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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
201 BennetteGeoffrey RydingFg Off42387RAFBritish17 Sqd
HurricaneMIA1942-08-19Runnymede Age 26
202 BennionsGeorge Herman 'Ben'Plt Off43354British41 Sqd

SpitfireDiedCrashed Spitfire I (N3113) at Manston on 1940-07-29 owing to battle damage. Baled out of Spitfire I (X4559) badly wounded on the 1940-10-01 after combat with a Bf 109 over Henfield, Sussex at 14:55hrs.Cannon shell exploded in cockpit, 1940-10-01, blinding him in one eye and wounding his right arm and leg; baled out and hospitalised; underwent plastic surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, by facial reconstruction pioneer Dr. Archie McIndoe; became one of the founding members of McIndoe's 'Guinea Pigs'; Born Burslem, Staffordshire, 13 March 1913.
Ben Bennions and his wife Avis and daughter Connie leaving Buckingham Palace after being awarded the DFC by HRH King George VI.
203 BennisonAlan ASgt130806RAF/RNZAFNew Zealander25 Sqd

Air Efficiency Award

BlenheimSurvivedDied 30 April 2011Born 5 March 1918 Royal Air Force 89 Squadron - Royal Air Force 46 Squadron - No 25 Squadron, RAF during Battle of Britain. Educated at Hampstead School and the Technical School. Volunteered for aircrew duties in early 1939, but not called until 13 February 1940. Completed his initial training in New Zealand. In October 1941, he was posted to 89 Squadron, then forming at Colerne, as Navigator. The Squadron flew to the Middle East as two flights in November. As well as night defence of the Delta 89 also flew long day patrols over the Mediterranean searching for FW Condors, which were preying on Allied shipping. In August 1942, he was posted to India, but fell sick and remained at Air HQ Middle East on Operations Room duties. He rejoined 89 in February 1943, but went to 46 Squadron at Edku on April 13 1942 In October 1943, returned to UK and was posted to instructor's course at 62 OTU, Ouston. In January 1944 went to 51 OTU, Cranfield as an instructor and received his commission in February In early June 1944, repatriated to NZ and went on Reserve on 22 September 1944. In 1949 joined the Active Reserve at the time of his inception and continued until transferred to the General Reserve on Dec. 31 1969. Became Flying Officer 27 February 1956(Info courtesy AM New Zealand)
204 BensonJames GilliesPlt Off81365British141 Sqd



Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
205 BentBenjamin 'Benny'Sgt52078RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war4th March 2013.Born on 22 August 1919 at Coatbridge, Scotland. Joined the RAF 8 November 1937 as an Aircrafthand and began a Wireless Operator course at No. 1 Electrical and Wireless School at Cranwell in February 1938. Posted to Biggin Hill on 9th January 1939. June 1940 he volunteered for aircrew duties and joined 25 Sqd at Martlesham Heath on 6 August. Detached to 604 Sqd at Middle Wallop on the 31st for AI training. Rejoined 25 Sqd. Pperational night-flying as an LAC but without a flying badge. On 27 September 1940 he was promoted to Sergeant with the category of Wireless Operator (Air). Assisted in five successful night interceptions, all with S/Ldr. HP Pleasance in Beaufighters. On the night of 4th/5th May 1941 they intercepted and damaged an unidentified enemy aircraft, on the 7/8th and 8/9th two Do17's were destroyed, on the 11th/12th a He111 was damaged and during the night of 13th/14th June a Ju88 was destroyed. Remustered as a Radio Observer on 10th July 1941. To 54 OTU Charter Hall on 29th April 1942 as an instructor. 23July 1942 Bent reclassified as a Navigator Radio and rejoined 25 Sqd, then at Church Fenton, on 8th September 1942. Commissioned from Warrant Officer in April 1943. On 21st March 21 1944 he assisted in destroying two Ju88's and at 00.43 hrs on 6th June a Me110 over the North Sea, possibly the first enemy aircraft shot down on D-Day. DFC 26th May 1944. Served as Night Fighter Liaison Officer in France with a P-61 Black Widow squadron of the USAAF. Released from the RAF on 2 February 1947 as a Flight Lieutenant. Rejoined on 4th October 1950 on a short service commission in the Fighter Control Branch. Granted a permanent commission on 1st April 1952, Bent retired from the RAF at his own request on 5th December 1970 as a Flight Lieutenant.

206 BenzieJohn 'Jack'Plt Off42185RAF/RCAFCanadian242 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-07Pilot Officer John ‘Jack’ Benzie disappeared during heavy fighting over the east of London 80 years ago on September 7. His remains went missing for decades – until two metal detectorists stumbled across parts of the aircraft wreckage at Blackacre in Theydon Bois, Essex, while looking for Roman coins. Benzie, from Winnipeg, was born on March 14 1915 and educated at St John’s Technical School. He served in Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry for three years prior to joining the RAF on a short service commission and came to England on March 16 1939 on the RMS Aurania. “He was trained by experienced instructors, men like John Betty, who had hundreds of hours in their logbook. “The training was thorough but, in the words of Tom Neil, his near contemporary at Montrose, still harked back to the last war. “He got his wings at Montrose in December 1939 and was commissioned as Pilot Officer. “After further training on Hurricanes he was posted to 242 Squadron at Church Fenton.” The squadron moved to France after the German invasion and he was shot down and baled out near Dunkirk on May 23. After recovering from his wounds, he re-joined the squadron on July 11, right at the start of the Battle of Britain, already a battle-scarred veteran. Benzie took off in Hurricane P2962 on September 7 and never returned from a combat over the Thames Estuary. He was reported missing “but believed to have lost his life”. A cable to his parents John and Agnes Benzie from Winnipeg on September 9 was confirmed by a letter written two days later. “An uncontrolled Hurricane which crashes into the ground from a great height makes a deep crater and at the time, investigating such crashes was not a high priority so Benzie was commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. “It was not until 1976 that an aircraft archaeology group found the wreck of a Hurricane and the remains of the pilot at a depth of 18 feet underground. “The location, Theydon Bois, Essex, fitted Benzie’s last known position.” “No conclusive evidence to identify the aircraft or the pilot could be found to meet their criteria,” “Almost certainly, they are the remains of Pilot Officer John Benzie. He is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial, Panel 5."

