to Stalag Lamsdorf.

Another aircraft also lost on the same operation. 149 Squadron Stirling I BF312 OJ-A. Piloted by P/O. J.M.F. Forward who was taken pow, along with 4 other crew. 2 others were killed.

Above and below as described (courtesy - Michel Beckers)

Above: damage to the Lübecker Flenderwerke after the operation

An excellent extensive research paper, compiled by Carsten from the 12 o’clock High Forum is available here, or emailed to you.

P/O. Melville had escaped an earlier incident just a few months earlier on Stirling I N6067 LS-E.

Grave photographs taken by the webmaster during a visit in 2013 with the relatives of a 75 Squadron, Stirling III BF506 AA-P.

Burial details:

P/O. Robert Lorraine Melville. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.11.20. Son of William Charles and Mabel Maud Melville, of Coogee, New South Wales, Australia.

Sgt. Dennis Robert Barrett. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.10.3. Son of William Robert and Edith Emma Barrett, of Pitsea, Essex, England.

Sgt. Robinson Nicholls. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.10.2. NoK details currently not available - are you able to assist completion of these and any other information? (shown right - courtesy Dave Ingham (Burnley and District at War)

P/O. Kenneth Arnott. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.10.1. Son of Elsie Arnott, of Monkseaton, Northumberland, England.

Sgt. Henry James Ian Lockhart. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.10.4. Son of John and Ethel Agnes Lockhart, of Wavertree, Liverpool, England.

Sgt. John Evan Francis Waylan. Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Grave AIII.10.5. Son of Augustus Francis and Edith Frances Waylan, of West Ewell, Surrey, England.

List of aircraft sent on this operation:

No. 7 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3764 MG-J Fl/Sgt. Bishop 19.03-02.02 (1)
Stirling Mk. I W7535 MG-G W/O. Black 18.59-02.12 (2)
Stirling Mk. I W7529 MG-H P/O. Gwillian 19.02-02.03
No. 15 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3758 LS-V W/Cdr. Lay 18.40-02.05
Stirling Mk. I R9351 LS-R Fl/Lt. Barr 18.45-02.45 (3)
Stirling Mk. I W7504 LS-A F/O. Bennitt 18.35-02.35 (4)
Stirling Mk. I W7525 LS-E P/O. Shoemaker 18.45-02.25 (5)
Stirling Mk. I W7518 LS-U F/O. King 18.45-00.45 (6)
Stirling Mk. I W7524 LS-D Fl/Sgt. Melville 18.40 - FTR
No. 149 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I BF312 OJ-A P/O. Forward 19.02 - FTR
Stirling Mk. I BF320 OJ-H Sq/Ldr. Watt 19.07-00.45 (7)
Stirling Mk. I R9143 OJ-O Fl/Sgt. Hockley 19.04-01.39
No. 214 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I BF318 BU-H Sgt. Fleming 18.55-01.40
Stirling Mk. I R9141 BU-G Fl/Lt. Simich 18.55-00.55
Stirling Mk. I R9358 BU-A P/O. Massey 18.50-00.35
No. 218 Squadron
Stirling Mk. I N3763 HA-Q W/Cdr. Holder 18.55-01.45 (8)
Stirling Mk. I W7562 HA-R P/O. Sanderson 19.00-01.30 (9)
Stirling Mk. I N6072 HA-P P/O. Farquharson 19.00-01.05 (10)
Stirling Mk. I BF319 HA-C Sq/Ldr. Oldroyd 19.05-01.10 (11)
Stirling Mk. I BF315 HA-F P/O. Abberton 19.07-02.10 (12)
Stirling Mk. I W7475 HA-H P/O. Bullock 19.10-01.10 (13)

From these aircraft, the following were lost on later operations:

(1) N3764 - - Lost on an operation to Hamburg, 15 Squadron, 09.11.1942 - all crew killed
(2) W7535 - - Lost on an oeration to Gennevilliers, 218 Squadron, 12.07.1943 - all crew killed
(3) R9351 - - Lost on a Gardening operation, 15 Squadron, 19.09.1942 - 6 crew killed, 1 x PoW
(4) W7504 - - Badly damaged by flak on an operation to Hamburg, 15 Squadron - all crew safe
(5) W7525 - - Lost on a training operation, 15 Squadron, 22.08.1942 - 4 crew injured 1 x killed
(6) W7518 - - Lost on an operation to Berlin, 15 Squadron, 02.03.1943 - 6 crew killed, 1 x PoW
(7) BF320 - - Lost on an operation to Saarbrucken, 149 Squadron, 30.07.1942 - 8 crew killed
(8) N3763 - - Lost on an operation to Lubeck, 218 Squadron, 02.10.1942 - 7 crew killed
(9) W7562 - - Lost on an operation to Frankfurt, 218 Squadron, 24.08.1942 - 8 crew killed
(10) N6072 - - Lost on an operation to Duisburg, 218 Squadron, 07.08.1942 - 4 crew killed 3 x PoW
(11) BF319 - - Lost on a Gardening operation, 218 Squadron, 21.08.1942 - 7 crew killed
(12) BF315 - - Lost on an operation to Kassel, 218 Squadron, 28.08.1942 - 5 killed, 2 x PoW
(13) W7475 - - Lost on an operation to Hamburg, 218 Squadron, 09.11.1942 - 7 crew killed

Researched and dedicated to the relatives of this crew with thanks to Roger Leivers for his assistance, Carsten on the 12 o’clock High forum for operation details, Michel Beckers for crash photographs, Dave Ingham (Burnley and District at War) for photograph of Sgt. Nicholls. Other sources as quoted.

KTY - Page updated 06.06.2016.

Acknowledgements: Sources used by us in compiling Archive Reports include: Bill Chorley - 'Bomber Command Losses Vols. 1-9, plus ongoing revisions', Dr. Theo E.W. Boiten and Mr. Roderick J. Mackenzie - 'Nightfighter War Diaries Vols. 1 and 2', Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt - 'Bomber Command War Diaries', Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Tom Kracker - Kracker Luftwaffe Archives and Fred Paradie - Paradie Archive (both on this site), Robert Gretzyngier, Wojtek Matusiak, Waldemar Wójcik and Józef Zieliński - 'Ku Czci Połeglyçh Lotnikow 1939-1945', Anna Krzystek, Tadeusz Krzystek - 'Polskie Siły Powietrzne w Wielkiej Brytanii', Norman L.R. Franks 'Fighter Command Losses', Aircrew Remembered Databases and our own archives. We are grateful for the support and encouragement of UK Imperial War Museum, Australian War Memorial, Australian National Archives, UK National Archives and Fold3 and countless dedicated friends and researchers across the world.
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