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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
AircrewRemembered Paradie Canadian Archive Database: 45,000 Service Records of RCAF personnel
AircrewRemembered Allied Losses and Incidents Database: Covering 120,000+ Allied aircrew 1939 - 1945
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
2201 RamsayNorman Hugh DonaldSgt62658British610 Sqd

222 Sqd

Spitfire1Former apprentice at Vickers Supermarine, joined 610 Sqd in June 1940. On 14 August 1940 he claimed his sole victory of the Battle of Britain, a Bf 110 .
2202 RamshawJohn WilliamSgt740175RAFVRBritish222 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-09-04Killed 4 September 1940 at 13:35hrs. Spitfire I (K9962) crashed near to Yalding, near Maidstone, died from his wounds. Beverley Queensgate Cemetery England

2203 RasmussenLauritz Andrew WoodneySgtNZ/391868RNZAFNew Zealander264 Sqd

Defiant I N1628

Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics

Read Archive Report

Born on the 10th September 1921 at Auckland, the son of Frederick Woodney Rasmussen and Annie Shaw Rasmussen (née Ingram), of Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. Prior to enlisting on the 18th December 1939 worked as a shop assistant for J.R McKenzies Ltd of Auckland. Thought to have been the youngest RNZAF member to be killed during the war. Just 19 flying hours logged and thought to have completed just the one operational sortie having just joining the squadron from 5 Operational Training Unit on the 29th August. The CWGC list him incorrectly as a pilot. Furthermore many list his christian name as Laurie, a relative informed Errol Martyn that Lauritz was the correct spelling. Commemorated Kirton in Lindsay Cemetery England

Courtesy Jenifer Lemaire

2204 RavenhillMalcolmPlt Off (later F/O)40750RAFBritish229 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-30 Age 27Born Sheffield 13th January 1913. RAF March 1938. Posted to Middle East 4 FTS Abu Sueir, Egypt on 3rd June 1938. 12 Group Pool Aston Down on 29th January 1940. Converted to Hurricanes and posted to 229 Sqd at Digby on 9th March. 11th September shot down in combat over Biggin Hill in Hurricane P3038. Baled out and was admitted to Shorncliffe Hospital for shock. Shot down and killed by Me109's on 30th September 1940 in Hurricane P2815 which crashed and burned at Church Road, Ightham.

Baled safely out Hurricane I (P3038) over Biggin Hill 11 September 1940 at 16:00hrs. Killed on 30 September 1940 at 10:40hrs. Hurricane I (P2815) shot down in combat with a Bf 109 over Ightham, Kent. Sheffield City Road Cemetery England

2205 RawlenceAnthony JamesPlt Off90106British600 Sqd

2206 RawnsleyCecil FrederickSgt102089British604 Sqd


2207 RayR WSgt742754British56 Sqd

HurricaneDiedShot down in Hurricane I (P3655) near Portland, Dorset on 30 September 1940 at 11:30hrs.
2208 RaymondPFg OffBritish609 Sqd

2209 RaynerRoderick Malachi Seaburne 'Roddy'Plt Off (later W/C)40138RAFBritish87 Sqd

Hurricane6Died1982Flew with 87 Sqd Hurricanes in France and during the Battle. The squadron went to France at the outbreak of war. On 17 May 1940 destroyed a Me110, on 19 May destroyed a Me109 and a Do17 and shared a He111 and on 20 May destroyed a Me110 and a Me109. Squadron withdrew to Debden on 22 May. Me110s destroyed on 25 July and 15 August. Baled out of Hurricane V7204 on 23 December 1940 in bad weather near Brize Norton. By that time the squadron had gone over to night-fighting duties. In January 1941 Rayner was made 'A' Flight Commander. DFC 11 February 1941. During the night of 10 April 1941 he attacked and damaged an unidentified enemy aircraft in the Gloucester/Tewksbury area.
2210 ReadWilliam Albert AlexanderFg Off80822British603 Sqd


2211 ReamCharles AlfredSgt741907RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war, died of polio26th April 1947.Born 21 January 1916 in Doncaster England with a twin brother, Thomas Edward John (see Allied Losses Database on this site). Joined RAFVR August 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939. Joined 235 Squadron at Bircham Newton on 19 August 1940. 19th November Ream posted with his flight to RAF Aldergrove, where it was combined with a flight from 236 Sqd to reform 272 Sqd. First sortie with 272 on 8 December 1940. Further service unknown. Recorded to have been on Beaufighter T3317 of 272 Squadron which force-landed in Jerez, Spain on 24 May 1941 while on a ferry flight to Gibraltar. The pilot, S/Ldr. AW Fletcher, Sgt. Gallimore and Ream were interned. Seemingly released quickly as Fletcher (see Paradie Canadian Archive on this site) is recorded to be in action with 272 sqd attacking Borizzo Airfield. Ream is also recorded as being injured on 27th December 1941 in a 272 Squadron crash, his rank at this time was Warrant Officer. He served in Egypt at some time and while there contracted polio. He was invalided home but died from the virus. Buried Scartho Cemetery

2212 RechkaJosefSgt (later Flt Lt)787507 103537RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech


Died1984-01-15Died UK
2213 ReddingtonLeslie Arthur EdwinSgt742516RAFVRBritish152 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-09-30Leslie Reddington was born in Warwickshire on 21 June 1914 and educated at John Gulson School and Coventry Junior Technical College. He served an apprenticeship at Daimler, Coventry and later taught mathematics and technical drawing at Coventry Technical College in the evenings. In November 1938, Reddington joined the RAFVR as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1 September 1939, he completed his elementary flying and moved on to 10 Flying Training School, Ternhill, Shropshire for No 19 Course, from 11 April to 24 July 1940. Reddington completed the course, arrived at 5 Operational Training Unit, Aston Down, west of Cirencester, on 3 August, converted to Spitfires and joined No 152 Squadron at Warmwell, Dorset on 17 August. A major task for the squadron was the defence of the Portland naval base, often attacked by the Luftwaffe.

