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Allied Air Forces Losses and Incidents Database.

Including 6700+ USAAF Claims

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This database consolidates all data previously held in our Fighter Command and Bomber Command databases and that held in our Polish Honour Roll database

* NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Our date is always the Take Off date as this is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. (Earlier readers may remember we stated our date was the Briefing Date, but it is in fact the TAKE OFF date). To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date date we change our record if necessary

Thanks to Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain for supplementary data and images (marked with a chequerboard device) related to the Polish Air Force, and many images courtesy of our respected colleagues Wojtek Matusiak and Robert Gretzyngier. Other images from our own archives.
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Polish Air Force personnel have a supplementary database containing more information and many more entries. Check the following:
Personel Polskich Sił Powietrznych posiada dodatkową bazę danych zawierającą więcej informacji i wiele innych wpisów. Sprawdź następujące elementy:
Archiwum: PSP 1939 -1947 Database 17,000+ Polish Air Force Entries

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#Name* (↑)First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir Force (↑)Command (↑)Unit (↑)DateofIncident *See Note (↑)Aircraft (↑)TypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring DatabaseLinks/Archive Reports                        Notes                        
401 LatondresseNWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command186 Sqd
1944-12-06LancasterIHK680AP-HTuddenham1645LeunaAbandonedParadie Archive Database
402 LauzonL CPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12HalifaxIIILW616QO-REast Moor2204CambraiCrashed at MiranmontPoWParadie Archive Database
403 LawrenceStanley ThomasWarrant Officer Class 2R156978CanadianNavigatorRCAFBomber Command158 Sqn
1944-06-02HalifaxIIILV921NP:BLissett22:13TrappesLV921 was claimed as a possible Abschuss by: Hptm. Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Mants/Rambouilet area (AD-BD): 3,500m at 01:01. Oblt Jakob Schaus 4/NJG4 – 30km around Dreux (AC-AD-BC-BD): 500m at 01:06. Hptm Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Evreux/Chartres (AC-BC): 2,500m at 01:10. ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)). Crashed alongside woods near Emance 11km South West of Rambouilet.EvaderParadie Archive Database
404 LawrenceG CPilot OfficerBomber Command578 Sqd
1944-06-12HalifaxIIILW675LK-BBurn2331AmiensCrashed near Thieux {Oise}KilledThieux Communal Cemetery
405 LawsHSergeantBomber Command51 Sqd
1944-06-12HalifaxIIIMZ643MH-ZSnaith2220AmiensCrash landed at base on return
406 LeaneyF MSergeantBomber Command622 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterILL812GI-ZMildenhall2300GelsenkirchenExploded over Oirschot {Noord-Brabant}KilledWoensel General Cemetery
407 LearnRobert BradfordPilot OfficerJ/26620Age 24CanadaAir GunnerRCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12HalifaxIIILW173WL-KRAF Croft, County Durham2244ArrasPossible claim by Lt. Heinz Altner 8/NJG5 - Lens area either at 01:39 or 01:41 hrs.KilledGivenchy-en-Gohelle Communal Cemetery. Grave 1

Courtesy John Jones

Paradie Archive DatabaseBorn on the 02nd April 1919 at Banff, Alberta. Son of Dr. Cecil Royden Learn, M.D., and Elenore Mae Learn, of New Westminster, British Columbia. Grave inscription: 'Son'.

Information courtesy John Jones March 2021.

408 LeeJ RWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command424 Sqd RCAF
1944-12-06HalifaxIIINP945QB-DSkipton on Swale1643OsnabruckKilledReichswald Forest War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
409 LeggeP St CFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12HalifaxIIIME293WL-SCroft2308ArrasKilledDunkerque Town CemeteryParadie Archive Database
410 LemkyR GFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command15 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIIILM465LS-UMildenhall2315GelsenkirchenCrashed at Meerlo {Limburg}KilledJonkerbos War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
411 LeonardA BFlying OfficerBomber Command166 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIIILM581AS-XKirmington2238GelsenkirchenCrashed near Tongeren {Gelderland}KilledEpe General Cemetery
412 LeonardAFlying OfficerBomber Command550 Sqd
1944-12-06LancasterING251BQ-JNorth Killingholme1634LeunaCrashed at DolzigKilled
413 LeppertWładysław BronisławKapral StrzelecSergeantP.7951542 November 1923 (Age 20 when killed)PolandAir GunnerMedal Lotniczy (x2)

