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The new consolidated database incorporates into a single database data from ALL Commands and ALL National units operating within the RAF structure. The Bomber Command Database remains in place for readers who have previously bookmarked it (we understand: old habits die hard, but trust us the new database is superior), but will not be updated. All existing data in the Bomber Command Database and all new data is to be found in the new Allied Losses and Incidents Database.

We made this change because we wanted to bring together data on ALL incidents, not just those where the plane and/or crew were lost. We also wanted to bring into a single home data on all Commands, not just Bomber Command because many readers are unsure of the Command in which their relative served.

The Bomber Command Database is NOT being updated. We are adding hundreds of new data points each month to the Allied Losses and Incidents database.

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NOTE: For consistency, Date of Death is given as the date the mission was briefed since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take-off was usually later the same day as the briefing, though occasionally a delay meant take-off occurred after midnight and therefore strictly the 'next day'. Our date is always the briefing date. Obviously many missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources.

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#Name* (↑)InitialsRank*Service No.RoleAwards* (↑)AirForce* (↑)DateIncident* (↑)Squadron* (↑)Aircraft* (↑)MarkSerial* (↑)CodeStation* (↑)TimeOperation/ Mission* (↑)IncidentDetailsFate* (↑)Memorial* (↑)PhotoNotes
1 BoothA ESergeant1943-02-06424 Sqd
WellingtonIIIBJ658QB-QTopcliffe1722Gardening?KilledBecklingen War Cemetery
2 BoothHSergeant1943-08-23158 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR725NP-CLissett1959BerlinCrashed near SoltauKilledBecklingen War Cemetery.
3 BoothGFlying Officer1943-11-26103 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB527PM-BElsham Wolds1728BerlinCrashed at AbrensfeldeKilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery
4 BoothRonaldSergeant Air Bomber1549733RAFVR1944-02-1935 Sqd (Madras Presidency)
HalifaxIIILV834TL-N RAF Graveley, Huntingdonshire now Cambridgeshire .0003.Leipzig Attacked by night fighter piloted by Oblt. Martin Becker, exploded and crashed at Gohre Killed Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery Grave No. 8.E.8 Read Archive Report


