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#Name (↑)FirstNameCodenameAffiliation*Victories (Total)Victories (Sole)Victories (Shared)MissionsDogfightsUnit(s)PlanesDateOfDeath (↑)***************Notes**************LinksPhoto
1 AbdrashitovShamil MunasypovichSoviet1215517402 IAP1944-05-04Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union 1944-08-02; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star. Born Orenburg 1921-05-19. Flight training at Orenburg military flying school. Assigned to Far East prior then posted to 402 IAP in April, 1943. Action over the Kuban and the Crimea. 1944-05-04 fell victim to flak near Khersones (S Sevastopol) and crashed to death.
2 AbdrashitovShamil, M.Soviet161624038402 IAPYak1944
3 AbramashviliNikolaiy, GeorgievichSoviet1111273 IAPGround Ram 1943
4 AbramchukNikolaiy, IvanovichSoviet1616300894 IAP-PVOYak1974-02-01 Some sources 11 sole. Decorations: Gold Star of Hero ofthe Soviet Union on October 9, 1943 for 11 victories, 114 ground attacks as of June, 1943; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (2), the Red Star. Received wings at Engels military flying school in 1936 Fighting on Southwest, West, Stalingrad and 1st Ukrainian Fronts while with 894 IAP. a Kapitan and squadron leader when awarded the Gold Star for his efforts.
5 AbramovVladimir, FyodorovichSoviet282176006771 IAP 10 GvIAP-KBF
Polykarpov I-153 Chaika

, I-16 , Yak-7B , La-5
1985-05-23 Some sources 8 shared. At least 600 missions. Some sources 5 sole 15 shared. 287 sorties, 135 armed reconnaissance and 94 escorts, 57 encounters. Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union 1944; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (4), the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star (2). Born Penzen area on June 14, 1921. Training at Yejsk military flying school, posted to 71 IAP of the Baltic Fleet. In June, 1941 flying I-16s in the defense of Tallin, Kronshtadt and Lavansaari. Between June, 1941 and June, 1942 credited with two personal victories along with shares in seven more. On March 19, 1944 Abramov managed to score one of the units initial victories leading five fighters against a formation of 27 enemy planes personally downing one of them.
6 AbramovNikifor SemyonovichSoviet99193 IAP, 177 GvIAP
7 AbramovPetr PetrovichSoviet15510195 IAP
8 AchitkovMikhail GrigorievichSoviet88659 IAP
9 AchkosovSergey, VasilievichSoviet108216016 IAP, 176 IAP1943-03-14 At least 160 missions. Some sources say 1943-05-14. Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union 1943-02-04; the Orders of Lenin (2). Born in Tambov 1919-06-18. Military service 1940. Kacha military flying school. January, 1941 16 IAP in the Moscow area. 1941-10-10 first encounterin a night air patrol near Rybinsk. 4 x Ju 88s, attacked from astern, destroying one. Others jettisoned bombs. Rammed He 111 on October 17 after running out of ammunition and parachuted to safety near Yaroslavl. Decorated with the Order of Lenin for this. 1942 posted to Voronezh Front with 176 IAP as a Lejtenant and flight leader. 1942-08-13 NW Voronezh shot down Bf 109 but ran out of ammunition. Achkasov dove down on a second fighter and deliberately rammed the enemy. Badly injured hardly but just able to bail out of his own blazing aircraft.Returned to combat operations in January, 1943, promoted to squadron leader a short time later. 1943-03-14 the regiments base struck and Achkasov being killed bomb splinters. Buried in the village of Khalino.
10 AdolfSergei ViktorovichSoviet16151247 IAP & 162 IAPVictories approximate
11 AdonkinVasiliy, SemyonovichSoviet221664004272SAP, 27 IAP, 78 IAP, 255 IAP
Polykarpov I-153 Chaika


