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1101 Karpeskiel, HansOfwI/KG-30 (4/42 Petsamo) Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140210 "4D + GH" (lost 4/29/42) Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
WIA 29 April, 1942 hit by flak during a mission at Petsamo, Finland. He most likely crashed as his three crew members were all killed. Remaining crew: Fw Erwin Sommer, Observer; Ofw Rudolf Adler (or Alder), R/O and Uffz Josef Pieper, Gunner (SIG Norway). Added: Ofw Karpeskiel's ac managed to get back from attacking shipping at Murmansk, crashing 30 km west of Petsamo. The three deceased are buried in the War Cem at Petschenga, Russia, no grave details.
1102 Kasdorf, GustavOfw4/KG-77, Stab 6/KG-77 (Tymbaki)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140077 "3Z + HP" (lost 9/6/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(7/2/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
POW 6 September, 1942 when he was intercepted by an RAF Night Fighter during a bombing mission and shot down west of Wadi Natrun, Egypt. All crew members bailed safely and were promptly captured. Remaining crew (POW): Ofw Hans Strohmaier, Observer; Ofw Walter Regener, R/O and Fw Erich Kempe, Gunner. Regener celebrated his 200th war sortie in April, 1942. He had been awarded the EK 1 & 2, DK-G and the Gold Bomber Operational Clasp.
1103 Kasprzak, HansOgefr8/KG-30 (Med)JU 88A-4 Werk # 3962 "4D + ES" (lost 6/18/43)Bomber Operational Clasp KIA with unnamed crew 18 June, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
1104 Kass, Hans GüntherFw16/JG-51Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-24 at Prilep (Romania?) on 18 May, 1944.
1105 Kastenberger, HansFw12/NAGr-2 (4/44 S.U.)Fw 189A-3 EK 2
Observer Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet R-5 on 16 April, 1944.
1106 Kastenhuber, HansFw1/19/192192/JG-52 (1/43 S.U.), Stab II/JG-11 (5/44 Reich Def)Bf 109G-2 Werk # 13596 "Black 11" (20% dam 4/27/43), Bf 109G-5 Werk # 110190 "Black EP

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 12 May, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-47 near Strinz-Trinitatis. WIA 27 April, 1943 in "Black 11" by flak at Taman. His 1st known victory, a Soviet LaGG-3 on 27 January, 1943. Two Il-7s on 29 January, 1943. A 4th, a U-2 on 17 February, 1943. A 5th, a LaGG-3 on 26 April, 1943. A 6th, a P-39 on 16 January, 1944. A 7th, a P-39 on 17 January, 1944. An 8th, a Yak-9 on 24 March, 1944. A 9th, a Yak-9 on 24 April, 1944.
1107 Kastner, Hans JoachimLt6/ZG-26Bf 110C-4 unk Wk# "3U + EP" (lost 8/18/40)Destroyer Operational ClaspPOW 18 August, 1940 after aerial combat; emergency landing at Newchurch, his unnamed gunner also POW. (Bf 110 Loss List & BoB T&N, pg 590). Alternate spelling: Kästner. Added: His R/O-Gnr, Uffz Walter Kaffenberger, also POW. The exact landing at St Mary's Marsh, Blackmanstone, Newchurch, Kent (D.Drury)
1108 Kathen, Hans Friedrich vonLt6/StG-77Ju 87D-1
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/21/42)

