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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
701 DixonFrederick John PowellSgt742124RAFVRBritish501 Sqd
Hurricane N2485KIA1940-07-11 Age 21On patrol 1940-07-11. Baled out of Hurricane (N2485) but was drowned after being shot down by a BF 109 from III - JG 27 off Portland at 08:00hrs. Abbeville Communal Plot 8. Row C. Grave 14. Born on 20th October 1918 in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Son of Frederick Alfred Dixon, C.M.G., D.S.O., and Ethel Howard Dixon, of Aldwick, Bognor Regis, Sussex. Grave inscription: 'The Flame Of Your Youth Cannot Fade With The Years But More Living In Spirit Than We Who Draw Breath'

702 DixonJohn AntonyPlt Off41683British1 Sqd

703 DixonLawrenceAC2116698British600 Sqd

704 DobreeNicholas RobertFg Off75018British264 Sqd

705 DoddJohn DodgsonPlt Off84322RAFVRBritish248 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-12-13Chartered Accountant. Runnymede Age 27
706 DodgeCharles WilliamSgt507141British219 Sqd

707 DoeRobert Francis ThomasPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)41908RAFBritish234 Sqd

238 Sqd


DFC & Bar
Spitfire/Hurricane15Died2010-02-21Flew with 234 Sqd and 238 Sqd flying Spitfires and Hurricanes during the Battle. His number of kills totalled 15. Wounded 1940-10-10 when he baled out of his Hurricane I (P3984) over Warmwell at 13:00hrs after combat with Bf 109. Aircraft crashed at Poole in Dorset.
708 DolezalFrantisekPlt Off (later W/C)82593RAFVRCzech19 Sqd


709 DomagałaMarian BoguslawSgtP-1904PAFPolish238 Sqd

Krzyz Walecznych (x2)

Srebrny Krzyż Zasługi

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

Hurricane31991-01-27Assigned August 5, 1940 to 238 Sqd. He actively participated in the Battle of Great Britain. On April 6, 1941, transferred to 302 Sqd. Died in Glasgow - ashes deposited in Poland.
Archiwum Database

710 DonRalph StidstonPlt Off81348RAFVRBritish501 Sqd
HurricaneWIAKIA1945-01-22Baled out and injured 1940-07-31 at 19:00hrs in Hurricane I (P3648) after combat with a Bf 109 over Dover. Runnymede Age 27
711 DonahueArthur Gerald 'Art'Plt Off (later Flt Lt)81624RAFVRAmerican64 Sqd

SpitfireWIAKIA1942-09-11Born St Charles, Minnesota USA 1913. Learned to fly privately and had his private and commercial pilot licenses before he was 19. Instructor and barnstormer. June 1940 he to be Canadian and was accepted. 10 days later he was en route for the UK. 6 days after landing 7 OTU Hawarden. Joined 64 Sqd at Kenley 1940-08-03. 1940-08-05 he landed at Hawkinge with serious damage following a combat with Bf 109's off the French coast. Wounded 1940-08-12 at 17:40hrs over the South Coast when he baled out of burning Spitfire I (X4018) with injuries to the right leg and burns. Rejoined 64 Sqd in mid-September. 1940-09-29 posted to 71 Sqd, newly-reformed at Church Fenton from American volunteers. With no action he was posted away on 23 October at his own request rejoined 64 Sqd. Posted to Singapore in late 1941. DFC 1942-03-27. Killed in action 1942-09-11.
712 DonaldIan David GrahameFlt Lt33306RAFBritish141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics

Archive Report

As pilot in Defiant (L7009) he was flying convoy patrol with P/O A.C.Hamilton 1940-07-19 at 12:45 hrs. Shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 51 near Dover. Both died. Tilford All Saints Churchyard England

Born on the 3rd September 1917. Son of Air vice Marshal Sir D.G. Donald of 12 Christchurch Place, Epson, Surrey.

713 DonaldsonEdward Mortlock 'Teddy'Sqd Ldr (later Air Commodore)32043RAFBritish151 Sqd




AFC & Bar

Legion of Merit (USA)

Hurricane5.5DiedOfficial Ace. Cranwell graduate took over Command 151 Sqd flying Hurricanes in November 1939. He shot down 5½ enemy aero planes up until August 1940.

Born Negri Sembilan, Federated Malay States in 1912. Educated at King’s School, Rochester, Christ’s Hospital and McGill University, Canada. Joined the RAF 1931. June 1932 posted to 3 Sqd at Upavon, flying Bristol Bulldogs. Won the Brooke-Popham Air Firing Trophy in 1933 and 1934 and led the aerobatic displays at Hendon in 1935 and 1937 and at the International Rally at Zurich in 1937. Posted to 1 Sqd Tangmere July 1936, as a Flight Commander. August at 7 FTS, Peterborough. November in command of 151 Sqd at North Weald. Fought in France in 1940 from Vitry advanced landing ground. On 17 May destroyed two Ju 87s, the next day a Bf 110 and on the 22nd a Ju 87 destroyed and probably a second. Over Dunkirk he shared a Ju 88 on 29 May, probably destroyed a Ju 88 on 1 June and destroyed a Bf 110 on the 2nd and two Bf 109s on the 8th. DSO. In late June. Baled out into the Channel, after combat with a Bf 109, rescued. On 14 July got a Bf 109 destroyed. Acting Wing Commander and posted from 151 on 3 August to be Chief Flying Instructor at 5 FTS, Sealand. In 1941went to USA to organise gunnery schools and teach combat techniques. AFC. In 1944, after a period at the Empire Central Flying School, commanded RAF Colerne, Wiltshire. He later commanded RAF Milfield, Northumberland. Early 1946 command of RAF High Speed Flight. On 7 September 1946 he broke the world speed record in a Gloster Meteor at 616 mph. Awarded the Britannia Trophy and a Bar to the AFC. US Legion of Merit. He retired from the RAF on 12 March 1961, as an Air Commodore. He was made CBE in 1953 and a CB in 1960. After his retirement, he was air correspondent for the Daily Telegraph until 1979. Died 2 June 2 1992. Buried in St Andrew’s churchyard, Tangmere.

