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What started out several years ago as a personal quest to find the story of our own family hero developed into a passion to record the stories of ordinary people in aviation. Right from the start we experienced moving responses to the stories we uncovered: the effect on a mother of seeing for the first time the grave of her son, thanks to our research. And we read of a sister's lifelong anguish at never knowing the fate of her brother, who left one morning on a mission and was never seen again, and how we were able to bring a sense of closure to her after researching his story. We heard from the friend of a crew-member whose last memory of his pal was seeing him climb into a doomed bomber, having taken his place at the last minute owing to some chance of fate. Tens of thousands of stories, hundreds of thousand hearts moved, yet so much more still to find out and record. The personal quest turned into a passion to help record the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

As the scale of our effort expanded worldwide, so did the expense. Now, today, we need you to play your part in this grand endeavour so we can continue our work. It's your history as much as anyone's and we need your support to continue.

Our research is costly and, of course, limited funds restrict the amount we can accomplish for families. Because although our Editors and Researchers mostly perform their work pro bono, they are frequently involved in personal expense for access to National Archive material for example, microfiche conversion expenses and so on. There is also a travel overhead incurred in many cases because being there in person is often the only way we can get the detailed information we need. And we sometimes have to hire the services of specialist researchers who do this work for a living and must obviously be paid. Expenses involved in maintaining our site are also high because of the advanced technology used and the size of our site.

We would like to do more but to accomplish this, we need your help.

Some people are content to make a straightforward donation, and we have a simple mechanism to make this possible. Others have asked for a more personal way to honour their loved ones, and for this we evolved Lay A Wreath.

Lay A Wreath

You may wish to honour one or more particular individuals mentioned on our site, or honour a person whose story has touched you in some special sense. A fine way to pay your respects is by laying a wreath on one of our pages. This simple personal act by you does more than recognize sacrifices made: it is a perpetual reminder that each loss was a son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister, or friend, and at the same time it provides us with research funding so we can bring comfort to other families and friends. Click this button to be taken to the facility that enables this. The process is simple.

Donation via Credit Card

You can make a straightforward donation to us by credit/debit card in any currency, using the secure PayPal credit/debit card payment facility. Just click the image below. You can choose to send as much or as little as you wish. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY US BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. Payment is by a secure mechanism. Aircrew Remembered does not know your payment information and stores nothing about you on our site. You can, of course, also pay from your PayPal account if you wish.

Click button above
In PayPal window, on left side panel enter Donation where it says Enter Description
Enter donation amount where it says Unit Price
Click Update
On right side panel click Pay with a debit or credit card
Complete Card details and click Pay

We never see your card details. Only PayPal sees them.
Donation via PayPal

Use the PayPal link above to access your PayPal account. Mark your purchase as 'Aircrew Remembered Donation'


Some prefer to send a cheque. In this case, please make the cheque payable to our Webmaster Kelvin T. Youngs and sent to this address:

Kelvin Youngs
Aircrew Remembered
14 Audley Street
Great Yarmouth NR30 1EW

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This is designed to complement our other donation mechanisms. Use it as well as donating please. If you use our Aircrew Remembered banner to get to the Amazon site, our site earns a small commission on everything you buy. It costs you nothing, you pay the same as if you had gone direct to Amazon. Make our link your permanent bookmark so you can help us in all your future purchases.

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We also have a mechanism whereby you can bequeath any amount you wish to us in your Will. Please contact us via our Helpdesk for personal details as to how this may be done.

Honouring A Group

We have been asked to develop a mechanism that permits one of more people to pay their respects to an entire group rather than to an individual (for example, to honour a particular Squadron, or all the participants of a particular course, or those based at a certain airfield, or a factory building the planes). Our concept is to develop one of more pages dedicated to the memory of the group, with as much information as we can find, and to add to this the names of those who wish to pay their respects. If you are interested in such a scheme, please contact us via our Helpdesk.

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