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The Air Forces Memorial, or Runnymede Memorial, in Englefield Green, near Egham, Surrey, England is a memorial dedicated to some 20,456 men and women from air forces of the British Empire who were lost in air and other operations during World War II. Those recorded have no known grave anywhere in the world, and many were lost without trace. The name of each of these airmen and airwomen is engraved into the stone walls of the memorial, according to country and squadron. There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Ottawa Allied Forces Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Alamein Allied Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.
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#Name (↑)First NamesInitialsService NumberRank (↑)TitleAwards (↑)DutyAir Service (↑)DateofDeath (↑)DatesofOperationSquadron (↑)CommandAircraftMarkSerialCodeStationDepartedOperation NameCircumstancesFateAgeFamily DetailsPanelNotes
201 Smith Peter ParsonsP P106517 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1942-02-11502 SqdPanel 71
202 Smith Sydney AlfredS A755334 SergeantRAFVR1942-04-24502 SqdAge 22 Son of Henry George and Constance Smith, of Chiswick, MiddlesexPanel 76
203 Smith Harry ArthurH A1466653 SergeantRAFVR1943-01-099/10.01.4351 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIDT483MH-F1643GardeningKilledAge 21 Son of Adolphus Mortimer Smith and Alice Mabel Smith, of Thriplow, CambridgeshirePanel 165
204 Smith Ronald StanleyR S1483072 SergeantRAFVR1943-07-3029/30.07.4351 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD309MH-2251HamburgPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 21 Son of Arthur Stanley Smith and Ada Gladys Smith, of Ravenstonedale, WestmorlandPanel 165
205 Smith Owen AlbertO AJ/11116 Flying OfficerRCAF1943-03-23511 SqdAge 23 Son of James Albert and Anne Jane Rebecah Smith, of Elmvale, Ontario, CanadaPanel 174
206 Smith ErnestE1219050 Warrant OfficerRAFVR1944-08-2727-28-08-44515 SqdBomber CommandMosquitoVIPZ1613P-.0020.BSKilledAge 22 Son of Ernest and Cecily Smith, of Bulwell, Nottingham. A.C.I.S.Panel 214
207 Smith Robert ArthurR A170400 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1945-01-1313-14-Jan-45515 SqdBomber CommandMosquitoVIPZ4653P-L Snoring1648BSLost without traceKilledAge 37 Son of Edwin S and Edith Jane Smith; husband of Irene May Smith of Ilford, EssexPanel 266
208 Smith Michael Stacey ClareM S C152886 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-10-04524 SqdAge 21 Son of Cedric Clare and Ruth Margaret Smith of Swindon; husband of Dilys Smith (nee Jones)Panel 209
209 Smith John GeoffreyJ G129398 Flying OfficerRAFVR1944-06-0753 SqdPanel 209
210 Smith NormanN954171 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-11-2153 SqdPanel 139
211 Smith RobertR945005 SergeantRAFVR1941-12-1253 SqdAge 24 Son of Alexander and Frances Maud SmithPanel 52
212 Smith Edward ThomasE T2221148 SergeantRAFVR1945-02-1313-14-Feb-45550 SqdBomber CommandLancasterINF932BQ-B2N Killingholme2139DresdenCollided with 300 Sqn Lancaster and exploded and crashed at Apley, LINCSKilledAge 42 Son of Thomas and Jane Smith; husband of Kathleen Smith, of Albrighton, WolverhamptonPanel 276
213 Smith Frederick CharlesF C1578941 SergeantRAFVR1943-02-1818/19.02.4357 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIW4375DX-1829WilhelmshavenKilledAge 19 Son of Leonard Edward and Jane Eliza Smith, of Attleborough, WarwickshirePanel 165
