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04 December 2018: Unveiling of War Memorial, Portchester England

Sir Timothy Laurence KCVO CB ADC (Vice Chairman CWGC) unveiled the addition to the War Memorial to honour the fallen of WWll. Our Senior Research Editor Kate Tame played an important role in researching the people thus honoured.

Aircrew Remembered was invited to the ceremony which was held on a bright winter's morning in Portchester's St. Mary's Church in the historic grounds of Portchester Castle, close by to Portsmouth.

Members of all the UK's armed services were present, along with civic dignitaries and the Lord Bishop of Portsmouth.

After the ceremony Sir Timothy was given a short overview of the role played by Aircrew Remembered and recognized its close and ungoing cooperation with CWGC.

27 November 2018: Stefan Gnyś Presents Plaque Honouring his father to Polish Aviation Museum, Kraków

Our friend and respected colleague designed a memorial plaque honouring his father's place in history as recording the first Allied air victories in WWll. This was dedicated on November 17 2018 in a moving ceremony at the Polish Aviation Museum, with whom we have a special relationship. See our story covering the ceremony here, and our review of Stefan's biography of his father, First Kills.

26th November 2018: At 18 years old it is thought that this pilot of a Blenheim bomber was one of the youngest (declared) to die during the war.

All 3 crew members were killed during the raid on Köln-Quadrath in the Netherlands.

Blenheim IV T2347 UX-Y shot down by anti-aircraft fire.

11 November 2018 Remembrance Sunday

As we always do, we donated our homepage to the Royal British Legion in honour of the fallen.

08th November 2018: Very little is known about the highest scoring Allied navigator of WW2.22 Enemy aircraft destroyed - 2 probable - 3 damaged !!
The son of W/Cdr. Duggie Oxby contacted us today - his story now available to be told.

27 October 2018 Polish Air Force Centenary Conference Polish Embassy London

We were invited to attend this commemoration organized by The Polish Airmen's Association UK at which several presentations were made by the Polish Air Force Academy at Dęblin, Officer Commanding Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Józef Piłduski Museum in Sulejówek, 307 Squadron Project, Forensic Genetics Department of Pomeranian Medical University at Szczecin, Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, RAF Northolt Air Historical Branch, War Studies Department of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and two of the children of Sqd. Ldr Ronald Kellett OC 303 Sqd (Polish) during the Battle of Britain.

06th November 2018: Our researcher Roy Wilcock has been working on pages in the Middle East Theatre of operations. His latest, a Wellington from 148 Squadron HF840 suffered engine failure whilst over the deserts in Egypt. All crew survived the elements but 5 taken PoW - one survived all the elements and evaded to return to his unit. Amazing story of evasion and survival.

02nd October 2018: Another loss report on a fighter pilot. The page describes a PoW who took part in the 'Great Escape' along with another who held the VC. Two other pilots sadly killed are also mentioned along with a fifth pilot who's aircraft was hit but managed to fly it back to his base in England. All of them from a small nation, New Zealand, who gave so much during the war. Read the story of these boys.

15th September 2018: Today in Nelson New Zealand the Battle of Britain was remembered by 23 Squadron Nelson ATC.

They hosted members from the RNZAF Association Nelson with a small service at the memorial site of Group Captain Trent VC DFC at 11:00 hrs under grey sky.

We have two pages dedicated to this New Zealand hero.

01st September 2018 - Aircrew Remembered attend both the Bleasby Aircrew Memorial dedication and the annual Polish Memorial at Northolt. Stefan Pietrzak Youngs - Technical Director of Aircrew Remembered - presented the wreath in memory of 309 Sqd (Polish) in which his father served as a decorated fighter pilot at Northolt, and Kelvin Youngs - Aircrew Remembered Director - presented a wreath at the Bleasby Memorial at which he was an honoured guest.

Flt. Lt. Ronald Mackay 26 June 1917 - 4 August 2018 Obituary 'One Of The Few'

Flight Lieutenant Ronald Mackay flew Spitfires with 234 Squadron in the Battle of Britain and was once seriously injured baling out of his aircraft following a sortie.

Obituary: Sqd. Ldr. Tadeusz Andersz VM DFC DFC (US) Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

September 27, 1918 - October 29, 2007

Squadron Leader Tadeusz Andersz was one of that large contingent of Polish airmen who escaped to Britain after the fall of France in June 1940. They were to form the nucleus of the 15 Polish fighter and bomber squadrons based in Britain during the war, two fighter squadrons being formed in time to take part in the Battle of Britain.

19th August 2018: Latest additions by our research team:

485 Squadron Spitfire LF.IXE NH514 P/O. Matthews, B65 Maldegham, near Breda, Belgium

419 (SD) Flight Whitley V T4264 F/O. Baker, RAF Stradishall, Cognolée, Belgium

485 Squadron Spitfire LF.IX EN559 F/O. Baker, RAF Hornchurch, Eernegem, Belgium

Sqd Ldr Geoffrey Wellum DFC Obituary

37 Squadron Wellington 1C N2780 LF-E Sgt. Gerald de Lucie Carver, RAF Shallufa, Egypt.

360th Bomber Squadron B-17G ‘Woman’s Home Companion’, 1st.Lt. William Osborn, Molesworth, Froidchapelle, Belgium, War Crimes

94th Fighter Squadron P-38L Lightning, Capt. Everett S. Lindley, Lesina, Vilsbiburg, Germany, War Crimes

464 Squadron Mosquito FB.VI. NS890 P/O. Carter, RAF Thorney Island, Boenninghardt, Germany

464 Squadron Mosquito FB.V1 HX912 SB-F Fl/Lt. Kerr, RAF Sculthorpe, accident, Schoten, Belgium

488 Squadron Mosquito NF.XII HK182 P/O. Rawlings, RAF Drem, accident, Concleton Farm, Near Kingston

1674 Heavy Conversion Unit Wellington XIV HF352 Fl/Lt. Fraser, RAF Farnborough, accident, Odiham, Hampshire

486 Squadron Tempest V EJ627 SA-E F/O. Hall, Volkel, missing, Handorf, Germany

69 Squadron Wellington XIII NC573 F/O. Tinker, B58 Melsbroeck, friendly fire, Belgium

489 Squadron Beaufighter TF.X NT888 P6-Y P/O. Brightwell, RAF Dallachy, accident, Jøssingfjorden

222 Squadron Spitfire IX MH783 Fl/Lt. Hesselyn, RAF Hornchurch, Near Beauvais, France

161 Squadron Hudson III V9155 MA-Q Fl/Lt. Hale, RAF Temsford, SOE, Gilze, Belgium

14 OTU Wellington IC DV697 Fl/Sgt. Woods, RAF Husbands Bosworth, malfunction, SE Airfield

7 AACU Miles Master I N7889 F/O. Ramert, RAF Husbands Bosworth, accident, Bosworth Hall

139 Squadron Mosquito B.XX KB266 XD-F F/O. Hay, RAF Upwood, Großheide, Germany

School of General Reconnaissance Anson I K6249 F/O. Lilburn, RAF Thorney Island, accident, English Channel

1 Squadron Hurricane I L1971 P/O. Mitchell, Vassincourt, Fénétrange south of Sarre-Union, France

112 Squadron Kittyhawk I AK999 P/O. Mitchell, RAF Gambut, Derna, Libya

15 OTU Wellington IC R3293 Sgt. Bolton, RAF Harwell, accident, Malta

57 Squadron Wellington Ic Z1097 W/O. Purdy, RAF Feltwell, night fighter, Someren, Netherlands

772 Squadron Roc L3073 Sub Lt. Cooper, HMS Landrail, accident, Craignish Point

Fl/Lt. Edward Lefferts Thorne RCAF Doctor

65 Squadron Mustang III FX993 Fl/Lt. Barrett, RAF Funtingdon, Linfjord, Denmark

14th August 2018: On the 75th anniversary the loss of 434 Squadron Halifax DK261 will be remembered at the Mando Museum in Denmark. Halifax DK261 WL-V flown by Sq/Ldr. Roy McLernon, was attacked and shot down. 2 of the crew were killed, 1 was listed as missing, presumed killed. 3 others were taken PoW with the pilot managing to evade capture. Airwar Over Denmark with Søren Flensted as webmaster have researched this loss and Søren with Lars Borberg have written a book 'The Halifax and Mando' which will be made available during the event taking place on the 23/24/25th August 2018.

Joseph Sarnoski - USAAF Gunner Medal of Honor Recipient

Joseph Raymond Sarnoski (January 31, 1915–June 16, 1943) ASN O-888520 was an officer of the United States Army Air Forces during a World War II, and received the Medal of Honor posthumously. Sarnoski was part of Capt. Jay Zeamer Jr.'s crew on B-17E Fortress # 41-2666 'Old 666' on the day that both he and Zeamer earned the Medal of Honor, one of only three times 2 members of the same crew were awarded America's highest award for gallantry for the same action. As for the other crew members: each was awarded the DSC, second only to the Medal of Honor, thus becoming the most decorated crew in any American war.

10 August 2018 Brilliant Detailed Account of USAAF Assistance to Warsaw Uprising

Developed by our friends at Polska Fundacja Narodowa this is a comprehensive account of the politics (including President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill) and military preparations surrounding the brave attempts by the USAAF to deliver vital supplies to the Polish Home Army - the immortal AK (Armia Krajowa) in which Ryszard Pietrzak, the brother of our site's inspiration Aleksander Pietrzak, was fighting the Germans for control of Warszawa in 1944, alongside his brave colleagues. The perfidy of our supposed allies the USSR - and in particular their leader Stalin - at this time and in this place is a stain on the USSR's honour that time will never erase.

31 July 2018: an astonishingly researched and beautifully presented Archive Report from our Senior Editor Roy Wilcock:

01/02.01.1944 No. 106 Squadron Lancaster III JB645 ZN-F P/O. Edwin Cecil Holbourn

That night's raid on Berlin would be the ninth in the series of major raids that had begun on 18 November 1943 and which was referred to in the intelligence room as the 'Battle of Berlin'.

