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#Name* (↑)InitialsRank*Service No.RoleAwards* (↑)AirForce* (↑)DateIncident* (↑)Squadron* (↑)Aircraft* (↑)MarkSerial* (↑)CodeStation* (↑)TimeOperation/ Mission* (↑)IncidentDetailsFate* (↑)Memorial* (↑)PhotoNotes
1 BoothA ESergeant1943-02-06424 Sqd
WellingtonIIIBJ658QB-QTopcliffe1722Gardening?KilledBecklingen War Cemetery
2 BoothHSergeant1943-08-23158 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR725NP-CLissett1959BerlinCrashed near SoltauKilledBecklingen War Cemetery.
3 BoothGFlying Officer1943-11-26103 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB527PM-BElsham Wolds1728BerlinCrashed at AbrensfeldeKilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery
4 BoothRonaldSergeant Air Bomber1549733RAFVR1944-02-1935 Sqd (Madras Presidency)
HalifaxIIILV834TL-N RAF Graveley, Huntingdonshire now Cambridgeshire .0003.Leipzig Attacked by night fighter piloted by Oblt. Martin Becker, exploded and crashed at Gohre Killed Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery Grave No. 8.E.8 Read Archive Report


5 BoothCSergeant1944-07-2475 Sqd
LancasterIHK575AA-OMepal2149StuttgartCrashed near Burlioncourt {Moselle}KilledChateau-Voue.
6 BoothJ HPilot Officer1944-05-19166 Sqd
LancasterIME775AS-NKirmington2200OrleansCrashed Thoiry {Seine-et-Oise}KilledDreux Communal Cemetery.
7 BoothP WSergeant1943-12-2049 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB467EA-TFiskerton1658FrankfurtCrashed near LangenselboldKilledDurnbach War Cemetery
8 BoothDSergeant1944-04-2644 Sqd
LancasterIME730KM-RDunholme Lodge2133SchweinfurtKilledDurnbach War Cemetery
9 BoothS DSergeant1945-03-20419 Sqd
LancasterXKB786VR-PMiddleton St George151HeideCrashed at OdderadeKilledHamburg (Ohlsdorf) Cemetery
10 BoothT BFlying Officer1944-08-1212 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB247PH-UWickenburg2117BraunschweigKilledHannover War Cemetery.
11 BoothA WSergeant14245261943-06-2810 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR697ZA-FMelbourne2309KolnCrashed at Kaberg HollandKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery.
12 BoothG VSergeantRCAF1942-07-21115 Sqd
WellingtonIIIX3561KO-XMarham2344DuisburgCrashed SE of RoermondKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery.
13 BoothA F CWing Commander1941-07-12107 SqdBlenheimIVZ7487OM-Great Massingham1120Anti ShippingCrashed off IJmuiden KilledKiel War Cemetery
14 BoothJ DFlying Officer1945-01-01115 Sqd
LancasterING332IL-DWitchford1610VohwinkelCrashed 11km SE GemblouxKilledLeopoldsburg War Cemetery.
15 BoothFSergeant1944-07-07207 Sqd
LancasterIIIND567EM-VSpilsby2245St-LeuCrashed at Sancourt {Oise}KilledMarissel French National Cemetery
16 BoothN G RFlight Lieutenant1942-05-1715 Sqd
StirlingIW7531LS-FWyton2140GardeningCrashed near Middelfart DenmarkKilledOdense Cemetery Denmark
17 BoothJSergeant1944-05-07619 Sqd
LancasterIIIND730PG-ODunholme Lodge2151SalbrisCrashed Champigny-la-Beauce {Loir-et-Cher}KilledOrleans Main Cemetery
18 BoothE F WSergeant1942-06-08149 Sqd
StirlingIN6084OJ-CLakenheathEssenCrashed at HasselKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery.
19 BoothS TSergeant6498311943-06-22427 Sqd
HalifaxVDK139ZL-PLeeming2319MulheimCrashed near RheinhausenKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery
20 BoothD GSergeantRCAF1943-08-27149 Sqd
StirlingIIIEE877OJ-ELakenheath2133NurnbergCrashed near LangelKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
21 BoothJ MFlight SergeantRAAF1943-12-02576 Sqd
LancasterIW4337UL-R2Elsham Wolds1705BerlinCrashed near MonchengladbachKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
22 BoothF JFlying Officer1944-12-24166 Sqd
LancasterING297AS-K2Kirmington1515KolnCrashed target areaKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
23 BoothAFlight LieutenantDFC1943-08-3012 Sqd
LancasterIIIED972PH-RWickenby2350MonchengladbachCrashed target areaKilledRheinberg War Cemetery.