214 Smith GranvilleG1021078 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-18574 SqdAge 21 Son of James and Jessie Smith, of Newton Heath, ManchesterPanel 165
215 Smith Robert EricR E1777269 SergeantRAFVR1944-05-2524-25-05-44576 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIINE171UL-Y22345AachenCrashed MulartshutteKilledAge 20 Son of Robert and Phoebe SmithPanel 238
216 Smith Royston LaurenceR L1313019 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-02-2019-20-02-44576 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIDV386UL-E22345LeipzigKilledAge 21 Son of Edwin and Margaret Smith, of Merton Park, SurreyPanel 222
217 Smith Eric PhillipE P1382264 SergeantRAFVR1942-11-2858 SqdPanel 93
218 Smith James CaldwellJ C117650 Flying OfficerRAFVR1943-03-2458 SqdAge 30 Son of Charles C and Elizabeth J Smith; husband of Monica Margaret Smith of Skerton, LancashirePanel 129
219 Smith Stronach VivianS VNZ.39942 SergeantRNZAF1940-12-2358 SqdAge 24 Son of Vivian and Muriel Elizabeth Smith, of Taihape, Wellington, New ZealandPanel 28
220 Smith Edward GeorgeE G1316567 Warrant Officer DFMRAFVR1944-07-065-6-07-44582 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIINE1696O-E2325WizernesKilledAge 21 Son of Walter and Letitia Smith, of Bridgwater, SomersetPanel 214
221 Smith Douglas Bobbie ClareD B C755260 SergeantRAFVR1941-01-1059 SqdAge 22 Son of Reginald Arthur and Gladys Smith, of Beckford, WorcestershirePanel 52
222 Smith GeraldG1600340 Warrant OfficerRAFVR1945-10-1859 SqdAge 23 Son of William John and Evelyn Daisy Smith, of Twyford, BerkshirePanel 269
223 Smith Philip Edward NoelP E N973750 SergeantRAFVR1941-01-1059 SqdPanel 52
224 Smith Robert ForsythR F1572611 SergeantRAFVR1944-02-2459 SqdPanel 238
225 Smith AlexanderA1050686 SergeantRAFVR1941-08-22600 SqdPanel 52
226 Smith Leslie Alexander WilliamL A W127051 Flight LieutenantRAFVR1945-03-1918/19.03.45605 SqdFighter CommandMosquitoVIRS603FIntruderKilledAge 21 Son of Alexander and Alice Daisy Smith, of Forest Gate, EssexPanel 266
227 Smith EricE1139609 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-2626.11.4361 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIDV297QR-O1720BerlinKilledPanel 165
228 Smith George HilliardG HR/53943 Warrant Officer Class IRCAF1942-08-1961 SqdAge 23 Son of William and Charlotte Irene Smith, of Smith's Falls, Ontario, CanadaPanel 101
229 Smith Norman JagoeN J102563 Pilot OfficerPilotRAFVR1941-10-2121.10.41611 SqdFighter CommandSpitfireVW3515ASRCollided with lastKilledAge 24 Son of Francis Jagoe Smith and of Eleanor Margaret Smith (nee Booth), of Wimbledon, Surrey. A.C.A.Panel 34
230 Smith Donald IanD IJ/20075 Flying OfficerRCAF1943-12-24612 SqdAge 22 Son of Harry W and Ella W Smith of Sydney, Nova Scotia, CanadaPanel 174
231 Smith Raymond CharlesR C1338128 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-03-18612 SqdAge 21 Son of Laura Smith, of Newport, Monmouthshire, WalesPanel 222
232 Smith Eldred Antony UssherE A U45606 Flight LieutenantRAF1942-12-07613 SqdAge 21 Son of Group Captain Vincent Russell Smith and of Emily Hope Smith (nee Ussher), of Beckenham, KentPanel 66
233 Smith Gibson ArthurG AJ/11046 Flight LieutenantRCAF1944-05-11613 SqdAge 22 Nephew of Mr W A Eastwood of Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaPanel 244