The intended route was a long circuitous flight over the north sea to Denmark before turning south east towards Berlin and returning along a route south of Leipzig across Belgium and the tip of north east France. To complete the operation in darkness take-off would necessarily need to be mid evening.

29 July 2018 These are the most recent additions to our Archive Reports:

19.08.1942 No. 245 Squadron Hurricane IIC BD766 P/O. James E. Barton

06/07.04.1942 No. 61 Squadron Manchester I L7470 Fl/Sgt. Noble

14/15.2.45 No. 625 Squadron Lancaster I NF996 CF-J2 Fl/Lt. Cunliffe

Includes a beautiful poem

21/22.05.1944 No. 625 Squadron Lancaster III LM513 CF-Y 1st. Lt. Dowden

This is an astonishingly detailed report. Night fighter attack. Developed in cooperation with renowned Luftwaffe specialist Theo Boiten who confirms: I agree that Obstlt. Günther Radusch (01:44 hrs) is the most likely claimant. The 21/22 May 1944 narrative plus claims listings will be published in the Nachtjagd Combat Archive series Vol 2 for 1944, I estimate in mid 2019.

29 July 2018: Obituary for Wing Commander Tom 'Ginger' Neil

One of the last 2 veterans of the Battle of Britain passed away July 11 2018, just short of his 98th birthday. Tom Neil was a great fighter pilot and a shining example of a good man.

Tom celebrating with Prince Harry the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

26 July 2018: One of the Last of the ATA Heroines Leaves Us

We pay our respects to Mrs. Ellis on our homepage, and to all the ATA pilots who played such an important role in WWll.

Our Obituary - reproduced by permission of the London Daily Telegraph - is here.

Please take this opportunity to see the material we have developed on women aviators and support personnel.

26 July 2018: These are the most recent additions to our Archive Reports, written by our busy Research Team

28.08.1940 No. 7 OTU Spitfire I L1060 P/O. Macassey

19.05.1940 No 26 Squadron Lysander II N1202 P/O. Clifford

02/03.06.1942 No. 61 Squadron Lancaster I R5613 QR-B P/O. Clark

27.03.1941 No. 315 Squadron Hurricane I V7188 PK-X Fl/Lt. Szulkowski

22/23.07.1940 No 149 Squadron Wellington T2459 P/O. Panter

21.02.1942 No. 500 Squadron Hudson III VAM697 MK-K Sgt. Orgar

02/03.03.1944 No. 23 Squadron Mosquito FB.VI LR253 YP-M F/O. Crozier

30.01.1944 No. 487 Squadron Mosquito HX916 EG-A Fl/Sgt. Hyndman

25/26.02.1944 No.1655 Mosquito Training Unit Mosquito B.IV. DZ312 F/O. Taylor

14.01.1944 No. 486 Squadron Typhoon Ib JR389 SA-R F/O. Philp

03/04.07.1942 No. 101 Squadron Wellington III X3473 SR-S Fl/Lt. Edwards

14/15.01.1944 No. 115 Squadron Lancaster II LL673 KO-G Fl/Lt. Christiansen

27/28.08.1942 No. 101 Squadron Wellington III X3649 Fl/Sgt. Brown

18.08.1943 No. 464 Squadron Ventura I AE688 SB-Q Fl/Sgt. Johnston

11.12.1941 No. 18 Squadron Blenheim IV Z7802 WV-Q Fl/Lt. Edmunds DFC

15/16.02.1944 No. 15 Squadron Lancaster III ED628 LS-O Fl/Lt. Harris

15.07.1942 No. 486 Squadron Hurricane IIb BD725 SA-J P/O. Irvine DFM

30/31.03.1944 No. 467 Squadron Lancaster III DV240 PO-D P/O. Llewelyn

21.06.1944 790th Bomber Squadron B-24H Liberator ‘Osage Express’ 1st.Lt. Edwin M. Helton

24.12.1943 No. 550 Squadron Lancaster III ED730 BQ-G2 Sgt. Woods

28.07.1942 No. 32 Squadron Hurricane Ilc HL655 P/O. Easton

14/15.09.1943 No. 139 Squadron Mosquito DZ598 Fl/Lt. Colledge

02/03.01.1944 No. 460 Squadron RAAF Lancaster III JB606 AR-H Fl/Sgt. Reginald William Rowley

25 July 2018: New Turkish Material Coming

Our research colleague Özkan Türker has been providing Tom Kracker of our Kracker Luftwaffe Archive with little-known information on Axis personnel interned in or lost over Turkey in WWll, which Tom has incorporated in the Archive. Özkan has provided us with equally hard-to-find information on Allied aircrew who found themselves in the same predicaments and we are in the process of developing this for publication.

25 July 2015: Consolidated Names Database Added

This remarkable 'database of databases' includes every entry (500,000+) in every one of our databases, thus allowing you to see - with a single click - ALL databases where a particular individual is mentioned. Previously if, for example, you started your search in our popular Allied Losses and Incidents database you may not realize that even more information is included in other databases and unless you search each of them one at a time, you'll never know. Now a quick look in the Consolidated Names database will show you everywhere your individual is mentioned.

18 July 2018 : One of The Few Leaves UsOur homepage records our respect. His book 'First Light' is an absolute classic in the Fighter Pilot genre with its modesty and honesty. This really was the Golden Generation and we who have come along later to enjoy the benefits of the peace so hard won, must ever be grateful that we had men like Geoffrey Wellum to stand in the breach when the odds were up and it looked for all the world that the forces of darkness would prevail. (Actually he was just a boy of 18 in a frontline Spitfire in 1940!)

His obituary, reproduced with permission of the London Daily Telegraph is here.

28 June 2018 Latest Archive Report Additions

05.08.1944 789th Bomber Squadron B-24H Liberator 2nd.Lt. Willard A. Langenfeld

B-24H Liberator 41-29363 took off from Rackheath on the morning of 5th August 1944 at 0832 hours to take part in a 24 aircraft mission to bomb the MIAG aircraft components factory on the airfield at Braunschweig-Waggum in Germany.

09.04.1945 No. 61 Squadron Lancaster I RF121 QR-J Fl/Lt. Greenfield DFC

40 Lancasters from 5 group were detailed to take part in a daylight bombing operation on the oil tank storage facilities in Hamburg. During the same period 17 Lancaster from 617 Squadron were to bomb the U Boat shelters. Both operations were classified as successful.

25 June 2018: New book received from our friend Stefan Gnyś about Władysław Gnyś, his father.

We will be preparing a full review of this important book, available now to buy on Amazon.

Polish pilot Władysław (Władek) Gnyś was credited with shooting down the first two German aircraft of World War II on September 1, 1939. He later served with distinction in Polish squadrons within the RAF, where he was a colleague of Aleksander Pietrzak (to whom this website is dedicated) in 309 Squadron.

On this day, as Gnyś' squadron took off near Kraków to intercept the German invaders, German Stuka pilot Frank Neubert attacked, killing the captain.

Władek Gnyś, who barely survived himself, evaded the pursuing Stukas and went on to make the first Allied kills, while Neubert was credited with the first aerial kill of the war.

23 June 2018 - RCAF to Perform Royal Guard Duties in UK

Taking a few minutes off his work on the Paradie Archive, our colleague and prodigiously active Editor and serving member of the RCAF, W/O François Dutil, sends us this news:

The Royal Canadian Air Force has sent a contingent to the UK to perform public duties for Her Majesty The Queen.

The personnel have now passed inspection at London's Wellington Barracks, meaning they have been given the green light to start guarding some of Britain's best known landmarks.

RCAF personnel were required to demonstrate their ability to conduct the complex parade format flawlessly in front of officers from the Household Division.

The 120-strong contingent will become the first in the RCAF's 94-year history to perform public duties in the UK.

22 June 2018 - Latest Archive Report Additions:

10.06.1944 No. 315 Squadron Mustang III FX960 PK-A Fl/Lt. Sworniowski

Polish fighter pilot baled out after being hit by flak, only to be killed whilst on the ground.

18 June 2018 - Latest Archive Report Additions:

24/25.03.1944 No. 158 squadron Halifax III LW718 NP-T P/O. Simpson

Although the period known as the Battle of Berlin had ended by the end of January, Bomber Command staged one last major raid against the city on the night of 24/25 March, 1944. All crew killed during a forced landing in Norfolk - aircraft hit a land mine.

15.08.1944 No. 207 Squadron Lancaster I LM263 EM-N Fl/Lt. Overgaauw

1,004 aircraft, 599 Lancasters, 385 Halifaxes, 19 Mosquitoes and a single Lightning ordered to attack 9 Luftwaffe airfields in Holland and Belgium. Visibility for this daylight operation were perfect and all the operations were classed as successful.

03/04.03.1945 No 467 Squadron Lancaster I PB806 PO-W W/Cdr. Langlois

Taking off at 18:45 hrs from RAF Waddington joining 211 Lancasters and 10 Mosquitos of No 5 Group they attacked the Ladbergen aqueduct on the Dortmund-Ems Canal, breached it in 2 places and put it completely out of action.

02.04.1945 80th (Fighter) Squadron Tempest Mk.V F/O Horsey

On the 2nd April 1945 at 1745 hours F/O Horsey took off from the Volkel air base, near Uden in Holland, with ten other aircraft from 80 Squadron to conduct the second armed reconnaissance mission of the day over Bremen, Hanover and Osnabrück.

Geoffrey Fisken DFC RNZAF Ace in Pacific Theatre

Geoffrey Bryson Fisken, DFC (17 February 1916 – 12 June 2011) was a New Zealand fighter pilot who was the British Commonwealth’s leading air ace in the Pacific theatre of World War II. He is credited with shooting down 11 Japanese aircraft.

17 June 2018 - Aircrew Remembered further strengthened our ties with our New Zealand cousins through the visit to our Director Kelvin Youngs by Brian Ramsay and his wife Diane from the brilliant site Medals Reunited in New Zealand. (Brian is shown on the left with Kelvin Youngs, at the 2018 Yarmouth Air Show).

MEDALS REUNITED NEW ZEALAND © is a 100% not-for-profit and a self-funded FREE service dedicated to reuniting medals with descendant families. Established in 2014 their work is sustained by medals that are found, donated or received anonymously, to return to family or descendant kin.

