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1801 Peters, HansLt2(F)/123 (Med)Ju 88D-1 Trop Werk # 430548 "4U + IK" (lost 8/13/43)Observer Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at Alexandria 13 August, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
1802 Peters, WalterLt11/11/1921Steinbrück7/TG-4Ju 52/cm Werk # 500177 "G6 + OR" (lost 7/21/44)Transport Operational ClaspKIA 21 July, 1944 due to enemy fire south of Antimilos Greece (Cyclades Group, Agean Sea). Remaining crew: Uffz Siegfried Schulze, R/O (WIA); Ofw Hans Dietrich, Flt Engr (MIA) and Fw Walter Peyerl, Gnr (KIA). The two deceased are buried in the Ger. War Cem. at Dionyssos-Rapendoza, Greece, Crypt 2, Row 15; Pilot Peters, Platte 12 and Gnr Peyerl, Platte 13 (D.Drury).
1803 Petersen, HansFw12/10/19191/JG-2Fw 190D-9 Werk # 211090 (lost 2/24/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 24 February, 1945 at Hachenburg due to a technical fault.
1804 Petersen, HansObltI/NJG-1 (Reich Def)Bf 110F-4 Werk # 4718 (60% dam 1/15/43)Wound Badge
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
Hit an obstruction while taking off from the Deelen airfield on 15 January, 1943, crew injured in the crash. Bf 110 Loss List
1805 Petersen, HermannOblt1(H)/32Fw 189A-3 Werk # 2248 "V7 + 1C" (lost 12/3/42)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 3 December, 1942; failed to return from a mission, location unknown. Remaining crew (all MIA): Ofw Rudi Braun, Observer and Ogefr Hans Egler, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
1806 Petersen, JohannesFw6/18/1914Groschelt9/KG-76Do 17Z-2 "F1 + HT" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 18 August, 1940 when the AC was hit by AA fire during a low-level attack on Kenley airdrome. The AC crashed in flames onto a cottage on the edge of the airfield, killing all five onboard. Remaining crew (KIA): Oblt Hans Siegfried Ahrens, Observer; Uffz Karl Greulich, R/O; Fw Hans Dietz, Gunner and Oberst Dr. Otto Sommer, Passenger?. The deceased are buried at CC, Plot 5, Row 3: Petersen Gr 69, Ahrends Gr 66, Greulich Gr 67, Ewald Johannes Dietz Gr 68 and Dr Sommer Gr 70 (D.Drury).
Cannock Chase
1807 Petersen, Karl AugustMaj5/26/1912 Neukirchen, Kreis Nordfriesland 1/KG-27 (5/39), Stfkpt in 9/KG-27 (1/41), Kdr II/KG-27 (6/41)He 111P & H

Spanish Cross

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(11/15/43)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp in Gold
Served in KG-27 from Mar. 1936 to Mar. 1944. Over 250 combat missions. Deceased 23 November, 1980 Bodenteich/Häcklingen (P. Bastin). His known crew: Fw Konrad Rieder, Flt Engr (DK-G 6/5/42) and Fw Hans Timmermann, R/O (DK-G 3/19/42) Kaiser RK book.
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)
Petersen was trained as a pilot in the mid-30s and on March 15, 1936 joined KG 27 'Boelcke', to which he belonged until March 15, 1944. In the Legion Condor in Spain he completed 131 enemy flights. After missions over Poland, France and England, he was appointed in January 1941 captain of the 9th Squadron. In the Eastern campaign he flew an independent attack on the Soviet navy at Tuapse, in which a destroyer was sunk and three other ships were damaged. For his combat success he received on March 8, 1942 as captain the Knight's Cross. As Major he led the II. Group of the KG 27 from January 1943 to March 1944. By the end of the war he was employed in higher staff positions. He died on November 23, 1980.

1808 Peth, Hans GüntherLt3/KG-3Ju 88A-4
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(12/14/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
1809 Petrun, HansHptmIV/KG-40Ju 88A-1Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
Injured in an emergengy landing as a result of engine failure at Oberingelheim on 5 July, 1943. He was the Co-pilot on this flight with Hptm Alfred Kunze. Jager Blatt 3/2004
1810 Petter, Hans JoachimOfhrErg.Kü.Flg. Staffel (F) See (Kobenhavn See)Bv 138B Werk # 2009 "6H + KH" (lost)Student PilotKIC 12 May, 1944 when he suffered from engine trouble and attempted an emergency landing in the Sortedamssoo Lake near Kobenhavn. The right hand wing clipped a number of trees just before touchdown and the AC overturned and crashed into the lake, killing the crew of three. Remaining crew (KIC): Instructor pilot, Ofw Wilhelm Assmann and Student gunner, Fw Hans Peter Wilken. All were buried in the Kobenhavn Vestre Cemetery on 16 May, 1944. Source: Air War over Denmark.
1811 Petzinna, Hans JoachimLt10/28/19236/KG-30 (France)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550414 "4D + EP" (lost 1/22/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 22 January, 1944; shot down in the vicinity of Paddock Wood Station, Kent, by a Mosquito of No. 96 Sq., piloted by P/O Lawley-Wakelin; two others KIA, one POW, all unnamed. Added: Remaining crew (KIA): Oswald Schweigel (geb 7/24/24) and Günther Lotz (geb 11/16/23), ranks and positions unknown. All three were killed, and are buried in the Maidstone Cem., Kent, Plot CC, Div 1 as follows: Lt Petzinna Gr 291, Schweigel, Gr 292 and Lotz Gr 293 (Grave photo and crew detail per Steve Horton, 4/2020).
1812 Petzl, HansLtStab II/JG-2 (8/43)Fw 190A, Bf 109GFighter Operational Clasp
1813 Pfahl, Johann 'Hans'Fw7(H)/LG-2Bf 110C "L2+AR" (lost 12/25/41), Bf 110D-4 Werk # 2262 "L2 + HR" (lost 8/2/42)EP(6/23/42)
EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
MIA 2 August, 1942 at Golubinskiy after an enemy fighter attack by 16 GIAP, possibly that of Soviet Ace & F/Ldr Alex Pokryshkin. His Obs, Oblt Walter Köhler, also MIA (Bf 110 Loss List & S. Pietrzak). Crashed his 110C- 25 December, 1941 in Marinopol, Russia.
