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RCAF Notes Database: 1914 - Present Day

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
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This database provides notes on over 9300 RCAF personnel. These were previously published by us in a non-searchable form and we hope the new database structure makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

These notes were assembled by Jean Schadskaje over many years from research books, biographies, mentions on websites etc. and were originally intended for private use, not publication, hence the frequent use of shorthand terms. Because these notes were works-in-progress they may include errors: if you find any, please let us know via the Helpdesk.

They make available information on many RCAF personnel, some of which is unavailable elsewhere in the searchable context provided here.

Researchers may cross-reference names with the 45,000 entries in our Paradie Archive.

In January 2018 our colleague François Dutil began an exercise to review and correct entries where appropriate, particularly in relation to 438 Squadron RCAF.

Further Canadian material can be found here.

Thanks to Jacqueline Freeguard for technical assistance in preparing this data for publication.

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1 Banting F/L Donald Wallwin DFC Born in 1922 Cutknife Sask; home in Fort San Sask; enlisted Regina 20 June 1941. Trained at No.4 ITS (grad. 3 Oct 1941) No.6 EFTS (grad. 5 Dec 1941) and No.11 SFTS (grad. 27 March 1942. Commissioned March 1942. Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd He has led many successful fighter bomber sorties. In June 1944 he pressed home an effective attack on one of the main Caen bridges in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire and on other occasions he has participated in attacks on troop concentrations and enemy rail and road transportation. , F/Lt. Don Banting joined the RCAF at 18 years of age. On D­Day +21 he was moved to B9 in France as a part of 143 Wing. On a raid against the railway marshalling yards at Munchen-Gladback on the edge of the Ruhr Valley, he came in extra low to deliver his bomb. The Germans always expected Typhoons to turn left at the end of a dive, so he turned right. The spectacular result was his bomb impacting right on the swtichgear without a shot being fired at him. He has 107 operational sorties. Awards include the DFC.
2 Beatty S/L James Hughes Jim DFC Home in St.Catharines Ont; enlisted Hamilton 12 June 1941. Trained at No.3 ITS (grad. 25 Sept 1941) No.21 EFTS (grad. 21 Nov 1941) and No.9 SFTS (grad. 10 April 1942). Crashed Kittyhawk ET866 of No.132 Sqd at Armstrong Ont 5 June 1942. Twin bother William also flew Typhoons with 438 Sqd. completed a large number of sorties during which he has successfully attacked a wide range of enemy targets. F/O Served w/ 440 Sqd on Typhoon in Aug 1944. OC 439 Sqd from 22 Jan 1945,
3 BeattyF/O William Brother of Hugh Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 on the ramp at Eindhoven he jumps off his Typhoon and hides in a ditch.,
4 Beirnes S/L Jack Rife DFC & Bar Born in 1915 from Tofield AB. He flew Kittyhawks in Alaska Served w/ 438 Sqd On 25 June 1944 part of four typhoons sent on a weather recce they are intercepted by 30 Bf-109s. He landed at Ford w/ damages. In July 1944 S/L Beirnes led an attack on a railway bridge over the river Orne just south of Caen. The bridge was destroyed. In Aug 1944 led a formation in an attack against enemy mortar positions near the Forest of Grimbosq. In April 1945 S/L Beirnes led No.438 Sqd on a rail interdiction sortie which severely disrupted the enemy's lines of communication On another occasion he led an attack on a light cruiser. His Sqd scored six hits despite heavy opposition from AA fire. The cruiser was set ablaze and was seen to be listing to port. On 1 June 1945 flying typhoon SW393 for an exhibition flight over Copenhagen he crashes. Kifa.,
