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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: many people assemble information on WWll cemeteries and individual graves. We have frequently consulted these sites in preparing this database. Readers are encouraged to consult these sites directly as each brings a unique quality to its work. They include: • • • • • • • •

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions welcomed via Helpdesk

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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeath (↑)BuriedCommemorated (↑)LinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
2001 SharpRonald Frederick CharlesPilot Officer195865RAFVR70 Sqd

221945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 5.Son Of Frederick James Herbert And Mabel Louisa Sharp; Husband Of Celia Sharp, Of North Cheam, Surrey.
2002 ShawArthur EdwardFlying OfficerJ/17147RCAF70 Sqd

211943-11-25ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, H, 366.
2003 ShawKLieutenant328351VSAAF178 (RAF)1944-04-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 8.
2004 ShawAubrey MatthewFlying Officer184158RAFVR70 Sqd

221945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 7.Son Of Thomas Matthew And Edna Mabel Shaw, Of Nottingham.
2005 ShearerJamesFlight Sergeant1387348RAFVR601 Sqd221943-09-29ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 11.
2006 ShearerBenjamin WatsonSergeant407255RAAF271943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 7-10.
2007 ShearerDuncan Carswell Roland McnabSergeant1522169RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

251944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 6.Son Of Thomas B. Shearer And Of Isabella Davie Shearer (Nee Carswell) Of Bonhill, Dunbartonshire. May have died on 1944-10-13
2008 SheehyBasil JamesFlying Officer411957RAAF231943-06-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 21.
2009 SheekeyTerence BrucePilot Officer412720RAAF251943-12-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. C. 7.
2010 SheltonJohnSergeant1379941RAFVR37 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. C. 1-2.
2011 ShepherdFrancis WilliamFlying Officer139477RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

281944-07-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. E. 21.Son Of Thomas Albert And Mary Louisa Shepherd; Husband Of Margaret Mary Shepherd, Of Leyland, Lancashire.
2012 ShepherdErnest RobertFlying Officer156395RAFVR40 Sqd341944-07-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 10.Son Of Albert And Helena Eveline Shepherd; Husband Of Lucy Sheila Shepherd. Of Palmer'S Green, Middlesex.
2013 ShipmanG DLieutenant102521VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

271944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.Son Of Egbert R. And Mary E. A. Shipman, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
2014 ShivasCharlesLeading Aircraftman1341866RAFVR150 Sqd331944-07-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 22.Son Of James And Elizabeth Shivas; Husband Of Mary Shivas, Of Dundee.
2015 ShoobertHarold GeorgeSergeant1160412RAFVR424 Sqd (RCAF)211943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
2016 ShorrockFrancis Walter HarrySergeant1813266RAFVR37 Sqd 221945-04-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. D. 6.Son Of Richard And Nellie Shorrock, Of New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey.
2017 ShyingHenry SamuelWarrant Officer420068RAAF311944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 8.Son Of Horace Edward And Charlotte Shying; Husband Of Brenda Florence Shying, Of Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia.
2018 SillsJohn LoringFlight SergeantR/138354RCAF424 Sqd1943-09-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 47.
2019 Silva-WhiteWalter Edward BattleFlying Officer130178RAFVR682 Sqd201944-04-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 33.Son Of The Revd. Canon Algernon Silva-White, M.A., And Clare Silva-White, Of Sunderland, Co. Durham.
2020 SimisterThomasFlight Sergeant1451231RAFVR13 Sqd241944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 15.Son Of George And Ruth Simister, Of Salford, Lancashire; Husband Of Edna Simister, Of Salford.
2021 SimmonsCecil AaronFlight Sergeant1387534RAFVR37 Sqd231943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, F, 31.
2022 SimmsDavid ErnestPilot Officer404101RNZAF108 (RAF) Sqd301943-12-28ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 12.
2023 SimmsHenryWarrant Officer1502728RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 1.Son Of Thomas And Ann Simms, Of Everton, Lancashire.
2024 SimonsGordon GeorgeWarrant Officer416371RAAF261944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 7.Son Of Thomas Edward And Amelia Isobel M. Simons; Husband Of Margaret Simons, Of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.
2025 SimpsonPhilip JohnSergeant1580258RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Joint Grave Xx. H. 11-12.Son Of James Harold And Evelyn Simpson, Of Penkhull, Stoke-On-Trent.
2026 SimpsonWilliam OgilviePilot Officer147597RAFVR261944-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 10.Son Of Adam Ogilvie Simpson And Mary Lizzie Simpson, Of Carlisle; Husband Of Doreen Simpson, Of Botcherby, Carlisle.
2027 SimsCharles DenisSergeant1393029RAFVR37 Sqd281943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, F, 31.
2028 SissonE ELieutenant208713VSAAF1 Sqd271944-02-27ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 7.Son Of Ernest And Jean Sisson, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2029 SkelsonAlfred RaymondLeading Aircraftman935383RAFVR145 Sqd221943-10-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 23.
2030 SlaterW C DFlying Officer152454RAFVR93 Sqd 1945-02-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, III, A, 8.Son Of Charles Edward And Emily Lydia Slater, Of Redcliffe, Bristol.
2031 SleepRLieutenant542777VSAAF5 Sqd 221945-04-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, III. C. 14.Son Of Stanley C. And Olive I. Sleep, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
2032 SleighRobert JamesFlight Sergeant622705RAF185 Sqd 251945-03-22ItalyBologna War Cemetery, I, A, 7.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. E. J. Sleigh, Of Kettering, Northamptonshire.
2033 SloanHughFlight Sergeant1001886RAFVR296 Sqd281943-07-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. C. 32.
2034 SloaneBrian ThomasFlight Sergeant423387RAAF201944-07-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 20.Son Of Thomas Noel Richard And May Maud M. Sloane, Of Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia.
2035 SmartJames GeorgeSergeant1578501RAFVR70 Sqd

