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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
AircrewRemembered Paradie Canadian Archive Database: 45,000 Service Records of RCAF personnel
AircrewRemembered Allied Losses and Incidents Database: Covering 120,000+ Allied aircrew 1939 - 1945
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
801 EllisJohnFlt Lt37850British610 Sqd

DFC & Bar
Spitfire13PoWDied 2001-11-19Shot down 5 before the Battle of Britain including 3 fighters. Shot down a Bf 109 1940-07-24 and 3 more Bf 109s on the 25 July. 26 July he made acting Squadron Leader and given command of 610 Sqd. He shot down 4 more aircraft before the end of August, including 3 Bf 109s. DFC 1940-08-13. Bar to D.F.C 1941-05-02. He ended the war a PoW. Returned to UK and took part in the first Battle of Britain fly-past in September 1945.

June 13, 1943 Wing Commander John Ellis, British Ace of WW2, 14 air victories certified including 1 in collaboration, 1 probable victory and 2 enemy aircraft damaged within the 610 Sqn of the RAF, veteran of the Battle of Britain, is shot down aboard Spitfire Mk.IIa registration JK533 while taking part in an escort of Consolidated B-24 bombers against Gerbini airfield, during the invasion of Sicily, by Messerschmitt Bf-109Gs of the II./JG 53. The victory will be attributed to the Gruppenkommandeur of Stab II./JG 27, the Hauptmann Gerhard Michalski. He parachuted 12 miles off the coast of Sicily before being picked up by a German rescue ship. Captured, he was detained in Stalag Luft III in Sagan, where he actively participated in the preparation of the Great Escape. (*)

802 EllisJohn Hugh Mortimer 'Cockney Sparrow'Sgt742068RAFVRBritish85 Sqd

Hurricane2.5KIA1940-09-01On patrol 1940-08-29 at 16:00hrs when shot down by a Bf 109. Baled out Hurricane (L1915) unhurt. Aircraft crashed at Ashburnham, Kent. In Hurricane (P2673) 1940-09-01 at 14:15hrs when he was 'Lost' after combat with Bf 109s over Kenley. Body was finally identified in 1993 in an unmarked grave. Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 21

803 EllisRonald VernonFlt Sgt47416British73 Sqd

804 EllisWalter ThomasSgt110331British92 Sqd
SpitfireCrash landed Spitfire I (X4552) 1940-10-10 after attacking a Do 17 over Tangmere at 08:35. Uninjured
805 ElsdonHarry Donald BuchananSgt743044RAFVRBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-07-17Born Southend-on-Sea. Joined the RAFVR February 1939 as an Airman u/t Aircrew. Called up on 1st September 1939. Joined 236 Sqd in November 1939 as an Air Gunner. On 18th July 1940 he was reported ‘Missing’ when his Blenheim, L6779, captained by F/O CRD Thomas, failed to return from a photo-reconnaissance sortie over Le Havre. The weather was bad and intense anti-aircraft fire was met over Cap de la Hague. It is believed that the Blenheim was shot down by Major Schellmann Bf 109 from JG 2 at 12:15hrs 1940-07-18. The body of Thomas was recovered and is buried in Quiberville churchyard. Elsdon, age 28, was not found. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Panel 14.

806 ElsdonThomas Arthur Francis 'Jimmie'Flt Lt33308British72 Sqd

257 Sqd

136 Sqd



Spitfire8WIASurvived war9th September 2003Born at Broughty Ferry, Dundee 22nd January 1917. Unthank College, Norwich. RAF College Cranwell January 1936 as a Flight Cadet. 72 Sqd at Church Fenton 8th December 1937. Destroyed a He115 on 21st October 1939, shared two He111’s on 7th December and over Dunkirk probably destroyed a Ju87 on 2nd June 1940. He claimed a Me110 on 15th August, two Me110’s on 1st September and another two Me110’s on the 4th: baled out when Spitfire X4262 was attacked and set on fire on the way back to Croydon, possibly by a lone Me109. On 7th September squadron intercepted a formation of Do17’s, escorted by Me109’s. 72 went for the bombers. Leading the attack, Elsdon’s aircraft was hit, severely wounded in the left knee and right shoulder. Crash landed Biggin Hill. Possible Me109 in this action. DFC 8th October 1940). 15th July 1941 to 257 Sqd at Coltishall. Me109 destroyed on 24th July, again wounded. 25th August 1941 posted to Kirton-in-Lindsey to command 136 Sqd. November left the UK for India. ‘A’ Flight detached to Singapore and Elsdon and a group of pilots picked up Hurricanes in Cairo and flew them out to Rangoon to fight the Japanese on the retreat through Burma. The rest of the squadron went to Colombo. The squadron came together again in Calcutta in April 1942. It later saw action in Akyab, Calcutta, Chittagong, Imphal and Arakan before disbanding in the Cocos Islands. On 21st August he damaged a Japanese aircraft in the Bay of Bengal. Wing Leader of 165 Wing Dum Dum on 8th September 1942. To Alipore on 10th October to lead 293 Wing, took command of 169 Wing, Agartala on 10th February 1943, was posted to 185 Wing, Feni on 8th October and returned to 165 Wing, then at Arakan, to command, on 22nd November 1943. Posted to HQ Eastern Air Command, Calcutta on 12th July 1944. Returned to the UK in September. Posted to Transport Command. OBE 14th June 1945. Retired as Group Captain. Elsdon’s son, Wing Commander Nigel Elsdon, was killed on 18th January 1991 leading RAF Tornados against an Iraqi target in the Gulf.

Taking off from RAF Leconfield at 14.30hrs on 21 October 1939, F/O Desmond FB "Des" Sheen in Spitfire Mk I RN-J and F/O Thomas AF "Jimmie" Elsdon in RN-Q fell upon the rear of He 115 floatplanes 10m east of Spurn Head. As the bombers scattered, both pilots of No 72 Squadron RAF made numerous attacks before running out of ammunition. The 22-year-old Australian recorded the action in his logbook: "Ops. Green Leader - 12 Heinkel 115 intercepted. 2 damaged, 1 confirmed shot down." Wounded 1940-09-07 at 18:20hrs. In combat with a Bf 109 and he crash landed Spitfire I (X4254) at Biggin Hill.

807 ElsePeterSgt741332British610 Sqd

SpitfireWIABaled out wounded 1940-08-26 at 12:40hrs. Spitfire I (P9496) shot up by a Bf 109 over Folkestone. Crashed at Paddlesworth.
808 EmenyClifford StanleySgtNZ/40204RNZAFNew Zealander264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
SurvivedDied 6 October 2000Born 11 January 1920 - Died 6 October 2000 Ground Training School, Weraroa (15 January 1940) Air Observers School, Ohakea (February 1940) Pilot training (January 1942)- No 13 Initial Training Wing, Torquay. No 22 EFTS, Cambridge Empire Training Scheme, Canada (May 1942)- No. 37 SFTS & NO. 39 SFTS. Advanced Flying Unit (UK) No. 60 OTU Night Intruder Course (Mosquitos) (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)
809 EmmettGeoffreySgt148765British236 Sqd