PAFBomber Command300 Sqn (Polish)
1944-06-12Avro LancasterIIIDV286BH:CRAF Faldingworth23:02GelsenkirchenClaim by Lt Gottfried Hanneck 6/NJG1 - IJsselmeer 3km South of Wijdenes: 2,500m at 01:43. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)

Aircraft caught fire and crashed into the sea. P/O B F Morski was rescued by two Dutch fishermen then later transferred to a German Naval vessel coming back from bombing raid.. Location : .
Killed in Action, on Operational FlightPAF Memorial, Northolt,
Archiwum Polish Database
414 LeutyB SPilot OfficerBomber Command12 Sqd
1944-06-22LancasterILL917PH-CWickenby1415MimoyecquesAbandoned after take off
415 LeveringtonD WFlight SergeantBomber Command158 Sqd
1944-06-12HalifaxIIIMZ567NP-BLissett2301AmiensCrashed at Isneauville {Seine-Maritime}KilledMarissel French National Cemetery
416 LewarneHorace ArnoldSergeant1279022Flight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command44 Sqn
1944-06-24LancasterIIIND751KM:JDunholme Lodge23:30PommervalND751 was claimed by Oblt Heinz Rokker 2/NJG2 - South of Dieppe: 2,800m at 00:16. ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten). Fell at Criquetot-sur-Longueville (Seine-Maritime), 17 km sputh of DieppeKilledCriquetot-sur-Longueville Churchyard, British Plot. Joint grave 4
417 LewisJohnnySergeant14453601922Air Gunner (Rear)RAFVRBomber Command44 Sqn
1944-06-24LancasterIIIND751KM:JDunholme Lodge23:30PommervalND751 was claimed by Oblt Heinz Rokker 2/NJG2 - South of Dieppe: 2,800m at 00:16. ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten). Fell at Criquetot-sur-Longueville (Seine-Maritime), 17 km sputh of DieppeKilledCriquetot-sur-Longueville Churchyard, British Plot. Grave 1
418 LewisG FFlight SergeantBomber Command514 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIDS818JI-QWaterbeach2311GelsenkirchenCrashed at NunspeetKilledErmelo {Nunspeet} General Cemetery
419 LewisE FSergeantBomber Command76 Sqd
1944-06-12HalifaxIIILW644MP-OHolme on Spalding Moor2212AmiensCrashed near Authieux-Ratieville {Seine-Maritime}KilledMarissel French National Cemetery
420 LewisArthur JackFlight Sergeant1464956Bomb AimerRAFVRBomber Command9 Sqn
1944-06-24LancasterILL970WS:YRAF Bardney, Lincolnsire22:50ProuvilleSee archive report for full detailsKilledLonguenesse (St Omer) Souvenir Cemetery. Grave Ref: Plot 8. Row B. Coll. Grave 12 - 15
421 LhomondGSergeantFFAFBomber Command346 Sqd Free French
1944-06-12HalifaxVLK955H7-Elvington2201AmiensCrash landed at Carnaby on return
422 LilleyAlfred Frederick JamesSergeant18920031925Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command15 Sqn
1944-06-07LancasterIIILM534LS:AMildenhall00:49Massy-Palaiseau Rail FacilitiesClaimed by Maj. Walter Borchers, his 23rd Abschuss, from Stab NJG5, 30km WSW of Paris 1t 1.300 m, at 02:31 hrs.. Exploded in the air with great force at 02:30hrs , scattering the aircraft and its contents over a wide area of woodland at Bonnelles (Yvelines) 19km ESE of Rambouillet. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)KilledViroflay New Communal Cemetery Row A Grave 37The crew were initially laid to rest in Bonnelles

