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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
AircrewRemembered Paradie Canadian Archive Database: 45,000 Service Records of RCAF personnel
AircrewRemembered Allied Losses and Incidents Database: Covering 120,000+ Allied aircrew 1939 - 1945
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
1301 HoyleGeorge VincentSgt (later Flt Sgt)754467RAFVRBritish232 Sqd

1302 HoyleHenry NuttallSgt47052British257 Sqd

1303 HradilFrantišekPlt Off81889RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

19 Sqd

Spitfire/HurricaneKIA1940-11-05Southend on Sea Sutton Road Cemetery Age 28

1304 HrubyOtakarPlt Off (later Flt Lt)787606RAFVRCzech111 Sqd

313 Sqd Czech

310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane1Died1993-05-15Died Nová Paka
1305 HubáčekJosefSgt (later Flt Lt)787977RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech


Hurricane2Died1988-04-09On patrol 15 September 1940. Baled out of Hurricane I (R4087) and was injured after combat with Oberleutnant Horten of III Gruppe JG 26 in a Bf 109 over Thames Estuary at 14:30hrs. The aircraft crashed at Pitsea, Essex. Died Kdynē
1306 HubbardBrian Fredrick RobertSgt751399RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-11-09Born Radford, Coventry, England. Joined RAFVR June 1939 as an Airman u/t Observer. Called up on 1st September. 235 Sqd in early July 1940, serving on Blenheims throughout the Battle. Later with 431 Flight. Killed on 9 November 1940 when one of its aircraft, Maryland AR719, was reported missing on a ferry flight from Thorney Island to Malta. Also lost were F/O JT Burgess and Sgt. PA Sobey (who also flew with 235 in the Battle). Malta Memorial
1307 HubbardThomas EdwardFlt Lt90138RAF AAFBritish601 Sqd

Hurricane4Survived war10th April 1985.Born 27 December 1911. Educated at Eton. Joined 601 Sqd 1937. Commissioned 7th May. Full-time service 25 August 1939. Attacked the Luftwaffe seaplane base at Borkum on 28 November 1939. Twelve Blenheims took off from Bircham Newton, six from 25 Sqd and six from 601 Sqd. All aircraft returned safely to Debden. Three Heinkel 115s destroyed and three more damaged. It was the first fighter attack of the war on a target in Germany. 16 May 1940 Hubbard with 'A' Flight of 601 to France, to reinforce 3 Sqd. On 19 May he destroyed a He111 and was then himself shot down. Forced-landing at Noyelles, south of Arras, set his Hurricane on fire and then made his way back to 601 at Merville. On 27 May he destroyed a Me110 west of Dunkirk. Withdrawn to Middle Wallop on 1st June. On 7 June 1940, on a patrol over France, Hubbard shot down a Me109 and was himself shot down, in Hurricane P3484, and reported ‘Missing’. Next day he was reported safe by No. 8 Port Detachment. When Max Aitken took command of 601 on 7th June Hubbard was made 'B' Flight Commander and promoted to Acting Flight Lieutenant. He reverted to Flying Officer when F/O WH Rhodes-Moorhouse took over 'B' Flight. Shared in the destruction of a Ju88 off St. Catherines Point on 16th July and shared in destroying a He59 and damaging a Do17 south of Selsey Bill on the 20th. With Pilot Officers MD Doulton and T Grier, he had attempted to escort the floatplane back to land but it was abandoned by its crew of four, who baled out too low for their parachutes to open. The aircraft went into the sea. Transferred to the Administrative and General Duties Branch on 24th September 1941. Released from the RAF in mid-1943, as a Squadron Leader.

1308 HuckinPhilip EdwardSgt151056British600 Sqd

1309 HughesArthur JamesSgt745669RAFVRBritish245 Sqd

249 Sqd

17 Sqd

66 Sqd

HurricaneKilled on Ramrod Spitfire MH4551944-05-30Born Stoke, Coventry. Joined RAFVR April 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Training at 10 FTS Tern Hill. 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 7 September 1940. Converting to Hurricanes, posted to 245 Sqd at Aldergrove on the 28 September. Moved to 249 Sqd North Weald on 10th November. To 17 Sqd at Martlesham Heath on the 18 November. 18 March 1941 patrolling with Sgt. LH Bartlett when both were shot down and wounded near Uckfield by Me109s of I/JG1. Admitted to Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Commissioned from Warrant Officer on 12 August 1942 and promoted to Flying Officer on 12 February 1943. Killed on 30 May 1944 in Spitfire IX MH455 of 66 Sqd. Crashed near Shoreham whilst he was attempting to abandon it following radiator problems during a Ramrod against a radar site. He is buried at St.Michaels, Stoke, Coventry.
1310 HughesDavid ErnestSgt40920RNZAFNew Zealander600 Sqd

Blenheim IVF L4095 BQ-MKIA1940-10-03 Age 28

Archive Report

Born on the 20th October 1912 at Dunedin. A Farmer on his fathers farm at Riverlea prior to service. Enlisted at Levin on the 09th April 1940. Joined 600 squadron on the 21st September from 50 operational Training Unit.Awarded air gunners badge and promoted to sergeant on the 27th May 1940. Son of David Alfred Hughes, and of Jimima Jane Hughes (nee Watson), of Kaponga, Taranaki, New Zealand. A total of 29 flying hours logged and completed 3 operational sorties.

Courtesy Oleg Marin

1311 HughesDennis LawrencePlt Off84913RAFVRBritish141 Sqd

256 Sqd

239 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
5Survived warJuly 1996 in HendonBorn Barnet, London England 12 November 1919. Joined RAFVR March 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Training at 6 FTS Little Rissington till 2 August 1940. Commissioned and to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge. Converted to Defiants. Joined 141 Sqd at West Malling on 19 August until 16th December 1940. Posted to 256 Sqd at Catterick with Defiants. Early 1944 joined 239 Sqd at West Raynham on Mosquitos for bomber-support. During the night of 22 May 1944 he shot down a Me110, on 24 May another Me110 and on 29 August he destroyed a Ju88. DFC 8th December 1944 as an Acting Squadron Leader. Destroyed a Ju188 during the night of 16th March 1945 and another on 3rd April. Released from the RAF in 1946 as a Squadron Leader.
1312 HughesDavid PriceFlt Lt37769RAFBritish238 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-09-11 Age 22Born St. Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire England 27 September 1917. Educated at Kingswood Methodist boarding school in Bath. Joined RAF in February 1936 on a short service commission. Posted to 2 FTS Digby on 2nd May. Joined 16 Sqd (Army Co-operation) at Old Sarum on 1st May 1937. To 53 Sqd at Farnborough on 28th June 1937. June 1938 to the staff at the School of Army Co-operation. 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 11 July 1940. Converting to Hurricanes he joined 238 Sqd at Middle Wallop on 4th August. Me110 destroyed on the 8 August, a Me109 on the 11th and a Do17 and two Me110s destroyed and a Me109 probably destroyed on the 13th. Failed to return from the interception of Ju88s south of Tunbridge Wells on 11th September and was reported 'Missing' in Hurricane V7240. DFC 9 May 1941. Killed 11 September 1940 at 16:15hrs. Hurricane I (V7240) shot down during an attack on a Ju 88 near Tunbridge. Runnymede

