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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
1601 LewisAlbert Gerald 'Zulu'Plt OffSouth African616 Sqd

504 Sqd

85 Sqd

249 Sqd

AFC & Bar
Hurricane17WIA1990Radar operator in Blenheims with 25 Sqd in the Battle of Britain. Later rose to the rank of Group Captain. AFC and bar and Polar Medal and had the Lewis Chain of rocky features in Antarctica named in his honour. Born in May 1922, attended Warwick School. Joined the RAFVR as an Aircrafthand in February 1940. Just after the Battle of Britain he was promoted to Sergeant and flew his first Beaufighter sortie. He later served in North Africa and trained as a pilot in Canada. He was granted a permanent commission in 1947. From May 1955 Lewis led the RAF party with the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, under the leadership of Vivian Fuchs, who would receive a Knighthood. Lewis left for the Antarctic in November 1955 and returned to the UK in March 1956. He returned to the Antarctic in November 1956 and finally came home in August 1958. He was responsible for the purchase of aircraft and spares, organising and running air surveys and providing close support for the expedition party in the field. In January 1958 Lewis became the first person to make a Trans-Antarctic flight in a single-engined aircraft. He flew from South Ice to Scott Base on the Ross Sea.

Flew with 616 Sqd at the outbreak of hostilities and then moved to 504 Sqd fighting in France. Then moved to 85 Sqd still in France where he claimed 9 kills. Stayed with 85 Sqd until August and shot down two more Germans. Then joined 249 Sqd. 27 September he claimed 6 kills, two probables and one damaged. Baled out of Hurricane I (V6617) badly burned on the 28 September 1940 over Faversham at 14:20hrs.

Dickie Lee and Albert Lewis, good friends on 85 Sqn until Lee went missing during the Battle of Britain. Albert Lewis went on to become a high scoring ace during the war. The drawing by Steve Teasdale has been signed in pencil by the artist and 23 veterans of the Battle of Britain. The signatures are: Roy McGowan, Bob Doe, Wilf Sizer, Len Davies, Bob Foster, Vivian Snell, Terry Clark, Ken Lusty, Ken Wilkinson, Tom Neil, Jack Toombs, Albert Gregory, John Ellacombe, Robert Haylock, Ken Lee, Nigel Rose, Basil Stapleton, Jocelyn Millard, Arthur Piper, CE Smith, Keith Aldridge, Ben Bent and Bill Green. (Courtesy

Portrait by Eric Kennington
1602 LewisCharles SydneySgt182072British600 Sqd

1603 LewisRaymond GrantPlt Off (later F/O)41852RAFCanadian401 Sqd RCAF

1604 LewisWilliam GeorgeSgt (later Flt Sgt)967100RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-07-14Mynyddbach Congregational Chapelyard Wales
1605 LilleyRobertSgt801556RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1944-04-28Wireless Operator/Navigator. Heverlee War Cemetery Belgium
1606 LilliePSgtBritish264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
1607 LimpennyEric RonaldSgt189634British64 Sqd

1608 LindsayAlec IanPlt Off (later Flt Lt)83982RAFVRBritish72 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA shot down by friendly AA1942-10-23Born Nairobi on 14th August 1918. Educated at King's School, Bruton, Somerset. Joined RAFVR June 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Trained at 6 E&RFTS, Sywell. Called up on 1st September 1939. Commissioned July 1940 and joined 72 Sqd at Croydon on 11th September. In early 1941 Lindsay was posted to 58 OTU, Grangemouth, as an instructor. He went to the Merchant Ship Fighter Unit, Speke in July and then joined 185 Squadron in Malta in August 1942. On 23rd October killed in Spitfire V EP685 which dived into the ground near Dingli, Malta after having its tail shot away by friendly AA fire. Malta Capuccini Naval Cemetery

1609 LinesArthur PeterFg Off39742British17 Sqd
1610 LingardJohn GranvillePlt Off44774British25 Sqd

1611 LinneyAnthony StuartPlt Off41717British229 Sqd

1612 LipscombeAlfred JohnSgt759213RAFVRBritish600 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-09-20Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. Hendon Crematorium and Cemetery Age 22
1613 ListerRobert Charles FranklinSqd Ldr33118British41 (CO) Sqd

92 Sqd
SpitfireWIADiedTook over command of 41 Sqd from Squadron Leader H.R.L.Hood on the 8 September 1940. Wounded on the 14 September 1940 when he baled out of Spitfire I (R6605) after combat with a Bf 109. He had another combat with a Bf 109 on 24 September whilst with 92 Sqd and was wounded again in the legs. Spitfire I (X4427) was damaged in the combat but repaired and used again.
1614 LitchfieldPeterPlt Off76461RAFBritish610 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-07-18On patrol 18 July 1940 in Spitfire I (P9452 'DW-2'). KIA when shot down by a Bf 109 from Gruppe II of JG 51 flown by Hptm H.Tietzen North of Calais at 10:00hrs. Spitfire P9452 was shot down in combat just north of Calais. Runnymede
1615 LitsonFrederick William RonaldSgt145432British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
1616 LittleArthur GuthriePlt Off78546RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warJune 1986 in LondonBorn 18 May 1910. Joined the RAFVR March 1940 with a direct-entry commission as an Air Gunner. Joined 235 Sqd at Bircham Newton in May 1940. No. 8 Gunnery Leaders Course at CGS Warmwell from 16th July to 9th August 1940. Rejoined 235 on the 13th and served with it during the rest of the Battle of Britain period. No further service details till released from the RAF in 1945 as a Flight Lieutenant.
1617 LittleBernard WilliamsonFg Off90326British609 Sqd