234 Smith Henry EadsporthH E1520956 SergeantRAFVR1944-09-2726-27-09-44619 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIED602PG-X.0025.KarlsruheKilledAge 20 Son of Peter and Alice Smith, of Trimdon, Co DurhamPanel 238
235 Smith Harold AlexanderH AJ/89897 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-07-2423-24-07-44625 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterILM174CF-P2303KielKilled Son of Harry Alexander Smith and Lois Henrietta Smith, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, CanadaPanel 253
236 Smith Thomas RitchieT R1825000 SergeantRAFVR1944-08-2726-27-08-44625 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterILM168CF-R2025KielKilledAge 19 Son of John H M and Annie Johnston Ritchie Smith of Dundee, ScotlandPanel 238
237 Smith Charles WorthC WJ/89806 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-05-1211-12-05-44626 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB409UM-P22156HassettCrashed KrabbendijkeKilledPanel 253
238 Smith Jack OgilvieJ OJ/90368 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-07-0130-6-1-7-44626 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIME774UM-L22155VierzonKilledPanel 253
239 Smith John GeorgeJ G1810132 SergeantRAFVR1943-11-2323/24.11.43630 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB135LE-L1706BerlinKilledAge 20 Son of John Henry and Ada Marie Smith, of Woolwich, LondonPanel 165
240 Smith Wilfred ErnestW E1576922 Flight SergeantRAFVR1945-06-151945-06-15630 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIII PB344LE-RBomb DisposalKilledPanel 273
241 Smith RobertR87383 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1941-03-2774 SqdAge 22 Son of John Munn Smith and Mary Smith; husband of Grace Smith (nee Donald)Panel 34
242 Smith JamesJ1604615 SergeantRAFVR1944-10-2175 Sqd RNZAF
Age 21 Son of Edwin and Florence Smith, of Maidenhead, BerkshirePanel 238
243 Smith Raymond CharlesR C1235250 SergeantRAFVR1944-07-302044-07-3075 Sqd RNZAF
Bomber CommandLancasterIHK558AA-D610AmayeKilledPanel 238
244 Smith Archibald FlemingtonA F982880 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-03-3029/30.03.4377 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJB842KN-E2206BerlinCrashed in Fehmarn Belt DenmarkKilledAge 29 Son of James and Barbara Smith; husband of Elizabeth Smith, of Benwell, Newcastle-on-TynePanel 139
245 Smith Carl EdwardC EJ/9675 Pilot OfficerRCAF1942-08-1313.08.4277 Sqd
Bomber CommandWhitleyZ9461-VChivenorASRKilledAge 22 Son of Charles Moses Smith and Edna Victoria Smith, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; husband of Janet C Smith of Calgary, Alberta, CanadaPanel 101
246 Smith Edward AnthonyE A122022 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1942-06-1111.06.4277 Sqd
Bomber CommandWhitleyZ9477-GChivenorAnti SubmarineKilledPanel 71
247 Smith John Beaty LamsonJ B L1308482 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-1817/18.08.4377 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIJD324KN-U2111PeenemundeKilledAge 23 Son of Annie Smith, and stepson of David Wallace, of Crail, FifePanel 165
248 Smith Raymond FrankR FR/4349 Flight SergeantRCAF1942-09-0909.09.4277 Sqd
Bomber CommandWhitleyZ9209-GChivenorAnti SubmarineKilledPanel 106
249 Smith William WalterW W159705 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1943-09-076/7.09.4377 Sqd
