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1 Dowahn, Heinrich HeinzUffz11/JG-2 (8/42 Channel)Fw 190A-3 Werk # 5523 (lost 11/21/42) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC 21 November, 1942; crashed at the Marseille-Marignane airfield due to engine failure, during a transfer flight to southern France. One known victory, a Spitfire on 8 September, 1942. Pictured with the wounded Erich Leie, August, 1942. "" Alternate spelling: Dowhane (appearing on the KIA detail). Alternate spelling: Dowhan.
2 Leie, ErichMaj9/10/1916Kiel118Stfkpt 5/JG-51 (10/39), Kdr I/JG-51, III/JG-2 (5/40), Kdr I/JG-2 (41 Channel), Kdr JG-77Bf 109D, E, F-4 "<- + I" (10/41 in JG-2),Fw 190A-3 Wk # 130326 (lost 8/19/42), Bf 109G-14/AS Wk#786329 "Black <1 + -" (lost 3/7/45)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(11/9/42)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp w/Pendant
KIA 7 March, 1945 in Bf 109G-14/AS Werk # 786329 "Black <1+", near Schwarzwasser/Hultschin, Cz., when he collided with a shot-down Yak-9, and tried to to bale out with 200 feet of altitude. His AC crashed at Drogomysl, Poland, engine being recovered in 2010 (Kristoff Starczewski). Bailed successfully over Dieppe, with wounds, from his A-3 on 19 August, 1942, the victim of an RAF Spitfire.1 Bomber. Wiese successor. Was nominated for the EL. 500 combat missions; 43 victories in the West, 1 four engine bomber. His first victory, a Blenheim 12 km east of Sedan, 14 May, 1940, while in Stab III/JG-2. While Kdr I/JG-2, bailed with wounds 19 August, 1942 near Abbeville after aerial combat with fighters. His first known Soviet victory, two Il-2s on 10 September, 1942. A Soviet Pe-2 on 16 March, 1943. Two Il-2s and a LaGG-3 on 29 July, 1943. Four Il-2s on 8 August, 1943. Nos. 85-89, three Yak-9s and a LaGG-5 on 5 October, 1943, near Orscha. His 115th victory, and Il-2 between Freistadt and Bielitz on 14 February, 1945. His 116th, an La-5 near Freistadt on 20 February, 1945. His last two victories, nos. 117 & 118, the same day of his death, an La-5 and a Yak-9, 7 March, 1945. Showing service in JG-26 per Les Butler (Pilot List).

3 Oesau, Walter 'Gulle'Obst6/28/1913Farnewinkel Holstein117Stab.J/88 LegionCondor, Stfkpt 7/JG-51(5/40), Kdr III/JG-51, Kdr III/JG-3, Kdr JG-2(7/41), Kdr JG-1(2/44, 5/44 Paderborn)Bf 109B (in Spain), Bf 109E "White 1" in 7/JG-51, Bf 109F-2 "White <<+I" in III/JG-3, Bf 109F-4 Wk#s 7554 & 7558 both "Black < - + -" w/ JG-2, Fw 190A-4, Wk# 1230, "Grn 13", Bf 109G-1 & G-6/AS Wk# 20601 "Green 13" (lost 5/11/44) in JG-1

Spanish Cross-Br

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/17/43)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Ftr Oper.Clasp w/"400"
His first known victory, a Hawk-75 at Halsteren on 13 May, 1940, while serving in 1/JG-20. Nos. 2 & 3, both Spitfires NW of Dunkirk on 31 May, 1940. His 4th, a Blenheim 20 km N of Ostende on 1 June, 1940. His 5th, an Amiot 351 SW of Les Andelys on 13 June, 1940. Nos. 10 & 11, a Defiant S of Folkestone and a Hurricane S of Dover on 19 July, 1940. 9 victories in Spain.14 Bombers. On 12 July 1941, he shot down 7 Soviet AC in one minute. Nos.88-92, all Spitfires between Calais and Dungeness on 8/12/41. His 100th, a Spitfire on 26 October, 1941. Flew Bf 109E-3 "Wh 1" in 1/JG-20, 10/39. Flew nearly 300 missions of 430 total before being shot down in a Bf 109G-6/AS Werk # 20601 "Green 13" and KIA by a P-51 and/or a P-38 (most likely) on 11 May 1944, over the Eifel Mountains, southwest of St Vith, Ardennes. He was actually running a fever and bed- ridden on this date, but was infuriated by a Göring remark about his cowardice. The crashsite is at BEHO Lamerle, 5.5 miles SW of St Vith, in the community of Gouvy. His body was flung clear on impact. His body was layed to rest by the chapel of the "Chateau de la Concession. EL 2/6/41. 130 missions in Spain.

