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701 Heide, PaulHptm1Stfkpt 13/KG-40 (Atlantic)Ju 88C-6 Werk # 360022 "F8 + KX" (lost 9/9/42) EK 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Whitley of No.77 Sq., on 9 September, 1942. MIA with unnamed crew this same date, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew (MIA): Ogefr Rudi Wiencke, R/O and Fw Karl Gründler, Gnr (D.Drury). He may have been the victim of return fire from the Whitley.
702 Heider, Herwig Ritter vonHptm6/5/1915Innsbruck2/Kü.Fl.Gr.- 606 (Channel)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 5247 "7T + LK" (lost 9/15/41)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(12/2/41 in absentia-POW)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
POW with unnamed crew 15 September, 1941; shot down by a Hurricane of RAF No. 257 Sq., piloted by S/Ldr Francis Soper. DK-G Awards List & Ju 88 Loss List. Added: Remaining crew (POW): Ofw Karl Ützen, R/O; Sdf Hans Kelch, Flt Engr and Gefr Herrmann Lesemeister (or Lessmeister) (WIA) (D.Drury).
703 Heilmann, KarlUffz23/JG-20Bf 109E
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, his 1st, a Spitfire northwest of Dunkirk, 31 May, 1940. His 2nd, a Beaufort at Estrees, south of Rouen, 11 June, 1940.
704 Heimbs, Karl WilhelmLt21/JG-53 (9/39), Grp Adj Stab I/JG-53 (9/30/39)Bf 109D & E EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 30 September, 1939 during aerial combat with a P-36 at Bethingen shortly after his victory at Merzig. One known victory, his 1st, a Potez 63 near Forbach, 27 September, 1939. His 2nd, a Hawk-75A near Merzig, 30 September, 1939.
705 Heinemann, KarlOfw6/KG-1 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 8747 "V4 + FP" (lost 7/21/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with two other unnamed crew in the Augusta harbor 21 July, 1943, cause unknown, one other unnamed crew WIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
706 Heinke,Uffz15/JG-3 (7/45 Heide)Fw 190D-9Fighter Operational ClaspPictured with Emil Daniel and Karl Puett at wars end, and identified by the latter.
707 Heinrich, BrunoLtErg(Ergänzungsgruppe-Reserve)/NJG-2, IV/NJG-1Ju 88C-6 in NJG-2, Bf 110 & Ju 88G in NJG-1Night Fighter Operational ClaspOther crewmembers: Uffz Heinrich Scholl & Gefr Karl Chuss in Erg/NJG-2.
708 Heinrich, ErnstOblt2/KG-26He 111 "1H + AK" (lost 2/27/40)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 27 February, 1940 after being shot down by Spitfires of RAF No. 609 Sq., piloted by F/O George Ayre and P/O James Buchanan, 6 miles off St. Abbs Head. The entire crew were captured, date unknown. Added: Remaining crew (POW): Uffz Hermann Jonas, Obs; Fw Karl Henrici, R/O and Uffz Kurt Weinert, Flt Engr (D.Drury).
709 Heinrichs, ErichOblt11/5/1912Naugard, PommernII/KG-54 (North Sea)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 2351 "B3 + DC" (lost 5/28/41)
RK (6/22/41 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
MIA 28 May, 1941; shot down by a Beaufighter during Operation Channel Dash during an attack on the British fleet west of Ireland. Remaining crew: Oblt Karl Brand, Obs (MIA); Ofw Iggo Iggena, R/O (MIA) and Uffz Herbert Mandl, Gnr. whoes body washed ashore Iona along the west coast of Scotland 20 July, 1941. Added: Mandl buried CC, Blk 3, Row 13, Gr 401 (D.Drury).
Cannock Chase
710 Heinssen, ErwinOfw2/KG-3 (S.U.)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 886282 "5K + KK" (lost 9/16/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 16 September, 1941; crashed and burned at the Schatalowka-West airfield, cause not reported. Remaining crew (KIC): Oblt Werner Lemme, Stffüh & Obs; Ofw Friedrich Teika, R/O and Ogefr Karl Oberbreier, Gnr. (D.Drury via Matti Salonen, 12 Oclock Forum).
711 Heinz, KarlLt3/JG-300Bf 109G-6/AS (lost 9/13/44 at Eisenach)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 13 September, 1944 during aerial combat; force landed at Eisenach. Source: JG-300 Loss List
712 Heinz, KarlFwIII/JG-3 (S.U.)Bf 109F-2 Werk # 8246 (25% dam 6/22/41)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 22 June, 1941; crash landed at Moderowka, cause not reported. This might be Hans Heinz (erroneous Given name) in 7/JG-3 of Lt Karl Heinz, later in JG-300.
713 Heinz, KarlOblt3(F)/AGr.ObdL (Oldenburg)He 111P Werk # unk (lost 4/10/40)Observer Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 10 April, 1940 during aerial combat with seven Hurricanes of No.43 Sq., crashing at sea 5 miles off Island South Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands (Observer Loss List). Added: One pilots account indicated the gunner was believed KIA before the ac hit the sea. The other three managed to escape the sinking ac, and were seen swimming. It is not known if any of the surviving crew made it to shore (D.Drury).
