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Luftwaffe Victories by Name and Date

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Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions requested through Helpdesk
This is a non-political research resource. The author of this material does not condone hatred in any form,
neither does he support oppressive and despotic regimes or political systems. See our Statement.

This remarkable database is intended to complement data in the Kracker Archive (on this site) by providing a daily account of each Luftwaffe pilot's actions against his opponent(s). Using a number of primary and secondary sources, we attempt to list for each pilot, his victories in their date order, so far as this has been possible (records, however, are on many occasions not up to this task). One line thus covers one complete action and victory. Thus, for example, you can read across from a pilot's name to discover that he scored 65 victories in total and the line you are reading is the 38th victory he recorded.

This is a work-in-progress.
It is our first 'crowd-corrected' database. The number of errors contained in the raw data is higher than for other of our databases and as a consequence, we need your help in cleaning up the data: with over 600,000 data items in the database we simply can't do this on our own. Duplication errors were introduced when we consolidated data from several sometimes-overlapping sources, and there are the usual errors associated with wartime records. Despite this, the records contain information not commonly found elsewhere and hence merit publication. It's relatively easy to see when a pilot's record is duplicated: 2 victories on the same date and at the same time are obviously describing a single incident, even if one version has the pilot's first name and other might not, comparing other details will show it's the same person. Let us know please when you find any of these, or any other errors, by raising a ticket on the Helpdesk. Thanks in advance.

Bear in mind when cross-referencing Luftwaffe claims to our Allied Losses and Incidents Database that for consistency, Date of Death in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database is the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss was not usually certain at the time. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. For example, a Luftwaffe claim for a shoot-down at 0345 on 4 April will correspond to a Loss in the Allied Losses and Incidents Database for 3 April. Times are from German records and are thus are LOCAL (not GMT)

Search on date (format YYYY-MM-DD) to show who recorded victories in that date. Search on 'YYYY-MM-DD AND LaGG-3' to show who claimed a LaGG-3 victory on that date. Search on '1944-06' to discover all recorded victories on all fronts for June 1944. To Search on name, try 'last name'. If this produces too many results, use 'last name AND first name', thus 'marseille AND hans-joachim'

There are numerous duplicate entries included owing to the number of sources employed. These are being removed as found.

In the Links column you may find Links back to the Kracker Archive or forward to an extended story about this pilot, or a reference to his action in one of our other Databases. Where links are not provided, you may search for the pilot's name in our Kracker Archive, or you may use the serial number of his victim to search for further information in our Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

The Luftwaffe employed a grid reference system for action locations, as is occasionally shown in the location column. An explanation of the complex system is provided. An external site provides a conversion facility (unfortunately not currently accessible) which allows you to see the exact location of an action.
In order to get the location correct you must first determine (by reference to other sources) the location at which the pilot was based for this victory. This will tell you the Zusatzzahlgebiet (largest square) in which he was operating. Select that in the 'Current “Zusatzzahlgebiet“ (the largest square of Luftwaffe Map)' for example select 15 O (for 15 degrees East of Greenwich Meridian). After you have done that, put the location grid shown in the database in the 'Change Planquat' box, and you will then see a map showing where the action took place.

For actions on the Eastern Front, assistance with identifying Russian plane types is found here.

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#Name (↑)First NamesRankVictoriesSequenceVictoryDate (↑)Victory TimeOpponentAirCraft (↑)UnitLocationNotesLinksPhoto
1 MeisterLudwig39271944-01-07B-17 Fortress

1./NJG 4English Channel 
2 MeisterLudwig39181943-10-04Halifax

1./NJG 4Übereisenbach 
3 MeisterLudwig39191943-10-04Halifax

1./NJG 4Near Trier 
4 MeisterLudwig39201943-10-04Halifax

1./NJG 4Near Cologne 
5 MeisterLudwig39211943-11-03Halifax

1./NJG 4Near Cologne 
6 MeisterLudwig39221943-11-23Halifax

1./NJG 4Grebs 
7 MeisterLudwig39301944-02-20Halifax

1./NJG 4Near Celle 
8 MeisterLudwig39311944-02-20Halifax

1./NJG 4Near Celle 
9 MeisterLudwig3981942-12-026:17Halifax

I./NJG 4Couvron-et-Aumencourt 
10 MeisterLudwig39101943-03-09Halifax

I./NJG 4Near Le CateauPossibly Halifax (W7851) “TL-Y” of 35 Sqn RAF
11 MeisterLudwig39111943-04-17Halifax

