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Fl/Lt. Edward Jaworski D.F.C. V.M. 3 Bars K.S.

Fl/Lt. Edward Jaworski D.F.C. V.M. 3 Bars K.S.
Born: 18th May 1920 Trzebinia in Malopolska, Poland. Died: 26th September 2012 Age 92

When the Germans invaded his homeland, Jaworski was serving in Poland at the Aviation Cadet School in Deblin. Already qualified as a pilot he was in the advanced group. Flew the PWS-10 and P.7.

On the night of September 17th 1939, escaped to Romania. On arrival he was interned at Slatina about 130 km west of Bucharest, but managed to escape through Bucharest to Eforie on the coast and then down to Balchik in Bulgaria where he caught a ship to Beirut and then onto France. Reached Marseille on October 29th.

Stayed at the Polish barracks in Lyon and then onto England. He refused to take the Oath to the King and was then sent back to France – after France fell evacuated to Liverpool, England.

On the 6th November 1940 joined 15 E.F.T.S in Carlise.

January 15th 1941 joined 55 O.T.U at Usworth.

June 15th 1941 joined 315 Polish Squadron

August 9th 1941 – first operational sortie on sweeps over France – on his return flight he ran out of fuel, but managed to land his aircraft – refuelled and returned to Northolt – already listed as “missing”.

October 21st 1941 his aircraft was very badly damaged by attacking Bf 109’s but again, despite the aircraft covered in holes managed to make it back to Northolt.

Made a further 21 sorties during 1941.

August 25th 1943 after having made 124 sorties moved to 58 O.T.U. Grangemouth as instructor.

March 1st 1944 joined 317 Squadron.

August 30th 1944 joined 302 Squadron as commander

February 1st 1945 transferred to 131 Fighter Wing as tactical officer.

May 7th 1945 – last flight of the war on a patrol over Wilhelmshaven.

September 1st 1945 – 1947 commanded 308 Squadron.

Finished his military career having made over 200 operational flights. After he left the R.A.F. decided to return home to Poland but because of his period in England had great difficulty finding a job. Eventually after working in the steel industry for several years managed to obtain his pilots licence and started to fly as a commercial pilot. Also trained to fly helicopters.

In 1995, Edward Jaworski published his memoirs entitled “The wounded wing”. In 1997 he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Trzebinia.

Thanks to Franek Grabowski for bringing his sad death to our attention.

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