810 EmmettWilliam Alexander CooteFlt Lt39723British25 Sqd

811 EnglishCharles EdwardPlt Off77791RAFBritish85 Sqd

605 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-07Flew with 85 Sqd and 605 Sqd, killed 1940-10-07, shot down over Westerham at 14:00hrs by Bf 109s. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3677) but his parachute got caught on the tail plane and he was killed. Newcastle on Tyne St. Andrews and Jesmond Cemetery Age 28
812 EnsorPhilip Stephen BaddesleyFg Off (later Flt Lt)41003RAFBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-09-08Brest Kerfautras Cemetery France Age 21
813 EtheringtonWilfred JohnSgt48899British17 Sqd
814 EvansCecil RoySgt745506RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1941-03-23 Age 20Born Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey England. Joined RAFVR January 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Training at 2 FTS, joined 235 Sqd on Blenheims 26 September 1940. Killed 23 March 1941 in Blenheim IV L9404 LA-A, shot down by a Bf109 during an anti-shipping operation off the Dutch coast. Crew also lost were Sgt. GSM MacLeod (Battle of Britain) and Sgt. EH Harvey. None were recovered. Commemorated at Runnymede Memorial, Evans on Panel 43.
815 EvansDavidPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)42491RAFBritish607 Sqd

615 Sqd

HurricaneKIFA1943-05-23On patrol 1940-10-05 over Swanage. Shot down by Bf 109 at 14:00hrs, baled out Hurricane I (P3554) safely with 607 Sqd. KIFA testing Aircraft. Bebington St Andrew Churchyard England

816 EvansGeorge JohnSgt123995British604 Sqd

817 EvansHarold Arthur CharlesPlt Off79178British236 Sqd

BlenheimDiedRetired at the rank of Air Cdre
818 EvansWalter ReginaldSgt67607British85 Sqd 249 SqdHurricaneFlew with 85 Sqd and 249 Sqd during the Battle of Britain. Moved to 249 Sqd at North Weald 11 September 1940 and immediately scrambled such was the pressure. Hardly had time to get a basic briefing before being in action.
819 EverittAlfred DouglasSgt751702RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war6th January 1954 in BirminghamBorn 19 July 1919 Coventry England. Joined RAFVR June 1939 as an Airman u/t Observer. Called up 1 September 1939. With 235 Squadron by early July 1940. No further details known. Released from the RAF as a Warrant Officer.

820 EverittGeoffrey CharlesSgt (later Flt Sgt)751919RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

Military Medal

Lotniczy Krzyż Zasługi

BlenheimKIA1942-08-06 Age 25Born London on 7th August 1916. RAFVR June 1939 as an Airman u/t Air Gunner.Serving with 29 Sqd in early July 1940. He was posted away to 6 Beam Approach Training Flight on 1st February 1941.Killed on 6th August 1942 as a Flight Sergeant with 207 Sqd, operating in Lancasters from Bottesford, Leicestershire. Lancaster I R5761 EM-T was shot down over Holland by a night fighter on a raid to Essen. Claim by Oblt Kurt Loos 1/NJG1 - Appeltern West of Nijmegen: 5,500m at 0226 hrs. Crashed near the church at Megen. Crew: F/Lt. GA Ings, WO WJA Shapter, Sgt. JWE Holland, Sgt. R Bell-Berry, Sgt. J Culley, Sgt. DR Manser Uden War Cemetery

Allied Losses Database R5761

821 EylesPeter RaoulSgt565889RAFBritish92 Sqd
SpitfireMIA1940-09-20 Age 24On patrol in Spitfire I (N3248) and became the second victory of W.Mölders 1940-09-20 when he was shot down and killed off Dungeness at 11:35hrs. Runnymede

822 EyreAnthony 'Tony'Fg Off (later W/C)90408RAF AAFBritish615 Sqd
HurricaneKIFA1946-02-16While serving as Commanding Officer rank of Wg Cdr of RAF Fairwood Common. Official Ace, Captured 8 March 1942, imprisoned Stalag Luft III 1942-1945.Buried with full military honours at St Cenydd's Church, Llangennith in South West Wales Age 27
823 FajtlFrantišekFlt Lt (later Sqd Ldr)82544RAFVRCzech17 Sqd

1 Sqd

824 FalkowskiJan PawelFg Off (later W/C)P-0493PAFPolish32 Sqd

Virtuti Militari


Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy (x3)

Wound Badge (x2)
Hurricane9Survived war2001-01-27After the surrender of France on June 23, he arrived in Great Britain. Assigned to 32 Sqd RAF. Then he went to 315 Sqd as the commander of the "A" squadron from July 1941 to June 1942. Military College in Scotland. After graduation, appointed on 03.07.1943 as commander of 303 Sqd. In 1944 he was a joint officer on staff 1 Div. Panc. Gen. St. Maczka, and later from 31.01.1945 the commander of the 3rd Polish Wing. Shot down over the Netherlands, escaped from captivity and reached the Allied forces. After demobilization he went to Canada. - died in Peterborough ON Canada

Archiwum Database

825 FarleyWalter RonaldFlt Lt (later W/C)29089RAFBritish156 Sqd

46 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1942-04-21Recalled at outbreak of war. Not official member of 151 Sqd but flew operations with 151 Sqd and 46 Sqd during the Battle. Later worked with SOE to drop and pick up agents in occupied Europe. DFC 1941-03-07. Wing Commander, CO of 138 Sqd. Durnbach War Cemetery Age 32

826 FarmerJames Nigel WattsFlt Lt37316British302 Sqd Polish
827 FarnesEricPlt Off77374British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
DiedGunner in Defiant (L7001) 1940-07-19 on convoy patrol. Baled out over the Channel after combat with a Bf 109 of JG 51 at 12:45hrs and was rescued. The pilot (M.J.Louden) crash landed at Hawkinge and was wounded. Defiant a write off.
828 FarnesPaul Caswell PoweSgt (later W/C)88437British501 Sqd


Air Efficiency Award

Hurricane82020-01-28 Age 101Born in Bocombe Hampshire, on 16 July 1918. Joined RAFVR in 1938. He converted to Hurricanes and on 14 September he joined 501 Sqd, moving with the squadron to France on 10 May 1940. His score during the Battle of France was one enemy aircraft destroyed, one possibly destroyed and two shared. In the Battle of Britain Sergeant Farnes achieved a score of six destroyed, one probably destroyed and six damaged. DFM on 22 October. Commissioned as an instructor and fought in Malta with 229 Sqd. Served in north Africa and Iraq. Commanded two squadrons in the UK. Remained in the RAF until 1958, retiring as a Squadron Leader, retaining the rank of Wing Commander.Official Ace,  Born 1918


Farnes (seated left) with 501 Sqd group 1940

829 FarquharAndrew DouglasWg Cdr90158British257 Sqd

830 FarrowJohn RobinsonSgt745091RAFVRBritish229 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-08Pilot. Northwood Cemetery Age 24
831 FarthingJohnSgt562114British235 Sqd


BlenheimSurvived warMarch 1978 in Tonbridge, KentBorn Hendon England 19 January 1912. Educated Brentwood Grammar School. Joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice January 1928. Applied for pilot training and was selected. Joined 235 Sqd on 2nd June 1940. Operational sorties on 14th, 15th and 18th July. Posted to A&AEE Boscombe Down on 21st July 1940 before going then the Gunnery Research Unit at Exeter on 20 August 1940. No furthewr details. MBE 1st January 1946 'FARTHING, John, Acting Warrant Officer - MBE - 460101 - Jui, West Africa - RAF'
832 FawcettDerek PSgt755949RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-09-15Hamburg War Cemetery
833 FearnsFrancisSgtBritish601 Sqd