EK 1 & 2
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
1109 Katzmann, HansUffz31/ZG-2Bf 110
EK 1 & 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
His first two victories were P-37Ps over Lodz, 4 September, 1939. His 3rd, a P-23 west of Krakau, 12 September, 1939.
1110 Kaufeld,Uffz1III/JG-27Bf 109G EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a P-47 SW of Bernay on 4 July, 1944. This may be Uffz Hans Kauffeld.
1111 Kauffeld, HansUffz11/JG-27 (Reich Def)Bf 109K-4 Werk # 331388 "Yellow 15 + I" (lost 12/18/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 18 December, 1944 during aerial combat in the Köln area, bailed safely.
1112 Kauffmann, KurtStbsFw.3/Kü.Fl.Gr. 506 (7/41 Algeria)He 111H-6 Werk # 7565 "1H + EP" (lost 11/9/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 9 November, 1942; failed to return from a mission, attacking shipping off the Algerian coast. Remaining crew (MIA): Hptm Karl Barth, Obs, Stfkpt & RK Holder (12/14/4); Fw Hans Assmann, R/O and Gnr Uffz Heinrich Heerdegen. Kaiser RK book.
1113 Kautz, Hans JoachimGefr3/JG-77 (Italy)Bf 109G-6 Werk# 162739 "Black < +" (lost 5/15/44)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 15 May, 1944; Aerial combat near Acquapendente/Montalto. Mombeek MIA List.
1114 Kawig, Hans JoachimFhr25/JG-52 (1/43 Austria; 12/44 S.U.)Bf 109G-10 Werk # 610398 "Black 6 + -" (lost 1/28/43) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 28 January, 1943, no further detail, but must have returned. His first known victory, a Soviet Il-2 (m.H.) on 5 December, 1944. A 2nd, another Il-2 (m.H.) on 20 December, 1944. Alternate spelling: Katwig.
1115 Keck, GeorgUffz12/8/1921IV/KG-6 (Bretigny Fr)Ju 88A-14 Werk # 144425 (lost 3/31/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 31 March, 1944; crashed east of Untersotzbach due to bad weather, buried Heidenheim. Remaining crew (KIC): Obs Gefr Gerhard Krumhaar (9/8/1924) buried Gotha; R/O Ofw Hans Hoffmann (11/6/1911) buried Berlin and Gnr Ogefr Richard Bergmann (2/3/1918) buried Wilhelmshaven. Source: Lost Aircraft Report.
1116 Keil, KarlFhjFw6/JG-11 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-10 Werk # 491445 "Black 9 + -" (lost 2/8/45)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 8 February, 1945 after he and his leader, Hans Helmut Koch, made forced landings behind Russian lines; reason and place unknown. It is thought one landed to rescue the other. Jager Blatt article.
1117 Keilert, Hans WalterOgefr1/Kü.Fl.Gr-906He 115B Werk # 2247 "8L + FH" (lost)Air-Sea Rescue Operational ClaspMIA 13 September, 1942; shot down by flak at Map Quadrant 17 East/3760. Remaining crew (all MIA): Lt Heinz Walter Schmuck, Observer and Uffz Erich Kipka, R/O. Source: SIG Norway.
1118 Keiser, KurtUffz7/JG-52 (7/42 S.U.)Bf 109G-2 (lost 7/17/42)Fighter Operational ClaspWhile serving as wingman for Hans Dammers, he and Dammers were sd by Soviet Ace and F/Ldr Alex Pokryshkin on 17 July, 1942. Dammers returned but the fate of Keiser not reported. Source: S. Pietrzak.
1119 Keitel, Hans Karl Oblt1/12/19158Stab I/JG-77 (5/40), Stfkpt 1/JG-77 (9/40), Stfkpt 10/JG-51 (11/40), Kdr IV/JG-51 (2/41)Bf 109E-4/B "<<+" (lost 2/26/41)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 26 February, 1941 during aerial combat with a Spitfire southeast of Dungeness, and crashed into the Channel. His command of IV Gruppe lasted about one week. One known victory, his 1st, a Spitfire at Dunkirk, 26 May, 1940. His 2nd, a Spitfire over England on 4 September, 1940. His 3rd, a Spitfire over England on 15 September, 1940. His 6th (as reported by OKL), a Spitfire in the London area on 30 October, 1940. His 7th, per OKL, a Hurricane NW of Dunkirk on 10 February, 1941. His 8th, a Hurricane S of Dover on 26 February, 1941. Alternate spelling: Keittel.
1120 Keller, Johannes HansFhjUffz2413/JG-51 (10/44 S.U.; 2/45 Reich Def Ost)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 511496 (lost 2/18/45)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 18 February, 1945 after aerial combat in the Graudenz area. His first known victory, two Soviet Il-2s and a Yak-9 on 7 October, 1944. An Il-2, two LaGG-5s and a Yak-9 on 13 October, 1944. An 8th, a Yak-9 on 15 October, 1944. Nos. 9 & 10, an Il-2 (m.H.) and a LaGG-5 on 19 October, 1944. An 11th, a Yak-9 on 23 October, 1944. Nos. 12-16, four Il-2s (m.H.) and a Boston III on 24 October, 1944. A Yak-9 on 25 October, 1944. A Yak-9 on 26 October, 1944. Magnus, 24 victories. Bowers/Lednicer, 24 victories.
1121 Kellner, HansMajStfkpt 1(F)/122 date unk)Ju 88A & DObserver Operational ClaspWiki Luft data.
1122 Kelpin, HansGefr 9/JG-27 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 411979 "Yellow 16 + I" (lost 5/24/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 24 May, 1944 during aerial combat in the Buck/St Pölten area.
1123 Kelrer, RudolfUffz1/29/19203/KG-66Ju 88S-3 Werk # 330260 "Z6 + LL" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 16 July, 1944; shot down by flak during a mission; the crew bailed safely, but he did not. Remaining crew (WIA): Oblt Hans Trutzenberger, geb 4/1/1922, Obs and Ofw Fredo Ulbricht, geb 7/25/1916, R/O. Source: B. Bines.
1124 Kemmerling, HansUffz22/JG-302Bf 109G-6 "Red 6" (lost 7/25/44)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 25 July, 1944 by American bomber return fire, crashed at "Fliegergraben" (fliers cemetary) near Schwarzenbach on the Pielach (K. Rieder). One known victory, his 1st, a B-24 S of Villach on 30 June, 1944. His 2nd, a B-24 in the Papa area on 7 July, 1944.
1125 Kempa, HansHptm5(H)/41Fw 189A-1 Werk # 0235 "V7 + 2C" (lost 10/4/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/18/43)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
MIA 4 October, 1942 during aerial combat in Russia, in Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 4458. The remaining unnamed crew were also MIA. Obs Loss List & DK-G Awards List
1126 Kempf, PaulOfw11/9/1914Crailsheim4/KG-1 (S.U.) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 6374 "V4 + TM" (lost 7/10/41), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 3690 "V4 + ZM" (or EM) (lost 4/22/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(5/4/42 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp"
MIA 22 April, 1942 during aerial combat (DK-G Awards List). Brought down 10 July after being rammed by a Soviet I-16 of the 154th Fighter Aviation Regt. flown by Lt. Sergey Titovka. Crew disposition unknown. His A-5 was reported lost on 10 July, 1941 near Pljussa, cause unknown; pilot and two others returned WIA and one was KIA (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Failed to return from a mission to Krestzy, Leningrad Oblast, Russia. Remaining crew (MIA): Oblt Walter Müller, Obs; Uffz Herbert Wagner, R/O and Fw Hans Manfeld (or Mansfeld), Gnr. VDK matches for Ofw Kempf and Oblt Müller; Kempf, a grave understood to exist at Krestzy/Staraya Russia, and he is commemorated in the German War Cem at Korpowo. Oblt Müller is confirmed missing and he is commemorated at Sologubowka (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Kempfe.
1127 Keppler, HansObstlt2/11/1912Entringen2/KG-51 (39), Stfkpt 7/KG-51 (9/41), Kdr III/KG-1 (11/41), Kdr KG-1 (8/42 S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 144037 "V4 + CD" (lost 9/3/42)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(2/25/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA 3 September, 1942 after colliding with a Bf 109 piloted by Gefr Lengwenings (KIC, crashing near Sigolovo), SE of Mga, near Lake Ladoga. Remaining crew (KIA): Ofw August Windisch, Obs; Fw Werner Schubert, R/O and Fw Werner Niersberger, Gnr.. 300+ combat missions.
1128 Kessels, HansFw12/10/19165/JG-6Fw 190A-8 Werk # 1714__ "White 3" (lost 8/25/44)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 25 August, 1944, enemy action at La Fere (JG-6 List).
1129 Kestel, HansUffz8/LG-1 (Channel)Ju 88A-1 Werk # 6062 "L1 + KS" (lost 11/12/40)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew at in the London area 12 November, 1940, cause unknown (Ju 88 Loss List).
1130 Kestner, Hans GüntherOgefrabt 192314/JG-4 Bf 109G-14 Werk # 780357 "Black 7" (lost 11/19/44) Fighter Operational Clasp KIA 19 November, 1944; crashed at Lauen after suffering engine damage by American fighters (JG-4 List). Added: While attempting to land in a field in the outskirts of Louny, he struck the masonry of a barracks yard (F.Braun).
1131 Ketner, Hans JoachimUffz11/28/19211/JG-3 (Stubendorf)Bf 109G-14/AS Werk # 165701 "White 4" (lost 8/22/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 22 August, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-51 of 31FG at Libava CZ, buried Erfurt Cem.
1132 Ketscher, HansHptm11/9/1912Mühlhausen, Thüringen1(F)/121 (42), FFS A/B 9 (11/42), Stfkpt 2 Erg/(F)/? (8/44), Stfkpt 1(F)/121 (11/44), Stfkpt 3 Erg/(F)/Kölleda (3/45)Do 17 P & F and He 111H

