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#Name* (↑)Country of Origin* (↑)SquadronsFate* (↑)Aircraft* (↑)PhotoNotes
1 Bennett Pilot Officer C CAustralia248Killed*
2 Bungey Flight Lieutenant R WAustralia145
3 Cale Pilot Officer F WAustralia266Killed*
4 Cock Pilot Officer J RAustralia87 Sqd
5 Constantine Flying Officer A NAustralia141Killed
6 Crook Sergeant V W JAustralia264
7 Crossman Pilot Officer J DAustralia32 Sqd  46 SqdKilled*
8 Curchin Pilot Officer JAustralia609Killed
9 Flood Flight Lieutenant F WAustralia235Killed*
10 Glyde Flying Officer R LAustralia87 SqdKilled*
11 Hamilton Pilot Officer A LAustralia248
12 Holland Sergeant K CAustralia152Killed*
13 Hughes Flight Lieutenant P CAustralia234Killed*
14 Kennedy Flight Lieutenant J CAustralia238Killed*
15 Mayers Pilot Officer H CAustralia601Killed
16 McDonough Pilot Officer B MAustralia236Killed*
17 McGaw Pilot Officer C AAustralia73 Sqd 66 SqdKilled
18 Millington Pilot Officer W HAustralia79 Sqd 249Killed*
19 Olive Flight Lieutenant C G CAustralia65 Sqd
20 Pain Pilot Officer J FAustralia32 Sqd
21 Power Flight Lieutenant R MAustralia236
22 Pritchard Flight Lieutenant C AAustralia600
23 Reynell Flight Lieutenant R CAustralia43 SqdKilled*
24 Sheen Flight Lieutenant D F BAustralia72 Sqd
25 Walch Flight Lieutenant S CAustralia238Killed*
26 Withall Flight Lieutenant L CAustralia152Killed*

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