714 Heise, KarlOfw3/Kü.Fl.Gr.-106 (Channel?)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 3305 "M2 + EL" (lost 5/16/41)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 16 May, 1941, cause unknown and location not reported. His Observer, Oblt Walter Armin, and two other unnamed crew were MIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
715 Heisterman von Ziehlberg, Dietrich Karl OskarHptm4/27/1910Braunsberg4.K/88 Condor Legion ('38), Stab III/KG-76 (5/41 Channel)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 6213 "F1 + AD" (lost 5/8/41)
Spanish Cross, EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA 8 May, 1941 after bombing Liverpool; with one wing on fire, he crashed into a hillside at Goldsitch Moss, Moss End farm, Staffordshire after being damaged by a Defiant night fighter piloted by Sgt Robin McNair of No. 96 Sq (Ju 88 Loss List & via D. Drury). Pilot buried Cannock Chase, 3/3/86. Remaining crew (KIA): Oblt Walter Lemke, Obs (buried Cannock Chase, 3/3/83); Ofw Rudolf Schwalbe, R/O (buried Cannock Chase, 3/3/85)and Fw Georg Mahl, Gnr. (Mahl bailed but with too little height for his chute to deploy, buried Cannock Chase, 3/3/84). Remaining crew source: via D. Drury. Alternate spelling: Heisterman von Ziehlberg
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)
The pilot’s father was a General implicated in the 1944 bomb plot. The General’s aide de camp supplied the explosive to the plotters. The General was arrested and tried and finally disposing of any need for clear proof he was executed in early 1945. The pilot’s brother died on the Russian front. The Von Ziehlbergs are to be remembered. (source: post at aircrashsites)

Crashsite marker

Cannock Chase
716 Heitkötter, KarlUffz111/JG-53 (9/44 Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 441819 "Black 18 + I" (lost 9/12/44)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 12 September, 1944 during aerial combat with a B-24 and a P-51; collision near Kyritz, bailed safely. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 at Havelburg on 12 September, 1944.
717 Helbach, KarlOfw9/KG-1Ju 88A-4
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/3/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
718 Helbig, HerbertOfw3/LG-1 (Reich Def)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550841 "L1 + KL" (lost 1/22/45)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 22 January, 1945 after being attacked by Mosquito Night Fighters of RAF Nos. 409 & 410; Helbigs Ju 88 crashed at Scheldemonding Holland, along with three others this night. German vessels also claimed victories. Remaining crew (MIA): Ogefr Hubert Wassenberg, Obs; Ogefr Karl Heinz Müller, R/O and Gefr Wilhelm Brandt, Gunner. (DeSwart & Wings to Victory)
719 Hellbach, KarlOfw9/KG-1 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 8793 (lost 3/27/43)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew 27 March, 1943; sd by enemy fighters at Starja-Russa (Ju 88 Loss List).
720 Hellemann, Karl HeinzUffz2/25/192110/JG-53 Reich Def)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 460422 "White 9 + I" (lost 9/13/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 13 September, 1944 during aerial combat at Mandern, in the Kassel area, buried Mandern.
721 Hellermann, MeinulfLt4/29/1920Recklinghausen5(F)/122Ju 88A (lost)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 24 August, 1940 when he was shot down by a Hurricane of RAF No. 501 Sq. over the Channel off the Kent coast. Lt Hurck and one other unnamed crewman MIA. Wiki Luft data. Added: Remaining crew (MIA): Lt Karl Hurck, Obs; Uffz Franz Schmidtler, R/O and Uffz Erich Kromer, Flt Engr. Pilot Hellermann buried in the War Cem., Bourdon Fr., Blk 25, Row 19, Gr 713 (D.Drury).
722 Hellwig, Karl EgonOblt6/KG-54 (Channel)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550296 "B3 + AP (lost 1/21/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 21 January, 1944; sd by a Mosquito of No. 488 Sq. at Horton Priory, Sellindge, Kent, three other unnamed crew POW (Ju 88 Loss List).
723 Hellwig, Karl ErnstUffz10/9/19203/KG-30 (Ghedi)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 142162 "4D + IL" (lost 12/2/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew in the Bari harbor 2 December, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Shot down by AA fire. Uffz Otto Schuhmacher, Obs; Uffz Karl Rittner, R/O and Ogefr Waldemar Gebert, Gnr (D.Drury). NOTE: Other sources have identified him as Karl Heinz Hellwig & Karl Heinz Helwig (one L).
724 Helm, Hans JoachimHptm6/21/1911Berlin - FriedenauStfkpt 3/KG-26He 111H-3 "1H +_L" (lost 2/27/40)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 27 February, 1940 after being attacked by Spitfires of RAF No. 152 Sq., piloted by P/O J0hn S.B.Jones and P/O Timothy S. Wildblood, 10 miles E of Coquet Island. Helm eased the He 111 into a controlled ditching, and it managed to stay afloat for three minutes for three of the crew to evacuate via the roof over the cockpit. The three did manage to get into the dingy. The body of Uffz Karl Lassnig, along with the dingy, washed ashore at Whitley Bay on 1 March, 1940, Several days later, the body of Hans Helm was recovered. Both were buried in the Chevington Cemetery; Lassnig Sec H, Gr 21 & Helm Sec H, Gr 24. It is not known what happened to the third survivor, and he is listed MIA with the remainder of the crew: Uffz Heinrich Buckisch, Ofw Artur Thiele and Gefr Walter Rixen. Added: Buckisch, or Buchisch, has been reported as the pilot (D.Drury).
725 Helmer, Karl "Charly"Hptm9/24/1911Obernbeck55/ZG-76 (1/41), 7/NJG-3 (7/42) Bf 110E-2N Werk # 3838 "M8 + ?N" (lost 1/41), Bf 110E-2 Werk # 2429 "D5 + FR" (lost 7/30/42)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Destroyer Operational Clasp
KIA 29/30 July, 1942 after crashing Werk # 2429 by Makcaoise, near Hirson, France after his engines were damaged by enemy Night Fighter fire (Jager Blatt 2/2004). His unnamed R/O did survive. Injured in a crash on 29 January, 1941 during operations south of the Danish Island of Fano. He suffered engine failure in Werk # 3838 and crashed into the sea. He and his R/O were fortunate enough to be rescued from the icy water the next morning, and brought to Esbjerg (Air War over denmark). One known victory, a Hurricane south of Douai, 18 May, 1940. his 2nd, a Hawk-75A on 7 June, 1940, no location. His 3rd, a Hawk-75A on 14 June, 1940, no location. His 4th, a Spitfire on 25 August, 1940, no location. His 5th, a Spitfire S of London on 4 September, 1940, a Lt at the time.