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(5/11/42)

EK 1 & 2
Observer Operational Clasp
Retired Bundeswehr Major, 31 March, 1965. Deceased 25 September, 1989, Northheim. Source: D.Stankey & L.DeZeng.
1133 Kettling, Hans UlrichOblt1/ZG-76 (Channel)Bf 110D-0 Werk # 3155 "M8 + CH" (lost 8/15/40)Destroyer Operational ClaspPOW 15 August, 1940 after being shot down by a Spitfire of RAF No. 41 Sq., piloted by P/O George Bennions. With both engines dead, the Bf 110D crash landed at Streatlam, near Barnard Castle. Also a POW, Ogefr Friedrich Wilhelm "Fritz" Volk, his wireless operator. He is known to have been in aerial combat near Oslo on 9 April, 1940, and the "M8 + CH" was indentified as Bf 110C. I beleive the "C" model is correct for this time period. Source: SIG Norway.
1134 Kettner, HansUffz6/KG-4He 111 (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 19 May, 1940 after crashing his He 111 near Lokeren. Source: A. Rosseels.
1135 Kettner, Hans JoachimUffzI/JG-3 Bf 109G-6/AS Werk # 165701 "White 4" (lost 8/22/44) Fighter Operational Clasp Source:, Luftwaffe losses in Czechoslovakia via Pavel Krejci. Pilot disposition unknown, Olomouc, 8/22/44. Added: Uffz Kettner was sd by a P-51 in the Libava-Koslov vicinity, Olomouc District, Cz. The same day Uffz Rudolf Kreutzinger was sd next to him, by the same P-51. Uffz Kreutzinger managed to jump free of his "White 16" (F.Braun).
1136 Kieffer, HansLt6/KG-100Do 217E-5 Werk # 5403 "6N + BP" (lost 4/1/44)Bomber Operational ClaspThis ac was involved in an attack on an Allied convoy off Cape Tenes, Algeria, 1 April, 1944, after which it crashed into the sea off Cabrera, Balearic Islands, Spain. The cause was thought to be engine failure. The crew managed to bail before the ac went down. Lt Kieffer survived after being rescued by a fishing vessel, the remaining three perished. Remaining crew: Uffz Johannes Böckler (KIA, picked up by the same fishing vessel, but already deceased, bur Cuacos de Yuste, Row 7, Gr 142); Ogefr Peter Brühl (KIA, washed up on the shore of Majorca, bur Palma, however the grave no longer exists. When German graved were re-interned at Cuacos de Yuste, a marker was put up "in Memoriam") and Uffz Richard Weise (MIA, only his parachute was found in the water). (D.Drury).
1137 Kiehne, FritzUffz9/7/1920 Aachen4/KG-2 (12/42 Eindhoven) Do 217E-4 Werk # 5425 "U5 + HM" (lost 12/16/42) Bomber Operatioinal Clasp His Do 217 crashed at Landschotse Heide by Eindhoven Holland on 16 December, 1942, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown (DeSwart). Added: The cause of the crash is listed as "impact fire", killing the entire crew, who were first buried in Amsterdam. Pilot, Uffz Kiehne, was re-buried at Ysselsteyn Z-3-71 in 1949. Remaining crew (all re-buried Ysselsteyn in 1949): Gefr Hans Joachim Häussler (geb 5/1/1921 Possneck), Obs (bur Z-3-73); Uffz Otto Andrich (geb 12/2/1920 Mühlberg), R/O (bur Z-3-72) and Gefr Erwin Seiche (geb 9/26/1916 Brno, Cz), Mech (bur Z-3-74) (Find-A-Grave by Fred).
Ysselstein, Holland
1138 Kienitz, WalterHptm4/30/1910PotsdamLegion Condor (38), Stfkpt 2/JG-26 (9/39), Kdr III/JG-3 (8/40 Desvres)Bf 109D (38), Bf 109E-1 "Red 1"
Spanish Cross
Fighter Operational Clasp
Channel pilot. October 1939, he was ordered to to join JG-3 and form a new Staffel to serve aboard the aircraft carrier Graf Zepplin. Alternate spelling:Kienitze.
L-R: Regenauer Kienitz
1139 Kiesler, HansFw5/18/19146/KG-40Do 217E-4 Werk # 5368 (lost 4/22/42)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 22 April, 1942, believed to be sabotage; crashed west of Eemnes, Utrecht, Holland. A second crewman, Gefr Kuno Witschel, born 10 May, 1921, was also killed. The deceased are buried at Ysselsteyn; Fw Kiesler at CW-5-107 and Gefr Witschel at CW-5-106 (F.Munckhof).
Ysselstein, Holland
1140 Kiessling, HansGefr6/JG-300 (Löbnitz) Fw 190A-8 Werk # 682843 "Yellow 18" (lost 1/14/45 at Edlitz/Gladow) Fighter Operational Clasp Pilot disposition unknown. Pilot killed, 1/14/45 JG-300 Loss List via R.Freitag.
1141 Kietzell, Hans Werner vonObltStfkpt 8/KG-76 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 4118 "F1 + JS" (lost 8/5/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with two other unnamed crew in Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 4077 during an attack on a railway station, the engine caught fire after being hit by flak, the unnamed gunner returned (Ju 88 Loss List).
1142 Kindler, HansUffz44/JG-5 (12/43 S.U.)Bf 109G, Fw 190AEK1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, 3 Soviets, an Il-2 and two R-5s SW of Nevel on 8 December, 1943. A 4th, another R-5 on 9 December, 1943.
1143 Kinzel, Hans JoachimLt3/13/1922Greifswald5 8/JG-2 (2/43), Stab III/JG-2 (5/43) Fw 190A-5 Werk # 7233 (lost 5/29/43)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge, Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 29 May, 1943; crashed at Laille, near the Rennes airfield due to enemy fire. One known victory, a Catalina on 26 February, 1943. A 2nd, a B-17 in the Brest area on 16 April, 1943. Magnus Report. Added: Died of his wounds 7 June, 1943, buried War Cem St Desir-de-Lisieux, Blk 3, Row 18, Gr 549 (absa3945).
1144 Kinzinger, Adolf WaldemarOblt10/28/191512 3/JG-70 ('39), I/JG-54 (2/40), 2/JG-54 (5/40 & Holland), Stab I/JG-54 (10/40), 3/JG-54 (1/41 Groningen Holland), Stfkpt 1/JG-54 (5/41 S.U.) Bf 109E-3 (lost 6/23/40), Bf 109E-3 "Yellow 7" in 3/JG-54, Bf 109F-2 Werk# 12784 "White ?" (lost 6/27/41)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC (Crash) 27 June, 1941 near Memel (Kretinga Lithuania), due to a technical failure (LOCS). Flew often as wingman for Hans Schmoller-Haldy. His first loss was his E-3 near Amsterdam Holland on 23 June, 1940, cause and pilot injuries unknown. His first two victories, "Torp Flzg" at Dunkirk, 29 May, 1940. His 3rd, a Hurricane 30 km southwest of Abbeville, 7 June, 1940. Another, his 4th, a Blenheim of RAF No. 107 Sq., downed 23 June, 1940 near Amsterdam. His 5th, a Spitfire at Tenterden on 1 September, 1940. His 6th, a Spitfire over England 5 September, 1940. His 7th, a Spitfire 30 km WSW of Emden, 8 October, 1941 (Einsatzes zum Schutz der Heimat - Home Defense). A Spitfire at Texel, 12 January, 1941. His 1st Soviet victories, two DJ-6s, an SB-2 and an I-16, all four on 22 June, 1941. Magnus, 11 victories. Alternate spelling: Kitzinger
1145 Kirchenloher, HansFwI/JGr-Süd (Reich Def)Bf 109G-5 Werk # 15550 (lost 8/19/43)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 19 August, 1943; crashed at Mainz-Castell due to an engine fire.
1146 Kircher, HeinzUffzStab II/KG-76 (Channel) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 4199 "F1 + CC" (lost 4/10/41) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew 10 April, 1941 after being shot down by F/L Lawton of No 604 Sq., location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List). The crash location was Kings Walden, Herfordshire. Remaining crew (POW): Uffz Hans Kellner, R/O; Fw Fritz Stahn, Gnr and Gefr Willibald Vogt, Flt Engr. Uffz Kircher was also taken prisoner. The referenced RAF Pilot was F/Lt Philip Charles Fenner Lawton (D.Drury).
1147 Kirchmaier, HansOblt2/27/1920Linz, Austria26(Z)/JG-5 (2/42), Kdr 13(Zerst)/JG-5 (6/43)Bf 110E-1 Werk # 3423 (60% damaged 2/2/42 SIG), Fw 190A-8 Werk # 732205 (lost 10/8/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold (3/29/44)
EP (3/29/43), EK 2
Wound Badge
Destroyer Operational Clasp
KIC 8 October, 1944 making a wheels up crash landing in his A-8 at Petsamo airfield, Finland, cause unknown (SIG Norway & R.Ruzzier, Obit Notice, 4/2021). WIA 2 February, 1942 during aerial combat in Wk# 3423, and making an emergency landing at Kiestinki. His first known victory, a Soviet Il-2 and a P-39 on 8 October, 1944. Alternate spelling: Kirchmayer/Kirchmeyer/Kirchmeier. Added: He was killed when his ac exploded when he landed with a bomb still attached to the underside. The VDK shows he is commemorated in the Petschenga, Russia memorial book (D.Drury).
Courtesy Robert Ruzzier
1148 Kirn, HansOfw8/8/1920Lindau8/LG-1 (1/42-10/44), 8/KG-6 (11/44), III/KG(J)-6 (3/45)Bf 109, Ju 52, He 111, Do 17, Ju 88A & Ju 188E in 8 Staffel, Bf 109G

