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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This database lists all known RCAF flying-related personnel who served 1939 - 1945 and onwards in many cases.
In November 2017 François Dutil began adding extensive information and many images from his research files,
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"Conversion from the original data held as images of old teletype sheets must have taken Major Paradie years.
The Paradie database is as close to a treasure as the World will see.” François Dutil

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1 ClarkW.R.LACKilledR90589Aero Engine Mech7 (RCAF) OTU Last Op - 7 OTUN/A BollingbrokeX - 20 Feb 45 - Ref G/C V.B. Corbett (**B) 20 Feb 45 - Killed -
2 CorbettA.E.P/OJ46934PLTRCAFXOct 44 -
3 CorbettB.S.F/OKIAC3796PLT62 Sqd Last Op - 62 SqdDakota Dakota FL 554X - 08 Nov 44 - Ref F/O B. Corbett (**B) 08 Nov 44 - KIA - Fighter - North Yazagyo - Burma
4 CorbettC.D.D.F/OJ20141PLTRCAFXOct 44 -
5 CorbettD.M.F/SgtKIAR170887WAG624 Sqd
Last Op - 624 Sqd
X - 25 Jun 44 - Ref R.H. Sneath (**B)
25 Jun 44 - KIA
6 CorbettE.P/OJ89435AG9 (RCAF) B & GS 424 SqdX XX - RCAF Mont Joli - X -
7 CorbettE.C.P/OMIAJ6408PLT60 Sqd Last Op - 60 SqdBlenheim BlenheimX - 17 May 42 - SEAC (**B) 17 May 42 - MIA - Nr Bazar - Bengal
8 CorbettE.G.P/OJ85465WAGRCAFXOct 44 -
9 CorbettE.H.F/OJ22868BARCAFXOct 44 -
10 CorbettEdward SalterLAC
5 Sqd (RCAF)
116 Sqd (RCAF)
116 Sqd (RCAF) Last Op
Catalina Z2136
25 Oct 1940 - Enlisted in RCAF
25 May 1941
8 July 1941
9 July 1941
9 Dec 1942 - Crashed on take off - Dartmouth NS
Air Force Medal - No.116 Squadron (Canada) - Award effective 1 January 1943 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 55/43 dated 15 January 1943.
(Information courtesy Francois Dutil)
11 CorbettGeorge HenryP/O

KIA Aged 21RAF
RAF81366PLT66 Sqd
Last Op - 66 Sqd
X - 08 Oct 40 (**B)
08 Oct 40 - KIA - Battle of Britain

Wounded 1940-09-09 at 18:00hrs. Baled out of Spitfire I (N3049) over East Grinstead after being shot down by a Bf 109. Killed 1940-10-08 at 09:30hrs. Spitfire I (R6779) was shot down by a Bf 109 near Chatham, crashed at Bayfors Marshes. Upchurch St Mary Churchyard England
br>Born November 4, 1919 Saskatchewan Canada. On a family holiday to England he applied to the de Havilland Aircraft Company’s Aeronautical Technical School at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Joined RAFVR in November 1937. Training at No. 9 Advanced Flying Training School, posted to No. 7 OTU at Hawarden, Cheshire, on July 7, 1940 on Spitfires. July 26 reported to 66 Sqd at Coltishall, Norfolk. First true combat experience on September 9, 1940, and it was not a pleasant experience. Dodging often heavy rain showers, Pilot Officer Corbett was part of a group attacking German bombers, escorted by enemy fighters, intent on attacking London. After already damaging a Messerschmitt 109, he was positioning his aircraft for a rear attack on a bomber when he was bounced by three German fighters. With the cockpit filling with smoke and the controls jammed, he found himself in a severely damaged, uncontrolled aircraft plummeting toward the ground in a tight spiral dive. At 12,000 feet (3,658 metres), he bailed out, suffering a slight injury in the process. September 27 intercepted German bombers attacking London. In the midst of heavy British defensive fire from anti-aircraft guns below, he got a quick burst into one bomber before breaking off the attack and leaving the damaged enemy aircraft to other RAF fighters. He then selected a lone Junkers 88 as his next target, closed to within yards of the German aircraft, and opened fired. The enemy aircraft fell away, its port engine burning fiercely, but the smoke was so thick that Corbett had to break off the attack. His Spitfire was damaged by friendly fire when an artillery shell burst nearby, destroying one elevator and riddling the fuselage and starboard wing with shrapnel. He skillfully executed a forced landing in the London district of Orpington, emerging from his damaged but repairable Spitfire with a new-found respect for anti-aircraft gunners and a Junkers 88 claimed as destroyed. On October 8, 1940, Pilot Officer Corbett, wearing a new watch sent by his parents as a 21st birthday gift, was climbing with his squadron to intercept yet another formation of German raiders when they were surprised by a large number of Messerschmitt 109s. In a slashing attack, Corbett and one other 66 Squadron pilot were shot down near Bayford Marches, Upchurch; neither pilot survived. The Reverend William Joseph Wright was at his church, St. Margaret of Antioch, and witnessed the dogfight. When Corbett’s aircraft crashed, the clergyman ran to the site, hoping to provide assistance. But “…it was clear, due to the bullet damage around the cockpit, that the pilot had been killed instantly before the crash. I offered prayers and a blessing, and stayed until the body was recovered. The pilot’s own parachute was used as a shroud.” Back in Canada, in a cruel twist of fate, his mother, Mabel, received a letter from her son days after being officially informed that he had been killed. Corbett wrote, “Having got out OK, my confidence has tremendously increased and I want you to be confident also. We’re seeing plenty of action here every day and I’ll be back in the fight tomorrow. The Jerries are a long way from getting supremacy in the air, and until they get it, there’ll be no invasion.”