281943-11-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 12.
2036 SmartEdmond RhysFlight Sergeant417006RAAF261943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 13.
2037 SmartDouglas AdamFlight Lieutenant129634RAFVR13 Sqd231944-09-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iii, A, 4.Son Of Daniel Adam Ramsay Smart And Jean Johnson Smart, Of North Harrow, Middlesex.
2038 SmedleyDonaldSergeant1818481RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 38.Son Of Albert And Edna Smedley, Of Sherwood Rise, Nottingham.
2039 SmethurstKenneth James EdwardPilot Officer106538RAFVR21 Sqd201942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 17.Son Of Herbert And Elsie Josephine Smethurst, Of Lancing, Sussex.
2040 SmillieJohn RobertsonSergeant1561684RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.Son Of Francis And Cecilia F. Smillie, Of Glasgow.
2041 SmitR G KAir Mechanic337825VSAAF58 Sqd1944-08-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. D. 17.
2042 SmithCharlesSergeant987229RAFVR149 Sqd1942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.
2043 SmithLeonard HoughtonSergeant1027454RAFVR149 Sqd281942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of Herbert Thomas Smith And Ella Smith; Husband Of Nesta B. Smith, Of Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire.
2044 SmithHerbert BlatchSergeant798655RAFVR57 Sqd1942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Of Newfoundland.
2045 SmithPeter LewisSergeant1230427RAFVR142 Sqd1943-10-20ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, E, 5.
2046 SmithStephen FraserSergeant991606RAFVR142 Sqd261943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 29.
2047 SmithJohn AlbertSergeant1430250RAFVR250 Sqd1943-09-09ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. S. 16.
2048 SmithPhilip Gordon ComptonLeading Aircraftman1326409RAFVR2862 Sqd RAF Regt.1943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 6.
2049 SmithCyrilFlight Sergeant1199161RAFVR37 Sqd211943-09-19ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iii, A, 1.
2050 SmithKenneth AlfredCorporal1101470RAFVR281943-09-14ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. C. 23.
2051 SmithAlan Duncan JohannFlight Sergeant420634RAAF201943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
2052 SmithDavid AlexanderFlight Sergeant404414RAAF261943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 7-10.
2053 SmithGeorge BasilFlight Sergeant1575180RAFVR12 Sqd (SAAF)1944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-15.
2054 SmithGeorge EarlFlight SergeantR/163668RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)201944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 1-5.Son Of George Earl Smith And Ona Pearl Smith, Of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
2055 SmithGeorge WilliamSergeant1385335RAFVR221 Sqd221944-02-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 16.Son Of George Henry And Eleanor Smith, Of Dagenham, Essex.
2056 SmithAlbert StanleySergeant1582897RAFVR40 Sqd211944-05-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, F, 9.Son Of Howard Stanley Smith And Florence Clara Smith, Of Bordesley Green, Birmingham.
2057 SmithEric JamesFlight Sergeant1259089RAFVR55 Sqd1944-05-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 35.
2058 SmithDonald LeonardFlying OfficerJ/22844RCAF614 Sqd (RAF)1944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 38.
2059 SmithArthur JackSergeant1603158RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-09-12ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. A. 22-24.Son Of Bertram Oswald And Catherine Lena Smith, Of Stotfold, Bedfordshire.
2060 SmithStanley EdwinWarrant Officer410111RAAF241944-02-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 10.Son Of Edwin Henry And Charlotte Sarah Smith, Of Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.
2061 SmithThomas HaroldFlight Lieutenant408883RAAF221944-09-02ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, B, 10.Son Of Harold George And Violet Ethel Smith, Of 5Th. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
2062 SmithAlexanderLeading AircraftmanR/144471RCAF211944-07-11ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. A. 15.Son Of William And Marion Smith, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
2063 SmithLaurenceSergeant1622785RAFVR104 Sqd 211945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 8.Son Of James And Elizabeth Smith, Of Salford, Lancashire.
2064 SmithBernard WilmotSergeant1615929RAFVR1435 Sqd 211945-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 8.Son Of James Thomas Smith And Ada Caroline Smith, Of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
2065 SmithEric Albert JacksonFlight Lieutenant80377RAFVR237 Sqd 1945-06-09ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, VIII. H. 7.
2066 SmithGeorge MilnerSquadron Leader49034DFC
RAF256 Sqd 1945-04-19ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, II, E, 7.
2067 SmithCharles Peter KeithFlying Officer187458RAFVR92 Sqd 221945-04-11ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VIII. C. 1.Son Of Edward And Eva Florence Smith, Of Catford, London.
2068 SmithEdward Maurice WilliamSergeant968112RAFVR281945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 3.Son Of William And Mary Smith; Husband Of Sheila May Patrick Smith, Of Bebington, Cheshire.
2069 SmittonWilliam Walter GeorgeSergeant2201860RAFVR30 Sqd (SAAF)1945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 9.
2070 SmythMichaelLeading Aircraftman1254741RAFVR291944-09-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. J. 7.Son Of Philip And Julia Smyth, Of Cork, Irish Republic.
2071 SmythiesStephenLeading Aircraftman2228958RAFVR301945-01-31ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 4.Son Of Stephen And Eleanor Smythies; Husband Of Eveline Smythies.
2072 SnapeLeonard VictorSergeant618375RAF231944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 14.Son Of Leonard And Tessie Snape, Of Widnes, Lancashire.
2073 SnellJohn VibertWarrant Officer Class II581516VSAAF30 Sqd 301945-03-14ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. C. 11-15.Son Of John V. And Josephine Snell, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
2074 SnowLeonard JohnPilot Officer177573RAFVR13 Sqd1944-06-02ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. B. 23.Son Of Albert John And Ethel Emma Snow.
2075 SoftleyFrederick ThomasWarrant Officer1269823RAFVR37 Sqd1944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.
2076 SoleJohn WalterFlight Sergeant1379444RAFVR148 Sqd1944-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 13.
2077 SomersArthur Frank SandenFlight Lieutenant120609RAFVR145 Sqd241944-05-21ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. F. 11.Son Of Arthur Joseph And Phyllis Dorothy Somers, Of Chislehurst, Kent. His Brother Derek Street Somers Also Fell.
2078 SomersetP BLieutenant543126VSAAF250 Sqd (RAF) 1945-03-09ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. A. 7.
2079 SorenBaron Peter MackayWing Commander89729MiDRAFVR371944-03-26ItalyCassino War Cemetery, I. C. 10.Son Of Baron Peter Michael Soren And Barbara Jean Mackay Soren; Husband Of Margaret Struan Soren, Of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
2080 SouthcottCharles PhilipSergeant921349RAFVR61 Sqd291943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 9.
2081 SpargoD HLieutenant329157VSAAF17 Sqd201944-11-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 15.Son Of Cecil J. And Hettie Spargo, Of Kensington, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2082 SpargoErnest Henry EdwinLeading Aircraftman1434315RAFVR221945-11-20ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. N. 16.Son Of Arthur Edwin And Elsie Amy Spargo, Of West Ham, Essex.
2083 SparkJohn HavelockFlying Officer135920RAFVR18 Sqd341943-10-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 9.
2084 SpencerEricLeading Aircraftman1515999RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.201943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 47.Son Of Arthur And Ethel Beecham Spencer, Of Lincoln. Date of death might have been 1943-08-12
2085 SpencerJohn DerrickFlying Officer157512RAFVR114 Sqd211944-12-09ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Joint Grave Viii. C. 15-16.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Spencer.
2086 SpencerWilliam ClementFlight Sergeant979632RAFVR243 Sqd241944-06-04ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. B. 18.Son Of Vernon And Lily M. Spencer, Of Offerton, Cheshire.
2087 SpencerEdwardPilot Officer175415RAFVR600 Sqd341944-08-24ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, I, C, 5.Son Of Tom Spencer And Of Charlotte Spencer (Nee Kelk), Of Worksop, Nottinghamshire; Husband Of Annie Spencer, Of Worksop.
2088 SpoonerFrank RussellLeading Aircraftman1252212RAFVR231945-05-16ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. F. 41.Son Of William James Spooner And Annie Elsie Spooner, Of Toft Monks, Norfolk.
2089 SpringettReginald Arthur ClarenceLeading Aircraftman1438092RAFVR61 Sqd 301945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, C, 18.Son Of William Oliver Gerald And Gertrude Ellen Springett; Husband Of Ethel Beatrice Springett, Of Ramsgate, Kent.
2090 SpurreyHenry TheodoreFlight Sergeant1317433RAFVR104 Sqd211943-11-01ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 3.
2091 St. JohnVernonFlying Officer123012RAFVR232 Sqd201943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 37.
2092 StablesAlbertSergeant1591857RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)201945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. C. Stables, Of Horsforth, Yorkshire.
2093 StaceyAllan JohnFlight Sergeant772113RAFVR145 Sqd 201945-04-01ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. C. 15.Son Of Frederick And Louisa Margaret Stacey.
2094 StaplesA FLieutenant206129VSAAF1 Sqd211943-12-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 39.
2095 StarkThomas AlfredLeading Aircraftman1416598RAFVR2914 Sqd RAF Regt.231945-09-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. A. 7.Son Of Arthur Reginald Charles Horatio And Alice Stark; Husband Of Mary Stark, Of Liverpool.
2096 StaveleyRonald WilliamFlight Sergeant1231263RAFVR112 Sqd211943-09-18ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Ii. E. 48.
2097 SteadRobertFlying Officer137158RAFVR114 Sqd291943-12-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 8.
2098 SteelReginald AlbertSergeant1050090RAFVR178 Sqd231944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of Albert And Edith Lucy Steel, Of Lincoln.
2099 SteeleBernard HughFlying Officer124799RAFVR114 Sqd201943-09-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. N. 3.
2100 SteeleJohn LangSquadron Leader121397DFC
RAFVR114 Sqd241944-12-09ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Viii. C. 14.Son Of Thomas Donald And Agnes Ingles Steel, Of Lanark.
2101 SteeleReginald AlbertSquadron Leader100196RAFVR1945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 11.
2102 SteeplesAlbert RichardFlying Officer139988RAFVR232 Sqd211944-05-09ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, F, 3.Son Of William And Ellen Steeples, Of Belper, Derbyshire.
2103 StephenJamesSergeant1351810RAFVR178 Sqd201943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 3.
2104 StephensLWarrant Officer Class II607248VSAAF34 Sqd 1945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 7.
2105 StephensGeoffrey ChandosLieutenant103990 V.SAAF281945-02-09ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 6.Son Of Herbert And Helen Stephens; Husband Of Mignon A. Stephens, Of Gordon'S Bay, Cape Province, South Africa.
2106 StephensonJoseph WilliamSergeant550132RAF10 Sqd221940-08-27ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 12.Son Of Robert H. And Elizabeth Stephenson, Of Hebburn, Co. Durham.
2107 StephensonAshworth JohnSergeant1800489RAFVR70 Sqd

1944-11-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 14.
2108 StephensonRobert David BraceyPilot Officer196687RAFVR331945-06-26ItalyForli War Cemetery, VIII, A, 22.Son Of Arnold Bracey Stephenson And Ester Stephenson; Husband Of Joan Stephenson, Of Fowey, Cornwall.
2109 SternCharles WilliamSergeant1601165RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 23.Son Of Mrs. A. R. Stern, Of Paddington, London.
2110 StevensEdgar JamesLeading Aircraftman1446953RAFVR284 Sqd221943-10-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. A. 22.
2111 StevensGordon HenryWarrant Officer1250066RAFVR55 Sqd321943-10-18ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 23.
2112 StevensH JLieutenant178231VSAAF12 Sqd 241945-09-23ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 3.Son Of James C. And Gwendoline S. Stevens, Of Seymour, Cape Province, South Africa. May have died on 1945-09-24
2113 StevensonFrankFlight Sergeant421094RAAF211944-05-29ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iv, C, 3.Son Of Henry Arthur And Katherine Frances Stevenson; Husband Of Hildrey Phoebe Stevenson, Of Balmain, New South Wales, Australia.
2114 StewartJamesFlight Sergeant413144RNZAF114 Sqd (RAF)211943-11-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 15.
2115 StewartClarence David LowrieSergeant1340810RAFVR150 Sqd221943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, G, 14.
2116 StewartAlan KeithSergeant1567845RAFVR14 Sqd201944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 7.Son Of James Nicoll Stewart And Muriel Douglas Stewart, Of Mount Lothian, Midlothian.
2117 StewartRobert AndrewFlight Lieutenant115305RAFVR281944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 15.Son Of John Alexander Stewart And Kinlay Stewart, Of Bishop'S Stortford, Hertfordshire. B.A. (Cantab.).
2118 StidolphJackPilot Officer81022MiDRAF148 Sqd281941-01-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, II. D. 30.Son Of Alan And Josephine Annie Moodie Stidolph, Of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
2119 StockfordElwynSergeant1651533RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 9.Son Of Wilfred Frederick And Margaret Stockford, Of Coity, Glamorgan.
2120 StoddartWilliam StanleySergeant 1676103 RAFVR70 Sqd