P-40 Tomahawk

1944-03-17 At least 400 missions. 13 victories over fighters. Decorations: Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union January 22, 1944; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (3). Born in the Byelgorod April 7, 1913. Got wings at Yejsk military flying school 1941 Adonkin. 78 IAP-SF. First success on June 22, 1941, opeing day of Barbarrossa, a Ju 88 . 1942 regiment converted to Hurricanes achieving three air victories in some 30 sorties and nine encounters. Adonkin quickly rose to squadron leader and in 1944 was given command of the AiraCobra equipped 255 IAP-SF. He fell to German fighters in violent combat near Ekkere (Finland).
12 AfanasievNikolai TimofeyevichSoviet65166 IAP
13 AfanasievGeorgii IvanovichSoviet981761 IAP
14 Afanasyev (Afanasiev)Vladimir, IlyichSoviet16115300630 IAP, 253 IAP 145 GvIAPLaGG-3

At least 300 missions. Some sources 14 sole 3 shared
15 Afanasyev (Afanasiev)Boris MikhailovichSoviet98121 IAP
16 AfanasiyenkoGavriil IvanovichSoviet95488 IAP, 159 GvIAP
17 AfoninVasiliy, MaximovichSoviet17143510 IAP, 880 SAD, 162 IAP, 309 IAD, 172 IAPLaGG-3

Yak-1, Yak-7, Yak-9

, Yak-3
18 AgdantsevAlexandr, NikolayevichSoviet1414183 IAPYak-1
19 AgeyevPyotr, GrigorievichSoviet761160182 IAP+1 uncategorized. At least 160 missions
20 AgureyevAlexandrSoviet12127 IAP
21 AkininGavriil DmitrievichSoviet1165897 IAP
22 AksyutinIvanSoviet5538 IAP
23 AkulkinNikolai FedorovichSoviet55236 IAP, 112 GvIAP
24 AkundinovYegor, YefremovichSoviet151525070812 IAPYak
25 Alelyukhin (Alelyuhin)Alexey, VasilievichSoviet57401760125869 IAP, 9 GvIAP I-16 , LaGG-3

Yak-1 , Yak-9

, P-39 Airacobra

October 1990 1st Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union in August 1943; 2nd Gold Star in November 1943; the Orders of Lenin (2), the Red Banner (3), Suvorov 3rd Class, Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star (2). 14th ranking Soviet ace, born Kalinin 1920-03-30. Military service in 1938. Training at V.P. Chkalov military flying school. Serving with 69 IAP at Odessa, on which fell the full weight of the enemy onslaught. Aerial campaigns against the Luftwaffe over Kharkov, Stalingrad, Rostov, Taganrog, Melitopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, East Prussia and Berlin. In the big air battles above Stalingrad, claimed four bombers in the Kalach area and two Ju 87s and a Bf 109 at Kotelnikovo (SW Stalingrad).In command the regiments 1st Eskadrilya and on February 2, 1943 led eight Yak-1s in a head-on attack against a formation of 10 German fighters, two Bf 109s and a Bf 110 being shot down. Converting to Airacobras in April and on July 17 shot down 2, his unit scoring 21 kills. In a fierce series of dogfights at Taganrog became the top-scoring pilot of the battle with 12 kills. In 249 encounters 51 Stukas were destroyed with Alelyukhin being credited with 14 (possibly including shared). He accomplished one of the regiments last victories, a Fw 190 on April 12, 1945. He was 9 GvIAP first ranking ace and had gained his victories on I-16s, LaGG-3s, Yak-1s. Hurricanes, Airacobras, La-5s and La-7s. He continued to serve after the War
26 AleninDmitrii IvanovichSoviet87145 IAP
27 AlexandrovVasilii AlexandrovichSoviet651298 IAP
28 AlexandrovNikolai AlexandrovichSoviet87134 IAP
29 AlexeyenkoKonstantin StepanovichSoviet1212402 IAP
30 AlexeyevIvan NikolayevichSoviet55162 IAP
31 AlexeyevViktor StepanovichSoviet55239 IAP & 19 IAP, 176 GvIAP
32 AlexeyevNikolaiy, MihailovichSoviet21156102271 IAP, 64 GvIAPYak1943-07-12Some sources 16 sole. Some sources 12 sole. Mid-air ram1943
33 AlexeyevKonstantin StepanovichSoviet10106 GvIAP-ChF, 8 & 25 IAP-ChFVictories may be 19
34 Alekseyev (Alexeyev)Konstantin, StepanovichSoviet191950011025 IAP, 8 IAP 6 GvIAP I-16 , LaGG-3

