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This database consolidates all data previously held in our Fighter Command and Bomber Command databases and that held in our Polish Honour Roll database

* NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Our date is always the Take Off date as this is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. (Earlier readers may remember we stated our date was the Briefing Date, but it is in fact the TAKE OFF date). To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date date we change our record if necessary

Thanks to Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain for supplementary data and images (marked with a chequerboard device) related to the Polish Air Force, and many images courtesy of our respected colleagues Wojtek Matusiak and Robert Gretzyngier. Other images from our own archives.
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#Name* (↑)First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir Force (↑)Command (↑)Unit (↑)DateofIncident *See Note (↑)Aircraft (↑)TypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring DatabaseLinks/Archive Reports                        Notes                        
1701 WincottArthur RonaldFlight Sergeant15807621924Bomb AimerRAFVRBomber Command149 Sqn
1944-06-05StirlingIIILK385OJ:CMethwold22:28D-Day SupportDropping 'Ruperts' Exploding dummy parachutists. Hit by Flak and crashed near Baudre 4km SSE of St-Lo., time unknown ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)KilledRunnymede Memorial Panel 223
Son of Albert E. and Edith Wincott, of Birmingham
1702 WincottGordon LouisSergeant11018471922Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command107 Sqn
1941-10-25BlenheimIVZ7704OM:?Luqa, MaltaZuara-Benghazi roadOne of two Blenheims patrolling the Tauza-El He section, searching for targets of opportunity. Crashed 26km east of Tauza at 13:50 hrs, believed while low flying.KilledTripoli War Cemetery 5.E.17Died of severe injuries on the 27th October

Son of Arthur Louis and Blanche Wincott, of Fulwood, Sheffield.
1703 WinderRonaldSergeant10814791921Wireless Operator/Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command166 Sqd
1944-01-28LancasterIIIDV180AS-WKirmington12BerlinThe aircraft was homebound at 18,000ft, whilst altering course NE of Berlin collided with another aircraft (Other aircraft not known). A violent explosion blew the nose right off the Lancaster this resulted in the two survivors being thrown clearKilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery Plot 4 Row E Collective Grave 23-25 Son of Arthur and Lillian Winder, of Dewsbury, Yorkshire
1704 WinkHarold (Harry) ArthurSergeant627802W/Op/Air/GnrRAFBomber Command9 Sqd
1941-06-09WellingtonIcR1758WS-?RAF Honington, Suffolk1530Reconnaissance See archive report for further details PoW No. 18297. Camps. Stalag VIIIB - Lamsdorf, Stalag Luft VI - Heydekrug, Stalag 357 - FallingbostelNone - survived the war Read Archive Report
1705 WinstoneJane2nd Officer24th September 1912New Zealand PilotRAFAir Transport Auxiliary1944-02-10Spitfire L.FIXMK616Not issued Vickers Aircraft factory, Cosford 1020Delivery flight See archive report for further brief details KilledMaidenhead Cemetery. Sec. D. Row W. Grave 17

Daughtervof Arthur George and Lina Storme Winston (née Clapham)