Service details unknown
834 FearyAlan NormanSgt742301RAFVRBritish609 Sqd

Spitfire5.5KIA1940-10-07Born Derby. Joined the RAFVR, called up on 1 September 1939. Converted to Blenheims and joined 600 Sqd in May 1940. Moved the following month to 609 Sqd equipped with Spitfires. Shared a Ju 88 on 18 July, got a Bf 109 on 12 August and got a Ju 87 and damaged a Bf 110 on the 13th. On the 14th August Feary shot down a Ju 88 which had just bombed Middle Wallop, killing some groundcrew who were trying to close the doors of a hangar. On 25 August he got a Bf 110 and damaged another, on 7 September he claimed a probable Bf 109 and damaged a Ju 88, on 24 September he shot down a Do 17, on the 25th he damaged another and on the 26th he damaged a Bf 109. Alan Feary thus became one of the Battle of Britain’s Spitfire aces. Killed on 7 October 1940, when he was shot down in a surprise attack by Bf 109s over Weymouth. Baled out but was too low. His Spitfire crashed at Watercombe Farm, south of Warmwell airfield. He was buried in Holy Trinity churchyard, Warmwell, and lies among other Battle of Britain airmen. Squadron Leader Michael Robinson, who had just taken command of 609, wrote to Alan Feary’s widowed mother: “His reputation as a brave and fearless fighter pilot was handed over to me by his previous commanding officer [Squadron Leader “George” Darley] and I can say that he died as he would have wished – for his country. It would be difficult to tell you how much he will be missed by his fellow pilots.”

Pilot Official Ace. Shot down Ju 88 over Middle Wallop airfield 1940-08-14. The Ju 88 had bombed the airfield and blown off the doors to hanger No 5. Only Sergeant Pilot with 609 Sqd during Battle. Killed when he baled out of Hurricane I (N3238) after combat with a Bf 109 over Yeovil at 16:30hrs 1940-10-07 Warmwell Holy Trinity Churchyard Age 28

835 FeatherJohn LeslieSgt641705RAFBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-09-18 Age 20Born Liverpool England December 1920. Joined RAF May 1939 as an Airman u/t WOp/AG. Joined 22 Squadron May 1940. Posted to 235 Sqd in August, returning to 22 Sqd at Thorney Island. 18 September 1940 killed when Beaufort I L4508 AO-K crashed at Digosville, east of Cherbourg, on a night torpedo strike against shipping in Cherbourg outer harbour. Also lost in this aircraft were P/O T Atherton, Sgt. CJ Harvey and P/O RA Macfarlane. Feather's body recovered by Germans. Buried in Bayeux War Cemetery, France.

Memorial to RAF crew and 7 civilians killed when plance crashed onto houses in Digosville
836 FechtnerEmilPlt Off81887RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane4KIA1940-10-29Born 16 September 1916. Escaped from Czech Air Force on March 15 1939, joined the Foreign Legion in France. In September1939 he was seconded to French l’Armee de l’Air and later escaped to England after France fell. He was posted to Duxford to join Czech 310 Sqd on July 12 1940. Crashed in an accident Aug 1 1940 and on 15 August landed after a collision at Upwood. On Aug 26 1940 he shot down a Bf 110 and on 31 August a Do 215 in Hurricane V3889, which was damaged. On September 3 1940 he shot down a Bf 110 and on 18 September a Do 215. DFC October 1940. Killed in a crash landing at Duxford on Oct 29 1940, after a collision with P/O J M Maly. Killed in Hurricane I (P3889) when he collided with another Hurricane near Duxford on 1940-10-29 at 15:10hrs. Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 24

837 FejfarStanislavPlt Off (later Flt Lt)82545RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane6KIA1942-05-17Pihen les Guines Communal Cemetery

838 FenemoreStanley AllenSgt745110RAFVRBritish245 Sqd

501 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-15Killed 1940-10-15 in Hurricane I (V6722) was shot down by a Bf 109 over Redhill at 08:15hrs. Liverpool Allerton Cemetery Age 20
839 FennCecil FrancisSgt126029British248 Sqd

840 FentonHarold Arthur 'Jim'Sqd Ldr27127British238 Sqd (CO)




HurricaneSurvived war1995Injured when ditched his Hurricane I (P2947) into the Channel off the Isle of Wight 1940-08-08 at 13:40hrs near a German observation plane. He was looking for two of his pilots who had been reported missing in the Channel. He was rescued by the HMS Basset. Retired 1957

Born in Argentina in 1909. Grew up in Ireland. Trinity College, Dublin. Joined RAF 1928. 1929 with 4 Sqd at RAF Farnborough. In 1930 to India No. 5 Army Cooperation Squadron on the frontier. Back in England as a target-towing staff pilot at a Bombing and Gunnery School. but left the RAF and took a job as a chief flying instructor at Air Service Training. February of 1940, recalled by the RAF and sent to instruct at RAF Montrose. As the Battle of Britain began, it was clear that pilots with his experience would be sorely needed and he was given command of 238 Sqd, which he led throughout the Battle. Once forced to ditch in the Channel after chasing a German seaplane at wave top level and being hit by return fire. Following a brief respite, he returned to his squadron, which at this time only had five serviceable Hurricanes. Back in charge, Fenton quickly rectified the situation and 8 factory-fresh Hurricanes soon appeared. One of the hallmarks of Fenton’s leadership was his ability to make things happen. In May 1941, Fenton 238 boys were sent to the Middle East, loaded onto HMS Victorious at Scapa Flow. Then Victorious was ordered into the hunt for Bismarck. They then continued on their journey to Egypt via Gibraltar. Flew off Victorious near the Mediterranean island of Majorca, refuelled at Malta and finally arrived in Egypt. Highly successful in the Western Desert. Soon promoted to lead 243 Wing. In July of 1942, Fenton was a Group Captain in charge of 212 Group and its 12 Hurricane squadrons. In 1943, returned to England and was made commander of the Kenley fighter sector. Retired from the RAF as an Air Commodore and became an executive.

841 FentonJohn OllisPlt Off81679RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

Blenheim0.5KIA1941-05-28 Age 21Born 1920 in Tynemouth, Northumberland England. Joined RAFVR May 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Training at 3 FTS,. Commissioned 11th July 1940, posted to 235 Sqd on Blenheims 5 August. Shared in the destruction of a He59 off Cherbourg on 8 October with a Blenheim captained by P/O HAC Gonay. Killed 28 May 1941 Blenheim IV Z5968 shot down off Texel by Me109's of 2/JG52 operating from De Vlijt. Sgt. OJ Dee and Sgt. RH Johnson were also lost. Runnymede

Allied Losses Database

842 FentonWalter GordonSgt85648 / NZ/391858RNZAFNew Zealander604 Sqd

BlenheimSurvivedDied 1992Born 3 May 1916 Gisborne, New Zealand. Enlist 21 September 1939 age 23. Wounded when shot down at Middle Wallop, 15 August 1940. (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)
843 FenwickCharles RaymondPlt Off91060RAFVRBritish610 Sqd

SpitfireSurvived warMarch 1999Charles Raymond Fenwick was born on 3rd November 1920 in Louth, Lincolnshire and joined the RAFVFR in May 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939, he completed his training at 18 EFTS and 5 FTS, was commissioned on 7th September 1940 and joined 610 Squadron at Acklington on the 29th.On 7th November 1940 he escaped unhurt when his Spitfire I P9330 overturned on landing when it ran into boggy ground at Hooton Park. He was one of the first MSFU pilots (Merchant Ship Fighter Unit: catapulted off non-carrier ships). He joined the 'Empire Franklyn' on 3rd July 1941 and was reserve pilot on the 'Empire Tide' in the ill-fated convoy PQ17 which sailed for Russia in late June 1942. The 'Empire Tide' was one of only eleven ships that survived German attacks to reach Archangel on 24th July. Its Hurricane was still on the catapault. Released from the RAF in 1946 as a Squadron Leader.