Hurricane P2962 failed to return after combat ober the Thames Estuary. Suspected crash site and remains found post war but not positively identified. Runnymede Age 25

207 BeresfordHugh Richard AdenFlt Lt37150RAFBritish257 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-09-07Pilot of Hurricane P3049 shot down in combat over the Thames Estuary and crashed as Sheppey. Brookwood Military Cemetery

208 BergmanVaclavPlt Off81884RAFCzech310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane2DiedWounded on 1940-08-26 at 15:40hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3960) during an attack on a Do 17 over Clacton.
209 BerkleyThomas Colqhoun EdmondsSgt754377RAFVRBritish85 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1941-06-14Runnymede Age 23
210 BernardFrantisek AntoninSgt (later Flt Lt)787543 120209RAFVRCzech238 Sqd

601 Sqd

238 Sqd

32 Sqd

313 Sqd Czech

310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane2Died1980-07-17Died New Zealand
211 BernaśBronisławPlt Off76820PAFPolish302 Sqd Polish
Hurricane1980-09-03 Assigned to 302 Sqd. In November 1941 transferred. up to 288 Sqd RAF. After the war ended. remained in Britain.Folkestone Cemetery Age 74
Archiwum Database
212 BerridgeHorace WalterSgt115634British219 Sqd

213 BerryAlanSgt968035RAFVRBritish264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
MIA1940-08-24With his pilot, I.G.Shaw killed on 1940-08-24 at 12:40hrs. Defiant (L7027) was shot down by Bf 109s of JG 3 off Manston. Runnymede Age 23
214 BerryFrederick GeorgeFlt Sgt563426RAFBritish1 Sqd


HurricaneKIA1940-09-01Pilot . Pinner Cemetery
215 BerryRoland 'Ras'Sgt (later Air Commodore)78538RAFVRBritish603 Sqd


DFC & Bar



Spitfire14 (at least)Survived war2000-09 Age 84Joined the RAFVR in 1937. 603 Sqd as a Sergeant Pilot, commissioned in June 1940. Flying in Spitfires during the Battle of Britain shot down 7 confirmed 4 shared and 6 probables. 6 of the confirmed Bf 109s. Riley High School and Hull Technical School. RAFVR April 1937 and did his weekend flying training at 4 E&RFTS Brough. February 1939 he spent three weeks with the RAF and was attached to 66 Squadron at Duxford where he was able to fly the Spitfire. At the outbreak of war, Berry spent a short time at a Gunnery School before joining 603 Squadron at Turnhouse on 17th October 1939. In November sent to Montrose to protect the airfield there. On 7th December the 603 pilots drove off a formation of He111s and damaged at least two. On 30th June 1940 Berry damaged a Ju88, on 3rd July he shared a Ju88, on the 23rd and 30th shared a Do17 and a He111 respectively, on 28th August probably destroyed a Me109 and damaged another and on the 31st he destroyed three Me109s (Air Commodore Ronald ‘Ras’ Berry was one of the RAF’s greatest pilots, racking up more than 30 ‘claims’ on enemy aircraft, including 14 confirmed kills, during the Second World War. On August 31, 1940, at the height of the Battle of Britain, he downed a German Messerschmitt 109 plane either side of breakfast and then a third before dinner). On 2nd September he destroyed a Me109, on the 11th damaged a Me109, on the 15th probably destroyed two Me109s and shared a Do17, on the 17th he probably destroyed a Me109 and on the 27th he destroyed two Me109s, probably a third and shared a probable fourth. On the 29th Berry probably destroyed a Me109 and damaged another, on the 30th destroyed a Me109 and shared another, on 8th October probably destroyed a Me109 and on the 27th and 28th he damaged Me109s. On 7th November Berry shared a Me110, on the 8th damaged a Me109, on the 17th destroyed a Me109 and on the 23rd he shot down an Italian and probably another. These biplane fighters were escorting bombers attacking coastal shipping. January 1941 Berry was 'A' Flight Commander as an Acting Flight Lieutenant. In January 1942 he was given command of 81 Squadron. The pilots had just returned from Russia, leaving their aircraft there. In October the squadron sailed for Gibraltar, where it picked up tropical Spitfire Mark Vcs. 8th November 1942, the day of the landings in North Africa, 81 occupied Maison Blanche airfield, probably the first Allied squadron to land. Next day Berry destroyed a Ju88 and shared in destroying a Ju88 and a He111, on the 11th he damaged another Ju88, on the 14th damaged a Mc200, on the 26th damaged two Me109s and on the 28th shared another. Berry shared a Fw190 on 3rd December, destroyed another on the 6th and shot down a SM79 on the 10th. Appointed Wing Leader 322 Wing on 23rd January 1943. The Wing was made up of 81, 152, 154, 232 and 242 Squadrons. He destroyed Me109s on 31st January and 25th February, got a probable Me109 on 2nd March, damaged a Fw190 on 3rd April, damaged a Ju87 on the 5th, probably destroyed a Me109 on the 13th, damaged Me109s on the 25th and 26th, destroyed a Ju52 on the ground on 6th May and six Me109s on the ground next day. Took command of 322 Wing on 13th March 1943. He commanded RAF Acklington in 1945/46, graduated from the Joint Services Staff College in 1955 and held a series of staff appointments in Fighter and Bomber Commands before his retirement on 29th January 1969 as an Air Commodore.