Courtesy Jenifer Lemaire

Read Archive Report
1706 WinterCyril ArthurSergeant1614511Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command35 Sqd (Madras Presidency)
1944-12-24LancasterIIIPB366TL-SRAF Graveley, Cambridgeshire1535Koln See archive report for further details KilledHayes and Harlington (Cherry Lane) Cemetery Read Archive Report
1707 WinterArthur EdmundPilot Officer425997AustraliaRAAF455 Sqd RAAF
1945-01-10RAAF Honour Roll
1708 WiseStanley HowardSergeant9211451920ObserverRAFVRBomber Command83 Sqd
1942-06-08LancasterIR5659OL-BScampton2328EssenClaim by Fw Richard Philipp 9/NJG1 - 2km South of Vardingholt near Bocholt (4C) at 0104. Aircraft crashed at VardingholtKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery Plot 21 Row B Grave 4Son of Arthur and Edith Alice Wise, of Uxbridge, Middlesex.
1709 WisemanBasil GuySergeant Flight Engineer1603151Bomber Command460 Sqd RAAF
1944-04-10LancasterIIIND586AR-BBinbrook2341AulnoyeCrashed Vieux-Mesnil {Nord}. Shot down by Hptm. Helmut Bergmann 8./NG4 at 0220hrsKilledMeubeuge Centre Cemetery. Row B. Grave 9 Read Archive Report
1710 WithecombeArthur B.Flying Officer137231Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command138 Sqd (Special)
1944-02-07HalifaxIILW275NF-OTempsford1930SOE - Operation Jockey 5The Halifax sustained flak damage on crossing the coast. Notwithstanding the resultant damage, and worsening weather, he continued his mission, flying low towards southern France. As he neared the intended DZ a serious fire developed in one engine, sufficiently serious for Sqn Ldr Cooke to give the order to abandon the Halifax. All took to parachutes. The aircraft crashed near Mantaille (Dröme), 37 km North of ValenceEvaded via Spain & Gibraltar on the 5 May 1944 and returned to Tempsford on the 10 Sep 1944
1711 WithersArthur HenryFlight Sergeant922083RAFVRBomber Command97 Sqd
1942-08-24LancasterIR5537OF-BWoodhall Spa2310Frankfurt Shot down by nightfighter of Hptm. Kurt Loos. Crashed Westmalle Belgium Killed Age 23Westmalle ChurchyardLancaster R5537 was detailed to attack Frankfurt on 24-25 August 1942, on the second ever Pathfinder led raid. It was not a success. Aircraft was intercepted and shot down by the German ace Hptm. Kurt H Loos, crashing near the Trappist Abbey at Westmalle, Belgium. All the crew were killed. The crew are all buried here in the small churchyard.

Attacker Kurt Loos
1712 WittArthur FrederickFlying Officer161762ObserverRAFVRBomber Command85 Sqn
1945-01-26MosquitoNF30MV546VY:PSwanningtonNight TrainingSudden deterioration in the weather necessitated a recall, the crew being instructed to use the mother procedure for homing. The pilot callec on the R/T and said "There is no future in this" and moments later there was an explosion as the Mosquito dived into the ground near Oulton airfield, Norfolk.KilledEast Finchley Cemetery and St. Marylebone Crematorium Sec.W5.Grave 72.Son of Sidney Charles and Mary Louisa Witt, of St. John's Wood. London.
1713 WitterArthur SidneyPilot Officer108009Pilot 2RAFVRBomber Command20 OTU
1942-02-14Wellington IcN2825Not knownRAF Lossiemouth, Morayshire, Scotland 2335 crash timeNight flying trainingSee archive report for full detailsKilledCity of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Manor Park. Grave Ref: Square 253. Grave 85776 Read Archive Report
1714 WoodGraham Arthur JohnFlight Lieutenant Pilot150096DFC


RAFBomber Command242 operational Training Unit1957-08-27DakotaC4KN6490RAF Dishforth, YorkshireTake off time not known - crash time 1622Assessment flight Aircraft malfunction - Crashed south of Minskip Killed Dishforth Cemetery, Yorkshire, England Read Archive Report
1715 WoodRobert ArthurAC2624992W/Op/Air/GnrRAFBomber Command53 Sqd
1940-05-03BlenheimIVL9329TE-LMetz Airfield, France2030ReconnaissanceSee archive report for further informationKilledDurnbach War Cemetery. Grave 11.E.19. Read Archive Report
1716 WoodArthur EmanuelSergeant79153AustraliaRAAF7 Stores Depot Toowoomba1946-09-04RAAF Honour Roll
1717 WoodArthur JamesFlight Sergeant1318079Age 29PilotRAFVRTraining Command10 Air Gunners School1945-01-02AnsonILT741-RAF Walney, Barrow-in-FurnessTraining FlightSee archive report for further brief details.KilledManor Road Cemetery, Scarborough. Sec. W. (Border). Grave 69.Son of Arthur and Anne Mary Wood, of Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
1718 WoodleyCharles DavidFlying OfficerC212867th August 1919 in Knowlton, QuebecCanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command15 Sqn
1944-06-07LancasterIIILM534LS:AMildenhall00:49Massy-Palaiseau Rail FacilitiesClaimed by Maj. Walter Borchers, his 23rd Abschuss, from Stab NJG5, 30km WSW of Paris 1t 1.300 m, at 02:31 hrs.. Exploded in the air with great force at 02:30hrs , scattering the aircraft and its contents over a wide area of woodland at Bonnelles (Yvelines) 19km ESE of Rambouillet. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)KilledViroflay New Communal Cemetery Row A. Collective Grave 38-42
Paradie Archive DatabaseThe crew were initially laid to rest in Bonnelles

