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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: many people assemble information on WWll cemeteries and individual graves. We have frequently consulted these sites in preparing this database. Readers are encouraged to consult these sites directly as each brings a unique quality to its work. They include: • • • • • • • •

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions welcomed via Helpdesk

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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeath (↑)BuriedCommemorated (↑)LinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1001 HarteFrazer ApsleyWing Commander70839DFC
RAF (RAFO)107 Sqd291941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 20.Son Of Alfred Ernest And Charlotte Mary Harte, Of Orange Grove, Johannesburg, South Africa. B.Sc. (Eng.).
1002 HarthillJames CameronPilot Officer139722RAFVR40 Sqd261943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
1003 HartleyRonaldFlying Officer161791RAFVR241944-10-12ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 11.Son Of Willie And Gertrude Hartley, Of Chapel Allerton, Leeds, Yorkshire.
1004 HaslamJackSergeant1431807RAFVR291944-03-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 4.Son Of Alfred And Mary Ann Haslam, Of Deane, Bolton, Lancashire.
1005 HastReginald AlfredFlight Lieutenant401506RAAF231944-12-17ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. D. 29.Son Of Thomas Harold And Eunice Jessie Hast, Of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.
1006 HatleyLeslie AlbertLeading Aircraftman1337282RAFVR92 Sqd221943-08-01ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. H. 6.
1007 HattersleyWilfredAircraftman 2nd Class2211288RAFVR683 Sqd 351945-01-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. B. 34.Son Of Arthur And Ann Hattersley; Husband Of Dorothy Mary Hattersley, Of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.
1008 HawkeRaymond Richard LindsayWarrant Officer427090RAAF291944-12-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, X. K. 5.Son Of Percival George And Margaret Mary Hawke, Of Belmont, Western Australia.
1009 HawkeyThomas MichaelFlying Officer150448RAFVR221945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 10.Son Of Thomas Henry And Phyllis Hawkey, Of St. Neots, Huntingdonshire.
1010 HawkridgeJohnFlight Sergeant1473344RAFVR114 Sqd 211945-02-24ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Joint grave I. C. 1-2.Son Of Sydney And Sarah Jane Hawkridge, Of Rotherham, Yorkshire.
1011 HawthorneThomasSergeant1570199RAFVR55 Sqd221944-09-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 27.Son Of William Hawthorne, And Of Isabella Hawthorne, Of Stirling.
1012 HawthorneCharles WilliamSergeant1592371RAFVR178 Sqd 211945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 5.Son Of George William And Teresa Hawthorne, Of Airedale, Castleford, Yorkshire.
1013 HawtinHarry PynorFlight Sergeant711033RAFVR55 Sqd201944-08-25ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Iii, F, 5.Son Of Maj. Henry Hawtin, M.B.E., And Gladys Victoria Hawtin, Of Sheffield.
1014 HayRobert ClaudeFlight Lieutenant407074DFC & Bar

RAAF301944-02-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 5.Son Of John Robert Clare Hay And Margaret Kate Hay; Husband Of Honoria Edna Millicent Hay, Of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
1015 HaydenJohnLeading Aircraftman1391605RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.1943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 40.Date of death might have been 1943-08-12
1016 HaynesKenneth ArthurSergeant1548025RAFVR150 Sqd211943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
1017 HaynesPercy OswaldSergeant1822538RAFVR12 Sqd (SAAF)231944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Ii. C. 8.Son Of Percy O. Haynes, And Of Helen A. Haynes, Of Bilton, Warwickshire.
1018 HaywardRobert FrederickPilot Officer157302RAFVR104 Sqd1943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, F, 10.
1019 HeadlandAlbert EdwinSergeant1584911RAFVR112 Sqd 1945-11-27ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. A. 1.Son Of Isaac Edwin And Gertrude Ethel Headland.
1020 HeaneyJackSergeant1187891RAFVR18 Sqd1944-05-16ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. K. 17-18.
1021 HeardFrankWarrant Officer1078008RAFVR213 Sqd 221945-02-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. E. 13.Son Of Thomas And Eliza Hughes, Of Bollington, Cheshire.
1022 HearfieldSamuel VictorSergeant633545RAF148 Sqd1941-01-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 25.Son Of P.O. William Hearfield, R.N., And Ethel May Hearfield, Of Hull.
1023 HearnRaymond VincentFlight Lieutenant102547DFC & Bar