216 BerwickRobert CharlesSgt745915RAFVRBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-06-19Reichswald Forest Germany Age 22
217 BeveridgeCharlesSgt54030British219 Sqd

218 BeytaghMichael Leo ffrenchSqd Ldr39057British23 Sqd

73 Sqd (CO)

602 Sqd (CO)


Hurricane5Survived war2th August 1952 Age 36 in Pemba, Zanzibar.Biography: Shoulder The Sky by Gil Thomas (Arthur Barker Ltd 1959)

Born Shanghai in 1916. Adopted at 13 by Mr Morton, a wealthy American and taken to the US. After a few years he returned to England. Joined RAF June 1936. Trained at 8 FTS Montrose. Joined 23 Sqd at Wittering on 24 April 1937. To 73 Squadron at Church Fenton on 24 July 1940. Me109 probably destroyed on 6th September, a Me110 destroyed the next day and another damaged on 11th September. November 1940 sailed for the Middle East in HMS 'Furious'. Flew off to Takoradi and then in stages flew overland to Heliopolis. In December the pilots of 73 were attached to 274 Sqd in the Western Desert. 5 January destroyed a CR42 near Tobruk. 5 April destroyed a Ju87. Ona ferry flight, after forced-landing in the jungle and walking 72 miles in two days and three nights, eventually got at the Firestone Rubber Plantation, 35 miles from Monrovia, Liberia. To UK in November 1941 and 55 OTU Annan, as CFI. On 2nd October 1942 to 602 Sqd at Skeabrae as CO, defending Scapa Flow. In January 1943 602 flew south to Perranporth. On 19 August damaged a Fw190 over Amiens/Glissy airfield. DFC 1st October 1943. Various staff jobs. In March 1949 he was posted to Pemba, an island off the East African coast, north of Zanzibar as District Commissioner. Died Pemba cerebral thrombosis. Buried at sea off Pemba.

219 BickerdikeJohn LaurancePlt Off36266RAFNew Zealander85 Sqd

1 enemy aircraft destroyedHurricane I P3895 YY-BKIFA1940-07-22

Read Archive Report

Born 11th February 1919 at Christchurch. Prior to service worked as a radio announcer for Station 328 at Christchurch. Member of Canterbury Aero Club with his first solo flight in December 1938. Selected for short-term commission in the RAF April 1939. Awarded pilots badge on the 23rd November 1939. Embarked for England on the 25th February 1940. Joined 85 squadron on the 25th May 1940. Son of James (a senior sergeant, later sub inspector, then inspector in the New Zealand police force) and Monica Laura Bickerdike (née Grant), of Nelson, New Zealand. A total of 160 flying hours logged. Completed 32 operational sorties.

Note: some websites describe the accident incorrectly as occurring at Castle Camps.>

Courtesy AWMM

220 BicknellLeslie CharlesSqd Ldr33131British23 Sqd

221 BicknellNSgtBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimNo details after Jul 1940
222 BidgoodEric GeorgePlt Off42098RAFBritish253 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-11-16Runnymede Age 22
223 BidgoodIvor Kenneth JackSgt748111RAFVRBritish213 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-06-02Bristol Canford Cemetery Age 23
224 BiggarArthur JamesSqd Ldr32168British111 Sqd

225 BignallJohn EdwardSgt616568RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-09-04Romford Cemetery Age 23
226 BinhamArthur EdwardSgt161311British64 Sqd

227 BirchColin NormanPlt Off41519British1 Sqd


Hurricane1940-08-19 crashed when he strayed into a balloon area near Finsbury Park in Hurricane I (P3684).Baled out safely. Aircraft crashed off Oxfordness.
228 BirchRaymond Robert GrenvilleSgt700677RAFBritish19 Sqd

KIFA1940-07-13Pilot Spitfire R6688 stalled during dogfight training and crashed and burned at Balsham. Whittlesford Churchyard Age 23

229 Bird-WilsonHarold Arthur Cooper 'Birdie'Plt Off40335British17 Sqd



Hurricane11Survived warBird-Wilson commenced his operational service in France and during the Battle of Britain until he was seriously wounded in action on 24 September 1940. Slightly wounded on 1940-09-25 at 09:55hrs. Baled out of his Hurricane I (P3878) at Chatham after combat with a Bf 109 (Adolph Galland) of JG 26. AVM 1970

Bentwaters 1945 by Mustang of 17 Sqd
230 BirkettThomasPlt Off87634RAFVRBritish219 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-11-13Chew Magna Churchyard Age 26
231 BirrellMaurice AndrewMid (FAA)FAABritish804 NAS

79 Sqd

232 BisdeeJohn Derek 'The Bish'Plt Off76575RAFVRBritish609 Sqd



Spitfire9Survived war2000 Age 85Born Weston-super-Mare 1915. RAFVR 1937. Short service commission in December of 1939, joined 609 Sqd, fighting over Dunkirk in support of Operation DYNAMO, and in the Battle of Britain. Rested as an instructor at 61 OTU, and then in command of 601 County of London Sqd. He led twelve 601 Squadron Spitfires off the deck of the USS Wasp en route to the Siege of Malta. Shot down a Ju 88 and then was himself shot down into the sea. Bailed, inflated his dinghy and paddled 6 miles back to Malta. In Malta until the end of June, when he went with 601 to the war in the Western Desert. Left 601 Sqd to become the Military Governor of Lampedusa (an island not far from Malta). Retired as a Group Captain.