726 Hemesath, KarlUffz1/10/19181/KG-55 (Rothenbergen)He 111P "56-G24" (lost 6/7/39)KIC 7 June, 1939 while serving as 2nd pilot. They crashed at Gelnhausen due to a technical problem while on a training flight. See pilot, Oblt Georg Wilhelm August Freund for further detail.
727 Hennemann, KarlFw1III/JG-26 (joins 4/44), 6/JG-26 (8/44)Fw 190A-8 Werk # 175116 "Black 13" (lost 9/44), Fw 190A-8 Werk # 171580 "Black 8" (lost 10/44) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 12 October, 1944 in aerial combat with a P-51 of 364FG at Osnabrück/Hannover. He was unable to exit his AC. WIA 21 September, 1944 in his A-8 in aerial combat with a P-47 of 353FG 9 km W of Cleve-Groesbeek Holland. He bailed successfully with injuries. His one victory, a P-38 of 474FG at Creil on 25 August, 1944.
728 Henniger, KarlLt11(H)/13Fw 189A
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/25/43)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
729 Henrichsmeier, KarlOfwI/JG-51 (Reich Def Ost)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 780922 (lost 2/17/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 17 February, 1945 by enemy fire, location not reported.
730 Henschel, KarlUffz6/JG-300Fw 190A-8 (lost 7/26/44 at Wiener/Neustadt)Fighter Operational ClaspPilot disposition unknown.
731 Hense, KarlLt4/KG-2Do 217E-4 Werk # 5466 U5 + LM" (lost 1/17/43)Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
WIA 18 January, 1943 during a mine-laying operation, when he was attacked by a British Night Fighter and his Do 217 crashed on Ooststraat in Kapelle Holland (DeSwart). Remaining crew: Gefr Erhard Weiss (1/15/1921; KIA, buried Ysselsteyn BC-7-164); Ofw Karl Hochstuhl (WIA) and Fw Mathias Eberl, (4/22/1916; KIA, buried Ysselsteyn, BC-7-163).
732 Hentschel, KarlUffz22/JG-11Fw 190A-4 Werk # 7096 (lost 5/26/43)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a crash on 26 May, 1943 at Elbstrand, NW of Hamburg, due to engine damage. Opposed the 306th BG over Wilhelmshaven on 17 April, 1943. He achieved his 1st known victory, a B-17 on this date. His 2nd, a B-24 on 5 January, 1944.
733 Hentschel, Karl Aloys FranzGenMaj9/23/1899NeudammA/88 (Spain), II/JG-77 (8/40 Stavanger, a Hptm at the time), Stab Jafu 3, Stab 3 Jagddiv.Bf 109E-3 "<<" (7/40 Norway)
Spanish Cross

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/20/42)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Channel pilot, numerous staff assignments, DK-G Awards List
734 Hentschel, Karl GustavUffz3/24/19198/JG-11 (3/43; 2/44 Oldenburg)Fw 190A-4, Fw 190A-5 Werk # 1176 (lost 2/10/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 10 February, 1944 during aerial combat with fighters. His A-5 crashed at De Poppe Holland (gem. Losser).
735 Henze, KarlMaj1/20/1916Holzminden WeserI/StG-165, 2/StG-77, Stfkpt 1/StG-77, Kdr I/SG-77 (2/45), Kdr SG-102 (2/45)Ju 87D & Fw 190F & G

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/19/42)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp w/Pendant
Channel pilot. Shot down with wounds 18 August, 1940 after aerial combat with Spitfires over Ford airfield, an Oblt at the time. Although suffering from a head wound, he was able to force land northwest of Bayeaux in Normandy. His last command may have been SG-103 and SG-151 in April, 1945, flying the Ar 96, Fw 190F & G and the Ju 87 D or G. Rescued at least one downed aircrew behind enemy lines under heavy fire. Shot down several times, including a crash with a shot-up AC. 1098 missions. Sometimes spelled Hentze. Deceased 25 September, 1985, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid (D.Drury).
736 Herbst, Karl HeinzLt3/StG-5 (S.U.)Ju 87R-2 Werk # 5856 "L1 + BL" (lost 7/2/42), Ju 87R-2 Werk # 5685 "L1 + BL" (lost 1/27/43)Dive Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew 27 January, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (LW Loss Report & Ju 87 Loss List. MIA 2 July, 1942; failed to return from a mission, sd while attacking railway lines between Murmansk and Leningrad. His R/O, Uffz Alfred Nowitsch, was also listed as MIA. Source: SIG Norway. According to the LW Loss Report, the crew did return later, having walked back to the Finnish border. The Wk# 5856 ac was recovered in 1994 and ended up in the Deutsches Technik Museum in Berlin. Source: "AC Wrecks, Norway.
737 Hergenhan, KarlLt8/KG-4Ju 188E, Ju 88A-12, He 111H-20 Werk # 701132 "5J + GS" (lost 1/20/45)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List. Added: Pilot & crew MIA 20 January, 1945 when their ac crashed at Budaörs, SW of Budapest Hungary during a Budapest airlift, cause unknown, however, a Russian AA regiment made a corresponding claim. Remaining crew (MIA): Uffz Wilfried Wenzel, Obs; Uffz Kurt Schwarz, R/O; Fw Kurt Loers, Flt Engr and Ogefr Hans Heinrich Dreyer, Gnr. No known graves (D.Drury).
738 Herlitzius, KarlUffz18/ZG-26Bf 110
EK 1 & 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-17 E of DummerLake on 8 October, 1943.
739 Herrmann, Karl FriedrichUffz13(Z)/JG-5 (Finland)Bf 110F-2 Werk # 4580 (lost 6/22/43)Destroyer Operational ClaspKIA 22 June, 1943; operaional crash south of Kirkenes Norway, accidentally struck the ground during an Alarm Start. His R/O, Uffz Aloys Herrmann, was also killed. Source: SIG Norway & Bf 110 Loss List. Alternate spelling: Hermann (Bf 110 Loss List).