1618 LittleJames HaywardFlt Lt (later W/C)90125RAF AAFBritish219 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1943-06-12Hoylake Grange Cemetery Age 31

1619 LittleRonaldSgt754893RAFVRBritish238 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-09-28Crashed at Burton Bradstock at 16:30hrs on 13 August 1940 in combat over Portland in Hurricane I (P3805), escaped injury. Shot down and killed 28 September 1940, Hurricane I (N2400) was shot down over the channel by a Bf 109 at 14:45hrs. Runnymede Age 22
1620 LittleThomas BurgessFg OffC/1117RCAFCanadian401 Sqd RCAF

HurricaneWIAMIA1941-08-27Shot down during an attack on He 111s over Tunbridge on 11 September 1940 at 16:15hrs, baled out of Hurricane I (P3534), wounded in the leg and with burns. On escort when he collided with a Spitfire over the Channel in Hurricane II-b (Z5001) on 27 August 1941 Runnymede Age 24
1621 LittleSqd LdrBritish600 Sqd

1622 LlewellynArthur John AlexanderFg Off (later Sqd Ldr)39998RAFBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-03-24Singapore Memorial
1623 LlewellynReginald ThomasSgt47380British213 Sqd


Hurricane11WIA11 kills during the Battle. 15 September 1940 baled out of Hurricane I (P3113) and severely wounded following combat with a Bf 110 over Hawkhurst, at 15:00hrs. DFM
1624 LloydACBritish29 Sqd

Flew only 1 operational sortie
1625 LloydDavid EdwardSgt (later P/O)115061RAFVRBritish64 Sqd

19 Sqd

92 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1942-03-17Born Wanstead, Essex. Joined RAFVR July 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939. After training posted to 64 Sqd at Leconfield on 28th August 1940. On 5th September crashed in Spitfire P9563 while on a routine patrol but escaped unhurt. Posted to 19 Sqd at Fowlmere on 12th September and shared in destroying a Ju88 on the 18th. To 92 Sqd at Biggin Hill in November. Claimed a Me109 damaged on 1st December. To 63 OTU as an instructor on 19th August 1941. Commissioned in January 1942. Killed on 17th March in a mid-air collision while flying as number three in an OTU formation. His Spitfire IIa P7307 collided with F/Sgt. TA Krieger in Spitfire Vb BM140 of 315 (Polish) Squadron over Hayes, Middlesex. Krieger was also killed. Wanstead St Mary Churchyard England Age 22

Archive report

1626 LloydJohn PhillipPlt Off83983RAFVRBritish72 Sqd

64 Sqd

Spitfire1WIASurvived war8th August 1971 in BasingstokeBorn on 1st March 1916. Joined RAFVR July 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939. Training at 10 FTS Ternhill on No. 19 Course, which ran from 11th April to 24th July 1940. Commissioned in July and was posted to No. 1 School of Army Co-operation at Old Sarum on 27th July. Lloyd arrived at 5 OTU Aston Down on 5th August, converted to Spitfires, posted to 64 Sqd at Leconfield about the 20th. First operational sortie on the 24th. To 72 Sqd at Croydon on 11th September. Destroyed a Me109 on the 14th and damaged a He111 on the 15th. Spitfire, P9368 was seriously damaged in combat with Me109's on the 18th, forced-landing at Martin Mill, Dover, seriously wounded. Posted to RAF Biggin Hill as non-effective sick. RAF Middle Wallop on 21st December 1940, AFC 1st January 1943). Service is currently unknown until 8th August 1944 when he was serving with 21 Squadron at Thorney Island and took off on a night intruder sortie over Normandy. Mosquito FBVI NS978 came down, cause unknown, and Lloyd and his navigator, F/O WA Roe DFC, were made prisoner. Released from the RAF in 1945, as a Squadron Leader.

Seriously wounded 18 September 1940 while on patrol, force-landed Spitfire I (P9368) at 10:30hrs near Dover. Lloyd had been in combat with a Bf 109.
1627 LloydPhilip DavidSgt745794RAFVRBritish41 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-10-15Born in Loughton, Essex. Joined the RAFVR in September 1938, as an Airman u/t Pilot, and did his weekend flying at Stapleford Tawney. Arrived at 7 OTU, Hawarden on 12 August 1940 and joined 41 Sqd, flying Spitfires, at Catterick in early September. First operational sortie 12 October, when the squadron was at Hornchurch. Three days later Sergeant Lloyd was shot down and killed in a surprise attack by the Austrian-born Luftwaffe ace Hauptmann Josef 'Joschko' Fözö, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. Lloyd’s Spitfire crashed into the Channel. His body was washed ashore near Herne Bay 12 days later. Lloyd was 23. He is buried in the Holy Innocents’ churchyard, High Beach, Essex. He had been married in the same church on 24 August.

Killed 15 October 1940 Spitfire I (X4178) shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 51 off the North Kent Coast at 09:00hrs. His Spitfire X4178 was shot down in a surprise attack by Hptmn Fözö of 4/JG51. High Beach Holy Innocents Church Age 23

1628 LochnanPeter WilliamFg OffC/997RCAFCanadian1 Sqd (RCAF)

HurricaneKIFA1941-05-21Unhurt crash and burned Hurricane I (V6670) 11 September 1940 near Romney, Kent at 16:20hrs. In combat with He 111s and hit by return fire. Brookwood Military Cemetery Age 27
1629 LockEric Stanley 'Sawn Off' 'Lockie'Plt Off (later Flt Lt)81642RAFVRBritish41 Sqd