233 BisgoodDouglas LeonardPlt Off41896British3 Sqd

234 BitmeadErnest RalphSqd Ldr34139British266 Sqd

310 Sqd Czech

253 Sqd  (CO)

235 BlackAllanSgt107476RAFVRBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1944-02-01Irvine Knadgerhill Cemetery Scotland Age 30

236 BlackHerbert Ernest 'Bert'Sgt740749RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

257 Sqd

32 Sqd

HurricaneWIA1940-11-09Died 9 November 1940 Pilot of Hurricane shot down in combat with Bf 109s and crashed and burned near Ashford, Black badly wounded and died 9 November 1940 Ibstock Churchyard Age 26
237 BlackadderWilliam FrancisFlt Lt90282RAF AAFBritish607 Sqd



Hurricane5Died1997Born in 1913 and went to Edinburgh University. Joined 607 Sqd, Auxiliary Air Force, in early 1936. Full-time service on 24 August 1939. To France in November 1939. He was an Acting Flight Lieutenant and ‘A’ Flight Commander by April 1940 now on Hurricanes. 11 May shared a He 111 and claimed another destroyed, which was not confirmed. On the 18th Blackadder claimed a Do 17 destroyed but his Hurricane was hit by return fire and he made a crash-landing. Sqd withdrawn to England on the 20th. DSO on 4 June, the citation stating that he had shot down three enemy aircraft and carried out several very important reconnaissances of bridges and roads at a time when information was hard to come by. 14 August Blackadder damaged two He 111s and next day he destroyed one near Seaham, Co Durham. Sqd moved to Tangmere at the beginning of September. On the 9th Blackadder shared a Do 17, on the 13th he damaged a Ju 88, on the 14th he shared two Ju 88s, on the 26th he shot down a He 111 and on 4 October he shared a probable He 111. On 24 October 1940 he was detached to RAF Turnhouse as Sector Controller. He later performed the same function at Usworth, Ouston, Prestwick and Ayr. He received a Mention in Despatches (1.1.41). Commanded 245 Sqd from June 1941 to July 1942. Posted to 10 Group as Controller at Rudloe Manor, later going to HQ Fighter Command as Wing Commander Tactics. He moved to HQ Allied Expeditionary Forces. Final wartime posting was CO of the Air Fighting Development Unit at Wittering. OBE on 1 January 1945. Released from the RAF in November. Rejoined 607 in the AAF in September 1946 and served with it until December 1948, after which he commanded the Northumberland Wing of the ATC until February 1951. Blackadder died in 1997.
238 BlackwoodGeorge Douglas MorantSqd Ldr32181British213 Sqd

310 Sqd Czech (CO)

HurricaneDiedLeader of 310 Sqd (Czech) flying Hurricanes. On patrol on 1940-08-26 when hit by the return fire from some Dornier Do 17s over Clacton at 15:55hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3887) unhurt.
239 BlairCharles EdwardPlt Off78743RAFVRBritish600 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-04-25Runnymede Age 33
240 BlairKHBritish151 Sqd

DFC &B Bar
HurricaneServed in France with 85 Sqd. Destroyed two He 111s on the 10th of May 1940 and was awarded the DFC on the 31st of May 1940. Blair scored five more victories with 151 Sqd during the Battle of Britain. In 1943 he took command of 613 Sqd a Mosquito unit for precision daylight attacks. End of his tour received the Bar to his DFC
241 BlaizePierre MichelPlt Off30490French111 Sqd

242 BlakeArthur Giles 'Admiral'Sub Lt (FAA)FAABritish19 Sqd

Spitfire5KIA1940-10-29 Age 23Born in Northumberland in 1917. Educated at Slough Grammar School and went to the Royal Navy College. He joined the Fleet Air Arm and qualified as a pilot in January 1940. Transferred from the Royal Navy to the Royal Air Force, one of 58 naval pilots loaned to the RAF during the Batte of Britain. To 7 OTU on Spitfires. To 19 Sqd at Duxford. Shot down He111 on 9th September 1940, a Bf109 and a share of an He111 on 15th September 1940 and two Bf109s on 17th September 1940. Killed 29 October 1940 in Spirfire P7423 QY-Y was shot down by one or more German aircraft, and crashed at Oak Lodge in New London Road, Chelmsford at 5.12 pm. He taken off with eleven of his squadron at 4.15 pm to patrol over Kent. It was his third patrol of the day. Earlier the squadron had been airborne from 10.40 am to 12.10 pm and 1.30 pm and 3.15 pm to patrol on a line between Maidstone and Sheerness during which no enemy aircraft had been seen. During his final patrol comrades in 19 Squadron spotted seven Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft above them but they were unable to engage them. It is thought that one or more of the Bf 109’s, which had probably participated in an afternoon raid on North Weald Aerodrome, swept down and attacked his aircraft which was flying as weaver alone behind the rest of 19 Squadron. It is likely that Sub Lieutenant Blake was killed at his controls during the attack and before his stricken aircraft crashed because it was observed from Chelmsford to make several loops before a final plunge from a southerly direction into Oak Lodge, probably passing over Prince’s Road and Moulsham Street in its final moments.

Killed 1940-10-29 when Spitfire II (P7423) crashed near Chelmsford, Essex after an encounter with Bf 109 at 17:15hrs. during a patrol over London and crashed at Chelmsford. Langley Marish Churchyard England

243 BlakeMinden Vaughn 'Mindy'Sqd Ldr later W/Cdr36095RAFNew Zealander238 Sqd

234 Sqd



Spitfire/Hurricane9SurvivedDied 30 November 1981Son of a country schoolmaster, Mindon Vaughn 'Mindy' Blake was born at Eketahuna, New Zealand 1913-02-13. Graduated from Canterbury University in 1934 with an MSc (Hons) in mathematics. New Zealand pole vault champion in 1936, he went on to take RAF titles in the sport both before and after the war. In October 1937 Blake joined 17 Sqd, equipped with Gauntlet biplane fighters. Flight commander in June 1938 as the Squadron re-equipped with Hurricanes. On 1939-09-08 Blake escaped when his engine cut after he had overshot his airfield making a night landing. In complete darkness he slowed the Hurricane to stalling speed at 300 feet, hit the chimney of Purley Hospital and crashed on to the foundations of the new nurses' home. He escaped with eighteen stitches in his scalp. The cause of the engine seizure was hay in the air intake and a modification by Rolls Royce subsequently prevented further occurrences of this problem. In April 1940 he was posted as an instructor but in the August took command of 238 Sqd then moved on to command 234 Sqd in late September. During the Battle of Britain Blake destroyed three enemy aircraft and shared another. In late November he shot down a Do 17 and shared another leading to the award of the DFC. Stayed on in the RAF until his retirement in 1958. He continued to live in England until his death there in November 1981.Wg Cdr - Dieppe raid 1942. 238 Sqd CO Aug 234 Sqd CO Sep
244 BlakeRPOBritish54 Sqd

