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Operation 'Bodenplatte' : 2TAF Ground Crew Killed or Injured At Melsbroek 1945-01-01

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Dunsfold 080213 Reg Day Museum 19

Dunsfold 080213 Reg Day Museum 20

Zaventhem drawing by van Holleman

Airmen's quarters near Zaventhem, winter 1944-1945. Jan Kloos: The sleeping guy is Jaap Lub, one of the gunners, with whom I shared a cell of the Kloostertehuis, Zaventhem, October 1944 to April 1945. Above the door it was signposted that this cell belonged to Sister Elizabeth. Prison-type bunks, no heating, and a very cold winter! Source: Jan Kloos, 26-04-2009. Picture: JPK 19-6-4.

Abandoned German aircraft on Zaventhem, or Melsbroek, winter 1944-1945. This Do 17 F-1 had Werksnr. 915. Photo JPK 19-5-5 Aircraft data:

Crash-landed & cannibalized Me.109 on Zaventhem. The aviator is airgunner Jaap Lub. Photo JPK 19-5-4

Disbanding of 2TAF, on July 15th, 1945, as reported in 'Over to you', Internal Newspaper of 139 Wing. Dunsfold 080213 Reg Day Museum 23

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