844 FenwickSamuel GreenPlt OffBritish601 Sqd

Buried with RAF honours in Devon 2007
845 FerdinandRoy FredrickPlt Off80817RAFVRBritish263 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-06-12Died in the war flying a Westland Whirlwind. Chesham Bois Burial Ground Age 21
846 FergusonEric HannahSgt (later F/O)116529RAFVRBritish141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA1943-04-11Lemvig Cemetery Denmark

847 FergusonPeter JohnSqd LdrBritish602 Sqd

848 FerićMirosławPlt Off (later F/O)P-1387PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

Virtuti Militari


Krzyz Walecznych (x2)

Medal Lotniczy

HurricaneKIFA1942-02-14August 2, 1940 he was assigned to 303 Sqd. An unforgettable chronicler of the war history of 303 Sqd. From RAF Northolt in Spitfire BL432 on a training flight with the task of flying a newly received aircraft from the Spitfire aircraft. For unexplained reasons, the plane broke in the air and fell to the ground. The pilot was killed. Northwood Cemetery Age 26
Allied Losses Database
Archiwum Database

849 FerrissHenry MichaelFlt Lt40099RAFBritish111 Sqd

Hurricane9.5KIA1940-08-16Born at Lee, London 27 February, 1918. Educated at St Joseph’s Academy, Blackheath, London and Stonyhurst College, Lancashire. Medical student at St Thomas’s Hospital and was a member of the London University Air Squadron before he joined the RAF on a short service commission.Joined No 111 Squadron at Northolt. Shared He 111 on 8 April 1940 and shared another on the 10th. On patrol over France in May, Ferriss destroyed two Bf 110s and damaged two others on the 18th, a Bf 110 damaged on the 19th, a Bf 109 destroyed on the 31st, a Bf 109 destroyed and probably another on 2 June and another two Bf 109s destroyed on the 6th. DFC on 21 June. Destroyed a Bf 109 and damaged a Do 17 on 10 July, shared a He 59 on the 28th. ‘A’ Flight Commander on 7 August 1940, destroyed a Do 17 and damaged another on the 13th. Promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant on the 14th and probably destroyed another Do 17 on the 15th August. Collided with a Dornier Do 17 bomber in a head-on attack over Marden, Kent on 16 August, and was killed. Crashed on Sheephurst Farm, Marden, in Hurricane R4193. The Do 17 fell at Moatlands, Paddock Wood. The squadron was a pioneer of head-on attacks, which, could shatter formations, thus easier targets for other RAF fighters. Dead and wounded when they returned to base was a warning of what could happen over England.

Official Ace. Flew in France where he shot down a Bf 109 and 3 Bf 110s. Shot down 2 more Bf 109s 1940-06-06 and 1 more on the 10 June. DFC. On 10 July 1940 he shot down another Bf 109 over Folkestone and shared in the destruction of a Do 17. Shot down a Do 17 in early August 1940. Killed 1940-08-16 whenHurricane I (R4193) collided with a Do 17 of KG 76 during a head on attack over Marden, Kent at 12:45hrs. Chislehurst St Mary Roman Catholic Churchyard Age 22

850 FildesFrankAC162675British25 Sqd

851 FinchSgtBritish615 Sqd
Service details unknown
852 FinchT R HFg OffBritish151 Sqd

HurricaneService details unknown
853 FinlayDonald Osborne 'Don'Sqd Ldr36031RAFBritish41 Sqd

54 Sqd

608 Sqd



Spitfire5Survived war18 April 1970Born 27 May 1909. Joined RAF April 1935, and was posted to 17 Sqd and, later in 1936, to 54 Sqd RAF before attending the RAF School of Aeronautical Engineering at Henlow. Posted to fly Spitfires as CO 54 Squadron, based at Hornchurch, on 26 August 1940. He was shot down over Ramsgate two days later and was wounded. After recovering he was posted to command 41 Sqd in September. First victory, a Messerschmitt Bf 109, over the Channel on 23 September, and by the end of October 1940 he was credited with a 'share' in a second Bf 109 and a Dornier Do 17 bomber, and had also damaged a further three Bf 109s. His aircraft was damaged in combat with Oblt. Hans-Ekkehard Bob of JG 54 on 9 October 1940. He added to his tally on 23 November, shooting down the Bf 109E-1 (Werk No.3868 "Black 3") of Obgfr. Günther Loppach of 11./JG 51, who was taken prisoner, and another Bf 109 on 27 November 1940. Promoted to Wng Cmdr August 1941. DFC in June 1942. His victory tally flying fighters was 4 and 2 shared destroyed, 3 and 1 shared damaged. Then commanded 608 Sqd flying Lockheed Hudsons in the Middle East from December 1943 to July 1944. He became a group captain and was posted as SASO, 210 Group. In 1945 he then commanded No. 906 Wing in Burma, being awarded an Air Force Cross in September 1944.

Official Ace. Commanded 41 Sqd briefly. Pre-war and post-war Olympic hurdler. Baled out of Spitfire I (X4053) wounded 1940-08-28 at17:15hrs after combat with a Bf 109 over Ramsgate.

Spitfire P7666 1941

854 FinnieArchibaldPlt Off79158RAFVRBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-06-25Shot down and killed Spitfire I (R6816) at Kingsdown by a Bf 109 off Dover on the 1940-07-25 at 18:10hrs. Margate Cemetery

855 FinnisJohn Frederick FortescueFlt LtSouthern Rhodesian1 Sqd 229 SqdHurricane
856 FinucaneBrendan Eamonn Fergus 'Paddy'Wg Cdr41276RAFIrish65 Sqd

452 Sqd

602 Sqd


DFC & Bar
Spitfire32KIA1942-07-15 Age 21Born Dublin, Ireland. Joined RAF in May 1938. Aged 19, became operational with 65 Sqd in July 1940. Destroyed first Bf l09 1940-08-12. Second on 13 August. 1942-07-15 killed when hit by AA fire on a sweep over the French Coasts and went down into the sea. 32 kills. Youngest W/C ever in RAF. Runnymede

Born on 16 October 1920, Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. His mother was English, originally from Leicester. In April 1938, aged 17—the minimum application age—Finucane handed in his application to the Air Ministry at Kingsway, central London, on his way to work. August 1938 ordered to report to the 6 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School at Sywell in Northamptonshire. He arrived on 28 August. Within days, Finucane had taken to the skies with his instructor, flying the de Havilland Tiger Moth trainer. Finucane was slow to come to grips with handling the aircraft and he suffered a series of mishaps. During his training, on 7 September, he nearly flew into an airfield boundary hedge. He struggled in landing. Four days later, his tyre burst on a landing approach. The Moth bounced up into the air and Finucane barely recovered to make a heavy landing, although this time he was praised by his instructor. As they climbed out, they saw that the landing gear had been destroyed. Further heavy contact, said Finucane, "[and] there would have been no more Brendan or Mr. Morris!" Roland Morris was an experienced instructor, with more than 2,000 hours. He was critical of Finucane's habit of trying to force the aircraft to do what he wanted, instead of coaxing it. Despite a series of blunders, Finucane wanted to fly solo. At that time, Finucane was five hours flight training behind the rest of his group, but he made a successful solo trip on 21 September, after the completion of 14:05 hours piloting. The flight was not without fault; Finucane nearly stalled the aircraft after taking off.Finucane moved on to the Hawker Fury on 21 March 1939. On 23 June, he was classed as average again, but with low marks—2,010 out of 3,400—just 59 percent. Pilot ability was assessed as 400 out of 750; officer qualities 450 of 750; and in the written exams 837 of 1,300. On 29 August, he was re-graded as a pilot officer (on probation), with the service number 41276.