245 BlandJohn WellburnPlt Off90895RAFBritish601 Sqd

501 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-18 Age 30Shot down and killed on 1940-08-18 at 13:35hrs in a Hurricane I (P3208). One of four Hurricanes from the Squadron shot down over Canterbury by Gerhard Schöpfel of III Gruppe of JG 26 flying a Bf 109. Hurricane P3208 crashed following attack by a JG26 Pilot. Gravesend Cemetery England

246 BlaneWilliam HigginsSgtBritish604 Sqd

247 BlatchfordHoward Peter 'Cowboy'Flt Lt37715RAFCanadian17 Sqd

257 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1943-05-03Wg Cdr shot down in combat over Netherlands; aged 31; Born Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 25 February 1912; son of Kenneth A and Grace L Blatchford of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Remembered on Panel 118, Runnymede Memorial. Age 31
248 BlayneyAdolf JarvisPlt Off90538British609 Sqd

249 BlenkharnFrankSgt1002007British25 Sqd

250 BloomeleyDavid HenryPlt Off40665British151 Sqd

HurricaneShot down a Bf 110 over Dunkirk in May 1940. Later in the war flew night-intruder Mosquitos. Awarded DFC. on 26 of October 1943, with four enemy aircraft destroyed at that time. After the war received the AFC on the 10th of June 1954.
251 BloorErnestSgt564830RAFBritish46 Sqd

1 Sqd

HurricaneWIAKIA1941-08-27Born in Leeds 5th March 1914. Cockburn High School, Leeds. Joined RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice in September 1930 and passed out in August 1933. Later applied for pilot training. Injured on 1940-09-03 at 10:45hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3063) with slight burns over Canewdon near to Foulness. With 46 Sqd at the start of the Battle of Britain. 3rd September 1940 shot down in combat over Canewdon and baled out, with slight burns on his face. Hurricane, P3024, crashed into the sea wall at Beckney Farm, South Fambridge. Killed 27th August 1941 with 1 Sqd in Hurricane, Z3843, crashed near Horsham during a searchlight co-operation flight. His engine failed and he bailed out too low. Stamford Cemetery England Age 27

252 BlowKenneth Leslie OwenSgt751684RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

272 Sqd

487 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1943-12-10 Age 22Joined RAFVR June 1939 as an Airman u/t Observer. Full-time service on 1st September 1939. Joined 235 Sqd at Bircham Newton from 4 B&GS West Freugh on 26 March 1940 and served with it throughout the Battle of Britain. 19 November 1940 posted with flight to RAF Aldergrove. Joined forces with a flight from 236 Squadron to reform 272 Sqd. First operational sortie with 272 on the 24 November 1940. 1943 with 487 Sqd as a Warrant Officer on Mosquitos. DFC 15 June 1943. Lost 10 December 1943 in Mosquito FB VI HX975 which failed to return to Sculthorpe from a sweep over Germany. Hit by flak and struck a tree while force-landing near Den Ham in Holland. Mosquito HX975/O damaged by flak, hit tree crashlanding in an area locally known as 'Lindevlie'", south of Vroomshoop, 2 kms south-east of Den Ham, time 14.52 hrs. Also killed in the crash was F/Sgt (Pilot) Thomas MAIR - 656406 ( F/Sgt Mair 656406 indicates he was serving in the British Army and transferred to the RAF around May, 1941), buried same cemetery as Blow. Den Ham General Cemetery

253 BoddingtonMichael Christopher Bindloss 'Bodd'Sgt (Later Sqd Ldr)88017RAFVRBritish249 Sqd

234 Sqd

118 Sqd

286 Sqd

19 Sqd (CO)

242 Sqd (CO)



Spitfire11.5Survived warJanuary 1977.Born Hawkshead, Lancashire England July 1914. Joined the RAFVR in 1937 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939. Posted to 10 FTS Tern Hill on the 9 September on No. 13 Course. Completed on 6th November 1939. 5 OTU Aston Down on 6 May 1940. Converted to Spitfires Joined 249 Sqd on 29th May. Posted to 234 Sqd at Church Fenton on 9 June 1940. Do17 destroyed 12 August, Ju88 on14 August, two Me110s on 4 September and destroyed Me109s on 5 and 6 September. Got a Ju88 on 28 October, damaged a He111 on 2nd November, damaged a Ju88 on the 29th and destroyed a Do17 on 5th December. Commissioned in November. DFM 26 November 1940. Damaged a Ju88 on 15 February 1941. Posted to 118 Sqd at Filton as a Flight Commander. September 1941 to HQ 10 Group. End 1941 joined 286 Sqd at Filton on anti-aircraft co-operation duties. September 1942 Boddington commanded 19 Squadron at Perranporth. In May 1943 posted to North Africa to command 242 Sqd. To Malta in June and to Lentini East in Sicily in July 1943. Got a Me109 and a He111 destroyed on 10 July, shared a Ju88 the next day and destroyed a Me110 on the 13 July. DFC 10 September 1943. Commanded 242 until its disbandment at Gragnano on 4th November 1944. Released from the RAF in February 1946 as a Squadron Leader. He settled in New Guinea but later returned to the UK

DFC Citation: In operations against Sicily, this officer led his squadron with great skill contributing materially to the successes obtained. Within the first three days of the invasion of the island, Squadron Leader Boddington shot down three and shared in the destruction of another enemy aircraft. This officer, who has displayed fine fighting qualities, has destroyed 12 hostile aircraft.