Our heroes of the Battle of Britain clearly understood what they were fighting and sacrificing for.
12 CorbettH.K.P/OKilledC897PLT1 (RCAF) ANS Last OP - 1 ANS XBattle Battle # 1304 XX - 14 Oct 39 - Ref P/O H.K. Corbett (**B) 14 OCt 39 - Killed - Sharbot Lake - 4 miles NW of Snow Road - ON
13 CorbettH.L.P/OJ43091WAGRCAFXOct 44 -
14 CorbettH.V.F/LC10899ADMRCAFN/AOct 44 -
15 CorbettJ.A.F/SgtMIAR88388AG420 Sqd Last Op - 420 SqdWellington WellingtonX - 14 Mar 43 - Ref C.H. Tidy (**B) 14 Mar 43 - MIA
16 CorbettJ.S.SgtR142003AG3 (RCAF) B & GS 432 SqdX XX - RCAF MacDonald - X -
17 CorbettL.A.SgtRAG61 (RCAF) Base 429 Sqd 425 SqdX X XX - 25 Jun 44 - 26 Jun 44 - 06 Sep 44 - 07 Sep 44 - X -
18 CorbettL.A.F/OJ26389NAVRCAFXOct 44 -
19 CorbettP.A.A.P/OJ45202WAGRCAFXOct 44 -
20 CorbettR.M.F/OJ29800PLTRCAFXOct 44 -
21 CorbettR.R.F/OC25786ACCRCAFN/AOct 44 -
22 CorbettS.A.Sgt
PLT74 Sqd
145 Sqd
10 Feb 42 - Sep 42 -
Sep 42 - LG.154 near Tobruk -
23 CorbettS.D.F/OJ27090PLTRCAFXOct 44 -
24 CorbettV.B.S/L
KilledC299PLT1 Sqd (RCAF)
402 Sqd
Last Op - 7 OTU
Hurricane P3869
Bolingbroke # 9179
31 Aug 40 - Wounded -
27 Sep 41 -
X - 20 Feb 45 - Ref G/C V.B. Corbett (**B)
20 Feb 45 - Killed - 2 miles W of Bagotville - QC
25 CorbettV.J.E.F/OJ35015BA462 SqdHalifax RG43204 Apr 45 -
26 CorbettW.D.P/O
PLT425 Sqd
Last Op - 425 Sqd
Halifax LW590
Halifax MZ825
X - 08 May 45 - Ref F/L W. Corbett (**B)
08 May 45 - MIA - TGT = Hemmingstedt - Germany
27 CorbettW.G.F/OJ20958NAVRCAFXOct 44 -
28 CorbettHorace KennethPilot OfficerKilled 1939-10-14 Age 25C/897Commemorated Fredericton Sunny Bank Cemetery, Family Plot. Canada. Son of Annah S. Corbett, of Fredericton.
29 CorbettEdward SalterPilot OfficerAFMKilled 1942-12-09 Age 21J/14070Commemorated Halifax (Fort Massey) Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 196. Canada. Son Of Stewart P. Corbett And Mona G. Corbett, Of Pender Island, British Columbia.
30 CorbettErnest ClaytonPilot OfficerKilled 1942-05-17 AgeJ/640860 Sqd (RAF)Commemorated Singapore Memorial, Column 419. Singapore.
31 CorbettJohn AlexanderFlight SergeantKilled 1943-03-14 AgeR/88388420 SqdCommemorated Runnymede Memorial, Panel 181. United Kingdom.
32 CorbettDalton MorganFlight SergeantKilled 1944-06-25 Age 29R/170887624 Sqd (RAF)Commemorated Mazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles, Plot 3. Row E. Coll. Grave 30-37. France. Son Of Andrew And Elizabeth Corbett, Of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
33 CorbettBruce SherwoodFlying OfficerKilled 1944-11-08 AgeC/379662 Sqd (RAF)Commemorated Imphal War Cemetery, 7. B. 5. India.
34 CorbettVaughan BowermanGroup CaptainDFCKilled 1945-02-20 Age 33C/299Commemorated Toronto (St. James') Cemetery, Block Q. Lot 89. Centre. Canada. Son Of William Frederick And Sada B. Corbett, Of Presqu'Lle Point; Husband Of Mary Catherine Corbett, Of Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
35 CorbettWilliam DavidFlight LieutenantDFCKilled 1945-03-08 Age 28J/88248425 SqdCommemorated Runnymede Memorial, Panel 278. United Kingdom. Son Of Percival And Mona Corbett; Husband Of Maria Corbett, Of Edward, Alberta, Canada.
36 ForsythJ.G.P/OMIARAFRAFXX425 Sqd Last Op - 425 Sqd XHalifax LW590 Halifax MZ825 XX - 08 May 45 - Ref F/L W. Corbett (**B) 08 May 45 - MIA - TGT = Hemmingstedt - Germany NOT Canadian
37 McCormickKenneth CorbettFlight SergeantKilled 1944-11-04 Age 21R/150910626 Sqd (RAF)Commemorated Kortrijk (St. Jan) Communal Cemetery, Row Bb. Coll. Grave 15-19. Belgium.
38 McGregorGordon RoyG/C



