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NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take Off date is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date we change our record if necessary

Thanks to Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain for supplementary data and images (marked with a chequerboard device) related to the Polish Air Force, and many images courtesy of our respected colleagues Wojtek Matusiak and Robert Gretzyngier. Other images from our own archives.
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Polish Air Force personnel have a supplementary database containing more information and many more entries. Check the following:
Personel Polskich Sił Powietrznych posiada dodatkową bazę danych zawierającą więcej informacji i wiele innych wpisów. Sprawdź następujące elementy:
Archiwum: PSP 1939 -1947 Database 17,000+ Polish Air Force Entries

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#Name* (↑)First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir Force (↑)Command (↑)Unit (↑)DateofIncident *See Note (↑)Aircraft (↑)TypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
1201 BischlagerHSergeantRCAFBomber Command97 Sqd (Straits Settlements)
1941-12-18ManchesterIL7490OF-UConingsby930BrestCrashed at base on returnKilledParadie Archive Database
1202 BisheffG EPilot OfficerJ18162RCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-06-21HalifaxIIDT772EQ-ELeeming2340KrefeldCrashed Zeist HollandKilledAmersfoort (Oud Leusden) Gen Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
1203 BishopD CPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command10 Sqd
1945-01-01Halifax IIILV785ZA-CMelbourne1635DortmundBomb jettisoned over North Sea on return to base crashed near Laytham Grange Farm near airfieldParadie Archive Database
1204 BishopDSergeantRCAFBomber Command10 Sqd
1944-12-09HalifaxIIIMZ309ZA-BMelbourne1617MunsterCrash landed at Woodbridge Suffolk on returnParadie Archive Database
1205 BishopStanley AdolfsonFlying OfficerJ/13118Age 26CanadianNavigatorRCAFBomber Command100 Sqd
1943-05-27LancasterIIIED821HW-ARAF Grimsby, Lincolnshire2232Essen See archive report for further details KilledWonseradeel Protestant Churchyard (Witmarsum). Row 36. Grave 18.Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1206 BishopGFlying OfficerJ/23710RCAFFighter406 Sqd RCAF
1944-07-25MosquitoNF30MM736RangerKilledRunnymede Memorial United KingdomParadie Archive Database
1207 BishopJ H WSergeantR69969RCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-06-21HalifaxIIJD209EQ-BLeeming2345KrefeldShot down in target areaPoWParadie Archive Database
1208 BishopM WSergeantR65139RCAFBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-27HalifaxIIDT634VR-RMiddleton St George2002BerlinShot down by nightfighter N of HambergPoW Paradie Archive Database
1209 BishopJ PSergeantR133344RCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-26WellingtonXHE771PT-CroftDuisburgCrashed on return to baseInjured Paradie Archive Database
1210 BishopJohn PhilpottFlight SergeantR/13334415 Dec 1910CanadianObserverRCAFBomber Command429 Sqd RCAF
1943-07-03WellingtonXLN296AL-East Moor2256KolnClaim by Oblt Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer Stab II/NJG1 - 1km North of Grooten-haak 7km North West of Diest (Meise): 4,500m at 0048 hours (Nachtjagd Combat Archives 1943 Part 2 - Theo Boiten)

All were buried at Averbode, but in Nov 1945, their remains were reinterred at the Bergan-Op-Zoom cemetery
KilledBergan-Op-Zoom Canadian War cemetery, 11.H.12
Paradie Archive Database Son of John Augustus and Mabel Jessica Bishop, of Vernon, British Columbia
1211 BishopA GSergeantRCAFBomber Command431 Sqd RCAF
1944-08-26HalifaxIIIMZ509SE-CMemburyTransitCrashed on take off Paradie Archive Database
1212 BishopG EFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command431 Sqd RCAF
1943-12-29HalifaxVLK701SE-LCroftBerlin?KilledHannover War Cemetery
Paradie Archive Database
1213 BishopH GPilot OfficerDFC

