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#Name* (↑)Country of Origin* (↑)SquadronsFate* (↑)Aircraft* (↑)PhotoNotes
1 Allan Flying Officer J H LNew Zealand151Killed*
2 Andrews Sergeant M RNew Zealand264
3 Bayly Sergeant JNew Zealand111
4 Bennison Sergeant A ANew Zealand25 Sqd
5 Bickerdyke Pilot Officer J LNew Zealand85 SqdKilled*
6 Blake Squadron Leader M VNew Zealand238 234
7 Brennan Sergeant J SNew Zealand23 SqdKilled*
8 Brinsden Flight Lieutenant F NNew Zealand19 Sqd
9 Brookman Sergeant R W ANew Zealand253
10 Brown Pilot Officer B WNew Zealand610  72 Sqd
11 Burns Sergeant W RNew Zealand236
12 Burton Sergeant D LNew Zealand248
13 Bush Pilot Officer C RNew Zealand242
14 Campbell Sergeant ANew Zealand264
15 Campbell Sergeant D BNew Zealand23 Sqd
16 Carbury Flying Officer B J GNew Zealand603
17 Carswell Flight Lieutenant M KNew Zealand43 Sqd
18 Churches Pilot Officer E W GNew Zealand74 SqdKilled
19 Clouston Squadron Leader A ENew Zealand219
20 Clouston Flight Lieutenant W GNew Zealand19 Sqd
21 Cobden Pilot Officer D GNew Zealand74 SqdKilled
22 Collyns Pilot Officer B GNew Zealand238Killed
23 Courtis Sergeant J BNew Zealand111Killed
24 Crawford Pilot Officer H HNew Zealand235Killed
25 Croker Sergeant E ENew Zealand111Killed
26 Davison Pilot Officer J TNew Zealand235
27 Dawick Sergeant KNew Zealand111
28 Deere Flight Lieutenant A LNew Zealand54 SqdKilled
29 De La Perelle Pilot Officer V BNew Zealand245Killed
30 Durrant Sergeant C RNew Zealand23 SqdKilled
31 Dyer Sergeant H D PNew Zealand600Killed
32 Edmunds Pilot Officer E RNew Zealand245 615
33 Eiby Pilot Officer W TNew Zealand245
34 Emeny Sergeant C SNew Zealand264
35 Fenton Sergeant W GNew Zealand604
36 Fitzgerald Flight Lieutenant T BNew Zealand141
37 Fleming Pilot Officer JNew Zealand605
38 Fletcher Sergeant W TNew Zealand23 Sqd
39 Forsyth Sergeant C L MNew Zealand23 SqdKilled
40 Fowler Flying Officer A LNew Zealand248Killed
41 Gardner Pilot Officer J RNew Zealand141
42 Gawith Flying Officer A ANew Zealand23 Sqd
43 Grant Sergeant I A CNew Zealand151Killed
44 Gray Flying Officer C FNew Zealand54 Sqd
45 Hamill Pilot Officer J WNew Zealand229Killed
46 Hayter Flying Officer J C FNew Zealand615 605
47 Herrick Pilot Officer B HNew Zealand236Killed
48 Herrick Pilot Officer M JNew Zealand25 SqdKilled
49 Hight Pilot Officer C HNew Zealand234Killed*
50 Hill Sergeant C RNew Zealand141
51 Hill Pilot Officer H PNew Zealand92 SqdKilled*
52 Hindrup Sergeant F GNew Zealand600Killed
53 Hodgson Pilot Officer W TNew Zealand85 SqdKilled
54 Horton Flying Officer P WNew Zealand234Killed
55 Hughes Sergeant D ENew Zealand600Killed*
56 Humphreys Pilot Officer J SNew Zealand605
57 Hyde Sergeant J WNew Zealand229
58 Johnson Sergeant G BNew Zealand23 Sqd
59 Kemp Pilot Officer J RNew Zealand141Killed*
60 Kidson Pilot Officer RNew Zealand141Killed*
61 Kinder Flying Officer M CNew Zealand85 Sqd 607  92 Sqd
62 Laing Sergeant R INew Zealand151
63 Lamb Pilot Officer O ENew Zealand151Killed
64 Lamb Pilot Officer R LNew Zealand600
65 Langdon Pilot Officer C ENew Zealand43 SqdKilled
66 Lawrence Pilot Officer K ANew Zealand234 603 421 Flt
67 Lovell Gregg Squadron Leader T GNew Zealand87 SqdKilled*
68 Lusk Flying Officer H SNew Zealand25 Sqd
69 MacKenzie Pilot Officer D CNew Zealand56 SqdKilled
70 MacKenzie Flying Officer J NNew Zealand41 Sqd
71 Martin Flying Officer J CNew Zealand32 Sqd 257Killed
72 McChesney Sergeant R INew Zealand236Killed
73 McDermott Sergeant J ANew Zealand23 Sqd
74 McGregor Squadron Leader H DNew Zealand213
75 McHardy Pilot Officer E HNew Zealand248
76 McIntyre Pilot Officer A GNew Zealand111
77 Middleton Pilot Officer W ANew Zealand266Killed
78 Mitchell Sergeant H RNew Zealand3 SqdKilled
79 Mowat Flight Lieutenant N JNew Zealand245
80 Murland Sergeant W JNew Zealand264
81 North Pilot Officer H LNew Zealand43 SqdKilled
82 Oaks Sergeant T WNew Zealand235
83 Orgias Pilot Officer ENew Zealand23 SqdKilled*
84 Pannell Sergeant G C RNew Zealand3 Sqd
85 Parsons Sergeant E ENew Zealand23 Sqd
86 Paterson Flying Officer J ANew Zealand92 SqdKilled*
87 Pattison Flying Officer J GNew Zealand266  92 Sqd
88 Priestley Flying Officer J SNew Zealand235Killed*
89 Pye Sergeant J WNew Zealand25 Sqd
90 Pyne Sergeant C CNew Zealand219
91 Rabone Flying Officer P WNew Zealand145 422 FltKilled
92 Rasmussen Sergeant L A WNew Zealand264Killed*
93 Reilly Sergeant C CNew Zealand23 SqdKilled
94 Russell Sergeant L PNew Zealand264Killed
95 Scott Sergeant W JNew Zealand264
96 Shand Pilot Officer M MNew Zealand54 Sqd
97 Simpson Pilot Officer G MNew Zealand229Killed*
98 Smith Pilot Officer I SNew Zealand151
99 Spence Pilot Officer D JNew Zealand245Killed
100 Spurdle Pilot Officer R LNew Zealand74 Sqd

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