5 Breen P/O Roy Frederick B. CdG Home in Comber Ont Served w/ 438 Sqd, Spitfire pilot w/ 416 Sqd in April 1943 Posted away in May 1943. Kia on 24 Dec 1944 Typhoon MP178. Buried in Belgium. ,
6 BrookerF/O Art Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd On 25 July 1944 his engine cut off on take off at Lantheuil he almost ran in three bombed up Typhoons. Unhurt.,
7 BuggF/Lt Theodor Alexander From Niagara Falls Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd F/O On 12 June 1944 he baled out over the channel after engine failure he was rescued in 15 minutes. On 12 Aug 1944 attacking bridges his MN687/F3S was hit by flak and he crashed in.,
8 BurdenF/L Paul Edward DFC Pilot w/ No.405 Sqd Home in Fredericton Recom. dated 23 March 1945 when he had flown 34 sorties (209 hrs) 6 Oct 1944 to 20 March 1945. BURDEN Roy Served w/ No.438 Sqd,
9 CampbellF/O Donald Typhoon pilot w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 he taxies his Typhoon at Eindhoven at about 09:20 for take off. He is hit by fighters from JG 3 he escaped injury.,
10 Coffey S/L Robert Ellsworth Bob DFC&B Born 1915 in Greenview Illinois; home there; Son Of Henry J. And Mary Coffey, Of Greenview, Illinois, USA. BS (Purdue University). spent six years in U.S. Army two years in USAF; civil engineer. Enlisted in RCAF at Windsor Ont. on 26 June 1941. P/O in February 1942. Trained at 3 ITS (graduated 13 September 1941) 17 EFTS (graduated 7 November 1941) and 8 SFTS (graduated 27 or 29 March 1942). Instructed at 1 SFTS Camp Borden and then further trained at 1 OTU Bagotville. Overseas in November 1943 Served w/ 438 Sqd from 18 December 1943 to 15 March 1945 Posted OC 440 Sqd from 11 March 1945. In July 1944 Flight Lieutenant Coffey pressed home a successful attack on a bridge at Thury Harcourt which was completely destroyed and during and after the battle in the Falaise Gap he destroyed many locomotives barges and an ammunition ship. On 1 August 1945 fatally injured in an automobile accident while on Duty in Flensburg., Buried Graasten Cemetery Denmark
11 CornelisonF/O John Edgar Jack USA From Louisville KY Born in 1923 Served w/ 438 Sqd On 29 Sept 1944 flying Typhoon PD497 to dive bomb railroads he is s/d by a Bf-109 and kia 6m E of Nijmegen.,
12 DavidsonG/C Robert Tremayne P. RTP DFC AM From Vancouver Joins RAF in 1937 Posted w/ 30 Sqd flying Hurricanes He fought in Greece against the Italians in 1940; and the Germans in April 1941 On 6 March 1942 he flies a Hurricane off HMS Indomitable to Ratmalana Ceylon On 5 April 1942 scrambled against a large japanese raid against the island flying BG827/RS-W he claims a Val and a Zero s/d. Flew Typhoons from April 1943 W/Co He leads 121 Typhoon Wing (Nos.174 175 and 245 Sqds) in the 2nd TAF from 13 Nov 1943. On 8 Jan 1944 flying a Laong range sweep N of Paris he claims a twin-engined german transport shared s/d w/ P/O Dickie from no.245 Sqd. W/Co Flying w/ 143 Typhoon wing from 23 Jan til 8 May 1944. (Nos 438 439 and 440 Sqds). On 20 March 1944 he leads three pilots from No.438 Sqd to strafe targets between Cherbourg and Alderney. On 27 March 1944 he led 9 Typhoons from No.439 Sqd to the Cotentin. On 8 May 1944 leading 438 Sqd on a raid on the Douai marshalling yard force-landed in France after engine failure was reported Mia. In Sept 1944 returned as an evader having served w/ the resistance for three months. He claimed 2 japanese 2 Italian and 2 german vict = 6. Postwar he flew Vampires and Meteors as OC 421 Sqd F-86 pilot He served in Korea w/ the USAF ,
13 DawberNorm Served w/ No.438 Sqd ,
