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NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take Off date is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date we change our record if necessary

Thanks to Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain for supplementary data and images (marked with a chequerboard device) related to the Polish Air Force, and many images courtesy of our respected colleagues Wojtek Matusiak and Robert Gretzyngier. Other images from our own archives.
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Polish Air Force personnel have a supplementary database containing more information and many more entries. Check the following:
Personel Polskich Sił Powietrznych posiada dodatkową bazę danych zawierającą więcej informacji i wiele innych wpisów. Sprawdź następujące elementy:
Archiwum: PSP 1939 -1947 Database 17,000+ Polish Air Force Entries

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#Name* (↑)First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir Force (↑)Command (↑)Unit (↑)DateofIncident *See Note (↑)Aircraft (↑)TypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
16751 WeeksD F CSergeantRCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1944-04-18HalifaxIIJP202VR-TMiddleton St George2037GardeningCrashed at NymindegabKilledRunnymede Paradie Archive Database
16752 WeeksW GFlight LieutenantJ15548RCAFBomber Command428 Sqd RCAF
1943-07-13HalifaxVDK228NA-DMiddleton St George2338AachenCrashed Mesnil-St-Blaise BelgiumKilledFlorennes Communal Paradie Archive Database
16753 Weepers“Dave” JFlying OfficerJ28845CanadianNavigatorRCAFBomber Command625 Sqn
1944-05-21LancasterIIILM513CF:YRAF Kelstern21:58DuisburgSee archive report for further detailsPoW Paradie Archive Database
16754 WeeseR APilot OfficerJ17467RCAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1943-03-29WellingtonXHE545AS-HKirmington2004BochumCrashed NNW of ArnhemKilledGrooesbeek War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16755 WegenastW AFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command1666 CU
1945-01-14LancasterIHK756ND-WombletonSweepstakeLost without traceKilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
16756 WeickerC HFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command100 Sqd
1945-03-16LancasterIII PB117HW-DGrimsby1723NurnbergKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16757 WeickerC MFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command429 Sqd RCAF
1943-11-18HalifaxIIJD275AL-TLeeming1629Mannheim?PoWParadie Archive Database
16758 WeighA FSergeantBomber Command428 Sqd RCAF
1943-11-03HalifaxVLK954NA-EMiddleton St George1647DusseldorfCrashed South Kyme LincsKilled
16759 WeighallF CSergeantR/87391W/Op. Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command142 Sqd
1942-08-27WellingtonIVZ1338QT-DRAF Grimsby, Lincolnshire2030Kassel Crashed at Kalk, East of Cologne PoW No: 26863 Camp: Stalag Lamsdorf (344)None - understood to have survived the war. Died in 1973 Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
16760 WeilerN HFlying OfficerJ18604RCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-30HalifaxIIDT741LQ-PGransden Lodge.0008.EssenCrashed OosterhoutPoW Paradie Archive Database
16761 WeinHSergeant1391852Bomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-27HalifaxIIBB332EQ-HLeeming2000BerlinCrashed Blindberg SwedenInterned
16762 WeirAlexander CuthbertFlight SergeantR/123705Air/GnrRCAFBomber Command102 Sqd (Ceylon)
1943-04-20HalifaxIIDT747DY-PRAF Pocklington, Yorkshire2120StettinSee archive report for further informationKilledEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery. Collective grave A.10.10-15Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
16763 WeirI AFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command102 Sqd (Ceylon)
1944-04-23HalifaxIIHX151DY-MPocklington2110GardeningCrashed near OmoKilledSvino CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16764 WeirJ EFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command40 Sqd