254 BodieCrelin Arthur Walford 'Bogle'Plt Off42790RAFBritish66 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA1942-02-24In combat, force-landed Spitfire I ( X4321) by Barnhurst Lane, Hawkinge at 12:30hrs on the 1940-09-07. Head-on confrontation with a Messerschmitt BF 109 over Tenterden on the 1940-10-05. Faughanvale St. Canice Churchyard Nothern Ireland Age 21

Bodie's Spitfire

After head on with Me109

255 Boitel-GillDerek Pierre AumaleFlt Lt28142RAFBritish152 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA1941-08-18Landed Spitfire I (K9954) at Cherbourg after combat with a Bf 109 over Portland on the 1940-08-15. Uninjured. Spitfire I was a write-off. Wg Cdr. West Norwood Cemetery England Age 30

256 BoltonHenry AlbertSgt754530RAFVRBritish79 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-31Crashed while landing battle damaged Hurricane I (V7200) at Kenley on 1940-08-31 at 16:00hrs. He was killed. Shot down in combat over RAF Kenley and crashed attempting a forced landing at Warlingham. Hartlepool Stranton Cemetery Age 21
257 Bon SeigneurCamille RobespierrePlt Off42791RAFCanadian257 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-03Killed on 1940-09-03 at 10:45hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3518) but was killed after combat over Ingatestone, Essex. Saffron Walden Cemetery England Age 22

258 BootPeter VictorPlt Off754530British1 Sqd

259 BoothGlendon BulmarSgt748586RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneWIA1941-02-07Shot down on 1940-09-01. Baled out of Hurricane I (L2071) near Purley with his parachute ablaze at 14:15hrs and was badly wounded. Aircraft severely damaged by a cannon shell. Parachute partially damaged which caused him to descend too rapidly. Purley Hospital with a fractured leg, arm and vertebrae to the spine. Died from his wounds on February 1941-02-07 Died 7 February 1941 Beckenham Crematorium and Cemetery

260 BoothJ JSqd Ldr1002642British23 Sqd

600 Sqd

261 BoretRobert JohnPlt Off42554RAFBritish41 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-11-16216 Sqd aircraft ran out of fuel at sea between HMS Argus and Malta. (same incident as James Richard Walker) Born London, 8 Nov 1919; son of Air Cdr. John A. Boret, CBE, MC, AFC, who commanded 41 Squadron from May 1933-Mar 1937; Runnymede Panel 7 Age 20
262 BorowskiJanFg OffP-0250 171689PAFPolish302 Sqd Polish
Virtuti Militari

Medal Lotniczy

HurricaneKIFA1940-10-18Allocated on October 17, 1940 to 302 Sqd. He died the next day during the Battle of Britain. From RAF Tangmere in Hurricane P3930 on combat flight tp intercep German fighters. On his return, he collided with a barrier balloon cable near Sunbury, Middlesex and crashed to the ground. Crashed and burned at Kempton Park race course in bad weather returning from a patrol. Northwood Cemetery Age 28
Archiwum Database
Archive Report P3930

263 BoswellReginald ArthurSgt42554British19 Sqd

264 BouldingR J EFg Off742295British74 Sqd
265 BoulterJohn CliffordFg Off37757RAFBritish603 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1941-02-17 Age 28Boulter was born near London, England in 1912. He was granted a short service commission with the RAF in 1936. By October of that year, he was posted to No. 1 Squadron at RAF Tangmere flying the mighty Hawker Fury, one of the last biplane fighters of the RAF. This was followed by a turn with 72 Squadron at RAF Church Fenton flying the Gloster Gladiator. In September of 1939 he joined 603 Squadron at RAF Turnhouse, flying the Supermarine Spitfire. During the “Phoney War” he did get a crack at the enemy, damaging a Heinkel He 111. In March, as the war heated up in Western Europe, a taxiing accident put him in the hospital. By August he was back in the thick of things, becoming an ace and receiving a DFC for his efforts. In February of 1941, he was involved in an accident at RAF Drem. His Spitfire was struck by a landing Hurricane as he was readying for takeoff and he died later of his injuries. He was 28 years old. Killed in accident. Dirleton Cemetery England

266 BoultonJohn EricPlt Off40362RAFBritish603 Sqd

310 Sqd Czech

Spitfire/HurricaneKIA1940-09-09Hurricanes with 310 Sqd and Spitfires with 603 Sqd. Killed on 1940-09-9 at 17:35hrs. Hurricane I (P3888) collided with a Hurricane I (R4084) (flown by G.L.Sinclair) and then into a Do 17 whilst in combat over Croydon. Wallington Bandon Hill Cemetery

267 BouquillardHenri Jacques Marie AntoineAdjutantFFAFFrench615 Sqd 249 SqdHurricane IIa Z27572 enemy aircraft destroyedSurvivedKIA1941-03-11Born at Nevers, France on 14th June 1908

Courtesy Oleg Marin

268 BowenCharles EarleFlt Lt39488RAFBritish607 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-02Baled out Hurricane I (P5205) safely on 1940-09-26 over Kaylthorpe, Isle Of Wight at 16:20hrs. KIA. on 1940-10-01. Hurricane I (V6686) was shot down by a Bf 110 over the Isle of Wight at 10:50hrs. Hurricane P2900 shot down in combat with BF 110s over the Isle of Wight, Bowen missing. Runnymede Age 24
269 BowenFDPOBritish264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
270 BowenNigel GreenstreetPlt Off41984RAFBritish266 Sqd
Spitfire2KIA1940-08-16Destroyed a Bf 109 over Dunkirk in June, and a Ju 88 on 1940-08-12. Shot down and killed in his Spitfire I (N3095) by Bf 109s at Adisham, Kent on 1940-08-16, at 12:45hrs. Wallingford Cemetery Age 20