DFC & Bar
Spitfire26MIA1941-08-03Born in Bayston Hill near Shrewsbury 1920. In 1939 joined the RAFVR, called up on the outbreak of the war. Posted to 41 Sqd August 1940 flying Spitfires. RAF nickname as he was short in stature. DFC 1 October 1940 and Bar to this on the 22nd of October 1940. His score was 26. KIA on 3 August 1941 in a low level attack on gun positions at Calais with 611 Sqd in Spitfire V(W3257). Runnymede

1630 LockhartJamesPlt Off (later Flt Lt)74708RAFVRBritish85 Sqd

213 Sqd (CO)

HurricaneKIA1942-04-05Possibly born China 1916. Commissioned in the RAF in November 1939. 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 14th May 1940 to convert to Hurricanes. To 85 Sqd at Debden, where they had withdrawn from France three days earlier. Moved to 213 Sqd at Tangmere on 16th September 1940, staying with them until November 1941 when he was appointed CO. In January 1942 he was posted to 258 Sqd in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). In the big attack by Japanese carrier-borne aircraft and subsequent air battle over Colombo on 5th April 1942 Lockhart was shot down and killed in Hurricane IIB BD701. He was 26 and is buried in Kanatte cemetery, Colombo.

Commissioned RAF in November 1939, posted to 85 Sqd 24 May 1940. Slightly wounded 24 August 1940 by the Dover A.A. Moved to 213 Sqd at Tangmere 16 September 1940 where he became its commander from November 1941 to January 1942. Moved to 258 Sqd and on 5 April 1942 killed. Kanatte Cemetery at Columbo, Sri Lanka Age 26

1631 LocktonEric EdwardSgt740005RAFVRBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-07-20Sgt E.E.Lockton and gunner (Sgt H.Corcoran) 236 Sqd shot down and killed off Cherbourg by an Bf 109 of JG 27 on 20 July 1940 at 18:20hrs. Flying escort in Blenheim I (L1300).Blenheim L1300 was shot down into the sea off Cherbourg. Runnymede Age 22
1632 LockwoodJoseph CharlesSgt754820RAFVRBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1941-03-03Wallington Bandon Hill Cemetery England Age 22

1633 LoftsKeith TemplePlt Off90483British615 Sqd

249 Sqd

HurricaneCrash landed Hurricane I (V6566) at West Malling after combat with a He 111 15 September 1940. The aircraft was later repaired. Lofts survived when he force landed Hurricane I (V6878) again, near Tenterdern, Kent after combat with a Bf 109 16 October 1940 at 13:10hrs. The aircraft was also repaired.
1634 LoganColinPlt Off44178RAFBritish266 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1941-03-27Brookwood Military Cemetery England Age 29

1635 LogieOrmonde ArthurPlt Off77360British29 Sqd

1636 Long ?SgtBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimService details unknown
1637 LonsdaleJohnPlt Off (later Flt Lt)81682RAFVRBritish3 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1942-11-26Stockton on Tees Durham Road Cemetery Age 28
1638 LonsdaleRobert HenrySgtBritish242 Sqd

501 Sqd

HurricaneBaled out Hurricane I (P2831) safely 9 September 1940 at 17:45hrs. Hit by return fire from a Do 17 over the Thames Estuary.
1639 LookerDavid JohnPlt Off90607British615 Sqd
HurricaneWounded 18 August 1940 at 14:00hrs in Hurricane I (PL1592) in combat with Bf 109 near Sevenoaks in Kent and he was also shot at by the airfield defences at Croydon.
1640 LoudonMalcolm JohnFlt Lt37293British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
Pilot in a Defiant on convoy patrol 19 July 1940. Crash landed at Hawkinge and was wounded after combat with a Bf 109 of JG 51 at 12:45hrs. The gunner (E.Farnes) baled out over the Channel and was rescued. Defiant (L7001) was a write off.
1641 LovellAnthony Desmond JosephPlt Off (later W/C)40402RAFBritish41 Sqd

DSO & Bar

Spitfire1WIAKIA1945-08-17Shot down by Bf 109 of JG 51 on patrol over Dover 28 July 1940 at 14:35hrs in Spitfire I (P9429). Wounded and crash landed at Hornchurch. 5 September 1940 at 15:30hrs baled out of his Spitfire I (R6885) after combat over the Thames Estuary. Damaged Bf 109 on 1 October 1940. This Bf 109 crashed near Shadoxhurst, Kent after the pilot baled out at 16.50hrs. Ballywillan Cemetery Northern Ireland Age 26

1642 Lovell-GreggTerence Gunion 'Shovel'Sqd Ldr29244RAFNew Zealander87 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-15Leader of 87 Sqd. Shot down by Bf 109s in Hurricane (P3215) on 15 August 1940 at 18:00hrs over Portland . Crashed at Abbotsbury. He had not been with the Squadron very long, but he fitted in and was missed. Warmwell Holy Trinity Churchyard Age 27

1643 LoverseedJohn EricSgt907964British501 Sqd

1644 LovettReginald EricFlt Lt37543RAFBritish73 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-07Shot down 7 September 1940 at 15:30hrs. Baled out of his Hurricane I (P3204) over Burnham. Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium Age 36.
1645 LoweJosephSgt541411RAFBritish236 Sqd