Bomber CommandHalifaxIIDT793KN-E1918MunchenKilledPanel 133
250 Smith DavidD350171 Sergeant BEMRAF1942-06-2019/20.06.4278 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIBB200EY-Middleton St George2343EmdenCrashed in North SeaKilledAge 41 Son of Hendry and Agnes Smith; husband of Ada Smith, of Kelvinbridge, Glasgow, ScotlandPanel 93
251 Smith JohnJ1323064 SergeantRAFVR1944-02-2019-20-02-4478 SqdBomber CommandHalifaxIIILK763EY-K.0011.LeipzigKilledAge 22 Son of Robert Gordon Smith and Lily Smith, of Selsdon, SurreyPanel 238
252 Smith Christopher Dermont SalmondC D S33287 Squadron Leader DFCPilotRAF1941-12-2222.12.4179 Sqd
Fighter CommandHurricaneIIbZ5255PatrolCollided with He115 off Southern IrelandKilledAge 25 Son of Matthew A B and Mary Gwendolen Smith of Overy Staithe, NorfolkPanel 28
253 Smith LeslieL142497 Flight Lieutenant DFMPilotRAFVR1945-04-1717.04.4580 SqdFighter CommandTempestVNV991Crashed at LubeckKilled Panel 266
254 Smith Henry Bruce Barcroft TeesdaleH B B T911524 SergeantRAFVR1941-09-0283 SqdPanel 52
255 Smith Hubert FrederickH F1535180 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-2221-22-01-4483 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJB488OL-X1957MagdeburgCrashed near StendalKilledAge 22 Son of George Hubert William and Margaret Levia Smith, of Edlington, Yorkshire; husband of Iris SmithPanel 222
256 Smith Leonard FrederickL F655493 SergeantRAF1942-06-021/2.06.4283 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIR5564OL-PScampton2310EssenPresumed lost over the seaKilledAge 22 Son of Richard H and Edith W Smith of Crumpsall, ManchesterPanel 94
257 Smith Alexander WebsterA W776136 SergeantRAFVR1942-03-2886 SqdPanel 93
258 Smith Harry Francis BurtonH F BNZ.41641 Flying OfficerRNZAF1942-09-2423/24.09.429 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIW4239WS-PWaddingtonWismarCrashed in BalticKilledAge 25 Son of Alfred Ezra and Helena Smith, of Wellington, New ZealandPanel 114
259 Smith LeesL1450592 Flight SergeantRAFVR1943-11-0909.11.4390 SqdBomber CommandStirlingIIILK380XY-YTrainingCollided with next and crashed near MildenhallKilledAge 21 Son of William and Leah Smith, of Oldham, LancashirePanel 139
260 Smith GeorgeG53583 Pilot OfficerRAF1943-11-2625/26.11.43144 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB221OF-W.0030.FrankfurtCrashed BrandauKilledPanel 133
261 Smith Leslie HerbertL H950136 Warrant Officer DFCRAFVR1944-08-17144 Sqd
Age 24 Son of Arthur William and Alice Smith, of Hoton, LeicestershirePanel 214
262 Smith Norman RonaldN R1851601 SergeantRAFVR1944-01-1414-15-01-44144 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB726OF-Y1650BraunschweigKilledAge 19 Son of Allen Reginald and Edith Gertrude Smith, of Bournemouth, HampshirePanel 238
263 Smith Terence WalterT W1388382 Flight SergeantRAFVR1944-01-2928-29-01-44144 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIIIJB353OF-L.0035.BerlinKilledAge 23 Son of Henry and Margery Nelly Smith, of Manor Park, EssexPanel 222
264 Smith Frederick HoratioF H626102Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAF1940-06-1798 SqdS.S. ' Lancastria'Lost in S.S. ' Lancastria'Age 19 Son of Frederick William and Agnes Cairns Smith of Upper Norwood, SurreyPanel 27
265 Smith Abraham FrederickA F39346 Flying OfficerRAF1940-04-1817/18.04.4099 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonIaP9234LN-Newmarket1915StravangerLost without traceKilledAge 26 Son of T J and Anna Smith of Bertram, Johannesburg, South AfricaPanel 6