211946-04-04ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, E, 13.Son Of Stanley And Nellie Stoddart, Of Shildon, Co. Durham.
2121 StogdaleChristopher WallsFlight Sergeant1217446RAFVR55 Sqd1944-08-31ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Vii. D. 9.
2122 StoneJohn CharlesFlying Officer163137RAFVR55 Sqd 201945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 7.Son Of Charles Henry And Nellie Stone, Of Catford, London.
2123 StopaniJohn William LeslieCorporal1370554RAFVR221945-05-23ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, C, 1.Son Of Barbara Stopani, Of Aberdeen.
2124 StopforthJellicoe K.Second Lieutenant206501VSAAF21 Sqd231943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Ii. G. 4-5.
2125 StorkOSecond Lieutenant283332 VSAAF181944-12-18ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 13.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. P. O. Stork, Of Middelburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2126 StottDanielSergeant1568613RAFVR40 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 5.Son Of Joseph And Margaret Crosbie Stott, Of Penicuik, Midlothian.
2127 StoutKenneth HindleyLeading Aircraftman1072451RAFVR9 Sqd351943-12-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 22.
2128 StrattonAlfred RowlandWarrant Officer411056RAAF291943-10-18ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 23.
2129 StrattonReginald BartonLeading Aircraftman1213814RAFVR2721 Sqd RAF Regt.231944-11-19ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Vii, A, 15.Son Of Alfred James Stratton And Edith Mary Stratton, Of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.
2130 StreetEric GeorgeAir Corporal100393VSAAF40 Sqd191943-08-29ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 11.
2131 StreetSidney CrispinLieutenant41757VSAAF12 Sqd1944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-15.
2132 StringerReginaldFlying Officer152263RAFVR32 Sqd211944-08-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 25.Son Of Albert George And Ethel Victoria Stringer, Of Wembley, Middlesex.
2133 StringerRonald HenrySquadron LeaderJ/9653DFC
RCAF55 Sqd 251945-01-21ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. grave I, G, 8-11.Son Of George And Margaret Alice Stringer, Of Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.
2134 StripeRaymondSergeant1389828RAFVR221 Sqd221943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii. A. 38.
2135 StrongKenneth JohnFlying Officer132814RAFVR40 Sqd201943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 23.
2136 StruttLeslie FrederickLeading Aircraftman954129RAFVR1944-06-29ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Ii, B, 6.Son Of Frederick James Strutt And Florence Strutt, Of Bognor Regis, Sussex.
2137 StuartR M PLieutenant26671VSAAF21 Sqd1944-05-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 1.
2138 StubbsLeonard EmmersonPilot Officer145679RAFVR207 Sqd311943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 12.
2139 StuntDouglas FrancisFlight Sergeant1293721RAFVR142 (City of Worcester) Sqd231944-04-17Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 7-10. He was the Co-Pilot aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of Octavius Arthur and Dorothy Alice Stunt, of West Drayton, Middlesex.
2140 SugdenHaroldLeading Aircraftman543086RAF80 Sqd271944-03-08ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 40.Son Of Harold And Dora Philadelpha Sugden, Of Whitwell, Derbyshire.
2141 SullivanMaurice HowardFlying Officer162308RAFVR250 Sqd191944-12-27ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. D. 1.Son Of Harry Ernest Sullivan, And Of Mabel Hetty Sullivan, Of East Acton, London.
2142 SummersFrank EricFlight Sergeant1335486RAFVR142 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
2143 SumnerAlan Henry JohnFlight Lieutenant126845DFC
RAFVR35 Sqd251943-08-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave I. C. 1-2.
2144 SumnerC DLieutenant1060VSAAF12 Sqd261944-04-25ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, B, 2-3.Son Of Charles E. And Mary C. S. Sumner, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
2145 SumnerJohn MichaelSergeant1801255RAFVR148 Sqd1944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 27-30.
2146 SunderlandColinFlight Sergeant1621916RAFVR40 Sqd 211945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 7.Son Of John Arthur And Eleanor Lois Sunderland, Of Garforth, Yorkshire.
2147 SunleyThomas EsmondSergeant1523634RAFVR221 Sqd251944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 25.Son Of Thomas Thompson Sunley And Edith Hannah Sunley, Of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham; Husband Of Marjorie Sunley, Of West Hartlepool.
2148 SusskindC BSecond Lieutenant543190VMiDSAAF260 Sqd (RAF) 201945-01-21ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. A. 15.Son Of Bernard V. And Hester S. Susskind, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2149 SutherlandDanielSergeant1116213RAFVR39 Sqd341943-02-24ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 10.
2150 SuttonR R WLieutenant328685VSAAF4 Sqd201944-04-07ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, I, G, 4.Son Of William F. And Ruby Sutton, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2151 SuttonPeter WarrenFlying Officer160253RAFVR237 Sqd 201945-02-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, XII. H. 8.Son Of Alfred Theodore C. And Marcelle Suzanne Sutton, Of Umtali, Southern Rhodesia.
2152 SwainStanley AlfredFlying Officer136207RAFVR93 Sqd271943-11-28ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvi. D. 15.
2153 SwartA HLieutenant329063VSAAF21 Sqd1944-05-21ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. A. 17.
2154 SwartJ WLieutenant206194VSAAF1944-11-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. C. 2.
2155 SweetBasil WilfredLieutenant328527VSAAF60 Sqd201944-11-27ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvii, E, 7.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. W. Sweet, Of Paarl, Cape Province.
2156 SwinnertonWalter WilliamFlight Lieutenant61252DFC


RAFVR250 Sqd221943-08-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 44.
2157 TaaffeRae JessepFlight Lieutenant41502DFM

RNZAF37 Sqd (RAF)241943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. A. 10.
2158 TaborDavidFlying Officer171098RAFVR148 Sqd221944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of Ernest David And Anne Louise Tabor, Of Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.
2159 TaftHenry RobertSergeant1602285RAFVR150 Sqd211944-07-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 11.Son Of Dennis And Hilda Mary Taft, Of Cookham Dean, Berkshire.
2160 TannerFrederick CharlesLeading Aircraftman1355450RAFVR291945-04-16ItalyCesena War Cemetery, VI, B, 16.Son Of Albert Frederick Charles And Louisa Hannah Tanner, Of Great Crosby, Lancashire.
2161 TarrantWilliam GeoffreySergeant1622538RAFVR70 Sqd

1944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 39.
2162 TateTrevor BellLeading Aircraftman1548587RAFVR211945-02-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 34.Son Of Thomas Daniel And Hilda Tate, Of South Shields, Co. Durham.
2163 TattersallD BLieutenant542496VMiDSAAF250 (RAF)211945-03-09ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. A. 8.Son Of Ernest N. And Comfort E. Tattersall, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
2164 TaylorGeorgeSergeant524087RAF1941-01-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 2.
2165 TaylorJoseph GordonSergeant1036176RAFVR57 Sqd221942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Son Of John Hopwood Taylor And Hannah Taylor, Of Mold, Flintshire.
2166 TaylorGeorge BenjaminFlight Sergeant1147702RAFVR23 Sqd221943-11-02ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, B, 10.
2167 TaylorW ASergeant1097980RAFVR37 Sqd221943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. H. 14.
2168 TaylorJohn StuartSquadron Leader60090DFC & Bar

RAFVR601 Sqd231943-07-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. H. 8.
2169 TaylorBWarrant Officer Class II542829VSAAF12 Sqd321944-07-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 19.Son Of Dr. And Mrs. George O. Taylor; Husband Of Dorothy I. Taylor, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
2170 TaylorCyril MervynFlight Sergeant1103542RAFVR14 Sqd291944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 6.Son Of Ernest And Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Of Cwmcarn, Monmouthshire.
2171 TaylorCyril JamesFlying Officer129215DFM

RAFVR150 Sqd231944-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. E. 12.Son Of Robert William And Hannah L. Taylor; Husband Of Molly Taylor, Of Lincoln.
2172 TaylorRonald WilfredFlight Sergeant1531798RAFVR249 Sqd221944-07-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 27.Son Of Charles William Taylor, And Of Minnie Roland Charlesworth Taylor, Of Darlington, Co. Durham.
2173 TaylorI N LCaptain205516VDFC
SAAF40 Sqd241944-06-13ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Ii, C, 2.Son Of Leslie And Constance Taylor, Of Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia.
2174 TaylorJackFlying Officer162509RAFVR231944-10-20ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. H. 12.Son Of Harry And Gertrude Taylor, Of Blaenavon, Monmouthshire; Husband Of Violet Taylor, Of Blaenavon.
2175 TaylorK H DWarrant Officer Class II607667VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

191945-03-07ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. B. 11.Son Of Sydney B. And Clare T. Taylor, Of Kingwilliamstown, Cape Province, South Africa. May have died on 1945-03-08
2176 TaylorSamuel IrwinPilot Officer195102RAFVR114 Sqd 261945-02-19ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 3-5.Son Of W. J. And Elizabeth Taylor, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2177 TaylorFrank WalterFlight Lieutenant175222RAFVR261947-01-26ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. F. 2.Son Of William Thompson Taylor And Margaret Ann Taylor, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2178 TembyColin SamuelWarrant Officer416389RAAF231944-01-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. R. 4.Son Of Albert Edward And Emily Patterson Temby, Of Tailem Bend, South Australia.
2179 TempleAlbert CharlesFlight Sergeant1344167RAFVR47 Sqd221943-08-03ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 7.
2180 TemplerP WFlight Sergeant1333368RAFVR614 Sqd221944-03-16ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 14.Son Of Thomas William And Eleanor Elizabeth Templer, Of Notting Hill, London,.
2181 TemplerR HLieutenant581465VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)211945-07-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. A. 5.Son Of Gordon B. And Irene M. Templer, Of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
2182 TennantGeorge AllenbySergeant619067RAF251944-10-13ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. D. 15.Son Of George And Alice Fleming Tennant; Husband Of Georgina Victoria White Tennant, Of Edinburgh.
2183 TennantJames StirlingLeading Aircraftman1002206RAFVR1944-06-28ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 14.Son Of Mary Tennant, Of Dundee; Husband Of Marjory Tennant. Of Dundee.
2184 TennisonGeoffreySergeant1750387RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. E. 7.Son Of Capt. Charley Tennison, M.C., Royal Engineers, And Dorothy Ann Tennison, Of Cheadle Heath, Cheshire.
2185 TenpennyEdmundLeading Aircraftman1507100RAFVR391945-07-20ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 15.Son Of Christopher Tenpenny And Of Mary Tenpenny (Nee Toohey), Of Bolton, Lancashire; Husband Of Margaret Ellen Tenpenny, Of Bolton.
2186 TerryPeterSergeant1803366RAFVR211944-08-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 2.Son Of Alfred And Dorothy Terry, Of Tonbridge, Kent.
2187 TessierHerbert CyrilFlying Officer133966RAFVR293 Sqd291944-05-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. C. 4.Son Of Sydney And Florence Tessier, Of Herne Bay, Kent.
2188 TesterDerrick LloydLeading Aircraftman1246313RAFVR43 Sqd231944-06-18ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 20.Son Of William George And Ethel Maud Tester, Of Wouldham, Kent; Husband Of Kathleen Gladys Tester.
2189 ThayreDonaldSergeant1803452RAFVR70 Sqd