Croix de Guerre

Czech War Cross

Order of Orange-Nassau (Holland)

C936PLT1 Sqd (RCAF)
111 Sqd
402 Sqd
126 (RCAF) Wing
Nov 40 - Commanding Officer - at 39 -
1940 - To gain experience for 1 (RCAF) Sqn -
Commanding Officer -
Commanding Officer -
Possibly the oldest RCAF pilot to see service. With 1 Sqd (RCAF) during the Battle of Britain. 38 years old. Shot down 4 during the Battle. DFC 25 October 1940. Commanded the Squadron from November before going to 2 Sqd (RCAF) /402 Sqd as the CO in January 1941. F/L V.B.Corbett took over when he became the commander of the Canadian Wing in April. Flew last operational sortie as a Group Captain on 28 March 1945, destroying a locomotive. Croix de Guerre in 1947 and the Czech Military Cross. After the war became President of Air Canada.
39 McLeodAlexander CorbettFlying OfficerKilled 1944-04-10 AgeJ/24650207 SqdCommemorated Runnymede Memorial, Panel 247. United Kingdom.
40 ShadleCharles CorbettPilot OfficerKilled 1942-10-15 Age 19J/11358Commemorated Finningley (Holy Trinity And St. Oswald) Churchyard Extension, Row A. Grave 1. United Kingdom. Son Of Charles C. Shadle And Hazel V. Shadle, Of Melrose, New Mexico, U.S.A.
41 Van ExanWilliam CorbettSgt

21 OTU (RAF)
57 Sqd (RAF)
57 Sqd (RAF)
24 OTU (RAF)
24 OTU (RAF)
1666 HCU (RCAF)
425 Sqd (RCAF)
425 Sqd (RCAF)
431 Sqd (RCAF)
12 Sqd (RCAF)
Harvard & Yale
Oxford & Wellington
Wellington X3658
Anson & Whitley
Whitley EB351
Halifax LW391
22 June 1940 - Enlisted in the RCAF
30 June 1940
30 Aug 1940
4 Nov 1940
2 March 1941 - UK
10 March 1941
2 June 1941
25 March 1942 - Collided with a parked Whirlwind while doing single engine emergency landing
21 June 1942 - Instructor
9 Jan 1943 - Skidded off runway and landing gear punched through ice
16 Nov 1943
6 Jan 1944
19 March 1944 - Halifax from 420 Sqd RCAF taxied in rear of LW391
7 June 1944
30 Sep 1944 - Repatriated to Canada
15 Nov 1944
17 Feb 1945
18 Sep 1945 - Retired from the RCAF
Distinguished Service Order - No.431 Squadron - Award effective 24 October 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 2637/44 dated 8 December 1944.
Distinguished Flying Cross - No.57 Squadron - Award effective 4 August 1942 as per London Gazette dated 11 August 1942 and AFRO 1371/42 dated 28 August 1942.
Native of Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. Died 10 January 1972
(Information courtesy of Francois Dutil)
42 WareWOWAG425 SqdX01 Jun 46 - Corbett Crew -

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At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. - Laurence Binyon

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