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#Name* (↑)Country of Origin* (↑)SquadronsFate* (↑)Aircraft* (↑)PhotoNotes
1 Andruszkow Sergeant TPoland303Killed*
2 Baranski Flight Lieutenant WPoland607
3 Beda Sergeant APoland302
4 Belc Sergeant MPoland303Killed
5 Bernas Pilot Officer BPoland302
6 Borowski Flying Officer JPoland302Killed*
7 Brzezina Flight Lieutenant SPoland74 SqdKilled
8 Brzozowski Sergeant MPoland303Killed*
9 Budzinski Sergeant JPoland605 145
10 Cebrzynski Flying Officer APoland303Killed*
11 Chalupa Pilot Officer S JPoland302
12 Chelmecki Pilot Officer MPoland56 Sqd  17 Sqd
13 Chlopik Flight Lieutenant T PPoland302Killed*
14 Czajkowski Pilot Officer FPoland151Killed
15 Czerniak Pilot Officer J MPoland302Killed
16 Czerny Flight Lieutenant HPoland302
17 Czerwinski Flying Officer TPoland302Killed
18 Czternastek Pilot OfficerPoland32 Sqd
19 Daszewski Pilot Officer JPoland303Killed
20 Domagala Sergeant MPoland238
21 Drobinski Pilot Officer BPoland65 Sqd
22 Duryasz Flight Lieutenant MPoland213
23 Duszynski Sergeant SPoland238Killed*
24 Falkowski Flying Officer J PPoland32 Sqd
25 Feric Pilot Officer MPoland303Killed
26 Frey Flight Lieutenant J APoland607
27 Gabszewicz Flying Officer APoland607
28 Gil Pilot Officer JPoland43 Sqd 229  145Killed
29 Glowacki Sergeant W JPoland145 605Killed*
30 Glowacki Sergeant APoland501
31 Gmur Sergeant FPoland151Killed*
32 Gnys Pilot Officer WPoland302
33 Gorzula Pilot Officer MPoland607
34 Groszewski Flying Officer BPoland43 SqdKilled
35 Gruszka Flying Officer FPoland65 SqdKilled*
36 Grzeszczak Flying Officer BPoland303Killed
37 Henneberg Flying Officer Z KPoland303
38 Janicki Pilot Officer ZPoland32 SqdKilled
39 Jankiewicz Flying Officer JPoland601 303Killed
40 Januszewicz Flying Officer WPoland303Killed*
41 Jastrzebski Flight Lieutenant FPoland302Killed*
42 Jeka Sergeant JPoland238
43 Jereczek Pilot Officer E WPoland43 Sqd 229
44 Kania Flight Sergeant JPoland303
45 Karubin Sergeant SPoland303Killed
46 Karwoski Pilot Officer W EPoland302
47 Kawalecki Pilot Officer T WPoland151
48 Kita Sergeant SPoland85 Sqd 253
49 Kleczkowski Pilot Officer SPoland302
50 Klein Sergeant ZPoland234 152Killed
51 Klozinski Sergeant WPoland54 Sqd
52 Kopecky SergeantPoland111 253
53 Kosarz Sergeant WPoland302Killed
54 Kosinski Flight Lieutenant B KPoland32 SqdKilled
55 Kowalski Flying Officer JPoland302
56 Kowalski Sergeant JPoland303
57 Kozlowski Pilot Officer FPoland501Killed
58 Krasnodebski Squadron Leader ZPoland303
59 Krepski Pilot Officer WPoland54 SqdKilled*
60 Krol Flying Officer WPoland302
61 Kustrzynski Flying Officer ZPoland607
62 Kwiecinski Flight Sergeant JPoland145Killed*
63 Laguna Flight LieutenantPoland302Killed
64 Lapka Pilot Officer SPoland302
65 Lapkowski Pilot Officer WPoland303Killed
66 Lazoryk Flying Officer WPoland607
67 Lokuciewski Pilot Officer WPoland303
68 Lukaszewicz Flying Officer KPoland32 Sqd 501Killed*
69 Lysek Sergeant APoland302Killed
70 Maciejowski Sergeant M KPoland111 249
71 Macinski Pilot Officer JPoland111Killed*
72 Malinowski Sergeant BPoland43 Sqd
73 Malinski Pilot Officer J LPoland302
74 Markiewicz Sergeant A LPoland302
75 Martel Pilot Officer BPoland54 Sqd 603
76 Mierzwa Pilot Officer BPoland303Killed
77 Miksa Pilot Officer W JPoland303
78 Muchowski Sergeant K APoland85 Sqd 501
79 Mudry Sergeant MPoland79 Sqd
80 Mumler Squadron Leader MPoland302
81 Narucki Pilot Officer A RPoland607Killed
82 Niemiec Pilot Officer PPoland17 Sqd
83 Nosowicz Pilot Officer ZPoland56 Sqd
84 Nowak Pilot Officer TPoland253Killed
85 Nowakiewicz Sergeant E J APoland302
86 Nowierski Flying Officer TPoland609
87 Olenski Flying Officer ZPoland234 609
88 Olewinski Sergeant BPoland111Killed
89 Orzechowski Flight Lieutenant JPoland615 607
90 Ostaszewski-Ostoja Flying Officer PPoland609
91 Ostowicz Pilot Officer APoland145Killed*
92 Palak Sergeant JPoland302 303
93 Palusinski Pilot Officer J HPoland303
94 Pankratz Flight Lieutenant WPoland145Killed*
95 Pasziewicz Flying Officer L WPoland303Killed*
96 Paterek Sergeant EPoland302 303Killed
97 Pfeiffer Pilot Officer JPoland32 Sqd 257
98 Piatkowski Pilot Officer SPoland79 SqdKilled*
99 Pilch Pilot Officer E RPoland302Killed
100 Pisarek Flying Officer MPoland303Killed

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