271 BowenPeter DuncanPlt Off42481RAFVRBritish264 Sqd

MIA1944-02-13Runnymede Age 23
272 Bowen-MorrisHughSgtBritish92 Sqd
Spitfire2.5Survived war1991-02-09Born in Dorset England on 17th February 1920. Joined RAFVR in June 1939. Training at 9 E&RFTS Ansty. To 3 ITW at Hastings and then to 3 FTS Hamble in November. Also 14 FTS Kinloss and FTS Cranfield. August 1940 to 7 OTU Hawarden for Spitfires conversioin. Joined 66 Sqd, then 610 Sqd and finally went to 92 Sqf at Biggin Hill on 12th September. September 27, flying as Red 3 he destroyed a JU 88 with Red 2, Tony Bartley. They saw it crash into a field near Sheerness in Kent. Crashed on landing back at Biggin Hill, damaging Spitfire R6760. He destroyed a Me109 on 12th May 1941 and another on 16th June. Shot down during a convoy protection sortie off France on 23rd June 1941 in Spitfire V R6761. The convoy was attacked by enemy bombers, whilst Hugh and the others were trying to stop the bombers sinking the convoy they were attacked by the bomber’s fighter escort. During the melee a 20mm cannon shell penetrated Hugh’s cockpit and exploded, initial pain in his right arm turned to numbness. With his right arm refusing to move, landing was not going to be easy, however he survived a wheels up landing with no further damage. As he attempted to climb out of his cockpit he noticed that his arm was only attached to him by a small piece of flesh. he managed to climb out, losing consciousness as he did so. Hugh woke up to find himself in the Luftwaffe Hospital in St. Omer his shattered right arm having been amputated. In an exchange of prisoners in October 1943 Bowen-Morris was repatriated by the Red Cross via Sweden. Discharged from the RAF on 9th June 1944 as a Warrant Officer.

CH Saunders: TEJ Ream: Hugh Bowen-Morris: RH Fokes examining wreckage of Ju87 when Stuka J9 + BK of 2./StG1 was shot down just outside Manston airfield on 5th February 1941. Lt. E Schimmelpfennig and OberGf. H Kaden were killed. (see Kracker Luftwaffe Archive on this site)

273 BowermanOswald RobertSgt741649RAFVRBritish222 Sqd

MiDHurricaneKIA1942-10-24Alamein Memorial Age 26
274 BowmanLeonard DouglasSgt741649British141 Sqd

275 BowringBenjamin HarveyFg Off174743British111 Sqd

600 Sqd

Signed cover
276 BowyerWalter StaffordFlt Lt39607RAFSouth African257 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1942-01-24Eastbourne Ocklynge Cemetery England

277 BoydArchibald Douglas McNeillFg Off72461RAFBritish600 Sqd

219 Sqd (CO)


Blenheim10Died2014-01-041940-09-30 flew 600 Sqd first patrol with a Beaufighter. Successful night fighter, teaming up with P/O A.J.Glegg to shoot down ten enemy aircraft. Awarded DFC on 1942-01-09 and DSO 1944-03-03.


278 BoydRobert FinlayFlt Lt90165RAF AAFBritish602 Sqd


DFC & Bar

Spitfire15+ (Sqd historian say 28)Survived war1975 Age 61602 Sqd from the outbreak of the War and through the Battle of Britain. Shot down 9 with 6 shared (6 being Bf 109's with 2 Ju 87's and a Do 17.)

Born East Kilbride. Joined 602 Auxiliary Squadron. Score rose during the Battle of Britain and his two DFCs came one month after the other in September and October of 1940. After the Battle of Britain, Boyd was rested at 58 OTU at RAF Grangemouth, training day fighter pilots until December of 1941. Assigned to lead the Spitfire wing at RAF Kenley. Survived the war as a triple ace, released from the RAF in 1945.

From Scottish newspaper: In July 1941 he was promoted to command of 58 Operational Training Unit RAF (Grangemouth), and then as Wing Leader at Kenley. As a war-time pilot, Findlay Boyd has few equals in the annals of aviation, serving continuously throughout the Second World War. 602 Squadron’s historian, Wing Commander Hector Maclean, wrote in his definitive history Fighters in Defence (Glasgow, 1999) that 'Like Baron Richthofen and Mick Mannock, the two aces of the Great War who ran up the highest score of victories for their respective sides, Findlay regarded a fighter aeroplane as a gun platform. In the air, Findlay tended to wait for his opportunity. Then he would move in with rapid and devastating effect. He flew right through the war with very few breaks – Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Wing leader, and then as Acting Group Captain Operations in Burma.' Maclean adds that 'He is said to have destroyed 28 enemy aircraft.' When posted in June 1942 to the Far East Findlay Boyd commanded 293 Wing in Burma. His citations for his Distinguished Service Order and Distinguished Flying Cross (to which a Bar was later added), speak to his status as, arguably, the most successful of the Battle of Britain pilots. His DSO citation in April 1942, was quoted nationally: 'Since December, 1941, this officer has led a wing on many operational missions. Much of the outstanding successes which have been obtained can be attributed to the leadership, skill and fighting spirit of this officer.' Leaving the RAF in 1945 as Group Captain, Boyd flew post-war charter flights for Scottish Aviation. He later moved to Skye, where he kept the Ferry Inn at Uig, having converted the mid-19th century house to an hotel and public house. His medals are in the 602 Squadron Museum in Glasgow.

279 BoyleCyrilSgt143945British236 Sqd

280 BoyleJohn Greer 'Beryl'Flying Officer40204RAFCanadian41 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-09-28KIA on 1940-09-28. Shot down in his Spitfire I X4426 over Charing, Kent at around 10:30hrs. Born Casselman, Ontario, Canada, 27 March 1914. Lynsted New Churchyard Age 26
281 BractonSgtBritish602 Sqd

282 BrahamJohn Randall Daniel 'Bob'Sqd Ldr (later Wng Cmdr)RAFBritish29 Sqd

DSO & 2 Bars

DFC & 2 Bars

Croix de Guerre (Belgian)


Blenheim29Died29 Sqd during the Battle of Britain as an intruder and night flying pilot in Blenheims. Born 1920-04-06. One of the most decorated servicemen in war. First Kill 1940-08-29. Final score for the war was 29 kills 19 of them being at night.
Braham (L) with his Navigator Bob Gregory in 1943
283 BramahHenry George KenelmSub Lt (FAA)FAABritish213 Sqd