1313 HughesFrederick DesmondPlt Off74706RAFBritish26 Sqd

125 Sqd

264 Sqd

604 Sqd (CO)


DFC & 2 Bars

Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
18Survived war11 January 1992Born in Belfast Northern Ireland. Joined Cambridge UAS whilst a Law undergraduate at Pembroke College and was called up on the outbreak of war in September 1939. First war course at Cranwell, then School of Army Co-operation before being posted to 26 Sqd. Volunteered for Fighter Command and posted to 264 Sqd flying the new Defiant. Posted to 264 Sqd at Duxford on the 19 June. Flying with Sgt. F Gash as his gunner, claimed two Do17s 26 August, a He111 during the night of 15th/16th October, a He111 damaged on 23rd/24th November, a He111 destroyed on 12th/13th March 1941, a He111 probably destroyed on 8th/9th April and a He111 shot down on 10th/11th April. DFC 18th April 1941 and Gash the DFM. January 1942 to 125 Sqd at Colerne as a Flight Commander on Beaufighters. He shared squadron's first victory, a Ju88 on 27 June 1942. Later in the year he teamed up with P/O L Dixon in the destruction of a Ju88 on 4 November. Joined 600 Sqd in North Africa on 19 January 1943 as a Flight Commander. 23rd/24th January they claimed two Ju88s destroyed and on 12th/13th February a Cant Z1007. Bar to the DFC 13th April 1943. On 25th/26th April they claimed a Ju88 destroyed, on 12th/13th July a He111, on the 20/21st a Ju88, On 11 August 1943 he and his Radar Operator, Laurie Dixon, managing to destroy three Ju88s during one sortie. On the 17th/18th a Ju87. Second Bar to the DFC 28th September 1943. February 1944 promoted to Acting Wing Commander and posted to 85 Group TAF. In 1944, CO 604 Sqd operating as part of the AEAF and again he took Laurie Dixon with him as his Radar Operator. Returned to operations on 19 July 1944, as CO 604 Sqd at Hurn. Early August the squadron was operating from A-8, an airstrip close to the Arromanches beaches. With Dixon as his navigator, Hughes destroyed a Ju88 on 6th/7th August and they claimed their final victory on 13th/14th January 1945, a Ju188 over Rotterdam. DSO 23rd March 1945. Retired on 6th June 1974 as an Air Vice-Marshal. In 1982, he was made Honorary Air Commodore of 2503 Sqd, Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment and in 1983, became Deputy Lieutenant of Lincoln.

1314 HughesJohn McCulloch MiddlemoreFlt Lt33191RAFBritish218 Sqd

25 Sqd

Blenheim1KIA1940-12-07 Age 23Born at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire England 13 February 1917. Son to Percy Theodore Hughes and Emily Christabel Hughes. He was married to Marta Louise de la Salle. Educated Haileybury College. RAF College Cranwell in September 1935 as a Flight Cadet. July 1937 joined 218 Sqd on Fairey Battles at Boscombe Down. Flew to France 2 September 1939 in Advanced Air Striking Force. During May 1940 Hughes led many bombing raids on German troops and lines of communication. In one operation he was attacked by Me109s and by skilful manoeuvring Hughes enabled his gunner to shoot one down. DFC 21 June 1940). August 1940 volunteered for Fighter Command. On 3 September posted to the Radio Servicing Flight at Biggin Hill but on the 26 September posted to 25 Sqd at North Weald, as a Flight Commander. Evening of 7 December 1940 sent to check the blackout over Peterborough in Blenheim L1235. Deteriorating weather and a bad storm resulted in control of the aircraft being lost. Crashed near the village of Elton in Huntingdonshire Hughes and the gunner, Sgt. JR Friend, were both killed and the radar operator, Sgt. FB Blenkharn, was seriously injured. Chilworth St Denys Churchyard England

DFC Citation: 'During a period in May, 1940, this officer led many successful raids. On one day an attack was made on an enemy column at Dippach. Four days later he successfully pressed home a bombing attack on an enemy position, although attacked by a strong force of Messerschmitt 109s, but by skilfully manoeuvring his aircraft he enabled his air gunner to shoot down one enemy aircraft. Flight Lieutenant Hughes has shown magnificent leadership as a flight commander and, by his coolness and initiative, has maintained the excellent spirit and morale of all his flight personnel.'

1315 HughesPaterson ClarenceFlt Lt39461RAFAustralian234 Sqd

Spitfire13KIA1940-09-07From Haberfield, New South Wales joined RAF before the war. Flight Commander 234 Sqd during the battle. His score was 13 + 3 ½ kills. One was a Bf 109 on the 5 September 1940 near Detling. DFC. Killed 7 September 1940 whilst attacking a Dornier at point blank range. Dornier blew up and Spitfire I (X4009) was hit by the part of the wing crashing in Kent at 18:30hrs. Sutton on Hull St James Churchyard Age 23

1316 HughesWilliam Robert Kent 'Bob'Flt Sgt137124RAFVRBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warDecember 3 2018December 8 2018 Daily Express: A TRUE HERO: Tributes paid to Battle of Britain veteran - 'Your duty is done' TRIBUTES have been paid to a heroic Battle of Britain veteran who has died aged 97.Flight Lieutenant William 'Bob' Hughes - who died on December 3 - was one of the last surviving veterans from the air campaign. The war hero joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve in 1939 when he was just 18 years old.He joined 23 Squadron at RAF Wittering in West Sussex in August 1940, taking to the skies against the Germans in the Battle of Britain. He went on to complete two operational tours on bombers and was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for gallantry. Tributes poured in for the heroic veteran following his death. David Brocklehurst MBE, chairman of the Kent Battle of Britain Museum, said: 'RIP Bob Hughes. Your duty is done.Our flag will be flown at half mast for the next seven days as a mark of respect. He should be remembered for his bravery. Many of them said they were not heroes, just doing their duty, but we see them all as heroes. It makes it all the more important that we carry on their legacy as there will be a time when they will no longer be able to do so.” A spokesperson at Shoreham Aircraft Museum, where Flt Lt Hughes was a regular visitor, said: 'Bob was a regular at the museum and will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Bob your duty is done.' And Group Captain Patrick Tootal OBE, honorary secretary of the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, added: 'He was a delightful man and very unassuming for a man with his war record.; Social media users also paid tribute to the Battle of Britain veteran. 'RIP Sir. Immense gratitude for your bravery.'

Born in Tunbridge Wells England 14 February 1921. Adopted by his father's parents and moved to Northampton. Educated at St. Matthews School and Bective Secondary Modern School. Joined RAFVR in early Spring 1939 as an Airman u/t WOp/AG. Called up on 27 August 1939. Hamble for wireless course on 4 March 1940 and to Jurby on a gunnery course. Posted to 5 OTU Aston Down on 20 July to convert to Blenheims. On 17 August 1940 joined 23 Sqd at Wittering. Posted to 9 Sqd on 16 November but ended up at 149 Sqd at Mildenhall on the 21st on Wellingtons. He flew three operations with them, including the attack on the Tirpitz. 11th March 1941 Hughes went to Malta to join 148 Sqd at Luqa but was posted on to Egypt and joined 70 Sqd at Kabrit on 2nd April. 40 sorties against German targets at Benghazi. Returned to the UK in early 1942, to 23 OTU Pershore in April and joined 12 Sqd at Binbrook on 27th July. Commissioned from Warrant Officer in November 1942. Completed his second tour. DFC 12th March 1943. The citation read 'He has at all times shown exceptional qualities of courage, skill and initiative . . . and was someone who showed stamina, devotion to duty and what was termed a ‘cheerful willingness’. Released from the RAF in March 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant.