Son of Arthur Trevelyan Woodley and Margaret Helen (née Kennedy) Woodley, of Knowlton, Province of Quebec, Canada.
1719 WoolldridgeCyril ArthurPilot Officer155858NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command138 Sqd (Special)
1943-12-19HalifaxIIBB364NF-RRAF Tempsford, Bedfordshire1925Training See archive report for full details KilledBrookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey. Grave 21.C.19 Read Archive Report
1720 WorrallRaymondSergeant1214527W/Op/Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command51 Sqd
1943-07-29HalifaxIIJD309MH-RAF Snaith, Yorkshire2251Hamburg see archive report for further details KilledHamburg Cemetery Coll. Grave 4A.H.1-7 Read Archive Report
1721 WrightJames StuartFlying OfficerAUS/412746Born on the 26th July 1917 Age 26AustralianPilotRAAFFighter Command168 Sqd
1944-03-16MustangIAM209QC-?RAF Odiham834Photo reconnaissanceSee archive report for further detailsKilledAbbeville Communal Cemetery Extension. Plot 6. Row G. Grave 2.Read Archive Report
Son of Arthur Stuart and Charlotte Jane Wright, of 'Springwood', Obley Road, Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia and husband of Mavis Janet Wright, of 'Ierne', Obley Road, Dubbo with whom he married on the 14th July 1938.
1722 WrightArthur Hugh MoncrieffPilot Officer41643Observer / PilotRAF (from New Zealand)Coastal Command217 Sqd1940-02-06AnsonIK8746MW-ORAF St. Eval, Cornwall740Convoy Patrol See archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 10 Read Archive Report
1723 WrightSidney Henry ArthurPilot OfficerC/8592Age 33Canada 0RCAF1942-01-12 None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren 400In transit See archive report for further details Missing - believed killedOttawa Memorial Panel 2. Column 1. Son of Henry J. Wright and Louisa F. Wright and husband of Dorothy Wright, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.ada. Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1724 WrightArthur GeorgeSergeant14399621917Air GunnerDFM

RAFVRBomber Command576 Sqd
1944-05-15LancasterIME726UL-X2Elsham Wolds2208GardeningClaimed by Fw Gunter Holtfreter 10/NJG3 Assens-Husby area (PU 9-6): 4,200m at 0047 hrs. (Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 2- Dr. Theo Boiten). The aircraft crashed at Gamtofte some 6km ENE of Assens.KilledAssens (Fyn) New Cemetery, Sp.MemSgt. Wright awarded an immediate DFM, gazetted 10 Mar 1944 for his gunnery during a raid on Leipzig in Feb 1944

Son of Charles Ralph and Edith A. Wright, of Doncaster, Yorkshire
1725 WrightMichael JohnFlying OfficerMarch 1934 in Hammersmith, Greater London.NavigatorRAFFighter Command23 Sqn
1955-02-15VenomNF2WR781YP:?ColtishallThe aircraft was returning to RAF Coltishall from RAF West Raynham and took off normally. However, about 15 seconds after becoming airborne, the aircraft struck a tree and a fire started in the engine bay, although the aircraft continued to climb and appeared to be under control. It then lost height and crashed into a field. Although not positively determined, it is thought that the pilot might have been distracted whilst making a radio frequency change. Furthermore, there is a 200 feet AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) height difference between West Raynham and Coltishall, but there is no information as to what pressure setting was on the altimeter at the time. It is therefore possible that the altimeter was not reset to compensate for this difference, leaving the altimeter to misleadingly give a reading that was 200 feet lower than the aircraft's actual altitude.KilledUnknownSon of Arthur William and Ellen Amy (née Darville) from Hammersmith, Greater London.
1726 WrigleyArthur KennethSergeant10053811922Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command44 Sqd
1942-09-18LancasterIW4177KM-WWaddingtonGardeningFailed to Return. Cause not knownKilledRunnymede Memorial Panel 97Son of Arthur and Annie Wrigley, of Prestwich, Lancashire
1727 WyllieMaxwell Joseph AndrewSergeant40500110 November 1915, Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaAustralianObserverMiD

RAAFBomber Command460 Sqn RAAF
1942-07-02WellingtonIVZ1381UV-HBreighton2327BremenSee Archive Report for detailsPoW Stalag 344 Lamsdorf, Shot and killed near Kraków on 22nd April 1943Initially buried in Kressendorf Cemetery (Krzeszowice)

British Military Cemetery in Krakow Cemetery, Poland, Plot 1 Row C, Grave 13.
1728 YallopRoy ArthurSergeant1356347Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command35 Sqd
1944-12-24LancasterIIIPB366TL-SRAF Graveley, Cambridgeshire1535Koln See archive report for further details KilledIpswich Old Cemetery. Sec. C. Div. 31. Grave 63
Read Archive Report
1729 YeoLorne EdgarSergeantJ/88648Age 21CanadaAir GunnerRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-15LancasterIIDS771OW-P RAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire 1906Stuttgart See archive report for further details KilledDurnbach War Cemetery. Grave 4.F.10
Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1730 YoungH KFlying OfficerAge CanadaRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-15LancasterIIDS771OW-PRAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire1906StuttgartSee archive report for further detailsKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParadie Archive DatabaseRead Archive Report
1731 YoungLeslieFlight Sergeant14989891922Air GunnerDFM

RAFVRBomber Command101 Sqn
1944-02-15LancasterIIIDV236SR-GLudford MagnaBerlinClaim by Oblt Helmuth Schulte Stab II/NJG5 - 20km NNW Berlin: 5,400m at 21:20.KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery Plot 5 Row C Grave 7Flt Sgt Young was awarded the DFM whilst with 101 Sqn. Gazetted 21 Dec 1945

Son of Arthur and Ruth Anne Young, of Harlow Hill, Harrogate, Yorkshire. His brother Denis also died on service
1732 YoungEricFlight Sergeant14870061921NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command115 Sqn
1944-08-26LancasterILM127KO-HWitchford20:27KielCrashed in North SeaKilledRunnymede Memorial Panel 223Son of Arthur and Emily Frances Young, of Birmingham; husband of Evelyn Blanche Young, of Yardley, Birmingham
1733 YoungArthur CurlewisFlight Lieutenant406671AustraliaRAAF5 OTU Williamtown1944-11-10RAAF Honour Roll
1734 YuileArthur McLeodFlying OfficerC/1328CanadianPilotRCAFFighter Command1 Sqd RCAF
1940-09-01HurricaneIR4171YO-RAF Northolt1430PatrolShot down in an action against Do17s, abandonned aircraft.SafeNone - survived the warAccident ReportRead Archive Report
1735 YuileArthur McLeodFlying OfficerC/1328CanadianPilotRCAFFighter Command1 Sqd RCAF
1940-09-15HurricaneIL1973YO-ERAF Northolt1445PatrolDamaged in combat with a Bf-109 over West Malling, Kent. Wounded with a bullet in the shoulder, managed to fly the aircraft back to baseWoundedNone - survived the warAccident ReportRead Archive Report
1736 KellyArthur JosephPilot Officer136917Age 19UKCrew memberRAFVRTraining Command62 Operational Training Unit. 81 Group1943-02-19AnsonIDJ686-RAF Usworth, Durham0907TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledChandlers Ford Cemetery (Pine Road) . Sec. B. Grave 31Son of Arthur H. Kelly and Florence M. Kelly, of Chandlers Ford. Grave inscription: 'Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away'
1737 MannersLawrence AllenCpl.1485911Age 22UKWireless Equipment MechanicRAFVRTraining Command5 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit. 21 Group1943-11-07AnsonIN4934-RAF Tern Hill, Shropshire1350TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledStand Churchyard (All Saints). Lower Ground. Grave 702Son of Arthur and Elsie Manners, of Bramhall, Cheshire.
1738 CarterDenis FrankFlight Sergeant658594Age 24UKPilot U/TRAFTraining Command5 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit. 21 Group1943-11-07Miles MasterIEM281-RAF Tern Hill, Shropshire1325TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledBraintree Cemetery. Grave 8179.Son of Arthur and Lois Hannah Carter, of Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire. Grave inscription: 'So He Passed Over And All The Trumpets Sounded For Him On The Other Side'.
1739 MacmillanDavidFlight Sergeant1550989Age 21UKNavigatorRAFVRCoastal Command249 Sqd
1943-11-22HudsonIIIAFK758UA-?RAF Reykjavic, IcelandTrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledReykjavik Cemetery (Fossvogur) Grave: C48. 2