1814 Pfahler, HansOfw3012/JG-51 (4/43 S.U.)Fw 190A-5 Werk # 2539 "Brown 2" (lost 7/10/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/17/43 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 10 July, 1943 south of Ponyri, cause unknown. His first known victory, a Soviet U-2 on 10 April, 1943. Nos 2 & 3, both Yak-1s on 13 April, 1943. Three Yak-1s on 14 April, 1943. Three Il-2s and a LaGG-3 on 6 May, 1943. A Yak-1 on 8 May, 1943. A MiG-3 on 10 May, 1943. A LaGG on 1 June, 1943. A MiG-3 on 8 June, 1943. Six victories on 10 June, 1943; a LaGG-5, and five Pe-2s. A Pe-2 on 11 June, 1943. Three MiG-3s and an Il-2 on 5 July, 1943. A MiG-3 and an Il-2 on 6 July, 1943. Three Pe-2s on 9 July, 1943.
1815 Pfannschmidt, Hans HeinzFw5/JG-53 (Channel0Bf 109E-1 "Gray 9 + -" (lost 8/13/40)Wound Badge(8/13/40)
Fighter Operational Clasp
POW 13 August, 1940; shot down with wounds by a Spitfire, piloted by F/O Nowierski of RAF No. 609 Sq., crashing off Weymouth. Source: Jochen Prien
1816 Pfeil, ErnstLt1(F)/120 (Kirkenes)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0501 "A6 + KH" (lost 8/29/41)Observer Operational ClaspPOW 29 August, 1941; most likely Russian POW, however, no further detail. Remaining crew: Fw Helmut Schneider, Observer (KIA); Uffz Hans Quillberg, R/O (MIA) and Ofw Theodor Thrun, Gunner (POW). Source: SIG Norway. Another source states the pilot was "safe", location Barents Sea (Observer Loss List)
1817 Pfluger, HansUffz4/JG-51 (Tunisia)Bf 109G-4 Werk # 10895 (80% dam 2/26/43)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 26 February, 1943 in a crash due to enemy fire at Cagliari. Alternate spelling Pflüger.
1818 Pflüger, KarlFw9/1/1916Öschelbronn, Bayern4/KG-26 (Sola) He 111H-4 Werk # Unk (lost 4/28/40) Bomber Operational Clasp KIA 28 April, 1940; sd by Skuas of No. 800 Sq., crashed at sea at Kjorsvika, in Map Quadrant 6 Ost/7331 by Molde. Remaining crew (MIA): Uffz Hans Träumner (geb 4/7/17 Leipzig) Observer; Uffz Gerold Simdorn (geb 12/5/18 Oldenburg) R/O and Ofw Jakob Best (geb 6/11/11 Ramsen) Flt Engr.. (Source: Luftwaffe Loss Report per Fritz Braun). Added: The Skuas were piloted by Navy pilots, Lt. G.E.D.Finch-Noyes, Lt. E.Taylour and Petty Officer H.A. Monk. Remaining He 111 crew (Missing at Sea, comm at Kiel-Laboe): Hans Träumner, Uffz Gerold Simdorn and Ofw Jakob Best. Pilot, Fw Pflüger buried at Trondheim-Havstein, Norway, Row 7, Gr 52 (D.Drury).
1819 Philipp, HansUffz9/23/1919II/JG-2Fw 190A-2 Werk # 0125242 (lost) [Wk# 0125237 Rosseels]Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 25 October, 1942; Crashed after major engine failure near Lincourt. Buried Champigny-St Andre, 6/899 (Rosseels).
1820 Philipp, HansLt17/NJG-1Bf 110
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Stirling 6 km N of Hoenderlo on 26 July, 1943. This could be Richard with a Given name of Hans in error.
1821 Philipp, HansUffz17/JG-27Bf 109G EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, his 1st, a P-51 S of Soissons on 27 June, 1944.
1822 Philipp, Hans "Fips"Obstlt3/17/1917Meissen 206 I/JG-76 (Poland), Stafkpt 1/JG-54, Stfkpt 4/JG-54 (6/41 S.U.), Kdr I/JG-54 (3/43), Kdr JG-1 (4/43, 10/43 Deelen) Bf 109E-4 "Wht 1" in 4Stf (10/40), Bf 109F-2 "White 9" in 3/42, Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410012 "Black < - + -" (40% dam 9/27/43 force land @ Donkerbrök-engine), Fw 190A-6 Wk# 530407 "Red"3 (lost 10/8/43) in JG-1 RK(10/22/40)-S(3/12/42)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(6/29/42)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp w/Pendant
His 1st victory, a Polish P-24 7 km southwest of Radomsko, 5 September, 1939. His 2nd, in the French Campaign, a Hawk-75A west of Rethel, 18 May, 1940. Channel Pilot. Barbarossa "Experten" pilot. His 1st Soviet victory, a SB-2 NW of Kossowo on 22 June, 1941. Two Soviet Hurricanes and a P-40 on 7 November, 1942. An I-15 on 29 December, 1942. Three Il-2s and five LaGG-3s on 30 December, 1942. Two Il-2s and a LaGG-3 on 6 January, 1943. Four LaGG-3s and a Soviet P-51 on 7 January, 1943. This may have been the first P-51 downed in Russia. Six Il-2s and two I-16s on 12 January, 1943. Eight victories on 23 February, 1943. Three LaGG-3s, a P-39 and five Il-2s on 7 March, 1943. A P-39, four LaGG-3s and an Il-2 on 16 March, 1943. 1 Bomber. 500+ combat missions. EL conferred 24 August, 1941. Killed 8 October, 1943, in Werk # 530407 in aerial combat with P-47s and B-17s at Hardenberg Hollandhaus, near Nordhorn, while with JG-1, opposing the Münster raid. Buried in the Meissen-Zscheila-Trinitatis Friedhof, Abteilung A. Had a pet Fox for a mascot. Germanys 11th ranked fighter Ace. Also known to have flown Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410012, as Kdr JG-1.
1823 Pichler, HansLt2(H)/31Hs 126 Werk # 3091 "5D + AK" (lost 4/6/41)Observer Operational ClaspReported killed in Yugoslavia on 6 April, 1941 with his unnamed crewmember, cause unknown. Obs Loss List
1824 Pichler, Johannes HansLt12/15/1912Oberschweinbach Oberbayern527/JG-77 (5/41), Leningrad 9/42, 7/JG-77 (6/43 Sicily)Bf 109E-7 Werk # 1963 (85% dam 5/22/41), Bf 109G-6 Werk# 8358, Bf 109G-6 Wk# 18151 "Wh 3"(lost 7/14//43), Bf 109G-6 Wk# 165685 "Wh 13" (7/28/44) RK(8/19/44) as Fhj-Ofw.