RCAFBomber Command431 Sqd RCAF
1945-03-09LancasterXKB853SE-ACroft1142EssenCrashed target areaKilledReichswald Forest War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
1214 BishopErnest HowardPilot OfficerJ/86577Born on the 30th June 1921 Age23CanadaNavigator RCAFBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1944-07-28HalifaxVIINP702QO-BRAF East Moor, North Yorkshire2241Hamburg See archive report for full details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 249
Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1215 BishopJFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command432 Sqd RCAF
1944-10-23HalifaxVIIINP722QO-NEast Moor1604EssenCrashed at Manston Kent on returnParadie Archive Database
1216 BishopJ DWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command50 Sqd
1944-07-07LancasterIIIPA996VN-JSkellingthorpe2203St-LeuCrashed at Mesnil-Mauger {Seine-Maritime}KilledMesnil-Mauger Communal Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
1217 BishopG MPilot OfficerRCAFBomber Command83 Sqd
1942-11-22LancasterIED311OL-KWyton1810StuttgartDitched English ChannelPoW Paradie Archive Database
1218 BishopS B SFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command90 Sqd
1945-02-03LancasterIPA158WP-STuddenham1614DortmundKilledRheinberg War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
1219 BishopS BFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command90 Sqd
1944-12-21LancasterING323WP-JLossiemouthTransitCrashed at Tuddenham Paradie Archive Database
1220 BishopEFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command434 Sqd RCAF
1945-03-22LancasterXKB832WL-FCroft1055HildesheimCollided with 431 Sqn Lancaster KB811 SE-T at base destroyed after bomb load explodedParadie Archive Database
1221 BishopColin LisleSergeant418499AustraliaRAAF32 OTU RCAF1943-05-27RAAF Honour Roll
1222 BissellDonald CliffordFlying OfficerJ/24280NavigatorRCAFFighter Command418 Sqd RCAF
1944-01-03MosquitoVILR268RAF Ford, Sussex315Intruder See archive report for further information Missing - believed killedRunnymede War Memorial. Panel 245Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1223 BissetW McMFlight SergeantR136065RCAFBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-29WellingtonXHE744ZL-JCroft1950 CroftBochum?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
1224 BissetR CSquadron LeaderDFC

Bomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1225 BissettJohn AlexanderSergeantR/67791CanadaPilotRCAFBomber Command10 Sqd
1942-02-26HalifaxIIV9986ZA-MLeeming18:23Kiel. bomb floating dockLost without traceKilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
1226 BissettJack MontgomerySquadron LeaderJ/16991CanadaPilotDFM


RCAFBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-30HalifaxIIILV898ZL-DLeeming2220NurnbergShot down by a night fighter and crashed over Herhahn whilst on a bombing raid to Nuremberg. Crashed HerhohnKilled Age 23Rheinberg War Cemetery 14. E. 8.
Personnel date on Paradie RCAF ArchiveHalifax LV898, piloted by Squadron Leader J. M. Bissett, DFM was detailed to attack Nuremberg, as part of the main force of 795 aircraft, and was shot down by an enemy night-fighter and crashed at Herhahn, 4km north west of Schleiden, on 30-31 March 1944. All the crew were killed.