Each team regularly assists the other with various requests from family member from all around the world. Our joint research efforts and facilities have resulted in several spectacular results.

New Zealand is especially blessed with a dedicated aviation community and hosts a number of world-class facilities related to the activities of its forces in 2 world wars, and benefits from the active support from famed film producer Sir Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and others). Our own extensive New Zealand material is here.

In addition to discussing various joint projects planned and underway, the group attended the inaugural Great Yarmouth Air Show where the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight made an appearance, followed by a breathtaking display from the elite RAF acrobatic team, the famous Red Arrows. Also the wonderful Catalina made several impressive passes showing the various configurations it can be flown in, with our friend and colleague co-pilot Jeff Boyling on the flight deck.

15 June 2018 - For our story on the British Commonwealth's leading ace in the Pacific Theatre - Geoffrey Fisken DFC - we cooperated with the Air Force Museum of New Zealand in obtaining their permission to use images for which they hold the negatives. It is a policy of ours to always seek such permission whenever we can. New Zealand is a world leader in warbird restitution and in honouring the sacrifices made by its people in two World Wars, with the Museum playing a pivotal role in this.

06th June 2018 - 3 Blenheims lost during a training exercise. 18th July 1941 - 54 OTU. This time it is thought 'probable' ground control were found to be at fault. Two pilots killed, another seriously injured. So many aircrew lost during training who were yet to engage the enemy.

So many, but so little is written about the thousands killed during training! Help us to remember them by sending us your stories on your relatives. We dont charge anything for a page dedicated to them, but of course welcome any donations to assist us in our work.

03rd June 2018: We are very proud to announce that the Queens Service Medal has been awarded to Errol Martyn for his services to Aviation History in the Queens Birthday honours.

His great research has assisted so many over the years and continues to do so. We're proud to be colleagues of such an outstanding person: long may this continue.

New Zealand - a small island who gave so much!

Memorial Day USA 2018: We donate our homepage to support our US friends.

19th May 2018: Every page on aircrew that are commemorated on our website is available to interested parties / relatives in a specially prepared PDF File. There's a modest charge for this service, which helps defray our costs and allows us to perform more family research. Write to us at the Helpdesk and we'll send you the simple instructions to follow.

09 May 2018: A wonderful new memorial dedicated to several crews is due to be unveiled 01 September 2018.

Relatives friends and supporters are all invited to attend. Further details can be found by clicking on link below.

We would really appreciate that if you are not able to attend that you circulate this link to all your contacts.

For those who are unable to attend we will publish details as we, at Aircrew Remembered have been invited, having assisted in locating some of the relatives via pages placed on our website.

05 May 2018: we honour the contribution made by Denmark in the defeat of Nazi tyranny during WWll. Denmark celebrates on May 5 to signify the day Allied armies entered Denmark to rid the country of the scourge of Nazi occupation. We salute Denmark's heroes! (Anders Lassen was a truly heroic figure whose story is the stuff of legends. Earning his VC with the elite British Special Boat Service - sister service of the famed SAS - Lassen entered the hallowed halls of the immortal.)

25th April 2018: it's a tradition here at Aircrew Remembered to donate our homepage to charities serving veterans and current serving members of the armed forces. On ANZAC day we always do so for our New Zealand and Australian cousins.

If you wish us to commemorate a special day and link to an appropriate donation site, please contact us via the Helpdesk.

24th April 2018: This year several memorials to various crews are to be unveiled and we hope to place further details on this page as soon as information is made available to us.

15 March 2018: We are very pleased to publish this important work of scholarship, the Vitz Archive, developed by our respected colleague in Germany, Traugott Vitz. His archive has assembled cases of crimes of murder committed by Axis personnel against Allied forces after they had surrendered. It is based on case material collected from the International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials (University of Marburg), from the British National Archives, and various printed and online sources.

22nd March 2018: We are proud that a series of signed, coloured sketches have been presented to Aircrew Remembered drawn by the Polish fighter pilot Sq/Ldr. Bohdan Arct. The last wishes of Fl/Lt. Peter Cutchley who served with Sq/Ldr. Arct at Stalag Luft Barth were that these were preserved for posterity in the Polish Aviation Museum, with whom we have a close working relationship. This is what we are working towards with our colleague, the eminent Polish Air Force researcher Peter Sikora.

20th March 2018: Pleased that we have received many responses to assist us adding further research pages. We emphasise that you dont need as much material as you may think - what is important is your commitment to accuracy and the passion that our researchers have. We are particularly interested in training losses during the war (also of course prior to and after the war). These boys receive vey little recognition for the part that they played. Thousands died!

We can provide the raw data - if you are able to write it up and make the page more personal - contact us?


We have implemented a new facility that allows readers to add comments and additional information to the content prepared by our Editorial team. We encourage users to contribute. Just Click the link provided in the area at the foot of the page, this will take you to our Helpdesk: then Submit A Ticket with the comments you would like to add. Our Editors will review all submissions for relevancy and will add them to the page along with your first name and date (your email will not be published). We hope this facility makes our site even more useful to you.

16th March 2018: It is with regret that we announce the passing of F/O. Adam Mieczysław Ostrowski 794950 last Friday afternoon, the 09th March, age 95. Born on the 15th February 1919 in Borysław. Served with 317 Polish Squadron during the war. After the war he held the position of Chairman of the Polish Airmen’s Association and had been an active member of the Polish community in London.
On July 23, 2012, in recognition of outstanding merits in the activities for the benefit of Polish-born veterans , President Bronisław Komorowski awarded him with the Commander's Cross with the Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

With thanks to Rodney Byles and the Polish Memorial Committee for advising us. Also thanks to the Krzystek’s List for the use of his photograph.

Fleet Air Arm Helicopter Fatal Crash

Responding to a family request we researched the tragic accident that took the life of Lt. Brian Evans off the Northern Ireland coast on 28 October 1958. His Whirlwind from 815 Naval Air Squadron ditched after a catastrophic engine failure.

US Marine Corps WW2 Squadrons Database Added

Possibly one of the most comprehensive databases of US Marine Corps in WWll, with extensive squadron histories and the most complete (so far as we can tell) listing of the squadron insignia of this gallant Corps.

09th February 2018: Many reports are written of pilots being lost during combat, very few pages are written regarding training accidents during the war.

Hundreds were killed this way! On Thursday the 22nd October 1942, three very experienced officers were killed hitting a mountain during training, on the same exercise, of less importance three valuable Spitfires also lost. Further details here.

Very few pages are also written on ground crews who kept these aircraft flying or the WAAFS who plotted enemy aircraft, or the WRVS who made the tea! All of these stories need to be told . Help us to remember them all - drop us a line!

05th February 2018: The Polish Memorial Committee advised us that Col. Andrzej Franciszek Ksawery Jeziorski passed away on Wednesday evening, 31st January 2018

In September 1939, he managed to get to Paris with his family through Romania and Italy, where he began to study in a Polish high school. In 1940, he joined the Armoured Officer Cadet School, which after German aggression in France he was evacuated to Great Britain. After graduating from school, he served in the armoured forces for a year and a half. In 1942 he began training as a pilot, after which he joined 304 Bomber Squadron, pilot of the Vickers Wellington bomber, he spent about 1600 hours on combat flights.

After the war, he remained in Great Britain, gaining British citizenship. Until 1982 he worked at the airlines of Britannia Airways, also taking passenger flights. Total of more than 23 thousand flying hours logged. He was also involved in veteran activity. He was chairman of the board of the Foundation of the Association of Polish Pilots in London.

We have also heard from the PAFMC of the passing of 300 Squadron Groundcrew member 93 year old, Ryszard Tyc (Richard Tyce) on the 23rd January 2018 in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

25th January 2018: Aircrew Remembered are a small group of dedicated volunteers. We do try and reply to every enquiry within hours of receipt. Sometimes emails, letters may slip through our system and you may feel that we have let you down.

Sorry if that has been the case with you, just drop us another line and we will do what we can. We never promise that we can resolve your enquiry, but we do promise we will try - or if unable to offer direct help, we will try and suggest where else you may find further information! Your information is our history.

04th January 2018: 3 pilots killed, training in peace time, same Squadron, same day, within an hour of each other, all unrelated accidents.

54 Squadron Tempest pilots killed.

23rd December 2017: Danish family visit the grave of 424 Squadron Halifax III MZ901 and place candles every Christmas Eve to the crew. Local school children also place flowers on the 05th May every year.

08th December 2017: The importance of sending a photograph. We were recently sent a small photo of 7 New Zealand pilots who had received their wings in New Zealand, they then embarked to England to fight with the RAF. 5 laid down their lives within the same year, 2 others shortly afterwards. A huge sacrifice from such a small nation!

P/O. Eric Orgias 36272 RAF Age 25 - killed on the 25th September 1940 - P/O. William David Finlayson 36268 RAF Age 25 killed on the 24th May 1940 - P/O. Herbert Gregory Ballantyne 36265 RAF Age 22 killed on the 14th August 1940 - P/O. Peter Knox Sigley 36276 RAF Age 25 killed on the 24th May 1940 - P/O. William Oscar George Krogh NZ/2521 RNZAF Age 28 - killed on the 22nd July 1940 - F/O. Noel Carroll Pettit 36273 RAF Age 20 killed on the 28th August 1941 - Sq/Ldr. Peter Bettley Robinson DFC. 36274 RAF Age 22 killed on the 11th September 1942.

17th November 2017: Statement issued on behalf of the Kornicki family: "It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Col. Franciszek Kornicki, the last war-time Polish Squadron Commander.

He died on Thursday 16th November, a month before his 101st birthday. Beside him as he died were his wife Pat, at the end of a marriage that had lasted 69 years, and his sons, Peter and Richard.

Poland has lost a son who defended the country throughout his life; many people have lost a good friend and neighbour; but most importantly we have lost a dearly loved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Cześć jego pamięci."

Aircrew Remembered pass on our sincere condolences at this time to the family. A great man and a true ambassador to the Polish Airforce. Details of arrangements will be available soon from Ian Hart Funeral Services.