RAFVR112 Sqd 251945-02-18ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. G. 8.Son Of William Isaiah And Lilian Hearn, Of Gosport, Hampshire.
1024 HeathJohn OcklefordSergeant1577138RAFVR14 Sqd201944-06-26ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 1.Son Of Horace O. And E. Frances Heath, Of West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.
1025 HedderwickPeter JohnFlight Lieutenant401950MiDRAAF261945-02-08ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VII. D. 12.Son Of Bruce Pitcairn Hedderwick And Alice Katherine Hedderwick, Of Kew, Victoria, Australia.
1026 HedgerJohn HenryWarrant Officer418114RAAF231944-09-06ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. D. 7.Son Of John Edward And Ivy Ruth Hedger, Of Albert Park, Victoria, Australia.
1027 HedleyJohn JamesFlight Sergeant992556RAFVR500 Sqd271944-12-16ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 1.Son Of Fred James Hedley And Elizabeth Anne Hedley, Of Jesmond, Northumberland.
1028 HeelsChristopher Wren HenrySergeant1410362RAFVR40 Sqd1943-08-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. N. 10.Date of death might have been 1943-08-16
1029 HeenanJohn AndrewSergeant1583786RAF70 Sqd

201944-12-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. C. 4.Son Of Daniel And Anne Heenan, Of Rising Brook. Stafford.
1030 HeffernanArthur FrancisSergeant1033069RAFVR57 Sqd321942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Son Of John James Herffernan And Hannah Heffernan, Of Blackley, Manchester.
1031 HellawellFrankLeading Aircraftman1477719RAFVR2908 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. E. 1.
1032 HellerRonald JosephSergeant1627009RAFVR14 Sqd201944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 8.Son Of Benjamin And Ellen Heller. Of Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
1033 HellierFrankSergeant863311RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)150 Sqd341944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of Frank And Florence Rose Hellier, Of Portsmouth.
1034 HemsleyPhilip HardyFlying Officer162125RAFVR454 Sqd 351945-04-13ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, C, 9.Son Of Arthur And Lizzie Hemsley, Of Sherwood, Nottingham; Husband Of Charlotte Kathleen Hemsley, Of Nottingham.
1035 HemstedRupert Henry RustatSquadron Leader107950RAFVR18 Sqd221944-01-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. S. 6.Son Of Lt.-Col. Henry Hemsted And Muriel Hope Hemsted, Of Naivasha, Kenya.
1036 HendersonWilliam CharlesFlying Officer133044DFC
RAFVR108 Sqd1943-12-28ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 11.
1037 HendersonRobert CharlesFlying Officer127040RAFVR70 Sqd

311943-11-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 11.
1038 HendersonRobert McqueenLeading Aircraftman1561433RAFVR241 Sqd1944-10-01ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, E, 12.
1039 HendersonWilliam RaymondFlight Lieutenant120740RAFVR601 Sqd241944-03-07ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xx. J. 8.Son Of John Henderson, And Of Leah Sarah Henderson, Of Hereford.
1040 HendersonD SLieutenant329134VSAAF211944-08-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. F. 23.Son Of Alexander And Y May Henderson, Of Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa.
1041 HendersonG. Macg.Captain103567VSAAF260 (RAF)271945-01-15ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 10.Son Of James F. And Alice M. Henderson, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa; Husband Of Ada J. Henderson.
1042 HendryIan JamesSergeant1804795RAFVR454 (RAAF) Sqd 211945-04-19ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave V. C. 3-6.Son Of James Mccall Hendry And Ivy Skene Hendry, Of Bromley, Kent.
1043 HepworthRobertPilot Officer162598RAFVR18 Sqd241944-01-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. S. 7.Son Of James And Mary Bowes Hepworth, Of Penn, Wolverhampton.
1044 HerbertRichard JamesPilot Officer156494RAFVR40 Sqd201943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 38.
1045 HerbertHenry IvorFlight Sergeant415189RNZAF93 Sqd201944-02-07ItalyAnzio War Cemetery, Ii, C, 7.