714 DossettWilliam StanleySgt49697British29 Sqd

715 DoughtyNeville Anthony RichardPlt Off72477British247 Sqd

716 DouglasWilliam AndersonPlt Off90896British610 Sqd

717 Douglas-JonesEricSqd Ldr (Later Grp Cpt)RAFSouth African54 Sqd (CO)

Spitfire HurricaneDied1984-01-29On 3 September 1939, War was declared with Germany and Eric became a Controller in the operations Room with two other officers. They alternated watch over 24 hours a day receiving information, contact with all fighter squadrons on stand by ready to intercept German air attacks. In 1940 large scale enemy air raids took place and later that year Eric took command of 54 Sqd at RAF Hornchurch, Esex. This squadron flew Hurricanes ad Spitfires and at this juncture the first use of VHF radio gave pilots greater range and clearer reception. In May 1940 the Germans outflanked Allied forces at the Maginot Line via Belgium and Holland. The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) of 9 Divisions advanced to meet the attack but could not hold and were pushed back to Dunkirk. RAF squadrons went to meet and intercept enemy aircraft attacking Allied ground forces. Hornchurch was one of the nearest stations to the English Channel coast and Air Marshall Dowding ordered the testing of Spitfire’s ability to cross the Channel and after combat to return with enough fuel. Eric took off with his squadron on 16th May 1940, crossed the Channel and patrolled the French coastline from Ostend to Dunkirk and then returned to Hornchurch. He was able to report that the test was a success and opened the way to further missions to protect British & French Forces at Dunkirk. During this period they regularly engaged with German Stuka, Messerschmitt and Heinkel. On second mission, Flying Officer Al Deere who he had trained at No.6 Fighter School, shot down the first German Bf109. On one flight 24 May 1940, he lost consciousness at 32 000ft due to oxygen failure but regained consciousness again at 5000 ft in time to save himself and the aircraft. After the evacuation of Dunkirk Eric was transferred back to Headquarters No.11 Group as Wing Commander for specific duties as Group Controller in Fighter Group Operations Room and handed over his command of 54 Sqd to Squadron Leader J. Leathart. Died 1984 Age 78
Claimed to be Douglas-Jones on Pinterest, unconfirmed
718 DoultonMichael DukeFlying Officer90235RAF (AAF)British601 Sqd

Hurricane4MIA1940-08-31 Age 31Tallest pilot in RAF at the time. Initially posted to 604 Squadron in November 1935 and experimented with 'Cat's Eyes' Cunningham in night-fighting techniques when the squadron converted to Blenheims. Moved to 601 Squadron on 11th June 1940. On the 11th July he shared a Do17 and on the 20th a He59. On 13th August his Hurricane, P3884, was damaged in combat over Portland but he was able to return to Tangmere unhurt. On the 15th August he shared a Ju88 and the next day destroyed a Ju87. In August he scored 2 more kills. Shot down in Hurricane (R4215) on 1940-08-31 at 13:35hrs. Listed as MIA. However an aircraft excavated south of Wennington Church, near Romford, Essex on 27th April 1984 proved to be Hurricane R4215 and Doulton’s remains were still in the cockpit. He was cremated in a private ceremony at Hastings in June 1984 and his ashes interred in Salehurst churchyard, East Sussex. Also commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial: Panel 5.

Son of Orrok Mills Doulton and of Catherine May Doulton (Nee Duke); husband of Carol Doulton (nee Duke); husband of Carol Doulton (nee Christie), of Vinehall, Sussex.

A letter written by Doulton's grieving wife Carol to her father would allow his unborn son to read about his acts of heroism. Flying Officer Doulton, who was 31 at the time of his final flight, took off in his Hurricane never to return and it was 44 years before the wreckage and his body were found during an excavation. His son Paul was born in April 1941 and thanks to his mother's letter, which he still has in his possession, he was able to read about the 18 months his parents spent together. Mr Doulton said: "My mother told me a great deal about my father, it was all very warm hearted, because that was the nature of my mother. They were desperately in love which is lovely to hear. I still read it over and over again. I find it so moving, rejoicing in a way in the marriage my mother had with my father. She was a realist and she was prepared for the fact it might not be if but when he was killed." The couple had met while skiing in Switzerland and married in March 1939. By the summer of 1940 Officer Doulton was flying full time from Tangmere in West Sussex. His squadron, 601, based at RAF Tangmere in West Sussex, was nicknamed the millionaires' squadron. They had a reputation for the high life but were also formidable fighters.On 31 August 1940, Mrs Doulton's world fell apart with news her husband had gone missing during a mission. In her letter, dated 2 September, she described the moment a squadron member visited the cottage they shared in Fontwell, West Sussex, and she immediately knew something was wrong. While the letter has been shared among historians interested in the 601 squadron, it is the first time it has been publicised further afield. Mrs Doulton wrote: "Although I shall wait another 24 hours before telling his family and leaving here, I am sure that he is dead. "I pray that he came down into the sea and that he will just vanish. I have no desire for the horror of bodies and funerals to come between me and my last happy memories of Michael young and strong and confident. "Don't waste grief on me. Remember that I have a child to look forward to and that I've had eighteen months of wonderful happiness. And I am too proud of Michael to be unhappy in a petty way."Mrs Doulton moved to the US after her husband's death and their son was born there but they returned to the UK, settling back in Sussex and she remarried in 1949. She was forced to relive her grief when her first husband's remains and the wreckage of his Hurricane were discovered at Rainham Marshes in Essex in 1984.

Excavation of Doulton's plane 1984

Courtesy Doulton family

719 DouthwaiteBasilPlt Off44928British72 Sqd

Spitfire2.5WIASurvived war9th May 1996Born on 12th April 1914. Joined the RAF as a direct-entry Airman u/t Pilot June 1936. With 72 Sqd as a Sergeant-Pilot in May 1940. Over Dunkirk on 2nd June he shot down a Ju87 of II./StG2 which force-landed near St. Quentin. Me109 destroyed on 1st September. Wounded over Gravesend on the 11th in Spitfire R6710. Got back to Croydon. Spitfire write-off. Commissioned in September 1940, Douthwaite shared a He111 on 9th November. Released from the RAF in 1945 as a Flight Lieutenant.

Wounded 1940-09-11 at 16:00hrs. Hurricane I (?) (R6710) in combat over Gravesend and he had to force land due to battle damage.