1317 Hughes-ReesJohn AnthonySgt113942RAFVRBritish609 Sqd


Spitfire4.5Died of polio1943-04-30 Age 22Born Newport, Pembrokeshire 1920. Joined the RAFVR April 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot Called up 1 September. Posted to 22 EFTS at Cambridge in December. Trained at 5 FTS. Converting to Spitfires, joined 609 Sqd at Middle Wallop on 22 September 1940. Me110 destroyed on 25 September. Crash-landed at Glastonbury with engine trouble in Spitfire L1008. On 7 October he destroyed a Me109. In May 1941 shared a Me109 on the 8th, damaged another on the 21st, destroyed one on 30th June and destroyed one and probably another on 8th July. DFM 8th August 1941. Commissioned in December 1941. Died of polio on 30th April 1943 as a Flying Officer at 73 OTU, Abu Sueir. Moascar War Cemetery, Egypt.
Hughes-Rees with Churchill visiting 609

1318 HugoPetrus Hendrik 'Dutch'Plt OffSouth African615 Sqd

41 Sqd


DFC & 2 Bars

Croix de Guerre (France)


Hurricane17Survived warDied6 June 1986Born Pampoenpoort, Cape Province, South Africa, 20 December 1917. Served with 615 Sqd during Battle. He, L.M.Gaunce and A.Eyre destroyed 3 Bf 109s over the convoy 'Bosom' mid July 1940. DFC 11 August 1940. 16 August 1940 injured when he force landed Hurricane (P2963) following an attack on a He 111 and a combat with a Bf 110, at 17:30hrs and was shot in the legs. In bandages, on 18 August wounded when he crash landed Hurricane I (R4421) near Orpington, Kent at 13:15hrs after a combat with Bf 109s. Rest of the Battle in Orpington Hospital. Became a flight commander leading 41 Sqd in Spitfires in 1941 and he later became a Group Captain at the age of 24. CO 41 Sqn 20 November 1941-12 April 1942; Sqn Ldr WS, July 1942 Feb 1950.retaining Gp Capt. Died at Victoria West, Karoo.

1319 HulbertDonald JamesSgt176565British257 Sqd
501 Sqd
1320 HulbertFrank Horace RaymondSgt123641RAFVRBritish601 Sqd


HurricaneSurvived war2004-09-19Born on 5th January 1917. Joined the RAFVR in December 1938. Flying training at 14 E&RFTS Castle Bromwich. At the outbreak of war, posted to 3I TW at Hastings. In March 1940 he went to 18 EFTS Fairoaks, moved to 10 EFTS Yatesbury in May and finished his training at 8 FTS Montrose. In early August Hulbert was posted to 5 OTU Aston Down, converted to Hurricanes and then joined 601 Squadron at Exeter late in August. In an interview he said "You have to remember that we had no training in warfare either. The first time I shot at an enemy plane was the first time that I had ever used the guns. The noise of the 8 machine guns, the vibration and the smoke from the wings made me think that I'd been shot down myself. I was with 601 squadron until May 1941. I became an instructor and test pilot and was commissioned in 1942. Between February 1943 and March 1944 I was with a Typhoon squadron which involved shipping strikes and low level attacks on airfields and other targets in France. After leaving 193 Squadron I was CO of a Communications Squadron for 6 months. I finished the War as a chief instructor and test pilot which involved a lot of Spitfire flying."
1321 HullCaesar BarrandSqd Ldr37285RAFSouthern Rhodesian263 Sqd

43 Sqd (CO)

Hurricane8 (5 over Norway in Gladiators)KIA1940-09-07Born 26 February 1914 – 7 Southern Rhodesia. A skilful pilot, pre-war service in aerobatics, on Hawker Audaxes, Furies and Hurricanes. In November 1939, 43 Squadron moved to RAF Acklington, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, flying Hawker Hurricane Mk Is. Amid severe weather conditions, Hull scored the squadron's first victory of the war on 30 January 1940, when he shot down a Heinkel He 111 bomber near the island of Coquet. On 26 February the squadron was transferred to RAF Wick in northern Scotland to help protect the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. Hull, Carey and three others together downed another He 111 on 28 March 1940. On 10 April 1940, Hull took part in the destruction of a reconnaissance He 111. When 43 Squadron returned to its home base at Tangmere in May 1940, some of its leading pilots were reassigned to other units: among these were Townsend, who was assigned to 85 Squadron RAF as its commanding officer, and Hull, who was posted to 263 Squadron to command a flight of Gloster Gladiator biplanes during the unit's second committal to the Norwegian Campaign. To Norway in May 1940 to command a flight of Gloster Gladiator biplanes 263 Sqd. Got 4 German aircraft in an hour over the Bodø area south-west of Narvik on 26 May. DFC. Shot down the next day, and invalided back to England. End of August, made commander of 43 Sqd with the rank of squadron leader, replacing Squadron Leader John "Tubby" Badger, who had been shot down and grievously wounded the previous day. The first engagement of Hull's command, on 2 September, resulted in three of the squadron's Hurricanes being shot down in return for two Messerschmitt Bf 109s. On 4 September, Hull led a group of Hurricanes in a decisive aerial victory over coastal Sussex against a large group of Bf 110s from ZGs 2 and 76. Flight Lieutenant Thomas Dalton-Morgan destroyed a Bf 110 north of Worthing and chased another until it crashed near Shoreham-by-Sea, while Sergeant Jeffreys shot down another Bf 110 in a field. Pilot Officer A E A van den Hove d'Ertsenrijck, from Belgium, pursued a fourth back out to sea and sent it crashing into the English Channel, but was hit himself and compelled to make an emergency landing at RAF Ford. Hull and Flight Officer Hamilton Upton together seriously damaged two more Bf 110s. Around 16:00 on 7 September 1940, nine Hurricanes of 43 Squadron scrambled to intercept a large formation of German aircraft over Kent on their way to London. Hull led six of the aircraft towards the German bombers while Flight Lieutenant John "Killy" Kilmartin, from Ireland, headed a section of three tasked with countering the fighter escort. Hull took his aircraft above the bombers, then dived towards them, telling his pilots to "smash them up". A very fast engagement followed in which Hull was killed while diving to the aid of Flight Lieutenant Dick Reynell, an Australian pilot who had come under heavy attack. Hull was last seen firing at a Dornier Do 17, and was shot down by a Bf 109. Reynell was also killed. The Rhodesian ace's body was discovered largely burnt inside the shell of his Hurricane, which had crashed in the grounds of Purley Boys' High School in Purley, Surrey. He was 26 years old.

