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201 Albrecht, FritzFw1(F)/121 (Greece) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 684 (lost 8/26/41) Observer Operational Clasp KIC 26 August, 1941 when his ac struck an obstacle at or near Athens-Tatoi airfield. Remaining crew: Fw Julius Ernst Gerhardt, Obs (DOW 8/27/41); Uffz Kurt Knuschke, R/O (WIC) and Uffz Heinz Büttner, Gnr (KIC). Two of the deceased are buried in the Ger War Cem. at Dionyssos-Rapendoza, Crypt 3, Row 8 as follows: Fw Gerhardt, Platte 11; Uffz Büttner, Platte 8 (D.Drury).
202 Albrecht, HeinzOfw64/JG-11 (6/44 France), 5/JG-11 (2/45), 1/JG-11 (5/45)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 441167 "White 7" (Dam 6/10/44)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 2 May, 1945, reason unknown, in the area of Neustadt/Gleve. Mombeek MIA List. WIA 10 June, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-51 in the Amiens area. His 1st & 2nd victories, Il-2s on 17 February, 1945.
203 Albrecht, KarlFw8/12/191619/JG-54 (Channel)Bf 109E-4 Werk # 0924 "BJ+ST" "Yellow ?" (lost 2/14/41) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 14 February, 1941 crashing in Belgium, near Waterloo, on a domestic flight, pilot error. Buried Lommel, Block 45/526 (A. Rosseels). His first victory, a Hampden 5 km SW of Bergen-aan-Zee on 25 November, 1940.
Lommel, Belgium
204 Albrecht, KarlHptm5/18/191313/ZG-26 ('40), 3/JG-2 (8/42)Fw 190A EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Spitfire on 19 August, 1942.
205 Albrecht, KarlOfwShot down 20 April, 1945 by Uhingen/Göppingen. Jager Blatt 2/2001. This may be the Albrecht in 11/KG-200, a Mistel unit.
206 Albrecht, Richard ArnoldHptm12/6/1915AustriaII/KG-1 (5/43), NJG-101 (1/44), 8/NJG-3 (4/44), 2/Lichtbildstaffe (Photo Recon) Ju 88G Werk # 5341083(?) (lost 3/24/45) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA 24 March, 1945, the AC crashing in the Uedemer Bruch, Kreis Kleve. Remaining crew (KIA): Walter Aglassinger, R/O; Uffz Gustav Thele and Heinrich Fuchsius. Albrecht and Aglassinger were buried in Weeze. Alternate spelling: Allbrecht. Jager Blatt 1/2003 & 3/2003.
207 Albrecht, SiegfriedFw2/17/1917Geroldswalde/E.Prus.5/NJG-3 (Schleswig) Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620815 (or 620818) "D5 + BN" (lost 12/27/44) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA 26/27 December, 1944 when he failed to return from a war flight over the "Bulge", and his Ju 88 crashed at Malonne Belgium, cause not given. Buried Lommel, Block 54/544. Remaining crew (MIA): Fw Walter Berger, Uffz Heinz Haake and Uffz Hans Roch. Source: A. Rosseels & D.Drury).
Lommel, Belgium
208 Albrecht, WalterOgefr1/JG-5Fw 190A-4 Werk # 5688 (80% damage 3/23/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 23 March, 1943 northeast of Stavanger Norway, Map Quadrant 06 East/5073, due to engine failure, no further detail.
209 Albrecht, WolfgangUffz2/JG-1Fw 190A-8 Werk # 175011 "Black 14" (lost 11/26/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 26 November, 1944; enemy action in the Perleberg area. DOW 1 December, 1944. Buried Perleberg Waldfriedhof, Block 6/3/5. Source: J. Geensen.
210 Alcocer, Luis Moreno AbellaObltSpain515(Span)/JG-27Bf 109E-7 Fighter Operational Clasp in Bronze KIC on 2 October, 1941 when his E-7 overturned during an emergency landing, after his first operational sortie. Neulen. Added: He was the first casualty of the First Spanish Blue Squadron during the Spanish Civil War. On 2 October, 1941, after aerial combat, he was killed attempting a force landing (A.Duarte).
211 Aldecoa, VicenteLtSpain715(Span)/JG-51Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
212 Alder, EmanuelLt9/KG-51 (S.U.) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 6318 "9K + DT" (lost 6/22/41) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA in the vicinity of Tarnopol Ukraine, with unnamed crew 22 June, 1941, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew (MIA): Ofw Ludwig Müller, Obs; Ofw Josef "Sepp" Dorr, R/O and Fw Erich Maier, Gnr (D.Drury).
213 Alefeld, HansObstltKdr I/KG-26 (4/40)He 111HBomber Operational Clasp
214 Aleith, HerbertFw10/14/19122/KG-55He 111P (lost 7/11/40)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 11 July, 1940; failed to return from a mission over England, crashed into the Channel. His body washed ashore 26 October, 1940 near Wissenkerke Holland. Buried first at Vlissingen, then at Ysselsteyn BB-4-78. Remaining crew (MIA): Obs K.Maiereder; R/O W.Ruschewitz; Engr P.Klein and Gnr A.Reindl. Source: Find-A-Grave by Fred.