BlenheimSurvived war8th October 1973 RAF SealandBorn 11th February 1920. Joined the RAF in June 1937 as an Aircrafthand. Later Airman u/t Air Gunner. 236 Sqd on Blenheims at Middle Wallop June 1940. On 31st August involved in a car accident. Injuries to his face. The scars from this incident caused him to be transferred on 22nd October to the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, where he underwent five operations and became a member of the Guinea Pig Club. DFM (gazetted 22nd February 1942) as a Flight Sergeant with 218 Sqd in Stirlings from Downham Market, Norfolk. 'The DFM is awarded to Flight Sergeant Joseph Lowe of 218 Squadron, who was born at Castleford and whose home is in Leeds. As an air gunner, Flight Sergeant Lowe has completed a large number of sorties in Blenheim and Stirling aircraft. During these operations he has been engaged in combat on no fewer than eight occasions. On one occasion, while patrolling near Cherbourg in a formation of three Blenheims, two Messerschmitt 109s were shot down as a result of the combined efforts of the three air gunners. On another occasion, during an attack on Koln Flight Sergeant Lowe's accurate shooting drove off enemy aircraft which attempted to attack.' Commissioned in 1945. Left the RAF in 1950, but rejoined in 1953 as a Sergeant. Buried St. Deiniol, Hawarden Wales

1646 LowethPhilip AnthonyPlt Off42242British249 Sqd

1647 LowtherWalterSgt1050690British219 Sqd

1648 LoxtonWilfred William 'Bill'Sqd Ldr36032British25 Sqd (CO)

1649 LucasRobin Morton McTaggart DelightPlt Off42853British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
Surviving aircrew
1650 LucasSidney EdwardSgt171647British32 Sqd

257 Sqd

1651 LumsdenDugald Thomas MoorePlt Off33545British236 Sqd

1652 LumsdenJ CSgt972078British248 Sqd

1653 LundJohn WilfredPlt Off74334RAFVRBritish611 Sqd

92 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1941-10-02 Age 22Baled out of Spitfire I (R6642) safely on 15 October 1940 off Kent Coast, shot down by Bf 109 at 11:50hrs. Rescued from sea. KIA. 2 October 1941 on the first encounter by the RAF of the new German fighter, The FW 190 or the Butcher Bird as it came to be known as. Runnymede

1654 LuskH SPlt OffNew Zealander25 Sqd

1655 LustyKenneth Roy 'Lucky'Sgt66502RAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war18th September 2009Air gunner in Blenheims during the Battle. Nicknamed 'Lucky' after being attacked by a Ju 88 and surviving with the only damage being a bullet through his sleeve. Born in Sale, Cheshire England 9 February 1920. Joined the RAF as an Airman u/t Air Gunner on 4th September 1939. Training at Padgate. To gunnery course at RAF Aldergrove on 30th December. On 24 February 1940 joined 235 Squadron. Posted away on 14th May to 25 Sqd at North Weald. Retrained as a Radio Observer, commissioned May 1941. On 16 July he joined 1453 Flight at Wittering on Turbinlite Havocs. On 1st August 1942 rested. Returned to operations on 2 April 1943 in 410 Sqd (RCAF) at Drem on Beaufighters. To 406 Sqd (RCAF) Squadron at Predannack on 25th August. Then went to 264 Sqd at Fairwood Common on 9th October 1943. Sent to Staff College on 5 July 1944. To 132 Sqd at Vavuyina, Ceylon on 28th November 1944 as Adjutant. To BHQ Colombo on 23rd June 1945 as Senior Admin Officer. Released from RAF on 21st January 1946 as a Squadron Leader.

Signed envelope

Signed by Peter Rich, Noel Corry, Kenneth Lusty

1656 LyallAlastair McLarenFlt Lt39289British25 Sqd

1657 LyallArchibald 'Pat'Plt Off81047RAFVRBritish602 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-11-28Killed baling out too low of Spitfire I after combat with a Bf 109 on 28 November 1940 off the Isle of Wight. Brighton Woodvale Crematorium England Age 27

1658 LynchJamesAC910937RAFVRBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1944-01-22Runnymede Age 23
1659 LyonsEmanuel BarnettPlt Off83269British65 Sqd


Netherlands Flying Cross (Vliegerkruis)

SpitfireDied1992Son of Mrs R Lyons, c/o E Barnett and Co., 27-83 Middlesex St., London E1 and 38, South Lodge, Circus Rd, NW8 . Pilot Officer/Flt. Lt. with 65 Sqd. Born in London in 1918. Joined the RAFVR in June 1939, from Magdalene College Cambridge fighting throughout the Battle. Later posted to North Africa in support of 1st Army. In 1944 he fought in many air battles in Europe, being wounded in April 1945. DFC 1945-05-08 and the Netherlands Flying Cross on 1947-04-21 for gallantry when some of his squadron included Dutch pilots. He died in 1992.
1660 ŁapkowskiWacławPlt OffP-1506PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy

Wound Badge
Hurricane6KIA1941-07-02Attacked in Hurricane I (P2985) by a Bf 109 on 5 September 1940. Baled out wounded over Gillingham, Kent. Later promoted to Squadron Leader. 6 kills 1 shared kill and 1 damaged.
Archiwum Database
1661 ŁazorykWłodzimierz MikołajFlt LtP-1000PAFPolish607 Sqd

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Medal Lotniczy (x4)

Hurricane1995-08-01After arriving in England and after training in flying personnel: -01.07.-31.10.1940 he actively participated in the Battle of Great Britain in 46 Sqd and 607 Sqd RAF. Then sent to 301 Sqd bombers. He was a joint officer at Bomb Group. and later liason officer in 53 Wing of the 9th USAAF Army. - died in Chicago IL USA Age 91
Archiwum Database

1662 ŁokuciewskiWitold 'Tolo'Plt Off (later Sqd Lrd)P-1492PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