The raid on Nuremberg on the night of 30-31 March 1944 was the blackest night for Bomber Command in the whole of the War, with some 96 aircraft lost. 'The Bomber Command War Diaries' by Martin Middlebrook gives the following account: ‘This would normally have been the moon and stand down period for the main bomber force but a raid on the distant target of Nuremberg (8 hours round trip) was planned on the basis of a forecast predicting protective high cloud on the outward route. 795 aircraft were despatched. The German Controller ignored all diversions and assembled his fighters at 2 radio beacons which happened to be astride the route to Nuremberg. The first night fighters appeared just before the bombers reached the Belgian border and a fierce battle in the moonlight lasted for the next hour. 82 bombers were lost on the outward route. The action was much reduced on the return flight, when most of the night fighters had had to land but 96 bombers were lost in total, the largest Bomber Command loss of the war. The main raid over Nuremberg was a failure, the city was covered in thick cloud and a fierce cross wind which developed on the final target approach made the Pathfinder aircraft move too far to the East, little damage was caused. Subsequent research showed that 120 aircraft had bombed Schweinfurt, 50 miles to the North West of Nuremberg and that there had been a 10 mile ‘creep back’ in the main bombing.’ Three Halifax’s from 427 Squadron were lost in the raid with only two crew members surviving. 'The Nuremberg Raid' by Martin Middlebrook gives additional information onLV898: ‘At least nine flight commanders went missing, all killed. 427 Sqd lost both A and B flight commanders- Squadron Leader’s Bissett, DFM, and Laird, DFC both Manitobans. Bissett’s crew had already caused anxiety on the squadron when starting their second tour by their apparent unconcern at the importance of keeping on course and his loss was not unexpected. In fact, Bissett’s Halifax had crashed almost exactly on track south of Aachen.’
1227 BissonG EFlight LieutenantJ16354Bomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1228 BissonnetteG A RSergeantRCAFBomber Command78 Sqd
1942-07-26HalifaxIIW1184EY-Middleton St George2253Hamburg?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
1229 BistA CPilot OfficerFighter418 Sqd RCAF
1942-11-07BostonIIIW8358Night IntruderPoW
1230 BittenF CSergeantRCAFBomber Command425 Sqd RCAF
1943-02-06WellingtonIIIZ1742KW-CDishforth1710Gardening?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive DatabaseFirst French Canadian squadron
1231 BittnerJ DSergeantRCAFBomber Command420 Sqd RCAF
1943-01-29WellingtonIIIDF626PT-Middleton St George1632LorientCrashed at Exeter DEVONKilledExeter Higher Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
1232 BjarnasonStefan AgustFlying OfficerIcelandAir BomberRCAFBomber Command106 Sqd
1944-08-07LancasterIIILM641ZN-DMetheringham2130SecquevilleCrashed at Quetteville {Calvados}Evader

Courtesy Oleg Marin

Paradie Archive Database
1233 BlachfordGlenn HughFlying OfficerJ/2791317 Mar 1917CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command431 Sqn RCAF
1944-06-16HalifaxIIINA514SE-BRAF Croft, Yorkshire2224Sterkrade, GermanySee Archive ReportKilledUden War Cemetery Grave 5.B.2Paradie Archive Database
1234 BlackCharles NoolaPilot OfficerAUS/405437W/Op/Air GunnerRAAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-04-03HalifaxIIHR713EQ-FLeeming1945Essen See Archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Panel 190 Read Archive Report
1235 BlackWilliam RexSergeantAUS/417292Age 19AustralianAir/GnrRAAFBomber Command427 Sqd RCAF
1943-07-30HalifaxVEB242ZL-?RAF Leeming, Yorkshire2220Remscheid See archive report for brief details PoW No: 222465 Camp: Stalag Muhlberg (Elbe 4B)None - survived the war Read Archive Report
1236 BlackD IFlying Officer124923NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command419 Sqd RCAF
1943-06-11HalifaxIIJD143VR-A RAF Middleton St. George, County Durham 2240Dusseldorf See Archive report for further details PoW No: 1488 Camp: Stalag Luft Sagan - L3None - survived the war Read Archive Report
1237 BlackR ESergeantRCAFBomber Command103 Sqd
1943-12-02LancasterIIIJB401PM-PElsham Wolds1654Berlin?KilledBerlin 1939-1945 War CemeteryParadie Archive Database
1238 BlackGordon Samuel GaySergeantR65151CanadianWireless Operator/Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command107 Sqn
1942-04-27BostonIIIZ2194OM:?Great Massingham14:22Power station at LilleSee Archive report for detailsPoW No. 222, Stalag Luft 6Paradie Archive Database
1239 BlackBruce GrahamFlying OfficerJ240252nd December 1921 in Toronto, OntarioCanadianBomb AimerRCAFBomber Command158 Sqn
1944-06-02HalifaxIIILV921NP:BLissett22:13TrappesLV921 was claimed as a possible Abschuss by: Hptm. Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Mants/Rambouilet area (AD-BD): 3,500m at 01:01. Oblt Jakob Schaus 4/NJG4 – 30km around Dreux (AC-AD-BC-BD): 500m at 01:06. Hptm Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Evreux/Chartres (AC-BC): 2,500m at 01:10. ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)). Crashed alongside woods near Emance 11km South West of Rambouilet.KilledSt-Desir War Cemetery Plot VIII Row A Grave 9-14
Paradie Archive DatabaseSon of William Graham and Lily Blanche (née Rachar) Black; husband of Gloria Morgan Forbes Black, of New York City, USA.