740 Hertle, KarlOblt7/16/19183/JG-2 (3/45)Fw 190A, Fw 190D-9 Werk # 500072 (lost 3/2/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 2 March, 1945 during aerial combat in the Mainz-Mombach area, bailed safely.
741 Herzer, KarlUffz47/JG-52 (Found on JG-3 List!)Bf 109G-6 Werk#760355 "White 8"
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 19 July, 1944; Combat with a Spitfire, area of St. Lo. Mombeek MIA List. His first known victory, a Soviet P-39 on 25 April, 1944. A 2nd, a Yak-7 on 26 April, 1944. A 3rd, a Yak-7 on 28 April, 1944. A 4th, a Pe-2 on 30 May, 1944.
742 Herzog, ErnstUffz9/KG-4 (Delmenhorst) Ju 88A-1 Werk # 3035 "5J + IT" (lost 5/10/40) Bomber Operational Clasp His Ju 88 crashed at Ijsselmeer Holland on 10 May, 1940, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown (DeSwart). Added: Uffz Herzog is MIA following a raid on the Schiphol airfield, sd by a Fokker D.XXXI, piloted by W.Hateboer. The crash location was into the North Sea, 3km west of Noordwijk. Remaining crew: Lt Günter Hinsch (geb 11/23/1916 Hamburg), Obs (KIA); Ogefr Albert Fölsch (geb 8/12/1916 Hanstedt), pos unk (KIA) and Ogefr Karl Danzmair (geb 12/8/1918 Muhlbach/Salzburg Aus.), pos unk (KIA). The final resting place of the deceased is Ysselsteyn in 1948: Lt Hinsch BH-1-8, Ogefr Fölsch CV-1-4 and Ogefr Danzmair CV-1-5 (Find-A-Grave by Fred).
743 Herzog, KarlOfw12/24/19126/ZG-26 Bf 110C-7 Werk # 3418 "3U + JP" (lost 10/7/40) Destroyer Operational Clasp KIA 7 October, 1940; shot down by F/Lt M.L. Robinson of RAF No. 609 Sq. while escorting II/KG-51 at Yeovil England. The AC crashed at the Kingston Russell Dairy Farm, (now called Long Bredy), 7 miles west of Dorchester, Dorset, killing both crew (D.Drury). His R/O-Gunner, Ogefr Herbert Schilling (geb 7/24/1913 Gera), initially carried as MIA. Their remains were discovered in August, 1976 and they were both buried in a shared grave at Cannock Chase Military Cemetery, Plot 8, Row 7, Grave 162.
Cannock Chase
744 Hess, Karl HeinzFw5/KG-26 (Vaernes)He 111H Werk # Unk (lost 5/22/40)Bomber Operational ClaspThis ac reported lost 22 May, 1940; sd by a Gladiator piloted by Craig Adams of No. 263 Sq.. Both ac crashed at Sjovegan, west of Setermoen, near Salangen. Two of the Hess crew, POW, and two returned, all unnamed (Stankey & DeZeng).
745 Hesse, JosefOblt.z.See9/20/19151(F)/22 (Banak)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430287 "4N + FH" (lost 9/25/42)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 25 September, 1942; crashed at sea during a mission near the Isle of Tamsö, cause unknown. Remaining crew (all KIA): Oblt Olf Bauer, Observer; Uffz Herbert Winkler, R/O and Uffz Karl Müller, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway. Added: He was sd by a British ac (CATA ..Caatalina?) of No.210 Sq. and crashed west of the Tamsoya Island, 35km S of Honningsvag (Observer Loss List).
746 Hesse, Karl OttoMajStfkpt 9/KG-4 (6/42 S.U.), Stfkpt 4/KG-101 (3/44), Stfkpt 5/KG-4 (7/44), Kdr II/KG-4 (5/45)He 111H-6 Werk # 7026 "5J + FT" (lost 6/14/42)Bomber Operational ClaspHptm Hesse, acting as Observer for Oblt Wilhelm Bergmann on 14 June, 1942, when they crashed at Luga S.U., after being hit by AA fire. The crew all survived the crash, and were in action the following month. See Oblt Bergmann for crew detail.
747 Hesslach, KarlLtAufkl Lappland (Fornebu)Do 17P-1 Werk # 1116 "1R + BH" (linterned Sweden 7/13/41)Observer Operational ClaspInterned in Sweden 13 July, 1941, when on a courier flight he experienced engine trouble and made an emergency landing Myckle, west of Skelletta (Observer Loss List).
748 Hetterich, KarlLt1/LG-1 (Africa)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 5553 "L1 + GH" (lost 5/24/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at El Daba on 24 May, 1942, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
749 Hettler, Karl EugenUffz1/JG-77 (Sicily)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 18119 "White 5" (lost 7/28/43)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 28 August, 1943 after being shot down during aerial combat, 25km SW of Ätna.
750 Hettlich, JosefLt7/16/1921Nahne/Osnabrück7/NJG-1 (7/44), 9/NJG-1 (1/45) Bf 110G-4 Werk # 730117 (lost 7/24/44), Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620404 "G9 + KT" (lost 1/1/45) EP (1o/11/43)
EK 1&2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
His G-4 crashed 5 km north of Deelen Holland on 24 July, 1944, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown (DeSwart). His Ju 88 crashed at Kockengen, NNE of Woerden, on 1 January, 1945, during Operation Bodenplatte, sd by his own flak, pilot/crew disposition unknown. (DeSwart & Balss). Added: Pilot KIA; Remaining crew (WIA): Uffz Karl Meinert, R/O and Gefr Georg Steinhauser, Gnr (Manrho/Putz publ.)