14 DavidsonG/C Robert Tremayne P. Bob DFC USAM CdG Born in Vancouver 10 February 1917. Enlisted in RAF 1937. In 1939 flew Transport w/ No.267 Sqd in Egypt For a time personnal pilot of Gal Wavell. Served in Greece and Crete Pilot w/ No.30 Blenheim Sqd in 1940 He claimed a Cant Seaplane and an Italian Ju-52 Posted to Colombo in 1942 as OC No.261 Sqd on Hurricanes. Claimed 2 Jap a/c s/d over Colombo Ceylon in April 1942 Back to UK as OC No.175 Typhoon Sqd in 1943 Later claims a german Ju-52 s/d. W/Co In Fall 1943 OC No.143 Can Wing (438 439 and 440 Sqds)/2nd TAF. On 8 May 1944 he leads Typhoons over Douai; flying Typhoon Ib MM957/N he is s/d by flak and force-lands near Bethune. He escapes for 4 months in the Calais area. Credited w/ 2 german a/c s/d. Total Scored 6.5 vict. To RCAF Sabre pilot in Korea claiming 2 Migs Retired in 1967 Died in 1967 ,
15 DawberF/O Norman Ewart dfc No.438 Sqd Born in 1920 Toronto; home there. Enlisted 1939. Trained at No.5 ITS (graduated 7 November 1942) No.13 EFTS (graduated 21 January 1943) and No.2 SFTS (graduated 14 May 1943). Commis. 14 May 1943. ,
16 EdingtonGeorge Served w/ No.438 Sqd Was made Pow. ,
17 GettyF/O Ronald Claire Ron From Wheatly Ont Served w/ 438 Sqd On 16 June 1944 part of 4 Typhoons attacking a railway tunnel. Intercepted by 8 Bf-109s he is s/d and bales out near Pont L'Eveque. He evaded capture.,
18 GrantS/L Frank George DSO DFC CGw/SS Born at North Sydney Nova Scotia 10 August 1918. Enlisted in Calgary 11 October 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 9 December 1940) No.1 EFTS (graduated 28 January 1941) and No.1 SFTS (graduated 28 April 1941). Commissioned on latter date; F/O 30 April 1942; F/L 1 September 1942 S/L 1 May 1943 W/C 14 October 1944. Served in Aleutians with No.118 Squadron went overseas with it when it became No.438 In 1941/42 served w/ No.504 Sqd In 1942/43 he flew in the Aleutian campaign Typhoon pilot OC No.438 Sqd from 18 Nov 1943 On 25 June 1944 he leads four typhoons for a weather recce they are intercepted by 30 Bf-109s. They all rtb safely. Posted W/Co (Flying) w/ No.143 Wing In June 1944 destroyed a bridge over the Dives river. Damaged a FW.190 northwest of Aachen 24 December 1944. On 1 Jan 1945 his personnal Typhoon RB205 was destroyed at Eindhoven on the ground. Served in the Ardennes battle Rheine crossing ,
19 Harle F/O Allan Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 he taxies his Typhoon at Eindhoven at about 09:20 for take off. He exits his a/c and find refuge but he is wia by flying glass when JG 3 attack the field.,
20 HiltonJack Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd ,
21 HopeP/O John Charles William Bill From Westmount Quebec. Hurricane pilot w/ No.438 Sqd from Jan 1944 On 14 Jan 1944 flying KZ228 he crashes and is Kifa,
22 JohnsonF/O Ross Eveleigh From Westmount Qu. Born in 1923. Served w/ 438 Sqd On 15 July 1944 he is killed by shelling on the ground NW of Caen.,
23 Keller F/O Ross Whaley from Durham Ont. Born in 1922 Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 flying Typhoon PD503 he is s/d during take off at Eindhoven and Kia.,
24 KinsellaP/O William James from Ottawa Born in 1923 Served w/ 438 Sqd On 4 April 1945 flying Typhoon MP181 to strafe motor transport he is s/d by Bf-109 3m SW of Diepholz. Kia.,
25 KirlinF/O B.C. Buck J/36538 - Typhoons with 438 Sqdn 44-45 - Training at the CFS in summer 1945 he logs a 30mn flight on Meteor.
26 LambrosF/Lt A. Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 RCAF Sqd On 28 Oct 1944 was attacked by a Me-262 while bombing a railway near Rheine. The jet missed and Lambros escaped.,
27 LivingstoneF/O John George Stanley Joseph From Montreal born in 1921 Served w/ 438 Sqd On 14 April 1945 part of a raid against the Marshalling yards at Zevan flying Typhoon MN989 he makes a roll on landing on return and crashes 5m W of Osnabrueck. Kifa.,