Virtuti Militari


Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Medal Lotniczy

Wound Badge (x2)
Hurricane8Died1990-04-17In French campaign he is in a group of six pilots who defended industrial facilities in Romorantin. After the surrender of France, evacuated to Great Britain. Wounded and Hurricane I (P2903) damaged in combat with a Bf 109 over Kent 15 September 1940, at 12:45hrs. Sent to 303 Sqd. November 21, 1941, becomes commander of B flight in 303 Sqd. - On March 13, 1942 in combat flight in Spitfire flying as top cover for Boston bombers, shot down during air combat but saved by parachute. From July 1942 he was in a prisoner-of-war camp (Stalag Luft III) in Żagań. During the great escape in 1943 - he was captured in Legnica and sent back to the camp. After liberation in April 1945. he would return to England and to command 303 Sqd until it was dissolved on December 9, 1946. Died in Warsaw - buried Powązkowski Attained rank of Squadron Leader with 8 kills and 3 probables with 1 probable shared.
Archiwum Database

1663 ŁukaszewiczKazimierzFg Off76761PAFPolish501 Sqd
Krzyz Walecznych

Medal Lotniczy

HurricaneMIA1940-08-12He flew in the Battle of Britain from July 1, 1940 in RAF 501 Sqd. From RAF Gravesend airport in Hurricane P3803 against Bf 110s protected by Bf 109s in the Manston area. In air combat. over the English Channel he was shot down. Shot down and killed in Hurricane I (P3803) on 12 August 1940 by German fighters off Ramsgate at 12:55hrs.
Archiwum Database

1664 ŁysekAntoniSgtP-1911PAFPolish302 Sqd Polish
Krzyz Walecznych (x2)

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

HurricaneMIA1942-06-0501.07.-31.10.1940 actively participated in the Battle of Britain. 1942 killed from RAF Northolt in Spitfire AD257 on a sweep in the region of Le Havre. Damaged by flak, he fell into the sea. Polish War Memorial Northolt Age 25
Archiwum Database

1665 MacArthurMalcolm RobertFg Off70416British236 Sqd

1666 MacCawDerek CharlesFO36139RAFBritish238 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-08Went to France 27 September 1939. Taken ill and assigned to No. 1 RAF Depot Uxbridge as non-effective sick. Joined 238 Sqd at Tangmere 16 May 1940. On 11 July shared in the destruction of a Me110 of 9/ZG76 which made a forced-landing at Grange Heath, near Lulworth. 8 August 1940 was shot down in combat over convoy Peewit, south of the Isle of Wight at 12:50hrs. Crashed into the Channel in Hurricane P3167. Body was recovered by French villagers. Senneville sur Fecamps Churchyard Age 24
Photo courtesy Robin MacCaw

1667 MacConochieAlfred Rippon DukeSgtRAFBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warRamsgate 11 June 1995.Born 12 May 1916. Joined RAF in November 1938 as an Aircrafthand. Volunteered for aircrew and remustered as an Airman u/t WOp/AG. Joined 235 Sqd at Bircham Newton on 16 July 1940. Service details unknown till commissioned in October 1941. RAF postwar in the Aircraft Control Branch. Retired on 2 March 1960 retaining the rank of Squadron Leader.
1668 MacDonaldAlexander StewartSgt741080British601 Sqd

604 Sqd

Hurricane/Blenheim1UnknownJoined RAFVR December 1937 as Airman u/t Pilot. Called up on 1st September 1939. Joined 604 Sqd at Northolt March 1940. 10 May 604 escorted Blenheims to bomb German transport aircraft on the beach at Wassenaar, Holland. 3 Blenheims, piloted by MacDonald, F/O JB Selway and P/O IKS Joll, shared in the destruction of three Ju52's. Posted to 601 Sqd at Middle Wallop 11 June 1940 on Hurricanes. First flight with the squadron on the 14th, a sector recce. First patrol sortie 6 July, a patrol. 13th August probably destroyed a Me110. Last flight with 601 was made on 4th September 1940 after which no further reference is made to him. It is unknown what his subsequent service was.
1669 MacDonaldDonald KennedyPlt Off74679RAFVRBritish603 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-08-28Shot down and killed 28 August 1940 at 16:45hrs. Spitfire I (L1046) was shot down by a Bf 109 over Dover. Brother of Harold Kennedy MacDonald. Runnymede Panel 9
1670 MacDonaldHarold KennedyFlt Lt90193RAF AAFBritish603 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-09-28 Age 28Killed 28 September 1940 at 10:20hrs. Spitfire I (L1076) was shot down over Gillingham in Kent by a Bf 109 of JG 26. Brother of Donald Kennedy MacDonald.

Jumped by Me109's over Gillingham. His Spitfire was badly damaged. He dived away and headed for Hornchurch but the aircraft caught fire. MacDonald did not bale out but stayed to steer it away from a densely populated area. When flames got too close, at 400 feet, he climbed out on to the port wing and jumped. Although his parachute began to open, he was too low and he was killed. His Spitfire, L1076, crashed on to the parade ground at Brompton Barracks, Gillingham and MacDonald’s body fell nearby. Thus died a brave man. Edinburgh Warriston Crematorium Scotland

1671 MacDonald (post-war Wilson-MacDonald)Duncan StuartFlt Lt37451British213 Sqd


3Survived warMarch 1996Born 15th March 1912 Oban, Scotland. Educated at St. Annes School and Oban High School. September 1935 joined the RAF on a short service commission. Training at 2 E&RFTS Filton. Posted to 4 FTS Abu Sueir 23rd November 1935. Joined 41 Sqd at Sheik Othman, Aden on 24th April 1936. Left for the UK on 11th August 1936. Appointed a Flight Commander in 1938 and in July 1939 he was posted to CFS for a course and then to 8 FTS Montrose as an instructor. 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 15th August 1940 for a refresher course. Posted to 213 Sqd at Exeter on the 23 August. First flight 29 August and assumed command of the squadron on 2 September. On the 28 September destroyed a Me110, on the 30th destroyed another, on 17th October he damaged a Me109 and on 1st November he destroyed a Me109. DFC (gazetted 17th December 1940), credited with at least three enemy aircraft destroyed. In May 1941 213 Sqd embarked on HMS Furious for the Middle East. Sqd in the ground attack role against Vichy French troops in Syria. Appointed to lead 241 Wing. Formed and then commanded 283 Wing of the Balkan Air Force comprising 213 Sqd, now flying North American Mustangs, and two South African Beaufighter squadrons. In the summer of 1944 he led the wing in support of partisans and guerillas in the Balkans. Awarded the DSO 21st August 1945. In 1947 he changed his name to Wilson-MacDonald, incorporating his wife’s surname. Retired on 6th July 1963 as a Group Captain.