24 BoothF OFlight Sergeant1944-12-22 578 Sqd
HalifaxIIINA501LK-XBurn1505BingenKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
25 BoothA SSergeant1944-11-1615 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB137LS-UMildenhall1335HeinsburgKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
26 BoothRSergeant1943-08-0675 Sqd
27 BoothErnestFlying Officer139949Air BomberRAFVR1943-04-20 149 Sqd
StirlingIIIBK698OJ-ORAF Lakenheath, Suffolk 2203Rostock See archive report for full details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 130.Read Archive Report
28 BoothD ASergeant1943-02-19467 Sqd
29 BoothRSergeant1942-10-0115 Sqd
StirlingIW7634LS-GBourn1915LubeckCrashed in Baltic at PeenemundeKilledRunnymede
30 BoothL APilot Officer1942-06-251651 CUStirlingIW7442?-BWaterbeach2358BremenCrashed in WaddenzeeKilledRunnymede
31 BoothFFlight SergeantCdeG1942-06-02102 Sqd
HalifaxIIR9491DY-NDalton2335EssenCrashed off Harwich ESSEXKilledRunnymede.
32 BoothGeorge ArnoldFlight SergeantR/135580Air GunnerRCAF1943-04-10 431 Sqd
WellingtonXHE213SE-FRAF Bourn, Yorkshire2315FrankfurtSee archive report for full detailsMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 181 Read Archive Report
33 BoothJAircraftman 1st Class1940-04-1799 Sqd
WellingtonIaP9234LN-Newmarket1915StravangerLost without traceKilledRunnymede
34 BoothW AFlying OfficerRCAF1945-01-141666 CULancasterIHK756ND-WombletonSweepstakeLost without traceKilledRunnymede
35 BoothA B ESergeant1944-07-24514 Sqd
LancasterIIIPB185JI-F2Waterbeach2145StuttgartCrashed at TrierKilledRunnymede
36 BoothESergeant1944-10-28463 Sqd
37 BoothJ RFlying OfficerRCAF1944-01-27115 Sqd
LancasterIILL682KO-PWitchford1805BerlinKilledRunnymede .
38 BoothF WSergeant1944-01-27115 Sqd
LancasterIILL682KO-PWitchford1805BerlinKilledRunnymede .
39 BoothN RFlight Sergeant1944-11-04166 Sqd
LancasterIME835AS-TKirmington1725BochumKilledRunnymede .
40 BoothJ CSergeant1944-06-12100 Sqd
LancasterIIIPA969HW-MGrimsby2307GelsenkirchenKilledRunnymede .
41 BoothH ASergeant1942-04-2735 Sqd
HalifaxIIW1020TL-KKinloss2035TirpitzCrashed near Trondheim NorwayKilledStavne Norway.
42 BoothNFlight Sergeant1942-11-13105 Sqd
MosquitoIVDZ361GB-Marham1208VlissingenCrashed at RitthemKilledVlissengen Northern Cemetery
43 BoothR APilot OfficerCdeG avec Palme1944-04-27405 Sqd
LancasterIIIJA976LQ-SGransden Lodge.0001.MontzenCrashed Webberkom {Brabant}KilledWebbekom
44 BoothC W RSergeant1942-01-0897 Sqd
ManchesterIL7459OF-Coningsby1450TrainingCrashed almost at onceInjured.
45 BoothE OSergeant1942-11-20150 Sqd
WellingtonIIIBK538JN-UKirmington1910TorinoCrashed at Manston KENTInjured.
46 BoothM WSergeant1942-08-2835 Sqd
HalifaxIIW7676TL-PGraveley2047NurnbergCrashed in WesterscheldeKilled.
47 BoothP WSergeant1940-09-25101 Sqd
BlenheimIVP6905SR-West RaynhamAnti shippingCrashed near Swaffham NorfolkKilled.
48 BoothCSergeant1945-01-019 Sqd
LancasterING252WS-RBardney747LadbergenDived into ground after take offKilled
49 BoothS KSergeant1940-09-08101 Sqd
BlenheimIVP6955SR-West Raynham2120BoulogneLost over sea. Killed.