215 Alemann, Friedrich vonKGzbV-105 (11/36 to 7/41)Most likely He 111PBomber Operational ClaspFlugbuch.
216 Alemann, Philipp vonHptmKdr I/KG-2 (10/44)Me 410 & Ju 188Bomber Operational Clasp
217 Alessandrini, AldoLtColItaly, Regia Aeronautica ItalianaKdr 2 Gruppo C.T. (repl Vizzoto) (7/44 Cascina Vaga)MC.205V, Fiat G.55, Bf 109G-6/R6 (5/44)Fighter Operational ClaspNeulen
218 Alewyn, HeinzMajKdr I/KG-4 (1/42 S.U.)He 111HBomber Operational ClaspShot down by ground fire on 10 January, 1942, the crew bailed safely in the area of Staraya Russia, however their subsequent disposition is unknown, although they are thought to have returned safely.
219 Alex, RudolfUffz3/KGr-806 (Malta)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 1017 "M7 + ML" (lost 2/15/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 15 February, 1942, probably shot down by a Spitfire of No. 249 Sq. (F/L Connell) Source: Ju 88 Loss List.
220 Alexa, Kartl or Karl?Ofw3/KG-54 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 141116 "B3 + DL" (lost 4/25/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with one other unnamed crew 25 April, 1943, his Observer Oblt Gerhard Ernst and one other unnamed crew returned, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List). Alexas Given Name spelled "KARTL on LW Loss Report; may have been a typo.
221 Alexander, HelmutOfw7/13/191724/JG-53 (6/44/France)Bf 109G-6/U4 Werk # 441923 "White 18 + -" (lost 6/27/44), Bf 109G-14/AS Werk # 785848 "White 2 + -" (lost 3/16/45)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC 26 March, 1945 during aerial combat with a P-51 at Sulzbach in Taunus, in the Frankfurt am Main area. No further information (Jager Blatt). WIA 27 June, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-47 near the Champfleury airfield, bailed safely. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 at Bremen on 29 April, 1944. His 2nd, an "unidentified fighter" in the Caen area on 8 June, 1944. His victories may be as high as 4 (Bf 109 Loss List).
222 Alf, RudolfOfw122/JG-2 (7/41), Stab/JG-2 (7/43), JG-7Bf 109E & F in 41, Fw 190A-6 Werk # 550146 45% dam 7/10/43), Me 262EP

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIFA 26 November, 1944. Injured in a belly landing near St Christof on 10 July, 1943 due to engine failure. One known victory, his 1st, a Wellington on 24 July, 1941, no location. His 2nd, a Hudson at Brest on 25 July, 1941. His 3rd, a Spitfire at Brest on 16 August, 1941. His 4th, a Spitfire on 2 December, 1941, no location. On 25 August, 1943, he downed two P-51s. Magnus.
223 Alho, Martti AslakOfwFinland154/LeLv-24 (1/40, 7/41 Rantasalmi, 8/41 Immola)D.XXI (1/40), B-239 "BW-383" "Black 7" (7/41), F2A Buffalo
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
224 Alisch, GüntherLt3/LG-1 (Africa)JU 88A-4 Werk # 140706 "L1 + XL" (lost 6/7/42)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew at Tobruk 7 June, 1942, probably due to flak (Ju 88 Loss List).
225 Alisch, H.ObltStab/KG-30Ju 88A-2 (lost 5/23/40)Bomber Operational ClaspHis Ju 88 crashed at Amsterdam Holland (Osdorp) on 23 May, 1940, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown. (DeSwart)
226 Alitalo, A.FinlandFighter unit, 1941-1944MS 405 MoraneFighter Operational ClaspSource: Wings Palette-Pilots
227 Alk, IroObltI/LG-1 (5/42 Mediterranean)Ju 88A-11Bomber Operational Clasp
228 Alkhofer, SebastianFFS A/B 2 (Fr)Bu 181 Werk # 110664 "VS + PS" (interned briefly, Switzerland 4/4/44)Student Pilot?While undertaking a solo training flight from Luxeuil on 4 April, 1944, he became lost and nearly running out of fuel, he made an emergency landing at Bonfol. He was held overnight, but released with his plane the following day (D.Drury).
229 Allchiewski,FhrII/JG-77Bf 109G Werk # Unk (lost 4/17/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 17 April, 1945 during aerial combat with a Yak-9 over Kobyli, Cz., crashing into housing in the village of Morkuvky (F.Braun).
230 Alle, ErnstFw7/2/19211/JG-77 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 413786 "White 9" (lost 9/11/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 11 September, 1944 during aerial combat SW of Heerlen (Bf 109 Loss List).
231 Allemeier, HubertOfhr18/NJG-2, NJG-3Bf 110, Ju 88
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a "4 mot" 30 km NW of Duisburg on 21 July, 1944. Alternate spelling: Allmeier (OKL).
232 Allende-Isasi, JavierObltSpain115(Span)/JG-51Bf 109F EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Soviet LaGG-3 on 18 July, 1942 (OKL).
233 Allenhöfer, GüntherOblt2/KG-1 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 0317 "V4 + BB" (lost 2/5/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Olchowatka 5 February, 1943 after a mid-air explosion (Ju 88 Loss List).