266 Smith Arthur Ronald WilliamA R W1252992 SergeantRAFVR1942-01-0399 SqdAge 24 Son of Robert E C and Violet M Smith of Dartford, KentPanel 93
267 Smith Ian Ogg MackenzieI O MacK87038 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1941-05-0999 SqdAge 23 Son of John Dugald Smith and Mary Helen Smith; husband of Mary Florence SmithPanel 34
268 Smith George WilliamG W818186 SergeantRAF (Auxilliary Air Force)1944-02-2929-02-01-03-4410 OTUBomber CommandWhitleyVLA7871902NickelKilledAge 31 Son of William George and Winnefred Smith; husband of Phyllis Rose Smith, of Llanbradach, Glamorgan, WalesPanel 238
269 Smith Graham Lloyd ThorneoeG L TAUS.405524 Flying OfficerRAAF1943-05-2010 SqdAge 28 Son of Mr and Mrs P T Smith of Albion, Queensland, AustraliaPanel 189
270 Smith Keith DermerK DAUS.405664 Flying OfficerRAAF1943-08-1110 SqdAge 21 Son of Richard Dermer Smith and Blodwen Smith, of Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 189
271 Smith Kenneth VictorK VAUS.423077 Flying OfficerRAAF1944-10-182044-10-18115 Sqd
Bomber CommandLancasterIHK544KO-U831BonnKilledAge 21 Son of Hillas William Smith, and of Eva Mabel Smith, of Miranda, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 258
272 Smith Brian BarkleyB BAUS.400296 SergeantRAAF1942-02-12143 SqdAge 22 Son of Mr and Mrs C B Smith of East Malvem, Victoria, AustraliaPanel 113
273 Smith Robert SidneyR SAUS.403766 Flying Officer DFCRAAF1943-12-1616/17.12.43156 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIIIJR216GT-W1628BerlinKilledAge 31 Son of Sidney and Linda Frances St Clare Smith of Musswellbrook, New South Wales, Australia. Dip. of Agriculture (Hawkesbury)Panel 189
274 Smith John FrancisJ F1491254 SergeantRAFVR1944-01-2525-26-01-4416 OTUBomber CommandWellingtonIIIBK501GrainvilleCrashed off CherbourgKilledAge 21 Son of James and Mary Ellen Smith, of Leigh, LancashirePanel 238
275 Smith Rodney WybenR WAUS.402409 Flying OfficerRAAF1942-02-06201 SqdSunderlandIAge 23 Son of Vivian Wyben Smith and Meta Victoria Smith, of Binnaway, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 111
276 Smith Ronald AlfredR AAUS.423365 Flight SergeantRAAF1944-11-09251 SqdAge 21 Son of Alfred and Maude Matilda Rosaleen Smith, of East Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 261
277 Smith Charles FrederickC FJ/95442 Pilot OfficerRCAF1944-12-09404 SqdBeaufighterNV173Panel 253
278 Smith Henry LacyH LAUS/411539 Flight LieutenantPilotRAAF1944-06-1111.06.44453 SqdFighter CommandSpitfireIXMJ789FU-BRAF FordPatrolSee Fighter Command Database / Archive reportKilledAge 27 Son of Richard Lacy Smith and Mary Ellen Smith, of Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia; husband of Edna Smith Panel 256. Now buried: Ranville War Cemetery, France. Plot 5. Row F. Grave 16Read Archive Report
279 Smith Charles Hilton AlfonsoC H AAUS.411627 Flight SergeantRAAF1943-05-16455 SqdAge 31 Son of Charles and Susannah Smith, of Goulburn, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 193
280 Smith James ArthurJ AAUS.411413 SergeantWireless OperatorRAAF1942-08-2828.08.42460 SqdBomber CommandWellingtonIVZ1485UV-BSaarbruckenLost on Bombing Operation to Saarbrucken. Crashed at BreightonAge 25 Son of Cyril Spencer and Alma Isabella Smith, of Lewisham, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 113