720 DoutrepontGeorges Louis JosephPlt Off82157RAFVRBelgian229 Sqd

Hurricane1KIA1940-09-15Joined 229 Sqd at Wittering 1940-08-04 after just 10 days training at No 7 Fighter School (O.T.U). Squadron moved to Northolt on the 9 September. On 11 September 1940 flying as No 2, Blue Section he shot down a Heinkel He 111. Flying from RAF Northolt on 15 September 1940, P/O Georges LJ Doutrepont was killed by enemy fighters as Hurricane Mk I RE-P flew for several miles out of control and crashed on Staplehurst Station at 11.50, killing the 27-year-old Belgian and Charles A Ashdown, an 18-year-old SR ticket clerk. Barely 20 minutes later, another member of No 229 Squadron RAF, P/O Robert R "Bob" Smith, bailed out over Sevenoaks, the 25-year-old Canadian surviving with severe leg injuries. Killed 1940-09-15 when Hurricane I (N2537) crashed on the station buildings of Staplehurst, Kent, at 11:50hrs. Brussels Town Cemetery Belgian Airmen's Field of Honour

Belgium Aircrew Losses

721 DowdingThe Hon. Derek Hugh TremenheerePlt Off33422British74 Sqd
Spitfire1.5Died22 November 1992.The son of Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding. Educated at Winchester College. Flight Cadet at the RAF College, Cranwell in 1937 and was posted to 74 when he graduated in 1939. Patrols were flown over France from 20 May 1940 and the squadron covered the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk. On 24 May Pilot Officer Dowding probably destroyed a Do 17 and a Ju 88 and on the 27th he got a Do 17 after chasing it for 20 miles into France and coming under intense anti-aircraft fire. On 6 July 1940 he damaged a He 111 and two days later he shared in the destruction of another. He was posted away to 6 OTU, Sutton Bridge on 6 August, to be an instructor. In 1941 he became a Flight Commander with 135 Sqd. Test pilot in the Middle East from 1942 to 1945 and retired from the RAF on 17 November 1956, as a Wing Commander. On 15 February 1970 he became the second Baron Dowding on the death of his father.
722 DownJohn KnightSgt133043British64 Sqd 616 SqdDied
723 DownPeter Derrick McLeodPlt Off39934British56 Sqd

Hurricane3DiedMember of 56 Sqd pre-war aerobatic team. Destroyed one aircraft prior to the Battle and two more during it.
724 DownerAlan RichardPO80820RAFVRBritish263 Sqd

KIA1940-07-21Died of injuries from previous day's crash. New Southgate Cemetery Age 22
725 DrabyTAC125 Sqd

726 DrakeBillyPlt Off39095British213 Sqd

421 Recon/Flt

DFC & Bar
HurricaneDied2011Born in 1917. Joined the RAF on a short service commission in 1936. Serving with 1 Sqd (Hurricanes) when war broke out. Went with the squadron to France. A number of victories, but on 13 May 1940 baled out wounded, to a French hospital and was then treated in hospital in England. Posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 20 June 1940 as an instructor. He flew a patrol with 1 Sqd on 15 August. To 213 Sqd on 2 October. Commanded ‘A’ Flight on the 7th. His last flight with the squadron was on the 21st and it was probably on the 23rd that he joined 421 Flight. DFC at the beginning of 1941. Further period as an instructor, commanded 128 Sqd in West Africa. Commanded 112 Sqd in the Middle East. He continued to destroy enemy aircraft, both in the air and on the ground. During 1942 Drake awarded a bar to the DFC and then a DSO. Commanded a Spitfire Wing in Malta. Later appointments included the leadership of a Typhoon Wing and Deputy Station Commander at Biggin Hill. In September 1945 he took part in the first Battle of Britain flypast over London. Retired from the RAF in 1963 as a Wing Commander, retaining the rank of Group Captain.

727 DrakeGeorge JamesPlt Off42398RAFSouth African607 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-09Killed 1940-09-09 at 17:30hrs. Hurricane I (P2728) shot down by Bf 109s over Guildhurst, Kent. Brookwood Military Cemetery
728 DraperBryan VincentSgt (later Sqd Ldr)76309RAFVRBritish74 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1945-02-28Force landed Spitfire II (P7355) 1940-10-20 after combat with a Bf 109 at 13:00hrs. He escaped injury. Killed 1945-02-28 Taukkyan War Cemetery Burma (now Myanmar)Age 28

729 DraperGilbert Graham FairleyFg Off42742British41 Sqd

610 Sqd

SpitfireWIAPoWInjured after combat over Ashford 1940-10-30 at 16:00hrs. Spitfire II (P7282) was a write off. Draper became a PoW 1941-08-07 when Spitfire Vb (W3635) shot down near Lille, France on a fighter sweep. Baled out safely.Commissioned October 1939; 1941 shot down & baled out near Lille, France then captured, released 1945. Born 7 December 1921, Rutland. Died 1997.
730 DraperR ASgt130467British232 Sqd

731 DredgeAllan SydneySgt (later W/C)63785RAFVRBritish253 Sqd


HurricaneKIFA1945-05-18 Age 27In 1943 Dredge served with 183 Squadron and was awarded the DFC (gazetted 27th July 1943). He was given command of 3 Squadron at Manston in October 1943 and led it until August 1944, during which time he had destroyed six V1 flying bombs. On 18th May 1945 Dredge, now a Wing Commander, was killed whilst flying in Meteor III EE238 of No. 1335 CU, which struck the ground whilst demonstrating a roll at low level and high speed at Farnborough. Coventry St Paul's Cemetery England

732 DreverNigel GeorgeFg Off42339British610 Sqd

SpitfireSurviving aircrew
733 DrewPeter EdwardSqd Ldr26199RAFBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-08-01Killed 1940-08-01 with his gunner (F/O B.Nokes-Cooper) in Blenheim IV (N3601) during an attack on Querqueville, France at 17:15hrs. Biville Churchyard
734 DrobińskiBolesław HenrykPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)76731PAFPolish65 Sqd

303 Sqd Polish

317 Sqd Polish

303 Sqd Polish (CO)

Virtuti Militari


Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy (x3)

Spitfire7 (8 ?)Survived war1995-07-26Served with No 65 Squadron in Spitfire I during the Battle of Britain. Later Squadron Leader and was an ace with 7 confirmed kills.