The service is booked for 10.00am, Thursday 30th November 2017 at St Michael’s Catholic Church, Hayling Rise, Worthing, BN13 3AL, followed by Burial at Northwood Cemetery 3.00pm. The Kornicki family has requested Family Flowers only but donations gratefully accepted to the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee.

08th November 2017: Your relatives medals: We recently have come across a set of medals offered for sale on one of the well know auction websites. The three medals were offered with an identity bracelet and a cap badge describing the set awarded to a member of a crew lost during WW2. We had the story of his loss on our website and so we contacted the relatives who after checking, confirmed to us that a member of the family did in fact have the original set and so obviously these were not those belonging to the airman concerned. We contacted the seller who not only immediately withdrew the sale (despite receiving high bids on the set) he sent them to us. The seller ( who we have no doubt as to his integrity) purchased the set from a dealer in good faith. Following advice from experts at ‘Medals Reunited’ they inform us that as most WW2 medals were not inscribed with details of the recipient, we strongly advise relatives to do just that, requisite style. Post war awards were inscribed. Unscrupulous dealers are selling fake medals and try to back them up with articles from newspapers and details of their loss - often quoting Aircrew Remembered descriptions of their loss to add value to their sale. It must be stressed however, that many relatives simply allow these items, for whatever reason to be sold. We will be informing these websites of the problem and also other authorities. In the meantime - if you see anything suspect - tell someone! People died for these and not in order for others to make money from them.


29th October 2017: We would very much like to contact relatives from the crew of 102 Squadron Halifax II JB835 DY-X - Lost on the 28th August 1943. We have received information from a contact in Belgium which would be interesting to relatives. In particular the relatives of Sgt. Reginald W. Horten 1314104 RAF - the sole survivor from the crew.

18th October 2017: Is is with great sadness that we report the death of W/O. Charles Arthur Conway Wanbon DFM - who passed away on 5th October 2017 aged 94 in Catford, South London. Rear air gunner on Lancaster Bombers and served in 35, 78 and 635 Squadrons.

Be great if you could all circulate this to be able to have a great turnout for his funeral? Funeral will be at Hither Green Crematorium - Verdant Lane - South London. Confirmed as Friday 03rd November at 15:15 hrs. Afterwards at St. Mary Church, Lewisham SE13 - All welcome. Floral tributes / wreaths: [email protected]

Donations attribution: In Memoriam C.A. Conway Wanbon DFM Bomber Command Association/Royal British Legion poppy appeal.

Friends would like to contact anyone who may have served with him or may have known him, if they are still alive, so that we can have a good turnout at his upcoming funeral. He has a sister living in Dorset and a son in Derby. We would be most grateful for any information on fellow RAF service personnel that may have known him during his service with RAF Bomber Command.

06th October 2017: Not all our aircrew were lost in combat. Fl/Lt. ‘Ibby’ Ibbotson RCAF fighter pilot with 401 Squadron lost his life in a tragic motor-bike accident in 1943.

01st October 2017: We are indebted to François Dutil for many photographs of 401 Squadron RCAF which we are adding to both the Paradie Archive and also to the various losses from the Squadron.

Many of this collection are available in a high definition to the relatives - please contact us.

24th September 2017: Fl/Lt. Francisco Wiza DFC KV 2 Bars - Our friends from New Zealand (Medals Reunited) visited Frank's grave:

"We located Frank's site and laid flowers and a poppy plus recited the Ode for our man. A great view looking East over Botany Bay towards the airport, so Frank can count them all out and count them all in".

22nd September 2017: A letter was delivered to Aircrew Remembered - with no explanation, just photocopies of a Fl/Sgt. Frederick Edmund Dennis 364599 RAF. We discovered that he was one of 1531 officers and men lost on the HMS Glorious in 1940. Investigation reports of the loss is secret until 2041! - but we do have a little information and a great documentary film shown within the page.

10th September 2017: The former Control Tower at RAF Newton in Nottinghamshire is currently being transformed into a new home. The owner is very keen to keep the connection with its history and would like any relative of air/ground crew worked or flew out from that base to contact us with their story. We would also like to place their stories on a dedicated web page to them.

It is hoped a special corner of the new home will be set aside to remember these boys. Already a commemorative weather vane has been made in memory of R1374 and in time, it is hoped that a memorial plaque also be placed to the former crews stationed there.

Wellington IC R1374 All 6 crew killed - Miles Master DL627 Pilot U/T killed, instructor survived - Miles Master W8474 Pilot killed - Miles Master DL941 Pilot killed - Miles Master W8710 Pilot U/T Killed, instructor survived.

04th September 2017: We don’t just remember aircrew: a member of ground crew from 316 Squadron Cpl. Kazimierz Jan Socha 782145 PAF was killed when struck by a Mustang at RAF Hethel in Norfolk, after the war in March 1946.

The pilot escaped injury - the Mustang written off. Tell us your story.

24th August 2017: Not all loss of life was due to enemy action. Such was the intensity of operations - 2 Lancasters collide mid air - resulting in 15 aircrew losing their lives at Wormingford in Essex.

Returning from a 646 aircraft operation to Calais in France - bombing German military installations: 622 Squadron Lancasters LM162 and LL802.

Crews made up from Scotland, New Zealand, Canada and England - great information kindly supplied by Errol W. Martyn.

22nd July 2017: Sgt. Josef František DFM bar, VM. CMC. Various parties are trying to arrange to place a memorial at the crash site of this pilot.

We are trying to establish exactly where this is - if you have further information on this - please contact us and it will be passed to the people concerned.

It is appreciated that the memorial will have to be placed where it will be accessible to the public but they would like it to be placed as close as possible.

Any help that you are able to provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

20th July 2017: We have had the story of Sgt. Harry Arthur Newman on the website since we started some years ago.

He is the only CWGC person buried within the St. Honorine-Des-Pertes Churchyard, Calvados, France, this has created a great deal of interest within that area. Both with locals and others who have visited this church.

We are thrilled that a relative has contacted us with further information. Others who have also contacted us within the last few days, are also keen to remember him. Not a recognised fighter ace, not a member of the amazing dambuster squadrons, just another fighter pilot who lost his life some 76 years ago since he was killed on that day in November in 1941!

29th June 2017: Above possible Halifax crew with ground crew - A reader sent in this photograph discovered during a house renovation, no names on reverse and available in a higher resolution if you think that you are able to assist? So sad that many of these wonderful photographs are never labelled - to lose them once was tragic - to use them again is simply not acceptable! Please help?
19th June 2017: DO YOU KNOW THIS AIRMAN? If you do we want to hear from you

In May 2017 Jacqueline Marson the Education Officer at RAF Metheringham, Lincolnshire requested our help in trying determine the name of this airman.

It is believed that he is standing alongside Lancaster NE150 ZN-H the loss of which was covered in a story by our Roy Wilcock.

Following further enquiries however it was determined that he was not a member of the crew when the Lancaster was shot down over France on 7 June 1944.

It is believed that the picture is of a Flying Officer Navigator/Observer of No. 106 Squadron. The photo is captioned 'Bill 1944'.

If you have any information regarding the airman in the photograph please contact Aircrew Remembered via our helpdesk.

2017-06-06 New Site Search Implemented:

At the top of each page is a Search Box which allows you to search through the complete site. We have enhanced this functionality through the use of FreeFind's powerful search capabilities. This now permits complex searches which should get you to your destination faster and with greater precision, including the ability to search for phrases, and to use Boolean logic such as AND, OR and NOT. As an example, you can now search for 'Lancaster AND Halifax NOT Berlin' which would find sorties involving these aircraft which did not target Berlin.

Refer to Tips for Effective Search for a full explanation of these new capabilities.

07th June 2017: New information arrives at our helpdesk from many various sources. We have recently been contacted by the owner of Finsbury Park Cycling Club - many members were former aircrew - each with a special story. We are pleased that they have provided us with various stories from their members that we will shortly be adding to the website.

Update: 30.05.2017: The Polish Authorities have informed us they are more than willing to add a headstone to his unmarked grave and present this hero with a fitting ceremony to mark the occasion, and plans are now underway to make this happen in 2018. We will, of course, keep you updated on progress.

Update 24.05.2017: Direct relatives now found - work is now underway to try and achieve a successful outcome with the help of our Polish colleagues in Warszawa.

Update 14.05.2017: Kate Tame our senior research editor has made further progress with this - details follow! Our New Zealand and Australian colleagues have been instrumental in marking progress.

13.05.2017: We are passionate regarding the placing of a headstone to a highly decorated Polish fighter pilot who was also an Australian citizen and who is buried in an unmarked grave in the suburbs of New South Wales, Australia. This is no suitable resting place for a hero! The memory of Sqd/Ldr. Franciszek Antoni Wiza DFC KV with 2 bars deserves better. All we require is contact from his former wife, or relatives, who can provide us with certain information which would enable the authorities to mark this grave appropriately. Unfortunately, after several years we still have no direct contact with them. Someone, somewhere must know something? Please help us to remember him. Distant relatives have made contact with us - but we need direct contact with his last wife, who owns the plot in which he is buried. Please help us!

27.05.2017: Just a reminder that to make a note in your diary for the Annual Commemoration of Fallen Polish Airmen that will take place on Saturday, 2nd September, 2017, at 12.00, at the Polish Air Force Memorial, Northolt - for further details please contact webmaster via our help desk here. Reservations for the 57th Reunion lunch are limited - they must be submitted by the 30th June 2017. High demand is anticipated, as has been the case for previous years.

13.05.2017: Congressman Ted Ryan is trying to push a Bill through Congress to recognise United States Service personnel who joined the Allies prior to the United States declaring war after the Pearl Harbour attack. Some 12,000 Americans joined via the RCAF or direct into the RAF.

They are working towards a Congressional Gold Medal being made available to all those who served. Further details and ways that US citizens are able to assist.

13.05.2017: We would like to invite interested persons who have a real passion to work with us to be able to continue our work. The only qualifications we seek are genuine, passionate persons who are committed to assist us. The rewards are obvious in that you will assist us to remember the boys and indeed girls who have been part in the history of aviation. We also seek persons who can assist us in the technical part of the website including our many and varied databases. Email us and be part of the leading aviation website. All are welcome.