1941-10-14WellingtonIcZ8782BL-HAlconbury2301NurnbergExploded near KarlsruheKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16765 WeirRobert NormanFlight SergeantR/15275919 July 1921CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1944-01-20HalifaxVLL176ZL-QLeeming2000MagdeburgDuring an exhumation trip in the Soviet Zone Kreis Calbe, a visit was made to the town Gloethe to exhume 6 unknown English fliers, exhumation proved the identity of the crew of Halifax LL176 and the following information obtained regarding the crash. Information was supplied by the former Burgomeister of Gloethe and it was to the effect that during the night of 21/22 January 1944 at approximately 2300 a four engined was seen engaged with a German night fighter. The bomber burst into flames and crashed 1km North of the town (Gloethe), the aircraft exploded on impact and wreckage was scattered over an area of 500m. 6 bodies were recovered from the wreckage and it was stated that a seventh crew member was taken as a PoW. The six dead were placed into two coffins and buried at Gloethe Cemtery. A cross was erected at the head of the grave and it bore the following inscription: ”6 Kanadische Piloten 21.1.1944" (Extract from report by Flt Lt John R Hughes DFM No.4 MREU dated 6 September 1948)KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery Plot 2 Row K Grave 18
Paradie Archive Database Son of Eva Weir, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
16766 WeirL SWarrant Officer Class 2R148836RCAFBomber Command7 Sqd
1944-04-22LancasterIIIND353MG-NOakington2320DusseldorfPoW Paradie Archive Database
16767 WeirL SWarrant Officer Class 2R148836RCAFBomber Command7 Sqd
1944-03-30LancasterIIIND350MG-ZOakington2212NurnbergCrash landed at Feltwell Norfolk Paradie Archive Database
16768 WeirJ CPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command97 Sqd (Straits Settlements)
1942-06-27LancasterIR5675OF-HWoodhall Spa2332BremenCrashed near Avenhorn HollandKilledBergen General Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
16769 WeirJohnFlying OfficerC/1650PilotRCAFFighter Command401 Sqd RCAF
1941-11-08SpitfireVbAB922 "Liphamola"YO-?Escort See archive report for further details PoW No: 715 Camp: Stalag Wegschelde (9B None - survived the warParadie Archive Database Some details here: Read Archive Report
16770 WeirJSergeantBomber Command433 Sqd RCAF
1944-11-21HalifaxIIIMZ284BM-TSkipton on Swale1613Castrop-RauxelPoW
16771 WeisJoseph WilliamFlight LieutenantC1651CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command408 (Goose) Sqn RCAF
1944-06-07LancasterIILL643EQ:QLinton on Ouse23:00AcheresSee Archive Report for detailsMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 244Paradie Archive Database
16772 WeiserWFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-05-04HalifaxIIJB897LQ-TGransden Lodge2143DortmundCrash landed near Wyton Paradie Archive Database
16773 WeissG TFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command101 Sqd
1944-11-04LancasterIME865SR-RLudford Magna1738BochumKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
16774 WeissRFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-01HalifaxIIDT797EQ-HLeeming1844BerlinCrashed SE of Bathmen HollandKilledBathmen General CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16775 WelchGordon GeorgeFlying OfficerJ/27563PilotRCAFBomber Command101 Sqd
1944-06-16LancasterIIILM474N2RAF Ludford Magna, Lincolnshire.2341Sterkrade Crashed at Volkel {Noord-Brabant} KilledUden War Cemetery Holland. Grave reference 5.C.13Paradie Archive DatabaseRead Archive Report
16776 WelchH WPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command156 Sqd
1943-02-19LancasterIIIED485GT-Warboys1807Wilhelmshaven?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
16777 WelchHenry MaxwellFlight SergeantJ/19121Air/GnrRCAFBomber Command76 Sqd
1943-11-03HalifaxVLK681MP-A RAF Holme on Spalding Moor, Yorkshire Air TestSee archive report for further details KilledHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Section C Row D Grave 9
Paradie Archive DatabaseRead Archive Report

