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1 Albers,FwI/JG-27Bf 109FFighter Operational ClaspRudolf Sinners wingman in Africa.
2 Albers, ErwinOfw2/JG-77 (Reich Def Ost)Bf 109G-10 (30% dam 3/16/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 16 March, 1945 at Jägersdorf by enemy fire (Bf 109 Loss List).
3 Albers, HansUffz11/22/1922Ochtrup3/JGr-Süd, 4/JG-53 (4/44/Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 410312 (lost 4/8/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 8 April, 1944 while intercepting US bombers, when he was shot down by US fighters and crashed into a woods at Gluesingen Germany. Joined the Luftwaffe in August, 1941.
4 Albers, Karl10/20/1920Dorsten1/SAG-128Fw 190A (lost 12/31/43)Observer Operational Clasp KIC 31 December, 1943 near the Brest/Guipavas airfield, cause not given. Buried Ploudaniel-Lesneven, Block 9/16/387. Source: A. Rosseels.
5 Albers, RolfLt5/KG-1 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 4035 "V4 + KN" (lost 7/20/42)Bomber Operational ClasoKIA 20 July, 1942 at Pola, cause unknown, one other unnamed crew WIA (Ju 88 Loss List).
6 Albers, Walter Wilhelm "Fritz"Lt1/17/1923HohensteinII/StG-2Ju 87D-5 Werk # 649 "T6 + CN (lost 8/22/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/17/43 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
EP (9/13/43 Post.), Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
KIFA 22 August, 1943; a collision, no further detail. DK-G Awards List. Added: Collision reported 5km SW of Dolgenkaya (LOCS).
7 Albers, WernerUffz1/3/1919JFS-Altenburg (5/43), 8/JG-301 (Gross- sachsenheim)Fw 58 (dam 5/22/43), Bf 109G-6 Werk # 440990 (lost 4/25/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 25 April, 1944; crashed at Grosssachsenheim after combat, cause unknown, buried Harburg Grave 397. Injured in a force landing while in training on 22 May, 1943.
8 Dembeck, FranzOfw1(F)/120 (Sola) Ju 88D-5 Werk # 430009 "A6 + DH" (lost 8/27/43) Observer Operational Clasp MIA 27 August, 1943; crashed into the sea during an operational flight at Firth of Tay, near Lista-Vest Agder Norway, believed combat with British fighters. Remaining crew (all MIA); Lt Adolf Meder, Observer; Uffz Eberhard Albers/ R/O and Uffz Heinrich Löbig, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway. Alternate spelling: Bembeck.
9 Oehm, HelmutUffz9/6/1919BFS-6 (6/41), FFS-11 (7/41 Zeltweg), 11/KG-51 (5/42 Saporoshje, S.U.), 7/KG-51 (6/42 Charkov-West)Ju 88A Werk # 144120 "9K + AD" (8/25/42), Ju 88A Werk # Unk (lost 9/17/42)EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp in Silver
MIA with unnamed crew, 17 September, 1942; failed to return from a mission in the Stalingrad area, no further detail. He flew as R/O for pilot Oblt Hans Richter of Stab/KG-51 (8/25/42). Added: He is believed to have been flying with the same crew, becoming Russian POW's (perhaps) after suffering engine damage and making an emergency landing in map quadrant Pl.Qu.3082, near Stalingrad. Remaining crew (MIA): Oblt Richter, Pilot; Fw Heinz Paschen, Obs and Ogefr Alfons Albers, Gnr. Source: Soldbuch via Sergey.
10 Richter, HansOblt3/KG-51 (S.U.), 7/KG-51 (9/42 S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 144120 "9K + AD" (lost 9/17/42)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew after crash landing in Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 3082 near Stalingrad after engine trouble (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Remaining crew (MIA): Fw Heinz Paschen, Obs; Uffz Helmut Oehm, R/O and Ogefr Alfons Albers, Gnr (Sergey).
11 Schmidt, Karl HeinzOblt2/21/19182/FAGr-5 (7/43) Ju 290A-5 Werk # 0179 "9V + FK" (lost 2/19/44) Observer Operational Clasp MIA 19 February, 1944; sd by two Mosquito's of No.157 Sq., piloted by F/Lts R.J.Coombs & R.D.Doleman. The ac crashed at sea off La Coruna, Corunna, Spain. Remaining crew (MIA): Ofw Gustav Albers, Co-pilot; Lt Hermann Barth, Obs; Ofw Emil Cudock, Flt Engr; Fw Gerhard Hähndel, R/O 1; Fw Max Potter, R/O 2; Gefr Helmut Eimler, Gnr 1; Uffz Andreas Hofmann, Gnr 2; Ogefr Walter von Soosten, Gnr 3 and Uffz Bernhard Wermes, Gnr 4 (D.Drury).

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