Described as a brilliant, boisterous enthusiast and probably Fighter Command's most popular pilot. Took over command of the Squadron from the 1 September 1940. Died trying to save his friend 'Dick' Reynell on 7 September 1940, shot down by a Bf 109 over Purley, Surrey at 16:45hrs in Hurricane I (V6641). Tangmere Churchyard Age 26

Memorial to Hull, Falkson, Lydekker at Bødo Norway
1322 HumphersonJohn Bernard WilliamFlt Lt39317RAFBritish32 Sqd

602 Sqd

Hurricane/Spitfire5KIA1941-02-22Destroyed 2 during the early part of the Battle before shooting down a Bf 109 and a Junkers Ju 88 12 August 1940 and another Bf 109 on 15 August. DFC 30 August 1940. Transferring to bombers, as a British Flying Fortress pilot, he was KIA 22 June 1941. Heslington St Paul Churchyard Age 24
1323 HumphreyAndrew HenryPlt Off33543British266 Sqd


1324 HumphreysJack DavidPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)41419RAFBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-08-02Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium
1325 HumphreysJames SamuelPlt OffNew Zealander605 Sqd

HurricaneWIADiedWounded 9 September 1940 at 17:30hrs. Hurricane I (P2765) shot down while he was attacking He 111s over Farnborough in Kent. Baled out and then shot at and robbed by Canadian soldiers when he landed.
1326 HumphreysPeter CecilPlt Off85272British32 Sqd

1327 HumphreysPeter HarryFg Off (later Sqd Ldr)84961RAFBritish152 Sqd

SpitfireKIFABournemouth Crematorium England Age 27

1328 HuntDouglas Alfred CharlesSgt111976British66 Sqd

1329 HuntDavid WalterPlt Off42754British257 Sqd

HurricaneWIAWounded 3 September 1940 at 10:45hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3673) severely burned after being attacked by Bf 109s over Margaretting, Essex.
1330 HuntHenry NormanPlt Off82656RAFVRBritish504 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-05-13Runnymede Age 22
1331 HunterAlastair StewartFlt Lt90222RAFBritish604 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-02-06Hatfield Peverel St Andrew Churchyard Age 24
1332 HunterDouglas JohnSgt101027RAF AAFBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived warJuly 1984
1333 HunterPhilip AlgernonSqd Ldr32081RAFBritish264 Sqd



Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
MIA1940-08-24Leader of 264 Sqd and he and his gunner shot down a total of 9 and 1 shared. On 24 August 1940 at 12:40hrs he and his gunner (F.H.King) went missing after chasing a Ju 88 out to sea in Defiant (N1935). Runnymede Age 27
1334 HunterFlt LtBritish600 Sqd

1335 HunterSgtBritish604 Sqd

1336 Hunter-TodJohn HunterFg Off77424British23 Sqd

1337 HurryCharles Alexander LyallSgt48324British43 Sqd

46 Sqd

Hurricane3WIAJoined 43 Sqd in January 1940. Moved to 46 Sqd. 3 kills in September of 1940. Shot down 18 September at 12:55hrs . Baled out of Hurricane I (P3816) over Chatham with burns on the face and hands.
1338 HurstPeter Richard ScottPlt Off41421RAFBritish600 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-10-23Catterick Cemetery Age 20
1339 HutchinsonIainSgt102960RAFVRBritish222 Sqd

Spitfire4 + 2 probableDied2007-05-06 (believed)On patrol 18 September 1940. Baled out Spitfire I (R6772) over Canterbury after combat with a Bf 109 at 13:55hrs and was wounded. 30 September 1940 he survived when wrote off Spitfire I (P9492), force landed at Denham after combat at 13:45hrs.

Born in Glasgow 13th November 1918. Joined RAFVR in May 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot, raining at 12 ERFTS Prestwick. On 1st October 1939 to 12 FTS Grantham, then posted to 236 Squadron at Martlesham Heath, on Blenheims. On 9th February posted to 222 Squadron at Duxford, also equipped on Blenheims. Blenheims replaced by Spitfires in March 1940. Squadron to Hornchurch in May. On 30th August his aircraft was damaged in combat and he force landed at Damyns Hall Farm, Rainham but was unhurt.

'On our first sortie we lost half the squadron. I myself was shot down the next day. I was flying again the next day but I was shot down five times during the next month, though I didn't end up in hospital until the last time.' That happened when he was shot down in flames over south west London, miraculously managing to bale out, although he was badly burned. Hutchinson was treated for burns at RAF hospital Uxbridge where he was one of the last to receive a tannic acid treatment then used for burns. He said: 'The acid produced great scabs that covered my face and legs while the whites of my eyes turned bright red.' Hutchinson's Battle of Britain record saw him register three Me109 German fights as confirmed kills, one Heinkel bomber, an Me109 and one Me110 twin-engined heavy fighter as probably destroyed and one Me109 damaged.

Some accounts say 'One of his most notable victories was the shooting down of veteran pilot Oberleutenant Eckehard Priebe, who was taken prisoner and sent to Canada'. However, RAF Fighter Command Victory Claims Part 1 for 222 Sqd on that day record one Me 109 claim: 222 Sqn Spit FC Sgt I Hutchinson Bf109 damaged N Maidstone 1815. Since LCA times the crash of Oblt Priebe’s aircraft at 0930, as does BoBT&N and BlitzT&N, then the 2 most likely claims are 603 Sqn Spit FC P/O BJG Carbury Bf109 destroyed Canterbury area 0900 and 616 Sqn Spit FC F/L DE Gillam Bf109 destroyed Dover area 0940.

Hutchinson's flying days were not over. Hutchinson eventually recovered from his burns and he went on to fly unarmed Spitfire reconnaissance missions with 1 PRU at Benson and 2 PRU at Leuchars before being shot down over Norway after converting to Mosquitos. On 2nd April 1942 Mosquito PR Mk. I W4056 was airborne from Leuchars on a PR sortie to Trondheim. They were pursued and attacked by two Me109s of JG1. Oblt. H Huppertz of 12/JG1 claimed the victory. Despite the aircraft having lost most of its tail Hutchinson made a forced landing on the German-occupied airfield at Ørland. He landed despite the tail being shot off and his navigator calmly fired a Verey pistol into a pool of petrol, blowing up the plane. Eventually, they were met by a Luftwaffe officer who said in perfect English: 'We've been waiting for you for a while. I'm afraid our coffee's cold, but have some schnapps instead.' Hutchinson spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft 3, the prisoner of war camp of Wooden Horse and Great Escape fame.

Plate from 'Men Of The Battle Of Britain' by Ken Wynne

1340 HutleyRichard RalphPlt Off84323RAFVRBritish32 Sqd

213 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-29Baled out of Hurricane I (P2720) 29 October 1940 off Selsey at 11:45hrs. He was picked up but he died later. Tangmere St Andrew Churchyard England

1341 HuttonRobert ScottSgt754874RAFVRBritish85 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-12-10Bristol St Mary Redcliffe Cemetery Age 25
1342 HyblerJosef EmilPlt Off (later Flt Lt)82551Czech310 Sqd Czech

234 Sqd

HurricaneDied1984-01-09Died Hemel Hempstead UK
1343 HydeGeorge Gordon 'Kewp'Fg Off (later Flt Lt)C/948RCAFCanadian1 Sqd (RCAF)

HurricaneWIAKIFA1941-05-17 Age 27Born in Montréal in 1914. Educated at Westmount High School and Trinity College. Joined the RCAF in 1938. Posted to 1 Sqd RCAF—later this unit would be renamed in the 400-series RCAF numbers as 401 Sqd RCAF. Joined other squadrons of the RAF in June 1940 as the only RCAF squadron yet deployed in the war. At the end of August, he was shot down by Luftwaffe fighters over Staplehurst, England. Parachuted to safety, but was injured and burned. After recovery, transferred to the new 112 Sqd RCAF (soon to become 2 and then finally 402 Sqd RCAF) at RAF Digby. 112 had arrived with Lysanders, but since they were at a distinct disadvantage in aerial battle, they were relegated to coastal duties until December of 1940 when the unit converted to Hurricanes and started calling themselves 2 Sqd RCAF. On 17 May 1941, Hyde took part in a flying display at the small town of Metheringham. The digital archive for RAF Digby remembers the event: “402 Squadron (sic) Flight Lieutenant George Hyde gave an outstanding and long remembered display of aerobatics over Metheringham.” Following the display, which was part of Metheringham’s War Weapons Week, Hyde crashed and was killed on his way home to Digby.