234 Aller, AlfredUffzJGr Drontheim (Grove Denmark)Bf 109E Werk # 3557 (or 3559 per Danish Report) "76" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 25 May, 1941; crashing into the North Sea northwest of Klitmöller Denmark, near Aalborg, after aerial combat. Source: SIG Norway. He bailed but his parachute became entangled with the AC, and he was drug into the sea with his AC. His body was recovered from the sea and he was buried in the Aalborg Cemetery (Air War over Denmark).
235 Allhoff, OttoUffzII(Lufttorpedostf)/KG-26 (Bardufoss)Ju 88A-17 Werk # 800631 (lost 2/20/45)Bomber Operational ClaspAircraft reported lost on 20 February, 1945, cause unknown. His Observer, Uffz Hermann Bauermann. No mention of crew dispositions. Source: SIG Norway. Added: Shot down by British ship fire, crashed into the Norwegian Sea (KG-26 Loss List).
236 Allitsch, WigbertHptm5(H)/32Hs 126B-1 Werk # 4321 "V7 + 5K" (lost 5/31/43)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 31 May, 1943 southeast of Bjelgorod due to flak. Remaining unnamed crew also MIA. Obs Loss List
237 Allkämper, ErichOgefr6/SG-1 (S.U.)Ju 87D-3 Werk # 110877 "6G + BT" (lost 11/11/43)Dive Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 11 November, 1943 after a mid-air collision with Wk# 113800, piloted by Lt Helmut Volkenand (MIA w/crew), south of Chotkowo. Ju 87 Loss List
238 Allmanns,UffzKG(J)/6 (2/45 CZ.)Bf 109G Werk # 332379 (lost 2/4/45)Pilot BadgeAircraft reported lost 4 February, 1945 at Pisek, pilot disposition unknown, no further detail (KG(J)/6 Loss List)
239 Allmendinger, EmilMaj1/KG-53, Kdr III/KG-53 (3/45)He 111H
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(2/14/42)
Bomber Operational Clasp
240 Allmenröder, GüntherFw66/JG-51 (1/43 Africa)Bf 109F, Bf 109G-2 (Trop) Werk # 10809 "Yellow 7" (lost 1/17/43)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
POW January, 1943 , exact date uncertain. Magnus and Heinrich Breuer suggests 17 January, 1943, yet he had at least one OKL victory after this date. One known Desert victory, a P-38 10 km east northeast of Tunis on 7 January, 1943. His 2nd, another P-38 90 km west of Gabes on 12 January, 1943. His 3rd, a B-26 20 km east of Gafra on 15 January, 1943 and his 4th, a P-38 10 km southeast of Kebili on 22 January, 1943. Alternate spelling: Almenroeder or Almenröder.
241 Allrich, AlbertUffz2(F)/122 (Perugia, It.)Me 410A-1 Werk # 170098 "F6 + RK" (lost)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 15 April, 1944; shot down 7 km south of Ortona when flying northward over the Adriatic Sea. R/O Uffz Erwin Lehmann was also KIA. Lehman had been listed as an "Observer". Wiki Luft data.
242 Allstadt, KarlOblt1/KG-3 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 6648 "5K + IH" (lost 7/31/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew on 31 July, 1942, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
243 Allwang, Otto G.M.Oblt9/19/19118/KG-4He 111H-5 Werk # 3836 "5J + JS" (lost 6/26/41)Bomber Operational ClaspHis He 111 crashed into the North Sea off the Dutch coast on 26 June, 1941, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown. (DeSwart). Added: Remaining crew (MIA, no known graves): Ofw M.Frank, Obs; Ofw B.Munstermann, R/O and Gefr J.Gunther, Flt Engr.. Allwang buried in Ysselsteyn, Blk CL, Row 4, Gr 81 (D.Drury).

244 Allwang, WilhelmFhrErg/JG-3 (Channel)Bf 109E-4 Werk # 1354 (lost 2/5/41)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 5 February, 1941 when he crashed into the sea at Insel Ile de Ro. Source: Bf 109 Loss List
245 Allwart, HelmutFw14/SG-5 (5/44 S.U.)Fw 190F EK 2
Assault Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet P-39 on 25 May, 1944.
246 Alm, Heinz KarlLt1(F)/122 (Med)Ju 88D-5 Werk # 430162 (lost 5/16/42)Wound Badge
Observer Operational Clasp
WIA with unnamed crew 16 May, 1942; emergency landing at sea after engine trouble, no further detail (Ju 88 Loss List).
247 Alm, Karl HeinzLt6/8/19201(F)/122 (Catania Sicily 5/42), Erg/FAGr (1/43), trsfr to Paratroopers (3/45)Ju 88D-5 Werk # 430162 (lost 5/16/42)Wound Badge, Observer Operational Clasp The AC was reported last at sea on 16 May, 1942, however, no cause or crew disposition mentioned. Remaining crew (?): Uffz heinrich Martens, Obs; Uffz Friedrich Schäfer, R/O and Uffz Josef Fletner, Gunner. Wiki Luft data. Added: Lt Alm shown as injured ditching at sea due to engine trouble, and survived; no word on remaining crew (LOCS).