1672 MacDonellAeness Ranald DonaldSqd Ldr33120RAFBritish64 Sqd (CO)



Spitfire9.51999-06-07Born in Baku, Russia in November 1913. Educated at Hurstpierpoint College, he entered RAF College, Cranwell in September 1932 as a Flight Cadet and graduated in July 1934. Posted to 54 Sqd at Hornchurch. In 1936 posted to No 802 (Fleet Fighter) Squadron, based on shore at Hal Far, Malta and at sea on HMS Glorious. He later went to RAF Gosport as an instructor before serving at the Air Ministry. On 30 June 1940 5 OTU, Aston Down. Converted to Spitfires, posted to 64 Sqd at Kenley on 19 July 1940. 25 July claimed a Ju 87 destroyed. On this day 64’s CO, Squadron Leader N C Odbert, flew his last sortie before a posting to Northern Ireland, and MacDonell assumed command about the 26th. On the 29th got a Ju 87 and a Bf 109 and damaged another Bf 109, on 5 August he got a Bf 109 and probably another, on the 8th he probably destroyed two Bf 109s, on the 11th got a Bf 109 and damaged another and on the 15th he got a Bf 109 and damaged another. Got a Bf 109, probably another, damaged a third, shared a He 111 and damaged another on the 16th. He was shot down by a Bf 109. He baled out, unhurt, landing at Possingworth Park, Heathfield, Sussex. His Spitfire crashed at Blackboys, Uckfield. Destroyed a Do 17 and damaged a Ju 88 on the 18t. DFC on 6 September. On 11 November MacDonell damaged a Bf 109 and on the 29th destroyed another, his final victory. In March 1941, on a sweep over France, MacDonell was shot down by the German ace Werner Mölders. He baled out and was taken prisoner. Freed in April 1945, he received a Mention in Despatches for distinguished services while a PoW. MacDonell was made CB in 1964 and retired from the RAF on 15 November 1964 as an Air Commodore.
1673 MacDougalCharles WhiteSgt811002RAF AAFBritish111 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-03-05 Age 24Malta Capuccini Naval Cemetery

1674 MacDougallIan NeilPlt Off33491British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics

Archive Report

On convoy patrol 19 July 1940 when attacked by Bf 109s off Dover. Defiant (L6983) damaged and the gunner bailed out. MacDougall crash landed the aircraft and was safe. The gunner (Sgt J.F.Wise) was killed.

1675 MacDougallRalph Ian GeorgeSqd Ldr29041British17 Sqd
1676 MacFieC HPOBritish616 Sqd

611 Sqd

1677 MacGregorAlexander NoelSgt109895British19 Sqd

1678 MachinWilliam HowardSgt968717RAFVRBritish264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA1940-08-24Born West Bromwich in 1920. September 1939 joined the RAFVR to train as an air gunner. Posted to 264 Squadron at Hornchurch on 22 August 1940. Flying with Pilot Officer R S Gaskell in Defiant L6965 on the 24th August when they were shot down by Bf 109s of JG 51 over Hornchurch. Machin, aged 20, died of his wounds, but Gaskell escaped with only slight injuries. By this time the vulnerable Defiant was nearing the end of its daylight role in the Battle of Britain.

Wrote off Defiant (L6965) 1940-08-24 at 16:00hrs in combat with Bf 109. Pilot RS Gaskell slightly hurt but his gunner (W.H.Machin) died of his wounds. Birmingham Handsworth Cemetery Age 20

1679 MaciejowskiMichał Mirosław (Karol?)Sgt (later P/O)P-1912PAFPolish111 Sqd

249 Sqd

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy (x4)


Hurricane102001-04-26Flew Hurricanes with 111 Sqd & 249 Sqd during the Battle. He was promoted later to Pilot Officer. Score was 10 kills 1 shared 1 probable and 1 damaged.
Archiwum Database

1680 MacińskiJanuszPlt Off76721PAFPolish111 Sqd

KW MLHurricaneMIA1940-09-04In Great Britain he fought in the Battle of Britain from August 31, 1940 in 111 Sqd RAF. From RAF Croydon in Hurricane Z2309- took off against a group of German fighters in the Folkstone area. Shot down in air combat. - Died in the English Channel. Killed 4 September 1940 at 13:40hrs. Hurricane IIa (Z2309) lost over the Channel after combat with Bf 109s. Baled out but not rescued.
Archiwum Database
1681 MacKayRP/O91227British234 Sqd

SpitfireWIAWounded 25 September 1940 at 18:45hrs. Baled out of Spitfire I (X4182) while on patrol near to St. Mawgen in Cornwall.
1682 MacKenzieBritish43 Sqd