This unremarkable trainee woud go on to be an exceptional fighter pilot and fighter leader, and at the age of 21 became the youngest Wing Commander ever in Fighter Command!

In May, German forces began the Battle of the Netherlands and the Battle of Belgium which fell quickly. In June France collapsed. Fighter Command now needed an influx of pilots, after losses in Western Europe. Finucane's flying had improved and on 27 June 1940, he was posted to 7 OTU, at Hawarden near Chester. Funucane was to convert onto Supermarine Spitfires, while awaiting a fighter squadron posting. Finucane made his first flight in a Spitfire on 3 July 1940 and made 26 such flights in nine days. The pilots were tested on radio transmission, handling, formation flying and aerobatics. On 11 July 1940 he was permitted just one firing practice. At the end of his stay at 7 OTU, he had logged 2 hours 40 minutes on the Magister, 2 hours 25 minutes on the Fairey Battle, 15 minutes on the Hawker Hurricane and 22 hours and 20 minutes on the Spitfire. Finucane's first victory was scored on 12 August 1940 during the Battle of Britain. During the campaign, he was credited with two enemies destroyed, two probably destroyed and one damaged. Promoted to acting flight lieutenant in April 1941, he joined 452 Sqd flying offensive patrols over France—known as the Circus offensive. During this period, Finucane had his most successful period of operations, destroying 20 German aircraft, sharing in the destruction of three, with two damaged and another two probably destroyed from 4 January to 13 October 1941. In January 1942, Finucane was promoted to the rank of squadron leader in 602 Sqd. Within six months, he was credited a further six individual victories bringing his tally to 28. Four more were damaged, four were shared destroyed and two credited as individual probable victories and one shared probable. In June 1942, he became the RAF's youngest wing commander in its history. Finucane was appointed to lead the Hornchurch Wing.

On 15 July 1942, Finucane took off with his flight for a mission over France. His Spitfire was damaged by ground-fire. Finucane attempted to fly back to England across the English Channel but was forced to ditch into the sea and subsequently vanished. After his death, Finucane's brother Raymond served in 101 Sqd RAF and survived the war. Finucane was credited with 28 aerial victories, five probably destroyed, six shared destroyed, one shared probable victory, and eight damaged. Included in his total were 23 Messerschmitt Bf 109s, four Focke-Wulf Fw 190s and one Messerschmitt Bf 110. Official records differ over the exact total. After the war, two of Finucane's victories that were credited as probables had, in fact, been destroyed, but were not officially included. His total victory count could be as high as 32.

Wikipedia Bio

Paddy's famous insignia

857 FisherAnthony George AnsonFg Off73708British111 Sqd

HurricaneDiedWatched his brother Basil fall to his death under a burning parachute
858 FisherGeraldFg Off41570British614 Sqd

613 Sqd

602 Sqd

610 Sqd

91 Sqd

Spitfire1.5Survived warJoined the RAF on a short service commission. Initial training at 13 E&RFTS White Waltham on 31st October 1938. To 7 FTS Peterborough for No. 11 Course, which ran from 31st January to 28th August 1939. Posted to No. 1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum for a course. Joined 614 Squadron at Odiham on 7th October 1939. Moved to 613 Squadron at Netherthorpe on 12th July 1940. Volunteered for Fighter Command and arrived at 7 OTU Hawarden on 22nd August 1940. Converted to Spitfires and joined 602 Squadron at Westhampnett on 8th September. Claimed a Me109 probably destroyed on 26th September, shared a probable Ju88 on 12th October and destroyed a Me109 on the 29th. Joined 610 Squadron at Acklington on 17th December 1940. 421 Flight at Hawkinge was renumbered 91 Squadron on 11th January 1941 and he joined it about this time. On 12th March he destroyed a Me109 and damaged another off Dungeness. Fisher was released from the RAF in 1946 as a Squadron Leader. He died in 1973.
859 FisherBasil MarkFO73282RAFVRBritish111 Sqd

Hurricane1940-08-15Shot down in Hurricane I (P3944) in combat with Ju 88 over Selsey Bill at 17:50hrs 1940-08-15. Baled out but killed. Eton St John Church Cemetery England
Colour by RJM

860 FiskeWilliam Meade Lindsley 'Billy'Plt Off78092RAFVRAmerican601 Sqd

Hurricane1KIA1940-08-17On 12 July 1940, Fiske joined 601 Squadron RAF, a Hawker Hurricane unit, at RAF Tangmere, West Sussex, the so-called "Millionaires' Squadron", carrying out his first sorties with the squadron on 20 July, when he flew two patrols. On 16 August 1940, in the midst of the Battle of Britain, 601 Squadron RAF were scrambled to intercept a squadron of German dive-bombers. Fiske was flying Hurricane serial number P3358. The Squadron destroyed eight Junkers Ju 87 Stukas, but after just 15 minutes of flying time, a German gunner put a bullet through Fiske's fuel tank. With his aircraft badly damaged and his hands and ankles burnt, instead of bailing out, Fiske nursed his Hurricane home, gliding over a hedgerow to the airfield. Although he landed his aircraft safely back at Tangmere, Fiske had to be extracted from the aircraft by ambulance attendants. Shortly after, his fuel tank exploded. Fiske was taken to the Royal West Sussex Hospital in Chichester for treatment, but he died from surgical shock shortly afterwards, on 17 August. Fiske was 29 years old. Fiske's Flight Commander, Sir Archibald Philip Hope, 17th Baronet, added: 'Unquestionably Billy Fiske was the best pilot I've ever known. It was unbelievable how good he was. He picked up so fast it wasn't true. He'd flown a bit before, but he was a natural as a fighter pilot. He was also terribly nice and extraordinarily modest, and fitted into the squadron very well.'Born 1911-06-04 in Brooklyn, New York. Olympic gold medal. Joined RAF September 1939. 1940-07-11 posted 601 Sqd (County of London) at Tangmere. Shot down Ju 88 1940-08-13. 1940-08-16 after combat with Stukas over Bognor, landed seriously damaged Hurricane I (P3358) at Tangmere during a Stuka raid on the airfield. Aircraft burst into flames on coming to rest and Fiske badly burned. Royal West Sussex Hospital in Chichester, but died 48 hours later from shock. Regarded by C/O as 'finest pilot he had seen'. He was 29 years old. Boxgrove Saints Mary and Blaise Churchyard England

Bily Fiske funeral
861 FitzgeraldThomas BernardFg OffNew Zealander141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
Died2006-08-12Born in Temuka, New Zealand 1919-07-11. Educated at Timaru Boys' High School. April 1937 commission in RNZAF. Trained at Wigram, left for UK in April 1938, transfer to RAF. Made war’s first single-engined operational flight when dropping leaflets over Frankfurt and testing its night defences 1939-09-19. In early August 1940 posted to Fighter Command, one of 20 pilots from Bomber Command who volunteered in response to a request for trained pilots. Joined 141 Sqd in Scotland 1940-08-10 on night fighter Defiants. Took 'B' Flight south to Biggin Hill 1940-09-12 for night defence of London. Personal Assistant to Gen Hoyt D. Vandenberg, USAAF, Feb 1945; relinquished commission as Flt Lt Temp. Sqn Ldr on appointment to RNZAF, Feb 1946. Retired Dec 1947. Died Christchurch, New Zealand - 12 August 2006
862 FizelJoseph FrancisAC11002702British29 Sqd