751 Heute, WilhelmHptm5/11/1914Hamm1/Ku.Fl.Gr.-606(11/39), 1/Kü.Fl.Gr.-806(12/39), IV/KG-54(4/42), Stfkpt in 8/KG-54(7/43; 7/44 France)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550393 "B3 + JS" (lost 7/4/44)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/16/42)
EK 1(9/23/40) & 2(6/18/40)
Bomber Operational Clasp in Gold
MIA 3/4 July, 1944; failed to return from a mission over the Seine mouth, attacking Allied shipping, probably shot down by Allied night fighters. Remaining crew (MIA): StbsFw Richard Brunn, Obs; Uffz Karl Fassbender, R/O and Uffz Ewald Thees, Gnr.. 300+ combat missions.
752 Heyse, Karl HeinrichHptm7/8/1908Kdr II/NJG-1 (7/40-9/40), Kdr I/NJG-2 (9/40 North Sea)Ju 88C in NJG-1; Do 17Z in NJG-2, Ju 88C-4 Werk # 0347 "R4 + BB" (lost 11/24/40) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA with unnamed crew 23/24 November, 1940; failed to return from a long range intruder mission over England. Thought to be shot down over the North Sea by British Night Fighters. He was the first Night Fighter to undertake Longe Range Night Fighter Missions. Referred to as "Karl" by John Weal
753 Hieber, KarlFwIV/JG-53 (2/45 Echterdingen)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 464075 (lost 2/8/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 8 February, 1945 during aerial combat with a P-47 near Achern.
754 Hielscher, Karl FerdinandMajKdr I/KG-102 (8/44)He 111P & Ju 88ABomber Operational Clasp
755 Hier, Karl PaulOfw15 1/JG-76 (9/39 Channel), 4/JG-54 (9/40 France) Bf 109E-3 Werk # 1304 "White 1" (lost 11/22/39), Bf 109E-3 Werk # 1501 "ER + GL "White 11" (lost 11/15/40) EP

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 15 November, 1940, after disappearing into the sea off Shoeburyness in "White 11". One known victory, his 1st, a Polish P-24 SW of Lodz, shot down 4 September, 1939. Shot down (and captured by the French) 22 November, 1939 by a French Morane MS 406 over the Saarland frontier. He landed intact near Görsdorf, 60 km to the north of Strasbourg. He had been released from captivity after the end of the campaign in France. This AC was finally shipped to the U.S. in May, 1942. His 3rd victory (his 2nd unknown), a Spitfire near Dover on 11 August, 1940. His 4th, a Spitfire at Eastchurch on 20 August, 1940. His 5th, a Spitfire near Canterbury on 26 August, 1940. His 6th, a Spitfire in the Dover area on 28 August, 1940. His 7th, a Hurricane on 30 August, 1940, no location. His 8th, a Hurricane at Themsemündung on 31 August, 1940. On 1 September, 1940, he was reported shot down by a Spitfire and was rescued from the Channel by his Air-Sea Rescue. His 9th, a Spitfire in the Ramsgate area on 8 September, 1940. His 10th, a Spitfire near London on 27 September, 1940. His 11th, a Hurricane S of Tonbridge on 12 October, 1940. Nos.12 & 13, both Hurricanes S of London on 13 October, 1940. His 14th, a Spitfire on 25 October, 1940, no location. His 15th, a Hurricane NW of Dungeness on 2 November, 1940. Added: "White 1", previously referred to as White 14", clearly pictured as "White 1" online at Luftfahrt-Archiv Hafner.
756 Hiess, KarlUffz6/JG-54Bf 109F-2 Werk# 12921 "SF+SY" "Yellow 9" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 25 October, 1941 over Kalinin.
757 Hilberseimer, EmilFw2/16/1919Düren12/NJG-1 (St Trond) Bf 110G-4 Werk # 730118 "G9 + CZ" (lost 6/17/44) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIC 17 June, 1944; The AC crashed near Gönnern, near Biedenkopf, with all three crew members losing their lives. Pilot buried in Düren. Remaining crew (KIC): Uffz Karl Holch (2/16/1921), R/O, buried Stuttgart and Gefr Gerhard Gille (2/9/1924), Gunner.,buried Wittmar. Added: Fw Hilberseimer is buried in the War Cem. Düren-Neuer Friedhof, Düren Ost in Field X, Grave 93. There are no VDK grave information on the others (D.Drury).
758 Hiller, KarlOfw101/JG-52 (1/44 S.U.), 4/JG-52 (3/44), 10/JG-11 (6/44 S.U.), 12/JG-11 (12/44)Bf 109G, Fw 190A-8 Werk # 960298 "Blue 11 + I" (lost 1/1/45)EP

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
POW with wounds 1 January, 1945 after his A-8 crashed at Maastricht Holland during Operation Bodenplatte after engaging American fighters (DeSwart). His first known victory, a Soviet P-39 on 26 January, 1944. A 2nd Soviet, a LaGG-5 on 9 March, 1944. A 3rd Soviet, an R-5 on 15 April, 1944. A 4th Soviet, a P-39 on 16 April, 1944. A 5th Soviet, an Il-2 (m.H.) on 2 May, 1944. A 6th Soviet, a P-39 on 30 June, 1944. A 7th Soviet, an Il-2 (m.H.) on 16 August, 1944. An 8th Soviet, a LaGG-5 on 17 August, 1944. One known western victory, a P-47 at Lüttich on 23 December, 1944. A 2nd, a P-38 SW of Prüm on 24 December, 1944. Magnus.
759 Hilmer, EberhardLt2/18/19194(F)/11 Ju 88D-1 Werk # 1485 "8H + GL" (lost 1/16/42) Observer Operational Clasp MIA with his entire crew, 16 January, 1942, when they failed toreturn from a reconnaissance mission between Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Oblast and Kaluga, Kaluga Oblast, Russia, cause not reported. Remaining crew: Lt Wilhelm Deierlzing, Obs; Uffz Edgar Hammel, R/O and Uffz Karl Knecht, Gnr. Lt Hilmer commemorated in the Ger War Cem at Rshew, Russia (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Himer.