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/16/43)

EK 1 & 2
Krim Shield
Bomber Operational Clasp in Gold
Kirn flew several missions as a fighter pilot in the Prague area. Joined NSFK in April, 1939. Over 210 combat mission, mostly in LG-1. Jager Blatt article. Deceased 29 November, 2007, Munich.
1149 Kirsch, HansLtI/JG-301 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 20158 (90% dam 9/21/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a crash during a landing at the Brandenburg-Briest airfield on 21 September, 1943, colliding with an ac from 2/JGr-25.
1150 Kirschlor, HansFw8/JG-52 (S.U.)Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7025 "Black 6" (lost 9/9/41)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 9 September, 1941 after being shot down 30km behind the lines. Bailed safely and was freed by advancing German forces on 13 September, 1941. No location reported.
1151 Kirschner, Hans JoachimHptm7/6/1920Niederlössnitz, Sachsen188 1 Erg/JG-3 (8/41), 5/JG-3 (5/42 S.U.), Stfkpt 5/JG-3 (10/43 Schiphol), JG-53, Kdr IV/JG-27 Bf 109F, Bf 109G-6 Werk # 18802 "Black 1" (10/43), Bf 109G-6 Wk# 20618 (lost 12/17/43)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(12/21/42)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge, Fighter Oper.Clasp w/Pendant
KIA 17 December, 1943 near Metkovic Croatia. After aerial combat with Spitfires, he parachuted to safety, but was shot by partisans of the 29th Communist Brigade. On 5 July, 1943, he reached his 150th victory by shooting down nine enemy AC. Approximately 600 combat missions. His first known Soviet victory, a DB-3a on 21 May, 1942. A LaGG-3 on 30 June, 1942. A Yak-1 and a DB-3 on 13 July, 1942. A Yak-1 and an Il-2 on 22 July, 1942. Three Yak-1s on 26 July, 1942. Four Soviet victories on 9 August, 1942. three Il-2s on 17 August, 1942. An Er-2 and a MiG-1 on 11 October, 1942. Two LaGG-3s on 29 October, 1942. Two Lagg-3s and an I-180 on 22 February, 1943. A Yak-1 and a LaGG-3 on 9 March, 1943. Two LaGG-5s and an Il-2 on 13 March, 1943. A MiG-1 and two LaGG-3s on 25 March, 1943. Two I-16s and a LaGG-3 on 11 April, 1943. Nos 79 & 80, both P-39s on 16 April, 1943. Eight Soviet victories on 20 April, 1943. Six on 8 May, 1943. No. 143, a LaGG-3 on 21 June, 1943. 21 victories in the West. His 1st, a Spitfire 50 km N of Bergen-aan-Zee on 20 August, 1941. Germanys 19th ranked fighter Ace. Photo