Shot down 31 August 1940 at 09:15hrs by Bf 109s. Baled out of Hurricane I (P2971) over Cranbrook, suffering burns. Killed in a flying accident 17 May 1941 Scopwick Church Burial Ground Age 27

Paradie Canadian Archive Database

Portrait by Eric Kennington

1344 HydeJohn WoollardSgt104766British229 Sqd

1345 HydeReginald JackSgtBritish66 Sqd

1346 IeversNorman LancelotFlt LtRAFIrish312 Sqd Czech

HurricaneSurvived war21 November 1993.Irish national, born in 1912 in County Limerick. Moved to County Wicklow when he was a child. At Campbell College, Belfast, he was an excellent rugby union player. Engineering apprenticeship in England. Joining the RAF on a short service commission in 1936. Served with No 56 Sqd, became an instructor. Posted to become one of the English-speaking officers on the Czech 312 Sqd, in October 1940, in time to qualify for the Battle of Britain Clasp. He commanded ‘B’ Flight. After a brief spell with 308 Sqd, Ievers became a test pilot at Boscombe Down, in the High Altitude Flight of the Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment. In the summer of 1941 to 257 Sqd. Also with 19 Sqd. Commanded 80 Sqd in Hurricanes in the Western Desert. Staff postings in the Middle East and Far East. He left the RAF in 1944, as a Squadron Leader, returned to Ireland and eventually settled in County Clare.
1347 IgglesdenCharles PatrickFg Off39086British234 Sqd

SpitfireBorn 9 March 1918
1348 ImrayHorace StanleySgt751235British600 Sqd

BlenheimDiedBorn 20 December 1913
1349 IngleAlecFg Off83980British605 Sqd

HurricaneWIAPoWWounded with slight cuts to the face 27 October 1940 in Hurricane I (V7599) with battle damage. Forced landing at Barcombe, Sussex at 09:40hrs. Wounded again 1 December 1940, baling out Hurricane I (V7609) after combat with Bf 109 over Hollingbourne.
1350 Ingle-FinchMichael RoscoePlt Off84328British607 Sqd

151 Sqd

56 Sqd

HurricaneDied2002Died aged 81.
1351 InnesRobert AlexanderSgt63784RAFVRBritish253 Sqd

261 Sqd

185 Sqd

Air Efficiency Award

Hurricane2Survived war6th April 2005Born 15 June 1918. Joined RAFVR August 1938 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Called up 1 September 1939. Trained at 10 FTS Tern Hill. March 1940 posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge to convert to Blenheims. However he arrived at 253 Sqd on Hurricanes at Kenley, on 6 May 1940. Me110 destroyed on 30 August and on 15th September he shot down a Do17 of 8/KG2. Crashed in Hurricane V6736 on 20 September following an attack by Me109s over Maidstone. Crashed again at StapleBorn 15 June 1918. Joined RAFVR August 1938. Called up 1 September 1939. Trained at 10 FTS Tern Hill. March 1940 posted to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge to convert to Blenheims. However he arrived at 253 Sqd on Hurricanes at Kenley, on 6 May 1940. Me110 destroyed on 30 August and on 15th September he shot down a Do17 of 8/KG2. Crashed in Hurricane V6736 on 20 September, attacked by Me109s over Maidstone. Patrol on 11 October crashed in Hurricane L1666 from an unknown cause. He probably destroyed a Me109 off the coast of Essex on 11 November. Commissioned in March 1941. In April 1941 sailed on HMS Argus for Gibraltar. Transferred to HMS Ark Royal and flew off Ark for Malta. Joined 261 Sqd for a short period, transferring to 185 Sqd when that unit was formed at Hal Far from elements of 261 Sqd and 1430 Flight. During May and July 1941 his aircraft hit twice, the second time seriously. Sent home on HMS Edinburgh. After six months in hospital spent the rest of the war as an instructor. 1945 to the Central Flying School and then to Hornchurch. Returned to Malta in 1952 to reform 185 Sqd as the new commanding officer. Retired from the RAF on 31 August 1961 as a Squadron Leader.

Battle of Britain cover depicting Tom Gleave in a burning Hawker Hurricane of 253 Sqd after being shot at by Bf 109s while his squadron was attempting to engage German bombers attacking Biggin Hill. Gleave was Commanding Officer of the squadron at the time of being shot down having taken command of the squadron earlier in the day when the previous CO has been shot down and killed. Signed by Robert Innes

1352 InnessRichard FredrickPlt Off41292British152 Sqd

SpitfireDiedRelinquished commission circa 1953
1353 InnissAubrey Richard de LisleFg OffRAFBarbados236 Sqd

Blenheim1.530 January 2003 in Bridgetown, BarbadosSurname also spelled Inness. Born 1916 in Barbados. Joined the RAF on a short service commission, in January 1939. He joined 236 Sqd on Blenheim 1F in November 1939. On 23 September 1940 he shared in the destruction of a He 111, which was undertaking weather reconnaissance over the Atlantic. Posted away from 236 in July 1941, joined 248 Sqd in 1942. On 29 November that year he probably destroyed a Ju 88, on 29 January he shared a Ju 88 and on 10 March he shared another. DFC in July 1943, he later commanded the squadron, as a Wing Commander. Retired from the RAF on 18th December 1957 as a Squadron Leader, retaining the rank of Wing Commander. Buried in the Military Cemetery at the Garrison, Needham Point Barbados.