Born at Ostrog in Poland 23 October 1918. Educated at Dubno High School. Joined the Polish Air Force on 1 January 1938 and finished training on 31 August 1939. Drobinski and other pilots went to south-east Poland, to pick up Hurricanes being sent from the UK to Romania. But this never happened. In mid-September Drobinski was ordered to go to Romania and he was interned there. He escaped, went to the Polish consulate in Bucharest and was given money and papers to enable him to reach France, via Yugoslavia and Italy. In France, to Cherbourg and then Southampton, arriving in UK in January 1940. Commissioned in RAFVR on 27 January . Posted to RAF Eastchurch. To the Polish Wing at 3 School of Technical Training Blackpool on 1st June 1940. To No. 1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum on 22nd July on the 3rd Polish Pilots Course, for testing and grading. To 7 OTU Hawarden on 29 July for Spitfire conversion and joined 65 Sqd at Hornchurch on 22 August. To Turnhouse Scotland on the 28 July. To 303 Sqd Polish at Northolt on 2 March 1941. On a sweep on 15 May he damaged a Ju52 on the ground, between 18t June and 3 July he claimed six Me109s destroyed, on 6 July shared a probable Me109 and on 24 October he destroyed a Me109. Krzyz Walecznych (KW) and Bar (Cross of Valour) 15 July 1941), the Virtuti Militari (VM) 10 September 1941. DFC 30th October 1941. His final victory was a Me109 on 13 March 1942. Five days later he was posted to 58 OTU Grangemouth as an instructor. Rejoined 303 Sqd on 9 August 1942, second Bar to the KW 20 August 1942. To 58 OTU on 9 April 1943. Posted to 317 Sqd Polish at Northolt on 18 October 1943 as a Flight Commander. ADC to the Polish Minister of Defence on 3 April 1944. Given command of 303 Sqd Polish at Coltishall on 26 September 1944. Third Bar to the KW 5th January 1946 and posted away from the squadron on 1st February 1946 to 61 OTU at Keevil. To HQ 11 Group on 20 March 1946 as Polish Liaison Officer. Released in 1948 as a Squadron Leader.
Archiwum Polish Database

735 DrummondJohn FraserFg Off40810RAFBritish46 Sqd

92 Sqd
Hurricane/Spitfire8.5KIA, collided with Pilot Officer D G Williams of 921940-10-10 Age 21Official Ace. Killed when Spitfire I (R6616) collided with Spitfire I (X4038) of P/O D.G.Williams on 1940-10-10 over Tangmere at 18:15hrs. Drummond's aircraft crashed at Portlant, Sussex.

Born 19 October 1918. Educated at Deythur Grammar School, Llansantffraid, north Wales and Wellington School, Somerset. Joined the RAF on a short service commission in early April 1938. Joined 46 Squadron at Digby on 14 January 1939. In November, he and other pilots were presented to the King for their part in an action over a convoy in the North Sea on 21 October. Eight or nine He 115s were seen in the vicinity of the convoy; three were shot down and another was damaged, causing it to land on the sea. Went to Norway in late May 1940. Drummond flew a Hurricane off the carrier HMS Glorious on the 26th. On the 29th he destroyed a He 111, on June 2 a Ju 87 and on June 7 he destroyed two He 111s and damaged two more. Did not rejoin the Glorious when the squadron was withdrawn and thus escaped the fate of most of 46’s pilots, who were lost when the carrier was sunk. Evacuated by sea by the Royal Navy on 8 June. For service in Norway, Drummond was awarded the DFC on 26 July. Posted to 92 Squadron at Pembrey on 5 September 1940. On the 11th he got a probable Bf 109, on the 23rd a Bf 109 destroyed, on the 24th got a probable Bf 109 and damaged a Ju 88 and a Bf 109, on the 27th he destroyed a Ju 88 and shared a Bf 110, on the 30th got another probable Bf 109 and on 5 October he destroyed a Bf 109 and a Hs 126. During an attack on a Do 17 over Tangmere on 10 October, Drummond collided with Pilot Officer D G Williams of 92. He baled out, wounded in an arm and a leg, but was too low to allow his parachute to open and he died shortly after landing, in the arms of a priest who had administered last rites. His Spitfire crashed and burned out in Jubilee Field, Portslade. He is buried in Thornton Garden of Rest, Lancashire. His portrait was done by Cuthbert Orde.

736 DuartJohn HowardPlt Off77352British219 Sqd

737 DuckenfieldByron LeonardPlt Off43368RAFBritish32 Sqd

74 Sqd

501 Sqd

66 Sqd (CO)

615 Sqd (CO)

19 Sqd

Queen's Commendation Valuable Service

Hurricane4Died2010-11-19Allied Losses Database

Later with 615 Sqd in Burma, lost, captured and repatriated in 1945

Born on 15th April 1917 in Sheffield. He joined RAF on 25th November 1935 . Elementary flying training at the Civil Flying Training School at Brough (4 E&RFTS). Moved on to 10 FTS Ternhill on No. 1 Course. Posted to 32 Squadron. Commissioned 1st April 1940, joined 74 Squadron at Hornchurch on 6th April and then to 501 Sqd at Tangmere on 5th May. Sqd flew to France on 10th May, Duckenfield followed with the rear party the next day in a Bombay transport. As it prepared to touch down at Betheniville the aircraft's nose went up and the pilot went round again. On the second approach the same thing happened, the pilot appeared to lose control and the Bombay, L5813, went into a tail-slide and crashed. Three passengers were killed and six injured, including Duckenfield. Treated at the Casualty Clearing Station at Epernay and sent back to Roehampton Hospital. Posted to No. 1 RAF Depot Uxbridge as non-effective sick. Rejoined 501, then at Middle Wallop, on 23rd July 1940. On the 29th July he claimed a share in a Ju87, on 16th August damaged a Do17, on the 28th destroyed a Me109 and on 8th September a Me110. Posted away to AFDU Northolt on 15th September 1940 on instructional duties and awarded the AFC.

October 1941 he took command of 66 Sqd at Perranporth and in February 1942 command of 615 Sqd at Fairwood Common. To the Far East in March 1942. He failed to return from an attack on Magwe airfield on 27th December 1942. His engine failed over the target, he forced-landed in a creek and was captured by the Japanese. Released from captivity in Burma in May 1945. He then commanded 19 Sqd with Meteors, receiving the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air. Retired from the RAF on 28th June 1969 as a Group Captain.