5 BoothCSergeant1944-07-2475 Sqd
LancasterIHK575AA-OMepal2149StuttgartCrashed near Burlioncourt {Moselle}KilledChateau-Voue.
6 BoothJ HPilot Officer1944-05-19166 Sqd
LancasterIME775AS-NKirmington2200OrleansCrashed Thoiry {Seine-et-Oise}KilledDreux Communal Cemetery.
7 BoothP WSergeant1943-12-2049 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB467EA-TFiskerton1658FrankfurtCrashed near LangenselboldKilledDurnbach War Cemetery
8 BoothDSergeant1944-04-2644 Sqd
LancasterIME730KM-RDunholme Lodge2133SchweinfurtKilledDurnbach War Cemetery
9 BoothS DSergeant1945-03-20419 Sqd
LancasterXKB786VR-PMiddleton St George151HeideCrashed at OdderadeKilledHamburg (Ohlsdorf) Cemetery
10 BoothT BFlying Officer1944-08-1212 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB247PH-UWickenburg2117BraunschweigKilledHannover War Cemetery.
11 BoothA WSergeant14245261943-06-2810 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR697ZA-FMelbourne2309KolnCrashed at Kaberg HollandKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery.
12 BoothG VSergeantRCAF1942-07-21115 Sqd
WellingtonIIIX3561KO-XMarham2344DuisburgCrashed SE of RoermondKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery.
13 BoothA F CWing Commander1941-07-12107 SqdBlenheimIVZ7487OM-Great Massingham1120Anti ShippingCrashed off IJmuiden KilledKiel War Cemetery
14 BoothJ DFlying Officer1945-01-01115 Sqd
LancasterING332IL-DWitchford1610VohwinkelCrashed 11km SE GemblouxKilledLeopoldsburg War Cemetery.
15 BoothFSergeant1944-07-07207 Sqd
LancasterIIIND567EM-VSpilsby2245St-LeuCrashed at Sancourt {Oise}KilledMarissel French National Cemetery
16 BoothN G RFlight Lieutenant1942-05-1715 Sqd
StirlingIW7531LS-FWyton2140GardeningCrashed near Middelfart DenmarkKilledOdense Cemetery Denmark
17 BoothJSergeant1944-05-07619 Sqd
LancasterIIIND730PG-ODunholme Lodge2151SalbrisCrashed Champigny-la-Beauce {Loir-et-Cher}KilledOrleans Main Cemetery
18 BoothE F WSergeant1942-06-08149 Sqd
StirlingIN6084OJ-CLakenheathEssenCrashed at HasselKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery.
19 BoothS TSergeant6498311943-06-22427 Sqd
HalifaxVDK139ZL-PLeeming2319MulheimCrashed near RheinhausenKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery
20 BoothD GSergeantRCAF1943-08-27149 Sqd
StirlingIIIEE877OJ-ELakenheath2133NurnbergCrashed near LangelKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
21 BoothJ MFlight SergeantRAAF1943-12-02576 Sqd
LancasterIW4337UL-R2Elsham Wolds1705BerlinCrashed near MonchengladbachKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
22 BoothF JFlying Officer1944-12-24166 Sqd
LancasterING297AS-K2Kirmington1515KolnCrashed target areaKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
23 BoothAFlight LieutenantDFC1943-08-3012 Sqd
LancasterIIIED972PH-RWickenby2350MonchengladbachCrashed target areaKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
24 BoothF OFlight Sergeant1944-12-22 578 Sqd
HalifaxIIINA501LK-XBurn1505BingenKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
25 BoothA SSergeant1944-11-1615 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB137LS-UMildenhall1335HeinsburgKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
26 BoothRSergeant1943-08-0675 Sqd
27 BoothErnestFlying Officer139949Air BomberRAFVR1943-04-20 149 Sqd
StirlingIIIBK698OJ-ORAF Lakenheath, Suffolk 2203Rostock See archive report for full details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 130.Read Archive Report
28 BoothD ASergeant1943-02-19467 Sqd
29 BoothRSergeant1942-10-0115 Sqd
StirlingIW7634LS-GBourn1915LubeckCrashed in Baltic at PeenemundeKilledRunnymede
30 BoothL APilot Officer1942-06-251651 CUStirlingIW7442?-BWaterbeach2358BremenCrashed in WaddenzeeKilledRunnymede
31 BoothFFlight SergeantCdeG1942-06-02102 Sqd
HalifaxIIR9491DY-NDalton2335EssenCrashed off Harwich ESSEXKilledRunnymede.
32 BoothGeorge ArnoldFlight SergeantR/135580Air GunnerRCAF1943-04-10 431 Sqd
WellingtonXHE213SE-FRAF Bourn, Yorkshire2315FrankfurtSee archive report for full detailsMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 181 Read Archive Report
33 BoothJAircraftman 1st Class1940-04-1799 Sqd
WellingtonIaP9234LN-Newmarket1915StravangerLost without traceKilledRunnymede
34 BoothW AFlying OfficerRCAF1945-01-141666 CULancasterIHK756ND-WombletonSweepstakeLost without traceKilledRunnymede
35 BoothA B ESergeant1944-07-24514 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB185JI-F2Waterbeach2145StuttgartCrashed at TrierKilledRunnymede
36 BoothESergeant1944-10-28463 Sqd
37 BoothJ RFlying OfficerRCAF1944-01-27115 Sqd
LancasterIILL682KO-PWitchford1805BerlinKilledRunnymede .
38 BoothF WSergeant1944-01-27115 Sqd
LancasterIILL682KO-PWitchford1805BerlinKilledRunnymede .
39 BoothN RFlight Sergeant1944-11-04166 Sqd