221944-12-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. C. 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Margaret Thayre, Of Ewhurst, Surrey.
2190 ThirskDavid WilkieSergeant1512169RAFVR61 Sqd341943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 11.
2191 ThistletonHLieutenant542684VSAAF55 Sqd (RAF)201944-07-29ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 5.Son Of Hugh Mcl. And Anna M. Thistleton, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2192 ThomasIvor MeredithSergeant1311420RAFVR37 Sqd271943-02-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. F. 2.
2193 ThomasFrederick Albert GeorgeSergeant1853347RAFVR114 Sqd191944-04-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xii. J. 21-22.Son Of Frederick Albert And Alice Rhoda Thomas; Husband Of Marjorie Elsie Thomas, Of North End, Portsmouth.
2194 ThomasK GFlying Officer143260RAFVR225 Sqd251944-02-10ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iii, H, 4.Son Of William Henry And Doris Thomas, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Beatrice Worthington Thomas, Of Broad Green, Liverpool.
2195 ThomasLeslie Charman WilliamsFlying Officer50626RAF256 Sqd231944-03-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 3.Son Of David Henry And Alice Ada Charman Thomas, Of Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire.
2196 ThomasEdgar ClementWarrant Officer1337885RAFVR37 Sqd1944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 34.
2197 ThomasWilliamLeading Aircraftman1420731RAFVR391944-07-27ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. C. 11.Son Of John And Jane Thomas, Of Bangor, Caernarvonshire; Husband Of Gwladys Thomas, Of Bangor.
2198 ThomasWilliam JefferisFlight Sergeant417134RAAF281944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 24.Son Of William John And Emily Eva Thomas, Of Norwood, South Australia.
2199 ThomasPercival EricFlight Sergeant1547800RAFVR13 Sqd 331945-03-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. B. 11.Son Of Albert Ernest And Eleanor Rosa Thomas; Husband Of Ivy Jane Thomas, Of Flixton, Urmston, Lancashire.
2200 ThomasRobert Ernest MeredithWarrant Officer914803RAFVR1435 Sqd 241945-04-02ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. G. 12.Son Of Robert Arthur Thomas And Of Tonahai Thomas (Nee Tanaka).
2201 ThomasRaymond JohnFlight Sergeant1582072RAFVR256 Sqd 211945-04-27ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 7.Son Of John And Elizabeth Thomas, Of Seacroft, Lincolnshire.
2202 ThomasFrederick Sidney ArthurFlying Officer164105RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)231945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.Son Of William Robert And Hannah Revina Thomas, Of Battersea, London.
2203 ThomasA RWarrant Officer Class II607431VSAAF34 Sqd 1945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.
2204 ThomasVincent MaxwellFlying Officer400944RAAF241945-01-09ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 22.Son Of Frederick Victor And Isabel May Thomas, Of East Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
2205 ThompsonJohn ArthurFlying Officer119571RAFVR104 Sqd211943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
2206 ThompsonJ WWarrant Officer Class II542863VSAAF12 Sqd241944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of John And Mona N. Thompson; Husband Of Marguerite Thompson, Of Troyeville, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2207 ThompsonJames EdwardLeading Aircraftman1429820RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.211944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 38.Son Of H. J. Thompson, And Of Rose Thompson, Of Plaistow, Essex.
2208 ThompsonW MLieutenant328941VSAAF4 Sqd291944-11-13ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iv, A, 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. T. W. Thompson, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. Member Of Institute Of Architects.
2209 ThompsonKenneth RobertFlying Officer137416RAFVR454 (RAAF) Sqd1944-11-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 15.
2210 ThompsonFrederickCorporal1167492RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd311944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. C. 32.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Frederick Thompson; Husband Of Edith Thompson, Of Quinton, Birmingham.
2211 ThomsenA. Mac. D.Lieutenant206469VSAAF15 Sqd 241945-02-21ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. E. 1.Son Of Aage S. And Margaret E. Thomsen, Of Forest Town, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. B. Arch.
2212 ThomsonFrank GeraldFlight Sergeant1189023RAFVR104 Sqd311943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
2213 ThomsonJohnFlying Officer53469RAF31 Sqd SAAF

241944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.Son Of James And Jeannie Anne Thomson, Of Perth.
2214 ThomsonRonald RoumieuWing Commander61512DFC
RAFVR114 Sqd 301945-02-19ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 3-5.Son Of Albert David And Doris Roumieu Thomson; Husband Of Marion Elizabeth Thomson, Of Kelso, Roxburghshire. M.A. (Cantab.).
2215 ThornsPercy FrederickSergeant1891155RAFVR18 Sqd 201945-02-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 6.Son Of Mrs. F. E. Thorns Of Morden, Surrey.
2216 ThorntonFrancis Joseph GerardFlight Lieutenant89279RAFVR451943-12-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. E. 16.
2217 ThorntonBasil LeonardFlight Lieutenant115175RAFVR145 Sqd221944-01-10ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. J. 2.Son Of Leonard Augustus And Edith Bessie Thornton, Of New Southgate, London.
2218 ThorntonHFlight Sergeant1545936RAFVR272 Sqd1944-08-31ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. C. 4.
2219 ThorpBurnham John MalcolmFlying OfficerJ/22099RCAF178 Sqd (RAF)241944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. C. 7.Son Of Charles And Mary Thorp, Of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
2220 ThrelfallAlanLeading Aircraftman544309RAF1945-06-09ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. J. 8.
2221 ThurnallW ESergeant1607198RAFVR148 Sqd201944-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 14.Son Of William And Florence Thurnall, Of Beckenham, Kent.
2222 TicknerEricSergeant1800763RAFVR112 Sqd211944-06-05ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, E, 11.Son Of William Edward And Ethel Lilian Tickner, Of Pinner, Middlesex.
2223 TipperJohn CharlesFlight Sergeant1805221RAFVR500 Sqd 211945-01-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 1.Son Of Harold Alfred And Ethel Tipper, Of Tonbridge, Kent.
2224 ToddPhillip MatthewFlying Officer158759RAFVR14 Sqd221944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 1.Son Of Robert Frederick Todd, And Of Winifred Amy Todd (Nee Moon), Of East Harptree, Somerset.
2225 TollerAlfred AbbottFlying Officer139941RAFVR601 Sqd221943-08-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. A. 15.
2226 TollidayHarold FreemanWarrant Officer1154261RAFVR18 Sqd271944-01-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. S. 3.Son Of Samson David And Julia Catherine Tolliday, Of Exeter.
2227 TommisRonald SamSergeant2207102RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-11-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 16.Son Of Albert Edward And Hilda Tommis, Of Sheepridge, Huddersfield.
2228 ToppGeoffrey UrwinSergeant1606927RAFVR142 Sqd1943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. J. 7-9.
2229 ToppJ ALieutenant542851VSAAF11 Sqd 211945-04-19ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV. D, 11.Son Of Maj. Percy E. Topp And Naomi H. Topp, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
2230 TorranceRobertLeading Aircraftman1355635RAFVR1944-09-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. K. 5.
2231 ToyntonRoy DennisWarrant Officer1318665RAFVR114 Sqd 221945-03-03ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 18.Son Of Ernest William And Rose Lily Toynton, Of West Wickham, Kent.
2232 TreloarIanWarrant Officer401551RAAF211943-08-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. G. 11.
2233 TrembathW MLieutenant206022VSAAF12 Sqd1943-08-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 42.
2234 TrenfieldLeonard WilliamCorporal 1656544 RAFVR1946-03-31ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. P. 9.
2235 TrevelyanKenneth ReginaldSergeant1317097RAFVR260 Sqd211943-10-07ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. H. 9.
2236 TrewickJohn EdwardFlight Sergeant1561353RAFVR37 Sqd231944-11-12ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 24.Son Of Samuel And Annie Trewick, Of Hobson, Co. Durham.
2237 TrobridgeDavid Arthur GeorgeWarrant Officer1496360RAFVR211944-08-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 36.Son Of Frederick George And Mary Ada Trobridge, Of Broad Oak, Rye, Sussex.
2238 TrotterBLieutenant206728VSAAF1 Sqd1943-12-18ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 43.
2239 TrowbridgeWilliam GeorgeSergeant1192341RAFVR50 Sqd221943-07-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. A. 1.
2240 TruscottEric LeonardFlying Officer406965RAAF311944-03-16ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Viii, B, 4. Son Of Clarence And May Emily Truscott; Husband Of Pauline Mary Truscott, Of Subiaco, Western Australia. Accountant And Secretary.
2241 TruterR RLieutenant329115VSAAF30 Sqd 261945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 6.Son Of Michael T. And Ryntje Truter, Of Greenside, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2242 TuckerArthur JohnFlight Lieutenant51676RAF271945-08-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. L. 8.Son Of Arthur And Alice Tucker; Husband Of Violet M. Tucker, Of Paddington, London.
2243 TuckwellMichaelFlying Officer137297RAFVR458 Sqd (RAAF)211943-04-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 46.
2244 TullGeorge WilliamSergeant1283886RAFVR148 Sqd211942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 21.Son Of George J. D. And Ethel Tull, Of Northwood, Middlesex.
2245 TullyDouglasCorporal652775RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.221943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 42.
2246 TurkingtonRobert WilkinsonSquadron Leader117519DSO