1354 IrelandSydneySgt745103RAFVRBritish610 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA1940-07-12Spitfire P9502 lost control in a dive during dogfight practice and crashed at Titsey Park. Knockbreda Cemetery Northern Ireland

1355 IrvingMaurice MilneFlt Lt90277RAF AAFScots607 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-09-28His Hurricane R4189 crashed into the Channel near Selsey following combat with BF 109s. Aged 29. Reported missing 28 September 1940 at 15:00hrs. Shot down into the sea in Hurricane I (R4189) South East of Selsey by Bf 109. Runnymede Age 29
1356 IsaacLewis ReginaldSgt748158RAFVRBritish64 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-08-05Fom Llanelli, South Wales, son of James and Blodwen. Joined RAFVR in May 1939 and fought throughout the Battle. He failed to return in Spitfire L1029 when his squadron were surprised by fighters over the Channel. Shot down and killed Spitfire I (L1029) by Bf 109 off Folkestone on the 5 August 1940 at 08:50hrs. Runnymede Aged 24
1357 IsherwoodDonald WilliamSgt808410British29 Sqd

1358 IvesonThomas Clifford 'Tony'Sgt128539British616 Sqd

Spitfire5 November 2013.Born in York. Archbishop Holgate’s School. Joined RAFVR in 1938. First operational posting was to 616 Sqd on Spitfires, on 2 September 1940. Two weeks later he flew one of the aircraft scrambled to intercept a Ju 88 off Cromer. Sergeant Iveson’s aircraft was damaged and lost fuel, forcing him to ditch. He was picked up by a motor torpedo boat and landed at Yarmouth. In October he moved to 92 Sqd. Instructed in Southern Rhodesia, commissioned and undertook a second tour in Bomber Command. Converted to Lancasters at No 5 Lancaster Finishing School, Syerston and in July 1944 joined 617 Sqd. His operations with the squadron included three attacks on the battleship Tirpitz, including the one on 12 November 1944 that led to the ship sinking. On 12 January 1945, Iveson took part in a raid on shipping and the submarine base at Bergen, in Norway. The Lancasters were attacked by German fighters, and Iveson’s aircraft was badly damaged, with his port inner engine set on fire and his tailplane and rudders riddled with bullets. His two air gunners and wireless operator had already baled out when the the fighters suddenly broke off the attack. Iveson managed to fly the aircraft to Sumburgh, Shetland. He was awarded an immediate DFC. Left the RAF in July 1949 as a Flight Lieutenant. He later served in the RAuxAF and commanded a Light Anti-Aircraft Squadron.

Surviving aircrew born 1919. Crash landed Spitfire I (R6690) into the sea 16 September 1940 at 10:30hrs. Saved. after running out of fuel chasing a Ju 88 off Cromer.

1359 IveyReginaldSgt122762British248 Sqd

1360 JackDonald MacfarlaneFg Off90170British602 Sqd

1361 JacksonArthurAC21050666RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1940-10-13Blenheim L6637 was shot down by a 312 Squadron Hurricane and crashed in flames off the Point of Aire. Shot down and killed in error on the 13 October 1940 by Hurricanes off Point Ayr, Wirral at 18:00hrs in a Blenheim If (L6637) The crew Sgt R.E.Stevens, Sgt O.K.Sly, A Jackson were killed. Mexborough Cemetery Aged 29.
1362 JacksonPatrick Allison CathcartPlt OffBritish236 Sqd

1363 JacksonPeter FrederickSgt (later P/O)63790RAFBritish604 Sqd

BlenheimKilled1941-05-29 Age 22Jackson was born in London and joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve in 1937, finishing his pilot training before the onset of the war. He was called up on the first day of the war and assigned to 604 Squadron at Hendon, flying Bristol Blenheim night fighters and then Beaufighters. As he pressed home an attack on a Junkers Ju 88 on the night of 22 December 1939, he was fired on and hit by the rear gunner. Severely injured about his face, he was blinded in one eye and badly cut. Fearing he might lose control, he ordered his gunner/wireless operator to bail out. Somehow he managed to get his aircraft back to RAF Middle Wallop and crash-land it without further injury to himself. He was awarded the DFM for his determination and flying skill. He was made a Pilot Officer in April of 1941 and one month later he was killed along with his two crew members when his Beaufighter slammed into high ground in cloud after an air-sea firing exercise. After his death, his 604 Sqd CO wrote in his memorial card: “I have only been in command of the Squadron for three months but during that time I saw how loved Peter was by both Officers and all Ranks of the Squadron. For my part I felt I had an Officer and a Pilot in whom I could place implicit trust. At all times Peter went at any job that he was given with quiet and thorough efficiency. He is a man that we can ill afford to lose and one whom we all deeply miss.” Killed on exercise. Golders Green Crematorium
Painting by Eric Kennington

1364 JacobsHenry 'Jake'Plt Off (later Sqd Ldr)78685British219 Sqd

600 Sqd

DFC & Bar

Blenheim81978Born on 15 April 1907 in Great Yarmouth parents were Mr and Mrs J Jacobs of The Cottage, Hingham, Norfol. In September 1940 he shot down a Ju 88. In 1942 he shot down two Ju88s and damaged another. DFC 9 October 1942. In 1943 shot down three Bf 110s , a Do 217, a 110 and damaged a Ju 88. Bar to DFC on 5 November 1943 and AFC on the 3 April 1945. He retired from the RAF in 1958 and died in 1978. His DFC citation 'for valuable service rendered as chief signals instructor of 264 Squadron, Duxford ; has destroyed two enemy aircraft – a source of inspiration to his men'. The citation for his bar says 'has helped destroy six enemy aircraft; he is a model of efficiency'.
1365 JacobsonNormanAC21050704RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1949-08-25AC2 Radio Operator with 29 Squadron from Grimsby, son of Alfred and Olive Jacobson. Joined the RAF in June 1940. Jacobson was just 18 years old - the youngest Battle of Britain casualty and although his body was recovered by the trawler 'Alfredian' near the Inner Dowsing, he was buried at sea on August 27 and his name is engraved on the Runnymede memorial panel 27. Pilot and crew (RA Rhodes R Gouldstone. N Jacobson) shot down and killed 1940-08-25. Their Blenheim I (L1330) was shot down by an enemy aircraft off Wainfleet, Lincs while on night patrol at 22:00hrs. Crashed into the sea, other two crew members missing. Of the other two crew members one missing and one killed.
Allied Losses Database
Runnymede Age 18

1366 JamesRichard HarwoodSgtBritish29 Sqd

1367 JamesRobert Stuart SeymourSgt (later Flt Sgt)581456RAFBritish248 Sqd

1368 JamesonPatrick GeraintFlt LtNew Zealander [12]266 Sqd (CO)


Spitfire1DiedBorn in Wellington, New Zealand on November 10 1912, Educated in Lower Hutt. Learned to fly at the Wellington Aero Club in 1933. Left New Zealand in January 1936 to join the RAF. Completed flying training in January 1937 posted to 46 Sqd. Whilst stationed at Digby, became friends with the famous Cobber Kain of 73 Sqd. In Norway campaign destroyed a Ju 88 and had a share in two Dornier Do 26 flying boats. In June it was decided to evacuate Norway, 46 Sqd covering the withdrawal. 7 June it landed its Hurricanes back on the flight deck of the 'Glorious'. This was achieved by fixing sandbags under the tailplanes to shorten the landing run. The carrier was sunk by the German battle cruisers 'Scharnhorst' and 'Gneisenau' with shell fire. Jameson and his CO found themselves on a Carley float with thirty others. After three days drifting in the cold sea only seven men were alive to be picked up, the two RAF pilots being the only surviving pilots of the unit. For Norway Jameson awarded DFC in July. He took command of 266 Sqd in September 1940. Retired as an Air Commodore, and returned to New Zealand.
1369 JanickiZbigniewPlt Off76694PAFPolish32 Sqd

46 Sqd

213 Sqd

302 Sqd Polish

317 Sqd Polish

Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Medal Lotniczy (x3)