248 Almendinger, PaulUffzIII/NJG-1Bf 110G-4 Werk # 720017 (dam 11/30/43)Wound Badge
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
He and unnamed crew injured 30 November, 1943 making a belly landing near Bentheim due to an engine fire. Bf 110 Loss List. Alternate spelling: Allmendinger
249 Almenröder, Uffz11/JG-1Bf 109F EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Mosquito 28 km southwest of Helgoland on 2 July, 1942. This could be Günther Allmenröder.
250 Aloe, HerbertHptm3412/JG-54 (10/42 S.U.), Stfkpt 4/JG-54 (6/44)Bf 109G in 42, Fw 190A-5 Werk # (150)1214 "White 2" (lost)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/20/44)
EP 1943

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 21 June 1944 in Werk # 1214 over Viipuri Finland. His first known victory, a Soviet LaGG-3 on 26 October, 1942, a Lt at the time. An Il-2 on 4 December, 1942. A MiG-3 on 6 December, 1942. A LaGG-3 on 25 January, 1943. A Pe-2 on 11 February, 1943. An Il-2 on 19 February, 1943. A LaGG-3, an I-180, and two Il-2s on 13 July, 1943. A Yak-1 on 16 July, 1943. An Il-2 on 17 July, 1943. An La-5 on 12 August, 1943. An Il-2 on 13 August, 1943. A Yak-9 on 16 August, 1943. An Il-2 and a LaGG-3 on 24 August, 1943. An Il-2 and a Yak-9 on 26 August, 1943. A P-40 on 7 September, 1943. An La-5 NW of Valki on 3 November, 1943. An La-5 S of Kiev on 6 November, 1943. An Il-2 on 22 November, 1943. Two Il-2s on 28 November, 1943; one W of Rakovitchi, the other N of Vorovka. An Il-2 on 7 January, 1944. An La-5 on 15 January, 1944. A Yak-9 on 7 April, 1944. An La-5 on 2 June, 1944. Two Il-2s on 17 June, 1944. A P-39 on 19 June, 1944. His last victory, an Il-2 on 21 June, 1944, the day he was KIA.
251 Alos, AntonioHptmSpain515(Span)/JG-51Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet LaGG-5 on 9 March, 1943 (OKL). Neulen
252 Alpers, Friedrich Ludwig Herbert Maj3/25/1901Sonnenberg3(F)/121 (9/39), Kdr (H)/Aufkl.Gr. 4 (4/42), released from service 9/42, recalled 2/44 to FJR 9Fw 189A-3

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(4/9/42)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
Committed suicide 3 September, 1944 near Bougnies-Mons-Maubeuge France.

Friedrich Alpers (25 March 1901 – 3 September 1944) was a German Nazi politician and SS-Obergruppenführer. He was also a Minister of the Free State of Brunswick,[2] and Generalforstmeister (General forest supervisor). Alpers was responsible for numerous political crimes in Brunswick. Alpers committed suicide in 1944, while in US custody. NSDAP and SS career Born in 1901, Alpers studied law and political science at the Heidelberg University, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and University of Greifswald. He became a lawyer in 1929. In June 1929, Alpers joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP membership number 132,812). In May 1930 he joined the Sturmabteilung (SA). On 1 March 1931 he joined the SS (membership number 6,427). He was an active member in the SS, rising to the rank of Obergruppenführer. Since October 1930, he was Minister of the Brunswick State Parliament. Alpers was twice temporarily suspended from the SS in 1933 following complaints of excessive violence made against him during the Nazi takeover of Brunswick. Minister of the Free State of Brunswick After the Nazi seizure of power, Alpers became Finance and Justice Minister of Brunswick on 8 May 1933 (a position in which he served until 1934) under the Ministerpräsident Dietrich Klagges. Along with Klagges and Friedrich Jeckeln, Alpers was one of the main persons responsible for the Gleichschaltung and persecution of political opponents in the Free State of Brunswick. Rieseberg-murder Subordinated to Alpers was Klagges "Hilfspolizei" ("Auxiliary Police"). This force was directly answerable to Klagges and consisted of SA, SS and Stahlhelm men. On 4 July 1933, Alpers was directly involved in the Rieseberg-murder of eleven communists and labor organizers in Rieseberg, about 15 miles (24 km) east of Braunschweig.

253 Alpers, HansLtII/KG-76 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 142511 "F1 + DC" (lost 7/28/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Gela 28 July, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
254 Alpert, WernerUffzI/JG-54Go 145A Werk # 2552 "RD+AW" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 5 July, 1941 near Modohn Lettland.
255 Alsleben, OttoLt2/KG-76 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 8805 "F1 + IK" (lost 6/8/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Djedjelli harbor 8 June, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
256 Alt,Uffz211/JG-301Bf 109G, Fw 190A
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Two known victories on 26 November, 1944; both B-24s opposing the Misburg Raid.
257 Alt, AndreasOfwI/LG-1 (Med 4/41), 3/LG-1 (1/45 Reich Def)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 5203 "??" (80% dam 4/23/41; WIA w/3 other crew, combat near Almiros), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 142184 "L1 + NL" (lost 1/22/45) Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
MIA 22 January, 1945; Alt's Ju 88, and three others, crashed at Scheldemonding after being attacked by Mosquito Night Fighters of RAF Nos. 409 & 410 Sqs. German vessels also claimed victories. Remaining crew (MIA): Fw Stefan Altenthaler, Obs; Uffz Helmut Plessa, R/O and Gefr Karl Otto Bohrer, Gunner. (DeSwart & Wings to Victory)
258 Alt, ErichUffz31/JG-51Bf 109F & G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet Il-2 on 17 December, 1942. A 2nd, an Il-2 (m.H.) on 28 July, 1943. A 3rd, a Pe-2 on 5 August, 1943.