DFC & Bar
RAFVR241 Sqd 261945-07-29ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. C. 10.Son Of John And Mary Amelie Turkington, Of Derrytrasna, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
2247 TurleyKenneth JohnFlight Sergeant1426971RAFVR142 (City of Worcester) Sqd231944-04-17Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 7-10. He was the Pilot aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of John and Elsie Elizabeth Turley, of Smethwick, Staffordshire.
2248 TurnageGeorge AlbertFlying Officer134582RAFVR55 Sqd271944-05-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 13.Son Of Albert Edward And Ellen Mabel Turnage, Of Ilford, Essex; Husband Of Mary Terese Turnage, Of Ilford.
2249 TurnbullWilliamSergeant1377372RAFVR114 Sqd301943-09-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. N. 5.
2250 TurnerJack George GabeFlight Sergeant413912RNZAF250 (RAF) Sqd201943-09-03ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 1.
2251 TurnerHarry EthelbertWarrant Officer653544DFM

RAF114 Sqd231944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Vi, C, 10.Son Of Ethelbert And Minnie Turner, Of Dinnington, Yorkshire.
2252 TurnerKenneth ReginaldFlight Sergeant591870RAF55 Sqd211944-04-07ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv, E, 9-10.Son Of Reginald Ernest Willie And Elizabeth Mary Turner.
2253 TurnerEdmundAircraftman 2nd Class1561888RAFVR211944-05-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 26.Son Of George And Elizabeth Barbara Turner, Of Galashiels, Selkirkshire.
2254 TurnerSidney RobertLeading Aircraftman1401580RAFVR231944-06-05ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 42.Son Of Albert Edward And Lizzie Turner, Of Paddington, London.
2255 TurnerFrankSergeant1758161RAFVR211945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. A. 4.Son Of Ernest And Adser Turner, Of Reedley, Lancashire.
2256 TweedieM H LLieutenant103498VSAAF1 Sqd 1945-01-10ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, D, 2.
2257 TwizellEricLeading Aircraftman 1777157 RAFVR231946-02-26ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. D. 15.Son Of William And Christina Twizell; Husband Of Florence Beatrice Twizell, Of Childer Thornton, Cheshire.
2258 TyasReginald CharlesFlight Sergeant411617RAAF261943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
2259 TyremanAlbert EdwardFlight Sergeant1577491RAFVR614 Sqd 1945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.
2260 UeckermannE OLieutenant206002VSAAF12 Sqd271944-03-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. F. 6.Son Of Ernest F. And Hester A. Ueckermann, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
2261 UeckermannM AWarrant Officer Class II606856VSAAF34 Sqd 1945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.
2262 UnderdownPercy HarryLeading Aircraftman1217243RAFVR123 Sqd 231945-09-04ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. A. 5.Son Of Percy George And Annie Florance Underdown, Of Smarden, Kent.
2263 UnderwoodSidneySergeant1184552RAFVR223 Sqd281943-10-15ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Viii. D. 10.
2264 UnwinBryan SidneyFlying Officer178799RAFVR148 Sqd 211945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 3.Son Of Frank George And Nellie Dorcas Unwin, Of Hook, Basingstoke, Hampshire.
2265 UrichGeorge DaveFlight Lieutenant132304RAFVR18 Sqd261944-05-16ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. K. 17-18.Son Of Herman Paul And Kathleen Elaine Urich, Of Port Of Spain, Trinidad.
2266 UysDirk CorneliusCaptain47434VSAAF34 Sqd 271945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 1.Son Of Hermanus Christiaan Steyn Uys And Jacoba Johanna Uys; Husband Of Carmel Theresa Uys, Of Potgietersrust, South Africa.
2267 VairThomasFlight Sergeant1118528RAFVR55 Sqd311943-10-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 4.
2268 ValentineMaurice GeorgePilot Officer172107RAFVR21 Sqd (SAAF)321943-11-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 37-40.
2269 ValentineGeorgePilot Officer54979RAF31 Sqd SAAF

231944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 4.Son Of John And Ellen Valentine, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Irene Valentine, Of Liverpool.
2270 Van DamG C ALieutenant543051VSAAF5 Sqd 211945-04-17ItalyCastiglione South African Cemetery, VI. F. 2.Son Of Jan H. And Enid M. Van Dam, Of Windhoek, South West Africa.
2271 Van Der MerweB JLieutenant542418VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.
2272 Van Der RietT A BCaptain47505VSAAF21 Sqd251944-02-28ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 21.Son Of Basil And Ella Van Der Riet, Of Kokstad, Cape Province, South Africa.
2273 Van Der WesthuizenPieter Johannes DanielAir Mechanic207994VSAAF12 Sqd191944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 24.Son Of Stoffel L. And Elizabeth C. Van Der Westhuizen, Of Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa.
2274 Van DykP J BLieutenant313744VSAAF21 Sqd1944-05-29ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 4.
2275 Van DykL LLieutenant328385VSAAF30 Sqd 1945-04-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 9.
2276 Van RensburgPhilippus RoedoifLieutenant328416VSAAF12 Sqd221944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of Johan A. P. And Christina M. J. Van Rensburg, Of Kuruman, Cape Province, South Africa.
2277 Van StadenP JSecond Lieutenant328814VSAAF40 Sqd201944-05-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, F, 9.Son Of Mr. J. F. Van Staden, And Of Mrs. J. D. Van Staden, Of Groot Marico, Transvaal, South Africa.
2278 VanceFred RenshawWarrant Officer Class IR/80721RCAF112 Sqd (RAF)251943-07-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 29.
2279 VanderhartAlbert MajorFlight SergeantR/206366RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)1944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll Grave Vi. C. 5-6.
2280 VaneJohn AnthonyFlight Sergeant1388687RAFVR256 Sqd211944-03-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 4.Son Of Christopher Vere Vane And Constance Mary Vane, Of Canterbury, Kent.
2281 VasicekJohn AnthonyFlying OfficerJ/13034RCAF683 Sqd221944-01-18ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iv, K, 2.Son Of Steve And Annie Vasicek, Of Mull, Ontario, Canada.
2282 VerityLeighton AaronSecond Lieutenant542746VSAAF114 Sqd201944-10-02ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, A, 19-21.Son Of Elaine Verity, Of Sabie, Transvaal, South Africa.
2283 VerranRobert ClaudeSergeant751685DFM


RAFVR148 Sqd211941-01-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 23.Son Of John William And Emily Elizabeth Verran, Of Luton, Bedfordshire.
2284 VickersDouglas RylandFlying Officer74622RAFVR104 Sqd281943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
2285 ViretW FAir Mechanic313762VSAAF21 Sqd211944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. B. 21.Son Of Leon And Lilian Viret, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
2286 VolsteedtR JWarrant Officer Class II606599VSAAF34 Sqd 1945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 6.
2287 VorsterCoen BritsLieutenant329043VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

291944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8.Son Of Hendrik J. And Margaretha J. M. Vorster, Of Pretoria, Transaval, South Africa. May have died on 1944-10-13
2288 WaakaTiongaFlight Sergeant425007RNZAF70 Sqd

231944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 3.Son Of Te Wiremu Waaka And Ngahina Northcroft, Of Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, Auckland, New Zealand.
2289 WaddsJack JustCorporal1196934RAFVR657 Sqd211944-06-10ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iii, D, 21.Son Of Albert Foster Wadds And Florence Lilian Wadds, Of Knipton, Leicestershire.
2290 WadeJames GordonFlight Sergeant413050RAAF261943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 6.
2291 WadsworthWilliamLeading Aircraftman1181560RAFVR112 Sqd311944-11-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 13.Son Of William Wadsworth, And Of Amelia Kate Wadsworth, Of Dedworth, Windsor.
2292 WadsworthJohn JosephCorporal972268RAFVR281945-03-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, D, 25.Son Of Alvery Middleton Wadsworth And Clara Susannah Wadsworth.
2293 WainwrightGeorgeFlight Sergeant1238479RAFVR13 Sqd 231945-03-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. B. 10.Son Of George Henry And Annie Wainwright, Of Smithies, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
2294 WaiteHerbertFlying Officer162106RAFVR104 Sqd271944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 33.Son Of John And Rose Ethel Waite, Of Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire.
2295 WakehamStanley AngusLeading Aircraftman1318286RAFVR601 Sqd201943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 4.
2296 WakelinWalter JohnSergeant1389383RAFVR57 Sqd341942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Son Of George And Susan Wakelin; Husband Of Bertha Elizabeth Wakelin, Of Ilford, Essex.
2297 WalaronJackSergeant1851732RAFVR40 Sqd191944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 27.Son Of Victor And Maud Walaron, Of Exeter.
2298 WaldersNeville WhitfordFlying Officer41758RAF107 Sqd241941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. grave I. H. 19.Son Of Edward And Hilda Walders; Husband Of Jane W. Walders, Of Criccieth, Caernarvonshire.
2299 WaldronFrancis JosephWarrant Officer1586675RAFVR321945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 2.Son Of John Daniel And Margaret Mary Waldron, Of Wood Green, Middlesex.
2300 WalkerRalph EdwardFlight Lieutenant103483DFM