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(4/14/43)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp w/Pendant
POW 28 August, 1944 after being shot down by American fighters SE of Titu Romania. Injured in a crash in his E-7 at Moloai on 22 May, 1941, cause not given. 16 Bombers. Fought over Crete, Russia, N. Africa, Italy and Romania. On 30 August, 1944, while in a hospital in Budapest after being wounded on 28 July, 1944 in Wk# 165685, he was taken into Russian confinement. 700 missions. Wounded earlier in Wk# 18151 on 14 July, 1943, but managed to bail safely. 16 four engine bombers. His first victory, a Hurricane I 7 km west of Labbi on 16 May, 1941. 29 victories in the East. His first known Soviet victory, a DB-3 and two I-301s on 15 January, 1942. An I-153 on 17 May, 1942. Additional victories include several ships sunk near Crete, including the British battleship "Valiant" on 22 May, 1941. His 38th victory, a B-24 in the Balkans on 4 April, 1944. His 40th, a B-24 (HSS) in the Balkans on 5 May, 1944. His 49th & 50th, both B-24s at Liegeplatz: Mizil/Rum (Romania) on 15 July, 1944. Bowers/Lednicer, 75 victories (spelled Pilcher). Deceased 16 February, 1995.
1825 Pickel, HansUffzI/JG-26 (6/42 Channel), 2(Sturm)/JG-4, 8/JG-4 (9/44)Fw 190A-2 Werk # 5297 (10% dam 6/4/42), Fw 190A-8 Werk # 681341 "Blue 8" (lost 9/12/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 12 September, 1944; shot down in "Blue 8" by B-17 tailgunner return fire, opposing US bombers on a Magdeburg Raid. He crashed by Halberstadt, 1.5 km southeast of Reckendorf. Jager Blatt 4/2004. Injured while making a belly landing at abbeville-Drucat airfield 4 June, 1942 due to engine trouble.
1826 Pickl, HansUffz4(H)/12Bf 109EObserver Operational ClaspKIA 6 June, 1942, when on a reconnaissance mission, he was shot down by British fighters near Bir Hacheim.
1827 Pieper, KurtFw2/KG-40Fw 200C-4 Werk # 124 "F8 + FK" (lost 11/5/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 5 November, 1942; failed to return from a mission north of Iceland, cause unknown. Remaining crew (all MIA): Uffz Johannes Möckel, Co-pilot; Uffz Karl Wissner, R/O; Uffz Karl Kreft, 2nd R/O; Ogefr Hans Möller, Gunner and Uffz Wilhelm Heck, Mech. Source: SIG Norway.
1828 Piepke, GerhardOfw1(F)/123 (Med)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430674 "4U + AH" (lost 6/26/43)Observer Operational ClaspMIA with his Observer Oblt Hans Arndt and two other unnamed at Algier 26 June, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
1829 Pierer, HansUffz4/11/192315/JG-52 (10/43 Uman S.U.)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 15588 ""Black 5 + -" (lost 11/1/43)EP

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 1 November, 1943; shot down with wounds at Aleshki by enemy fire, rescued by German troops. His first known victory, a Soviet P-39 on 20 October, 1943. Magnus Report, 10 victories.
1830 Pierke, Hans WernerUffz2(F)/123 (Med)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 1071 "4U + FK" (lost 7/24/42)Observer Operational ClaspMIA with his Observer Lt Karl Wilhelm Karras and two other unnamed crew at Haifa-Port Said, Alexandria 24 July, 1942, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
1831 Pieschel, Hans JoachimUffz4/JG-301 (Welzow) Fw 190A-9 Werk # 205930 (lost 1/14/45 at Kyritz) Fighter Operational Clasp Pilot disposition unknown, 1/14/45 JG-301 Loss List via R.Freitag.
1832 Pietsch, RudolfUffz3/Kü.Fl.Gr-406BV 138C-1 Werk # 0311035 (lost)Air-Sea Rescue Operational ClaspKIA 29 June, 1943; operational mine accident east of Bätsfjord (Syltefjord) at Map Quadrant 37 East/0139. Remaining crew (all KIA): Lt Walter Harter, Observer; Ogefr Bernhard Müllejans, R/O; Gefr Hans Schnitt, Mech and Ogefr Karl Keppler, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
1833 Pilger, Hans WilhelmLt6/25/1920SoestI/ZG-1Bf 110 Werk # 4613 "S9 + ??" (lost 6/10/42)Destroyer Operational ClaspKIA 10 June, 1942 during aerial combat at Budkino Russia, both killed. Bf 110 Loss List
1834 Pilz, HansUffzII/JG-3Bf 109F (lost 4/1/42)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 1 April, 1942; sd by AA fire over Malta. He survived a crash landing and taken prisoner (German Losses Over Malta). Alternate spelling: Pelz
1835 Pirkel, HansFw6/JG-2Bf 109F-2 Werk # 12665 (lost 7/21/41)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Crashed with wounds at Firville-Frevent resulting from enemy fighter machine gun fire 21 July, 1941.
1836 Pittmann, Hellmut HansUffz7/30/1923Schwabach11/JG-26 (joins 7/43)Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410234 "Black 15" (lost), Fw 190A-4 Werk # 5555 "White 3" (lost 10/22/43) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIFA 22 October, 1943 when, blinded by the sun, he hit a church steeple and crashed in Antwerp while looking for the airfield. Buried Lille-Harbourdin, Block 5/2/61, next to Raimund Rösner (Rosseels). WIA 15 September, 1943 during aerial combat in "Black 15" with B-26 escort Spitfires. His AC sustained engine damage and he managed to crash land atNivillers, destroying the AC and breaking many bones. One known victory, a Spitfire of RAF No 131 Sq. at Bergen-op-Zoom, N of Walcheren, on 18 August, 1943. Author Caldwell has the name as Hans, and later Helmut, both claiming the same victory, so I am assuming Hans & Hellmut are one in the same. His Obit card uses the name Hellmut.
1837 Plazer, Gerhard Fhr vonFhjUffz1I/JG-26 (joins 12/44), 2/JG-26Fw 190A-8, Fw 190D-9 (lost) EK 2 (Post)
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 20 April, 1945 during aerial combat in his D-9, only minutes after his 1st victory over a Spitfire of RCAF No. 401 Sq. over Sülte airfield. His only known victory, on the day of his death, another Spitfire of RCAF No. 401 Sq., also over the Sülte airfield. A good friend of Hans Kukla from their Fürstenau days, von Plazer had a premonition that he would not survive the war, after Kukla had been injured in January 1945. On March 31, 1945, he made a belly landing east of Münster after being hit by friendly flak while returning from a mission.
1838 Ploetz, Hans vonMajKdr I/KG-4 (7/40)He 111PWound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
Seriously injured in a crash, 30 June, 1940, returning from a mission on one engine. On this particular flight he was acting as Observer, and the pilot attempted to abort his landing and go around again.