1683 MacKenzieDuncan CameronPlt OffCanadian56 Sqd

1684 MacKenzieJohn NoblePlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)New Zealander41 Sqd

SpitfireDiedBorn at Goodwood, Otago, New Zealand 11 August 1914. Grandson of former Prime Minister Sir Thomas Mackenzie. October 1937 left New Zealand for short service commission in RAF. By early September 1938, he was posted to 41 Sqd, flying Hawker Furies but soon Spitfires. After fighting over Dunkirk the unit returned south from Yorkshire in July for the Battle. 29 July 1940 his section intercepted German bombers, with fighter escort, over Dover. Attacked by Bf 109s, his cockpit filled with smoke and glycol fumes. Uunable to bale out because sliding hood had jammed. Spitfire did not catch fire and he made a successful forced-landing. Damaged by return fire from a bomber on a later sortie the same day Mackenzie again landed safely. On patrol crash-landed Spitfire I (R0887) after combat with Bf 109s over Dover at 15:40hrs on 17 September 1940. He was safe and his aircraft was repaired and the Spitfire was converted to a Mk Va later in the war. Destroyed 5 and damaged a sixth at end of Battle.DFC March 1941. Posted away from to become a fighter controller. Returned to New Zealand in September 1944 and held a series of RNZAF appointments before returning to the RAF in August 1946. Retired in October 1957 and returned finally to New Zealand.
Courtesy Auckland Library Heritage Collection

1685 MackenzieKenneth William 'Super Mac'Plt Off84017RAFVRBritish43 Sqd

501 Sqd



Hurricane8+Survived war4 June 2009Baled out Hurricane I (V6806) safely on the 25 October 1940 after colliding with Hurricane I (P2903) of P/O V.Goth during combat with Bf 109s over Tentreden, Kent at 15:25hrs. Goth killed.

Born in Belfast Northern Ireland 8 June 1916. Educated at the Methodist College. In 1935 Mackenzie learned to fly at the Airwork School of Flying at Newtownards and was awarded Aero Certificate 12733 on 3rd May 1935. Early 1939 he joined the RAFVR as an Airman u/t Pilot and started training at 24 E&RFTS at Sydenham. Sent to 3 ITW Hastings on 28th December 1939. Moved to 5 EFTS Hanworth on 25th February 1940 and then to 3 FTS South Cerney on 25th May. Posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 31st August to convert to Hurricanes. Joined 43 Squadron at Usworth on 21 September 1940. After sixteen training flights and two operational patrols, posted to 501 Sqd at Kenley on the 29 September. Shared a Ju88 on 4th October, claimed a Me109 destroyed on the 5th and another destroyed and a second shared on the 7th. Although Mackenzie shot down a number of German planes during and after the Battle of Britain, he will always be remembered for one particular incident over the English Channel. He was flying a Hawker Hurricane, its ammunition spent. His quarry was a Messerschmitt 109 fighter which tried to evade him by diving almost to sea level, intent on heading for France and safety. Mackenzie knocked it into the sea by the extraordinarily dangerous move – very definitely not recommended in any training manual – of using his plane’s wing to shear its tail off, sending it spiralling out of control. When the German plane went into the waves, Mackenzie nursed his damaged craft back to England, made a forced-landing at Hope Farm, west of Capel-le-Ferne outside Folkestone, in Hurricane V6799, with slight facial injuries (report below). His highly unorthodox manoeuvre earned him a DFC for skill and gallantry', the awed admiration of colleagues, and the nickname of 'Super Mac'. The incident instantly established him as one of the aces of 501 Squadron, which he had joined less than two weeks earlier. On 25th October Mackenzie claimed a Me109 destroyed, another shared and another damaged. In a later patrol that day he was in collision with P/O V Goth of 501, as he manoeuvred his section to attack a formation of Me109s. Mackenzie, in Hurricane V6806, baled out unhurt but Goth, in P2903, was killed when he crashed in Bridgehurst Wood, Marden. On 27th, 29th and 30th October he claimed Me109s destroyed, on 8th November a Me109 destroyed, on the 12th a Ju88 shared and on the 15th a Me109 destroyed and another damaged. Posted to 247 Sqd at Predannack on 19th June 1941 as a Flight Commander. He destroyed a Ju88 at night on 6th/7th July and a He111 at night over a convoy on the 12th/13th. On 29th September Mackenzie led a strafing attack on Lannion airfield in Brittany. Hit by heavy flak from the ground defences he ditched in the sea. He took to his dinghy, paddled to the shore and was captured. On his way to a PoW camp, Mackenzie gave his guard the slip on a crowded Paris railway station but was soon recaptured. At Oflag VIB at Warburg, northern Germany, which was predominantly an army camp, escape attempts were a major industry and Mackenzie joined the tunnelling team. Working 24 hours a day, they reached the perimeter wire but flooding prevented further work until the spring. On resuming in April 1942, Mackenzie was fortunate not to be buried alive when a ton of clay fell from the roof, he just managed to scramble clear. With rumours that the PoW's were to be transferred to another camp, the prisoners decided to risk breaking open the tunnel early. As the first prisoner crawled from the tunnel exit, a guard spotted him. Mackenzie and a colleague decided to build a one-use tunnel from a ditch close to the perimeter fence. A diversion was set up and the two men reached the ditch unseen. Hiding under blankets, they waited for nightfall when they planned to dig a shallow tunnel under the wire. As night fell a guard was seen taking a close interest in the area so another diversion was created and the two men were recalled into the compound. A few weeks later, Mackenzie was transferred to Stalag Luft III at Sagan. Over a long period of time he feigned madness and developed a severe stammer for the purpose, which subsequently he never completely lost. Repatriated to the UK in October 1944, arriving at Liverpool on the 10th. He was posted to 53 OTU Kirton-in-Lindsey on 19th December as an instructor. He launched into a highly effective new phase of his career as a trainer. Regarded as an exceptional instructor, he trained pilots during the rest of the war and afterwards, successfully adapting to a new generation of fighters such as the Gloster Meteor jet. On 17th June 1945 Mackenzie went to 61 OTU Keevil, as a Flight Commander. In July 1951 he was promoted to command the Meteor fighter wing at Stradishall in Suffolk, where he was also the chief instructor. He was awarded the AFC 1st January 1953.

