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NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take Off date is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date we change our record if necessary

Thanks to Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain for supplementary data and images (marked with a chequerboard device) related to the Polish Air Force, and many images courtesy of our respected colleagues Wojtek Matusiak and Robert Gretzyngier. Other images from our own archives.
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Polish Air Force personnel have a supplementary database containing more information and many more entries. Check the following:
Personel Polskich Sił Powietrznych posiada dodatkową bazę danych zawierającą więcej informacji i wiele innych wpisów. Sprawdź następujące elementy:
Archiwum: PSP 1939 -1947 Database 17,000+ Polish Air Force Entries

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#Name* (↑)First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir Force (↑)Command (↑)Unit (↑)DateofIncident *See Note (↑)Aircraft (↑)TypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
2401 ChristmanLorne SmithPilot OfficerJ/3601NavigatorRCAFBomber Command106 Sqd
1941-07-04HampdenIAD986ZN-Coningsby2300Dortmund Crashed near Brackwede KilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery. Grave 17.B.18Paradie Archive Database
2402 ChristmasL GPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1943-08-17HalifaxVEB276IP-GTholthorpe2116PeenemundeAbandoned near DemminPoWParadie Archive Database
2403 ChristoffCSergeantRCAFBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-12HalifaxIIILW616QO-REast Moor2204CambraiCrashed at MiranmontEvaderParadie Archive Database
2404 ChristyE FSergeantRCAFBomber Command619 Sqd
1944-08-09LancasterIME866PG-WDunholme Lodge2052ChatelleraultCrashed at Thure {Vienne}KilledThure Communal Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
2405 ChubbA WPilot OfficerBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1943-09-27WellingtonXHE817QO-KSkipton on Swale1938Hannover?KilledRunnymede
2406 ChudzikS EWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command218 Sqd
1943-08-16StirlingIIIEH884HA-XDownham Market2019TorinoCrashed at AmberieuKilledLyon {la Doua}Paradie Archive Database
2407 ChudzikWilliam JSergeantRCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-10HalifaxIIILW674PT-ETholthorpe2203Versailles Crashed at Theuville {Eure-et-Loir} Killed Age 21Theuville Communal Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
2408 ChurchJ MSergeantRCAFBomber Command156 Sqd
1943-07-29LancasterIIIED822GT-Warboys2159HamburgShot down by night fighterKilledHamburg (Ohlsdorf) CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2409 ChurchMaurice GordonWarrant OfficerR/114615Age 27CanadaNavigator RCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-03HalifaxIIJB866EQ-TRAF Leeming, Yorkshire1952Essen See archive report for further information KilledUden War Cemetery 4.G.13. Son of George and Annie Isabel Church, of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Courtesy See Archive report

Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2410 ChurchT H LFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command50 Sqd
1943-02-02LancasterIIIED488VN-NSkellingthorpe1826KolnCrashed near Hamont BelgiumPoW Paradie Archive Database
2411 ChurchE RFlight LieutenantRCAFBomber Command61 Sqd
1944-08-25LancasterIIIPA998QR-OSkellingthorpe2101DarmstadtCrashed at Gross-GerauKilledRunnymede Paradie Archive Database
2412 ChurcherL ASergeantBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
2413 ChurchillR FSergeantBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1942-08-05WellingtonIIIX3360VR-RMildenhall2315EssenCrashed BedburgKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery
2414 ChurchyardH. F. “Bud”Flying OfficerRCAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1945-03-16LancasterIRF154AS-BRAF Kirmington, Lincolnshire1712Nurnberg See Archive report for further details PoWParadie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2415 ChurmsJames WilliamFlight SergeantR/281050Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command626 Sqd
1945-04-04LancasterIII PB411UM-Y2RAF Wickenby, Lincolnshire2055Lutzkendorf See archive report for full details KilledBerlin 1939-45 War Cemetery. Grave 6.Z.10Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2416 ChuteG ESergeantRCAFBomber Command49 Sqd
1944-03-26LancasterIIIJB680EA-PFiskerton1952EssenExploded at AhrbruckKilledRheinberg War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2417 ClampittE BFlight SergeantR114787RCAFBomber Command106 Sqd
1943-03-12LancasterIR5749ZN-GSyerston1859EssenShot down in target areaKilledReichswald Forest War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2418 ClaphamWiliam PatersonFlight Sergeant1022894Age 19W/Op/Air/GunnerRAFVRBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-30HalifaxIIILV923ZL-NRAF Leeming Yorkshire2200NurnbergSee archive report for further detailsKilledHotton War Cemetery. Grave XII.B.4Read Archive Report
2419 ClareJ E SFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command514 Sqd
1944-01-21LancasterIILL672A2-C2Waterbeach2001MagdeburgPoW Paradie Archive Database
2420 ClareJ EPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command620 Sqd
1943-10-15StirlingIIIEF149QS-XChedburgh1215TrainingUndercarriage collapsed on T/O Paradie Archive Database
2421 ClareP ASergeantBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
2422 ClarkJSergeantRCAFBomber Command101 Sqd
1943-09-03LancasterIIIED659SR-TLudford Magna1936Berlin?KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2423 ClarkW BSergeantRCAFBomber Command12 Sqd
1941-08-31WellingtonIIW5577PH-UBinbrook2115BoulogneCrashed off French coastKilledParadie Archive Database
2424 ClarkGerald MadisonSergeantR6781126 March 1916, USAAmericanWireless Operator/Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command156 Sqd
1942-07-28WellingtonIIIBJ592GT-Alconbury2242HamburgShot down by Flak. Crashed Fischbecker Moor near the village of Vierzigstuecken 9km NE of Buxtehude 4 miles West of Hamburg.KilledBecklingen War Cemetery Plot 14 Row F Grave 11.
Paradie Archive Database
2425 ClarkL MFlying OfficerJ20082RCAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1943-04-28WellingtonXHZ278AS-NKirmington2049GardeningCrashed at Saedden DenmarkKilledEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery DenmarkParadie Archive Database
2426 ClarkG CSergeantRCAFBomber Command196 Sqd
1943-02-14WellingtonXHE169ZO-Leconfield1824Koln?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
2427 ClarkD KFlight SergeantRCAFCoastal Command233 Sqd
1945-01-14LiberatorIV TT3366G-R 44-10597Oulton1606BSCrashed at Meerhout [Antwerpen]KilledLeopoldsburg War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2428 ClarkSamuel StewartPilot OfficerJ/1945010 Jun 1918Passenger - NavigatorRCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1942-11-29HalifaxIIDT576LQ-UTopscliffe1005FerryCrashed near Melmerby KilledDishforth Cemetery Grave 47 Paradie Archive Database Son of Samuel Stewart Clark and Christena Gillies Clark, of Radisson, Saskatchewan, Canada

405 Sqn were in the process of moving from RAF Topcliffe to undertake a detachment at RAF Beaulieu in Hampshire. A number of bicycles are believed to have been also loaded on board. The a/c took off from RAF Topcliffe and headed initially in a north-easterly direction before making a turn over Melmerby and then to fly a course which would have been in a southerly passing the westerly side of Dishforth airfield before heading towards Hampshire. Before it got back over the general area of the airfield and while flying at 300 ft the a/c turned onto it's back and crashed near Melmerby. Sadly all fifteen airmen on board were killed in the crash. It was the worst non-operational loss in Yorkshire in the whole of the war. A house was damaged prior to the crash and it was thought to have been struck by a wire aerial hanging from the a/c. While there was some suggestion locally that the a/c was overloaded the crash investigation thought otherwise and the reason for the crash was obscure other than it probably stalled at a low height.(Aircraft Accidents in Yorkshire)
2429 ClarkC TFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-11-23LancasterIIIJB182LQ-OGransden Lodge1715Berlin?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
2430 ClarkW L JFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1944-01-01LancasterIIIJB280LQ-KGransden Lodge.0023.BerlinCrashed at Nieuw Schoonebeek {Drenthe}KilledSchoonebeek General Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
2431 ClarkJ F Squadron LeaderDFC

RCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-08-10LancasterIIIJA920LQ-EGransden Lodge2205NurnbergCrashed at base on return Paradie Archive Database
2432 ClarkR SFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-12-16LancasterIIDS737EQ-CLinton on Ouse1637BerlinCrashed at Murton Common YorkshireDied of Injury 21/12/43Harrogate [Stonefall] CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2433 ClarkW JFlight SergeantR92367RCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-05HalifaxIIDT646VR-CMiddleton St George1857EssenCrashed near ElstPoW Paradie Archive Database
2434 ClarkJames AndersonWarrant Officer Class 1R/8102310 Jan 1921CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1942-09-15WellingtonIIIX3796VR-CAir TestA test was in progress in regards to oil consumption problems reported most likely in the "Flight Snag" book. Sometime within the 2 hour test the a/c went into a 45 degree dive from which it would not recover. The a/c came down near Thursby 9 miles East of Stamford, LincolnshireKilledCottesmore (St Nicholas) Churchyard Extension Compartment 16 Grave 11 Paradie Archive Database Son of Richard and Isabelle Clark, of Port Alice, British Columbia, Canada
2435 ClarkEarl WilliamFlying OfficerJ89818CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1945-03-05Halifax IIINA184PT-WRAF Tholthorpe, North Riding of Yorkshire1628Chemnitz Crashed near Dishforth Airfield KilledHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery - H. Row P. Grave 19, Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2436 ClarkF JFlight LieutenantJ/4924PilotRCAFFighter421 Sqd RCAF
1944-07-13SpitfireIXNH415PatrolCollided with lastKilledBretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery FranceParadie Archive Database
2437 ClarkH ASergeantRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-30LancasterIIDS852OW-QLinton on Ouse2207NurnbergCrashed Bro HeradeKilledBerlin 1939-1945 War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2438 ClarkD APilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1943-12-03LancasterIIDS733OW-LLinton on Ouse.0022.LeipzigCrashed at EspelPoW Paradie Archive Database
2439 ClarkH LPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command428 Sqd RCAF
1945-01-28LancasterXKB763NA-SMiddleton St George1429TrainingCrashed near Stockton on TeesKilledHarrogate [Stonefall] Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
2440 ClarkR EFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command429 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-14WellingtonXHZ303AL-Leeming1510Air TestCrashed BuntingtonKilledSutton in the ForestParadie Archive Database
2441 ClarkH BSergeantRCAFBomber Command51 Sqd
1941-09-07WhitleyVZ6744MH-Dishforth2009Berlin?Killed1939-1945 Berlin War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2442 ClarkAustin ThomasFlight LieutenantJ/86332Age 26CanadaPilotDFC

RCAFBomber Command57 Sqd
1944-08-26LancasterILM278DX-LRAF East Kirby, Lincolnshire2017GardeningSee archive report - Information courtesy John JonesMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 244 Courtesy John Jones

Paradie Archive DatabaseBorn on the 21st December 1917. A salesman prior to service working for The Bell Telephone Company. Son of Herbert Clark, and of Fanny Edith Clark, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.
2443 ClarkTom A.SergeantR/200128CanadaAir GunnerRCAFBomber Command576 Sqd
1944-07-24LancasterIIIPB265UL-V2RAF Elsham Wolds, Lincolnshire2108StuttgartAbandonedInjuredParadie Archive Database
2444 ClarkJ HFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command626 Sqd
1945-01-07LancasterIII JB661UM-C2Wickenby1847MunchenKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
2445 ClarkAri BergthorPilot OfficerJ/91164Age 21CanadianW/op/Air/GnrRCAFBomber Command76 Sqd
1944-12-26HalifaxIIIMZ740MP-RRAF Holme-on-Spalding Moor, Yorkshire1252St-VithSee Archive report for further details - Crashed at Nassogne {Luxembourg}KilledRunnymede

Paradie Archive DatabaseBorn 10th February, 1917 in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, the son of Charles August and Jonina Gudbjorg née Thorsteinson, Clark. Enlisted in the RCAF, Winnipeg, 5th September, 1941.
2446 ClarkDWarrant Officer Class 1RCAFBomber Command76 Sqd
1944-06-07HalifaxIIIMZ531MP-DHolme on Spalding Moor2303JuvisyCrashed near Etampes {Essonne}PoWParadie Archive Database
2447 ClarkD ASergeant Wireless Operator/Air GunnerR101355RCAFBomber Command77 Sqd
1943-06-21HalifaxIIJD205KN-YRAF Elvington, North Riding of Yorkshire22.5KrefeldShot down by night fighter and crashed at Esch, HollandPoW No. 97 Stalag Luft Heyfekrug - L6Paradie Archive DatabaseRead Archive Report
2448 ClarkS FSergeantBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1942-08-28HampdenIAD829EQ-EBalderton2002SaarbruckenCrashed at Sauville FranceKilledSauville Communal
2449 ClarkH ESergeantBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1944-11-21HalifaxVIINP810EQ-HLinton on Ouse1520Castrop-RauxelKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery
2450 ClarkPFlying Officer152806Fighter418 Sqd RCAF
1944-07-17MosquitoVIHR183RangerKilledMalmo Eastern Municipal Cemetery Sweden

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