During combat over Portland on 30 September, Sergeant Reddington was shot down in Spitfire L 1072 and is believed to have crashed into the sea. He is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial, Panel 18. His second daughter was born in February 1941 and named Lesley in honour of her father. Killed 30 September 1940. Spitfire I (L1072) was shot down off Portland at16:45hrs. Runnymede Panel 18 Age 26

2214 RedfernEric ArthurSgt754694RAFVRBritish232 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-08-17Etaples Military Cemetery Age 27
2215 RedmanJohnPlt Off (later Flt Lt)41952RAFVRBritish245 Sqd

43 Sqd

257 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1943-04-20Born Liverpool England 1st February 1915. Joined RAF on a short service commission 6th February 1939. Joined the new 245 Sqd at Leconfield on 6th November 1939. Detached to 605 Sqd at Wick from 30th March 1940. Back with 245 before the end of May. Over Dunkirk on 1st June he destroyed a Me109. On detachment to 43 Sqd at Usworth 18th September 1940. Attached to 257 Sqd at Martlesham Heath on 27th September. Crashed at Saffrey Farm, Owens Court, Selling on 12th October after a combat with Me109s over Deal, unhurt. 11th November damaged a Me109 in combat with Ju87s and Me109s over a convoy. Landed at Manston to refuel, ogbound till the following day. Thus he missed the rest of 257 Squadron engaging the only substantial raid by Italian aircraft (based in Belgium) on the UK. Next posting was to 55 OTU Aston Down as an instructor. By early 1943 he was a RAF Liason Officer with No.1 Column of Orde Wingate's 77th Indian Infantry Brigade (Chindits). These columns penetrated deep into Burma and relied on resupply by air from RAF. The first campaign over-reached itself and had to stage a fighting withdrawal with many wounded and sick being left behind. He was killed in the withdrawl on or about 20th April 1943, circumstances unknown. Singapore Memorial Column 423

2216 ReeceLawrence Hugh MurrellSgt747825RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-07-08Flying convoy patrol in Blenheim IV (N3541) on 8 July 1940 and failed to return from convoy patrol. Crew RL Patterson R.Y.Tucker and L.H.M.Reece perished in the aeroplane. Runnymede Panel 18
2217 ReedHoraceSgt1001998British600 Sqd

2218 ReesBrian VictorPlt Off40942British610 Sqd

Spitfire3DiedClaimed Bf 109 on 12 August, and another Bf 109 plus a Dornier Do17 on 18 August 1940. Left the service in January 1944.
2219 ReidRobertPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)80836RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1945-03-23Runnymede Panel 265
2220 ReilleyHugh WilliamPlt Off43043RAFCanadian/American64 Sqd

66 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-10-17American born in Detroit, Michigan of an American father and Scottish mother. Before going to England and joining the RAF lived in London, Ontario, Canada and was considered a Canadian. Flew with 64 Sqd and 66 Sqd in Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. Shot down in Spitfire I (R6800) on 17 October 1940 by a Bf 109 of JG 51 flown by Oberst Werner Molders over Westerham Kent 15:25hrs. Spitfire crashed and burned out at Crockham Hall, Sevenoaks. Gravesend Cemetery Age 22

2221 ReillyCharles ChristopherSgt (later P/O)40629RNZAFNew Zealander23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-10-28Suda Bay War Cemetery Greece Age 29
2222 RenvoizeJames VerdunSgt110352British247 Sqd

2223 ReynellRichard CarewFlt Lt32091RAFAustralian43 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-07Hawker test pilot and had voluntarily joined 43 Sqd to report to his company the Hurricanes combat performance. Joined the Oxford University Squadron in 1931 and became Hawker's Test Pilot in 1937. His technical knowledge was far above average. Shot down Bf 109 on 2 September. Shot down by Bf 109 on the 7 September 1940 over South London at 16:45hrs. Baled out of burning Hurricane I (V7257) but parachute failed to open. He was 28 and left a wife and baby son. Brookwood Cemetery Age 28
2224 ReynoEdwin MichaelFlt LtCanadian1 Sqd (RCAF)



HurricaneDiedRepatriated in late 1941 and became Chief Instructor at a Fighter OTU, AFC 8 June 1944.
2225 RhodesRichard ArthurPlt Off42529RAFBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-08-25In the early morning of the 18 August 1940 chased a Ju 88 intruder for 35 minutes and shot it down. His gunner (Sgt Gregory) finished it off with his Vickers machine gun in a long burst. He and his gunner (R.Gouldstone) were shot down and killed on the 25 August 1940. Blenheim I (L1330) was shot down by an enemy aircraft off Wainfleet, Lincs while on night patrol at 22:00hrs. Pilot With his crew (R Gouldstone. N Jacobson) shot down and killed 1940-08-25. Crashed into the sea, other two crew members missing. Of the other two crew members one missing and one killed.
Allied Losses Database
Runnymede Panel 9

2226 Rhodes-MoorhouseWilliam HenryFlt Lt90140RAFBritish601 Sqd

Hurricane12KIA1940-09-06 Age 26Son of the first airman to be awarded the Victoria Cross (posthumously) in the First World War. Part of 601 Sqd detachment to France. Scored two kills before they came back to England. 3 more kills in the early part of the Battle of Britain. DFC 30 July 1940. On 11 destroyed two Bf 109s. Then added five more to his total. KIA. on 6 September 1940 while on patrol, shot down over Tunbridge Wells by a Bf 109 at 09:30hrs in Hurricane I (P3363 'W'). Parnham Private Cemetery Beaminster England