BlenheimDiedAlso spelt Fizell
863 FlemingJohnFg Off36195RNZAFNew Zealander605 Sqd



HurricaneWIABorn 29 July 1915. Wounded 1940-08-08 at 12:30hrs. Took off at 11:50hrs in Hurricane I (L2061), shot down by Bf 109s near Tunbridge Wells. Baled out severely burned.
864 FlemingRobert David SpittallPlt Off74672RAFVRBritish249 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-07Killed 1940-09-07 at 17:00hrs. Hurricane I (R4114) shot down by a Bf 109 over Maidstone, Kent. Golders Green Crematorium Age 20
865 FletcherAndrew WilliamSqd Ldr37280RAFCanadian235 Sqd

272 Sqd (CO)

DFC & Bar


BlenheimSurvived war1978Born Cardston, Alberta, Canada. Joined RAF July 1935. 5 FTS Sealand 28 September 1935. SHQ RAF Calshot 20 July 1936. 'B' Flight Commander 235 Sqd July 1940. DFC 22 October 1940. Commanded 272 Sqd November 1940. Mention in Despatches in January 1941. May 1941 sent to Middle East. Led detachment to Malta mid-July. 28 July destroyed four SM79s and damaged two CR42s on the ground at Borizzo airfield. 30 July destroyed three SM79s on the ground at Elmas airfield and on 28th September he probably shot down two enemy aircraft at night. October 1941 Fletcher was awarded a Bar to the DFC 31 October 1941. Released from the RAF in 1946. Returned to Canada, farming in Warner, Alberta.

Paradie Canadian Archive Database

866 FletcherJohn DenysSgt (later Flt Lt)61460RAFVRBritish3 Sqd

KIA1942-02-08Middelkerke Communal Cemetery Age 23
867 FletcherJohn Gordon BewleySgt800635RAF AAFBritish604 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-08-25On night patrol 1940-08-25 and crashed Blenheim I (L6782) near Exeter. He and his crew (C.Haigh and A.L.Austin) were killed. (Austin died 1940-08-26 from his wounds) Blenheim L6782 crashed near Witheridge, Exeter, cause unknown. Forest Row Cemetery
868 FletcherWalter ThomasSgtNZ/40606RNZAFNew Zealander23 Sqd

BlenheimSurvivedBorn 4 October 1917 Wairoa, Hawkes Bay 5 Operational Training Unit - 23 Squadron - 116 Squadron, RAF - 160 Squadron, RAF - Royal Air Force, 178 Squadron - 11 Operational Training Unit, RAF - 282 Squadron. (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)
869 FletcherSgtBritish3 Sqd

870 FlindersJohn Layton 'Polly'Plt Off81333British32 Sqd

Hurricane5Died1998Born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1917. He joined the RAF in 1936 on a four-year engagement as a direct entry pilot under training. After completing his training he served with 74 Sqd. Intended to join Imperial Airways at the end of his service, but the outbreak of war changed that plan. On 20 November 1939 part of a section which attacked and damaged a Do 17 off North Foreland. Posted to 32 Sqd at Biggin Hill in April 1940 as a Pilot Officer. Training Officer, responsible for acquainting new pilots with squadron flying and fighting procedures. He achieved success in the Battle of France, but on 23 May was shot down and reported missing, believed killed. In fact he had forced-landed in the area of Cap Gris Nez and got back to England by ship. He scored more victories during the Battle of Britain, including two Do 17s claimed shot down on 18 August. He later became an A1 instructor and was attached to the RCAF. He left the RAF, as a Squadron Leader, in 1945, served in the RAFVR, eventually emigrated to Canada.

Destroyed 2 before the start of the Battle and 3 during it including a Bf 110 1940-08-18 which crashed at Harbledown near Canterbury killing both crew members.

871 FloodFredrick WilliamFlt Lt37582RAFAustralian32 Sqd

235 Sqd

Blenheim Z5725MIA1940-09-11Born Roma, Queensland, Australia 18 March 1915. Flying training with the RAAF at Point Cook 1935. Sailed for England in January 1936. 6 March 1936 Flood to 32 Sqd at Biggin Hill. To 8 Sqd at Khormaksar, Aden on 24 October 1936. PA to the AOC British Forces in Aden on 4 April 1938. When 235 Sqd was formed at Manston October 1939, he became Flight Commander. Frederick joined 235 Squadron at Detling on 1 June 1940 as a Flight Commander. No sooner had he arrived when he was out on patrol over Goodwin Sands–Calais–Dunkirk. He sighted a Heinkel 111 three miles off Dunkirk, which was being attacked by AA fire. Frederick also fired on it but it escaped into cloud in the direction of Dunkirk after two rear gunners were silenced. Frederick carried out many patrols and escort operations over the following weeks. On 21 August, while on an escort of reconnaissance aircraft he shot a Henshel 126 into the sea off Le Havre. Three days later, during a fighter patrol during an air raid at Thorney Island, he was on the receiving end of a ‘friendly’ attack: his Blenheim was damaged when Hurricanes of 1 Sqd (RCAF) attacked it over Thorney Island. There was only limited damage to Frederick’s Blenheim and he and his crew were safe but the crew of another were not as lucky and perished (the body of one was recovered from the sea riddled with bullets) and another Blenheim crashed on landing. It was the Canadian's first operational sortie. 11 September 1940 he led six Blenheims of 235 on an escort operation for FAA Albacores attacking Calais. They were attacked by Me109's and Flood's aircraft, Z5725, was shot down. Flood and his crew, P/O NB Shorrocks and Sgt. BR Sharp, were all reported 'Missing'. As is usual when someone is missing in action, the final presumption of death is deferred on the off chance the airman has been taken prisoner of war. And until the final presumption, the family could not claim his personal effects or prove a will. (As it happened, Frederick did not have a will.) Frederick’s presumption of death was published on 2 July 1941. But his effects did not come quickly. In a great blow to his family who hoped to have tangible reminders of their son and brother, all of Frederick Flood’s personal effects were lost in transit due to enemy action (they were onboard the SS Ceramic which was hit by torpedoes fired from U-515 on the night of 6 December 1942) but it was some months before they were informed of this. (thanks for some material from a blog posted by Kristen Alexander)

Flying escort to Fairey Albacores from the Fleet Air Arm on a raid on Calais at 17:30hrs. 1940-09-11 Blenheim IV-f (Z5725) shotdown. F/Lt F.W.Flood and his crew all died on the mission (N.B.Shorrocks & B.R.Sharp). Runnymede Panel 4 Also Blenheim IV-f (L9396) shot down by a Bf 109.