760 Hiltl, KarlOfw2/NAGr-16Fw 189A-1 & A-2
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(12/12/43)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
761 Hinne, Friedrich KarlLt4/15/1921Rosslau/Dessau2/NJG-3 Ju 88C-6 Werk # 360418 "D5 + AK" (lost 8/31/43) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA with one other unnamed crew 31 August, 1943 cause unknown, location not reported, one other crew WIA (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew: Gefr Günther Lüddecke (KIA) & Uffz Pluschke (WIA), crash location, Horni Jiretin near Most, CZ. The cause was British AA fire (F.Braun).
762 Hinrichs, ErnstUffz8/15/1915Sandeneufeld 2/Kü.Fl.Gr.-606 (Sylt, Schleswig-Holstein) Do 18D-3 Werk # 833 "8L + WK" (lost 9/6/39) Observer Operational Clasp Injured in the crash on 6 September, 1939 when his ac overturned making a night landing at sea off Hörnum, Sylt. He died of his injuries 9 September, 1939. Remaining crew: Oblt z.S. Helmut Rabach, Obs (geb 1/8/1911, DOW 9/7/39); Ogefr Herbert Rusch (Inj) and Uffz Karl Evers, Flt Engr (KIC). No VDK grave listing for Oblt Rabach. Uffz Hinrichs is buried at Wilhelmshaven Ehrenfriedhof, Germany, Blk Ea, Gr 13. Uffz Evers is buried in the War Cem. at Quarnbek-Flemhude, Germany (D.Drury).
763 Hirsch, KarlGefr12/JG-27 (Reich Def)Bf 109K-4 Werk # 330375 "Red 3" (lost 12/24/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 24 December, 1944 during aerial combat in the Bonn area.
764 Hirschmann, KarlUffzVerb.Kdo. V.unknown
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/15/43)

EK 1 & 2
DK-G Awards List
765 Hirschmann, KarlUffz4/ZG-1 (Med)Bf 110G-2 Trop Werk # 5632 "S9 + AM" (lost 7/28/43)Destroyer Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew 28 July, 1943 during aerial combat SE of Catania. Bf 110 Loss List. This may be the Karl Hirschmann in the "unknown" unit, next record.
766 Hirz, KarlFwErg/SKG-10Fw 190A-3 Werk # 5515 (lost 1/6/43)Assault Operational ClaspKIC 6 January, 1943 south of Saintes Fr due to a servicing erreo.
767 Hitter, Hans Karl Uffz9/JG-1 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 160719 "Yellow 12" (lost 2/10/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 10 February, 1944 during aerial combat with fighters, crashing near Ahaus, Krs Münster-Westfalen (L/Wiegels). No known grave.
768 Höchtl, KarlUffz17/JG-27Bf 109 EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, his 1st, a Beaufighter southeast of Naousa, west of Salonika Greece, 6 November, 1943.
769 Hofalski, PaulUffzI (Lufttorpedostf)/KG-26 (Bardufoss)He 111H-6 Werk # 4950 (lost 5/3/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 3 May, 1942; shot down by ship flak at Map Quadrant 17 East/9481. Remaining crew (all MIA): Oblt Kurt Jauer, Observer; Uffz Karl Wagner, R/O and Uffz Gustav von Rambow, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
770 Höfer, KarlLt19/JG-2 (1/43 Channel) Fw 190A-4 Werk # 147068 "Yellow 3 + I" (lost 1/3/43)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 3 January, 1943 over Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 4876/14 West, cause unknown. One known victory, a B-17 on 3 January, 1943.
771 Höfer, Karl Heinrich 'Heinz'Maj7/14/1911Bad OeynhausenKdr Stabstaffel/KG-55 (2/40), Kdr II/KG-55 (11/42)He 111H

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(7/16/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp w/Pendant
POW 27 April, 1945. 550 combat flights considered one of the highest mission totals of any German bomber pilot. Died 1996-02-02
772 Hoffmann, KarlGefr2/NJG-3Bf 110G-4 Night Fighter Operational Clasp
773 Hoffmann, Karl LudwigOfw10/27/19212/KG-66Ju 88S-1 Werk # 140598 "Z6 + CL" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 29 January, 1944 while heading outbound on a mission to London, he crashed for an unknown reason at Krabbendijke Holland. Hoffmann buried BS/3/60. Remaining crew (KIA, all buried Ysselsteyn): Uffz Erich Hege, geb 5/27/1920, buried BS/3/59; Uffz Hans Platzer, geb 11/9/1919, buried BS/3/61 and Fw Werner Courtoin, geb 4/1/1923, buried BS/3/62. Wings to Victory
774 Hoffmann, Karl LudwigUffz10/27/1921IV/KG-6 (10/43 Channel), 3/KG-66 (1/44)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 1735 "??" (lost 10/16/43), Ju 88S-1 Werk # 140598 "Z6 + EL" (lost 1/29/44)Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA 30 January, 1944 during an attack on London. His Ju 88 crashed at Krabbendijke Holland, cause unknown. Remaining crew (KIA): Ogefr Erich Hege, geb 5/27/1920, Obs; Uffz Werner Courtois, geb 4/1/1923, R/O and Uffz Johann Platzer, geb 11/9/1919, Sound Detector. (DeSwart & Bines). WIA with two other unnamed crew near Mennesy on 16 October, 1943; shot down by enemy fighters, one crew KIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
775 Höfft, OttoFw1(F)/121 (Stavanger Norway)Ju 88A-1 Werk # 2086 "7A + KH" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 11 August, 1940 during a photo recon mission over Helmsley, when attacked by 3 Spitfires of RAF No. 41 Sq.. The AC crashed on Newton Moor, near the Calais House Farm, Scaling. Remaining crew: Oblt Hans Marzusch, Observer (POW), Fw Karl Heinz Hacker, wireless operator (POW) and Lt Heinrich Meier, communications specialist listening to british Radio traffic (KIA). Alternate spelling: Hoefft.