According to W R Chorley Fg Off Black was an American who came from New York City. The confusion may has arisen because his wife Gloria Erica Forbes Black married an American E Carney in June 1946 and went to live in New York City.
1240 BlackW AFlight LieutenantJ/1444PilotAFC

RCAFFighter2 Sqd
1944-06-27MustangIFR902SortieAbandoned near AlenconKilledLe Mans West Cemetery FranceParadie Archive Database
1241 BlackD ASergeantRCAFBomber Command405 Sqd RCAF
1943-08-09HalifaxIIHR872LQ-KGransden Lodge2252MannheimCrashed at Awenne BelgiumKilledFlorennes Communal Paradie Archive Database
1242 BlackWilliam AndrewFlight LieutenantJ/7980Born on the 05th January 1920 Age 23CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1943-02-03HalifaxIIDT680EQ-DRAF Leeming, North Yorkshire1800HamburgSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledHamburg Ohlsdorf War Cemetery. Grave 10A.M.8Paradie Archive DatabaseSon of William and Dorothy Ellen Black (née Castle) of 5510 Blenheim Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1243 BlackJ MFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command408 Sqd RCAF
1945-02-02Halifax VIINP757EQ-BLinton on Ouse2010Wanne-EickelAbandoned and crashed near North WithamParadie Archive Database
1244 BlackRichard BursleighFlying OfficerJ/11844Age 23CanadaAir GunnerRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-03-15LancasterIIDS771OW-P RAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire 1906Stuttgart See archive report for further details KilledDurnbach War Cemetery. Grave 4.F.12
Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
1245 BlackJ HFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command426 Sqd RCAF
1944-05-12HalifaxIIILK883OW-ELinton on Ouse2207LeuvenCrashed Londerzeel {Brabant}PoW Paradie Archive DatabaseAttacker
1246 BlackJohn HannahSergeantR/11805920 Feb 1920CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command429 Sqd RCAF
1942-12-21WellingtonIIIDF624AL-East MoorTraining The crew were undertaking a training flight from their base at East Moor and while the a/c was close to the North Yorkshire Moors the a/c suffered an electrical failure which caused the propellers on both engines to go into a fully fine pitch. This then caused the engines to over-rev and eventually to overheat. Fearing he was loosing control of the a/c the captain ordered his five crew to abandon the a/c, this was done successfully. The pilot and rear gunner received slight injuries on landing, the pilot suffered his injuries after landing on a fence. The a/c crashed near Kirkby, a few miles south of Stokesley and was destroyed. RAF East Moor took charge of the crash site; they sent transport to collect the crew, put a guard on the a/c and destroyed secret equipment it was carrying. (References- Aircraft Accidents in Yorkshire) Survived - Killed in Action 2 Mar 1943 Paradie Archive Database 429 Sqn Wellington HZ260
1247 BlackJohn HannahSergeantR/11805920 Feb 1920CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command429 Sqd RCAF
1943-03-02WellingtonXHZ260AL-KEast Moor1901GardeningDitched some 87 miles off Cromer, Norfolk. Reason unknownKilledSutton-on-the-Forest (All Hallows) Churchyard Extension, Section E, Grave 2 Paradie Archive Database Died from Hypothermia on 2nd Mar 1943 a few hours before help could arrive. Buried on 8th Mar 1943
1248 BlackH GSergeantRCAFBomber Command44 Sqd
1943-02-07LancasterIED309KM-SWaddingtonLorient?KilledRunnymedeParadie Archive Database
1249 BlackGordon RonaldSergeantR/75540RCAFBomber Command44 Sqd
1943-03-10LancasterIED305KM-SWaddington Gardening - Little Belt, Lyngsodde (Danish Coast) Crashed in seaMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 186Paradie Archive DatabaseInfo sent in by John Jones - August 2016. This aircraft was claimed by Oblt Gerhard Raht (4./NJG3). The sea near Strib, Fyn Island (Faun) at 4,500 meters. Time:- 22:12. This would be his fourth kill. See Kracker Archive on this site
1250 BlackAngus JohnFlying OfficerJ24704CanadianBomb AimerRCAFBomber Command57 Sqn
1944-06-21LancasterIIILM573DX:URAF East Kirkby, Lincolnshire23:10WesselingSee archive report for further detailsKilledBergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery Grave. 27.B.5
Paradie Archive Database

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