2227 RicaltonAlan LesliePlt Off70872RAFBritish74 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1940-10-17 Age 26Shot down in Spitfire II (P7360) over Maidstone, Kent by Bf 109 on 17 October 1940 at15:40hrs. Sittingbourne Cemetery England

2228 RichPeter GodfreySgt939496RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warJoined the RAF in October 1939 as an Aircrafthand. Volunteered for air crew duties. Posted to 25 Sqd as an air gunner in June 1940. He served throughout the Battle. When the squadron's Blenheims were replaced by Beaufighters he was posted with the other gunners to Bomber Command and served at OTUs at Kinloss and Whitby. August 1941 posted to join the newly formed 458 Sqd RAAF at Holme-on-Spalding Moor, operating Wellingtons. In early 1942 he was posted away from 458 when it left for the Middle East and sent on a gunnery instructors course. He then instructed at Dalcross near Inverness followed by postings to Castle Kennedy and later Bishops Court in Northern Ireland. He was released from the RAF in early 1946 as a Warrant Officer. He later settled in South Africa.

Signed by Peter Rich, Noel Corry, Kenneth Lusty

2229 RichardsDuncan HamiltonSub Lt (FAA)FAABritish12 Sqd

111 Sqd

73 Sqd

803 Naval Air Sqd

784 Naval Air Sqd

809 Naval Air Sqd (CO)

781 Naval Air Sqd (CO)

HurricaneSurvived war2nd September 1955 LondonBorn in 1920. Air Branch of the Royal Navy 11 September 1939. Flying training at 24 EFTS Sydenham, Northern Ireland. No. 1 FTS Leuchars for No. 8 Course. After training attached to the RAF on 29 June and he went to 12 OTU Benson, to convert to Fairey Battles, after which he joined 12 Sqd at Eastchurch on 30 August 1940. Joined 111 Sqd at Drem on 22 September. To 73 Sqd at Castle Camps on 5 November 1940. For a move to the Middle East it left Debden on the 9 November for Birkenhead. Embarked on HMS Furious. On 29 November the squadron flew its Hurricanes off at Takoradi. To Heliopolis, via Lagos, Accra, Kano, Maidugari, Khartoum,Wadi Halfa and Abu Sueir. During December 1940, attached to 274 Sqd in the Western Desert. Joined 803 NAS Sqd (FAA) at Dekheila, Egypt on 12 December as part of the Naval Fighter Wing in the Western Desert, flying Hurricanes. Returned to the UK in late 1942 and joined 784 NAS at Donibristle. Commanded 809 NAS and later led 781 NAS.
2230 RichardsWilliam CharlesSgt (later P/O)102978RAFBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1941-08-11Born 5 June 1916 in Coventry England. Joined RAFVR December 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Joined 235 Sqd in early October 1940. Commissioned in July 1941, killed on 11 August 1941 as a Pilot Officer in Blenheim IV P6908 LA-F, took off from Sumburgh for a patrol but failed to return. Sgt. JDRH Archibald Sgt. JC Mason. Runnymede Panel 34

2231 RichardsonRonald WilliamSgt52460British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
2232 RichardsonEricSgt45464British242 Sqd

2233 RichardsonRoland WharrierSgt113339British610 Sqd


2234 RichardsonWilliam ArthurSqd Ldr29047British141 Sqd (CO)Defiant

Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
2235 RichardsonCecil JamesSgt509309RAFBritish29 Sqd

MIA1940-07-31Following a collision between Blenheims L6722 and L1408 over the Bristol Channel. Aged 29. Runnymede Panel 18 Age 29
2236 RichardsonGeorge FrederickSqd LdrBritish54 Sqd

Died 2007
2237 RickettsHerbert WainSgt (later FO)54692RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1945-03-31 Age 26Born Rowsley, Derbyshire England 11 November 1918. Joined RAF June 1939 as a direct-entry Airman u/t Observer. Serving with 235 Sqd in June 1940 throughout Battle of Britain. On night Patrol 1940-08-17 in Blenheim I (N3540). Overshot on landing at Thorney Island and crashed. Written off but all the crew (S J Hobbs H W Ricketts & T A Maslen) were unhurt. 21 December 1940 with 272 Sqd at Aldergrove in Northern Ireland in Blenheim IVF L9415 XK-T became lost and ran out of fuel, it came down at Sladran, near Buncrana in County Donegal, Irish Republic after the crew had baled out. Ricketts was initially thought to be missing by the authorities as he had landed in the sea, and had had to spend the night clinging to a rock offshore. In the morning, he swam to shore. Ricketts, Sgt. DV Newport and Sgt. SJ Hobbs (all Battle veterans) were interned but later returned to RAF service, either by escaping or being released. Ricketts released in October 1943. Commissioned March 1944, posted to 299 Sqd on 7th December 1944 from 1665 Heavy Conversion Unit. 299 Sqd was a part of transport command on supply dropping services in support of airborne troops and resistance movements within occupied Europe. 23 March 1945 on Operation Varsity, the crossing of the Rhine, releasing a glider over DZ 'A'. Ricketts was killed with the rest of his crew on 31 March 1945 as a Flying Officer Navigator with 229 Sqd, aged 26. Stirling 5G-R serial LK332 took off from Shepherds Grove at 9pm to drop supplies to the resistance in Numedal, Norway. Before reaching the target they were shot down by a German night fighter. The aircraft crashed burning into a bog. Crew: WO PS Brinkworth, Sgt. JA Elliott, Sgt. KC Hayward, F/Lt. R Trevor-Roper. F/O D Peat. All buried at Indre churchyard, Sondeled, Norway.