776 Höflinger, KarlLt7/13/1917Kirchheim TeckII/StG-2 (39), 9/KG-77 (Channel)Do 17, Ju 88A-5 Werk # 6260 "3Z + JR" (lost 4/18/41)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
MIA 18 April, 1941; during an attack on Portsmouth, his A-5 was badly damaged by AA fire over the target area. Unable to keep his ac in the air, he ditched in the English Channel. He and his crew were never found. Remaining crew (MIA): Ofw Karl Vogelhuber, Obs; Ofw Karl Odelga, R/O and Fw Karl Herfort, Gnr..
777 Hofmann, AlerichObst6/28/1903VilshofenKdr I/KG-30 (12/42 S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140146 "4D + AB" (lost 12/28/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 28 December, 1942; failed to return from a Murmansk mission. Remaining crew (all MIA): Ofw Karl Schilze, Observer; Uffz Klaus Oelemann, R/O and Fw Karl Prock, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
778 Hofmann, Julias Karl "Julio"UffzChile51/JG-53 (6/42 S.U.), 3/JG-53 (12/42 Tunisia)Bf 109F-4 (Trop) Werk # 10227 (lost 6/23/42), Bf 109G-2 Werk # 14534 "Yellow 4" (lost 1/31/43)EP

EK 1 & 2
Class "C" Glider Badge. Fighter Operational Clasp
POW 31 January, 1943 after aerial combat with a Spitfire at La Calle, bailed safely (Magnus & Bf 109 Loss List). WIA 23 June, 1942; hit by flak at Schtschigry (Bf 109 Loss List). His 3rd & 4th victories were Spitfires in N. Africa on 3 December, 1942. His 5th victory was a Spitfire over N. Africa on 2 January, 1943. Alternate spelling: Hoffmann. Added: The Given name, Karl Julius per relative, Monica Aguirre, 3/2018.
courtesy Mónica Aguirre
779 Hofmann, KarlFwI/JG-26 (joins 7/44), 3/JG-26 (8/44), 2/JG-26 (3/45)Fw 190A-8 Werk # 171077 "Yellow 9" (lost 8/7/44), Fw 190D-9 Werk # 500044 "Black 6" (lost)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 19 March, 1945 during aerial combat in "Black 6" with a P-51 of 479Fg near Rastrup. He was able to bail, but his chute did not open. WIA 7 August, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-47 of 373FG at Dourdan, S of Paris. He was severely injured when he made a crash landing in a field. Another French source suggests this ac may be Werk # 171177.
780 Hofmann, KarlLt1/JG-53 (Med)Bf 109F-4/Z Werk # 7289 (lost 12/31/41)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 31 December, 1941; collided with Uffz Wilhelm Reidel in another F-4/Z, Werk # 7294, crashing 3 km west of San Pietro, killing both pilots. No mention if it was an operational flight. Source: Jochen Prien
781 Hofmann, KarlOblt4(F)/11 (S.U.) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0483 "6M + FM" (lost 6/25/41) Observer Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew in the Smolensk area 25 June, 1941, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew: Lt E.Reetz, Obs (MIA); Gefr H.Werner, R/O (MIA) and Uffz Kurt Paul Emil Gottwald, Gnr (POW; died in captivity 27 June, 1941, just 5 days after the start of Operation Barbarossa). Uffz Gottwald is not in a VDK cemetery, but there is believed to be a grave existing in Smolensk (D.Drury).
782 Hofmann, KarlLt4/KG-3 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 1196 "5K + FM" (lost 7/4/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Jaokin 4 July, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
783 Hofmann, Karl HeinzPlatzschutzstaffel JV-44 (4/45)Fw 190D-1 Werk # 170933 "Red 4"Fighter Operational ClaspProtected Me 262s of JV 44. Served with Heinz Sachsenberg and pictured with same at Ainring in May, 1945. Found on JV-44 pilot list on-line. Alternate spelling: Hofmann.
784 Hofrath, Kurt Karl?Uffz292/JG-3 (5/42 S.U.), 1/JG-3 (7/42 S.U.)Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7646 "Black 6" (lost 7/26/42), Bf 109G-1 Werk # 14028 "Black 14 + -" (lost 1/3/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 3 January, 1943 at Pitomnik, cause unknown (Bf 109 Loss List). Reported MIA 26 July, 1942 after crashing at Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 2939 due to engine damage during combat. Pilot returned later. One known Soviet victory, a MiG-1 5 km NW of Lychov on 26 May, 1942. A 2nd, a LaGG-3 on 27 June, 1942. A 3rd, a Yak-1 on 17 July, 1942. His 4th and 5th, a MiG-1 and an Il-2 on 1 October, 1942. A Yak-5 on 17 October, 1942. A Yak-1 on 25 October, 1942. A LaGG-3 on 1 November, 1942. A Yak-1 on 13 November, 1942. A MiG-1 on 16 November, 1942. His 17th, an unnamed Soviet AC on 1 December, 1942. An Il-2 at Stalingrad on 9 December, 1942. An Il-2 at Stalingrad on 10 December, 1942. An La-5 at Stalingrad on 11 December, 1942. Another La-5 at Stalingrad on 12 December, 1942. An Il-2, a LaGG-3 and a MiG-3 at Stalingrad on 18 December, 1942. A 25th, an Il-2 at Stalingrad on 27 December, 1942. A MiG-2 and an Il-2 at Stalingrad on 28 December, 1942. An La-5 on 29 December, 1942. A MiG-1 on 30 December, 1942. Magnus, 24 victories.