1839 Plum, HansFw6/StG-1 (S.U.)Ju 87D-5 Werk # 130664 (lost 10/7/43), Ju 87D-5 Werk # 130767 "6G + DT" (lost 9/22/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(4/29/43)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List. His Wk# 130767 reported lost 22 September, 1943 when the ac exploded after being hit by return fire or combat with Soviet Ace & F/Ldr Alex Pokryshkin, who claimed the victory. Both he and his unnamed R/O returned after the incident. Plum reported injured 7 October, 1943 when his ac overturned on landing at Ssuckorukowo due to a flak hit. The ac was not recovered, no mention of crew injuries. Ju 87 Loss List. Alternate spelling: Plumm.
1840 Plümecke, WernerHptm12/4/19131/KG-28 (1/41), Stfkpt in III/KG-26 (10/41), Stfkpt 2/KG-1 (10/42 S.U.)He 111H-3 Werk # 3501"1T + ?H" (75% dam 1/28/41), Ju 88A-5 Werk # 2377 "V4 + BK" (lost 10/3/42) Wound Badge, Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew near Tschernentschizy 3 October, 1942 after being hit by flak (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: He was injured in a crash at Vannes airfield on 28 January, 1941, cause unknown. Remaining crew: Lt Hans Ulrich, Obs (Inj); Uffz Helmuth Kaletta (MIA) and Fw Kurt Gross (Inj) (absa3945).
1841 Podbielski, Friedrich FranzOblt 9/KG-4 (7/40 Schiphol), Stfkpt 7/KG-4 (10/40 Channel) Ju 88A-1 Werk # 3054 "5J + DR" (lost 7/28/40), Ju 88A-5 Werk # 6129 "5J + ER" (lost 10/27/40) Bomber Operational Clasp POW 27 October, 1940 after being shot down by a Lewis Gun Crew of the 54th Searchlight Regt, crash landing at Manor Farm, Duggleby, near Malton. Remaining crew: Uffz Hans Heier, Observer (POW), Uffz Karl Kidrowski, wireless operator (POW) and Uffz Oskar Piontek, gunner (KIA). Piontek was either thrown clear or jumped from the AC before it came to rest, and was critically injured. He was freed from the underside of the tail section by both his crew members and members of the local Home Guard, working together to save a human being. He subsequently died of his injuries and is buried in the German Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. He lost an earlier Ju 88 which crashed at Schiphol Holland the night of 27/28 July, 1940, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown (DeSwart). Added: Still no known cause, but the crash injured all four crew. Remaining crew: Uffz O.Piontek, Obs; Fw H.Berkefeld, R/O and Uffz K.vonKiedrowski, Gnr (SGLO).
Cannock Chase
1842 Poetter, JoachimObstlt1/1/1913Montigny bei Metz, LothringenStfkpt 7/KG-51 (9/39), Stab (Erg)/Kgr-4, Kdr I/KG-77 (4/41), Staff positions after 5/42He 111 & Ju 88A-5 Werk # 3258 "3Z + AB" (lost 10/25/41) RK(4/16/42)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/15/41)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp in Gold
WIA 25 October, 1941; sd by Soviet fighters and made a successful forced landing in enemy territory SW of Raguj. He was able to walk back to German lines, and was hospitalized for some time. His Obs, Lt Helmut Quade and Gnr Fw Hans Seidel, also made the trek back to German lines. His R/O, Ofw Otto Wagner is still listed as MIA. 161 combat missions. Deceased 17 November, 1992 Kronburg (P. Bastin).
1843 Pohl, ReinhardUffz1(F)/124 Kirkenes)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0755 "G2 + GH" (lost 11/12/41)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 12 November, 1941 during an operation against the Murmansk railway, cause unknown. Crash location Lumbowka Bay, Jokanga. Remaining crew (all MIA): Lt Karl Klaus, Observer; Uffz Wilhelm Keck, R/O and Gefr Hans Urbaneck, Mech. Source: SIG Norway.
1844 Pöhls, Hans WernerOblt9/KG-76 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4, Ju 88A-5 Werk # 8091 "F1 + JT" (lost 6/23/41), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 6784 (lost 9/10/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(11/10/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA with unnamed crew at Stalingrad 10 September, 1942 after being hit by flak (Ju 88 Loss List). DK-G Awards List. Shot down in Wk# 8091 on 23 June, 1941, crew returned.
1845 Polentz, Hans Heinrich9/13/1923(5/45 Roth)MIA 2 May, 1945 after aerial combat. Jager Blatt.
1846 Polinger, HansGefr12/JG-5Bf 109G & Fw 190A EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a P-47 at Rosieres-Chaulnes on 7 July, 1944. Source: Perry Claims.
1847 Poller, HansFw1/9/19151(H)/41Hs 126 (lost)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 12 May, 1940 during the French Campaign, crashing near Heers. Buried Lommel, Block 15/338. Source: A. Rosseels.
Lommel, Belgium
1848 Polowiec, AlexanderLt7/4/19234/KG-1 (Med) Ju 88A-4 Werk # 141078 "V4 + HM" (lost 7/13/43) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew over Sicily 13 July, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew (dispo unk): Uffz Hans Bach, Ogefr Johann Hartl and Uffz Alfred John. No VDK burial matches (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Pelewiec.
1849 Poser, HansLtA/88 (Spain 7/37), 4/Aufkl.Gr. Ob.d.L. Do 215 Werk # 0038 "G2 + KH" (lost 9/18/40) Observer Operational Clasp POW (uninjured) 18 September, 1940 when, during a reconnaissance mission over British airfields at Kent, he was shot down by Hurricanes of RAF No. 303 Sq.. The crew abandoned the AC which crashed on Collier Street, near Yalding. Remaining crew: Uffz A. Linsner (POW-uninjured); Uffz A. Wiesen (POW-WIA) and Fw Helmut Schütz (geb 2/21/1916, Leipzig) (KIA, bur CC, Blk 1, Gr 488). The pilot was not identified, therefore I selected Poser. Any of the remaining crew may have actually been the pilot.
Cannock Chase
1850 Poser, OttoOfw1/KG-26He 111H-4 "1H + BH" (lost 6/2/40)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 2 June, 1940 after his bomber was attacked by Gladiators over Bakkangen. The ac caught fire and force landed at Bukkevatnet, and were taken prisoner by French troops. Remaining crew: Fw Hans Heinrich Hatlapa, Uffz Bernhard Schulte and Uffz Franz Henkel. The crews were released when the Allies left Narvik. Schulte & Henkel were killed in Italy in 1944, bur at Futa Cemetery. Poser & Hatlapa survived the war (Flyvrak Norway).
1851 Pöstges, HansLt192331/JG-54 (S.U.)Fw 190A-5 Werk# (15)7274 "White 10" (lost 8/26/43)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 26 August, 1943 after aerial combat over Map Quadrant 41552. One known victory, a Soviet Il-2 on 20 August, 1943. A 2nd, an Il-2 on 23 August, 1943, just days before his death. His 3rd, and last known victory, an La-5 on 26 August, 1943. Alternate spelling: Postges.