1152 Kischke, JohannesUffz12/NJG-1Bf 110G-4 Werk # 180391 "G9 + PZ" (lost 11/3/44)Night Fighter Operational ClaspKIA the night of 2/3/November, 1944 opposing bombers north of Düsseldorf. Remaining crew (KIA): Uffz Peter Hünser and Gefr Hans Stutz. WASt notes from a German researcher.
1153 Kissel, Johann HansFw17/NJG-5Bf 110F-4 Werk # 4686 (lost 11/26/43)
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA with unnamed crew 25/26 November, 1943; shot down by return fire from an RAF Halifax, crashing at Bütthardt (Boiten). One known victory, a "4 mot" W of Frankfurt/Main on 26 November, 1943.
1154 Kister, Hans GeorgFlg6/JG-105 (Brieg 1/45)Bf 109G-6 Werk # Unk "Red 82"Pilot BadgeSource: Online photo submitted by F. Braun.
1155 Kittelmann, Johannes HansUffz59/JG-51 (6/41 S.U.)Bf 109F-2 Werk # 12909 (lost 1/26/42)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 26 January, 1942 near Mologino, no cause reported. His first known Soviet victories, two DB-3s on 24 June, 1941. Another DB-3 on 30 June, 1941. A 4th & 5th on 11 July, 1941; both DB-3s.
1156 Klaffenbach, HansLt205/JG-11 (3/44 Reich Def), 4/JG-4, 6/JG-4, Stab III/JG-4 (8/44 to 4/45)Fw 190A, Bf 109G (damaged 3/6/44), Bf 109G-6/AS Werk # ? "Black 11" (dam 4/29/44; P-51 combat near Rotenburg, pilot OK), Fw 190D
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Opposed the 6 March, 1944 Berlin Raid. His AC was damaged by bomber return fire in action east of Haseluenne. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 of 412BS, 95BG, piloted by Lt Richard Read at Emsteck-Bassum on 6 March, 1944. His 2nd, a P-51 on 19 May, 1944, no location. A 3rd, a P-51 W of Magdeburg on 12 September, 1944. A 4th, another P-51, same day, at Bad Wilshack-Wittenberge. A 5th, A Typhoon at Deventer on 26 September, 1944. A 6th, a Spitfire at Arnhem-Nijmegen on 29 September, 1944. A 7th, a P-38 in the Förstenberg area on 7 February, 1945. An 8th, a Yak-9 in the Küstrin area on 16 February, 1945. A 9th & 10th, both Il-2s in the Schwiebus/Steinberg area on 18 February, 1945. An 11th, a Yak-9 on 6 March, 1945. A 12th, a P-51 in the Bücheln area on 11 April, 1945. A 13th, a Yak-9 in the Bukow/Seelowa area on 16 April, 1945. A 14th, a Yak-3, same area, on 18 April, 1945. An 15th, a Yak-3 over Berlin on 19 April, 1945. Nos. 16 & 17, a Boston and a Yak-9 in the Berlin area on 4/20/45. Nos. 18 & 19, an La-5 and a P-63 in the Berlin area on 4/21/45. A 20th, a Yak-9 in the Berlin area on 22 April, 1945.
1157 Klann, EberhardUffz1/Erg.Kü.Fl.St. (Kobenhavn See)Bv 138B Werk # 2019 (lost)Air Sea Rescue Operational ClaspKIC 31 December, 1943 when the AC crashed into the North Sea near Kobenhavn while on a training exercise, no cause given. The entire crew perished. Remaining crew (KIC): Ogefr Walter Aigeldinger, R/O, no known grave; Uffz Hans Rose, Gunner. Klann and Rose were buried in the Bispebjerg Cemetery on 7 January, 1944, then transferred to the Kobenhavn Vestre Cemetery on 22 March, 1944. Source: Air War over Denmark.
1158 Klarhöfer, Hans.Lt5/17/19204/NJG-2 (2/41 Gilze-Rijen) Ju 88C-2 Werk # 0230 "R4 + ?M" (lost 2/18/41) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIC with unnamed crew 17 February, 1941 when his Ju 88 crashed at Dorst Holland (op de Breevelden) after hitting a tree (DeSwart & Ju 88 Loss List). Buried Ysselstein, Block AZ-4-83 (Rosseels). Added: Remaining crew (Bur Yssel): Gefr F.Baumgartner, R/O (bur AZ-4-84) and Gefr G.Osterloh, Mech/Gnr (bur AZ-4-85) (SGLO).
Ysselstein, Holland
1159 Klauck, EberhardLtI/StG-5Ju 87R-2 Werk # 5709 (lost)Dive Bomber Operational ClaspCrashed 28 May, 1942 during aerial combat at the Bay of Liza. Both Klauck and his R/O, Ogefr Hans Hüllen, returned unhurt. Source: SIG Norway.
1160 Klaus, Johann 'Hans'Oblt9/4/1918Treis Mosel2Erg/StG-1, 5/StG-1, Stfkpt 6/SG-1, II/SG-1 (10/44 S.U.)Ju 87, Fw 190F-8(most likely), Fw 190F in 44

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/30/43)