10.05.2017: We are now able, with the help of a new volunteer, to make available to relatives a copy of the Runnymede Memorial Panel where your relative is mentioned.

Details are still to be worked out but we would like to make these on perhaps a mounted canvas sheet (sample shown) - prices depending on size etc.

We are placing this notice to measure the degree of interest in this idea - the money raised from these sales will be used to assist us with our research and assist the website to grow even further.

You will also be provided with a separate high resolution copy of the panel by email.

07.05.2017: Following a recent article in the Daily Mail, our leading researcher, Linda Ibrom, has placed a page to the crew in the hope that relatives are able to contact us with further information on the loss of 51 Squadron Halifax III LV857 during the Nurnberg operation.

We would like to invite any surviving relatives to contact us.

Update 24.05.2017: CWWG responded and sending a team to clean the area up. Great result!

04.05.2017: Occasionally we are asked about what readers can do when they discover a War Grave that has been poorly maintained. Despite the wonderful work of the Commonwealth Graves Commission, some are at times overlooked. They need to know this and appreciate you advising them. We found several such graves this week at Great Yarmouth Roman Catholic Cemetery as shown above. The airman in question for this photograph was the sad loss of Sgt. George Chilvers - killed during another training accident 1664 Heavy Conversion Unit Halifax V DG282. To learn more about contacting the CWGC and how you are able to assist here.

01.05.2017: Aircrew Remembered are contacted several times a month from relatives wanting to send us the original photographs / log books / documents from relatives. We strongly advise any relative against parting with any originals. We have been contacted many times by others who have sent these to “researchers” promising that they will be held in an archive but more often than not end up in private collections or even worse on the many auction sites. If the family do wish to donate any originals please seek expert advice prior to making any decision.

12th April 2017: Proud to announce new databases added during the last couple of weeks, still work in progress but we welcome contributions from other researchers.Luftwaffe Grid Reference system. Luftwaffe Victories by name and date. Luftwaffe Graves managed by the CWGC.Help us to help you to make it better!

02nd April 2017: We feel that we should point out that although this page is our “Latest News” page it does not necessarily record recent additions to the website. Only pages that our researchers feel that perhaps attention needs to be guided to a particular page of remembrance. Pages are being added almost every day that may not be placed here. Not all pages are placed for aircrew lost - we welcome input from relatives who would like a page dedicated to their relatives / friends. Pages for crew members who survived are welcome - they encourage others to submit new information and the very important photographs. We never request money to place a page, but donations, however small, are very welcome, you may use your donation in the way of placing a special message or a wreath. We are also able to place an appeal for other relatives to contact you (via us - so you are not bothered with unwelcome emails!)

15th March 2017: It is very important that readers who do supply information to us to keep us updated with new contact details. We are often contacted by other relatives from a crew who would like to exchange information, when we try and forward details, the contact information that we may have for you is no longer valid! This may happen within hours of placing a page or sometime years! If you are unable to do this, then please bookmark the page and check it for updates! Aircrew Remembered have been adopted by the British Library and the pages within our website have been adopted by them as a matter for scholars and cultural interest - so information that you submit will be available for years to come.

06th March 2017: RAF Typhoon pilot 23 year old, F/O. Basil Proddow, forced landed due to fuel problem flying Typhoon Ib JP548 in France in February 1944, evaded capture, returned to England.

Suffering a similar problem the following year and taken PoW - his story as written by him, retold with many photographs. Sadly to pass away at the early age of 44 from a brain tumour leaving a wife and three children.

Relatives of this 174 Squadron pilot would very much like to hear from others who may have served with him.

28th February 2017: Ex RAF navigator, Sq/Ldr. Ken Dodwell tells his story via his son, to Aircrew Remembered.

Covering his training, operational service and mentioning his former pilot and very good friend Fl/Lt. Ivor Charles Brian Slade DFC with whom he had served with on many operations. A fascinating insight into a career of a RAF navigator 1940 - 1946, one of the few that survived. His story told for the first time - with thanks to the many questions asked by his grandchildren. As with many others during his service with 115 Squadron and other units.

(perhaps you also have stories that could be told? Important to remember these chaps. Contact us)

Extensive memorial pages under preparation. A vital part of our history - with pages such as these, you can help other relatives with their own history - in addition, by submitting their stories even more relatives can submit their memoirs!

22nd February 2017: A funeral service will be held for Sgt. Wilfred Lawson of 426 Squadron Royal Air Force on 16 March 2017 at Berlin War Cemetery in Germany. Sgt Lawson was a member of the crew of Lancaster bomber LL721 which was based at RAF Linton on Ouse in Yorkshire. It took off for a bombing mission on Berlin on 27 January 1944. The aircraft was intercepted and attacked before crashing near Karcha, where it burned on the ground for several hours before being removed by a unit of the Luftwaffe. While several of the crew managed to bail out, only three of them survived; they were captured and held as Prisoners of War. Two others’ parachutes failed to open and they are buried in Berlin War Cemetery. The remaining two crew remained missing.

On 7 September 2014 the crash site was excavated and some human remains found. DNA samples were taken and compared against family members of the two missing airmen. The results prove that they belong to Sgt Wilfred Lawson. He will be buried with full military honours in Berlin War Cemetery on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 1030 hours. The service has been organised by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) and will be attended by British Defence Staff, regimental representatives and local dignitaries.

15th February 2017: Can you help? The Mayor of Le Coudray-Saint Germer, Mr. R. Guillaux together with our colleague, Mr. Claude Archambault are arranging a plaque to be unveiled in a formal ceremony in January 2018.

We are keen to trace relatives of 4 of the crew of Lancaster PB586 EA-V from 49 Squadron.

Jack Court from Hampshire, Thomas Walker no details, John Sanderson from Morley, Yorkshire and Frederick Miller from Canberra, Australia.

08th February 2017: ABC News, Sydney Australia interviewed Aircrew Remembered to help with tracing relatives of Fl/Sgt. Rex Valentine Donowa.

A few days previously the Daily Telegraph in Sidney Australia published an article with the same aims. Response has been positive and very quick - details now added to the 12 Squadron Lancaster III ND715 PH-R story.

03.02.2017: Portchester Remember Project - There are over 120 serving personnel who at the time were in some way connected to the village of Portchester plus 13 civilians who also were killed due to enemy action, and 2 home guard who were training to protect their county when they were killed. We have a WW1 memorial in the St. Mary's church, but nothing for WW2 or the civilians.

I was approached by Rev Ian Meredith after the display I put on in his church for remembrance week and then by Mr Roger Price one of our local Councillors to see if I would join them in adding a memorial plaque in St. Mary's church.

I would encourage others to take a look at their local war memorials, not just in the United Kingdom, but around the world to make sure that they are up to date and that these brave men, women and children are never forgotten. We of a certain age maybe the last generation to do this and it is so important that the generation to come have the information they need to remember those who gave so much.

All the material from the Portchester Remember 1938-1948 project and this new project will be archived for future generations to access. Kate Tame - Aircrew Remembered.

24.01.2017: The full story of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot now placed on the website after a request by the relatives. Several pages placed to a young 20 year old, not listed in most publications and only now made available thanks to research carried out by relatives and sent to us.P/O. Charlie Young 46 Squadron, Hurricane V7617 - 05th December 1940.

21.01.2017: Most researchers are aware of the great research carried out by Mr. Bill Chorley. He has produced several volumes of the ‘Bomber Command Losses’ from 1936 - 1945. Including the thousands of training losses. (We do refer to his research on almost every page on Bomber Command within our website and acknowledge the source) He now continues his research expanding on these to include, so far, the early part of WW1 and valuable updates to the ‘Fighter Command Losses’ 1939 - 1945 by Norman Franks. Including other Commands, Britain and overseas.

Although this material in unlikely to be published in hard format, Mr. Chorley has kindly submitted his work to us. The purpose of this is to assist relatives seeking further information and also so that relatives are able to contact us with additional details that they are able to contribute to his fine work.

Currently we are unable to reproduce the 1,000 pages plus periodical updates within our website. Your contributions, as far as details of your relative are welcome and will be forwarded to the author of this work. ‘To share is to care.’ Drop us a line with your information.

19.01.2017: Search is on for relatives of 304 (P) Squadron Wellington Ic R1473. We have recently been contacted by researchers in Germany who have pinpointed the crash site and now we are planning to have a permanent memorial placed for the crew. Your help contacting any of the crews relatives would be very much appreciated.

18.01.2017: We are very keen on behalf of relatives to be able to name the people on this 156 Squadron Lancaster crew and relatives (shown on another photograph within the page - are you able to assist? Lancaster III PB177 GT-L lost on operations to Calais on the 24th September 1944 - but photograph taken during awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace on an earlier date. Are you able to assist?

10th January 2017: This book is about the history of the Lancaster I ME858 JI-J and the crew whilst with 514 Squadron. The aircraft crashed after an attack by a German night fighter on the night of 20/21 July 1944 in Hunsel (NL).

After a great deal of research, the stories, photos and documents are brought together in this book. Available currently in Dutch only, but a must have for any serious collector. Authors: Ton Bosmans and Carla Mans.

03rd January 2017: 453 Squadron RAAF - 1 photograph - but with 10 plus stories behind it - that is what difference the photos that you may have when you send them into us! 1 killed by friendly fire, 1 killed hitting power lines, 1 killed and 6 others injured during an air raid on the base, 1 captured by the SS, escaped and evaded capture - keep them, but share them, they make a difference to other relatives. No idea what happened to ‘Sprog’ the Squadron mascot!

(This copy - courtesy of the Australian Archives)

But we know that there are thousands more - ready to be shared!

21st December 2016: We don’t just remember the chaps who flew - thousands died during active service - not even connected with aircrew.

LAC Frederick Carter, died during a transit flight to be with his pregnant wife in 1944. Send us your stories with as much information as you can. Photographs are great, especially if they are group shots - many relatives have never seen one of their lost ones.