Son of Frederick C. Lilley and Ellen Lilley, of Gillingham, Kent
423 LindsayJ DFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command625 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIIIED938CF-FKelstern2243GelsenkirchenCrashed near Spanbroek {Noord-Holland}PoW
424 LloydDSergeantBomber Command12 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIIIPA986PH-DWickenby2301GelsenkirchenCrashed at Mastenbroek {Overjissel}KilledIJsselmuiden General Cemetery
425 LochheadJ LFlying OfficerRNZAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1944-06-12LancasterIIIND399AS-RKirmington2223GelsenkirchenCrashed near Apeldoorn {Gelderland}KilledApeldoorn {Ugchelen-Heidehof} General Cemetery
426 LocktonGSergeantBomber Command218 Sqd
1944-06-12StirlingIIIEF299HA-ZWoolfox Lodge2257GardeningCrashed at base on return
427 LondonRFlying OfficerBomber Command227 Sqd
1944-12-06LancasterIPB6469J-PBalderton1704GiessenCrashed at AltenkirchenKilledHannover War Cemetery
428 LowA A JFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command424 Sqd RCAF
1944-12-06HalifaxIIINP945QB-DSkipton on Swale1643OsnabruckPoW Paradie Archive Database
429 LoweE RFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12LancasterXKB731VR-SMiddleton St George2140CambraiCrashed near Vieux-Berquin {Nord}KilledVieux-Berguin Communal Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
430 LowesW J L SPilot Officer174410PilotFighter247 Sqd
431 LudwigJ ASergeantRCAFBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12HalifaxIIIMZ601QO-AEast Moor2208CambraiPoWParadie Archive Database
432 LyneDonald EdwardSergeant1386808W/Op/Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command12 Sqd
1944-06-23LancasterIIIND528PH-BRAF Wickenby, Lincolnshire2220Saintes See archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial, Panel 233 Read Archive Report
433 LyonsRSergeantBomber Command635 Sqd
1944-12-06LancasterIIIND703F2-FDownham Market1718LeunaCollided with 460 Sqn Lancaster III ND971 AR-K2 & crashed at WeddingenPoW
434 MabonAdamFlight Sergeant176721Age 28UKFlight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12LancasterIIDS688EQ-RRAF Linton on Ouse, North Yorkshire2207CambraiSee archive report for further detailsKilledCanada Cemetery Tilloy-les-Cambrai, France. Collective Grave Plot 2, Row G, Grave 5-7Son of William and Elizabeth Mabon of Chirnside, Berwickshire, Scotland. His brother, Sub. Lt. John William Pollock Mabon RNVR was killed at the age of 19 on the 19th October 1944 during a training exercise with Fleet Air Arm 711 Squadron, while stationed at HMS Jackdaw, Royal Naval Air Station, Crail, Fife, Scotland.
435 MacDonaldIan Stewart Horatio SydneyFlying Officer402383AustralianPilotRAAFBomber Command692 Sqn
1944-06-10MosquitoIVDZ608P3:?Graveley22:36BerlinClaimed by Oblt. Joseph Nabrich, his 10th Abschuss, and his Bordfunker Fw. Fritz Habicht from 3./NJG1 near Ladbergan, N of Münster at 7.500m at 00:55 hrs. Confirmed on the 6th September 1944. They were flying a modified He219 designed to catch the Mosquito. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)PoW No 6079, Stalag Luft 3
436 MacMeikanH SFlying OfficerRAAFBomber Command463 Sqd RAAF
1944-12-06LancasterIIIPB290JO-KWaddington1712GiessenCrashed target areaKilled
437 MacPhersonAlexander RoyFlight Lieutenant402529AustraliaRAAF30 Sqd RAAF
1944-12-06RAAF Honour Roll
438 MaddonWSergeantBomber Command75 Sqd RNZAF
1944-12-06LancasterIHK574AA-RMepal1713LeunaDitched in River Orwell Near Ipswich
439 MadejowskiAndrzejPlutonowy StrzelecWarrant OfficerP.781538Born 25 November 1917 Konarzówka (Age 26 when killed)PolandAir GunnerVirtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

PAFBomber Command300 Sqd (Polish)
1944-06-24Avro LancasterIIIEE124BH-MRAF Faldingworth16:12Les HayonsTook off from Faldingworth 16.12 24 June 1944 on an Operation to attack flying bomb site at Les Hayons, Belgium. Aircraft damaged by anti-aircraft fire on it's homward journey and flew on two engines across the North Sea, but crashed between Linwood and Lissington, South of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Location : United Kingdom. Killed in Action, on Operational Flight PAF Memorial, Northolt, Newark-Upon-Trent Cemetery - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. War Graves Plot Sec L Grave 321