EK 1 & 2
Wnd Bdg
Dive Bomber w/Pend & Gold Assault Oper.Clasps
Soviet POW 20 October, 1944 when his Fw 190 was hit by flak over German territory, however, the wind blew him over Soviet territory. 812 missions including 150 with the Fw 190. He destroyed 65 tanks, 10 trains, 5 rocket launchers and 37 guns. His 2 victories were over Il 2s, the 1st on 15 October, 1944. He was released from captivity on 25 October, 1949.
1161 Klausen, HansOfw1/JG-54 (S.U.)Bf 109F-4/R1 Werk# 13086 "White ?" (25% dam 5/5/42)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Shot down with wounds 5 May, 1942 over the Krasnoje-Selo S.U. airfield, his AC sustaining 25% damage.
1162 Klawe, HansOblt2/KG-55He 111P-4 Werk # 2877 "G1 + LK" (or CK) (lost 11/19/40)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 19 November, 1940; sd by ground AA fire and crashed near Wolvey, SE of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Two of the crew bailed safely while two others were killed in the firey crash. Remaining crew: Fw Wilhelm Gutekunst, Obs (POW); Uffz Rudolf Zeitz, R/O (POW) and Gefr Xaver Nirschel, Gnr (D.Drury). (KIA)
1163 Klecha, Hans9/12/1926Lauter/ErzgebirgeJG-11Fw 190A-8Fighter Operational ClaspModern day friend of Viktor Petermann and still a flight instructor! Jager Blatt 2/2001. Added: POW in December 1944, on his first mission, after being sd by a P-47 near Epinoy. A flight instructor until shortly before his death, 3 October, 2014 at Aue (Archic J.Mückler).
1164 Klee, HansOfw67/JG-2 (Germany)Bf 109F-2 Werk # 8131 (lost 3/14/41)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC 14 March, 1941 at Dessau, no cause reported. One known victory, his 1st, a Hawk-75A west southwest of Charleville, 15 May, 1940. His 2nd, a Spitfire over the Isle of Wight on 24 August, 1940. His 3rd, a Hurricane at Themsemündung on 5 September, 1940. His 4th, a Spitfire at the Thames Estuary on 7 September, 1940. His 5th, a Herford 20 km NE of Fecamp on 9 October, 1940. His 6th, a Spitfire at Portsmouth on 15 November, 1940.
1165 Kleemann, Hans GüntherUffz14(Jabo)/JG-5 (3/43 Norway)Fw 190A-3 Werk # 0132219 "Black 3" (lost 10/5/43) Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 5 October, 1943 after crashing his A-3 40 km west of Passvik, near Kongsfjorden. He may have run out of fuel after becoming disorientated. Returned later. Added: The A-3 has been restored and currently appears as an exhibit in the Norsk Luftfartsmuseum in Bodo Norway (D.Drury).
1166 Klees, HansUffzIII/JG-26 (joins 2/44), 8/JG-26Fw 190A-8 Werk 3 730959 "Blue 2" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 17 June, 1944 during aerial combat in his "Blue 2" with Allied fighters SE of Avranches.
1167 Kleichen, HansOfwIV(Sturm)/JG-3Fw 190A-8 Werk # 739152 (lost 2/19/45)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 19 February, 1945, cause and location not reported.
1168 Klein, HansMaj1/17/1891Stettin10 Kdr JG-53 (10/39 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim-12/39), Kdr Jafu 3 (12/39) Bf 109E Pour le Merite

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
22 victories in WWI. Achieved the rank of General Major.
1169 Klein, HansFw11/JG-3Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 on 11 January, 1944.
1170 Klein, HansFw109/JG-52 (Tschlinka S.U.)Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7037 "Yellow +^^" EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Ries Rudder text.
1171 Klein, Heinz "Hans"Uffz46/JG-77 (7/42 S.U.) Bf 109F-4 Werk # 8417 (lost 8/25/42)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 25 August, 1942; aerial combat with a Soviet Pe-2 at Petrowka. One known victory, his 1st, a Soviet unnamed AC on 21 July, 1942. His 3rd (per OKL?), another unnamed Soviet AC on 1 August, 1942. A P-39 on 12 August, 1942.
1172 Kleinchen, HansOfw412/JG-3 (8/44), 15/JG-3 (12/44)Fw 190A-8 Werk# 739152
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 19 February, 1945; Unknown reason, area of Pyritz/Stargard. Mombeek MIA List. He had been shot down previously, during the Ardennes Offensive, by his own flak. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 at Daun-Kyllberg area on 15 August, 1944. His 2nd, a B-24 SW of Papa on 22 August, 1944. His 3rd, a B-24 at Mürzzuschlag on 23 August, 1944. A 4th, a P-47 at Euskirchen on 18 December, 1944.
1173 Kleine, WalterFw4/NJG-2 (9/41 Channel) Ju 88C-4 Werk # 0592 "R4 + CM" (lost 9/2/41) Night Fighter Operational Clasp MIA the night of 1/2 September, 1941 when his Ju 88 crashed into the North Sea 50 km east of Winterton an Zee Holland, cause unknown (DeSwart). Remaining crew (MIA): Fw Helmut Fiedler and Fw Hans Engmann (Rosseels).
1174 Kleinpoppen, Hans WilhelmOgefr11/JG-51 (Reich Def Ost)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 512442 (lost 1/18/45)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 18 January, 1945 after aerial combat north of Insterburg.
1175 Klemm, HansMajKdr II/JG-7 (4/45 to end)Me 262A-1aFighter Operational Clasp
1176 Klems, Heinrich Heinz GüntherOfw5/24/19222Erg/JGr West, Stab I/JG-26 (4/42), 2/JG-26 (2/43)Fw 190A-2, Fw 190A-5 (lost) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIFA 14 May, 1943 when he overturned during a landing at Ossinovka, S.U.. He was severely injured, and was pulled from the wreckage by his element leader, Lt Jessen. He never returned to flight status. One known victory, his 1st, a Spitfire 20 km west of Etaples on 31 July, 1942. His 2nd, a Spitfire 5 km southwest of Merville on 11 November, 1942. (On the OKL, he is referred to as "Heinrich" Also seen his name referred to as "Heinz" or "Hans"; shortened, I presume.) Deceased 18 September, 1996.
1177 Klenk, GottholdUffz5/KG-4 (5/40 Fassberg) He 111P-4 Werk # unk "5J + JN" (lost 5/10/40) Bomber Operational Clasp His He 111 crashed at Alblasserdam Holland on 10 May, 1940, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown. (DeSwart). Added: His He 111 was attacked over Alblasserdam, but crashed near Rosmalen, Shot down by a Dutch Fokker D-1, piloted by 1/Lt Kuipers. Remaining crew: Uffz Hans Zitzmann, R/O (WIA); Uffz Willi Wiebke, Flt Engr and Gefr Rudolf Schlegel, Gnr. All POW briefly until the Dutch surrender (D.Drury).
1178 Klette, Hans DietrichMaj9/7/1910KielAufkl.Gr.-156 (5/40), 1(F)/122 (7/41 Borisov), Stfkpt 2(F)/Aufkl.Gr.Ob.d.L. (1/43), 2(F)/100 (4/43), Prov Kdr FAGr-4 ('43-3/45) Ju 88D-1 Werk # 1123 (lost 7/26/41)