1971-02-24 At least 500 missions. Some sources 272 sorties, 10 sole. Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union 1942 JUne; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (4), Suvorov 3rd Class, Patriotic War 1st Class, Red Star, the British Empire. Born in Mozhajsk October 1914-10-07. Completed training at Yejsk military flying. In action from start of war. 6 GLAP of the Black Sea Fleet (former 8 IAP-ChR). 7 victories above Sevastopolin 1942. Promotion to Major and commanding officer of 25 IAP-ChF. Action at Kerch in late 1943 in LaGG-3. 13 enemy destroyed by unit 1943-11-02, covering Eltigen landings.
35 AlifanovNikolai GrigoriyevichSoviet541249 IAP
36 GritsevetsSergei, IvanovichSoviet4270 IAP, 5 Escuadrilla de Caza (Commander)I-161939-09-16Flying accident Bolbasovo. Highest scoring ace in Spain. 1939-08-23 60 miles behind enemy lines in Mongolia, he landed by the side of his Commanding Officer Major V. Zabuleyev , and rescued him by stuffing him in the cockpit with him.
37 AlkidovVladimir YakovlevichSoviet1010300434 IAP, 529 IAP1982-11-27At least 300 missions
38 AlpatovA.G., Soviet13944 GvIAP 249 IAPLa-5Some sources 10 sole
39 AmelinAlexey, StepanovichSoviet171729083240 IAP & 279 IAP, 179 GvIAPLa-5Some sources 15 sole. Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on October 26, 1944; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (4), the Patriotic War 1st Class and 2nd Class, the Red Star (3). Born in Moscow area on March 12, 1921. Flight training in 1939 at Chuguyev military flying school. Posted to 240 IAP flying La-5s in March, 1943, Rose to command his own squadron after air battles over Byelgorod-Kharkov. His specialty was close-in high-G combats. Great distinction in the fighting above the Dnyestr and Prut Rivers, two Orders of the Red Banner with the Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class for 1943. Stayed in the service after the war advancing to Polkovnik, ending duty in 1960.
40 Amet-khanSultan, Soviet5132196031504 IAP, 9 GvIAP
Polykarpov I-153 Chaika