1852 Postl, KarlLt8/16/19193 (Lufttorpedostf)/KG-26 (Sola)He 111H-6 Werk # 4912 "1H + GL" (lost 4/2/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 2 April, 1942; sd by British fighters over the North Sea. Remaining crew (all MIA): Uffz Herbert Schliebe, Observer; Uffz Hans Jakob Weimer, R/O and Uffz Jakob Kurth, Mech. Source: SIG Norway.
1853 Pötter, Hans GeorgUffz4/JG-5Bf 109G-2 Werk # 13799 (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 25 October, 1943; non-operational crash northeast of Pori Norway, cause unknown. Source: SIG Norway.
1854 Potthast, HansFw25/JG-52Bf 109E EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Two known victories, his 1st & 2nd, both Morane 405s south of Soissons, 8 June, 1940.
1855 Pötzinger, HansUffz4/11/1914Grasau1(F)/123Do 17P "4U + MH" (lost)Observer Operational ClaspPOW 23 November, 1939 while on a recon mission over the Dijon airfield and were chased and attacked by two French fighters and belly landed near the Swiss border at Baume-les-Doubs France. Interned by the Swiss. Remaining crew: Fw Leo Knoch, Observer and Uffz Freidrich Böhle, R/O. All were returned to the Staffel on 4 April, 1940. Fw Knoch was later posted MIA on 7 May, 1941. Alternate spelling: Poetzinger.
1856 Prachar, HansLt8/JG-53 (Italy)Bf 109G-4 Trop Werk # 16039 "Black 5 + I" (lost 1/12/43)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 12 January, 1943 as a result of engine damage SE of Pozzallo, bailed safely (Bf 109 Loss List).
1857 Prager, HansLt4/30/1918235/JG-26 (2/44), Sftkpt 7/JG-26 (8/44), Stfkpt 11,10, 9, 15 & 14/JG-54(2/45), JV-44, JG-26 (5/45)Fw 190A-6, 7 & 8 in JG-26, Fw 190D-9 "Yellow ?" (lost in JG-54)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Prager was Stfkpt 11/JG-54 at the Bulge. On 21 February, 1945, his D-9 was listed as lost in aerial combat, colliding with an American P-47s near Varrelbusch, Germany. He claimed this as a victory. One known victory, his 1st, a P-47 E of Paris on 6 February, 1944 while serving in 5/JG-26. A P-51 southeast of Caen on 17 June, 1944, called his 3rd in the Perry Claims. His 4th, a Spitfire at Caen on 4 July, 1944. Another Spitfire, same day, NW of Lisieux. A Spitfire in the center of Caen on 7 July, 1944. His 7th, a P-47 N of Rambouilett on 15 August, 1944. A P-47 at Foret de Brotonne on 20 August, 1944. A Spitfire at Foret Ermenonville on 23 August, 1944. A P-47 in the Osnabrück area on 8 November, 1944. Two P-47s on 13 February, 1945; one near Nassau, the other near Montabauer, while in 9/JG-54. His 16th, a P-47 N of Babenhausen on 21 February, 1945. His 17th, a P-51 at Osnabrück on 19 March, 1945, while in 15/JG-26. His 20th, a Tempest 5 km SW of Münster on 28 March, 1945. 14 victories in JG-26. Deceased 7 October, 2003.
1858 Pramesberger, Hans GeorgLt1919Bad Goisern, Upper Austria1/KG-1He 111H-3 Werk # 6897 "V4 + JH" (lost 11/16/40)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 16 November, 1940 when his ac was sd by AA fire and crashed at Woodensborough, Kent. His remains have not been identified. Remaining crew (KIA, bur CC): Fw Emil Mikeska, Obs (bur 1/7/270); Uffz Heinz Wendtland, R/O (bur 1/9/318) and Uffz Ludwig Muegge (or Mügge), Flt Engr (bur 1/9/319) (D.Drury). Alternate spelling" Pranesberger.
Cannock Chase
1859 Prang, Hans4/23/1915LG-2, JG-51Bf 109 in JG-51Fighter Operational ClaspDeceased 16 August, 1999. Jager Blatt Obit.
1860 Prasse, RudolfLt10/10/1913Wekusta 2 He 111P-2 Werk # 5396 "TG + KA" (lost 9/23/40) Meteorological Operational Clasp MIA 23 September, 1940; lost at sea, off Brest. Source: A.Rosseels. Added: While searching for the crew of an He 111H-3, piloted by Lt Horst Max Dümcke (ditched and rescued), Lt Prasses ac came under attack by three Blenheims of No. 236 Sq, piloted by P/O Aubrey Richard de Lisle Inniss, P/O Russell and Sgt Smith, and was shot down abt 400km west of Brest. Remaining crew: Reg Rat Dr Reinhardt Hans, Obs (KIA); Uffz Max Mrochen, R/O (Rescued) and Uffz Franz Liebl (11/7/1917), Flt Engr (DOW, bur Mont-de-Huisnes Fr, Vault 1, Grave 86). Pilot Prasse & R/O Mrochen were rescued by a fishing boat and returned to France after being adrift in a dinghy for two days. (D.Drury)
1861 Press, HansLt162/Schl.G-1 (7/43 S.U.), 5/SG-77 (4/44 S.U.)Fw 190A-5, Fw 190F-8
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45)

EK 1 & 2
Assault Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet Il-2 SE of Varvarovka on 6 July, 1943. A 2nd, a LaGG-3 SW of Gornostaipol on 6 October, 1943. A 3rd, a LaGG-5 on 15 April, 1944. Nos. 4, 5 & 6, all Il-5s on 16 April, 1944. A 7th, an Il-2 1 km S of Zywenzow on 25 April, 1944. An 8th, a Yak-9 on 27 April, 1944. A 9th, a Yak-9 on 1 May, 1944. A 10th & 11th, an Il-2 and a U-2 on 7 July, 1944. A 12th, a P-39 on 8 July, 1944. Nos. 13 & 14, a LaGG-5 and an Il-2 on 14 July, 1944. Nos. 15 & 16, a P-39 and a Pe-2 on 15 July, 1944.
1862 Pritze, HansUffz192017/JG-26 (joins 11/42), 7/JG-26 (2/43 Wevelghem), 4/JG-54Fw 190A-3, Fw 190A-5 Werk# (150)1308 "White 5" (lost 7/9/43) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA (and presumed KIA) 9 July, 1943, during aerial combat with a P-39, in "White 5", over Schlüsseburg (Mombeek). Werk# 1501308 was reported as a loss of 4/JG-54 (borrowed AC?). His one known victory, a Soviet P-40 on 18 June, 1943. Alternate spelling: Pritzke.