738 DudaJosefPlt Off (later Grp Cpt)83224RAFVRCzech312 Sqd Czech

CBEHurricane1Died1977-12-07Died Prostējov
739 DuffStanley SutherlandPlt Off42340British23 Sqd

740 Duke-WoolleyRaymond Myles Beecham DukeFlt Lt33241British253 Sqd

23 Sqd

741 DulwichWilliam HowardSgt (later Flt Sgt)751992RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-08-02 Age 21Born Southend-on-Sea England 1919. Joined RAFVR July 1939 as an Airman u/t Aircrew. Joined 206 Sqd as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. Moved to 235 Squadron on Blenheims, 24th August 1940. August 1941 with 22 Sqd, killed on the 2 August in Beaufort I X8919 OA-W, shot down off Vlissingen. Dulwich 'Missing', crew rescued and taken prisoner (F/O AP Culverwell, Sgt. HC Friend, Sgt. R Tanfield). Runnymede
742 Duncan ?SgtBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimService details unknown
743 DundasHugh Spencer Lisle 'Cocky'Fg Off (later Grp Cpt)91001RAFBritish616 Sqd


DSO & Bar



Spitfire4WIASurvived war1995-07-10 Age 74Knighted in 1987. Born 1920 the younger brother of John Dundas. Educated at Stowe public school. Wounded in the arm and leg when baled out of Spitfire I (R6926) on 1940-08-22 after combat with Bf 109 at 19:30hrs.

born in 1920 in Doncaster, England into an aristocratic family. Age of 19 a qualified Spitfire pilot with 616 South Yorkshire Sqd. His first taste of combat was over the beaches of Dunkirk. During the Battle of Britain, he was shot down over Dover in August, later writing about the event: 'White smoke filled the cockpit, thick and hot and I could see neither the sky above nor the Channel coast 12,000 feet below. Panic and fear consumed me and I thought: Christ, this is the end. Then I thought: Get out you bloody fool, open the hood and get out.' 616 Sqd joined Douglas Bader’s Big Wing at Duxford in September. Promoted to Squadron Leader at age 21, to Wing Commander at age 22, Group Captain at 23. DSO in 1944 and a second in 1945. Postwar, he remained in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force as a Squadron Leader. Knighted in 1987 and became the High Sheriff of Surrey in 1989.

744 DundasJohn CharlesPlt Off90334RAF AAFBritish609 Sqd

DFC & Bar
Spitfire12MIA1940-11-28Official Ace older brother of Hugh Dundas. He joined 609 Sqd before the war. 11 confirmed and 4 shared during the Battle of Britain. DFC 1940-11-28. Flying Spitfire I (X4586) shot down Bf 109 of Helmut Wick off the Isle of Wight. Wick's wing man then shot down and killed Dundas at 16:15hrs. Runnymede Age 24.

Wikipedia Bio

Memorial on Isle of Wight

Rare Cutbert Orde colour portrait

745 Dunlop-UrieJohnFlt Lt (later W/C)90164RAF AAFBritish602 Sqd

Spitfire1WIA1999April 1940 appointed a Flight Commander. Damaged Ju88 1940-07-09, ten miles east of Fifeness. On 1st August Urie tore wing off Spitfire P9461 landing at Drem in heavy ground mist, unhurt. 1940-08-18 flying new Spitfire (X4110), damaged beyond repair in a fight with a Bf 109 from III Gruppe of JG 27 near Bognor at 14:35hrs. Landed the aircraft at Westhampnett, No flaps and with one burst tyre. Urie was wounded in both legs. 13th November he shared in the destruction of a Ju88. Shared in the destruction of a mine-laying He111 fifteen miles east of May Isle 1940-12-22. December 1940 posted to 52 OTU Aston Down. Urie later commanded 151 Wing in Russia.1940-08-18 flying new Spitfire (X4110), damaged beyond repair in a fight with a Bf 109 from III Gruppe of JG 27 near Bognor at 14:35hrs. Landed the aircraft at Westhampnett, wounded in the legs.

Damage on 1940-08-18
746 DunmoreJack TownleySgt (later Flt Sgt)741448RAFVRBritish222 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1941-05-17Chislehurst The Annunciation Churchyard England Age24
747 DunnIan LoveSgt49222RAFBritish29 Sqd

235 Sqd

272 Sqd

254 Sqd

201 Sqd

190 Sqd

210 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war2nd March 2004Born 5 June 1920. Joined RAF as a direct-entry Airman u/t Observer on 6 February 1939. Posted to No. 1 AOS on 20th June, to 9 AOS Penrhos on 1st August. Joined 29 Sqd at Debden 6 September 1939. Gunnery Leader at CGS Warmwell. Posted to 235 Sqd at Bircham Newton on 22 May 1940. On 19 November 1940 Dunn's flight was posted to Aldergrove, where it combined with a flight from 236 Sqd to reform 272 Sqd for anti-shipping operations. To 254 Sqd at Sumburgh on 11 April 1941. 14 July posted to 2 (Coastal) OTU Catfoss. Commissioned June 1942. 4 December 1942 joined 201 (Flying Boat) Sqd in Sunderlands from Lough Erne. 30 October 1943 joined 190 Sqd flying Catalinas at Sullum Voe. This became 210 Sqd in January 1944. Became a Qualified 1st Class Civil Air Navigator. Permanent commission in 1945, the first navigator to be awarded one after the war. Graduate of the RAF Staff College. Retirement on 23 December 1964 as a Wing Commander. Settled in Canberra Australia

748 DunscombeRaymond DouglasSgt87403RAFVRBritish213 Sqd

312 Sqd Czech

HurricaneMIA1941-05-31Alamein Memorial Age 23
749 DunworthFelix Patrick RaphaelFlt Lt28185British66 Sqd

54 Sqd (CO)

SpitfireHe took over Command of 54 Sqd from Al Deere in September 1940.
750 DupeeOsald ArthurSgt123298British219 Sqd

751 DurrantCarroll RonaldSgt (later P/O)NZ/40605RNZAFNew Zealander23 Sqd

BlenheimSurvivedKIA1942-10-28Born 5 April 1919 Wellington, New Zealand. Carroll Durrant was the son of Albert Rowland Durrant and Charlotte Jane Durrant, of Strathmore, Wellington, New Zealand. Suda Bay War Cemetery Greece Age 23.
752 DuryaszMarianFlt Lt (later Sqd Ldr)76750PAFPolish213 Sqd

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x2)

Medal Lotniczy

Hurricane31993-03-21Assigned on August 17, 1940 to RAF 213 Sqd at Exeter. 01.07.-31.10.1940 actively participated in the Battle of Britain. 08.07.1944 is the commander of 302 Sqd. In 1945 he was transferred to the Command of the 2nd Air Tactical Cooperation (HQ 2 TAF). Powązki Cemetery Poland Age 82
Archiwum Database

