The strength of the people's story and its place in history will come from the first-person telling of the stories that formed, for most of those who experienced them, the most dramatic times of their lives. That's exactly what we want to capture. Personal stories from those who lived them.

But if we're too late because time has taken the individuals concerned, then we want their friends and relatives to tell us what was told to them, or what they've found in papers and treasures left behind.

It's a great loss when old letters, medals and other memorabilia relating to a flying past are tossed in the trash after someone's death, or given away to a Charity Shop which has no idea of the potential value of the material to the historical record and lets it be dispersed into oblivion.

Please contact us with anything you think is worth preserving. We have methods in place to receive material in every form you can imagine, from bits of papers and old photos to electronic media and everthing in between. We'll return everything requested, of course, and acknowledge you as the source if you wish.

SERVICES: You may run a company that can offer printing services to us. You maybe a lawyer who can offer us free advice, you may wish to sponsor a Page of Remembrance (details available on request) or you may simply want to become one of our volunteers assisting in typing up pages, translations, photographing various graves around the world. You may have a printer and be able to offer us stickers or badges - many ways you can help.

BOOKS AND REFERENCE MATERIAL: Old reference books, films, videos and DVD's are always welcome to our researchers - if they are duplicated in our library we are able to offer them for sale with proceeds to assist in the running of the website.


How to scan or send us information.

We would strongly recommend that no original photographs or documents are sent to us in the post unless you Register the envelope. These are extremely precious to you and the loss of these would be a catastrophe - our saying is 'losing them once was tragic - to lose them again is unacceptable'!

So, what are your options?

1: Scan them yourself at a high resolution (Min 300 dpi) and either e-mail or send to us on a CD. (Depending on the size of file)

2: Take the original documents or photographs to a third party to have them digitalised and send the digital copy to us either by email or by CD if they are large files. Most of these retail outlets will provide you with a cd copy of the data at a small charge. Third party - ASDA, TESCO, STAPLES, PRONTAPRINT, etc.

3: If neither option is available to you then you decide if you wish to send the originals. You can either courier them or send them by Registered post to the address you can find on our Contact page. Postage items are at the risk of the sender.

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