Autobiography Hurricane Combat: the Nine Lives of a Fighter Pilot

Signed by Ken Wilkinson (616 Sqd), Vivian Snell (501 Sqd), Ken Mackenzie (501 Sqd), Les Harvey (54 Sqd)

1686 MacKinnonAdam MacLoudLt (FAA)FAABritish804 NAS
GladiatorFlew Sea Gladiators on dockyard defence with 804 Sqd. He later flew from the Ark Royal and the Illustrious.
1687 MacKinnonDonald DuncanSgt745928RAFVRBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-07-18While on photo reconnaissance in Blenheim (L6639) with his pilot P/O R.H.Rigby shot down and killed over Le Havre by a Bf 109 from JG 2 at 12:15hrs on the 18 July 1940. Villerville Communal Cemetery France Age 21
1688 MacLachlanAlan MoncrieffSqd Ldr90085British92 Sqd
1689 MacLachlanJames RobertSqd Ldr36005Canadian46 Sqd (CO)

238 Sqd

HurricaneWIAWith 46 Sqd for part of the battle. Moved to 238 Sqd. Shot down by Bf 109 over Shaftsbury on 5 October 1940 at 14:20hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3611) with burns.
1690 MacLarenArchibald ColinPlt Off90950British604 Sqd

1691 MacLeanCharles HectorPlt Off90166British604 Sqd

Air Efficiency Award

SpitfireWIADiedBadly wounded 26 August 1940, crash landed at Tangmere at 16:35hrs. Spitfire had been shot up by a Bf 109 of JG 53.
1692 MacLeodGeorge Sutherland MurraySgt553787RAFBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-03-23 Age 18Killed 23 March 1941 in Blenheim IV L9404 LA-A, shot down by a Bf109 during an anti-shipping operation off the Dutch coast. Crew also lost were Sgt. Cecil Roy Evans (Battle of Britain) and Sgt. EH Harvey. None were recovered. Commemorated at Runnymede Memorial, Evans on Panel 43. Runnymede Panel 47
1693 MacNamaraBrian RadleyFg Off25123British603 Sqd


1694 MacPhailFrederick JohnFg Off42014British603 Sqd

1695 MacPhersonRobert ReidFlt SgtRAFBritish65 Sqd

129 Sqd

Spitfire3.5KIA13th October 1941Born Dinas Powis, Glamorgan Wales January 1914. Educated at Barry County Secondary School. Joined RAF in January 1930 as an Aircraft Apprentice. September 1932 as a Fitter, Aero Engines. Selected for pilot training. Serving with 65 Sqd from 1937. Over Dunkirk on 27 May 1940 he destroyed a Do17. Me109 destroyed on 12 August, shared another on the 14th and destroyed one on the 20 August. Commissioned in November 1940, killed on 1 October 1941 as a Flight Lieutenant with 129 Sqd, aged 27. He was taking part in a sweep near Arcques in Spitfire Vb P8542 (presentation aircraft Violetta) and failed to return after combat with Me109s. Runnymede Panel 29

1696 MacRoryHarry IanSgt801456RAF AAFBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-01-03Runnymede Panel 48 Age 21
1697 MadleSydney JamesPlt Off86323British615 Sqd

605 Sqd

HurricaneWIAFlew with 615 Sqd and 605 Sqd during the Battle. Damaged Hurricane I(L2075) on 18 August 1940 when he landed at Kenley at around 16:00hrs after combat. Ran into a bomb crater. Injured 28 August 1940 after force landing Hurricane I (R4116) at 09:15hrs after attacking a Do 17 over Sandwich, hit by the return fire.
1698 MaffettGerald HamiltonPlt Off80814RAFVRBritish257 Sqd

Hurricane1KIA1940-08-31 Age 24P/O. Gerard Hamilton Maffett. Bray Cemetery Sec. O. Grave 42. Further information: Son of Lt.-Col. Reginald Ernest and Gwendoline Mary Maffett, of Wellington Lodge, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. Born in Murree, India on June 11th 1916, Maffett was educated at the Imperial service College, Windsor. He left in 1934 and went to work for the Daily Mail in London. On April 30th 1938 Maffett joined the RAFVR as a Pilot (741503) and did his weekend flying on Tiger Moths at 13 E and RFTS , White Waltham. Called up on September 1st 1939,he was posted to 1 ITW, Cambridge in early November. Posted to 12 FTS , Grantham on December 30th, completed the course in early June, was commissioned and then sent to No.2 School of Army Cooperation at Andover on the 15th. Posted to 5 OTU, Aston Down on June 22nd and after converting to Hurricanes, he joined 257 Squadron at Northolt on July 7th 1940. Made his first operational sortie on the 19th. On the 18th he was credited with a Do 17 destroyed and a He 111 damaged.

Shot down and killed 31 August 1940 at 08:55hrs. Hurricane I (P3175) in combat with Bf 110 over Clacton. Parachute failed to open in time. The wreckage of P3175 is now on show at the RAF Museum, Hendon. Bray Cemetery England

Archive Report Hurricane P3175

1699 MaggsMervyn HenryPlt Off79359British264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
1700 MaguireHarold JohnSqd Ldr34048British229 Sqd (CO)


HurricaneCommanded 229 Sqd during part of the Battle. Later posted to Singapore. Captured by Japanese. 3 years PoW.

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