Archiwum Polish Database
440 MagillSamuel NewhirterSergeant1796525Air Gunner (Rear)RAFVRBomber Command102 Sqn (Ceylon)
1944-06-08HalifaxIIIMZ659DY:TPocklington22:33Alencon - CommunicationsRan low on fuel on the return leg. The crew baled out near RAF Carnaby at 05:12. No injuries reportedSafe/PoW 13 August 1944102 Squadron Halifax LW195 DY:H
441 MalinowskyEFlight SergeantPilotPAFFighter317 Sqd Polish
1944-06-12SpitfireIXML130Crashed Colombieres Archiwum Polish Database
442 MallenHaroldSergeant958658NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command15 Sqn
1943-06-28StirlingIIIEH888LS:ZMildenhall23:45KolnClaimed by Maj. Walter Ehle, his 29th Abschuss, from Stab II./NJG1, near Houwaart 14 km WSW Diewst at 4.200 m. at 02:33 hrs. Note: also claimed by Flak of 2./gem. Flak Abt. 594 ('Stirling Haubert 02:33hrs'). Victory for Maj, Ehle confirmed on 20.12.1944. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (23 June - 22 September) 1943 Part 2 - Theo Boiten). Crashed at 02:40 hrs in the IJssel river near Heeswijk.PoW No. 330, Stalag 357 Kopernikus
443 MallettRonald SpencerPilot Officer158594July 1913, Kensington, LondonNavigatorDFC

RAFVRBomber Command141 Sqn
1944-06-27MosquitoIIDD787TW:FWest Raynham23:10BSClaim by Oblt Heinz Ferger 3/NJG3 - Iseghem 7km South East of Roeslare : 3,500m at 00:30. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten).

According to a German report KU 2355 the a/c came down at Budel, 4km West of Weert, 21km South East of Eindhoven at 01:00. Was this friendly fire from another 141 Squadron aircraft? (Mosquito Losses). Debris from the Mosquito was found near Weert/Vrakker at 01:30. The exploding a/c threw Flt Lt. Engelbach clear.
KilledEindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery Polt KK. Grave 99DFC awarded wilst with 141 Sqn, gazetted 9th June 1944. Citation reads "This officer has completed a very large number of sorties and his record is worthy of the greatest praise. He is an extremely efficient and determined member of aircraft crew and has assisted in the destruction of 2 enemy aircraft at night".

Son of Edward James and Eleanor (née Curtin) Mallett and husband of Nancy Dorreen (née Holland) from Brentford, Middlesex, England.
444 MalloryG EFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12LancasterIIDS726EQ-YLinton on Ouse2159CambraiCrashed at Seranvillers-Forenville {Nord}KilledSeranvillers-Forenville Military CemeteryParadie Archive DatabaseAttacker
445 MalorRonald LewisFlight Sergeant423246AustraliaRAAF70 Sqd RAF
1944-06-12RAAF Honour Roll
446 MannPeter DouglasFlight Sergeant1601233NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command57 Sqd
1944-12-06LancasterIPD264DX-KRAF East Kirkby, Lincolnshire1639Giessen See archive report for further details KilledHanover War Cemetery. Collective grave 11. E. 1-4 Read Archive Report
447 ManningL JFlight SergeantBomb AimerBomber Command463 Sqn RAAF
1944-06-29LancasterIME701JO-FWaddington12:11BeauvoirFirst daylight raid for the Squadron. Hit and severely damaged by Flak but returned safely to Waddington at 15:17Safe
448 MansbridgeM ESergeant1852202Flight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command619 Sqn
1944-06-21LancasterILL808PG:DDunholme Lodge23:29WesselingClaimed by Uffz. Gottfried Schneider, his 2nd Abschuss, from 3./NJG3 over Aachen at 4,800 m at 01:27 hrs. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)PoW No. 176, Stalag Luft 7
449 MarcellusD LSergeantRCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1944-12-06LancasterXKB779VR-BMiddleton St George1640OsnabruckKilledRunnymede Paradie Archive Database
450 MarquardG BCapt205617VSouth AfricaSAAF70 Sqd
1944-07-06WellingtonXLP198OF-SFoggia 2/TortorellaTake off 21:38 Attack Feuersbrunn air field, Austria Failed to return. Probably nightfighter attack. Crashed at Krauterbachgraben KilledKlagenfurt War Cemetery Coll. grave 8. A. 12.
Attacking fighter airfield at Feuersbrunn. Probably nightfighter attack

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