Son Of Henry S. And Olive M. Herbert, Of Morrinsville, Auckland, New Zealand.
1046 HermollePhillip JosephFlight Sergeant1354399RAFVR114 Sqd231944-01-04ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. B. 8.Son Of Gerald Anthony And Norah Hermolle, Of Birmingham, England.
1047 HeskethJohn CallelyFlight Sergeant1131407RAFVR37 Sqd221943-06-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 41.
1048 HewittEdward WalterSergeant1378390RAFVR40 Sqd311941-10-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 6.Son Of Arthur And Rose Elizabeth Hewitt; Husband Of Constance Violet Hewitt, Of Brixton, London.
1049 HewittHenry WilkinsonSergeant1531619RAFVR221 Sqd201943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii. A. 38.
1050 HewittWCaptainP/163VSAAF441945-06-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. B. 9.Son Of John B. And Hannah Hewitt; Husband Of Jessie V. Hewitt, Of Luanshya, Northern Rhodesia.
1051 HeynekeN JLieutenant27898VSAAF30 Sqd 221945-03-14ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. C. 11-15.Son Of Mrs. W. A. Heyneke, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1052 HibberdJohnFlying Officer158253RAFVR55 Sqd201944-07-15ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Iv. E. 15.Son Of The Revd. Henry Hibberd, M.A., And Bridget Chevallier Hibberd, Of Burnham Thorpe Rectory, Norfolk. May have died on 1944-07-16
1053 HibbinsLeonard HenryFlight Sergeant414681RAAF211944-04-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 22. Son Of Walter Le Breton Hibbins And Phoebe Hibbins, Of Dawson Valley, Queensland, Australia.
1054 HibbinsRonald GeorgeSergeant1803296RAFVR500 Sqd 211945-01-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. G. 2.Son Of Rowland John And Teresa Helena Hibbins, Of Penge, Kent.
1055 HickeyRichardLeading Aircraftman1435263RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.221944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 20.Son Of Michael And Margaret Hickey, Of New Ross, Co. Wexford, Irish Republic.
1056 HickeyJohn NoelFlying Officer55537RAF40 Sqd 251945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 36.Son Of John And Leonora M. Hickey, Of Belvedere, Kent.
1057 HigginsMartinLeading Aircraftman1348953RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.1944-08-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 24.Son Of Nicol And Jane Higgins, Of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.
1058 HighamPhilip GeoffreySergeant1132896RAFVR104 Sqd211943-10-30ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, B, 7.
1059 HigsonKenneth HeskethFlying Officer70305RAF (RAFO)10 Sqd291940-08-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 4.Son Of The Revd. Arthur Hesketh Higson, M.A., And Ada Higson; Husband Of Jean Higson, Of Marlborough, Wiltshire.
1060 HillDennis RobertWarrant Officer408283RAAF311943-12-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 30.
1061 HillPeter Maxwell CliveFlight Lieutenant45330RAF13 Sqd251944-06-02ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. B. 22.Son Of Air Chief Marshal Sir Roderick Maxwell Hill, K.C.B., M.C., A.F.C., M.A., And Of Lady Hill (Nee Morton); Husband Of Daphne Mary Hill (Nee Gompertz), Of Barton-On-Sea, Hampshire.
1062 HillJames RaymondLeading Aircraftman1316867RAFVR2907 Sqd, RAF Regt.1944-08-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 22.
1063 HillmanDonald ErnestFlight LieutenantJ/17893RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)261944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 27-30.Son Of Robert Boswell Hillman And Jane Hillman, Of Elrose, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1064 HillsJohnSquadron Leader77100RAFVR1945-07-04ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, C, 30.
1065 Hilton-BarberGeoffreyMajor103945VDFC
SAAF4 Sqd 251945-02-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 11.Son Of Harry A. And Celia C. Hilton-Barber, Of Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
1066 HinchliffeDenis AubreySergeant1622991RAFVR114 Sqd201944-10-02ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, A, 19-21.Son Of Joseph And Sarah Annie Hinchliffe, Of Whitby, Yorkshire.
1067 HinesMervyn ArthurWarrant Officer413152RAAF231944-03-31ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. C. 12.Son Of James Frederick And Sarah Ruth Hines, Of Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.
1068 HingleLLieutenant580805VSAAF5 Sqd 191945-02-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. E. 4.Son Of Ernest J. And Phyllis M. Hingle, Of Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa.
1069 HingleyWalterSergeant1021212RAFVR207 Sqd201942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of Walter Hingley, And Of Agnes Hingley, Of Stocksbridge, Yorkshire.
1070 HipwellJohn HenrySergeant1868359RAFVR12 Sqd191944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Ii. C. 4.Son Of John And Ellen Hipwell, Of Gillingham, Kent.
1071 HirstHarold JohnFlying Officer151048RAFVR37 Sqd271944-02-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 8.Son Of Joseph And Annie Isabel Hirst, Of Half-Way-Tree, Jamaica.
1072 HitchcockClifford RoystonFlight Sergeant975717RAFVR142 (City of Worcester) Sqd221944-04-17Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 7-10. He was the Air Bombardier aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of Arthur Anthony and Dorothy Hitchcock, of Horsell Vale, Woking, Surrey.
1073 HitchcockWilliam JohnLeading Aircraftman1443162RAFVR1945-01-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. B. 26.
1074 HjelmD RLieutenant328638VSAAF37 Sqd (RAF)241944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 13.Son Of Klas A. And Mina Hjelm. May have died on 1944-07-14
1075 HobbsNorman JackSergeant1381616RAFVR148 Sqd1944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. C. 14.
1076 HobbyJohn CharlesFlying Officer159407RAFVR454 Sqd 211945-02-10ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 2.Son Of Charles Richard And Eva Maud Hobby.
1077 HobdenWilliamSergeant745887RAFVR37 Sqd231941-02-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. grave XI. D. 19-21.Son Of John Hobden And Of Mary Hobden (Nee Lee); Husband Of Margaret Hobden (Nee 1 Thomson), Of Uckfield, Sussex.
1078 HodderPeter LeaFlight Sergeant1585245RAFVR250 Sqd 221945-04-11ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, II, B, 16.Son Of Harry John And Minnie Evelyn Hodder, Of Teddington, Middlesex.
1079 HoddinottCharles Richard CarltonFlight Sergeant940008RAFVR142 Sqd261944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 40.Son Of Donald Richard Faulkner Hoddinott And Kathleen Marie Hoddinott, Of Evesham, Worcestershire.
1080 HodgettGeoffreyLeading Aircraftman1039198RAFVR241945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 18.Son Of George Frederick And Gladys Evelyn Hodgett, Of Lenton, Nottinghamshire.
1081 HodgkinsonArthur JohnFlight Lieutenant45353DSO