HurricaneKIA1944-06-13After training in 5 OTU, from 01.07.-31.10.1940 he actively participated in the Battle of Britain with 32 Sqd RAF, then in 46 Sqd RAF and 213 Sqd RAF. Moved to 302 Sqd and then in 1942 he was the commander of 317 Sqd and later 116 Sqd RAF until 1943. Instructor in the technique of low level attacks on ground targets, he was transferred to 61 Sqd 56 of USAAF. In 1944 in USAAF Thunderbolt P47D took off with squadron for a combat flight over France. During the flight he radioed about a bad engine. Plane crashed at Le Mans in France. According to German sources, he was shot down by flak artillery. The pilot was killed. Le Mans West Cemetery Age 27
Archiwum Database

1370 JankiewiczJerzyFg Off (later Sqd Ldr)83698PAFPolish601 Sqd

303 Sqd Polish

Virtuti Militari


Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

Wound Badge
Hurricane4MIA1942-05-25Flew with 601 Sqd. Wounded 4 September 1940 at 13:45hrs. Hurricane I (R4214) damaged in combat with Bf 110 over Worthing. Later joined 303 Sqd and in July 1941 took over command. First Polish pilot to command a British manned Squadron and was also the first to lead a British manned wing on operations. Killed 25 May 1942 during 'Rodeo 51' over Gravelines in Spitfire VB (AD233). 4 confirmed. Polish Memorial Northolt Age 29
Archiwum Database

1371 JanouchSvatoplukPlt Off (later Sqd Lrd)81892RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

Hurricane5Died1996-04-12Surname also spelt Janough. Died New York
1372 JanuszewiczWojciechPlt OffP-1385PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x3)

Medal Lotniczy

Hurricane4KIA1940-10-05On patrol 5 October in Hurricane I (P3892) over Kent. Shot down and killed by Bf 109 at 12:00hrs over Stowting, Kent. 4 confirmed kills.when his Hurricane P3892 crashed at Stowing following combat with BF 109s. Northwood Cemetery Age 29
Archiwum Database

1373 JarrettRaymond Walter EmlynSgt56779British501 Sqd

245 Sqd
1374 JaškeJosef AntoninPlt Off (later Sqd Lrd)83226RAFVRCzech312 Sqd Czech

Hurricane2Died2001-06-20Died Oxford
1375 JastrzębskiFranciszekFlt LtP-1296PAFPolish302 Sqd Polish
Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Medal Lotniczy (x2)

Hurricane3KIA1940-10-25In 1940, appointed key commander, he fought until June 18, 1940, starting from Chateaudun Airport near Orleans. After arriving in England, he was appointed squadron commander "B" in 302 Sqd. 1940 killed in the Battle of Britain. From RAF Northolt in Hurricane V7593 - patrolling the English Channel area near Dover. Five Bf 109 were encountered there, which after the first attack by the Polish squadron returned to France. For unspecified reasons, Jastrzębski fell into the sea in an uncontrolled flight, possibly the pilot lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen. His Hurricane V7593 failed to return from a patrol over the Channel. Body washed ashore. Kiel War Cemetery Age 34
Archiwum Database

1376 JavauxLucien Leon GustavPlt Off84284RAFVRBelgian235 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1943-10-18 Age 32Born 16th August 1911 in Namur, Belgium. Joined Belgian Air Force in August 1934. Escaped to England after the collapse of France and commissioned in the RAF on 13th August 1940. First posted to 235 Sqd before becoming an instructor with various units. Finally joining 681 Sqd on Mosquitoes. Maidenhead Register

Belgium Aircrew Losses

Archive Report

1377 JayDudley TrevorPlt Off42063RAFBritish87 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-10-24His Hurricane P3404 collided with another Hurricane during a routine patrol. Jay baled out but failed to pull the ripcord and was killed, it is thought he may have hit the tailplane. Exeter Higher Cemetery Age 19
1378 JebbMichaelFg Off72449RAFBritish504 Sqd

HurricaneWIA KIA1940-09-19Wounded in France when crash landed from ground gunfire 20 May 1940. Injured in Hurricane I (N2705) crash near Dartford 15 September 1940 at 14:45hrs after combat. Died from injuries 19 September following this crash after combat over south-east London. Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium England Age 22
1379 JeffRobert VoaseFlt Lt39285British87 Sqd

HurricaneMIAHe was last seen diving to attack enemy aircraft of Portland Bill in Hurricane V7231.
1380 Jeff (Voase-Jeff?)Robert VoaseFlt Lt39285RAFBritish87 Sqd

DFC & Bar

Croix de Guerre (France)

Hurricane5KIA1940-08-11Lost in combat in Hurricane I (V7231) over Portland Bill on 11 August 1940 at 10:45hrs. DFC and later the Bar to the DFC Runnymede Panel 4
1381 JeffcoatHarry JeffreyPlt Off79240RAFVRBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-12-13Runnymede Age 32
1382 JefferiesCharles Gordon St DavidPlt OffRAFBritish3 Sqd

232 Sqd

261 Sqd

185 Sqd
155 Sqd (CO)

DFC & 2 Bars
Hurricane3.5Survived warJanuary 1985Born 1 March 1920. Joined the RAF, began training 6 February 1939. In June to 2 FTS Brize Norton. November 1939 with 253 Squadron at Manston. To 3 Squadron as reinforcements and arrived on 14 May 1940. Shared in the destruction of a Me110. Shot down in Hurricane L1908 near Rethel, NE of Rheims. Baled out unhurt and was back with the squadron on the 17 May. Withdrawn to Kenley on 20 May. To Wick on the 23rd. 21st July 1940 to Sumburgh where ‘B’ Flight was renumbered as 232 Sqd. 23 August he shared in the destruction of a He111 off Fair Isle, the squadron’s first victory. Posted 19 October 1940 for service in Malta. However, he was recalled to 232 Sqd on 11th November 1940 and appointed ‘B’ Flight Commander on 16 December. 27 April 1941 he flew off HMS Ark Royal to Hal Far, Malta and joined 261 Sqd at Ta Kali. On 5 May he shared a Ju88. To 185 Sqd at Hal Far on 12 May as ‘A’ Flight Commander of the new squadron. 4th July 1941 destroyed a Mc200 and damaged another, on the 9th he took part in a strafing attack on Syracuse seaplane base in which a number of aircraft were destroyed. On the 11th he claimed a Mc200 destroyed and another damaged and on 4th September he claimed another Mc200 probably destroyed and on the 30th he got another probable Mc202. DFC 26 September 1941. Posted to the Middle East in October 1941. He commanded 155 Squadron in India and Burma from November 1942 to November 1943. He probably destroyed a Japanese Oscar on 28th January 1943. Bar to the DFC 25th January 1944. Second Bar to the DFC 22nd March 1955 for operations in Kenya. Retired on 1st October 1967 as a Wing Commander.
1383 JefferiesJerrardFlt Lt39286RAFBritish310 Sqd Czech