I./NJG 4St Hubert-NassognePossibly Halifax of 408 Sqn RAF
12 MeisterLudwig39141943-07-042:40Halifax

I./NJG 4Near RanceHalifax (JD262) “MH-E” of 51 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt J Garnham
13 MeisterLudwig39151943-07-14Halifax

I./NJG 4Wattignies-la-VictoirePossibly Halifax of 102 Sqn RAF
14 MeisterLudwig3921941-11-30Halifax

II./NJG 1Near Hamburg 
15 MeisterLudwig39161943-08-28Lancaster ED994 (probably)

1./NJG 4Near Hohenberg57 Sqd (probably) Aircraft damaged (Boiten)
16 MeisterLudwig39171943-08-28 Lancaster

1./NJG 4Near Nürnberg 
17 MeisterLudwig39231944-01-02Lancaster

1./NJG 4Estinnes-au-ValLancaster of 156 Sqn RAF
18 MeisterLudwig39241944-01-02Lancaster

1./NJG 4English Channel 
19 MeisterLudwig39251944-01-02Lancaster

1./NJG 4CroixLancaster of 405 Sqn RAF
20 MeisterLudwig39261944-01-02Lancaster

1./NJG 4English Channel 
21 MeisterLudwig39281944-01-20Lancaster

1./NJG 4SW Liebenwalde 
22 MeisterLudwig39321944-02-21Lancaster

1./NJG 4Plittersdorf 
23 MeisterLudwig39331944-02-24Lancaster

1./NJG 4BéthancourtLancaster of 44 Sqn RAF
24 MeisterLudwig39341944-02-24Lancaster

1./NJG 4S Menil-AnnellesLancaster of 66 Sqn RAF
25 MeisterLudwig39351944-02-24Lancaster

1./NJG 4SSW VouziersLancaster of 12 Sqn RAF
26 MeisterLudwig39361944-03-16Lancaster

1./NJG 4Bonneuil-les-EauxLancaster of 100 Sq RAF
27 MeisterLudwig39371944-03-16Lancaster

1./NJG 4S BesmeLancaster of 630 Sqn RAF
28 MeisterLudwig39381944-03-23Lancaster

1./NJG 4Near St OmerLancaster of 514 Sqn RAF
29 MeisterLudwig39291944-01-20Lancaster

1./NJG 4Schönmark 
30 MeisterLudwig3971942-11-22Lancaster

I./NJG 4Turinnes-la-GrosseLancaster of 57 Sqn RAF
31 MeisterLudwig39391945-03-07Lancaster

Stab III./NJG 4Near Kassel 
32 MeisterLudwig3991942-12-21Stirling

I./NJG 4English Channel 
33 MeisterLudwig39121943-05-30 Stirling

I./NJG 4ProvilleStirling (EF349) “WP-Y” of 90 Sqn RAF
34 MeisterLudwig39131943-06-26Stirling

I./NJG 445km ArnhemStirling of 214 Sqn RAF
35 MeisterLudwig3941942-08-28 Stirling

III./NJG 4Airlenbach 
36 MeisterLudwig3961942-10-25Wellington

I./NJG 4JenlainWellington of 75 Sqn RAF
37 MeisterLudwig3931942-08-28Wellington

III./NJG 4Eich 
38 MeisterLudwig3951942-08-28Wellington

III./NJG 4Simmern 
39 MeisterLudwig3911941-11-30Whitley

II./NJG 1Near Hamburg 
40 MeisterLudwig39-1941-11-30II./NJG 1 not confirmed

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