Paradie Archive

Aircrew Deaths Database
16778 WelchH RFlight SergeantBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-05-25HalifaxIIHR806LQ-DGransden Lodge22:54DusseldorfCrashed on take offInjured
16779 WelchISergeantBomber Command425 Sqd RCAF
1944-04-22HalifaxIIILW633KW-OTholthorpe2230DusseldorfCrashed St-Oedenrode {Noord-Brabant}KilledEindhoven {Woensel} First French Canadian squadron
16780 WelchD HWarrant OfficerBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1943-10-22HalifaxVDK182ZL-Leeming1725KasselTurned back came down Newton KymeKilled
16781 WelchD HSergeantBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1943-07-29HalifaxVDK242ZL-TrainingCrash landed at Leeming
16782 WeldonE NFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command576 Sqd
1945-02-21LancasterING464UL-O2Fiskerton1940DuisburgBaled out near Reims and abandoned Paradie Archive Database
16783 WelkJ GFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1945-01-16Halifax IIINA183PT-MTholthorpe1834MagdeburgCrashed at BokensdorfKilledHannover War Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
16784 WelleinJ CFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command49 Sqd
1944-07-18LancasterIIIPB231EA-HFiskerton2240RevignyCrashed at St-Oeun-en-Domprot {Marne}PoW Paradie Archive Database
16785 WellerA LPilot OfficerJ17138RCAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1943-03-09WellingtonIIIBK368AS-PKirmington1843GardeningCrashed twixt Grinsted and Filskov DenmarkKilledEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery DenmarkParadie Archive Database
16786 WellerH RFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command424 Sqd RCAF
1944-06-28HalifaxIIILV910QB-YSkipton on Swale2222MetzPoW Paradie Archive Database
16787 WellerR DWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command626 Sqd
1944-05-03LancasterIDV281UM-D2Wickenby2157Mailly-le-CampCrashed St-remy-sous-Barbuise {Aube}KilledSt-Remy-sous-Barbuise ChurchyardParadie Archive Database
16788 WellerD A WSergeant1487005Bomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-10WellingtonXHE652KW-Dishforth2312FrankfurtCrashed at Virelles BelgiumKilledFlorennes Communal
16789 WellsA EFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command166 Sqd
1945-01-07LancasterING290AS-BKirmington1820MunchenBelieved crashed 50KM SE StuttgartKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16790 WellsJ RPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command425 Sqd RCAF
1944-04-24HalifaxIIIMZ573KW-GTholthorpe2135KarlsruheShot down by Hptm Ernst Modrow. Abandoned and crashed OosterscheldePoW Paradie Archive DatabaseFirst French Canadian squadron

16791 WellsR ASergeantRCAFBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1943-10-22HalifaxVLK633ZL-WLeeming1731KasselCrashed HarzbergKilledHannover War Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
16792 WellwoodKenneth DouglasSergeantR/12275Age 25CanadaAir BomberRCAFBomber Command106 Sqd
1943-09-03LancasterIED385ZN-?RAF Syerston, Nottinghamshire1930Berlin See archive report for further details KilledHannover War Cemetery. Grave 3.F.13

Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
16793 WellwoodNorman JosephSergeantR90177CanadianWireless Operator/Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command425 (Alouette) Sqn RCAF
1942-11-09WellingtonIIIBK557KW:SRAF Dishforth17:36HamburgCrashed at Bad ZHit by flak of Ugruko Süd (II. Marine Flak Brigade), 2./schw.Flat Abt. 117 (o) and 1.-4./schw.Flak Abt.531, crashed near Kreuzmoor, twixt Rasteade and Karel at 21:35 hrs. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (30 May - 31 December 1942) The Early Years Part 3 - Theo Boiten)wischenahnPoW No. 909, Stalag Luft 6Paradie Archive DatabaseFirst French Canadian squadron

Promoted to Warrant Officer (WO) J96486 whilst as a PoW
16794 WelshRonald HansonFlight SergeantR/79382CanadianNavigatorRCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1943-01-21WellingtonIIIBJ966PT-RMiddleton St George1710GardeningShot down by night fighter pilot Major Helmut Lent of the Stab IV./NJG 1KilledRunnymede Memorial, Panel 186. United Kingdom
Accident report
16795 WelshB EFlight SergeantRCAFBomber Command425 Sqd RCAF
1944-07-28HalifaxIIIMZ641KW-KTholthorpe2205HamburgKilledRunnymede Paradie Archive DatabaseFirst French Canadian squadron
16796 WelshL AFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command78 Sqd
1944-11-21HalifaxIIIMZ810EY-FBreighton1721SterkradeCrashed at Spaldington range on returnKilledHarrogate [Stonefall] CemeteryParadie Archive Database
16797 WelshRPilot OfficerBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-11-02HalifaxVIINP696OW-MLinton on Ouse1606DusseldorfCrash landed at Brussels Airport
16798 WelshJSergeantBomber Command428 Sqd RCAF
1943-01-31WellingtonXHE173NA-Dishforth212TrainingCrashed NW of base on take offInjured
16799 WelteKWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1944-02-24HalifaxVLK907WL-MCroft1704Air TestCrash landed at base on returnParadie Archive Database
16800 WelteKWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-25HalifaxVLL225WL-LCroft1832AulnoyeCrash landed at Friston Sussex on returnParadie Archive Database

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