753 DuszyńskiStanisławSgt780674PAFPolish238 Sqd

Medal Lotniczy

HurricaneKIA1940-08-11Assigned to RAF 238 Sqd in St.Eval. From RAF Tangmere in Hurricane R2682-took off to catch German bombing expedition flying to London with a strong fighter escort cover. Combat took place over Croydon. In pursuit of a German Messerschmitt, he was shot down by another fighter in the Romsey Marsh area, Kent. The wreck and body were discovered in 1970 Killed 1940-08-11 at 16:15hrs
Archiwum Database

754 DuttonG WSgt?British604 Sqd

755 DvorákAloisSgt787672RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

HurricaneKIA1941-09-24Crashed in Hurricane IIa Z2766 (NN-V) during flight from Dyce to Montrose, crashed uphill in fog. Dyce Old Churchyard Age 25

756 DyeBertram ErnestSgt (later Flt Lt)47873British219 Sqd

DFM & Bar
BlenheimKIA1943-08-31Cambois St Peter New Burial Ground Northumberland Age 23
757 DyerHenry David PatrickSgt40758RNZAFNew Zealander600 Sqd

BlenheimSurvivedKIA1941-07-16Born 4 May 1919 - Paeroa, Hauraki District. Jonkerbos War Cemetery Holland Age 22

Courtesy Auckland Library Heritage Collection

758 DygrynJosefSgt (later W/O)787678RAFVRCzech1 Sqd


Hurricane6KIA1942-06-04Killed over Channel. Westwell Burial Ground Age 24

759 DykeLeslie ArthurSgt754831RAFVRBritish64 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-09-27Reported as 'Missing' in Spitfire I (X4032) on 1940-09-27 at 10:30hrs. Runnymede Age 22
760 DymondWilliam LawrenceSgt580059RAFBritish111 Sqd


Hurricane10MIA1940-09-02Joined 111 Sqd in May 1940. He was credited with 10 kills and he shared in several other kills and was awarded the DFM. He was shot down and killed 1940-09-02 at 12:50hrs after combat with a Bf 109 over the Thames estuary in Hurricane I (P3875). Runnymede Age 23
761 EadeArthur WilliamSgt563253British266 Sqd

602 Sqd

762 EarpRichard LlewellynSgtBritish46 Sqd

763 EastonDavid AlbertSgt129240British248 Sqd

764 EckfordAlan FrancisFlt Lt41563British23 Sqd

253 Sqd

242 Sqd

Blenheim/Hurricane6At 32 Sqd shot down a Bf 109 1940-05-19. Then posted to 242 Sqd, he went with them to France for 10 days before France fell. Returned to England. Rejoined 32 Sqd end July. Destroyed Bf 109 and Dornier Do17 1940-08-18. 3 more enemy aircraft before the end of the Battle . DFC 1940-12-24.
765 EdgeAlexander RothwellFg Off90325British609 Sqd

766 EdgeGerald RichmondFlt Lt90249British253 Sqd

605 Sqd


Hurricane10+Survived war2000 Age 84Official Ace. 1940-09-26 at 11:00hrs baled out of Hurricane I (P2958) after combat over the Channel and was rescued.

Born 1913 in Staffordshire England. Educated at Oundle School. Joined the RAF in 1936. Posted to 605 County of Warwick Sqd on Gloster Gladiators and the Hawker Hinds. Coverted to the Hurricane. Deployed to France along with 605, Edge had an impressive 10 victories (double ace) in the Battle of France. By the time of Dunkirk, however, only Edge and one other remained from the original group sent to France. During the Battle of Britain, Edge was given command of 253 Sqd, a unit that was suffering from incredible recent losses—three commanders and 11 pilots in three days. Despite morale and experience issues, Edge turned them into an effective and tenacious group, using the aggressive frontal attack tactic. Of his frontal attack idea, Edge once said: 'They didn’t like that head-on attack, you know, but you had to judge the break-away point just right. If you left it to the last 100 yards then you were in trouble, owing to fast closing speeds, but once you got the hang of it, a head-on attack was a piece of cake. When you opened fire, you’d kill or badly wound the pilot and second pilot. Then you’d rake the whole line as you broke away. On one attack, the first He 111 I hit crashed into the next.' (extract from The Final Few, by Dilip Sarkar). Shot down over the English Channel, bailed out at 23,000 feet with serious burns. Returned over a year later to command his old squadron, 605. In September 1942, posted to Aden, Yemen to lead an OTU. Later invalided back to the UK where he acted as Air Operations Controller for 84 Group. Following the war, he went to Kenya to farm.

767 EdgleyAlwynSgt135393British601 Sqd 253 SqdHurricaneWIAWounded 1940-09-29 at 16:25hrs. Shot down in Hurricane I (P2677) during combat with a Bf 109 over the Newhaven and baled out.
768 EdmistonGuy Arthur FownesPlt Off84955British151 Sqd

769 EdmondNorman DouglasPlt Off41564RAFCanadian615 Sqd

HurricaneWIAKIA1941-04-20Wounded 1940-10-29 at 12:45hrs. Hurricane I (V6785) was badly damaged in combat. North Weald Bassett St. Andrew Churchyard
770 EdmundsEric RalphPlt OffNZ/42744RNZAFNew Zealander245 Sqd

HurricaneSurvivedDied 11 February 2009Born 5 March 1920 - Wellington, New Zealand. Enlisted Apr 1939. Age 19, Apprentice Chemist prior to service. 11 February 2009 age 88 at Tauranga, Bay of Plenty During the retreat to El Alamaein, June 12 1942 he set off on a ground-strafing flight. He was attacked by a Bf 109, which he managed to shake off. The German then climbed and attacked a nearby Kittyhawk from below. The pilot baled out and Edmunds circled him protectively but then decided he was dead. He then went down to attack a column of German vehicles. On his second run he was hit by ground-fire, crash-landed on the desert and was captured. Edmunds was handed over to the Italians two days later. PoW - Italian at Benghazi - Bari, Italy - Suloma - Modena, Italy - Stalag VII-A Moosburg (Isar), Germany - Stalag VII-C at Fort Bismarck - Oflag 5A, Weinberg (Wurtemburg), Germany - Stalag Luft III, Sagan and Belaria, Germany - Wulmena. Educated Palmerston North High School. Acting Pilot Officer 8.10.1939 Pilot Officer 20.5.1940 Flying Officer 20. 5. 1941 Flight Lieutenant 20.5.1942 Husband of Aileen; father of David. Was one of the forgers of escape documents. After liberation he went on a Refresher Course to Witteringand was then posted to 9PDC, Regents Park as an Admin Officer. He declined a Permanent Commission and transferred to the RNZAF. He arrived back in NZ on 22 October 1946 and was released soon afterwards. Died 11 February 2009 (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)
771 EdridgeHilary Patrick MichaelPlt Off41836RAFBritish222 Sqd