50 BoothLSergeant1941-09-12218 Sqd
51 BoothHSergeant1940-11-1458 Sqd
WhitleyVT4239GE-MLinton on Ouse1649Berlin? PoW
52 BoothB NSergeant994583Air GunnerRAFVR1941-06-27 102 Sqd
WhitleyVT4297DY-RAF Topcliffe, Yorkshire2231Bremen Shot down by night fighter - no further details confirmed PoW No: 39167 Camp: Stalag Kopernikus (357)None - survived the war. Read Archive Report
53 BoothGSergeant1942-11-28214 Sqd
StirlingIR9194BU-NChedburgh1833TorinoCrashed at Couvron-et-Aumencourt FrancePoW
54 BoothH WSergeant1943-12-03426 Sqd
LancasterIIDS733OW-LLinton on Ouse.0022.LeipzigCrashed at EspelPoW
55 BoothR AFlight Sergeant1942-06-0125 OTU
WellingtonICDV434?-F2Finningley2259EssenCrashed at Horst HollandPoW
56 BoothWarrant Officer11072641943-06-1178 Sqd
HalifaxIIHR684EY-Linton on Ouse2241DusseldorfCrashed at VoerdePoW.
57 BoothR ESergeantRCAF1943-08-27623 Sqd
StirlingIIIEE909IC-HDownham Market2122NurnbergCrashed BirkenfieldPoW
58 BoothESergeant11353521943-06-14460 Sqd
LancasterIIIEE167UV-Binbrook2235OberhausenCrashed ESE Sittard HollandPoW
59 BoothG SSergeant1942-01-1551 Sqd
WhitleyVZ9424MH-RDishforth1758EmdenCrashed N of Drachten HOLLANDPoW.
60 BoothD FPilot Officer1943-12-2078 Sqd
HalifaxIILW320EY-ZBreighton1624FrankfurtCrashed near De PlankPoW.
61 BoothF RFlying Officer1943-08-22102 Sqd
HalifaxIIJD378DY-CPocklington2105LeverkusenCrashed near DurenPoW.
62 BoothE VSergeant1942-09-0461 Sqd
LancasterIR5682QR-RSyerston.0025.BremenCrashed near Wartena HollandPoW
63 BoothE WFlight Sergeant9860711943-03-23196 Sqd
WellingtonXHE167ZO-ALeconfield1922GardeningCrashed off TerschellingPoW.
64 BoothG EPilot Officer1942-06-017 Sqd
StirlingIN3750MG-DOakington2307EssenLost off the Dutch CoastPoW
65 BoothM ASergeant1944-01-01115 Sqd
66 BoothWPilot Officer1944-04-2276 Sqd
HalifaxIIIMZ530MP-UHolme on Spalding Moor2204DusseldorfPoW.
67 BoothRSergeant1940-05-1215 Sqd
68 BoothG FSergeant1939-09-04107 SqdBlenheimIVN6240OM-Wattisham1600WilhelmshavenPoW
69 BoothS JFlight Sergeant1944-10-23635 Sqd
LancasterIIIND812F2-NDownham Market1641EssenCrash landed at base on return
70 BoothNSergeant1942-05-0835 Sqd
HalifaxIIW7675TL-Air TestCrash landed at Linton on Ouse.
71 BoothF ESergeant1942-04-127 Sqd
StirlingIN3679MG-DOakington2225EssenCrash landed at Newmarket
72 BoothC W KSergeant1940-05-10150 Sqd
BattleIK9390JN-IEcury-sur-Coole1530LuxembourgCrash landed Gosselies Belgium returned safe.
73 BoothNFlight Sergeant1942-11-08105 Sqd
MosquitoIVDK301GB-TrainingCrash landed near Marham NFK
74 BoothD FFlight Sergeant1943-09-2978 Sqd
HalifaxIILW263EY-EBreighton1804BochumCrashed near Scunthorpe Lincs.
75 BoothJ WFlight Sergeant1945-01-0150 Sqd
LancasterINF984VN-Skellingthorpe1651GravenhorstHit by flak near target force landed Juvincourt France
76 Booth-SmithP WFlying Officer1944-04-10161 Sqd
HalifaxVLK738MA-TTempsford2125SOECrashed St-Hilaire sur Rille {Orme}KilledSt-Hilaire sur Rille Communal Cemetery
77 GilbertsonJohn BoothFlight Sergeant Air Gunner1698349RAFVR1944-01-3083 Sqd
LancasterIIIJB352OL-CWyton1712Berlin Attacked and dived out of control and crashed KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. Joint Grave 5. F. 3-6 Read Archive Report
78 BoothLeonardSergeant1060870Wireless OperatorRAFVR (Middle East Command)1942-12-17No. 104 SqnWellingtonIIZ8469EP-FRAF Luqa, Malta!8.30Tunis and La GouletteShot down by night fighter crashed in the sea 10-15 miles North of TunisKilledMalta Memorial - Panel 3, Column 2Read Archive Report

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