RAFVR682 Sqd231943-07-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 28.
2301 WalkerRonald JamesAircraftman 2nd Class1824177RAFVR72 (Basuto) Sqd191943-11-26ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. E. 14.
2302 WalkerCharles AlexanderFlight Sergeant875132RAF260 Sqd211944-11-26ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. C. 4.Son Of William And Catherine Fanny Walker, Of Geddington, Northamptonshire.
2303 WalkerEdwardFlight Sergeant347550RAF411944-07-05ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Ii, D, 19.Son Of John George And Ellen Walker; Husband Of Violet Florence Walker, Of Stockwell, London.
2304 WalkerAlexander WattFlying Officer412285RAAF221944-02-24ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. C. 38.Son Of Alexander And Margaret Walker, Of Edinburgh, Scotland.
2305 WalkerHenry LeonardFlight Sergeant413917RAAF241944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 36-38 (Coll.)Son Of Arthur Leonard And Evelyn Kathleen Walker, Of Croydon Park, New South Wales, Australia.
2306 WalklateWilliam HenrySergeant1215852RAFVR55 Sqd 311945-02-22ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 1.Son Of William James Walklate And Amy Winifred Walklate, Of Meir, Staffordshire; Husband Of Clara Walklate, Of Meir.
2307 WallaceWalter HarrySergeant1253867RAFVR107 Sqd241941-09-04ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 27.Son Of Harry William John And Elizabeth Wallace, Of Greenford, Middlesex.
2308 WallaceJames FergusonSergeant1672428RAFVR104 Sqd211944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 21.Son Of William And Margaret Helen W. Wallace, Of Glasgow.
2309 WallaceHugh HartLieutenant329213VSAAF13 (RAF)291944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 15.Son Of William Francis And Ruth Agnes Wallace, Of Johannesburg, South Africa; Husband Of Lulu Wallace.
2310 WalshJohn ArchibaldLeading Aircraftman1495187RAFVR291944-12-13ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 10.Son Of Edward And Susan Walsh, Of Ballacolla, Co. Leix, Irish Republic.
2311 WaltersWilliam RolandWarrant Officer406744RAAF40 Sqd221943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
2312 WaltersNormanSergeant1804807RAFVR40 Sqd201944-07-11ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 11-15.Son Of Harold And Hilda Walters, Of King'S Lynn, Norfolk.
2313 WaltonLloyd HenryFlying OfficerJ/21545RCAF420 Sqd221943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
2314 WaltonJohn EllisFlying Officer130176DFC
RAFVR241 Sqd221944-08-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. A. 1.Son Of Herbert And Phyllis May Walton, Of Bickington, Devon.
2315 WardDerrick RhondaFlight Sergeant1338531RAFVR108 Sqd211944-05-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 31.Son Of George Edward Irons Ward And Rose Ward, Of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
2316 WardRobert RobertsonLeading Aircraftman640671RAF274 Sqd231944-04-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. B. 14.Son Of William And Isabella Robertson Ward, Of Glasgow; Husband Of Elizabeth Donaldson Mathieson Ward, Of Maryhill, Glasgow.
2317 WardMichael CuthbertFlying Officer160051RAFVR237 Sqd 271945-04-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, IV. B. 7.Son Of Maurice Pierre Ward And Of Joan Elise Ward (Nee Forder); Husband Of Joan Kathleen Ward.
2318 WardAlan WilliamSergeant1672882RAFVR87 Sqd 211945-04-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. A. 15.Son Of Frank William And Elizabeth Mary Ward, Of Richmond, Yorkshire. Victor Ludorum, Northallerton Grammar School, 1940.
2319 Ward BarrettReginald JackFlight Sergeant1252500RAFVR148 Sqd1944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 9-11.Son Of Edgar John And Florence Ada Barrett; Husband Of E. M. Ward Barrett, Of Pett'S Wood, Kent.
2320 WareStuart CollinFlying Officer151075RAFVR142 Sqd281944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. E. 6.Son Of Pte Sydney Stuart Ware, 2Nd Bn. South Wales Borderers, (Killed In Action At Gallipoli, 13Th August, 1915), And Henrietta Ware; Stepson Of Edwin Blinman, Of Ogmore Vale, Glamorgan.
2321 WareH TAir Mechanic238924VSAAF34 Sqd 241945-03-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. B. 2.Son Of Walter C. And Gladys W. Ware, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
2322 WarrenJosephSergeant1199627RAFVR76 Sqd1942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 6-11.
2323 WaslykJamesFlight LieutenantJ/20636RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
1945-01-20ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Joint grave II. D. 6.
2324 WatersThomas WilliamSergeant1424091RAFVR255 Sqd271944-01-07ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 33.Son Of Thomas And Martha Ann Waters; Husband Of Barbara Mary Waters, Of Rhosddu, Wrexham, Denbighshire.
2325 WatersWilliam FrankWarrant Officer1318727RAFVR601 Sqd221944-11-13ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, C, 11.Son Of William John And Elsie Madeline Waters, Of Kensington, London.
2326 WatersE GSecond Lieutenant328987VSAAF201944-09-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. D. 20.Son Of Stanley S. And Matilda C. Waters, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2327 WatkinsKent MorganFlying Officer425689RAAF201944-03-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. J. 10.Son Of John Gruffydd Thomas Watkins And Mabel Gwendoline Watkins, Of Lutwyche, Queensland, Australia.
2328 WatsonB LAir Mechanic101517VSAAF2 Sqd191943-12-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 7.
2329 WatsonDesmond VincentFlight Sergeant424243RAAF31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 8.Son Of P. J. And Elsa M. Watson, Of Nth. Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. May have died on 1944-10-13
2330 WatsonJohn CrockattWarrant Officer1354770RAFVR272 Sqd261944-09-06ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 8.Son Of Thomas And Margaret Mary Watson, Of Jordanhill, Glasgow.
2331 WatsonJohn Hendry MauriceWarrant Officer425388RAAF241944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 6.Son Of John Andrew And Minna Pauline Watson; Husband Of Margaret Joyce Watson, Of Longreach, Queensland, Australia.
2332 WatsonRonaldLeading Aircraftman1013625RAFVR291945-01-31ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. C. 36.Son Of George And Emily Watson; Husband Of Mildred Watson. Of Nelson, Lancashire.
2333 WatteynePierre Joseph Charles WLieutenant PiloteBelgian Air Force1944-04-25ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Plot 2 Row B Coll. Grave 2-3.
2334 WattsCharles William DightonSergeant1320931RAFVR150 Sqd1943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. G. 5.
2335 WaughD SCaptain103492VSAAF40 Sqd231943-12-30ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xiii. C. 7.
2336 WearEric FrederickSergeant999231RAFVR148 Sqd1942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.
2337 WebbLeslieSergeant1384842RAFVR150 Sqd201943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. G. 5.
2338 WebbLeslie George WilliamLeading Aircraftman1538856RAFVR654 Sqd231943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 24.
2339 WebbJ CLieutenant205947VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.
2340 WebbRobson ColtishFlight Sergeant420316RAAF211944-06-14ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 38.Son Of Thomas Joseph And Lilian Florence Mary Webb, Of Hay, New South Wales, Australia.
2341 WebberSydney RalphFlying Officer160165RAFVR500 Sqd 251945-04-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 11.Son Of Hercules Harold And Annie Webber, Of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.
2342 WebsterD GSecond Lieutenant103442VSAAF150 Sqd1944-04-21ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. E. 2.
2343 WeekesCyrilLeading Aircraftman1617267RAFVR211944-08-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. D. 12.Son Of Richard Wallis Weekes And Alice Louisa Weekes, Of Canvey Island, Essex.
2344 WeightDouglasSergeant1318661RAFVR178 Sqd341943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 6.
2345 WeinrichN ALieutenant542942VSAAF12 Sqd191944-08-16ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. A. 39.Son Of Herman And Miriam Weinrich, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
2346 WeitzC PaulWarrant Officer Class II580742VSAAF15 Sqd 231945-04-27ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. A. 7-9.Son Of Christiaan J. And Gertrude E. Weitz; Husband Of Yvonne Weitz, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa. May have died on 1945-04-28
2347 WellingtonA TLieutenant41303VMiDSAAF16 Sqd211944-10-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. C. 1.Son Of Arthur And Muriel E. Wellington, Of Arminel, Cape Province, South Africa.
2348 WellmanCecil FrankFlying Officer150476RAFVR40 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 2.Son Of Frank Sydney And Lilian Winifred Wellman; Husband Of Lilian Wellman, Of Walkden, Lancashire.
2349 WellonDennis RaymondSergeant1485008RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 8-11.
2350 WelmanP JLieutenant328878VSAAF4 Sqd201944-08-28ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. K. 8.Son Of Hester A. W. Welman, Of Graaff Reinet, Cape Province, South Africa.
2351 WelshRobert WedderspoonFlying Officer131982RAFVR104 Sqd241943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
2352 WelshJames ThomasSergeant1585063RAFVR37 Sqd211944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of James And Annie Maria Welsh, Of Dagenham, Essex.
2353 WelshmanSydney GeorgeSquadron Leader402554DFM