Crash of L9415 in Ireland

Crash of LK332 Norwsay

2238 RickettsVictor AnthonyPlt Off (later Flt Lt)77341RAFVRBritish248 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-06-12Flew De Havilland Comet racer Grosvenor House from England to New Zealand and back in 1938. Calais Canadian War Cemetery Leubringhen Age 29
2239 RicksLeo Patrick Vincent JohnSgtRAFCanadian235 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warDied Ireland on 8th January 1985.Born on 20th December 1921 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. England in 1938 to join the Royal Navy but an eye defect made him unacceptable. Joined the RAF instead on 26th September 1938 as a Boy Entrant. Later an Airman u/t WOp/AG. Joined 235 Sqd on 24th April 1940 and served with it until 2nd February 1941 when he went to 3 (Coastal) OTU as an instructor. From 27th November 1941 until 15th May 1942 Ricks was serving with 2 AACU. He then went to 7 (Coastal) OTU until March 1943 when he joined 86 Sqd, a general reconnaissance unit. Ricks transferred to the RCAF on 14th February 1945 and returned to Canada, where he was commissioned. Retired from the RCAF in 1964 as a Flying Officer. He went to live in Ireland in January 1969
2240 Riddell-HannamJohn DerrickSgt54784British236 Sqd

2241 RiddleChristopher John Henry 'Jack'Fg Off90143British601 Sqd

Hurricane2DiedScored one kill before and one kill after joining 601 Sqd during the Battle of Britain. Younger brother of H.J.Riddle they were promoted to Squadron Leader on the same date, 1 December 1941.
2242 RiddleHugh JosephFg Off90141British601 Sqd

HurricaneDiedOlder brother of CJH.Riddle they were promoted to Squadron Leader on the same date, 1 December 1941.
2243 RidleyMarmadukeSgt565201RAFBritish616 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-08-26Killed 26 August 1940 at 12:15hrs. Shot down in Spitfire I (R6633) over Dover by Bf 109. Spitfire crashed at Adisham in Kent. Hawkinge Cemetery England Age 24

2244 RigbyRobert HaroldPlt Off42149RAFBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-07-18While on photo reconnaissance in Blenheim (L6639) with his gunner DK MacKinnon shot down and killed over Le Havre by a Bf 109 from JG 2 at 12:15hrs on the 18 July 1940. Ste Marie Cemetery Le Havre Age 24
2245 RileyFrederickPlt Off (later Flt Lt)42024RAFBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-12-07Pilot. Boulogne Eastern Cemetery Age 30
2246 RileyWilliamFlt Lt (later W/C)37422RAFBritish302 Sqd Polish
Hurricane8KIA1942-07-16Flew Hurricanes with 302 Sqd (Polish), credited with 2 confirmed and 2 probable kills during the Battle of Britain. His final tally for the war was 8 confirmed kills 2 shared, 3 probables and 1 damaged. Alamein Memorial Column 247 North Africa Age 25
2247 RimmerReginald FrankFlt Lt39683RAFBritish229 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-27Son of Launcelot and Cecilia Rimmer of Hoylake. FO of 229 Squadron and son of a WW1 pilot. Joined the RAF in 1937. On June 2 1940 over Dunkirk damaged a He 111, later destroying a Do17 and sharing an He 111. He was shot down in Hurricane V6782 at 1530 hrs. and killed by Bf 109s on Septemeber 27 1940 over Franchise Manor Farm, Burwash. Remembered on a plaque at the farm where he crashed. Killed 27 September 1940 at15:30hrs. Hurricane I (V6782) was shot down by Bf 109 at Burwash in Sussex. Hoylake Grange Cemetery Age 21
2248 RingwoodEric AlfredSgt629710British248 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-08-27Crew killed (EA Ringwood P/O C.J.Arthur & Sgt R.C.R.Cox ) on 27 August 1940 around mid-day. They were on a recce in a Blenheim off the Norwegian coast. Runnymede Panel 18
2249 RipleyWilliam GeorgeSgt (later FO)139951British604 Sqd


BlenheimKIA1943-11-16Navigator/Wireless Operator, Warblington Cemetery Age 30
2250 RipponAnthony JohnPlt Off (later Flt Lt)42262RAFBritish601 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1944-08-25Ouroux sur Saône Communal Cemetery France. Gravestone reads 'Who wounded stayed with his aircraft so his navigator could escape' Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

2251 RiseleyArthur Harry 'Rufus'Sgt106080British600 Sqd



BlenheimTrained as Air Gunner and served through the Battle of Britain with 600 Sqd in this capacity. Finally selected for Pilot training in 1941. On 16 August 1943 his Boston shot down during a daylight raid on France. He and his gunner traveled from the Pas de Calais to Paris and then to Brest. They got on a fishing boat and after thirty-six hours at sea arrived at Penzance 25 October 1943. DSO 14 January 1944. also received a Mention in Dispatches.
2252 RitcherGeoffrey LouisPlt Off41209RAFBritish234 Sqd

Spitfire1DiedGraduated from No 1 Air Observer’s School, North Coates, Grimsby. He joined the RAF in July 1938, fought throughout the Battle and shot down a Do 17 in France. Flying Officer/Squadron Leader with 234 Sqd.
2253 RitchieIan SmallPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)90198British603 Sqd