, Hurricane

Yak-7B , Yak-1 , P-39 Airacobra

1971-02-01Killed as test pilot in flying accident. Inc 2 x forced enemy to land into capture. Some sources 30 sole. Decorations: 1st Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on August 24, 1943 for 11 kills, 19 fractional credits; 2nd Gold Star on June 29, 1945; the Orders of Lenin (3), the Red Banner (5), Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class, the Red Star. Born in Crimea on October 25, 1920. Flight training at Kacha military flying school. Pilot wings in 1940. Served in 4 IAP in the Odessa area. Logging 130 sorties in I-16 supporting ground forces at Kishinyov, Tiraspol, Nikolayev, Odessa and Kherson up to October, 1941. Late 1941 transferred to Hurricanes. Rammed a Ju 88 by ramming near Yaroslavl on May 31, 1942 when he found his guns had jammed, hence award of the Order of Lenin. Amet-Khan took a different view of ramming attacks: “I fully acknowledge that air fighting always is this way, that is to say, there is the need to resort to the extreme and risk everything, the aircraft, the pilot. But those days, when our aircraft were outnumbered four to one, a successful ramming was no victory. Ramming consequently was not the best possible method of attack but rather the ultimate one . . .” July he claimed at least two Bf 109s. Transferred to Yak-1s. Destroyed a Ju 88. 7 kills in air battles above Kastornoye (E Kursk) and Voronezh. In August to Stalingrad to provide Il-2 escort while being based at Verkhnij Akhtuba (E Stalingrad). He was shot up in an encounter with Bf 109s SE Verkhnii Akhtuba and made a forced landing. His regiment suffered very heavy losses, and by orders of General Khryukin the most experienced pilots of the 8th Air Army were to be concentrated in 9 GvIAP in October, 1942 so as to establish a fighter outfit to meet enemy on equal terms. 6 kills with shares in 7 more. After Stalingrad, fighting over Rostov, Batajsk and the Mius. 9 GvIAP converted to Airacobras fighting over the Kuban. Amet-Khan downed He 111s and a Ju 88 over Mius River in a single engagement. Flew in battles over Melitopol, Dnyepropetrovsk, the Crimea acquiring doubles each in clashes at Odessa and Sevastopol. He got a Fw 190 still with the Airacobra in the final affray over Sevastopol in May, 1944 prior to converting to La-7s and deploying with the regiment to Latvia. Combat duty East Prussian soil autumn 1944 . For displaying exceptional leadership and scoring six air victories over East Prussia he was awarded the Orders of Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class and the Red Banner. On January 18, 1945 he led six La-7s against 25 Fw 190s in the Gumbinnen area, five of these being shot down, Amet-Khan got one. Moved forward to Poznan area for battles for Berlin and then deployed to Berlin-Schönefeld in April. Following World War II became a very test pilot joining with the the aviation test institute in Moscow, in March, 1946. He was killed in a flying accident in a Tu-16 on February 1, 1971. Throughout his career Amet-Khan flew some 100 types of aircraft logging approximately 2,000 hours test flying.
41 AmkoladzeAdam DanilovichSoviet55153 IAP, 28 GvIAP
42 AnanyevIvan MikhailovichSoviet106420 IAP, 139 GvIAP
43 AnapreyevVasilii PetrovichSoviet55848 IAP
44 AnashkinVladimir ProkofyevichSoviet9454 IAP
45 AnatskiiAndrei IvanovichSoviet8891 IAP
46 AndreyevLeonid GrigorievichSoviet55122 IAP
47 AndreyevYefim DenisovichSoviet14104131 IAP, 40 GvIAP
48 AndreyevAlexandr PetrovichSoviet642149 IAP, 163 GvIAP
49 AndreyevStepan, FilippovichSoviet1717500211 IAP & 127 IAPYakAt least 17 sole. At least 500 missions. Victories may be higher
50 AndreyevNikolai PolikhronovichSoviet8714 IAP
51 AndrianovAlexandr GrigoryevichSoviet1284123 IAP, 27 GvIAP
52 AndrianovMihail, NikolaevichSoviet1110166 IAPP-39 AiraCobra