EK 1 & 2
DK-G (6/4/43), EP (3/29/43), Wound Badge, Observer Operational Clasp
Injured 26 July, 1941 in a take off accident at Barysaw (Borisov), Belarus. Remaining crew (dispo unk): Oblt R.Tratner, Obs; Uffz H.Goehringen, R/O and Ogefr W.Stucke, Gnr. No VDK burial matches (D.Drury & LOCS).
1179 Kleylein, HansUffz8/JG-3Bf 109G-6 Werk# 412630 "Rouge 14 + I"Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 2 July, 1944; Combat with a Spitfire, area of Caen. Mombeek MIA List.
1180 Kleyser, HansUffzJFS-Altenburg, 3/JG-300 (2/43)Bf 109G-6 (lost 6/29/44 at Rotterschirmbach)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 29 June, 1944 during aerial combat at Rotterschirmbach. He was able to bail, but was reported to have been shot in his chute. Source: JG-300 Loss List
1181 Klischat, HelmutOblt9/KG-51 (5/40), I/KG-51 (4/42), 2/KG-51 (7/42 S.U.)He 111 Werk # Unk (lost 5/15/40), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 6750 (dam 4/10/42), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 6635 "9K + HK" (lost 7/12/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
MIA with unnamed crew 12 July, 1942 in Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 1045-3057 after being attacked by fighters (Ju 88 Loss List). Another source states he was KIA. Added: Remaining crew of 7/12/42: Uffz Gerhard "Gert" Pinne, Obs (KIA); Uffz Oskar Huhn, R/O (MIA) and Uffz Hans Zahler, Gnr (MIA). Oblt Klischat and Uffz Pinne have not been transferred to a military cemetery, but graves are believed to exist at Bogutschar, Voronezh Oblast, Russia. They are commemorated in the German War Cem at Kursk-Besedino, Russia. On 10 (or maybe 19) April, 1942, Wk# 6750 was involved in a mid-air collision with another ac at Nikolayev-Ost airfield, Ukraine. Only known crew names; Oblt Klischat and Uffz Zahler, injuries unknown. Earlier, on 15 May, 1940, their He111 was sd by Hurricanes of No.85 Sq. north of Vitry-le-Francois, Marne, France. Remaining crew of 5/15/40 (desig & dispo unk): Uffz H.Peper, Uffz A.Richter, Uffz K.Hanff and Uffz A.Bracht (D.Drury).
1182 Klose, ErichUffz3/KG-30 (Marx)Ju 88A-1 "4D + AL" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 16 March, 1940 when his battle-damaged AC crashed on the Magelundegard farm, near Nakskov, at Kobelev, on the Danish Island of Lolland. The AC was returning from an attack on Scapa Flow, when they lost their way. The crew set fire to the AC. They were interned by the Danish authorities until the German occupation on 9 April, 1940. Remaining crew: Uffz Siegfried Werner Matner, Ogefr Fritz Wilhelm Gottlebe and Ogefr Hans Erich Voss. Source: Air War over Denmark.
1183 Klose, Hans GünterGefr5/JG-77 (No. Italy)Bf 109G-6/U4 Werk # 412585 "Black 11 + -" (lost 9/2/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 2 September, 1944; believed shot down by his own fighters at Cervia (Bf 109 Loss List).
1184 Klötz, Hans Albert IrmfriedUffz6/5/1922Weilburg1 Possibly III/JG-2 (3/44 Cormeilles-en-Vexin) Fw 190A-7/R6 (most likely), (lost 3/5/44) EK 2, Fighter Operational Clasp KIA 5 March, 1944 during aerial combat with P-51's of the 357FG, 363FS in the Aurus/Bordeaux (Fr) vicinity (Ouvre Fr.?). He was able to bail from his stricken ac, however, his chute failed to open. Initially buried Aurus bei Bordeaux; final burial in the German War Cem. Berneuil France, Blk 3, Row 2, Gr 63 (Niece Sabine Klötz & Werner Oeltjebuns). Added: According to Brig. Gen. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager, Capt. William "Obee" O'Brien & M/Sgt Merle C. Olmsted (357FG Off Hist), all three give credit to Uffz Klötz for the downing, of then, 1/Lt Capt Yeager, in his P-51B-5 "Glamorous Glen" (misspelled). Source: J.Maddox, W.Oeltjebruns & V.Urbansky. NOTE: "Chuck" Yeager was the first pilot to exceed the Speed of Sound in level flight.

1185 Klug, Hans JoachimObltStab/JG-1 (Reich Def)Bf 109E-7 Werk # 1360 (90% dam 8/29/41)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured 29 August, 1941; crashed at Husum after suffering engine damage.
1186 Klüpfel, FranzUffz8/KG-54Ju 88A-4 Werk # Unk "B3 + ES" (lost 6/29/44)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with his entire crew, 29 June, 1944, during an anti-shipping operation over Seine Bay, France. Remaining crew (MIA): FhjUffz Hans Karl Albrecht, Obs; Uffz Arnold Lehmkuhl, R/O and Ogefr Hans G. Pipper, Gnr (D.Drury).)
1187 Klussmann, Hans-JürgenOblt4/11/1923Hannover31/StG-5, 1 & 2/SG-1, 5/SG-103, 1/SG-103, 9/SG-10Ju 87D, Fw 190F-8

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/20/44)