281 Smith Jack HerbertJ HAUS.429299 Flying OfficerRAAF1944-03-23461 SqdAge 23 Son of William Henry and Eva Alice Smith, of Parramatta, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 258
282 Smith Allan JamesA JAUS.422656 Flight SergeantRAAF1944-09-25467 SqdAge 23 Son of James Matthew and Arm Smith, of Newtown, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 261
283 Smith Arthur SidneyA SAUS.425905 Flight SergeantWireless OperatorRAAF1944-10-232044-10-23467 SqdBomber CommandLancasterINF989PO-P1442WalcherenKilledAge 21 Son of Sidney Albert and Diana Smith, of Nundah, Queensland, AustraliaPanel 261
284 Smith Henry William JosephH W JAUS.404622 Pilot Officer DFMRAAF1942-12-1817/18.12.4250 SqdBomber CommandLancasterIW4382VN-SkellingthorpeSoltauKilledAge 25 Son of Francis Patrick and Mary Ann Smith, of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, AustraliaPanel 111
285 Smith GeorgeG548938Aircraftman 1st ClassRAF1939-09-171939-09-17H.M.S. CourageousFleet Air ArmH.M.S. CourageousAt least 57 Fleet Air Arm / RAF casualties on H.M.S. CourageousDeath on war service presumed. H.M.S. Courageous torpedoed and sunk by German U-29 west of Ireland 17 September 1939At sea, West of IrelandAge 19 Son of Sidney and Martha Sophia Smith, of Nettlebed, OxfordshirePanel 3
286 Smith James GordonJ GR/72387 SergeantRCAF1941-11-03No.15 OTUWellingtonZ1040Age 27 Son of James Webster Smith and Annie Gordon Smith, of Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPanel 61
287 Smith Brian PattenB PAUS.428057 Flying OfficerRAAF1945-04-12No.1654 HCUAge 21 Son of Mr and Mrs E C Smith of Newtown, Tasmania, AustraliaPanel 283
288 Smith Glen FrankG FR/109986 Flight SergeantRCAF1943-10-08No.20 OTUWellingtonX3662Panel 185
289 Smith Frederick CurtisF CR/175155 SergeantRCAF1944-04-10No.24 OTUWhitleyAge 26 Son of Frederick Curtis Smith and Alice Mary Smith, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; husband of Marjory Grace Smith, of Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPanel 256
290 Smith AlbertA139847 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1943-05-12 Son of Charles and Hannah Smith; husband of Peggy Smith of Wembley Park, MiddlesexPanel 133
291 Smith Albert WilliamA W553816 Leading AircraftmanRAF1941-10-14Panel 57
292 Smith Bernard HughB H1576645 SergeantRAFVR1944-04-20Panel 238
293 Smith DennisD1435614 SergeantRAFVR1943-08-14Age 20 Son of Archibald and Amy Smith, of Cleckheaton, YorkshirePanel 165
294 Smith DerekD1067767 SergeantRAFVR1942-08-03Age 21 Son of Francis and Lily Smith, of Macclesfield, CheshirePanel 93
295 Smith Donald AldousD A534501 Leading AircraftmanRAF1941-07-05S.S. ' Anselm'Lost in S.S. ' Anselm' Panel 57
296 Smith Douglas ByrneD B963117 SergeantRAFVR1941-03-26Age 23 Son of John Wright Smith and Ethel Mary Smith, of CoventryPanel 52
297 Smith Donald CampbellD C640963 SergeantRAF1942-06-06Panel 93
298 Smith Derek EdwardD E1868325 SergeantRAFVR1946-09-13Age 20 Son of Edward Jackson Smith and Doris Smith, of Anmer, NorfolkPanel 286
299 Smith Derrick VincentD V127009 Pilot OfficerRAFVR1942-11-30Age 20 Son of Arthur William and Elizabeth Smith, of Eastbourne, SussexPanel 71
300 Smith EricE1037532Aircraftman 2nd ClassRAFVR1941-07-05S.S. ' Anselm'Lost in S.S. ' Anselm'Age 21 Son of Richard and Edith Phyllis Smith of Leeds, YorkshirePanel 59

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