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The Paradie database is as close to a treasure as the World will see.” François Dutil

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1 BrownMark Henry 'Hilly'P/O

DFC & Bar

Czech War Cross
Age 30
Canadian in the RAF37904PLTRAF
1 Sqd (RAF)
1 Sqd (RAF)
1 Sqd (RAF)
1 Sqd (RAF)
1 Sqd (RAF)
58 OTU (RAF)
57 OTU (RAF)
AHQ - Mediterranean
249 Sqd (RAF) Last Op
Moth & Hart
Hurricane P3047
Master & Spitfire
Master & Spitfire
Hurricane & Spitfire
Hurricane Z2397
May 1936 - Enlisted in the RAF
11 May 1936
21 Feb 1937
9 Sep 1939 - France
18 June 1940 - UK
15 Aug 1940 - Shot down, parachuted safely
10 Nov 1940 - Commanding Officer
17 May 1941
1 July 1941 - Commanding Officer
21 oct 1941 Wing Commander - Malta
21 Nov 1941 - Shot down by flak over Sicily , perished in crash

(Photo: F/L M H Brown (left) and P/O Chetham of No. 1 Sqd (RAF) standing by the nose of a Hawker HurricaneI at RAF Station Wittering, Huntingdonshire, England)
- Distinguished Flying Cross - No.1 Squadron - awarded as per London Gazette 30 July 1940.
- Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - No.1 Squadron - awarded as per London Gazette 23 May 1941.
- Czech Military Cross - awarded as per London Gazette 12 January 1943.
- Commemorated Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Grave III. G. 24.
- son of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Brown, Glenboro, Manitoba.
- 16.95 confirmed kills ace
(Information courtesy Francois Dutil)

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