RAAF271943-12-01ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 21.
2354 WestFrank EdwardSergeant1331511RAFVR61 Sqd201943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 7.
2355 WestFrank WallaceWarrant Officer405987RAAF241944-07-26ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xviii. J. 7-10.Son Of Archibald Harold And Lydia Sarah West, Of Toowong, Queensland, Australia.
2356 WestcottFrederickWarrant Officer524645RAF23 Sqd331943-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 37.
2357 WestmanRobert MorrisWarrant Officer Class IIR/101306RCAF458 Sqd271943-04-29ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, H, 369.
2358 WestonBasil WilliamSergeant1803760RAFVR40 Sqd201944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 26.Son Of Charles Francis And Gladys Evelyn Weston, Of Harrow-On-The-Hill, Middlesex.
2359 WestonWilliam JamesSergeant626578RAF600 Sdn.351944-04-02ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, D, 20.Son Of William And Louisa Ann Weston, Of Claughton, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
2360 WestwellWilfridFlight Sergeant1459768RAFVR600 Sqd211944-11-18ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 12.Son Of Joseph And Mary Westwell, Of Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire.
2361 Wewage-smithThomasFlying Officer83005RAFVR107 Sqd1941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 21.
2362 WhaleHerbert ErnestFlight Sergeant1576271RAFVR114 Sqd271944-06-04ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xix. G. 10.Son Of Archibald James Whale And Alice Whale, Of Ipswich, Suffolk.
2363 WhaleyJohn MichaelLeading Aircraftman1315638RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.211943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 32.Son Of Patrick And Theresa Whaley, Of Cardiflf. Date of death might have been 1943-08-12
2364 WhalleyLeonardSergeant1520720RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.
2365 WharamFrankFlight Sergeant1549188RAFVR148 Sqd1944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 9-11.Son Of John Alfred And Elizebeth Wharam, Of Hull.
2366 WheatcroftGranville HaroldWarrant Officer1219834DFM

RAFVR24 Sqd211944-09-02ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Ii. D. 9.Son Of William Albert And Ethel Wheatcroft, Of Nottingham.
2367 WheatleyColin HavelockFlight LieutenantJ/16324RCAF37 Sqd (RAF)1943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 9.
2368 WheatleyEdward HenryWarrant Officer1330271RAFVR55 Sqd 231945-01-21ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. grave I, G, 8-11.Son Of Henry Alfred And Florence Maud Wheatley, Of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
2369 WheelerHenry DavidLieutenant545303VSAAF3 Sqd1944-11-05ItalyMeldola War Cemetery, I, E, 26.
2370 WheelerW JMajor103839VMiDSAAF4 Sqd291944-01-23ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. D. 4.Son Of John R. And Elizabeth C. J. Wheeler, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2371 WhetrenReginaldLeading Aircraftman1313537RAFVR231944-06-23ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, F, 9.Son Of Arthur And Miranda Whetren, Of Totton, Hampshire.
2372 WhitbyWilfred LlewellynFlying Officer53260MiDRAF70 Sqd

301945-01-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. C. 26.Son Of William Henry And Annie Whitby, Of Chippenham, Wiltshire.
2373 WhiteA MFlight Sergeant206939VSAAF21 Sqd201943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Ii. G. 2.
2374 WhiteHarryFlying Officer128864RAFVR23 Sqd221943-11-02ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, B, 9.
2375 WhiteRonald WilliamLeading Aircraftman1627121RAFVR2859 Sqd RAF Regt.191943-10-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 5.
2376 WhiteMorris John AlfredFlight Lieutenant120889RAFVR35 Sqd321943-08-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. B. 12.
2377 WhiteMichael GrantLieutenant75645VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)221944-05-03ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xx. J. 7.Son Of Albert And Lyndal White, Of Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa.
2378 WhiteWalter TerranceSergeant1836638RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

231944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 11.Son Of Aubrey Wayman White And Catherine White, Of Treboeth, Swansea.
2379 WhiteGodfrey AsquithFlying Officer149091RAFVR55 Sqd301944-09-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. F. 28-30.Son Of Albert Alonzo White, And Of Maude Annie White, Of Esher, Surrey.
2380 WhiteDonald Jeffrey BirchallWarrant Officer1016777RAFVR221944-06-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 6.Son Of George And Elizabeth Mary White, Of Ainsdale, Lancashire.
2381 WhiteheadWalter LoyndFlight Sergeant1566738RAFVR114 Sqd 221945-02-24ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Joint grave I. C. 1-2.Son Of Herbert And Mary Whitehead, Of Paisley, Renfrewshire.
2382 WhitehornR GLieutenant8692VSAAF7 Sqd 271945-01-04ItalyBologna War Cemetery, II, C, 8.Son Of Melville G. And Gladys M. Whitehorn, Of Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
2383 WhitelawRobert PenderWarrant Officer Class I542813VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

221944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.Son Of Bobs R. P. And Barbara W. S. Whitelaw, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2384 WhiteleyThomas ArthurWarrant Officer23247RAF87 Sqd501944-10-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. M. 14.Son Of Thomas Arthur And Elizabeth Whiteley; Husband Of Isabel Florence Whiteley, Of Streatham, London.
2385 WhitingAlfredFlight Sergeant1380793RAFVR462 (RAAF) Sqd1943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 24.
2386 WhitleyHarold GeorgeFlying Officer169504RAFVR37 Sqd221944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.Son Of Cyril George Whitley And Of Elsie Whitley (Nee Doswell), Of Cottisford, Brackley, Northamptonshire.
2387 WhittinghamOswald Louis CharlesPilot Officer175829RAFVR37 Sqd1944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.
2388 WhyvelNewbyCorporal1483311RAFVR301945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. A. 7.Son Of Ezra And Emma Whyvel, Of Darlington, Co. Durham; Husband Of Nellie Whyvel, Of Darlington.
2389 WigleyHarvey JohnFlight Sergeant407854RAAF241942-12-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 39.Son Of Arthur Charles And Margaret Ellen Wigley, Of Glen Osmond, South Australia.
2390 WildeGordon GeorgeFlight Sergeant403241RNZAF221 Sqd (RAF)251944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. H. 39.Son Of Hans And Mary Ellen Wilde, Of Levin, Wellington, New Zealand; Husband Of Valerie Wilde, Of Khandallah, Wellington.
2391 WildeBernard RoySergeant1101053RAFVR37 Sqd271944-02-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 10.Son Of William And Elsie Wilde, Of Waterloo, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.
2392 WilderDerek Frederick GableyCorporal745071RAFVR241944-05-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 28.Son Of Edward Gabley Wilder And Annie Edith Wilder, Of South Benfleet, Essex.
2393 WilhelmEdward LinusFlying OfficerJ/12711RCAF608 Sqd (RAF)251944-01-31ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Iii. E. 13.Son Of Edward M. And Agatha Wilhelm, Of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
2394 WilkesWarwick VictorFlight Sergeant1436172RAFVR37 Sqd231944-01-28ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Ix. H. 14.Son Of Thomas And Lydia Wilkes, Of Coventry, England.
2395 WilkinsChristopherSergeant1267581RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.Son Of Christopher And Annie Wilkins, Of Rosherville, Kent.
2396 WilkinsonRoy Albert WilfredSergeant536891RAF50 Sqd1943-07-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. A. 1.
2397 WilkinsonD ALieutenant102113VSAAF55 (RAF) Sqd231943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. G. 1.
2398 WilkinsonArthur JohnSergeant1178604RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-01-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 39.
2399 WilkinsonGeorgeLeading Aircraftman1504624RAFVR251945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 17.Son Of James And Jane Wilkinson, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
2400 WilksonR VWarrant Officer Class II607033VSAAF34 Sqd 201945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.Son Of Franklin And Alice M. Wilkson, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
2401 WillI GCaptain203171VSAAF4 Sqd311944-11-21ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, C, 19.Son Of James H. And Jacomina E. Van R. Will, Of Colesberg, Cape Province, South Africa.
2402 WilliamsFrederickFlight Sergeant658476RAF114 Sqd1943-11-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 14.
2403 WilliamsRonald CliffordFlight Sergeant409357RAAF221943-10-20ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, E, 5.
2404 WilliamsIdrisSergeant1683552RAFVR150 Sqd211944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. A. 9-11.Son Of Elisabeth H. Williams, And Stepson Of John H. Jones, Of Wauchula, Florida, U.S.A.
2405 WilliamsELieutenant206364VSAAF4 Sqd211944-07-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iii. F. 7.Son Of Ernst J. And Ilva M. Williams, Of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
2406 WilliamsKingsmill Brady CharlesWarrant Officer1127186RAFVR72 Sqd 231945-04-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 5.Son Of Kingsmill Barnes Williams And Edith Mary Williams, Of Mallow, Co. Cork, Irish Republic.
2407 WilliamsonJohnSergeant1093296RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
2408 WilliamsonHarold William BernardLeading Aircraftman1227397RAFVR321944-10-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 21.Son Of John James Williamson And Freda Ellen Williamson; Husband Of Phyllis Grace Verdun Williamson, Of Walton, Felixstowe, Suffolk.
2409 WillisSidney CharlesFlight Lieutenant162011RAFVR321945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. A. 1.Son Of Sidney Charles And Ethel M. Willis; Husband Of Nancy Eleanor Willis, Of Henleaze, Gloucestershire.
2410 WillmottGordon Herbert EdmundSergeant1127139RAFVR70 Sqd