LancasterIME835AS-TKirmington1725BochumKilledRunnymede .
40 BoothJ CSergeant1944-06-12100 Sqd
LancasterIIIPA969HW-MGrimsby2307GelsenkirchenKilledRunnymede .
41 BoothH ASergeant1942-04-2735 Sqd
HalifaxIIW1020TL-KKinloss2035TirpitzCrashed near Trondheim NorwayKilledStavne Norway.
42 BoothNFlight Sergeant1942-11-13105 Sqd
MosquitoIVDZ361GB-Marham1208VlissingenCrashed at RitthemKilledVlissengen Northern Cemetery
43 BoothR APilot OfficerCdeG avec Palme1944-04-27405 Sqd
LancasterIIIJA976LQ-SGransden Lodge.0001.MontzenCrashed Webberkom {Brabant}KilledWebbekom
44 BoothC W RSergeant1942-01-0897 Sqd
ManchesterIL7459OF-Coningsby1450TrainingCrashed almost at onceInjured.
45 BoothE OSergeant1942-11-20150 Sqd
WellingtonIIIBK538JN-UKirmington1910TorinoCrashed at Manston KENTInjured.
46 BoothM WSergeant1942-08-2835 Sqd
HalifaxIIW7676TL-PGraveley2047NurnbergCrashed in WesterscheldeKilled.
47 BoothP WSergeant1940-09-25101 Sqd
BlenheimIVP6905SR-West RaynhamAnti shippingCrashed near Swaffham NorfolkKilled.
48 BoothCSergeant1945-01-019 Sqd
LancasterING252WS-RBardney747LadbergenDived into ground after take offKilled
49 BoothS KSergeant1940-09-08101 Sqd
BlenheimIVP6955SR-West Raynham2120BoulogneLost over sea. Killed.
50 BoothLSergeant1941-09-12218 Sqd
51 BoothHSergeant1940-11-1458 Sqd
WhitleyVT4239GE-MLinton on Ouse1649Berlin? PoW
52 BoothB NSergeant994583Air GunnerRAFVR1941-06-27 102 Sqd
WhitleyVT4297DY-RAF Topcliffe, Yorkshire2231Bremen Shot down by night fighter - no further details confirmed PoW No: 39167 Camp: Stalag Kopernikus (357)None - survived the war. Read Archive Report
53 BoothGSergeant1942-11-28214 Sqd
StirlingIR9194BU-NChedburgh1833TorinoCrashed at Couvron-et-Aumencourt FrancePoW
54 BoothH WSergeant1943-12-03426 Sqd
LancasterIIDS733OW-LLinton on Ouse.0022.LeipzigCrashed at EspelPoW
55 BoothR AFlight Sergeant1942-06-0125 OTU
WellingtonICDV434?-F2Finningley2259EssenCrashed at Horst HollandPoW
56 BoothWarrant Officer11072641943-06-1178 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR684EY-Linton on Ouse2241DusseldorfCrashed at VoerdePoW.
57 BoothR ESergeantRCAF1943-08-27623 Sqd
StirlingIIIEE909IC-HDownham Market2122NurnbergCrashed BirkenfieldPoW
58 BoothESergeant11353521943-06-14460 Sqd
LancasterIIIEE167UV-Binbrook2235OberhausenCrashed ESE Sittard HollandPoW
59 BoothG SSergeant1942-01-1551 Sqd
WhitleyVZ9424MH-RDishforth1758EmdenCrashed N of Drachten HOLLANDPoW.
60 BoothD FPilot Officer1943-12-2078 Sqd
HalifaxIILW320EY-ZBreighton1624FrankfurtCrashed near De PlankPoW.
61 BoothF RFlying Officer1943-08-22102 Sqd
HalifaxIIJD378DY-CPocklington2105LeverkusenCrashed near DurenPoW.
62 BoothE VSergeant1942-09-0461 Sqd
LancasterIR5682QR-RSyerston.0025.BremenCrashed near Wartena HollandPoW
63 BoothE WFlight Sergeant9860711943-03-23196 Sqd
WellingtonXHE167ZO-ALeconfield1922GardeningCrashed off TerschellingPoW.
64 BoothG EPilot Officer1942-06-017 Sqd
StirlingIN3750MG-DOakington2307EssenLost off the Dutch CoastPoW
65 BoothM ASergeant1944-01-01115 Sqd
66 BoothWPilot Officer1944-04-2276 Sqd
HalifaxIIIMZ530MP-UHolme on Spalding Moor2204DusseldorfPoW.
67 BoothRSergeant1940-05-1215 Sqd
68 BoothG FSergeant1939-09-04107 SqdBlenheimIVN6240OM-Wattisham1600WilhelmshavenPoW
69 BoothS JFlight Sergeant1944-10-23635 Sqd
LancasterIIIND812F2-NDownham Market1641EssenCrash landed at base on return
70 BoothNSergeant1942-05-0835 Sqd
HalifaxIIW7675TL-Air TestCrash landed at Linton on Ouse.
71 BoothF ESergeant1942-04-127 Sqd
StirlingIN3679MG-DOakington2225EssenCrash landed at Newmarket
72 BoothC W KSergeant1940-05-10150 Sqd
BattleIK9390JN-IEcury-sur-Coole1530LuxembourgCrash landed Gosselies Belgium returned safe.
73 BoothNFlight Sergeant1942-11-08105 Sqd
MosquitoIVDK301GB-TrainingCrash landed near Marham NFK
74 BoothD FFlight Sergeant1943-09-2978 Sqd
HalifaxIILW263EY-EBreighton1804BochumCrashed near Scunthorpe Lincs.
75 BoothJ WFlight Sergeant1945-01-0150 Sqd
LancasterINF984VN-Skellingthorpe1651GravenhorstHit by flak near target force landed Juvincourt France
76 Booth-SmithP WFlying Officer1944-04-10161 Sqd
HalifaxVLK738MA-TTempsford2125SOECrashed St-Hilaire sur Rille {Orme}KilledSt-Hilaire sur Rille Communal Cemetery
77 GilbertsonJohn BoothFlight Sergeant Air Gunner1698349RAFVR1944-01-3083 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB352OL-CWyton1712Berlin Attacked and dived out of control and crashed KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Joint Grave 5. F. 3-6 Read Archive Report
78 BoothLeonardSergeant1060870Wireless OperatorRAFVR (Middle East Command)1942-12-17No. 104 SqnWellingtonIIZ8469EP-FRAF Luqa, Malta!8.30Tunis and La GouletteShot down by night fighter crashed in the sea 10-15 miles North of TunisKilledMalta Memorial - Panel 3, Column 2Read Archive Report

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