JG 2 Stabsschwarm:L-R: Erich Leie - Walter Oseau - Rudolf Pflanz - Gunter Seeger. Signature is Oseau's

4 Wiese, Johannes 'Hannes'Maj3/7/1915Breslau Schlesien133 Recon pilot, 2/JG-52 (8/42), 5/JG-52, Stafkpt 2/JG-52 (7/43), Kdr I/JG-52 (8/43 S.U.), Kdr JG-77 (44) Bf 109F "Black 3", Bf 109G-2/R6 "Black 3" & Bf 109G-4 Werk # 19510 "Balck 1" in 2/JG-52, Bf 109G-2 "White 1", "Bf 109G-6 "Black 5", Bf 109G-6 Werk # 15999 "Black <<+" in I/JG-52, Bf 109G-14 "Black <<"

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(2/8/43)
Romanian Order

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Ftr Oper Clasp
Plus 75 Unconfirmed. My "Pen Pal", "Hannes", NN "Kubanski Lion". Russian POW, 10 years. Shot down on 24 December, 1944 over Bottrop. His parachute was either burning or faulty, because he sustained a serious back injury when parachuting. Succeeded Johannes Steinhoff as Kdr of JG-77, and replaced by Maj Erich Leie after his injury. Turned over to the Russians after the war and confined until 1950. 480 missions. The Luftwaffe's 3rd highest Sturmovik killer with 70+ victories over the Il-2. Third only to Otto Kittel (94) and Joachim Brendel (88).His first known Soviet victory, A P-2 on 3 August, 1942. His 2nd, a LaGG-3 on 4 August, 1942. Four Il-2s on 25 October, 1942. Three Il-2s on 25 December, 1942. A Yak-1 and an Il-7 on 9 May, 1943. A Yak-1, a Pe-2, a Spitfire and a LaGG-3 on 26 May, 1943. An Il-7, a Yak-1 and a LaGG-5 on 28 May, 1943. Two Il-7s on 30 May, 1943. Probably his highest scoring day, on 5 July, 1943, he downed Eight Il-4s and four Il-2s, bringing his total to 88. Two Il-7s and two Il-2s on 17 July, 1943, equaling 100 victories. All victories in the East. NN "Kubanski Lion". His Wk# 19510 was flown to Turkey by Fw Gerhard Jüngel 25 July, 1943. Deceased 16 August, 1991. Photos & Autograph
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)
Johannes Wiese (7 May 1915 – 16 August 1991) was a German World War II fighter ace who served in the Luftwaffe from 1935 until the end of World War II on 8 May 1945. After the war in 1956 he joined the Bundeswehr and attained the rank of Oberstleutnant . He retired on 30 November 1970. His most successful day was 5 July 1943 when he shot down twelve enemy aircraft in one mission. [1 ] Johannes Wiese was officially credited with 133 victories claimed in 480 combat missions. Additionally he had 25 more unconfirmed claims. [1 ] Among his claims are 70 Il-2 Stormoviks . Soviet fighter pilots therefore greatly respected Wiese, and referred to him as the "Lion of Kuban ." On December 1, 1944, Wiese became Geschwaderkommodore of the JG 77 . Only three weeks later he was severely injured when, following ejection at an altitude of more than 9000 meters after combat with British Spitfires, his parachute ruptured 80 meters above ground. He spent the rest of the winter in hospital, and was replaced as commander by Erich Leie . He surrendered to U.S. forces at the end of the war but was released from captivity only weeks later. However, Wiese spent over four years in Soviet POW camps from September 1945 onward, having been denounced by German communists. (Source: Wikipedia)

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