Courtesy Oleg Marin

Born on the 25th November 1922 in Glasgow, Scotland. Enlisted on the 19th May 1941 in Edinburgh. Started training as a pilot but remustered on the 10th December 1941 for training as an observer. Awarded his observers badge and promoted to sergeant in November 1942. Son of John Arthur and Isa Macmillan, brother of Margaret and Campbell of 13 Harrington Road, East Killbride, Scotland and husband of Ellenor Macmillan (nee Spraque), of 708 Goulding Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Grave inscription: 'At Dawn Our Beloved David Flew To That Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere'.
1740 LewisPercival ArthurLeading Aircraftsman547112Age 20UKW/Op/Air/GunnerRAFBomber Command12 Operational Training Unit. 6 Group1940-06-11BattleIK9463-RAF Benson, Oxfordshire0205TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledSouth Stoneham Cemetery. Sec. H. 6. Grave 183Son of Edwin Percival and Ada Lewis of Southampton, England
1741 GibbEric Arthur FawnsFlying Officer104430Age 22UKObserverDFM

RAFVRBomber Command28 Conversion Flight. 4 Group

1941-12-22HalifaxIL9522-RAF Leconfield, Yorkshire1025Ferry flightSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledEdinburgh Cemetery (Warriston). Sec. A. 1. Grave 441Son of Clement Arthur Gibb, J.P., and Jean Burnet Fawns Gibb, of Edinburgh, Scotland. Completed 33 operational sorties. DFM Citation 23rd September 1941 whilst with 35 squadron; 'Sgt. Gibb is an observer of outstanding ability possessed of a high order of courage. He has been the navigator in F/Off. Owen’s crew over a long period of operations and has contributed in a marked way to the successes achieved. He is strongly recommended for the recognition of the Distinguished Flying Medal'.
1742 HancockJames AnthonyCpl.648598Age 21UKPassengerRAFVRBomber Command28 Conversion Flight. 4 Group

1941-12-22HalifaxIL9522-RAF Leconfield, Yorkshire1025Ferry flightSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledGrantham Cemetery. Sec. 17. Row M. Grave 9Son of James Arthur and Florence Beatrice Hancock. Husband of Elsie Hancock, of Blackburn, Lancashire. Grave inscription: 'His Life Was An Emblem Of Love And Devotion, His Death An Unspeakable Sorrow'.
1743 MarshallReginald ArthurFlying OfficerNZ/413226Age 24New ZealanderPilotRNZAFMediterranean Air Command152 Sqd
1943-07-25SpitfireVcJL245UM-?Lentini, Sicily1015SweepSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledCatania War Cemetery. Grave IV.L.47