Spitfire1WIACalled up 23 August 1939. On 10 January 1940 Ritchie and three other pilots were detached to Montrose for convoy protection duties. He rejoined the squadron at Prestwick on the 14th. Again detached on 19 February 1940, this time to RAF Turnhouse for Ops duties. He rejoined 603 on 1st March. Shared in destroying a Ju88 on 3 July 1940 and shared in the destruction of a He111 on the 16 July. Wounded in combat with Bf 109s off Dover on 28 August and returned to Hornchurch in severely-damaged Spitfire R6989. He was admitted to Oldchurch Hospital, Romford and returned to the squadron on 5 September. Ritchie was promoted to Squadron Leader on 1 December 1941. Wounded 28 August 1940 at 16:50hrs. Spitfire I (R6989) damaged by Bf 109s off Dover.
2254 RitchieJames RitchiePlt Off41781British111 Sqd

600 Sqd


Hurricane/BlenheimPosted 28 August 1940 to 111 Sqd. AFC 13 June 1946.
2255 RitchieRobert DouglasSgt745702RAFVRBritish605 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-09In Hurricane I (L2103) died when he crashed into the sea 1 mile off Dunbar 9 August 1940 at 16:45hrs. Picked up by a boat but his neck was found to be broken. Leslie Cemetery Age 24
2256 RitchieJHPOBritish141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
2257 RitchieThomas Glyn FinlaysonPlt Off (later Flt Lt)73010RAFVRBritish602 Sqd

2258 RitchieJohn MillarPlt Off79193British141 Sqd

2259 RoachRobert James BainPlt Off42263British266 Sqd
Spitfire1.5Shared in shooting down of He 115 off Dunkirk 15 August 1940. Shot down Do17 on 7 September. Shot down by defensive fire from He111 11 September 1940, baling out from Spitfire(P7313) at 16:20hrs over Billericay unhurt.
2260 RobbRobert Andrew LindsayPlt Off86626British236 Sqd

2261 RobbinsRobert HorleySgt161726British54 Sqd

66 Sqd

SpitfireWIAWith 54 Sqd in July 1940. Posted to 66 Sqd in September. On 14 September 1940 shot down in Spitfire I (X4327) by Bf 109 over Maidstone at 16:00hrs and seriously injured.
2262 RobertsArthur John AlanSgt45717British29 Sqd

2263 RobertsDavid FrancisSgt (later Flt Sgt)965482RAFVRBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-04-03Wireless Operator Wittering All Saints Churchyard Age 32
2264 RobertsDavid NealWg Cdr16229British609 Sqd

328 Sqd


Spitfire/HurricaneOctober 2000Born in 1906. RAF College, Cranwell in 1926. Served in 39 and 504 Sqds. Instructor. He studied Russian at King’s College, London and spent a year in Estonia. Qualified Russian interpreter. Became ‘A’ Flight commander on 41 Squadron. In early 1935 posted to RAF Amman, Jordan, as Station Adjutant and on 24 July he went to 4 FTS, Abu Sueir, as Flying Instructor and Flight Commander. He was awarded the AFC. On 11 June 1940 he formed and then commanding the Fighter Station and Sector at Middle Wallop, Hampshire. In the Battle of Britain he flew one sortie with 609 Sqd. OBE and posted overseas in November 1941, to command a fighter wing for special operations in north Africa. Diverted to the Dutch East Indies. Evacuated to India in early 1942, where he commanded the fighter defences for Calcutta and eastern India, going on to command RAF Assam. In 1943 posted to Moscow, as Air Attaché and Head of the UK Air Mission. CBE in 1954 and retired from the RAF on 29 May 1958 as an Air Commodore.
2265 RobertsElwyn CooperSgt52544British23 Sqd

2266 RobertsRalphPlt Off90897British615 Sqd

64 Sqd

Hurricane/SpitfirePoWDiedForce landed Spitfire I (R6990) SH-W at Calais-Marck 15 August 1940 after combat with Bf 109 at 15:25hrs. and became a PoW
2267 RobertsonBritish56 Sqd

2268 RobertsonBasil LionelSgt (later W/O)748333RAFVRBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1942-02-12Runnymede Panel 73 Age 20
2269 RobertsonFrederick NealSgt (later FO)119881RAFVRBritish66 Sqd


SpitfireKIA1943-08-31Cambridge City Cemetery England Age 25

2270 RobinsonDenis NormanSgt60515RAFVRBritish152 Sqd

Spitfire5Survived war28th July 2015Crashed Spitfire I (R6811) at Bestwell after combat with Bf 109s off Swanage 8 August 1940 at16:15hrs. The aircraft burned up but he escaped injury.

Born 24 June 1918 at Christchurch, Dorset England. Educated at the Stationers Company School at Hornsey, London. Joined RAFVR in March 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Training at 21 E&RFTS Stapleford, 26 E&RFTS Oxford and 22 E&RFTS Cambridge. Posted to 152 Sqd at Acklington on 21 June 1940. He destroyed a Me109 on 25 July and destroyed another on 5th August. 15th August 1940 Me109 destroyed, on the 17 August a Ju87 and on 4 September a Ju88. On 26 September posted to CFS Upavon. 7 October instructing at 6 FTS Little Rissington. Commissioned in January 1941. On 17 November 1941 sent to instruct in Canada at 39 SFTS Swift Current then briefly at 35 SFTS North Battleford and finally at 32 OTU Patricia Bay until 19 June 1944 when he returned to the UK. Went to 109 OTU, Crosby on 27 August 1944 to convert to transport aircraft and on 1 March 1945 he was seconded to BOAC at Whitechurch. Released from the RAF in 1946, as a Flight Lieutenant. Joined BOAC, later British Caledonian and British Island Airways before retiring in 1978.