259 Alt, HermannFw1(F)/22 (Bardufoss)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430566 "4N + BH" (lost 10/28/44)Observer Operational ClaspKIC 28 October, 1944; the ac crashed into a hillside at Rundhaug, 14km east of the bardufoss airfield, killing the entire crew. Remaining crew: Ofw Herbert Gast, Lt Karl Dieter Schlösser and Uffz Hans Suck (Flyvrak Norway).
260 Alt, HermannFw1(F)/22 (Bardufoss)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430056 "4N + BH" (lost 10/28/44)Observer Operational ClaspKIFA 28 October, 1944; crashed into a hillside near Rundhaug, 14km E of the Bardufoss airfield (Observer Loss List).
261 Alt, VitusUffz1/28/1915Kissing Augsburg4/NJG-2 (Gilze-Rijen)Ju 88C-2 Werk # 0785 "R4 + IM" (lost 6/14/41)Night Fighter Operational ClaspMIA after his Ju 88 crashed into the North Sea NW of Schouwen Holland on 14 June, 1941. (DeSwart). On the return flight from an Intruder Mission over England, Alt spotted a dingy in the water below and circled while the R/O sent out a distress signal to Air Sea Rescue. To the horror of the He 111H-5 Wk# 3883 "5J + KS", 8/KG-4 (A.Rosseels) crew in the dingy, the wingtip of the Ju 88 hit the water, sinking immediately, and taking the crew with it. The entire crew perished. Remaining crew (KIC): Uffz Hans Georg Suckow, R/O and Uffz Erwin Willi Korn, Gunner. Suckow & Korn are remembered on the Laboe Naval Memorial (D.Drury). Added: The He 111 crew were rescued except for Uffz Karl Brückner, Flt Engr (D.Drury).
262 Alten, FriedrichUffz8/16/1919II(Sturm)/JG-300 (8/44 Holzkirchen); 7/JG-300 (9/44)Fw 190A-8/R2 Werk # 681366 "White 5" (lost 9/11/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 11 September, 1944 during aerial combat at Herleshausen, near Kassel. Source: John Weal.
263 Altenähr, FritzFw12/12/1913Allagen bei ArnsbergUnkHe 111 (lost 4/16/45)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC with his entire crew 16 April, 1945 while on a return from La Rochelle France; crash location and cause not reported. Remaining crew (all buried Augsburg-Westfriedhof): Uffz Alfred Bockermann, Co-pilot (geb 8/27/21 Hamburg); Ofw Karl Kossmann, R/O (geb 5/15/12 Ankum/Bersenbrück); Ofw Helmut Henker, Gnr (geb 6/22/13 Zeitz) and Fw Fritz Tscharnke, Flt Engr? (geb 4/4/14 Weissing). Source: F.Braun.
264 Altenburg,Uffz1Industrie Staffel AGO (Arado & Fieseler)Bf 109G & Fw 190A most likely EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a P-51 near Dessau on 20 February, 1944.
265 Altendorf, ErichUffz310/JG-54 (2/44 S.U.), 13/JG-54 (9/44)Fw 190A-8 Wk# 732095 (lost 9/44), Fw 190A-8 Wk# 175042 "White ?" (lost 11/44)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 27 November, 1944 in Wk# 175042 over Darlinghausen. His Wk# 732095 crashed SE of Arnhem Holland on 26 September, 1944, cause and pilot disposition unknown (DeSwart). His first known victory, a Soviet La-5 on 26 February, 1944. Nos. 2 & 3, both Yak-9s on 23 August, 1944.
266 Altendorf, FritzUffz10/JG-54 (10/43 S.U.), II/JG-54Bf 109G-6 Werk # 17017 (lost 10/17/43), Fw 190D-9 "Red ?" (lost)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Died 16 December, 1945 of injuries sustained in a crash near Kruisdorp on 1 January, 1945. Injured in a force landing at the Siwerskaya airfield on 17 October, 1943, due to a fuel shortage.
267 Altendorf, Heinz "Hans"Oblt2/26/1917Oppenheim24 7/JG-53 (4/40 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim), Stfkpt 7/JG-53 (10/40; 5/41 Maldeghem; 6/41 S.U.) Bf 109E-4 Wk# 5372 (dam.10/5/40), Bf 109E-4(11/40), Bf 109F-2(4/41), Bf 109F-2 Werk # 5525 (lost 6/23/41; Emer land Grajewo, pilot OK), Bf 109F-4 Wk# 7348 "White 1 + I" (12/16/41)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(2/25/42)

EK 1(5/40) & 2(4/1/40)
Fighter Operational Clasp
POW 16 December, 1941; shot down in his Wk# 7348 "White 1 + I" by anti-aircraft fire at Mechili, Libya while attacking a British tank column. Force landed his Werk # 5372 at Cape Griz Nez on 5 October, 1940 after being damaged during combat over England; no injuries reported (Prien). Force landed his F-2 Werk # 5525 at Grajewo S.U., w/o injuries, on 23 June, 1941 (Prien). One known victory, his 1st, a Bloch 152 northeast of Reims, 19 May, 1940. His 2nd, a Hawk-75A southwest of Compiegne, 21 May, 1940. His 3rd, a Morane 406 10 km south of Creil, 27 May, 1940. His 4th, a Potez 63 at Gournay on 3 June, 1940. His 5th, a Blenheim over England on 8 September, 1940. His 6th, a Spitfire NW of Dungeness on 20 September, 1940. His 7th, a Hurricane on 13 May, 1941, no location. An 8th, a Hurricane W of Ramsgate on 16 May, 1941. Survived the war. Magnus.