Courtesy AWMM

Born on the 12th August 1918 at Palmerston North. Worked as a warehouseman for Morris, Back and Matheson Ltd prior to service. Enlisted at Blenheim on the 04th June 1941. Awarded his pilots badge and received his commission on the 24th April 1942. Joined 152 squadron on the 05th April 1943. Son of Daniel and Jessie Lilian Marshall of Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. 363 flying hours logged and on his 59th operational sortie when he was killed.
1744 CurrieRonald JamesPilot OfficerJ/21861Age ?CanadaPilotRCAFFighter Command59 Operational Training Unit. 9 Group1943-07-14HurricaneIV7173-RAF Millfield, Northumberland0955TrainingSee archive report for further brief details - collided with P3475Safe - killed on the 18the August 1944Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery. Grave XVII. B. 10

Courtesy Operation Picture Me

A bank clerk prior to service. Awarded his pilots badge on the 18th December 1942. Son of the late Arthur Victor and Gladys Annie Currie (nee Wickwire). Husband of Margaret Merriam Morse Beutel of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Joined 184 squadron from 59 Operational Training Unit on the 27th January 1944.
1745 PearceArthur LeslieSub/Lt. (A)Age 21New ZealanderPilotRNZNVRRoyal Navy Fleet Air Arm747 Squadron1945-01-27BarracudaIILS954-Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. HMS Urley1055TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsMissing - believed killedNew Zealand Naval Memorial, Devonport, Auckland. Panel 9

Courtesy AWMM

Born on the 06 February 1923 at Christchurch. Worked as a postman for Postal and Telecommunications in Christchurch. Enlisted at Rongotai on the 27th April 1942. Transferred to the RN/FAA on the 16th March 1943 as aircrew under training. Trained in Canada. Joined 747 squadron on the 16th December 1944. Son of William Percival and Daisy Elizabeth Pearce (née Watkins), of Avonside, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
1746 WakelyHerbert WilliamSub/Lt. (A)Age 19UKNavigatorRNVRRoyal Navy Fleet Air Arm747 Squadron1945-01-27BarracudaIILS954-Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. HMS Urley1055TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsMissing - believed killedLee-On-Solent Memorial. Bay 6, Panel 6Son of William Henry and Amy Doris Wakely, of Bristol, England.
1747 WoodheadTerence NevillePilot Officer (A)FAA/FX. 95670Age 21UKW/Op/Air/GunnerRNRoyal Navy Fleet Air Arm747 Squadron1945-01-27BarracudaIILS954-Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. HMS Urley1055TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsMissing - believed killedLee-On-Solent Memorial. Bay 6, Panel 1Son of Wilson and Alice Woodhead, of Heaton Chapel, Stockport, England.
1748 AustenDesmond ThomasPilot OfficerNZ/404881Age 22New ZealanderPilotRNZAFCoastal Command235 Sqd
1943-01-13BeaufighterICT4764LA-TRAF Dyce, Aberdeenshire1440TrainingSee archive report for detailsMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 115

Courtesy Jennifer Lemaire

Born on the 19th May 1919 at Napier. Worked as a clerk for the Postal and Telecommunications Department prior to service. Enlisted at Levin on the 30th November 1940. Awarded his pilots badge and commission on the 24th May 1941. Joined 235 squadron on the 19th November 1941 from No. 2 Coastal Command Operational Training Unit. Son of Arthur James Austen and of Ada Mary Austen (née Hills), of Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
1749 WandWalter Edgar AnthonyPilot Officer84312Age 21UKPilotRAFTraining Command 7 Group17 Operational Training Unit1941-08-12BlenheimIL1245-RAF Upwood, Huntingdonshire2300TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledHill Churchyard (St. Paul). Row 1. Grave 7Son of Walter Arthur and Florence Amelia Wand. of Mill Hill, London, England.
1750 AllenArthur GeorgeSergeant566894UKObserverRAFVRBomber Command103 Sqd
1940-05-28BattleIL5515PM-SRheges/St Lucien Ferme1000Pontoon bridgesForce landed ?.InjuredSgt. Allen W/O. (49722) on the 20th August 1942. Shot down on the 01st August 1942 whilst an instructor with 23 Operational Trains Unit. Wellington IC X9917 BY-N shot down by Lt. Hans Autenrieth. All 5 crew survived as PoW.

Details here:

The Archive Report

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