HurricaneHurricane (N2541) on patrol on 1940-07-15. Baled out after attacking a Do 17 over Portland at 13:20hrs. Aircraft crashed off Dartmouth. Bramah escaped with injuries.
284 BrashGeorge BrownSgt639109RAFBritish248 Sqd

Blenheim R3626MIA1940-10-01Born Edinburgh. Joined RAF in March 1939 as an Aircrafthand. Later remustered Airman u/t Wop/AG. Posted to 248 Sqd at Dyce in July 1940. On 28th September Brash was one of the crew of a Blenheim which damaged a Do18 over the North Sea. His aircraft was hit by return fire and the pilot, P/O CC Bennett, and Brash were slightly wounded. With his fuel tanks damaged, Bennett headed rapidly for home. Enemy aircraft had to land on the sea and was abandoned by its crew before it sank. Brash failed to return from a reconnaissance operation to the Norwegian coast on 1st October 1940 in Blenheim R3626. Brash and Clarke Runnymede Panel 12. Bennett Runnymede Panel 7

285 BreezeReginald ArthurSgt54089RAFVRBritish222 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1945-01-28Calais Southern Cemetery France

286 BrejchaVáclavSgt787506RAFVRCzech43 Sqd

Hurricane1KIA1941-06-19Scottow Cemetery Age 26

287 BrennanJack StephenSgt391875RNZAFNew Zealander23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-08-21Enlisted May 1937 age 18. Ground accident. During flare path duty, struck by a Blenheim. Age 22 Buried Wittering Churchyard Cemetery, Lincolnshire, England Row C. grave 8.

Courtesy Auckland Library Heritage Collection

288 BrettColin Peter NoelFg Off39850British17 Sqd
289 BrewsterJohnFg Off90995RAF AAFBritish615 Sqd 616 SqdHurricaneKIA1941-04-06Stanton St Quinton Age 25
290 BriereYves JPlt OffFrench232 Sqd

291 BrieseCarl EFg OffCanadian1 Sqd (RCAF)

292 BriggsDennis RushworthSgt580535RAFBritish236 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-12-21Bayeux War Cemetery Age 24
293 BriggsMFPOBritish234 Sqd

294 BrightVernon MaxwellPlt Off41250RAFBritish229 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1942-09-24Southampton Old Cemetery Age 26
295 BrimbleGeorge WilliamSgt745431RAFVRBritish242 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-12-01Khartoum War Cemetery Age 23
296 BrimbleJohn JosephSgt741563RAFVRBritish73 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-14Shot down over Maidstone, Kent in his Hurricane I (P2542) at about 16:05hrs Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 23
297 BrinsdenFrancis Noel 'Fanny'Fg OffNZ/40338RAFNew Zealander19 Sqd

SpitfireSurvivedPoW Stalag Luft III, Sagan and Belaria1940-08-31 baled out of his Spitfire I (R6958) after combat over the Thames Estuary. Retired RAF Wg Cdr 1966. Born18 July 1918 Auckland, New Zealand, the son of John and Olive Brennan, of Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. Provisionally accepted for short service commission in RAF 1937. He later became a Mosquito night-fighter pilot with No. 25 Squadron. On 17 August 1943 he flew a low-level intruder sortie as part of the Bomber Command raid on the Nazi V-weapon establishment at Peenemünde but his aircraft crashed after hitting the sea and he was taken prisoner. Blinded by search light while flying low, aircraft hit sea. After his release he joined an RAF unit tracing missing Allied aircrew. Transferred to RNZAF 1944 27 June 1947: Granted permanent commission in RAF. July 1948: Command of 141 Squadron
1951: Posted to Air H.Q. Malaya, attached to Kuala Lumpur as operations officer. After his retirement he moved to Australia. (Info courtesy AM New Zealand)

At ease in the spartan living accommodation at Fowlmere, the satellite airfield of Duxford, late September 1940.

298 BrittonAllen Walter NaylorFg Off72033RAFVRBritish263 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-12-12Runnymede Age 23
299 BrittonHenry Wilfred ArthurPlt Off42458RAFBritish17 Sqd
HurricaneKIA1940-08-06Pilot . Wimbish Churchyard Age 19
300 BroadhurstHarry 'Broady'Wg Cdr24035RAFBritish1 Sqd



DSO & Bar

DFC & Bar


Hurricane13Died1995-08-29Born in 1905 in Frimley, Surrey, England. Transferred from Army to RAF. Joined 11 Sqd in India in 1928 on Westland Wapiti and Hawker Hart over the North West frontier. To the United Kingdom in 1931, joining 41 Sqd on Bristol Bulldog. By the mid-1930s, Broadhurst was an accomplished pilot, flying fighters and doing acrobatics at air shows, gaining a reputation as an aerial daredevil with a flair for aerial acrobatics. In 1936, as a Flight Lieutenant, he was personally congratulated by the king on his aerobatic showing in the Gloster Gauntlet. Awarded an Air Force Cross in 1937, he served at the RAF Staff College in Andover. In January 1939 he was posted as Officer Commanding No. 111 Squadron. In December 1940 he was posted to command the Hornchurch Sector of No. 11 Group Fighter Command, and continued to fly on operations, even as a group captain. On 4 July 1941, leading 54 Sqd, he was involved in a dogfight with Bf 109s, claiming two shot down before he was hit and his aircraft badly damaged. Hit by flak over Cap Gris Nez, he managed to return to base, belly landing his crippled Spitfire. On 7 July 1941 his Spitfire was hit and damaged by Hauptmann Josef Priller of JG 26. In May 1942 he became Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO), No. 11 Group, although he continued to fly operationally where possible. His final kill claims were made on 19 August 1942, bringing his total to 13 destroyed, seven probables and 10 damaged.

Flew Hurricanes with 85 Sqd in France. Hurricane painted with the letters 'H B' on either side of the fuselage and often flew at night to intercept enemy bombers until he was hit by flak on 1940-06-27 whilst chasing a Heinkel 111. He landed safely at Coltishall. He was the C/O of Wittering Sector Station during the Battle of Britain.

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