1863 Probst, ErnstUffz2/Kü.Fl.Gr.-506 (S.U.?)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 1237 "8L + FK" (lost 10/4/41)Observer Operational ClaspKIA at Oesel 4 october, 1941, cause unknown, His Observer, Lt z.S. Hans Ide, and two other unnamed crew MIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
1864 Prokesch, Johannes "Hans"Uffz7/23/1920Vienna Austria3/KGr-806 (Malta)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140156 "M7 + BL" (lost 5/14/42)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with two other unnamed crew near Hal Far 14 May, 1942; shot down by a Spitfire of No. 601 Sq. (Barnham), one other crew POW (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Pilot buried in the St Michele Cem., Cagliari, Sardinia (German Losses Over Malta).
1865 Proll, GuntherMajStfkpt 1/JFS Jütterbog-Damm (5/42), Stfkpt 1/NAGr-4 (7/43)Bf 109G-4/R2
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold (10/1/44)
EP (1/8/43)

EK 1 & 2
Night Observer Operational Clasp (R. Randall)
Lt Hans Buchwalds C.O., who wrote letter to the wife of Buchwald after his death in July 1943. He may have been Stfkpt 1 Staffel or Kdr I Gruppe NAGr-4.
1866 Proppe, HansHptm1/3/1915Trier1/KG-40 (Eger, Cz.) He 177A-3 Werk # 15269 (lost 1/23/43) Bomber Operational Clasp KIC 23 January, 1943 when his ac was attempting an emergency landing on a field near Novy' Hroznatov, Cz., near Cheb airfield, due to a technical problem. Coming in too fast, the ac plowed into a chapel well inside a forest, flattening the chapel and burning. Remaining crew (KIC): Fw Fritz Kammermeier (geb 1/11/1914 Herne), R/O and Uffz Walter Ziegler (geb 9/21/1921 Wesel), Gnr. Hptm Proppe buried in Trier (F.Braun).
1867 Proske, HansFw8/18/1919III/KG(J)-27 (Wels)Fw 190A-9 Werk # 205901 (lost 2/25/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 25 February, 1945; mid-air collision south of Gunskirchen with another Fw 190, Werk # 207185, piloted by Ofhr Hartmut Renner, KIC. Proske buried in the War Graves Cemetery at Wels, Row 1, Grave 37C. Renner buried in 34C. Source: Fritz Braun & Chronik KG-27.
1868 Proske, RüdigerObltGrp Adj I/ZG-26 (Channel)Bf 110C-4 Werk # 3102 "U8 + BB" (lost 8/18/40)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 18 August, 1940 after being shot down on Dering Farm, Lydd, by S/L Aenas MacDonnell of No. 64 Sq.. His R/O, Uffz Hans Möbius, was also taken prisoner (Bf 110 Loss List & Zerstorer, pg 183). Identified as a fighter pilot, adding commentary, on in a World Timeline documentary about Ernst Udet.
1869 Pschibul, HansUffz5/KG-30 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 550424 "4D + FN" (lost 11/1/43)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew in the Neapel harbor 1 November, 1943, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
1870 Pusch, HansUffz1/JG-2Fw 190A-4 Werk # 791 (dam 5/17/43)Wound Badge, Fighter Operational ClaspWIA 17 May, 1943; damaged by B-17 return fire, made a force landing at "Brec'h" (absa3945).
1871 Puschstein, HeinzUffz8/KG-26He 111H-4 "1H + ?S" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 15 August, 1940: sd by British fighters, crashed at sea off the coast of County Durham or Northumberland (D.Durham). Remaining crew (all MIA): Lt Wolfgang Burck, Observer, Uffz Hans Karl Klug, wireless operator, Uffz Hans Hofmann, mechanic and Uffz Karl Lotz, gunner.
1872 Pütt, Karl HeinzFw7/13/1923Velbert, GermanyJG-106 (2/43), JGr-Süd, 2/JG-51, 15(Sturm)/JG-3 (44), 4/JG-3Bf 109G( 2 damaged in trng), Fw 190A-8 (lost 8/44), Fw 190D-9(last two weeks of the war) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
After HS graduation, he worked for one week in the FW factory at Bremen. Then drafted into the Signal Coprs before entering Luft training. Flew his first combat mission in 1944. During the Battle of the Bulge, 24 December, 1944, he made a force landing in another A-8 on the Autobahn south of Bonn. Forced to bail from his A-8 in August, 1944 when he lost oil pressure and his engine failed, suffering internal injuries. He was hospitalized for several months, during which time, his parents received his death notice! He was wingman for Wilhelm Moritz and Oskar Romm. Witnessed Oskar Romms fiery crash on 24 April, 1945. He also flew a few missions as wingman for Gunther Schack, Kdr of IV/JG-3 at the time, and Werner Schröer, also Kdr IV/JG-3 in February, 1945. His "Swartz Mann" (Mechanic), Ofw Hans Langenkamp. Ended the war by riding to Westerland in northern Germany, avoiding POW Camp. A Mechanical Engineer in Germany, he emigrated to America in 1954, retiring in 1986. A comrade of Emil Daniel, now living in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. Changed the spelling to the "Americanized" Puett in the U.S..
1873 Pütter, Dietrich BernhardLt4/15/1920Bonn3(F)/10 (S.U.) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 0721 "??" (lost 6/3/42) Observer Operational Clasp MIA with his Observer Oblt Hans Speth and two other unnamed crew at Poltawa 3 June, 1942, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: A more precise location was over Lipetsk, Lipesk Oblast. He was attacked by a MiG-3 of 487 IAP, piloted by Lt Mikhail Alekseevich Proskurin. Oblt Speth was KIA; Lt Pütter was POW, released in 1949 (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Pötter
1874 Puttmann, HansFw5/JG-26Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410230 (80% dam 9/15/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a force landing at the Beauvais-Tille airfield on 15 September, 1943 due to engine trouble.
1875 Querlich, OttoUffz2/KG-2Do 217M-1 Werk # 6058 "U5 + HK" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 25 July, 1943, failing to return from a mine-laying operation off the Humber. Cause unknown. Remaining crew: Ofw Hans Jähn, Observer(MIA), Ogefr Hans Mehler, wireless operator (MIA) and Uffz Rudolf Schricker, gunner (KIA). Another researcher, Ulf Balke, states this pilots surname as Gürlich
1876 Quillisch, HansOgefrII/SG-3Fw 190F-8 Werk # 582327 (lost 3/6/45)Assault Operational ClaspMIA 6 March, 1945 west of Stargard, cause unknown.
1877 Raab,Uffz13/ZG-76Bf 110, Bf 109G EK 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a P-51 N of Bad Frankenhausen on 7 July, 1944. This is most likely Hans Raab, later in JG-6.