1455 Flight
106 Sqd


Czech Military Cross

Hurricane41943-04-05 Age 27Born Sutton Coldfield England September 1916. Educated at Warwick School. Joined the RAF October 1936. To 3 FTS, Grantham on 11 January 1937. To 17 Squadron at Kenley on 7 August 1937. On a sweep over Holland 11 May 1940 shot down a Hs126 at Delft-Hague. To France and joined 85 Sqd at Lille/Seclin on 17 May. ‘B’ Flight Commander and Acting Flight Lieutenant. On 19 May he probably destroyed a Me109. Withdrawn to Debden on 22 May. 9 July posted to 310 Squadron with Czech pilots at Duxford, as a Flight Commander. On 31st August and 3rd September Me110s destroyed, on 7 September he damaged another, on the 15th he destroyed a He111 and shared three Do17s and on the 18th he destroyed a Do17. DFC 1st October 1940 and the Czech Military Cross 24th December 1940. January 1941 he took command of the squadron. On 1st March Jefferies changed his name to Latimer by deed poll, for reasons unknown. 27 March 1941 he damaged a Ju88 and during the night of April 8/9th he probably destroyed a Ju88. Left 310 in June 1941 and on 7th July went to Tangmere to form and command 1455 Flight, a Turbinlite Havoc night fighter unit. He led the Flight until January 1942. Killed on 15th April 1943, as a Squadron Leader with 106 Sqd, flying in a Lancaster from Syerston on a sortie to Stuttgart. See Allied Losses Database ED752 DFC for shooting down 4 enemy aircraft and damaging 2 others. Shown with his dog ‘Hero’. He was a flight commander in the Czech fighter squadron of the Royal Air Force, which was led by RAF personnel. DFC Citation: 'This officer has led his flight with skill and gallantry. His determined leadership and skillful training have contributed largely to the success of his squadron. He has destroyed four enemy aircraft and severely damaged another two'. Shown in CWGC as Sqd Ldr Jerry Latimer RAF. Sauvillers-Mongival Communal Cemetery France

1384 JeffersonGeorgeSgt134187British43 Sqd

1385 JeffersonStanley FrancisPlt Off85009British248 Sqd

1386 Jeffery-CridgeHugh RonaldSgt154490British236 Sqd

1387 JefferysGeorge WilliamSgt754867RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

43 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-18Hurricane I (V7442) on patrol on the 18 September 1940. Baled out while in combat but parachute did not deploy and he was killed at Chatham, Kent, at 12:30hrs. Winterbourne Earls St Michael Churchyard Age 20

1388 JeffreyAlistair John OswaldFg Off39740RAFBritish64 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-07-25Killed 25th July 1940 Spitfire I (P9369) shot down in combat off Dover at 14:55hrs. Vlissingen Northern Cemetery Holland Age 22

1389 JekaJózefSgt (later Sqd Ldr)P-1654 780836PAFPolish238 Sqd

Virtuti Militari

Krzyz Walecznych (x4)

Srebrny Krzyz Zaslugi z Mieczami

Medal Lotniczy (x4)


Wound Badge
Hurricane7Died1958-04-157 kills 1 shared and 3 damaged. Rose to Sqd Ldr in RAF. September 2, 1940 sent to 238 Sqd RAF. On September 15, 1940, he shot down Bf-110 and on September 26, two He-111 aircraft. - November 5, 1940, he was shot down by a German Bf-109 fighter plane over Bournemouth. Baled out. In 1941 he was sent to 306 Sqd, which was stationed at Tern Hill. In December 1941 he was sent to 58 OTU in Grangemouth, as instructor. In May 1943 he transferred to 308 Sqd and on August 11, 1943 he became the commander of 308 Sqd. May 21, 1944 during a combat flight he was shot down. Escaped captivity and in September 1944 he returned to UK. In December 1945 he became commander of 306 Sqd In 1947 he was released from aviation. He remained in England and joined the RAF. He died in a plane crash in Germany. Post war he was the first Polish pilot to fly at more than Mach 2. Killed in a Lockheed U2 spy plane mission for the Americans. Newark Cemetery Age 41
Archiwum Database

1390 JenkinsDavid Nicholas OwenPlt Off41930RAFBritish253 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-30 Age 21Baled out Hurricane I (P9321) 30 August 1940 at 11:20hrs. Killed by a German fighter over Redhill. Bagendon St Margaret Churchyard

1391 JenningsBernard James 'Jimmy'Sgt47706RAFBritish213 Sqd

Spitfire4Survived war2002Jennings was born on 21 March 1915 and joined the RAF on 1 May 1933. Posted to the Parachute Flight, Hendon and was standby member of the Parachute Pull-Off team, which involved standing on the wingtip of a Vickers Virginia, for the Air Display at Hendon in 1934. 1935 posted to 33 Sqd (Hawker Harts) at Upper Heyford as a photographer/air gunner. Sent to Middle East in October 1935. Jennings applied for pilot training, returned to the UK in late 1937 and remustered as an Airman u/t Pilot on 6 December 1937. March 1938 posted to 10 FTS, Ternhill, Shropshire for No 8 Course. Then posted to RAF Cranwell in November, as a staff pilot in the Signals Squadron. On 4 September 1939 'Jimmy' Jennings joined 19 Sqd at Duxford to fly Spitfires. On 27 May 1940 he probably destroyed a Do 17 over Belgium and on 1 June he destroyed a Bf 110, probably another and damaged a Do 17 on a later patrol. On 24 August Jennings destroyed two Bf 110s, on 11 September he destroyed a Bf 110 and probably a He 111 and on the 27th he damaged a Bf 109. During the Battle of Britain some of 19’s sorties were as part of No 12 Group’s Big Wing opertions led by Douglas Bader. On 4 April 1941 awarded the DFM. CFS Upavon on 12 April 1941 to train as an instructor, after which he was posted to 5 FTS, Sealand in May but returned to Upavon in September for instructing duties. Commissioned in December 1941. Jennings went to 41 OTU, Hawarden in May 1944 and in August he joined 168 Sqd, acting in a reconnaissance role in the 2TAF (2nd Tactical Air Force) with Mustangs and later Typhoons. After the squadron disbanded on 26 February 1945, Jennings commanded a Ferry Flight. Retired from the RAF on 21 March 1962, his 47th birthday, as a Wing Commander. From 1963 until 1980 he worked for the Ministry of Defence. He died in 2000.
1392 JeramDennis MayvoreSub Lt (FAA)FAABritish213 Sqd

1393 JereczekEdmund VincentyPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)76664PAFPolish229 Sqd 43 SqdAFC SKZzM ML (x3)Hurricane Died1984-08-2601.07. / 31.10.1940 actively participated in the Battle of Britain. Died Stourbridge Age 80
1394 JessopErnest RobertSgt742987RAFVRBritish253 Sqd

111 Sqd

43 Sqd

257 Sqd

HurricaneKIFA1941-11-15Khayat Beach War Cemetery Palestine (now Israel)

1395 JíchaVaclavPlt Off (later Flt Lt)66486RAFVRCzech1 Sqd



Hurricane7KIFA1945-02-01Haddington Roman Catholic Graveyard Age 31

1396 JiroudekMiroslavFlt Sgt (later Flt Lt)787451 120454RAFVRCzech310 Sqd Czech

68 Sqd

Hurricane1 Died1995-03-25Shot down over Sittingbourne by British A.A. fire 5 November 1940. He escaped injury. Died Prague
1397 JohnsGeorge BinmoreSgt45543British229 Sqd

1398 JohnsonAllan EverittPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)41425RAFBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneKIFA shot down by friendly fire1943-07-04 Age 22Killed on a training flight with another Spitfire flown by a student, the student accidentally released the safety catch on his guns & shot Johnson down. He baled out but was dragged under by his parachute and drowned. Kirton in Lindsey Cemetery England

1399 JohnsonAllan EdwardSgt123312British23 Sqd

1400 JohnsonCharles AlexanderSgt161484British25 Sqd

Blenheim Died

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