SpitfireWIA KIA1940-10-30Wounded, slight burns 1940-08-30, baled out of Spitfire I (K9826) over Barham, Kent after combat with a Bf 109 at 18:00hrs. KIA 1940-10-30, crash landed Spitfire I (K9939) after combat with a Bf 109 over Ewhurst at 12:15hrs. Bath Roman Catholic Cemetery Age 21
772 EdsallEric FrankPlt Off81368RAFBritish54 Sqd

222 Sqd

SpitfireWIAKIA1942-01-16Joined 54 Sqd 940-08-01. Edsall destroyed three enemy aircraft before 31 August when at 13:15hrs, he was one of 3 taking off in the middle of an air-raid. Spitfire I (X4236) blown sideways across the airfield, spinning around and landing upright. Got out of wreck, but legs were so badly injured he could not stand. Crawled over to F/O Al Deere's inverted Spitfire I (R6895) where Deere was trapped in his cockpit, hanging in his harness. Edsall managed to wrench off the cockpit door and free Deere, who was then able to take Edsall to the sick bay. Sgt J.Davis was the other pilot trying to get airborn. Posted to 222 Sqd when he had recovered from his injuries and added one more kill to his score by the Battle's end. Another crash in Spitfire I (X4548), on the 27th of October 1940-10-27 running out of fuel after combat, was injured crash landing near Hailsham at 14:05hrs. DFC 1942-01-16. Killed in Japanese attack on Ceylon 1942-04-12. Sangro River War Cemetery Age 24.
773 EdwardsA JAC561233British604 Sqd

774 EdwardsFrederickAC910834British29 Sqd

775 EdwardsHarold HardingSgt128104British248 Sqd

776 EdwardsHarry DaviesPlt Off41837RAFCanadian92 Sqd
Spitfire I P9464KIA1940-09-11 Age 24Born on the 15th August 1916 in Manchester, his family later moved to Winnipeg in Canada. Joined 92 squadron in October 1939. Son of John Harry (died 09th December 1951) and Emily Maud Edwards (died 28th May 1969), of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Grave inscription: 'In Loving Memory Of Harry Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nobly He Lived Gloriously He Died. We Will Remember Him'.

777 EdwardsIvor HerbertPlt Off78978British234 Sqd

778 EdwardsKenneth CharlesPlt Off84680British600 Sqd

Air Efficiency Award

779 EdwardsMalcolm FinneySgt (later Flt Lt)133358RAFVRBritish609 Sqd

247 Sqd

3 Sqd

Gladiator12.5 V1KIA1944-12-29Born in 1917. Joined RAFVR in April 1939. 609 Sqd in August 1940, but soon moved to 247 Sqd on Gladiators from Roborough near Plymouth. First operational sortie was a patrol on 8 September. Later he had various postings an instructor. On 9 October 1943 posted to 3 Sqd, flying Typhoons. On 7 March 1944, his section was bounced by Bf 109s and Edwards, his aircraft badly damaged, crash landed at Manston. Re-equipped with Tempests and began operating from the Newchurch advanced landing ground on Romney Marsh. Edwards was credited with seven V1 flying bombs destroyed and five shared. He spent some time in the RAF Hospital, Halton, after being injured while helping with the harvest at Newchurch while off duty. After a short spell on target-towing duties, Edwards returned to 3 Squadron. On 29 December 1944, Flight Lieutenant Edwards was in one of four Tempests taking part in an armed reconnaissance north of Rheine, Germany. They were attacked by 20 plus Bf 109s and FW 190s. Edwards was shot down by a Bf 109, falling next to a railway line just outside Spelle. He was killed. His body was buried by local people in the Catholic churchyard, where it remained until 20 May 1947. A British burial unit then reinterred him at the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.

Joined 247 Sqd on 1 September 1940 until 30 November 1940 where he piloted Gloster Gladiators. He also flew Typhoons and Tempest with 3 Sqd. From Oct 1943 until his death Edwards had 12.5 confirmed V-1 Flying Bombs. Buried Reichswald War Cemetery. Age 27

780 EdwardsRobert LesleyFg OffC/903RCAFCanadian1 Sqd (RCAF)

HurricaneKIA1940-08-26Shot down by fire from Do 17, crashed Hurricane I (P3874) at Little Bardfield, Essex and killed 1940-08-26 at 15:40hrs. Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 28
781 EdwardsRobert Sydney JamesFlt LtIrish56 Sqd

HurricaneDiedBaled out Hurricane I (P3088) after combat over Portland on the 30th of September 1940 at 17:00hrs. Unhurt.
782 EdwardsSgtBritish604 Sqd

783 EdwardsSgtBritish247 Sqd

784 EdworthyGerald HenrySgt564606RAFBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-03Killed 1940-09-03 at 10:35hrs. Hurricane I (P3064) lost in combat over the Essex coast. Runnymede Age 25
785 EdworthyGerald HenrySgt564606RAFBritish46 Sqd

KIA1940-09-03Runnymede Age 25
786 EdyAllan LairdPlt Off (later Flt Lt)41566RAFCanadian602 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1941-12-05Andreas St Andrew Churchyard Isle of Man Age 25

787 EelesHSqd Ldr26177British263 Sqd

DeclinedHurricaneIt is believed that Eeles declined the Battle of Britain Clasp because his Sqn did not serve operationally in Southern England during defined period.
788 EganEdward JamesSgt742787RAFVRBritish600 Sqd

501 Sqd

Blenheim/Hurricane1KIA1940-09-17 Age 19Born London on 2nd November 1920. Joined the RAFVR January 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on September 1st 1939. 5 OTU, Aston Down on June 10th 1940. Converted to Blenheims, posted to 600 Sqd on the 24th June. 615 Sqd at Prestwick August 27th. 501 Sqd at Kenley on September 3rd. Claimed a Me109 destroyed on the 15th. He was killed on the 7th, shot down in flames in a surprise attack by a Me109 over Ashford. His Hurricane, P3820, crashed in Daniels Wood, Tuesnoad Farm, Bethersden. Reported 'Missing'. Thus Runnymede Memorial, Panel 14. Crash-site was excavated on September 11th 1976 but remains could not be identified. Buried as 'an unknown airman' in Brookwood Military Cemetery, with full military honours. In November 1978, evidence was found to prove positively that it was Egan's aircraft and grave marker at Brookwood was changed to include his name.