231943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
2411 WillsWilliam JosephWarrant Officer520893RAF291945-06-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. B. 10.Son Of James And Jane Wills.
2412 WilsdonRaymond WilliamFlying OfficerJ/11243RCAF39 (RAF) Sqd241943-03-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 12.
2413 WilseaJohn Richard HowardLeading Aircraftman1350101RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.231943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 43.
2414 WilshawColinFlight Sergeant1578575RAFVR178 Sqd221944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 2-6.Son Of Ralph Charles And Sarah Ann Wilshaw, Of Stoke-On-Trent.
2415 WilsonJohn IrvingSergeant935111RAFVR148 Sqd201941-01-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, II. D. 47.Son Of Anne Wilson, And Stepson Of Henry Allen, Of Seaham, Co. Durham.
2416 WilsonJohn CharlesSergeant1238810RAFVR37 Sqd1943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. H. 14.
2417 WilsonFrank PorterFlying OfficerJ/21729RCAF424 Sqd291943-08-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 30-34.
2418 WilsonEric LeslieFlight Sergeant1316300RAFVR458 Sqd (RAAF)221943-10-16ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Xii. G. 1.
2419 WilsonColinFlight Sergeant413301RAAF231943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. A. 39.
2420 WilsonRaymondPilot OfficerJ/86699DFC
RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)1944-08-23ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 10-11.
2421 WilsonR RAir Sergeant72937VSAAF17 Sqd261944-11-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 20.Son Of Maude M. Wilson, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
2422 WilsonJames AitchisonSergeant1366115RAFVR18 Sqd221944-01-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 8.Son Of W. J. And Sarah Wilson, Of Neilston, Renfrewshire.
2423 WilsonJWarrant Officer Class I543777VSAAF21 Sqd311944-09-13ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Ii, B, 56.Son Of Matthew Wilson, And Of Agnes Wilson, Of Egremont, Cumberland.
2424 WilsonLeonardFlight Sergeant1436834RAFVR293 Sqd261944-05-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. C. 5.Son Of Richard And Elsie Parry Wilson, Of Birkenhead. M.I. Mech.E.
2425 WilsonRoy JamesSergeant3030786RAFVR178 Sqd 191945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 4.Son Of James Halbrow Wilson And Hather Louise Wilson, Of Chislehurst, Kent.
2426 WilsonJack LeslieFlying Officer175789RAFVR241945-10-28ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. N. 4.Son Of Frederick Walter And Louise Emma Wilson, Of Balham, London.
2427 Wilson-NorthOscarFlying Officer163152RAFVR213 Sqd 211945-07-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. F. 4.Son Of Will And Florence Wilson North, Of Walcot, Norfolk.
2428 WindsorVictor GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1421972RAFVR281943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 38.
2429 WingfieldR S MLieutenant328930VSAAF450 Sqd (RAF) 1945-04-12ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, B, 21.
2430 WingroveJohn AndrewFlight Sergeant1604065RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 2.Son Of Charles Harry And Adelaide Wingrove, Of Shepherd'S Bush, London.
2431 WiselyBruce AlexanderFlight Sergeant412779RNZAF76 Sqd (RAF)281942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. C. 1.
2432 WishakMichaelPilot OfficerJ/88962RCAF178 Sqd (RAF)221944-04-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 2.Son Of Michael And Mary Wishak, Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
2433 WithnellWilliamLeading Aircraftman1004775RAFVR983 Sqd351944-06-18ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, H, 5.Son Of Edward And Mary Withnell, Of Chorley, Lancashire; Husband Of Emily Withnell, Of Chorley.
2434 WittsAlfred HenryLeading Aircraftman1421955RAFVR2862 Sqd R.A.F Regt.1943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 3.
2435 WoodJames EdwardPilot Officer120504RAFVR211942-04-28ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. E. 34.Son Of Thomas Henry And Ethel Wood, Of Bradley, Huddersfield.
2436 WoodJames EdwardFlight Sergeant1126599RAFVR142 (City of Worcester) Sqd341944-04-17Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 7-10. He was an Air Gunner aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of John T. and Ada Wood, of Darlington, Co. Durham.
2437 WoodDavid William McewanFlying Officer134001RAFVR267 Sqd291944-03-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 13.Son Of William And Mary Ann Wood, Of Balmenach, Morayshire.
2438 WoodGeorge ThomasLeading Aircraftman926235RAFVR271944-01-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 1.Son Of George Henry And Annie Oliver Wood; Husband Of Jessie Wood, Of Mitcham, Surrey.
2439 WoodJames DerrickWarrant Officer1237045RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 4.Son Of Jim And B. Annie Wood, Of Linton, Derbyshire.
2440 WoodardHarold RamsayFlight Sergeant1873403RAFVR104 Sqd 201945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 6.Son Of Clarence Harold And Lilian Maud Woodard, Of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
2441 WoodrowFrederick GeorgeCorporal1690668RAFVR381944-11-21ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 14.Son Of John And Mary Elizabeth Woodrow; Husband Of Doris Nellie Woodrow, Of Tottenham, Middlesex.
2442 WoodsJohnFlying Officer52465RAF18 Sqd261944-12-28ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, E, 12.Son Of Thomas And Martha E. Woods, Of Liverpool.
2443 WoodsHubert JohnSergeant1607086RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.Son Of Walter Herbert And Beatrice May Woods, Of Binstead, Hampshire.
2444 WoodwardDelbert WesleyFlying OfficerJ/21599RCAF18 (RAF) Sqd321943-11-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 15.
2445 WoodwardThomasAircraftman 1st Class1440609RAFVR391943-11-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 18.
2446 WoodwardJohnSergeant1768087RAFVR104 Sqd201944-07-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. E. 38.Son Of John William And Winifred Woodward, Of Osmondthorpe, Leeds, Yorkshire.
2447 WoolmanJohnSergeant1049966RAFVR104 Sqd301943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, B, 4.
2448 WoosnamRonald DavidCorporal538755RAF291944-04-10ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 20.Son Of David And Christina Lilian Woosnam, Of Llandinam, Montgomeryshire.
2449 WorkmanFrederick JohnFlying Officer406378RAAF241942-02-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 15.Son Of William John Proudford Workman And Victoria Matilda Workman, Of North Perth, Western Australia.
2450 WorsdaleDennis RoyFlight Sergeant1864592RAFVR500 Sqd 201945-04-16ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. F. 8.Son Of James D. And Lizzie Worsdale, Of Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
2451 WorsleyWilliam FrederickFlight Sergeant655953RAF18 Sqd261944-07-21ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. B. 11.Son Of Harold George And Florence Worsley; Husband Of Edna G. Worsley, Of Leigh-On-Sea, Essex.
2452 WortonNormanLeading Aircraftman1176269RAFVR241 Sqd1944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi. E. 11.
2453 WorwoodJohn RobertSergeant402558RAAF201942-02-21ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. B. 8.Son Of Isaac Norman And Annie Gwendoline Worwood, Of Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia.
2454 WotherspoonJohn HamiltonPilot Officer133838RAFVR55 Sqd1943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
2455 WrightWilliam MitchellFlight SergeantR/73309RCAF149 Sqd (RAF)1942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.
2456 WrightGeorgeAircraftman 1st Class1512516RAFVR18 Sqd201943-09-26ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 39.
2457 WrightEdward JohnSergeant1800527RAFVR114 Sqd211944-10-02ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, A, 19-21.Son Of Thomas William And Elizabeth Wright, Of Wapping, London.
2458 WrightJohnSergeant1817946RAFVR30 Sqd (SAAF)201945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 8.Son Of Christopher Alfred And Ethel Maud Wright, Of Nottingham.
2459 WrightR C NLieutenant98311VSAAF34 Sqd 231945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 5.Son Of Robert J. And Emily M. S. Wright.
2460 WrightJCorporal96156VSAAF1945-01-08ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, II, G, 12.Husband Of H. S. Wright.
2461 WynnKenneth GeorgeSergeant1399423RAFVR70 Sqd

221944-09-12ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. A. 22-24.Son Of George And Florence Maud Wynn, Of Chislehurst, Kent.
2462 YatesJames SamuelFlight Sergeant1294124RAFVR185 Sqd201943-05-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 50.
2463 YearleyHenry WilliamPilot Officer189212RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 6.Son Of Henry Thomas Yearley And Charlotte Ellen Yearley, Of Harrow, Middlesex.
2464 YoulStanley CharlesFlying Officer401334RAAF261944-08-28ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Ii, B, 1.Son Of Charles Frederick And Ellen Elizabeth F. Youl, Of Ormond, Victoria, Australia.
2465 YoungDenisFlying Officer122905RAFVR103 Sqd211943-02-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 3.
2466 YoungWallace RandalSergeant1895808RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

371944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 12-15.Son Of Wallace And Kate Ellen Young; Husband Of Ivy Etty Young, Of Fulham, London. May have died on 1944-10-13
2467 YoungHedley De La BroqueriePilot OfficerC/86518RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)221944-08-29ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. B. 4.Son Of Ralph W. And Adine T. Young, Of Plymouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
2468 YoungNorman LewisFlight Sergeant1238128RAFVR13 Sqd1944-09-12ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 10.
2469 YoungRobert GordonFlight Lieutenant113390RAFVR150 Sqd301944-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave I. E. 13-14.Son Of Robert And Margaret Forbes Young, Of Elgin, Morayshire.
2470 YoungFrank RavenFlight Sergeant562355RAF624 Sqd 331945-03-27ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. K. 3.Son Of Herbert And Annie Young, Of Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire.
2471 Younge-HartLeslie GeorgeFlight Sergeant1390670RAFVR1944-01-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 30.
2472 Younge-HartLeslie GeorgeFlight Sergeant1390670RAFVR1944-01-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 30.Husband Of Alice Mary Younge-Hart, Of Islington, London.
2473 YoungjohnsWilliam AlbertSergeant1577659RAFVR221 Sqd191944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 48.Son Of Walter And Florence Youngjohns, Of Leicester.
2474 ZadwornyThaddeus John BernardFlying OfficerJ/15816RCAF114 Sqd241944-05-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vi, D, 3.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. B. Zadworny, Of Ituna, Saskatchewan, Canada.
2475 Zaia EnwiaPrivate1083RAF Iraq Levies1944-10-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 4.

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