EK 1 & 2
Dive Bomber w/Pend.
Gold Assault Oper.Clasps
698 missions including 70 with the Fw 190. His 3 victories were in the Fw 190.
1188 Klütz, HansFwKG unitJu 188E, Ju 88A-12
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/1/44)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
1189 Knabben, HansFw6/JG-51Fw 190A-8 Werk # 730940 "Black 13" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspPOW 22 June, 1944 after being shot down by a P-47 SW of Isigny, near St Lo. He was on loan to 2 Staffel/JG-51 at the time. Another source suggests he was in 6/JG-1; JG-51 seems correct.
1190 Knäbel, HerbertOfw7/KG-40He 111H-3 Werk # 6840 "V4 + HH" (lost 4/9/41)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 9 April, 1941 after his ac was sd by a Hurricane of No.79 Sq., piloted by S/Ldr John H.Heyworth, and crashed into the sea off St David's Head, Pembrokeshire. Remaining crew: Ofw Erwin Wienroth, Obs (POW); Fw Karl Bucek, R/O (KIA, bur CC/7/12/292) and Ofw Hans Salzsieder, Flt Engr (MIA at Sea) (D.Drury).
Cannock Chase
1191 Knauth, Johann HansHptm2610/JG-51 (5/41), Kdr IV/JG-51 (4/42), Kdr I/JG-102 (3/43), Kdr JG-101 (9/44 to end)Bf 109F in JG-51, Ar 68, Bf 109 & Fw 190 in JG-101 & 102
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(4/29/43)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Spitfire 15 km north of Calais on 25 May, 1941. His 1st Soviet victory, an I-153 on 22 June, 1941. A DB-3 and a SB-2 on 29 June, 1941. An I-153 on 7 July, 1941. A Pe-2 on 11 July, 1941. A ZKB-19 on 20 July, 1941. An I-15 Rata on 29 August, 1941. A DB-3 on 13 October, 1941. An I-61 on 28 October, 1941. An I-61 on 16 November, 1941. A Pe-2 on 29 March, 1942. An Il-2 on 6 July, 1942. An Il-2 12 km WNW of Rzhev on 31 July, 1942. Two IL-2s on 1 August, 1942. An Il-2 on 2 Augut, 1942. An Il-2 on 4 August, 1942. A LaGG-3 on 15 January, 1943. He was known to be a Combined Pilot-Observer.
1192 Knerr, HansFw2/11/19156(H)/LG-2Hs 123 (lost)Assault Operational ClaspKIA 13 May, 1940, crashing near Jauche, buried Lommel, Block 47/235. Source: A. Rosseels.
Lommel, Belgium
1193 Knichel, HansFw10.SeenotstaffelDo 24T-2 Werk # 0026 "CH + ER" (lost)Air-Sea Rescue Operational ClaspKIA 11 August, 1943; failed to return from a mission near Makkaur, Map Quadrant 37 East/014, cause unknown. Remaining crew (all KIA): Uffz Franz Hofbauer, Observer; Lt Ulrich Spanz, R/O; Fw Siegfried Schellhase, Mech; Uffz Heinrich Lippegans, 2nd Mech and Ogefr Heinz Willems, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
1194 Knigge, Hans GünterLt12/11/19196/KG-27He 111H-2 Werk # Unk "1G + LP" (lost 7/3/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 3 July, 1941; due to an unkown cause, the ac deviated from the Serminka Ukraine attack, missed his base at Focsani Romania. When their fuel ran out, the crew bailed but the pilot's chute snagged, and he was killed at Venetia de Jos (D.Drury).
1195 Knipper, Hans1924FreudenstadtA/B-116, FFS C-16, Blindflugschule IIJu 88, Ju 52Wound BadgeSuffered a severe head injury in a crash on 13 June, 1944 during training. No combat missions. Jager Blatt 3/2004.
1196 Knoch, LeoFw1(F)/123Do 17P (lost)Observer Operational ClaspInterned Switzerland 23 November, 1939 when they were attacked during recon over the Dijon airfields by a French fighter of GC II/3, piloted by Lt Bissoudre, SW of Baume-les-Dames, province Doubs. The attack took place over Saone (Fr) and the ac made a wheels up landing at Cotebrune, approximately 25 miles from the Swiss border. To avoid French captivity, the crew successfully crossed into Switzerland within the week at La Chaux de Fronds, where they were interned. Wiki Luft data & D.Drury. Added: Remaining crew: Uffz Hans Pötzinger, Obs and Uffz Friedrich Böhle, R/O (D. Drury). NOTE: This appears to be Ofw L. Knoch, also in 1(F)/123, after being repatriated on 28 June, 1940.
1197 Knoetzsch, Hans DietrichMaj6/19/1907II/ZG-76 (4/40), Stfkpt 3/NJG-3 (7/41), Kdr I/NJG-3 (10/41), Kdr II/NJG-101 (3/43), II/NJG-4 (9/44) Bf 110 in NJG-3; Bf 110 & Do 217 in NJG-101 Night Fighter Operational Clasp Prior to his military assignments, he was a test pilot for Bayerische Flugzeugwerke testing Bf 109's and Bf 110's. He also served as Chief Pilot for Fieseler Flugzeugbau (LOCS).
1198 Knop, Hans JochenOblt10/17/1913Stolpen26/ZG-76 (5/40), Srab/ZG-76 (8/40)Bf 110C (lost 8/15/40) EK 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
KIA 15 August, 1940; sd by Hurricanes over the North Sea (LOCS). POW 15 May, 1940 after being shot down over the North Sea, in the vicinity of Roizy, by Hurricanes of No.73 Sq., returned after the armistice. His ac lost at sea this same date, the crews of Hptm Restemeyer and Oblt Loebes. Remaining crew: Uffz Neumayer, R/O. Source: SIG Norway. Two known victories, both Moranes; one at Hirson, the 2nd no location, 13 May, 1940.
1199 Knorr, HeinzUffz4/14/1919Zittau/Chemnitz3/KG-55 He 111H-6 Werk # 4576 "G1 + PL" (lost 11/22/42) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with his entire crew, 22 November, 1942, when their ac made an emergency landing at Belonemukhin, near Belosoin, while on a Stalingrad mission, cause not reported. The Russians had already conquered this territory, and the crew remains missing since that day. Remaining crew: Ogefr Erwin Stephan (geb 10/6/1919 Gottesberg/Waldenburg), Obs; Uffz Karl Hudetz (geb 12/28/1917 Vienna), R/O; Uffz Albert Thauer (geb 2/5/1921 Gestungshausen/Coburg), Flt Engr and Ogefr Herbert Hans (geb 9/30/1922 Münchwies/Neunkirchen), Gnr. Source: Rainer Götz, Nephew of Uffz Thauer.
1200 Knüpfer, HansUffz8/JG-1 (France)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 165856 "Black 15" (lost 7/30/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 30 July, 1944 during aerial combat with enemt fighters 20km west of Paris.

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