53 AndrianovSergei AndreyevichSoviet9368 IAP
54 AndrianovIlia, FilippovichSoviet2322140080 273 IAP, 270 IAP, 516 IAP, 153 GvIAP I-16 , LaGG , Yak-1 Missions, dogfights approx. Some sources 17 sole . Order of Lenin, Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class (2), the Red Star. Born in Ryazan area on August 3, 1918. Trained at Batajsk military flying school. Joined 516 IAP on November 4, 1941 to fly I-16s on South Front. Flying air patrol in the Taganrog area on November 22 shot down He 11 which crashed in flames at Kojsul.Reequipped with LaGG-3s, and on March 17, 1942 combat with six Bf 109s. Andrianov got one of the enemy fighters which crashed into the ground near Slavyansk. Converted to Yak-1s and moved to Voronezh Front on March 27, 1943. On July 6 they were attacked by eight Fw 190s. Andrianov got behind one of them and shot it down near Dragunskoye. Andrianov began to establish a reputation for aggressiveness and air combat skill, destroying another Bf 109 in the Lukyanin area on August 9. Promoted to squadron leader in December, 1943, and in the course of the next 136 sorties his Eskadrilya was credited with downing 12 enemy planes in 14 combats. Andrianov got two Bf 109s in a battle near Blagodatnoye on January 7, 1944. He was nominated for the Gold Star award on February 25, 1944 by which time he had brought his score to 17 in 65 encounters.
55 AndrianovAlexandr, GrigorievichSoviet12102123 IAP (27 GvIAP)I-16 , Yak-1, Yak-7, -9
56 AndronovNikolai NikitovichSoviet761630 IAP, 147 GvIAP
57 AndryushchenkoAlexandr MitrofanovichSoviet77161 IAP
58 AndryushchenkoNikolai AnanievichSoviet1814443 IAP
59 AnisimovViktorSoviet1212270 IAP
60 AniskinAlexandr DmitriyevichSoviet1212295105434 IAP, 32 GvIAP1943-02-20 Some sources 10 sole. Decorations: Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on February 22, 1943; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (2). Born in Dnyepropetrovsk on November 24, 1918. Flight training at Kacha military flying school. In action from the start of the war. By the end of 1941 had claimed three air victories and engaged in 40 ground-attack missions on West Front. Battle of Stalingrad during the course of which he scored at least one victory, on September 21, 1942 when 12 Yaks led by Kapitan A.I. Yakimov attacked a force of 15 Ju 87s escorted by 10 Bf 109s. 7 of the enemy planes shot down. Aniskin was shot down and killed in the Staraya Russa area
61 AnkudinovYegor YefremovichSoviet1515250812 IAP80 ground-attack missions. Decorations: Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on May 15, 1946; the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (3), Aleksandr Nevskij, the Patriotic War 1st Class (2), the Patriotic War 2nd Class, the Red Star. Born in Kalinin area on April 10, 1910. Training at Orenburg military flying school. Combat began 1943, when he was posted to the 812 IAP. On October 25, 1943 he led eight fighters in an encounter with 60 enemy bombers in the area of the Molochnaya River, eight of these being shot down with Ankudinov personally accounting for one. He claimed another single in the vicinity of Müncheberg on March 24, 1945.
62 AnosovAlexandr PotapovichSoviet761133 IAP
63 AntipovAlexei KasyanovichSoviet111113 IAP-KBF1941-07-25
64 AntipovNikolai MikhailovichSoviet651437 IAP
65 AntonenkoAlexey, KasianovichSoviet1711613 IAP-KBF & 5 IAP-KBFI-16 type 18, type 291941-07-26 Inc 6 shared Manchuria, some sources 10 sole. Decorations: Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union on July 14, 1941: two Orders of Lenin. Born in Mogilov area on February 23, 1911. Flight training at Yejsk military flying school and was a pilot instructor for a while prior to flying against the Japanese at Khalkhin Gol in 1939. 6 shared credits during 40 encounters. Won the Order of Lenin and the medal “For Valor" against the Finns during the Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939/40. By June, 1941 he was with 13 IAP-KBF in I-16s. On June 23, 1941 he got Baltic Fleet's first air victory of the Patriotic War period shoooting down a Ju 88 in Tallin area. With his friend Pyotr Brinko he destroyed another near the Soviet base of Hanko (Hango, SW Helsinki). Antonenko had by now become a national hero and was decorated with a Gold Star with five victories to his credit, all scored in a 20 day period while operating in appalling conditions against great odds. On July 23 Antonenko and Brinko were tasked with strafing a seaplane base where they managed to share two aircraft between them. Returning to the same target area the following day with two fellow pilots, five more were destroyed on the water. This time opposition appeared in the form of six Fokkers, but these lost five of their number without inflicting any damage. Antonenko was shot down on July 26, 1941. Buried on the Hanko Peninsula. Soviet records are not entirely clear as to his final score, some suggesting 11 aerial victories. Finnish record not substantiated by Finnish sources
66 AntonovPavel NikolayevichSoviet889 IAP, 211 GvIAP
67 AntonyantsGeorgii YakovlevichSoviet55161 IAP
68 AnufriyevMitrofan AlexeyevichSoviet862168 IAP & 523 IAP
69 ApolloninNikolai NikolayevichSoviet161626 IAP, 26 GvIAP,191 IAP
70 ArhipovNikolaiy, A.Soviet2820838214832 IAP, 265 IAPI-16 , Yak
71 AriasAntonioSpain (Republican)24241EC , 3EC (Escuadrilla de Caza: fighter squadron, Spain) , 4EC (Escuadrilla de Caza: fighter squadron, Spain) ; 283 IAP , 964 IAP , 439 IAPI-16 type5 , type10 MiG-3 , P-40 Tomahawk