Posted 615 Sqd from 600 Sqd 1940-08-27, then to 501 Sqd 1940-09-13. Shot down Bf 109 1940-09-15. Shot down in flames at 15:40hrs over Ashford 1940-09-17 by Bf 109 in Hurricane I (P3820). Location never found till 1976-09-11 crash site discovered but pilot's remains could not be positively identified at time. Pilot was buried as unknown airman with full military honours. November 1978 positive evidence found proving it was Egan's aircraft. Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 19

789 EibyWilliam ThorpePlt OffNZ/391347rnZAFNew Zealander245 Sqd

HurricaneSurvivedDied in 1995Born 23 November 1914 Christchurch, Canterbury. Enlisted 20 November 1939 aged 25. Pilot Officer 28 June 1940 Flying Officer 28 June 1941 Flight Lieutenant 28 June 1942 (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)

Courtesy Oleg Marin

790 EkinsVictor HowardSgt63073British111 Sqd

501 Sqd

HurricaneIn combat 1940-09-27 at 12:25hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (V6672) after being attacked by a Bf 110 over Godstone in Surrey.
791 ElcomeDouglas WilliamSgt740713RAFVRBritish602 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-10-26Crash landed Spitfire I, knocked unconscious and hospitalised. Insisted on going back to flying and was accepted. On returning from patrol 1940-10-26 he seemed to go unconscious and he plane crashed into the sea off Selsey Bill. It was conjectured that this might have occurred because of his earlier crash. Body never recovered. Runnymede Age 21
792 EldridgeHPMBritish222 Sqd

793 EleyFredrick William 'Tiger Tim'Sgt745677RAFVRBritish74 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1940-07-31Shot down and killed over Folkestone 1940-07-31 at 16:00hrs in Spitfire I (P9398) after combat with a Bf 109 from IV Gruppe of JG 51. Wrenbury St Margaret Churchyard England

794 ElgerFrank Richard CharlesPlt OffBritish248 Sqd

795 EliotHugh WilliamPlt Off (later W/C)42490RAFBritish73 Sqd


HurricaneWIAKIA1945-03-04Wounded 1940-09-06 at 09:20hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P2875) after combat over the Thames Estuary. Argenta Gap War Cemetery Age 23
796 ElkingtonJohn Francis Durham 'Tim'Plt Off44184British1 Sqd

Ushakov Medal (Russia)

Hurricane2WIASurvived warBorn 1920 in Warwickshire. RAF College, Cranwell in September 1939, as a Flight Cadet. 14 July 1940 Elkington received a permanent commission, and the next day he joined 1 Sqd at Northolt. Training with the Northolt Sector Training Flight during the second half of the month and on 27 July made his first operational flight. Got a Bf 109 on 15 August. His combat report for that event read: “I was Green 2 of Squadron 1. When patrolling due east from Martlesham at 10,000 feet, an Me 109 approached me from head-on and to the left 1,000 feet below. The e/a started to climb and turn to the left but I turned sharp left and came in behind him and gave him one short burst with no known effect. I again fired at the e/a from astern as it straightened out and went into a steep climb. I gave it a 2 second burst from astern and above. The engine of the e/a belched fumes and it turned over on its back, staying there for about 2 seconds. I then circled round and saw no one get out.” The next day he was in Flight Sergeant Berry’s section when the squadron was ordered to patrol Portsmouth. A large force of enemy aircraft was encountered and his Hurricane was hit by a cannon shell in the starboard fuel tank and burst into flames. Baled out near the Nab light, east of the Isle of Wight. Berry followed him and with his slipstream he blew Elkington over land at West Wittering. Elkington was taken to hospital at Chichester; his aircraft crashed and burned out at Manor Farm, Chidham. Flight Sergeant Berry, DFM was killed in action on 1 September. He rejoined 1 Sqd on 1 October. He probably destroyed a Ju 88 on the 9th and shared a Do 215 on the 27th. Instructor in April 1941 but joined 601 Sqd in late May, moving in July to 134 Sqd, re-forming for service in Russia. Embarked on HMS Argus and on 7 September flew to the airfield at Vaenga, near Murmansk. During September and early October, 134 took part in bomber escorts and airfield defence. In mid-October it began training Russian pilots on Hurricanes, which were handed over at the end of the month. While in Russia Elkington shared in the destruction of a Ju 88. In mid-November 1941, the squadron pilots began the journey home, making their way in three minesweepers to Archangel and sailing from there in HMS Berwick. Elkington returned in the MV Empire Baffin, carrying minerals as part of Convoy QP 3. He was escorting an injured pilot. Further operational postings, including in India. Returned to the UK in October 1946 and retired from the RAF in December 1975 as a Wing Commander. In 2014 Elkington received the Ushakov Medal from the Russian Ambassador in London.

Injured 1940-08-16 at 13:05hrs when Hurricane I (P3173) shot down over Thorny Island. Surviving aircrew Born 1920

Signed envelope

797 EllacombeJohn Lawrence WemyssPlt Off (later Air Commodore)43031RAFBritish151 Sqd

Order of the Bath

DFC & Bar

Hurricane2WIASurvived warPosted 151 Sqd 1940-07-13 never having flown a Hurricane. P/O F.B.Sutton of 56 Sqd (non-operational owing to being wounded in France) was assigned to convert him along with another pilot, P/O J.T.Johnston. August 1940-08-24 he shot down a He 111. 1940-08-31 at 13:30hrs badly burned when shot down near Southend by return fire from Ju 88s and gravity fuel tank exploded in Hurricane (P3312) as he was baling out. He did not return to operations until December 1940. DFC 1942-04-07. 1942-07-28 probably destroyed a Do 217 at night in co-operation with a Turbinlite Havoc. Bar to DFC 1944-12-29. Surviving aircrew; Retired at the rank of Air Cdre Born 1920

Signed by Pete Brothers, John Ellacombe, Anthony Russell, Derek Yapp

798 ElleryCyril CharlesPlt Off78747British264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
799 ElliottGeorge JPlt OffCanadian607 Sqd

800 EllisGordon EricFg Off41993British64 Sqd

SpitfireDischarged 1 February 1941

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