268 Altendorf, RudolfUffz12/17/1921Rathenow4/FlüG-1 (attached to 7/JG-26 Plantluenne)Fw 190D-9 Werk # 210087 "Brown 15" (lost)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 1 January, 1945. A former Ferry Pilot shot down in his D-9 at Kruisdorp, southeast of Kloosterzande, by British AA fire returning to Germany after the attack on Brussels-Evere. Buried Ysselsteyn, Block CS/7/164 Rosseels & Geensen). Jager Blatt mention. Carried as MIA by Eric Mombeek.
269 Altendorf, RudolfHptm7/16/191924 15(Z)/LG-1, 3/NJG-3(6/41), 2/NJG-3(8/42), Stfkpt 2/NJG-4(4/43), 12/NJG-5(10/43), Kdr IV/NJG-5(1/44) Bf 109E, Bf 110C, Ju 88G-6 "2Z + AC" (10/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Destroyer & Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Hurricane at Salisbury on 13 August, 1940. A Hurricane at Portland on 15 August, 1940, these first two in LG-1. A Wellington at Cloppenburg on 12 May, 1941. Another, a Whitley on 18-19 June, 1941, no location. A Hampden the night of 29-30 June, 1941. Another, a Wellington at Erika on 28 August, 1942. Another, a Halifax II of RAF No. 405 Sq. at Waterloo, 15 km SSE of Brussels, the night of 15-16 October, 1942. Two others, a Stirling and a Halifax on 15 April, 1943. A Lancaster of RAF No.61 Sq., "W4317" "QR-R" 500 m southwest of Givry on 17 April, 1943. A Wellington and a Halifax on 30 May, 1943. Another Halifax 10 km S of Maubeuge on 14 July, 1943. A Halifax N of Berlin on 24 August, 1943. Another Halifax at Nürnburg on 28 August, 1943. A Halifax 27 km E of Herford on 22 October, 1943. An Il-4 the night of 26-27 August, 1944. Two Lancasters; one at Wegeberg, the other in the Königsberg area, on 30 August, 1944. Shot down with injuries three times; 8/17/43 N of Gent, 1/3/44 by Buchholz and 1/20/44 by Strigleben/Terneberg. Alternate spelling: Altendorff.
270 Altenhain,Uffz1/JG-1 (2/44 Hopsten)Fw 190A-7Fighter Operational Clasp
271 Altenhain, WernerOgefrIII/JG-27 (Med)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 16592 (lost 5/9/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a crash west of Syrakus on 9 May, 1943 due to engine trouble.
272 Altenhof, HugoUffz6/JG-300Fw 190A-8 (lost 3/24/45 at Löbnitz)Fighter Operational ClaspPilot disposition unknown.
273 Altenpohl,Uffz15/SG-10 (8/44 S.U.)Fw 190F EK 2
Assault Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet La-5 on 28 August, 1944. This may be the Altenpohl on file, formerly in a Destroyer unit.
274 Altenpohl, Uffz13/ZG-101Bf 110G-2 (most likely)
EK 1 & 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-17 at Jülich-Aachen on 30 December, 1943.
275 Alter, HermannLt8/8/1906 4/KGzbV-11 (12/39), Stfkpt 2/KGr.z.b.V-11 (4/40), Stfkpt 2/KGr.z.b.V.-50 (4/42), TO 2/FAG-101 (6/43), 5(Erg)/KG(J) (11/44), 6(Erg)/KG(J) (2/45) Ju 52/3m Werk # unk (lost 5/10/40), Me 262 in KG(J) Transport Operational Clasp His ac reported lost 10 May, 1940 at Valkenburg, cause and pilot and crew disposition unknown. Netherland Loss Registry & LOCS.
276 Alter, KarlOgefrUnkUnkPilot Badge (5/28/44)Weitze Docs online
277 Althaus,Ofw3(H)/31 (S.U.)Bf 110 Werk # 3038 "D5 + DL" (lost 9/14/42)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 14 September, 1942 at Nikolskoje, his Observer, Oblt Weisse, was also MIA, cause unknown. Bf 110 Loss List
278 Althaus, HeinzLt12/LG-1 (Africa)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 2014 "L1 + BW" (lost 3/12/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 12 March, 1942 near Tobruk, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
279 Althaus, WernerUffz6/JG-11 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-6/AS Werk # 440615 "Yellow 1" (lost 4/29/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 29 April, 1944 during aerial combat, crashing near Langenhagen. Source: L.Wiegels
280 Althof, WilliOblt3Stfkpt 7/JG-27 (9/42)Bf 109F & G (Trop)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 24 October, 1942 during aerial combat in the El Alamein area (Prien). One known victory, a P-40 west of El Alamein on 15 September, 1942. His 2nd known victory, a P-39 Aircobra south of El-Hammam on 13 October, 1942. His 3rd victory was a Spitfire V east of El-Daba on 19 October, 1942.