Archive Report Blenheim L9396

872 FlowerHubert LuizSgt551866British248 Sqd

BlenheimSurviving aircrew
873 FoglarVáclavSgt787662 130857RAFVRCzech245 Sqd

874 FoitEmil AntoninPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)83225RAFVRCzech85 Sqd

Hurricane3Died1976-06-18Died Kinkskerwel
875 FokesRonald Henry 'Ronnie'Sgt88439RAFVRBritish151 Sqd

87 Sqd

92 Sqd

154 Sqd

56 Sqd

193 Sqd

257 Sqd (CO)


Spitfire9KIA1944-06-12 Age 31born on 5th December 1912. Joined RAFVR in 1937. Joined 151 Sqd April 1939, moving to 87 Sqd a few days later. After the outbreak of the Second World War he joined 92 Sqd in January 1940. Over Dunkirk on 2nd June 1940 Fokes claimed a He111 destroyed and possibly two more and on 4th July he shared in the destruction of another. Fokes shared a Do17 on 10th September, damaged another on the 15th, probably destroyed a Ju88 on the 24th, probably destroyed a Me109 on the 30th, destroyed a He111 and two Me109's on the 15th, destroyed a Me109 on the 26th, shared a Ju88 on 9th November, destroyed another Me109 on the 15th and got a probable Me109 on the 17th. Awarded the DFM (gazetted 15th November 1940), Fokes was commissioned in late November. He destroyed Me109's on 5th and 12th December, damaged a Do17 on 23rd January 1941, shared a Ju87 on 5th February and destroyed a Me109 on 26th April. DFM in November 1940, and commissioned later the same month. May 1941 posted to No. 53 Operational Training Unit (OTU) at Heston as an instructor and then to the Central Flying School, Upavon on an instructor's course. A spell at No. 61 OTU followed. In November 1941 he joined 154 Sqd as a flight commander. In March 1942 he joined 56 Sqd flying the Hawker Typhoon. In August he became a test pilot on Typhoons at Gloster Aircraft, until February 1943 when he returned to operations with 193 Sqd. Took command of 257 Sqd flying the Hawker Typhoon in July 1943. DFC in March 1944, and was due to end his tour just before D-Day, but elected to remain with the squadron until after the invasion. His aircraft was shot down over Caen, France during a ground attack mission. Fokes bailed out, but was killed when he hit the ground before his parachute opened. Initially buried at the village of Soulangy, he was moved to the war cemetery established at Banneville-la-Campagne in 1945.

CH Saunders: TEJ Ream: Hugh Bowen-Morris: RH Fokes examining wreckage of Ju87 when Stuka J9 + BK of 2./StG1 was shot down just outside Manston airfield on 5th February 1941. Lt. E Schimmelpfennig and OberGf. H Kaden were killed. (see Kracker Luftwaffe Archive on this site)

Memorial at Soulangy, France
876 FolliardJames HenryAC149657RAF AAFBritish604 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warOctober 1983 Harlow Esses EnglandOne operational sortie as radar operator. Buried All Saints, Nazeing Essex

877 FoppDesmondSgtAustralian17 Sqd

HurricaneWIAWounded 1940-09-03 at 10:30hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3673) after being attacked by a Bf 110 over Essex. He was badly burned.
878 ForbesAthol StanhopeFlt Lt (later Grp Cpt)37449RAFBritish303 Sqd Polish

66 Sqd


Virtuti Militari

DFC & Bar

Hurricane/Spitfire7WIADied1981-08-18Official Ace. Wounded 1940-09-11 at 16:30 in Hurricane I (V7465). Aircraft shot up and damaged south of London. Awarded him the Virtuti Militari. Ju88 destroyed on 1940-09-05, Bf109 and another damaged on the 6 September, Do17 destroyed and another probably destroyed on 7 September, 2 Do17s destroyed on the 11 September and a He111 destroyed on the 26 September and two on the 27 September. He was slightly wounded in the engagements on 6th, 7th and 11th of September. Promoted to Acting Squadron Leader of 66 Sqd at West Malling 1940-10-17. DFC and the VM for his services with 303 Sqd. Shared in destroying a He111 on 25 June 1941 and a Me109 on 20 August 1941. His tally of kills at the end of the war was 7 confirmed and 2 shared with 1 probable.

879 FordErnest GeorgeSgt81636RAFVRCanadian3 Sqd 232 SqdHurricane4Killed in flying accident1942-12-10Calgary Burnsland Cemetery Canada Age 28, Canadian Virtual War Memorial shows that P/O Ernest Ford was born in Wolseley, Saskatchewen on 21st March 1914 and enlisted in the RAF on 1st November 1937 with number 81636. Joined RAFVR in November 1937 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Full-time service on 1st September 1939 and completed his flying training. Commissioned in May 1940, to 3 Squadron at Wick, Scotland. Then to Kenley from where on 10th May 1940 it moved to Merville, France to help stem the German assault. 12th May 1940 - Ju87 destroyed, 14th May 1940 - 2 x Ju87 destroyed, 19th May 1940 - Do17 destroyed. Returning to the UK to form 232 Sqd when iot reformed from 'B' Flight of 3 Squadron at RAF Sumburgh on 17th July 1940 as a Hawker Hurricane unit. It remained in Scotland on defensive duties until April 1941, when it was earmarked for the Middle East. Ford was not with 232 Squadron for long, being posted back to 3 Squadron on 10th September. 1942 he was a flying instructor in Canada. He was killed on 10th December 1942, the accident report stated: On the 10th of December 1942 at 14:55 hours Harvard Mk. II s/n AJ759, belonging to No. 37 Service Flying Training School, crashed near R1 at Airdrie. It was a dual training flight. The instructor was Flight Lieutenant EG Ford. His pupil pilot was 1512542 LAC HN Hall. The Harvard experienced an engine failure after take-off, stalled and spun in. The A.I.B. determined that the petrol cock had been turned off resulting in fuel starvation.

Allied Losses Database

Paradie Canadian Archive

880 FordRoy Clement 'Henry'Sgt88214RAFVRBritish41 Sqd

SpitfireSurvived war13th December 2002.Born 15 March 1915 in Hastings, Sussex England. Joined RAFVR in June 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot.Training at 20 E&RFTS Gravesend. Called up 1 September 1939, to 6 FTS Little Rissington on 6 October for an assessment of his flying capabilities. Joined 41 Sqd at Catterick on 15 December 1939. Probable Me109 on 5 September 1940. 7 September he made a forced-landing between Confield Tye and Tinsleys Farm at West Hanningfield. Unhurt. Commissioned in November 1940, posted to 4 Delivery Flight Grangemouth on 5 April 1941.Volunteered for the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit, at Speke. Joined the unit on 23 May and served in the SS Empire Sun, Empire Shackleton, Empire Heath and Dalton Hall on North Atlantic and Gibraltar convoys. To Hawkers at Langley on 23 June 1942 as a production test pilot. Flew 447 aircraft on their first flight. 17 June 1943 posted for a course to No. 1 Empire Test Pilots School at Boscombe Down, after which he joined 20 MU Aston Down as a test pilot. rleased from the RAF on 23 October 1945 . Commissioned in RAFVR from September 1947 until 11th May 1952, during which time he instructed at 18 Reserve Flying School at Fair Oaks and from April 1948 at 15 RFS Redhill.
881 ForrestDudley HenrySgt115218British66 Sqd

421 Flt
882 ForresterGeorge MathwinPlt Off81369RAFVRBritish605 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-09Killed 1940-09-09 at 17:30hrs. Hurricane I (L2057) caught up in crossfire and he collided with Heinkel He 111 of KG 53 over Farnborough. Plane came down at Alton. Odiham Cemetery Age 26
883 ForshawTerence Henry TrimbleFlt Lt39165British19 Sqd