1878 Raab, HansOfw42/ZG-1 (5/43 S.U.), 2/ZG-26 (5/44)Bf 110G-2
EK 1 & 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known Soviet victory, a LaGG-3 on 10 May, 1943. Two known western victories, both B-17s, one at Hümmling Polder, the other by Burgsteinfurt, on 10 October, 1943. A 3rd, a B-24 in the Kammin area on 29 May, 1944.
1879 Raab, HansOfw2/JG-6 Fw 190A-8 Werk # 737368 (dam 1/17/45), Fw 190A-8 Werk # 739214 "Red 3" (70% dam 1/30/45) Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 17 January, 1945 by flak NE of Schiratz. Added: In a second incident, he reportedly crashed at Freistadt West, but his disposition is unknown (D.Drury).
1880 Raab, Hans JoachimOfhr7/JG-2 (Nidda)Fw 190D-9Fighter Operational ClaspOpposed a large American bomber formation over Nidda-Ranstadt on 15 March, 1945. His close friend, Ofhr Ludwig Kessler, was killed during this encounter. Source: Horst Jeckel.
1881 Raabe, Joachim HansOfhr10/10/19207/JG-2Fw 190D-9 Werk # 401378 (lost 3/9/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 9 March, 1945 during aerial combat with a P-51 in the Bad Kreuznach area. He bailed safely and was taken to a hospital in Bad Kreuznach.
1882 Rabenau, Hans Bodo vonLt5/24/19183/SKG-210 (6/42), 13(Z)/JG-5 (Finland)Bf 110F-2 Werk # 5547 "LN + MR" (lost)Destroyer Operational ClaspKIA 13 August, 1942; shot down at Murmansk. Remaining crew (both retuned): Uffz Karl Schröder, R/O and StbFw Hans Kuhnke, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
1883 Rachner, FritzUffz2(H)/21 (S.U.)Hs 126 Werk # 4290 "C2 + AK" (lost 6/27/41), Hs 126B-1 Werk # 3324 "P2 (or C2) + HK" (lost 8/17/42)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 17 August, 1942 due to flak near Lowda Russia. His Observer, Oblt Hans Joachim Hermann also MIA. Shot down by enemy fire near Durben Russia 27 June, 1941, crew returned OK. Observer, Lt Werner Drost. Obs Loss List
1884 Rachner, HansOblt1012/JG-3 (8/43), Stfkpt 12/JG-3 (3/44)Bf 109G, Fw 190DEP

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 7 July, 1944 (Magnus). His 2nd victory, a B-24D near Capua Italy, 21 August, 1943. His 3rd, a P-38 over the Ischia area, 30 August, 1943. His 4th, a B-17 (HSS) "KQ-3" at Ahlen on 23 March, 1944 (Perry Claims). His 5th, a B-17 (HSS) "HB-3" at Helmstedt on 11 April, 1944. His 6th, a B-17 in the Nauen area, W of Berlin, on 18 April, 1944. His 7th, a B-24 (HSS) NE of Gifhorn on 29 April, 1944. His 8th, a B-17 at Minden-Hannover on 8 May, 1944. His 9th, a B-17 at Nidda on 12 May, 1944. His 10th, a B-24 in the Oschersleben area on 7 July, 1944.
1885 Raddatz, Uffz12/JG-1Bf 109F EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Photo Recon Spitfire 25 km east of Wesermünde on 16 September, 1942. This could be the Hans Raddatz, also in 2/JG-1.
1886 Raddatz, HansFw12/JG-1, 5/JG-11 (9/43 Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 20079 (15% dam 9/27/43)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His G-6 damaged in combat on 27 September, 1943, force landed at Norderney, pilot OK. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 on 26 February, 1943. OKL Claims List says this was his 1st victory, therefore I think he is not the Raddatz in 2/JG-1 downing a PR Spitfire earlier!
1887 Raddatz, HansFhjFw45/JG-11 (1/44 Deelen) Bf 109G (lost 1/30/44), Bf 109G-6/U4 Werk # 20800 "Black 9" (lost 2/10/44)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 10 February, 1944 during aerial combat, crashing in the Münster area (L. Wiegels). An earlier 109G crashed at Hilversum Holland on 30 January, 1944, cause and pilot disposition unknown (DeSwart). One known victory, his 2nd, a B-17 N of Rudesheim on 28 July, 1943. His 3rd, a B-17 on 16 December, 1943. His 4th, a B-17 on 11 January, 1944. This is most likely Fw Hans Raddatz with the B-17 victory 26 February, 1943.
1888 Rademacher, Hans ErhardtFhjUffz5/3/192511/JG-2Fw 190A-8 Werk # 732270 (lost 11/11/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 11 November, 1944; believed killed making an emergency landing after combat, 3km west of Geinsheim, buried Frankfurt - Oberrad.
1889 Radons, OttoFw2/Kü.Fl.Gr.-106 (9/39 Norderney) Do 18D-2 Werk # 0718 "M2 + LK" (interned 9/13/39) Unk The crew were interned at Fort bij Spijkerboor 13 September, 1939 after being attacked and damaged by a Dutch fighter, and made a force landing at sea. The ac was seized by the Dutch when their ac drifted ashore at Ameland in the West Frisian Islands, Friesland, Netherlands. Upon the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940, the crew were all transferred to England as POW's. Remaining crew: Lt.z.S. Horst Rust, Obs; Funkmaat Hans Zieschang, R/O and Uffz Otto Schenk, Flt Engr (D.Drury).
1890 Ragotzi, HansOblt2 8/JG-26 (2/42), 10(Jabo)/JG-26 (3/42) Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7102 (lost 10/41), Bf 109F-4/R1 Werk # 8344 "White 7 + bomb" (lost 6/9/42) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 9 June, 1942 while on an anti-shipping mission. He was sd by a Spitfire, piloted by P/O K.A.H.Mason of 131 Sq., and ditched into the Channel 50 km W of the Somme Estuary, but could not be rescued due to darkness. His body eventually washed ashore at Hardelot. WIA 21 October, 1941: Bailed with wounds NE of Samer after aerial combat with a Spitfire. One known victory, his 1st, a Spitfire into the Sea on 12 February, 1942. His 2nd, a Hurricane east of Harwich on 25 March, 1942.
1891 Raitmaier, HeinzFwUnknownFw 58C Werk # 2023 "NG + EO" (lost)Emergency landing in Sweden 3 March, 1942 due to a compass error. His R/O, Uffz Hans Egger, Both were unhurt. Neither was identified as the pilot. I chose Raitmaier as customarily, SIG listed the pilot first in their reporting. (Source: SIG Norway)
1892 Range, WalterOfw12/13/1912CaldenStab II/KG-27He 111P Werk # 2862 "1G + CC" (lost 5/8/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 8 May, 1941 when his ac was sd by a Beaufighter of No.600 Sq., piloted by F/O Robert S. Woodward, and crashed at Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Remaining crew: Uffz Karl Dillinger, Obs (KIA); Uffz August Habesreiter. R/O (KIA) and Ofw Hans Laube, Flt Engr (Bailed & POW). The deceased ar buried at CC/8/1 as follows: Ofw Range Gr 6, Uffz Dillinger Gr 5 and Uffz Habesreiter Gr 7 (D.Drury).