02nd December 2016: Incredible it was, landing an Airbus A320 on the river Hudson in 2009 - some of our boys did just that back in 1941, whilst being shot at, without the many technical aids available. The pilot of Whitley V N6561 ZA-J did the same on the Baltic Sea on the 28th June 1941 - all the crew on board survived.

Also on the River Trent 06th September 1943. Lancaster DV232 QR-K pilot landed with all crew surviving.

24th November 2016: A memorial was placed to a 7 man crew of 97 Squadron Manchester I R5792 OF-L that was involved in a mid-air collision with a Hurricane from 57 OTU - the pilot of that also lost his life. Over Norfolk on the 24th November 1941.

November 2016: Aircrew Remembered visited Westminster Abbey following Remembrance day - you really have to go and see the tributes laid.

November 11 2016: in accordance with our tradition of supporting charities operating in our field of interest, we once again donated our homepage for a week to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

10th November 2016: Kate Tame, our Senior Research Editor, recently assisted the church of St. Mary’s Church, Porchester with a display of the fallen from that area. The Portchester Remembered group will be holding their exhibition on in the church from Thursday 10th November until 18th November. It shows information regarding those who lost their lives between 1938-1948 and who were associated with Portchester. Why not visit her work when in the area?

09th November 2016: Many relatives are contacting us prior to Remembrance Day 2016 - we welcome this and we will try and accommodate as many as we are able during this period - please keep with us, we are trying to keep up. Keep sending us your stories on your relatives. Donations do help us, so please donate what you can - small or large - all are welcome to keep these stories online. All our pages are archived with the British Library so even if we do go off line for whatever reason, the stories that you contribute will remain. All the pages are worked on by volunteers - all of us have other jobs but our promise is that we will do whatever we can to have your pages up in time.

07th November 2016: Many people have sent enquiries to our help desk asking for details on the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Every year at this time we understandably receive many of the same enquiries. To this end we have compiled a page which, we hope will explain their work and other information. Any problems / further information that you would like to add - contact us via our help desk, we will do what we can.

29th October 2016: Fast approaching the 11th November - Remembrance Day. We would be proud to place any photographs of “your day” this year. Send them in - we would be proud to place them on a page - perhaps we could also add a page to your loved one for 2016?

All we need is a name, a photo would be great - we will try and do the rest for you. No obligation and completed free of charge although donations to help us continue our research are always welcome, no matter how small.

21st October 2016: We are currently receiving many emails from relatives requesting Aircrew Remembered to place pages to their lost ones. This is in addition to many other publications also contacting us, hoping that we are also able to assist them. We are a small team, we endeavour to do our best to accommodate all of these requests. Sometimes our response may not be as quick as we would like, however, please keep the requests coming, we may not be able to place pages immediately, but all are placed on hold to place as and when we find the time. If we happen to overlook your enquiry, for whatever reason, just give us a nudge - we will do our best to add information as soon as we are able.

We are particularly interested in hearing from relatives who have lost aircrew from training accidents - there are thousands (yes - thousands) killed during this period - many are not recorded on most websites - we would like to address this. As always, willing to share and credit information.

10th October 2016: Aircrew Remembered are proud that following the announcement that the French Government are to award the Legion d’honneur to all “surviving” personnel of the ‘D’ Day Normandy landings we managed to forward details and forms for our good friend, Mr. Roy Fellows (Lancaster I ME732 QR-P - shot down on the 24th September 1944) he has since received the medal. Any other “surviving” crew members are encouraged to take advantage of this most generous offer - we maybe able to assist. This includes all members of the armed services.

15th September 2016: We are please to announce that an unveiling ceremony will be taking place this Saturday the 17th September 2016 at 14:00hrs.

The 307 Squadron Project has managed to contact some relatives who will be attending. Fl/Lt. Stanisław Madej and F/O. Józef Gasecki were killed when their Mosquito XII HK194 crashed into Withcall Railway Station on the 18th September 1944.

03 September 2016: Aircrew Remembered attended the Polish Airforce Memorial wreath laying service at the Polish Memorial, Northolt London. Aircrew Remembered's technical guru Stefan Pietrzak Youngs laid the wreath to honour his father's 309 Squadron. Again large numbers attending, as they do every year, including veterans and relatives of the various Polish Squadrons serving within the RAF during WW2. This event proves extremely popular every year and even more so in 2016 - despite some recent backlash towards our Polish friends within our community. The PAF Memorial Committee welcome new visitors for the next ceremony on September 02 2017 - contact us for further information.

26 August 2016: In the light of the terrible injuries and deaths suffered by innocent Syria civilians, we donated our homepage to the Red Cross Syrian Appeal. The image of the little boy pulled from the rubble of his home will long live in the memory.

Footnote: July 2017: it has come to notice that this image may have been faked for propaganda purposes. We don't know the truth of this but the fact remains thousands of children have suffered in Syria, and it is for them that the Red Cross Appeal stands.

24 August 2016: 58 Squadron Whitley V - 2 New Zealand brothers - both serving in the same Squadron as pilots, one taken PoW - the other killed within weeks of the other in a cruel touch of fate. Pages with many previously unpublished photographs.

P/O. Trevor Harold Hadley Whitley V T4134 GE-T 10/11th September 1940 Whitley V T4134 GE-T 10/11th September 1940

P/O. Ronald Arnold Hadley Whitley V T4137 GE-K 08/09th October 1940 Whitley V T4137 GE-K 08/09th October 1940

18 August 2016: a helping hand to helpful friends. We made our homepage available to our friends commemorating lost aircrew having connections with Bleasby. We are always open to requests from similar groups. Please contact us via the Helpdesk if you are organizing an event and would like our help.

14 August 2016: Insightful newspaper sent into us from a Belgium reader, 'The Adler' (The Eagle) a biweekly Nazi propaganda magazine published by the Scherl Verlag, founded by August Scherl, with the support of the Oberkommando der Luftwaffe.

The page shows a series of images from a crashed Wellington P2515 LF-H from 37 Squadron that crashed on the 24th March 1941. It was then translated for us by another reader.

We do hold a series of higher resolution photographs from the page available to relatives of the crew.

11 August 2016: Michel Beckers, from the Netherlands, continues to contribute professionally researched pages to Aircrew Remembered.

We are proud that he has chosen us to host his great work. Latest page on 42-40016 "The Character" B-17 Fortress from the USAAF - to read his many other articles just use the search button within the website.

09 August 2016: Another Training Loss. 09.09.1943 No 415 Squadron Handley Page Hampden I AD799 F/O Robert Sidney Arnold

Too often aircrew lost during training fail to be properly recognized. Here Senior Research Editor Kate Tame covers a training accident.

Hampden AD799 took off from RAF Thorney Island at 11.05hrs for a night test flight and was seen at 11.29hrs to crash and burn a few miles from the aerodrome. The aircraft flew through trees approximately 20 feet before it hit the ground, but the aircraft was apparently in "stabilized yaw" (turning at low speed and altitude), this being the primary cause of the accident.

02 August 2016: From our Helpdesk: as a result of our story about Leonard Trent VC we received the following message.

"My father was air crew on the Ventura of Vic Duffill on the May 3rd Raid. he passed away last month aged 95 and I am finding now some old material in his possessions, and wanted to try and put names to faces in old pics and find out more about the squadron. My father was awarded the DFM for that day. Any ideas where I could find more info please."

We are now cooperating with our correspondent to add more detail to what is an already impressive body of research from our Senior Research Editor Roy Wilcock. It is interactions such as this that help fill in the people's history. Everyone has a story! We encourage everyone to contribute what they know.

28 July 2016: Our story on the Russian pilot Mikhail Devyatayev 'The Amazing Escape' received more than 400 views over a 7 day period, mostly from people who were visiting our site for the first time. It's gratifying when we reach a new audience because every new viewer is a potential source for hitherto unknown information. Whenever you click a Facebook Like on the bottom of every page, you are doing your bit to spread the good word to your own circle of friends.

25 July 2016: We're very proud to publish our Senior Research Editor Roy Wilcock's latest magnum opus 'Good Show, Skipper'. Roy has developed an extended version of our Archive Reports we call longform, in which he includes the result of extensive and exhaustive research. These longforms make for fascinating reading and only go to prove what we always claim, that each person's story is full of surprising detail.

18 July 2016: We still urgently require various volunteers who would like to work with us. Volunteers available to take photographs of local RAF graves in their own area, others who would like to assist in making up the loss pages, no qualifications - just the passion for accuracy for placing records to the thousands that died in or out of service within the field of aviation.

Also others to help with our various databases. Ability to work on your own, working as much or as little as you feel like.

17 July 2016: Following contact with another relative and the subsequent advice that we provided, another veteran is shortly to be honoured with the presentation of the French Legion d’Honneur - further details follow.

We are pleased that we have helped many others with this, as well as the application for the long awaited Bomber Clasp - available to thousands of veterans or their relatives.

Despite the many enquiries we receive via our help desk, we try and reply to them all - if we have failed with you - please don't hesitate to either look into your 'junk' folder in case our email landed there, or contact us again.

16 July 2016: A further relative has contacted us in connection to a planned memorial for a 61 Squadron crew that crashed near Gunthorpe. 61 Squadron Lancaster I R5703 QR-D - all 7 crew losing their lives - due to an accident / aircraft malfunction.

The website continues to attract responses from relatives - in the short time we have been online we now can reveal that we have had over 1.3 million people looking at our pages! Many looking at the various databases that we have published - do you have one that you would like us to host for you? Full credits placed and even named after your research such as the Kracker / Paradie Archives - now known to be the one of the most respected research tools of its kind on the internet!

1 July 2016 Canada Day: We donated our homepage to support Wounded Warriors Canada on Canada Day, to honour all Canadians who have served in the cause of freedom.

15 June 2016: We are in the process of building links inside our databases to relevant extended material elsewhere on the site. In this way a search for a name on a database will not only find information on the individual held in the database itself, but will also show a link to much more information where we have it.

We have started this process with our RAF Bomber Command Operational Losses Database which will provide links onto Archive Reports (if they exist) and also onto the Luftwaffe pilot responsible for the loss in some cases. See the entry for Ronald Booth which opens the Database as an example, where links are shown to the detailed story behind the loss and also to the Luftwaffe pilot responsible. Adding these links is a lengthy process and we are only about 5% into the total at the time of writing.