Hurricane , P-39 AiraCobra

Inc 16 Spain. Total uncertain
72 ArkhilovunknownSoviet88731 IAP
73 ArkhipovNikolai ArsentyevichSoviet1911832 IAP & 265 IAP
74 ArseninunknownSoviet66122 IAP,179 IAP
75 ArseninNikolai FedorovichSoviet1477126 IAP
76 ArtamonovIvan PavlovichSoviet1010191 IAP
77 ArtamonovNikolaiy, SemyonovichSoviet2618825032 IAP & 193 IAP, 177 GvIAPLa-5FN1945-03-26At least 250 missions. Some sources 26 sole 9 shared
78 ArtamonovVasily, SevastianovichSoviet1082516 IAP, 153 GvIAPVictories may be 8+1. Some sources 9 sole
79 ArtemchenkoStepan, SavelievichSoviet131326917 IAPP-39 Airacobra

Inc 7 sole Korea. Some sources 5 sole
80 ArtemchenkovGrigoriy, FyodorovichSoviet651814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
81 ArtemnikovunknownSoviet1212814 IAP, 106 GvIAP
82 ArtemovAlexei VasilyevichSoviet171731 IAP
83 ArtyomovAlexey, V.Soviet171731 IAP
84 AschaulovDmitriy, NikolayevichSoviet24241831 GvIAP, 402 IAPYak-7, -1, -31945
85 AshchaulovDmitriiSoviet2424420 IAP1941
86 AskirenkoIvanSoviet55438 IAPP0W 1944-04 and later escaped
87 AskirkoIvan AdamovichSoviet1082438 IAP
88 Astakhov (Astahov)Ivan MikhailovichSoviet1912749 IAP & 168 IAP1944-02-07Some sources say 1944-03-03
89 AstapovArtemii FedotovichSoviet752253 IAP & 182 IAP
90 AstashkevichPetr NaumovichSoviet99530 IAP & 122 IAP
91 Astaskin (Astashkin)Mihail, YegorovichSoviet104611769 IAP1941-09-14Ground-Ram1941
92 AvdeyevAlexandr FedorovichSoviet1111189153 IAP1942-08-12Some sources 7 sole. Hero of the Soviet Union (1943, posthumous), Captain. Commander of 153 IAP. Committed 189 combat missions. August 12, 1942 in a dogfight in Novaya Usman district of Voronezh died in a frontal attack by enemy fighter. Monuments in Moscow and Novaya Usman.
93 AvdeyevMihail, VasilievichSoviet171750032 IAP, 8 IAP 6 GvIAP, 10 GvIAP 32 IAP-ChF & 8 IAP-ChF, 6 GvIAP-ChFI-16 , MiG , Yak-1 , Yak-9

D , Yak-3 , La
At least 500 missions
94 AvdeyevAlexandr, FyodorovichSoviet1313153 IAP
Polykarpov I-153 Chaika

, AiraCobra Mk.I
Mid-air ram 1942
95 AvekovIvan AvdeyevichSoviet25196178519 IAPI-16 , Yak-1 , Yak-71943-04-17Some sources say 1943-03-02
96 AvidisyanSuren ArmenakovichSoviet66866 IAP
97 AzarovYevgeniy, AlexandrovichSoviet1515339101153 IAP, 19 IAP 176 GvIAP
Polykarpov I-153 Chaika



At least 15 sole. Maybe 16 sole
98 BabailovPavel, KonstantinovichSoviet3228442075790 IAP, 163 GvIAP LaGG-3

1944-10-14 Missions approx. Some sources 27 sole
99 BabakIvan, IlyichSoviet3733430010045 IAP, 100 GvIAP & 16 GvIAP Yak-1 , P-39D, P-39N AiraCobra

Missions, dogfights min. PoW 1945-03-16. Some sources 37 sole
100 BabayevAlexandr, IvanovichSoviet109126048196 IAP

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