Cannock Chase
1893 Rank, Hans Fw1/20/1915Halle4(Schl)/LG-2Bf 109E-4/B Werk # 5562 "^ + White B" (lost 10/29/40)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 29 October, 1940 during aerial combat, crashing alongside Goldhanger Ln, Maldon, Essex. Buried Cannock Chase, Block 1, Row 4, Gr 113. Source: M.Croft. Added: He is sometimes named Hans Max, Hans Joachim & Hans Wilhelm (needing resolution). His ac was sd by a Hurricane of No.249 Sq., piloted by F/Lt Robert A.Barton. Fw Rank bailed from his ac, badly burned, and died later that same day (D.Drury).
Cannock Chase
1894 Ransmayer, HansLt8/24/192037 4/JG-54 (8/43 S.U.), 12/JG-54 (3/44), 15/JG-54 (9/44 Plantlünne) Bf 109G-2 Werk # 10359 "Black 6 + -" (force land 8/7/42), Fw 190A-5 Wk# (150)1477 "Wh ?"(lost 8/43), Fw 190A-8 # 172684 "Yel 6" (lost 9/20/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 20 September, 1944 in 15 Staffel in "Yellow 6" when he struck a Church tower and crashed in the water at St Walburgiskerk, near Arnheim. In 4 Staffel, he was shot down with wounds 29 August, 1943 in Werk # 1477 over Map Quadrant 0823. Force landed his G-2 after being damaged by fighters during aerial combat on 7 August, 1942. His first known victory, a Soviet Yak-9 on 14 August, 1943, an Uffz at the time. A LaGG-5 and an Il-2 on 21 August, 1943. Two Il-2s on 22 August, 1943. Two Il-2s on 23 August, 1943. A P-39 on 27 August, 1943. Two R-5s on 10 February, 1944, a Fw at the time. An La-5 on 26 February, 1944. A Yak-9 on 9 March, 1944. A Pe-2 on 19 March, 1944. An Il-2 and two P-39s on 14 July, 1944. A Yak-9 on 16 July, 1944. An R-5 on 26 July, 1944. A Yak-9 on 1 August, 1944. A Yak-9 on 5 August, 1944. Two La-5s and a Yak-9 on 6 August, 1944. A P-39 and two Yak-9s on 9 August, 1944. An La-5 and a Yak-11 on 10 August, 1944. A Yak-9 on 19 August, 1944. Two Yak-11s and four Yak-9s on 27 August, 1944. A Yak-9 on 1 September, 1944. Added: The church tower was that of St Walburgis Church, Arnhem (SGLO). Alternate spelling: Ransmeier.
1895 Rascher, GeorgUffz6/KG-53 (4/40 Ödheim)He 111H-2 Werk # 6818 "A1 + GP" (lost 8/30/40)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 30 August. 1940: attacked by fighters during a raid on Radlett, Hertfordshire, he ditched the ac at sea off the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. The entire crew rescued from their dinghy and taken prisoner. Remaining crew: Uffz Werner Roempert, Obs; Uffz Hans Wagner, R/O; Uffz Arthur Schall, Flt Engr & Uffz Gustav Keuerleben, Gnr (D.Drury).
1896 Rasper, HansLt10/8/19117 4/NJG-1 (12/40 Deelen, 6/41 St Truden), 5/NJG-2 (1/42), 6/NJG-101, IV/NJG-6 Bf 110C "G9 + BM" (11/40), Bf 110C Wk# unk (4225?) "G9 + FM" (20% dam 12/15/40 during combat with his Wellington victory, crew OK), Bf 110C-4 Werk # 2191 "G9 + BM" (20% dam 6/13/41 by Wellington return fire. His 2nd victory in this ac)
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
POW 26/27 April, 1945 after being shot down in Mittelfels, near Cham, by American ack-ack during a strafing run (Boiten). One known victory, a Wellington on the night of 15-16 December, 1940, during the Battle of Britain. A 2nd, a Wellington "EL-5" on 12 March, 1941, no location. His 3rd, another Wellington 10 km northwest of Petten, 14 March, 1941. His 4th, a Wellington R1322" on 9 May, 1941 Ijsselmeer. His 5th, a Whitley of RAF No. 58 Sq. at Einkhuizen, north Holland, 11-12 May, 1941. His 6th, a Wellington the night of 12-13 June, 1941 at Wervershoof, northwest of Enkhuizen. A Wellington into the See on 21 January, 1942. Also credited with 4 "Probables". His R/O Erich Schreiber since December, 1940 was KIA in 1942. Deceased 16 June, 1999.
1897 Rath, HansHptmII/JG-54, 2/JG-54 (8/40 Channel)Bf 109E-4 Werk# 6072 "White 6" (lost 8/30/40)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 30 August, 1940 after an In-Flight collision with another E-4, Werk# 1643, piloted by Lt Rudolf Ziegler, over Layhams Farm near Biggin Hill, London/Chelsham-Surrey. Both pilots bailed safely from 20,000 feet and were taken prisoner upon landing.
1898 Rath, Hans JoachimGenMaj12/11/1894BerlinKdr I/KG-4 (11/39 Soesterberg, Kdr KG-4 (5/40; 9/41 Schüsselburg Russia to 6/42), Kdr Central Bombing School 4 & other staff positionsHe 111P & H RK(5/9/42)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/5/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp in Silver
Channel pilot. Barbarossa Kdr.. Rath was responsible for the concentrated attacks against Soviet fortifications near Schüsselburg, depriving the defenders of Leningrad their last land-connection supply base. He served as Kdr I/KG-4 in May of 1940. Deceased 10 May, 1968 Bad Neuenahr (P. Bastin).
1899 Rau, HansUffz4/7/1922Oelsnitz11/JG-1 (7/43), 4/JG-1 (2/44)Fw 190A-4 & 5, Fw 190A-7 Werk # 340271 "White 15 (lost 2/21/44) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 21 February, 1944 during aerial combat, crashing at Lüstringen, 5 km east of Osnabrück (L. Wiegels). No known grave. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 (HSS) W of Hannover on 21 February, 1944.
1900 Rau, HansUffz12/15/19226/JG-2Bf 109G Werk # 410296 (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 29 January, 1944; crashed during a transfer flight, near Vorst Belgium. Source: A. Rosseels.

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