281 Althoff, FritzUffzII/KG-6 (Channel)Ju 88A-14 Werk # 144362 "??" (lost 5/31/43)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC with unnamed crew 31 May, 1943; crashed near the Cormeilles airfield, cause not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
282 Althoff, Herbert"Flugzeuführer"KIA 1940/41. Jager Blatt 6/2001.
283 Altinger, J.Uffz4/KGr.z.b.V-12 (Störmede) Ju 52/3m Werk # unk (lost 5/10/40) Transport Operational Clasp His ac reported lost 10 May, 1940 at Ockenburg, cause and pilot and crew disposition unknown (Netherland Loss Registry). Added: Pilot, Uffz Altinger returned to his unit. The target on this date was the Ockenburg airfield. The Ju 52 was sd by AA fire, and crashed on the airfield. Remaining crew (KIA, bur Ysselsteyn): Uffz Helmuth Fösig (geb 6/8/1918, bur BH-3-53), pos unk and Uffz Heinrich Fritsch (geb 4/7/1915, bur BK-1-1), pos unk (Find-A-Grave by Fred).
284 Altmann,Ofw1II/ZG-1Bf 110E & F-4 EK 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, an I-16 Rata on 13 July, 1942.
285 Altmann, AdolfFlg12/12/1920PragueFFS A/B 32Bü 131 Werk # 658 (lost 11/1/41)Student PilotKIFA 1 November, 1941 due to pilot error. Flying too low, he struck protruding rocks and crashed into the reservior at Sec, Cz.Rep.. The ac quickly sank, drowing the pilot and an unnamed second individual. The VDK was unable to move the bodies to a collective cemetery at Marianske Lazne, Cz (Marienbad in German), where they are remembered in a special place (D.Drury).
286 Altmann, GeorgOfw6/Schl.G-1 (S.U.)Fw 190A-5 Werk # 1764 "Yellow G" (lost 8/12/43)Assault Operational ClaspKIA 12 August, 1943 at Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 5184, cause unknown.
287 Altmann, HerbertUffz12/NJG-4Bf 110G-4 EK 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a "4 mot" by Manbaich on 33 March, 1944.
288 Altmann, LeberechtLt12/19/19192 1/JG-26 (8/43), Stfkpt 1/JG-26 (2/44), Eins.Gr. Erg/JG-1 (2/45) Fw 190A-5 Werk # 1091 (lost 8/19/43), Fw 190A-6 & 7, Fw 190A-8 Werk # 682044 (lost 2/1/45)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 1 February, 1945 by flak near Küstrin. WIA 19 August, 1943 during aerial combat. His A-5 crashed at Eethen Holland, north of Waalwijk (DeSwart). Another source sets the crashsite as Bergen op Zoom. One known victory, his 1st, a B-24 near Poix on 21 January, 1944, and one on 6 March, 1944, along with Kiefner and Brese on 6 March. Jager Blatt article (answering my question!).
289 Altmann, PeterFw3/21/1915Eichendorf3(F)/121Ju 88D-1 Werk # 1063 (lost 5/31/42)Observer Operational ClaspKIA with his entire crew, 31 May, 1942, in the area of Alexzndrovka (Ukraine?), circumstances unknown. One known crewman, Flt Engr Josef Brücker, and Fw Altmann, are scheduled to be transferred to the Kirovograd - Sammelfriedhof, Ukraine. If not, they will be commemorated in the memorial book within the cemetery. Two other crewmen remain unknown (D.Drury).
290 Altmann, WilhelmUffz3/KG(J)-6 (3/45 Prag-Kbely airfield) Bf 109G-10/R6 Werk # 151572 (lost 3/17/45) Fighter Operational Clasp KIC 17 March, 1945 when his ac crashed near the village of Lisnice, CZ., cause not reported (F.Braun).
291 Altmeyer, HansUffz8/JG-1Fw 190A-4 Werk # 7090 "Black 7" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 27 November, 1942; Crashed into the sea south of Arendal-Tromsoey Norway, no further detail. Alternate spelling: Altemayer.