616 Sqd

609 Sqd

884 ForsterAnthony DouglasFg Off90290British607 Sqd

Hurricane6Flew in France with 607 Sqd. Shot down 4 enemy aircraft while he was with them. Joined 151 Sqd June 1940, added 2 kills. DFC 1940-07-30. Posted back to 607 Sqd 12 August 1940.
885 ForsythColin Leo MalcolmSgt (later FO)40607RNZAFNew Zealander23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1944-05-08Abbeville Communal Cemetery Age 30
Courtesy Auckland Library Heritage Collection

886 ForwardRonald VictorSgt172323British257 Sqd

HurricaneWIAInjured 1940-07-28. Hurricane I (P322) badly damaged by Bf 109s of JG 26 off Dover. Landed at Hawkinge but his aircraft a write off.
887 FosterRobert WilliamPlt Off80815British605 Sqd


Air Efficiency Award

Hurricane7Survived warJuly 13 2014 Kent, England Age 94Born: 14 May, 1920 in South London. Local school in Battersea, London. Six months before war broke out in 1939 Foster joined the RAFVR to train as a pilot. He was called up in August to complete his training before joining 605 Sqd. Stationed for much of the early years of the war at Drem, just outside Edinburgh, from where they patrolled the North Sea. It was sent south in May 1940 to cover the evacuation from Dunkirk and then returned to Drem. Pilot Officer with No 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron in the Battle of Britain, flying Hurricanes into action from Croydon during September and October 1940. On one occasion, while airborne, he watched bombs exploding close to his parents’ home at Clapham, south west London. He later learned that the house had been only slightly damaged. On September 27 1940, a day which Winston Churchill described as “great and victorious”, Pilot Officer Foster’s aircraft was damaged as he attacked a Messerschmitt Bf 110. He forced-landed unhurt at RAF Gatwick. During the Battle he was credited with one enemy aircraft destroyed, one probably destroyed, one shared and two damaged. Later in the war Bob Foster served in Australia with No 54 Squadron equipped with Spitfires. He shot down five Japanese aircraft, probably shot down two more and damaged two. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and took command of the Royal Australian Air Force base at Night Cliff in the Northern Territory. Back in the UK Bob served at Fighter Command HQ, Bentley Priory, before holding ground appointments at RAF Bentwaters. He was released from the RAF in 1947 and resumed his pre-war career with Shell and BP. He also served in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. From 2009 he was Chairman of the Battle of Britain Fighter Association.

888 FotheringhamAllan CookSgt754241British3 Sqd

HurricanePoWCaptured. Died 1984
889 FottE APlt OffCzech310 Sqd Czech

HurricaneService details unknown
890 FowlerAlfred LawrencePlt Off (later F/O)42116RAFNew Zealander248 Sqd

BlenheimKIFA1941-08-23Stranraer Glebe Cemetery Age 23

(Info courtesy AM New Zealand)

891 FowlerReginald JohnSgt120330British247 Sqd

892 FoxLawrenceAC11002697British29 Sqd

893 FoxPeter HuttonSgt754399RAFVRBritish56 Sqd

HurricaneWIAPoW Survived war10th June 2005Born in Bridlington England on 23 January 1921. Educated at Warwick Public School. Joined RAFVR in June 1939, training at 26 E&RFTS, Kidlington. Called up 1 September, posted to 13 EFTS Fairoaks on 28 March 1940, to 10 EFTS, Yatesbury on 28 May 1940. Advanced training at 8 FTS Montrose. To 5 OTU Aston Down converting to Hurricanes. Joined 56 Sqd at Boscombe Down on 17 September 1940. Shot down in combat with Do17s and Me110s over the Portland area on 30 September. Baled out Hurricane I (N2434) after combat over Portland 1940-09-30 1940 at 17:00hrs which crashed at Okeford Fitzpaine. 16 November Fox and P/O MR Ingle-Finch were flying to Kidlington in a Magister when they crashed near Tidworth. Both were injured and admitted to Tidworth Hospital. 28 June 1941 Fox joined 234 Sqd at Warmwell. Shot down over France on 20 October 1941 in Spitfire Vb AD203 and captured. Freed on 16th April 1945, Fox left the RAF in 1946 as a Warrant Officer.
894 Fox-MaleDennis HumbertPlt Off78660British152 Sqd

895 Foxley-NorrisChristopher NeilFg Off70225British3 Sqd

615 Sqd

143 Sqd

252 Sqd

603 Sqd (CO)

143 Sqd (CO)




HurricaneSurvived war28th September 2003.Born 16 March 1917 Birkenhead England. Joined the Oxford University Air Squadron in 1936. Awarded a Harmsworth scholarship (worth £200) to read for the Bar. However, the outbreak of war prevented him from taking his final exams. The Bar Council requested the money back, but Foxley-Norris made an arrangement with them that he would leave it to them in his will. Commissioned in RAFVR. Active service in 1939. Initial flying training at No. 9 Flying Training School at RAF Hullavington and completed the training at No 1 School of Army Co-operation. Posted to 13 Sqd RAF flying Lysanders in the Battle of France. Following the fall of France and the start of the Battle of Britain, the need for Army Co-operation pilots was greatly reduced whilst that for fighter pilots was increased. He joined 111 Sqd at Drem on 29th September but this was an error and he went instead to 3 Sqd at Turnhouse on 30th September 1940 and moved to 615 Sqd at Northolt on 19th November. On 26th February 1941 jumped by Me109s and shot down in flames from 25000 feet in Hurricane IIa Z2754. He baled out, landing near Elmsted, east of Ashford, where he met with a hostile reception from the local population who were convinced that he was German. His Hurricane came down at Little Holt Farm. In early 1943 went to Ferry Command, to fly Hudsons across the Atlantic. He was with 143 Sqd at North Coates in mid 1943, flying Beaufighters on anti-shipping duties as a Flight Commander. Posted to 252 Sqd in the Middle East. CO of 603 Sqd on convoy patrol and sweeps over the enemy-held Greek islands. The squadron was disbanded at Gambut on 26th December 1944. The personnel sailed from Port Said in the Capetown Castle and arrived at Liverpool on 6th January 1945, then went on to Coltishall. Foxley-Norris was given command of 143 Sqd, then part of the Banff Mosquito Strike Wing. Having exchanged its Beaufighters for the faster, more powerful Mosquitos, the squadron ranged the Skaggerak, Kattegat and Germany's north-western seaboard for naval and other maritime targets. DSO Citation: 'This officer has a long and distinguished record of operational flying. He has completed numerous sorties on his third tour of duty during which period he has operated against a wide range of enemy targets. For several months this officer has commanded the squadron. During the period numerous attacks have been made against enemy targets. By his brilliant leadership, exceptional skill and determination, Wing Commander Foxley-Norris has contributed in good measure to the successes obtained.' Retired 1974 with the with the rank of AVM.

Signed envelope: Christopher Foxley-Norris, Tom Gleave, Ginger Lacey, Geoffrey Page, Sandy Johnston, Mieczysław Sawicki

896 FrancisASgtBritish3 Sqd

Service details unknown
897 FrancisClarence William 'Bill'Sgt115712British74 Sqd

3 Sqd

898 FrancisColin DunstonePlt Off42211RAFBritish253 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-30Shot down and killed 1940-08-30 at 11:15hrs. Hurricane I (L1965) was in combat with a Bf 109. Brookwood Military Cemetery
899 FrancisDouglas NormanSgt745507British257 Sqd

900 FrancisJohnSgt528890British23 Sqd


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