Denis Robinson: A Spitfire Pilot's Story

Archive report

2271 RobinsonAndrew IanFlt Lt35969British222 Sqd

SpitfireDiedWounded in the leg 2 September 1940 at 17:45hrs. Spitfire I (X4280) was damaged by a Bf 110.
2272 RobinsonGeraldPlt Off43261British264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
2273 RobinsonJamesSgt (later Flt Lt)47845RAFBritish111 Sqd


Hurricane0.51956-07-02Posted to 111 Sqd at Northolt on 31 August 1939. Over Dunkirk on 31 May 1940 destroyed a Ju88. Wounded in the ankle by return fire, made a forced-landing at Manston. Non-effective sick till 18 July, when he rejoined 111 Squadron. 28 July 1940 shared in destroying a He59, shot down into the Channel whilst it was on a search and rescue operation for ditched German aircrews. Non-effective sick from 31 July 1940. Commissioned January 1942, AFC 8 June 1944. Left RAF in 1945 as a Flight Lieutenant. Re-engaged 20 June 1951. RAF Hope Cove, a radar station near Salcombe, Devon when he died on 2 July 1956 of unknown circumstances. All Saints Churchyard, Malborough, South Devon.

2274 RobinsonJames Clifton EdmestonPlt Off (later F/O)74710RAFVRBritish1 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-05-21Runnymede Panel 30 Age 23
2275 RobinsonMarcusSqd Ldr90161British616 Sqd


2276 RobinsonMichael ListerFlt Lt (later W/C)37300British610 Sqd

619 Sqd

238 Sqd

66 Sqd



Crois de Guerre (Belgium)

Spitfire/Hurricane19.5MIA1942-04-10 Age 25Wing Commander M L Robinson, Tangmere Wing Leader, at Westhampnett, Sussex. During the Battle of Britain he flew with Nos. 601 and 238 Squadrons RAF, and commanded No. 609 Squadron RAF until July 1941. He arrived at Tangmere having shot down 16 enemy aircraft, and led the Wing until the end of March 1942, when he replaced Wing Commander A G Malan as wing leader at Biggin Hill. He added a further 3.5 victories to his score before he was killed in action on 10 April

Robinson was born in Chelsea, England in 1917, the son of an aristocrat. He joined the RAF in 1935 on a short service commission in September of 1935 and joined 111 Squadron at RAF Northolt a year later, flying the Bristol Bulldog and Gloster Gauntlet. 111 Squadron would become the first operational Hawker Hurricane squadron of the Royal Air Force. He flew Hurricanes in the Battle of France with 87 Squadron of the British Expeditionary Force, but was injured in a crash of the unit’s Miles Master. Upon recovery, he was posted to 601 County of London Squadron at RAF Tangmere. Six weeks later, having achieved ace status, he moved briefly to 238 Squadron, before taking command of 609 Squadron at RAF Middle Wallop in early October of 1940. He was awarded the DFC by the end of November, the DSO in August 1941 followed by the Belgian Croix de Guerre. By the end of August 1941, he was leading the Biggin Hill wing. After a short rest and assignment as aide to the Inspector General of the RAF, he returned in January 1942 to lead the wing at RAF Tangmere. Leading his wing, he failed to return from a fighter sweep in April of 1942. Runnymede Panel 64

Courtesy IWM

2277 RobinsonMaurice Wilbrahim Sandford (Wilbraham?)Sqd Ldr (later Air Commodore)26189British73 Sqd


Krzyz Walecznych

HurricaneSurvived war2nd April 1977Born 20 September 1910 in Broadgreen area of Liverpool England. Educated Liverpool College. 20 December 1930 commissioned in RAF as a Pilot Officer and posted to 111 Sqd at Hornchurch. 4 April 1932 posted to 60 Squadron at Kohat in India. When he returned to the UK on October 22nd 1934 he was posted to the staff of No 3 Flying Training School at Grantham. 28 September 1938 rejoined 111 Squadron at Northolt as a Flight Commander. On the 1st December 1938 he was promoted to Squadron Leader and took command of 29 Sqd at Debden on Hawker Demons and Blenheim 1Fs, training in night fighting. February 1939 No 7 OTU at Hawarden. 73 Sqd at Church Fenton on 31st July 1940 taking command on August 8. Thursday 15 1257 hrs the whole squadron was called to readiness as 50 unescorted Ju88s were plotted crossing the coast at Flamborough Head, from Kampfgeschwader 30 or KG30, part of Luftlotte 5 that had taken off from Aalborg in Denmark with a mission to bomb Driffield airfield. Six Hurricanes from 'B' Flight were ordered to intercept at 19000 feet along with 12 Spitfires from 616 Sqd. According to the summary of events of the Operational Record Book for 73 Squadron, 7 enemy aircraft were confirmed destroyed, 3 unconfirmed and 3 damaged. S/Ldr. Robinson, flying as Yellow 1, was to claim one of the Ju88's as probably destroyed and 2 damaged

The morning of Wednesday 11th September was overcast and there was little enemy activity. The afternoon's weather improved and the Luftwaffe bombers started to form up en-route for London again, accompanied by more than 200 fighters. Unfortunately for them the Me109's of LG2 and JG51 had used up too much fuel waiting for the Heinkels of KG26 to form up and had to return to their bases leaving the bombers unprotected. Sixty Hurricanes and Spitfires from six squadrons including 73 attacked them. Seven bombers were shot down and ten damaged but six RAF pilots were killed that day. S/Ldr. Robinson claimed a Me110 as destroyed over the Thames Estuary at 1600hrs. This aircraft was code number 3231 and part of 9/ZG26( 'Horst Wessel') which crashed at Barnes Cote, Harvel, of the crew Oberst. J Junghans was killed and Gefr. P Eckert was missing.