28 Lord F/O Andy Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 part of 7 Typhoons bombed up on taxyway for take off at Eindhoven at about 09:15. His a/c is aflame on the ramp under attack by JG 3; he jumps off and fires w/ his pistol.,
29 MackayEd Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 he return to see the end of the raid at Eindhoven. ,
30 MacklemF/O Phil Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 he is waiting for an Anson at Eindhoven at about 09:20 to take him back to England. He is wia by a bomb dropped by a Me-262.,
31 MckenzieF/Lt Robert Melne From Essex Ont Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd On 16 July 1944 flying MN707 attacking a bridge he was hit by flak spun and crashed to his death.,
32 McmannVictor Served w/ No.438 Sqd Was made Pow.,
33 NewsomeF/O Albert Barclay Buck From Prescott Ont Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd On 20 July 1944 he flew over a flak trap in Normandy was hit and baled out safely. He was Kia.,
34 ParkF/O Lewis E. Jr. Lou From Kansas City Typhoon pilot w/ No.438 Sqd On 27 June 1944 after landing at Lantheuil part of the 2nd attack of the day he is hit by flak attacking a bridge near caen his a/c explode he is Kia.,
35 ReidRoss Typhoon pilot w/ 438 Sqd ,
36 RobertsJack Typhoon pilot w/ 438 Sqd Typhoon pilot w/ 439 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 at Eindhoven at 09:20 he is in a truck when the german attacks arrives.,
37 Skelly P/O Frank Richard Fisher Served w/ 438 Sqd On 1 Jan 1945 at 15:45 he leads 6 a/c for an armed recce around Eindhoven.,
38 UphamF/Lt Harry G. Served w/ 438 Sqd On 27 sept 1944 he claims an e/a (Bf-109) over the Bridges at Nijmegen, 438's 1st A2A kill
39 WhitmoreSgt William Bill Served w/ 438 Sqd Kia,
40 WilsonF/Lt Peter. Pete From North Vancouver. Typhoon pilot w/ 438 Sqd On 12 june 1944 he was hit on the outward run he jettisoned his bombs and crash-landed on strip in France seriously injured. On 31 Dec 1944 was named to take command of 438 Sqd following departure of S/L Ross Reid. On 1 Jan 1945 he leads 7 Typhoons, on taxying for take off at Eindhoven at about 09:15. On T/O he is hit by a Fw-190 and fatally wounded in the stomach, he jumps off his a/c at the end of the runway. he will die that day. He was to be promoted S/L and take command the very next day.
41 BurdenF/Lt. Roy Burden was with 118 Squadron on Annette Island, Alaska, flying P-40 Kittyhawks during 1943. In November he joined 438 Squadron and by March 1944 was in Typhoons, dive-bombing V­l launch sites over Europe. On D­Day he bombed coastal defences and witnessed the spectacular invasion from his aircraft. On June 14 he took over B Flight, dive-bombing bridges and motor transport. His first European base was so close to the action that a left hand circuit on take-off drew enemy fire! He shot up enemy dispatch riders and staff cars, finishing with 98 operational sorties.
42 NixonF/O Allan Nixon J/35861 was born in Gore, PQ. He trained on Hurricanes, and by June 1944 was in Britain, 53 OTU on Spitfires at Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire. He converted to Typhoons and was posted to 438 Squadron at Eindhoven, Holland, in December of 1944. He flew 16 operational trips before being shot down by ground fire and captured on Valentines Day, 1945. F/O Nixon was liberated from a POW camp near Mooseburg (along with 28,000 other prisoners) by General Patton's 3rd Army.
43 JonesF/O Tom Merville J44192 - 438 Sqd RCAF - 25 April 1945. Hit by flak, parachuted, aircraft F3-V crashed near Bovenau Germany - Typhoon RB323
44 McKinnonF/O R.D. - pilot - 438 Sqd Typhoons

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