292 Altner, Richard HerbertLt3/2/1918Naunhof255/NJG-3 (8/42), 2/NJG-3 (1/43), 3/NJG-5 (12/43 Lübeck), 8/NJG-5 (1/44), 10/NJG-11 (4/45 Burg)Bf 110, Do 217, Ju 88, Me 262B-1a/U1 Wk# 111980 "Red 12", Me 262B-1a/U1 Werk # 110636 "Red 9" (lost 3/27/45, pilot error, bail safely; R/O Uffz Reinhard Lommatzsch KIC) and Ar 234 in NJG-11 in 1945
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45)

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Halifax 1 km SSE of Sonderborg on 19 August, 1942. Another, a Stirling on 18 January, 1943. A Wellington south of Tondern on 19 February, 1943. A B-17 NE of Gedser on 9 October, 1943. Downed a "4 mot" near Berlin on 16 December, 1943. One of these must have been "unconfirmed", since his 5th per OKL, was a B-24 on 4 January, 1944. A "4 mot" W of Paris on 8 June, 1944. a 2nd "4 mot" same day, 80 km N of Paris. A "4 mot" SSW of Paris on 10 June, 1944. Two more "4 mots" SW of Paris on 11 June, 1944. Another double on 13 June, 1944; both "4 mots" in the Lens-Arras area. Scored 5 victories, all Lancasters of RAF No. 619 Sq., within 30 minutes on one mission, 18 July, 1944, over northern France. One late victory, a Mosquito on 3 April, 1945. In the last days of the war, he used the Reinfeld autobahn as a runway during the day. On 7 May, 1945, from his last 262 base at Schleswig-Jagel, rather than waiting to surrender to the British, Altner simply got on his bike and pedaled home!
293 Altnorthoff, Ernst GeorgHptm4/21/192011 Stfkpt 12/JG-27 (7/43), 2/JGr Süd (Italy 11/43), Stfkpt 10/JG-27 (5/44 Reich Def), Stfkpt 13/JG-27 (11/44, 2/45 Reich Def), Stfkpt 6/JG-27 (4/45) Bf 109F, Bf 109G-6 Werk # 16x253 (lost 5/24/44; WIA Neu Cilli/Steirmark, bailed safely),Bf 109K-4 Werk # 330917 (lost 11/2/44; WIA, combat Mieschen), Bf 109G-10 Werk # 130332 (lost 2/25/45; aerial combat, Bramsche, pilot OK), Bf 109K-4 Werk # 332158 "White 7" (dam 3/21/45; damaged after enemy fighter strafing attack) EP

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory during the Sicilian campaign, a B-24D 28 km west of Cape Spartha on 9 July, 1943. Most likely, he and Fw Fahrenberger were flying wing together this date. His 2nd, a B-24 when he opposed the Ploesti raid, downing the bomber 50 km west of Kefallinia on 1 August, 1943. Another victory, a B-17 near the Gulf de Fos southern France, 16 November, 1943. A P-38 SW of Cassis on 21 January, 1944. Two P-38s over southern France on 4 March, 1944; one at Serres, the other at Berre-LEtang. Another P-38 on 7 March, 1944, over Italy, no location. His 8th, a B-17 at Agram (Zagreb) on 24 May, 1944. His 9th, a C-47 SW of Hofgeismar on 4 April, 1945. His 10th, a P-47 10 km NW of Heiligenstadt on 7 April, 1945. His 11th, a P-47 5 km W of Havelberg on 16 April, 1945. Alternate spelling: Altnorthhoff. Magnus.
294 Altpeper, FritzFw4/JG-2 (Ettingshausen)Fw 190D-9 Werk # Unk "Yellow 4" (lost 1/1/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 1 January, 1945 when after becoming airborne, he developed engine trouble, belched black smoke, followed by flames. He crashed to his death near Dierdorf. He did not break radio silence, nor did he bail out (N.Franks book).
295 Altpeter, FritzFw2/2/192211/JG-2 Fw 190D-9 Werk # 600145 "Yellow 4" (lost 1/1/45) Fighter Operational Clasp KIFA 1 January, 1945. Taking off in his untested D-9, his plane spouted flames and crashed near Dierdorf. His companions wanted to warn him to bail, but could not break radio silence. They watched in horror, as the inexperienced pilot silently and without protest, crashed to his death. Buried Dierdorf, grave 1591.
296 Altricher, HerbertLtII/SG-1Fw 190F-8 Werk # 582272 (50% dam)Wound Badge
Assault Operational Clasp
WIA 4 February, 1945 by enemy fire, crashing at Mackfitz airfield.
297 Altrogge, HansLt1/KG-66 (4/43 to wars end)Ju 88S-1 "Z6 + AH", Ju 188E-1
EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
Joined KG 66 at the time of its organization in the Spring of 1943. Flew as pathfinder in KG-66, his first operation in the Ju-188 being on 13 July, 1943 against Victoria Dock, at Hull. Remaining crew: Fw Hermann (EK 1 & 2, Bomber Operational Clasp), Observer and Ofhr Grauenhorst (EK 1 & 2, Bomber Operational Clasp), wireless operator. Witnessed the downing of Oblt Alex Pfeiffer, 1/KG-66 (MIA) on 4/26/44.
298 Altvater, G.HptmStab/KG-3Do17Z (lost)Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
WIA 12 May, 1940 during the French Campaign. Source: A. Rosseels.
299 Alvarez, Jose LlacaHptmSpain415(Span)/JG-51(8/43 S.U.)Fw 190A-3
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
300 Alven, Heinrich vonLt3/20/191441/JG-301 (1/44), 11/JG-301 (11/44)Fw 190A, Bf 109GEP

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-17 on 30 January, 1944. His 2nd, a B-17 at Neinburg-Celle on 10 February, 1944. A 3rd, a B-17 on 20 February, 1944. A 4th, a B-24 opposing the Misburg Raid on 26 November, 1944. Deceased 14 December, 2001.

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