With 73 Sqd flying Hurricanes. On 14 September 1940 baled out of Hurricane I (L2039) after combat above Tonbridge at 16:00hrs. Advanced to AOC Scotland, and Air Attaché in Washington amongst other postings. He retired as Air Commodore CBE

On the 23rd August 1943 the High Commissioner of New Zealand Mr W Jordan, in company with the Polish Air Attache to the Polish Embassy, visited Northolt and were conducted around the station by S/Ldr. Robinson both being greatly impressed with the station’s record. This visit was reported in the Times and the BBC. On the 21st January 1944 a letter was sent to the Air Ministry from the Polish Embassy stating that the Polish Cross of Valour (KW) was to be conferred upon A/GpCapt. Robinson. This was recorded in the London Gazette of 10th March 1944. As well as mentioning the Ramrod operation on the 4th May 1943, the citation went on; 'During a Ramrod 240 flight in a fight with an enemy wing, this officer attacked a Focke Wulf 190 with great courage and skill. In all these flights and others he displayed great courage and was an example to the remaining pilots in spite of his advanced age and possessing the sight of only one eye'
2278 RobinsonPeter BeverleyFlt Lt90462RAF AAFBritish601 Sqd

Hurricane3Survived war4th October 1991Born on 22 January 1915. Joined 601 Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force in 1934. 601 Sqd was mobilised August 1939. Robinson who was in a play on Broadway USA. He booked a passage on the Acquitania and sailed on 30th August, finding that two 601 colleagues, Billy Clyde and Billy Fiske, were also aboard. Active list on 8th December 1939, rejoining 601 Sqd. Leader of Red Section 601 Sqd flying Hurricanes. One kill before and 2 during the Battle of Britain and forced a Bf 109 to land in a field South of Maidstone. No further details known till be transferred to the Administrative Branch on 23 May 1941 for unknown reasons. Released from the RAF in 1945 as a Wing Commander.
2279 RobinsonPeter Ethelbert MerrickSgt (later P/O)100584RAFVRBritish56 Sqd

Hurricane3KIA1941-06-17 Age 27Joined 56 Sqd on 25 July 1940. 3 victories during the Battle of Britain. North Weald Bassett St Andrew Churchyard England

Born in Harrow England on 13 April 1914. Educated at Harrow County School. Joined the RAFVR in May 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot and was called up at the outbreak of war. Joined 56 Sqd at North Weald on 25th July 1940. Destroyed a Me110 on 18 August. It crashed and burned out at Pluckley. He also claimed four German bombers damaged during August and September. Commissioned in June 1941still with 56 Squadron. On 17 June escorting bombers over the Channel on a daylight raid (Circus 14), they were attacked from above by Me109s and Robinson was shot down in Hurricane IIA Z2812. He radioed that he was alright and baled out. When his body was taken from the sea four days later by a Dover fishing trawler it was riddled with bullets and it would seem that Robinson was killed as he floated down.

2280 RobinsonPeter TrevorSgt742005RAFVRBritish257 Sqd

HurricaneSurvived war3rd October 1975 in Huntingdon.Born 28 November 1918 in West Derby, Lancashire England. Joined the RAFVR in September 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Posted to 15 OTU for conversion to twin-engined bombers. 12 July 1940 transferred to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge for conversion to Hurricanes and then joined 257 Sqd at Northolt on 3 August. First operational sortie on the 15 August, a section scramble. On 7th September he returned to Debden with damage sustained in combat over the Thames Estuary in Hurricane P3709. On the 15th he probably destroyed a Do17. Final sortie with 257 was on 16th September 1940. Posted to Bomber Command. No further details
2281 RobshawFrederick AspinallPlt Off42441British229 Sqd

2282 RobsonNorman Charles HaroldPlt Off70874British72 Sqd

2283 RodenHenry Adrian CharlesSgt740410RAFVRBritish19 Sqd

SpitfireWIAKIA1940-11-1615 September 1940 in combat with Bf 109, at 1510hrs. Spitfire I (P9431) was a write off when he crash landed. Linlithgow Cemetery Scotland Age 24

2284 RofeBernard JohnPlt Off (later Flt Lt)40751RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-01-12Sherwood Cemetery Canada Age 21. Son Of Captain Henry Bernard John Rofe, M.C., And Kathleen Mary Rofe, Of Douglas, Isle Of Man.
2285 RogersBruce ArthurPlt Off72088RAFBritish242 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-06-17Ambleteuse Communal Cemetery France Age 23
2286 RogersEverett BryanPlt Off81373British501 Sqd

615 Sqd

HurricaneDiedShot down 28 September 1940 at 10:10hrs. Hurricane I (V7497) in combat with Bf 109s over Deal in Kent Baled out safely.
2287 RogersGeorge WadeSgt741720RAFVRBritish234 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1941-01-16Runnymede Panel 51 Age 24
2288 RogowskiJan (Aleksander?)Sgt (later W/O)780965PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

74 Sqd

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Srebrny Krzyz Zaslugi z Mieczami

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

Hurricane/Spitfire2 + 5 x V1Died1977-08-17Ipswich Old Cemetery Age 60
Archiwum Database

2289 RoháčekRudolf BohumilPlt Off (later Flt Lt)81910RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

601 Sqd

238 Sqd

312 Sqd Czech

601 Sqd
HurricaneKIA1942-04-27Killay St Hilary Churchyard Age 27

2290 RollsWilliam Thomas EdwardSgt116492RAFBritish72 Sqd

122 Sqd

126 Sqd


Spitfire6Survived war198815th September 1940 - Sgt. William Rolls 'I saw an Me109 coming down and it passed well over my head firing at the aircraft in front of me. As it climbed, I gave it 2 - 3 second burst. I saw a big black patch and several smaller ones on the fuselage. Some tracer came past me, another 109 behind me, I evaded it but with another 20 above him. I decided to leave it.'