785 Hogeweg, KarlUffz24/JG-52 (1/44 S.U.), 6/JG-52 (6/44 Romania; 7/44 S.U.)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 140206 "White 8 + -" (dam 1/21/44), Bf 109G-6 Werk # 164778 "Yellow 1 + -" (dam 6/24/44), Bf 109G-6 Werk # 163578 "Yellow 9 + -" (lost 8/4/44) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 4 August, 1944 after being hit by flak, location not reported. WIA 21 January, 1944 during aerial combat, location not reported. WIA 24 June, 1944 during aerial combat, made a successful force landing, location not reported. His first known victory, a Soviet P-39 on 15 July, 1944. A 2nd, a P-39 on 16 July, 1944.
786 Höhn, KarlOblt2/LG-1 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 5570 "L1 + KK" (lost 4/16/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Alexandria on 16 April, 1942, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
787 Holborn, Karl HeinzOblt15/NJG-1 (5/41), Kdr Erg/NJG-1 (41)Bf 109E, Bf 110 EK 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Wellington of No. 10 Sq. at Helmsand by Meldorf, 11 May, 1941.
788 Holl, KarlOgefr10/KG-6Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550511 (lost 6/20/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 20 June, 1944 at Südgellersen while on a training flight, cause not reported. Remaining crew (KIC): Obs Fw Erich Gailmeister; R/O Ogefr Heimz Ries and Gnr Gefr Klaus Ohlendorf.
789 Holland, KarlLt3/JG-53 (Italy)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 160350 "Yellow 6" "PN + RJ" (lost 9/10/43)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 10 September, 1943 during an escort mission south of Salerno (Bf 109 Loss List).
790 Hollmann, KarlOfw110/JG-51 (8/44 S.U.)Bf 109G EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet Yak-7 on 19 August, 1944.
791 Holshauser, Karl HeinzUffz2/KG-1 ( Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 4548 "V4 + LK" (lost 7/17/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with two other unnamed crew at Syrakus 17 July, 1943, cause unknown, one other crew WIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
792 Holst, KarlOfw2/StG-77Ju 87D-1
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/21/42)

EK 1 & 2
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
793 Holtkamp, LudgerHptm7/16/1909BillerbeckStfkpt 7/KG-2Do 17Z Werk # 3330 "U5 + AR" (lost 4/20/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 20 April, 1941 after his ac was sd by ground fire north of Lamia Greece. Remaining crew: Uffz Karl Buhrmann, Obs (KIA); Uffz Siegfried Bleidorn, R/O (WIA) and Lt Klaus Rodatz, Flt Engr (KIA). Hptm Holtkamp and Uffz Bührmann are buried in the War Cem., Dionyssos-Rapendoza, Crypt 2, Row 3: Holtkamp Platte 6, Bührmann Platte 2 and Lt Rodatz Platte 11 (D.Drury).
794 Holtrup, KarlOfwDüsseldorf3/KG-40 (Norway) Fw 200C-4 Werk # 0200 "F8 + FL" (lost 8/5/43) Bomber Operational Clasp POW 5 August, 1943; shot down by two P-38s, piloted by Capt. Richard Holly and Capt. William Bethea, off the north coast of Norway. Set on fire, the Condor ditched in the ocean just off the east coast of Grimsey Island, off northern Iceland. The crew managed to board a life raft and were picked up by American military and taken to a nearby British warship. Remaining crew (all POW): Uffz Günter Karte, Co-pilot; Fw Josef Teufel, R/O; Uffz Herbert Richter, 2nd R/O; Ofw Emil Brandt, Mech/Flt Engr; Gefr Wilhelm Lehn, Gunner and Ogefr Siegfried Klinkmann, 2nd Gunner. Source: SIG Norway & S.J. Sigurdarson. Alternate spelling: Holturp & Heltrup.
795 Holz, WilliUffz9/KG-30Ju 88A-1 Werk # Unk "4D + BT (lost 4/20/40)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 20 April, 1940: sd by AA fire at Flesje, Sola by the British destroyer "Auckland, killing the entire remaining crew, buried Havstein Cem., Trondheim. Remaining crew: Fw Johann Ramming, Fw Karl Eilert and Gefr Kurt Voges (Flyvrak Norway).
796 Holzapfel, Karl Gustav Attalus Peter?Gefr7/24/1919Berlin Steglitz7/JG-26 (Channel)Bf 109E-1 Werk # 3877 "White 5 + I" (lost 9/6/40)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 6 September, 1940 in aerial combat with Spitfires of RAF No. 234 Sq., and Hurricanes of No. 303 Sq., crashing into the Channel S of London. Buried Folkstone (New) Cemetery, Kent, Block O, Row 1, Grave 28. (Luft.Pilot Discussion Board & Joe Potter Grave Search).
797 Holzapfel, Karl OttoOblt9/11/1915Tübingen2(H)/Erg.Aufkl.Gr.Ju 188E, Me 410A
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
DK-G awards List
798 Homann, Karl ErnstUffz11/JG-5Fw 190A-4 Werk# 5673 (lost 9/4/43))Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 4 September, 1943; Crash, south of Ogna (Egersuns), Map Quadrant 5963/05E. Mombeek MIA List.
799 Hönsbröch, Karl Graf vonOblt1(F)/124Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0696 (lost)Observer Operational ClaspHönsbröch crashed this Ju 88 18 km west of Bardufoss during a transfer flight, cause and pilot disposition not given. Source: D/Stankey.
800 Hopf, KarlOfw3(F)/123 (Channel)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0454 "4U + FL" (lost 11/14/40)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 14 November 1940 during a reconnaissance mission over England. Crashed behind Moores Garage, Ringwood Rd., Poole. The garage and several houses were demolished by the resultant explosion. Hopf bur CC, Plot 7, Row 4, Gr 97. Remaining crew (KIA, all bur in CC, Plot 7, Row 4): Oblt Arnold von Kügelgen, Gr 99; Fw Jakob Duckgeischel, Gr 100 and Fw Kurt Löhn, Gr 98 (Wiki Luft data & D.Drury).
Cannock Chase

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