Malta Memorial Database Published

8 June 2016: We are pleased to announce the publication of this important database. Malta saw some of the heaviest aerial action of the war as Germany sought to contest the Allied stronghold's strategic position over the route to Middle East oil. This memorial remembers Allied crew lost in the Mediterranean area who have no known grave.

08th June 2016: The elderly brother of Fl/Lt. Reginald Miller urgently seeks any further information on the loss of 257 Squadron Typhoon fighter pilot - killed on the 08th March 1943. Please - if you are able to assist, contact us?

USA Memorial Day 2016

30 May 2016: The last Monday in May is celebrated in the USA as Memorial Day, when the country remembers members of its armed services who died in conflict. We paid our respects by dedicating our homepage to Memorial Day and providing a Donate link to Air Force Aid Society, the official Charity of the US Air Force.

The Alamein Memorial

28 May 2016: We're pleased to announce the publication of this important database remembering members of Allied air forces who were lost in the Desert war and who have no known grave.

24 May 2016: One of the most popular stopping-off points for researchers on the site is the 9300+ compilation of notes on RCAF aircrew from 1914 to the present day. We have now re-published this excellent source as a searchable database, permitting more useful searches to take place that would previously not have been practicable. Those old-hands familiar with the previous version will, we hope, be excited by the possibilities this change permits but if any happen to feel the old way was better, then please get in touch via the Helpdesk and we will see what we can do to help.

21st May 2016: The full story of F/O. Czesław Oberdak - his evasion, eventual capture and the murder by the Germans in reprisal to the shooting of Obergruppenführer Hanns Rauter. The Germans murdered some 117 men immediately in the area - elsewhere a further 146 others were also shot. Researcher and author Richard Schuurman has written a book on his loss and eventual grave identification also that of the hundreds of others - Richard contacted us in May 2016.

18th May 2016: We are pleased to announce that one of the leading Blenheim researchers is making his data available via a new database - this is work in progress and will be a huge addition to the various other databases that Aircrew Remembered are making available to our readers.

Hugh Wheeler contributed a great deal of information to the late Graham Warner's publication of the 'Bristol Blenheim'.

07th May 2016: W/O. Anthony Goodwin 1601352, 153 Squadron. Tony is my neighbour still an active 93 year old, joined RAF 153 squadron at Scampton on the 15th March 1945. Although a trained pilot he was a Lancaster Fl/Sgt. Flight Engineer to P/O. L.W. Lowry (NZ) with Sgt. McLeod (Air Bomber) Sgt. Caldecott (Navigator) Fl/Sgt. Miller (Wireless Operator) W/O. Woolfenden (Mid Upper Gunner) and W/O. Wadsley (Rear Gunner). They successfully completed five 'ops' Kiel, Plauen, Heligoland, Bremen and finally Berchtesgarten (Hitler's Lair). Finishing off with 4 'ops' on Manna (Netherlands).

Tony then joined 4 Squadron and piloted Mosquito based at Gutersloh, Germany. He rejected the opportunity staying with a commission and flying jets. He was demobbed in July 1946.

I am wondering whether any of his crew members are still with us? Contact us in the first instance and your details will be forwarded.

06 May 2016: The Fleet Air Arm Database is now on line and fully searchable. Thanks to Jacqueline Freegard for her valued assistance in cleaning up the data required. Over 4,500 names recorded including such details as crash area, next of kin details, ship served, etc. We welcome of course any additions/revisions.

1 May 2016: Victory Day Parade through Red Square is usually portrayed in Western media as a demonstration of Russian military might. But to tens of millions of ordinary Russians this is the day they remember the terrible losses incurred in WW2. To honour our Russian friends we donated our homepage to them, with a Donate facility to the International Red Cross.

1 May 2016: Paradie Achive: after a prolonged struggle against the arcane formatting rules in Excel, we have successfully deployed 45,000 records of RCAF personnel forming the Paradie Archive from its previous incarnation as part of Google Docs into a proper relational database held on our own servers, thereby allowing the full search and sort powers that technology allows. The new approach also overcomes the severe scrolling performance degradation on iPad and other mobile devices that followed a dubious 'enhancement' made by Google to Google Docs about a year ago. Now the Paradie Archive Database responds almost instantly to any search request made upon it.

26 April 2016: We have long wanted to provide coverage of the air war fought on the Eastern Front between the Luftwaffe and the Red Air Force. This was gigantic both in the sheer volume of personnel and materiel involved and the geographic territory over which it raged. Our first effort is the Soviet Aces Database 1941 - 1945. This includes details of over 2700 Soviet pilots and the hundreds of Soviet air units involved. Developed with the help of a Russian researcher we hope this is just the first of many valuable contributions we can make.

25 April 2016: We honour Australia and New Zealand on Anzac Day 2016 by donating our front page in support of the charities in those countries serving veterans of their armed forces. See our Anzac Day front page and the charity appeals.

17 April 2016: We are very pleased to formally announce the publication of our unique Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date database, after several months work.

This remarkable database extends data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

Search on date to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'date AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1 944

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our RAF Fighter Command Operational Losses Database, or our RAF Bomber Command Database.

13th April 2016: We have been contacted by friends in Germany in order that someone maybe able to confirm the identity of this Spitfire plate. Thought to have been lost on or about the 18th December 1944. (Reads APP6S477305)

13th April 2016: We are very pleased to announce the publication of our US Aces and Aviators in WW2 Database. This lists all known US pilots with significant victories to their name. You can search on name, theater (theatre) of operation (Europe, Middle East, Pacific), Unit, aircraft type, and which Service the pilot belonged to (Marine, USAAF, US Navy). It is believed this is the first time this information has been made available in the searchable and sortable form found here. 'Searchable and sortable' of course means USEFUL. Links to detailed stories about individual pilots are being added. We are very interested in contacting specialists in US aviation matters with a view to expanding our coverage. If you are at all interested in joining us, please contact us via the Helpdesk. There's no pressure involved, and we will give you any help you need.

02nd April 2016: We are now being regularly contacted with additions and corrections for our many various database. This is very much appreciated. These databases are placed to help you and if you can add to them, please do send the information in.

If you have a spreadsheet of data you've been assembling for years that you think others would find of interest, please send it to us. We will be happy to prepare it for publication as a searchable database and, of course, full credit will be placed to you. We can name it after you if you so wish.

These databases are very time-consuming to assemble, check and then prepare for publication but we believe they are of tremendous value to researchers because they enable you to search through a mountain of data in a few seconds and then sort your result in a way that makes sense to you.

We encourage anyone who finds them useful to think about making a donation to us so that we can expand this important work. We frequently employ people to perform the necessary data checking and spelling correction work and we do need our users to help us defray these costs.

29th March 2016: Search is on to try and find relatives of an LAC Percival C. Groves 1152645 RAF a former PoW of Stalag IVB Muhlberg (Elbe) from Coventry, England. He and an American Pte. Theodore B. Collins exchanged identities in order that Theodore could move to another PoW camp whilst LAC Groves remained at Muhlberg. Linda Schemieg (née Collins) the daughter of Theodore would like to trace the family in Coventry. Roy Wilcock, researcher at Aircrew Remembered, has assisted Linda with an appeal in the Coventry Telegraph. Anyone who has further information are invited to contact us in the first instance. To read the page in the Coventry Telegraph click the newspaper or here.

Announcing Our First Cross-Database Service to Readers

27 March 2016: Over the past 2 years our staff have been putting into place a technical architecture that permits us to achieve a special goal we have had for several years, that of being able to lead the reader effortlessly through a connected set of information related to their original query, the objective being to make discovery powerful and comprehensive. Most of us start off looking for one thing, but what if the process encouraged us to follow paths we would never have thought of to even more information?

Imagine if you were searching on a family member in our RAF Bomber Command Database and you found that in addition to the information in the database, there was a link to an in-depth researched story in which your family member appears.

How cool would that be?

Further, there is a link in the database to the Kracker Archive where details of the Luftwaffe pilot responsible for bringing down the plane may be found, and further, there is a link in the Kracker Archive to a full account of that Luftwaffe pilot's record.

Well, we now have the pieces in place.

As an example of what can be done, let's imagine you are are related to a person - Ronald Booth - who flew in Bomber Command but you know very little about how he was lost. Click now this link to Ronald Booth in the RAF Bomber Command Database. When you've done that, scroll across to the right to see the link to the Archive Report - researched by us - about this event. Click Read Archive Report. When you've read the Archive Report, come back to the RAF Bomber Command Database and click the link Attacker. This takes you to the entry in the Kracker Archive to Martin Becker, who shot down the plane Ronald Booth was flying in. In Becker's report in the Kracker Archive click Operational Record. This is a full account of this pilot's activities.

These are early days and building the links takes time, but as you can see from this example, the results can be astonishing. In a few clicks you've moved across 4 different databases to get information that might have taken days to uncover otherwise, if it could be done at all by the ordinary reader.

26 March 2016: We have developed our first substantive content in respect of WW1. This was an era that saw the introduction of air power to modern warfare, with flimsy aircraft made of sticks and canvas starting out as observation platforms but rapidly developing into fully fledged attack and bomber aircraft.

The aerial conflict led to the development of many fighting tactics that served in WW2 and on into today. We have developed our Aces and Aviators WW1 Database to list all known fliers who scored a significant number of victories against their opponent, and includes pilots from some 20 nations.

These intrepid aviators could tell you tales that would make your hair turn grey: search the database for Coppens and follow the link to the Archive Report we've written about him. Read the completely astonishing ways this brave Belgian coped with barrage balloons. Any pilot will tell you Coppens must have been one hell of a pilot.

25 March 2016: We have made significant improvements to the Runnymede Memorial Database. Previously this reflected dates which had been originally encoded in a variety of different formats, the upshot of which was that it was impossible to Search on any particular date. We've applied new techniques to preprocessing date information such that it is now consistent across all 20,000+ entries. Search on DateofDeath is therefore now possible. It's humbling to do so. Try a Search in the Runnymede Memorial Database on 1944-02-15 as an example. It sent a chill down our spine.