Autobiography 'Spitfire Attack' published in the 1980s and re-published in June 2005. DFM for service with 72 Sqd November 1940. The Citation reads..'This airman, after very short experience of operational flying, has taken his place with the best war pilots in the squadron. In each of his first two engagements he shot down two enemy aircraft, and has in all destroyed at least six'. Soon after his DFM was presented and after a short period of leave he was posted to instructional duties with 58 OTU at Grangemouth and later to 61 OTU before a return to operational flying with 122 Squadron at Scorton on 23rd October 1941. Later in 1941 the squadron was posted down to Hornchurch where he served for a time before being posted to Malta with 126 Sqd. On 4th December 1942 he was awarded the DFC with 126 Sqd. He was later posted back to the UK after a period of sickness in Malta. He finished the War with a posting to the Bombing Analysis Unit. He received his commission to the rank of P/O on probation (emergency) (745542) on 6th January 1942, and rose to F/O on probation on 4th December 1942. He was also awarded the DFC on this same date for service with 126 Squadron. he rose to F/Lt on 6th January 1944 and survived the War. On 1st January 1946 he was 'commended for valuable service in the air'.

2291 RomanCharles LouisPlt OffBelgian236 Sqd


Belgium Aircrew Losses

2292 RomanisAndrew LunnSgt751715RAFVRBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-11-16Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Saffron Walden Cemetery Age 24
2293 RookAnthony HartwellFlt Lt90077British504 Sqd

2294 RookMichaelPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)42900RAF AAFBritish504 Sqd

Hurricane7KIFA1948-03-13Posted to RAF Uxbridge 15 May 1940 for allocation to a squadron in France. Joined 504 Sqd there a few days later and returned to England with it 22 May 1940. On 15 September 1940 Rook shared in the destruction of a Do17. On 27 September he claimed a Me110 destroyed and probably a second. 6 October he shared a Me109. Posted away in July 1941 to 134 Sqd, then forming at Leconfield, as a Flight Commander. Embarked in HMS Argus on 12 August 1941 bound for Russia. Flew its Hurricanes off on 1 September to Vaenga airfield near Murmansk. Operated with 81 Squadron, forming 151 Wing. Rook destroyed Bf 109 on 27 September 1941. The Wing continued its operations, including bomber-escorts, until mid-November when pilots of 134 began converting Russian pilots on to Hurricanes. The squadron left Russia on 29 November, leaving all equipment behind and returned in HMS Kenya. They landed at Rosyth on 7 December 1941 and then went to Catterick to re-equip. Rook took command of 43 Squadron at Kirton-in-Lindsey in September 1942. On 19 October the pilots went to Greenock and sailed in the SS Ashland for Gibraltar, from where at dawn on 8 November they took off for North Africa, landing soon after 10am at Maison Blanche, the first RAF aircraft to land there. DFC 1 February 1943. Posted 9 August 1943 staff job in Egypt. Some sources say he destroyed three enemy aircraft in the Mediterranean area. Killed flying accident on 13 March 1948. Mosquito T Mk. 3 VP345 crashed inverted and burst into flames whilst attempting to turn back to RAF Hucknall following an engine failure on take off. F/Lt. RM Boyle was also killed. Edwalton Parish Church Age 32

2295 RoscoeGeoffrey LawrenceFg Off (later Flt Lt)42900RAFBritish87 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1942-02-24Stoke on Trent Crematorium Age 25
2296 RoseJackFg Off41472British3 Sqd

32 Sqd

232 Sqd




Hurricane3DiedBorn in London on 1917-11-18, attended Shooters Hill School, University at UCL (studying Science). Joined the RAF in 1938. Flying Officer/ Wing Commander. From Biggin Hill sent to France. Shot down 3 enemy aircraft in May 1940. He was shot down in Hurricane V6547 at 1900 hrs. on August 25 1940 by a Bf109 over the Channel and rescued. DFC 1942-10-09. Commanded 113 Sqd in Burma from November 1944. MBE and CGM in 1946. His DFC citation says 'He has been on operational flying since September 1939. During May 1940 whilst serving with fighters over France, he destroyed three enemy aircraft. Posted to his present unit, he has led squadrons in 15 sweeps over France. He has displayed courage and devotion to duty and rendered valuable assistance to allied wing commanders'.
2297 RoseJames StanleySgt566059RAFBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-03-04Pilot. Guines Communal Cemetery Age 25
2298 RosePGSgtBritish65 Sqd

2299 RoseStuart Nigel 'Rosebud'Plt Off81920British602 Sqd


Air Efficiency

Spitfire22017Born in 1918. Felsted School in Essex from 1932 to 1935. Joined RAFVR at Southampton in December 1938. Logged 87 flying hours before being called up at the outbreak of war. Training completed on 17 June 1940. Commissioned on the 18th and he joined 602 Sqd flying Spitfires from Drem on the 20th. Claimed a Bf 110 destroyed on 25 August and on 7 September he shared a Bf 110. Wounded on the 11th September. Sick until 6 October 1940. Probably destroyed a Bf 109 on the 29th and on 6 November he shared a Ju 88. Promoted to Flying Officer in June 1941, posted to 54 Sqd in September. Instructor and later served in the Middle East. He was released from the RAF in February 1946, as a Squadron Leader.

2300 Rose (Mortimer-Rose)Edward BrianPlt Off (later Flt Lt)41944RAFBritish234 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1943-01-28Pilot: correct surname is Mortimer-Rose but appears in records as Rose. Medjez el Bab War Cemetery Tunisia Age 22

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