24th March 2016: New databases currently being worked on include Fighter Command Losses. This is the latest of many more to be added soon. Why don't you submit yours - with your name placed as the author? We're expert in turning lists into searchable databases. Look at how much attention the Kracker archive for the Luftwaffe losses is receiving, and the same is true for the Paradie RCAF archive - prepared and maintained by a serving Major in the RCAF!

19th March 2016: We are now receiving over 20 contacts a day via our help desk.

This is great, but we really need help with this. If you are able to assist us with these valuable enquiries - drop us a line. No prior experience or expertise is necessary - we will provide you with all the assistance you need to be productive.

We also appeal to people who like to work on databases - we have many that need accurate input - drop us a line, we are a friendly bunch and really you don't need to be an expert, just passionate about detail and dedication.

15th March 2016: Research is underway for aircrew relatives of various crews that were killed in the Bleasby / RAF Syerston area. A memorial is currently being planned.

We are delighted to inform you that we are assisting with the research and hope to have further information on the plans as and when they have been finalised.

To date we have a Polish crew all killed on a Wellington Ic R1014 lost on the 06th February 1942 and Wellington Ic R1212 lost on the 15th April 1941. Others are currently being researched.

Any relative of these crews are invited to contact us for further information. Early planning days but funds are being raised with the various planning permissions currently being sought.

Any assistance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

08th March 2016: Due to the large number of hits we receive on our databases it is clear that this is proving a valuable source to researchers and relatives alike. We are working to place additional databases that we have on file within our website - but we know that there are many others that have been created. If you have such a data base we would be proud to place it, crediting you for the work of course. Share the information that you have collated and reach out to an audience that your work deserves.

01st March 2016: The story of two French citizens, executed trying to assist the escape of a Polish fighter pilot.

Sgt. Alexander Franczak of 306 (P) Squadron flying a Spitfire P8524 UZ-A was eventually taken PoW. Others died for assisting his evasion!

26th February 2016: "Stolpersteine" - translated literally ‘stumbling block’. An amazing brass memorial placed within the pavement.

These commemorate some victims of the Nazi regime. These can be sponsored and placed for your relative for as little as 120 euros. Over 50,000 of these have been laid to date - many many more have already been pre-ordered.

Aircrew Remembered are in contact with the artist and the organisation that provide this. Details follow below, but the page on the loss of Halifax MZ351 NP-X from which one of the crew was murdered, has such a Stolpersteine placed.

The Stolpersteine story can be read further here.

25th February 2016: The story of a Wellington crew - 2 killed on the operation, one of the crew lost his wife just 4 months earlier when the Luftwaffe dropped a parachute mine on a public house in Chigwell, Essex.

Over 30 civilians lost their lives on the night of the 19th April, 1941. The full story including the civilian loss list within the page of Wellington Ic X9747 HA-E which crashed at Salhouse, near Norwich.

23rd February 2016: What is the UK Web Archive? There are millions of UK websites. They are constantly changing and even disappearing. Often they contain information that is only available online. Responding to the challenge of a potential "digital black hole" the UK Web Archive is there to safeguard as many of these websites as practical. Its purpose is to give permanent online access to key UK websites for future generations. The UK Web Archive contains websites that publish research, that reflect the diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, and demonstrate web innovation.

What this means to you? The stories that you submit to Aircrew Remembered are online - forever - memories are kept, even if the website closed down!

18th February 2016: The author of several books including "The Lost Gunner" is now submitting articles for Aircrew Remembered.

Lyndon Pugh's comprehensive research into 101 squadron can be found in his first page on Lancaster ED373, when after being attacked by a night fighter, they were hit, but returned fire taking down the Fiat CR-42.

The pilot managed to nurse the aircraft back to England - 5 gallantry awards to a single crew on one operation!

10th February 2016: We must apologise for any lack of response to any enquiries that have been posted to us. We are a small group, all working in our spare time and consequently we may have have overlooked your enquiry - just email us to jog our memory and this will be resolved. Someone sent us brief detail on a lost aircrew member - just 3 days later asked why the page had not been posted? Although we pride our research with accuracy - if we are unable to confirm the information sent, then we may, or may not add the page. We hope that contributors understand the problem.

7th February 2016: Incredible story regarding an eye witness to a crash of a 78 Squadron Halifax JD375 - a simple graveside photo - revealing further stories regarding some 13 other airforce crew lost over Germany. That, is how important your photographs are that are sent into us.

05th February 2016: Just about everyone has heard of the Mcindoe plastic surgery innovations that were pioneered during the second world war to treat the horrific burns of aircrew, soldiers and civilians. The pioneers of this, from New Zealand included, Mcindoe, Gillies, Pickerill. The son of Sir Harold Gillies, F/O. John Gillies had been a fighter pilot with 92 Squadron, shot down and taken PoW in 1940. Now a book has been published by Professor Murray Clyde Meikle who also contributed to the story featured on our website regarding the techniques used, who also contributed to the story featured on our website. A French researcher, Jean-Pierre Duriez has also contributed further amazing photographs.

27th January 2016: A new memorial is planned for the 07th May 2016 for a Canadian fighter pilot who sadly lost his life in a Typhoon JR257.

We are hoping that relatives or interested parties of F/O. Justin Gerard Clermont of Toronto, Canada flying with 175 Squadron - see these pages and contact us!

25th January 2016: Not many people are aware that the first fatality in Great Britain from an air raid occurred as far back as January 1915. The webmaster discovered his grave, just yards from his house hidden amongst trees. So, research required and a page place to both victims.

Samuel Alfred Smith and Matilda Mary Taylor and Matilda Mary Taylor both lost their lives during this operation over Great Yarmouth in Norfolk on the 19th January 1915.

31st December 2015 - We have been informed that a possible dedication of a memorial is planned at the Bredenscheld Church on the 9th October 2016 - we would appreciate any contact from the crews relatives in order that we can place them in contact with one of the organisers. Halifax III MZ400 Z5-J lost on the 09/10th October 1944. Any relatives please contact us.

December 25th 2015: Proud to announce that Aircrew Remembered have now just registered in excess of 1,ooo,000 visitors since we started - thank you all for your continued support.

December 19th 2015: Extracts from the last PoW days of Sgt. Harold Bennett, 78 Squadron diaries added - together with some wonderful drawings.

Sgt. Bennett had been the sole survivor from a 78 Squadron Halifax III LW291 EY-M lost on the 21st January 1944.

December 15th 2015: Medal Reunited New Zealand - this great website is dedicated to returning medals that have been found - contact Ian Martyn to establish how you can help. Of course they are unable to try and locate families to reunite them with medals unless they have details. Aircrew Remembered are in contact with these people and their work has to be applauded. New Zealand has been the best nation to continue to follow up on their veterans that we have ever seen!
November 13th 2015: New information received form the son of Sq/Ldr. Peter Stevens - who it is believed to be the only German / Jewish bomber pilot in the RAF - further information follows.

Also a book has been published about his remarkable world war two escape attempts and his RAF career - details to follow.

November 08th 2015: OK - not the Cenotaph London - but Remembrance Sunday in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Hundreds take part in the annual remembrance service - thought to be the largest attendance to date!A small cross placed - just another name, but a story behind it - which is now on the website.

Fl/Sgt. William Cockburn, a local Yarmouth lad of 15 Squadron - killed with all the crew on a daylight bombing operation - July, 1941.

November 01st 2015: Research currently underway to place stories behind all the names listed on the Polish Memorial, Northolt. A long term project! We welcome of course, any amendments that you may have.Once completed it will be made available to the Polish Air Force Committee for use at future wreath laying ceremonies and for the general public.

October 19th 2015: New Memorial unveiled at Kempton Park Racecourse, England for F/O. Carter and P/O. Borowski 302 (P) Squadron.

Details of the wonderful reception arranged by the Jockey Club of Gt. Britain follow shortly.

September 23rd 2015: Hundreds of D-Day veterans are to receive the French Legion d’Honneur before the end of 2015. Aircrew Remembered have been informed by several survivors that they have been contacted and that they are to receive this, the French governments highest honour (not available posthumously) We feel that as many relatives as possible be informed of this announcement as soon as possible.

The Government of France has told the UK Ministry of Defence that it wishes to recognise the selfless acts of heroism and determination displayed by "all" surviving veterans of the Normandy landings, and of the wider campaigns to liberate France in 1944, by awarding them with the Legion d’Honneur.

This recognition extends “beyond the troops who actually landed on and fought their way up the beaches 70 years ago, and will include Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel who operated in support of the landings”.

Requests for the award should be made 'd-day veterans application invitation and will be processed by the Ministry of Defence, who will forward the details to the French authorities. The French authorities will then make all the final decisions on the awards.

Any veterans wishing to apply for the award, or anyone enquiring on their behalf, should either send the form to the address as shown below. The French government will be reviewing the applications, so MOD is unable to give any guidance on timings or the arrangements for the presentation of the awards. Awards "will not" be given posthumously, and any further questions should be directed to the French authorities.

The application form can be submitted electronically to the following address
[email protected]
or by post to:
Personnel and Training - Defence Services Secretary
- Commemorations
Floor 6 Zone C
Ministry of Defence
Main Building

September 16th 2015: Six Crew members finally named on graves in Holland after 74 years!

The researchers of the SMAMF group have finally convinced authorities (after a visit to No. 10 Downing Street) the final resting place for the crew of 103 Squadron Wellington R1397.

Further details, videos and photographs.

September 9th 2015: Aircrew Remembered are pleased to announce a new publication (September 2015) on the comprehensive history of 623 Squadron by Steve Smith who we have worked with in the past and hope to in the future. ‘A Short War’ The history of 623 Squadron.

Further details and order information

September 05th 2015: Polish Airforce Memorial Committee honour Aircrew Remembered. At an award ceremony on Saturday 5th September 2015, Kelvin Youngs, founder of the Aircrew Remembered website, was honoured for his “deep commitment to honouring the memory of Polish Airmen”.

A certificate of Commendation was presented to Kelvin by Group Captain David Manning - Commanding Officer RAF Northolt.

Further details and photographs.

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