DFC & Bar
RAF23 Sqd271943-07-10ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Joint Grave Xxi. H. 5.
1082 HodgsonHarryFlight Sergeant997473RAFVR301944-08-10ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 17.Son Of George Wilson Hodgson And Isabella Thomson Hodgson, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne; Husband Of Margaret Potts Hodgson, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
1083 HodgsonKenneth HarrisonLeading Aircraftman1064094RAFVR680 Sqd 301945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 3.Son Of David Harrison Hodgson And Elsie Louise Hodgson, Of Willerby, Hull.
1084 HogbenA SLieutenant329102VSAAF12 Sqd201944-04-25ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, B, 2-3.Son Of Joseph And Norah Hogben, Of Loskop, Natal, South Africa.
1085 HogbenRonald GeorgeFlight Sergeant1391913RAFVR37 Sqd 201945-04-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. E. 4.Son Of Ronald George Henry Hogben And Of Constance Hogben (Nee Young), Of Great Wyrley, Staffordshire.
1086 HoggGeorge SuttieLieutenant205814VSAAF221 Sqd (RAF)251944-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 12.
1087 HolderJohn MauriceFlight Lieutenant133752BEMRAFVR55 Sqd231944-05-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 34.Son Of John And Beatrice Holder, Of North End, Portsmouth.
1088 HolliesDonald JesseFlying Officer126456RAFVR221 Sqd211944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 49.Son Of Victor James Hollies And Beatrice Hollies, Of Blackheath, Staffordshire.
1089 HollisWilliam ThomasLeading Aircraftman1098077RAFVR93 Sqd221943-12-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 12.
1090 HollisHarold OswaldFlying Officer146953RAFVR150 Sqd301944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. A. 9-11.Son Of Oswald And Gertrude Hollis; Husband Of Mary E. Hollis, Of Sherwood Rise, Nottingham.
1091 HollissWilliam HenryWarrant Officer1576703RAFVR43 Sqd 231945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. B. 6.Son Of John William And Gertrude Holliss, Of Knowle, Warwickshire.
1092 HolmeWilliam GeorgeSergeant1325759RAFVR37 Sqd261943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. A. 14.
1093 HolmeAlbertCorporal618398RAF281944-02-18ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. B. 20.Son Of John And Margaret Holme, Of Ince-In-Makerfield, Lancashire.
1094 HolmesBenjamin Colin DavidSergeant1316546RAFVR104 Sqd201942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 39.Son Of Charlie And Mary Holmes. Of Blakeney, Gloucestershire.
1095 HolmesMaurice TrevorFlying Officer161066RAFVR14 Sqd281944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 3.Son Of John Trevor Holmes And Beatrice Alice Holmes, Of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire.
1096 HolmesRonald PercyWarrant Officer1375674RAFVR301944-02-08ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, D, 1.Son Of James Albert And Mary Holmes, Of Kingsbury, Middlesex.
1097 HolmesWilliam JamesLeading Aircraftman1294320RAFVR331945-01-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. D. 4.Son Of Walter And Fanny Holmes; Husband Of Gladys Holmes, Of Ward End, Birmingham.
1098 HolmesWilliam JamesLeading Aircraftman1294320RAFVR331945-01-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. D. 4.Son Of Walter And Fanny Holmes; Husband Of Gladys Holmes, Of Ward End, Birmingham.
1099 HoltLeslie AlbertSergeant1607002RAFVR601 Sqd1944-08-09ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. K. 3.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. W. Holt, Of North Finchley, Middlesex.
1100 HoltPeter MitchellFlight Sergeant1520924RAFVR40 Sqd 231945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 40.Son Of James Stanley Holt And Mabel Holt, Of Southport, Lancashire.
1101 HolterCharles SydneyPilot Officer161300RAFVR462 (RAAF) Sqd281943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 21.
1102 HoltonKenneth JohnSergeant1334695RAFVR150 Sqd1944-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave I. E. 13-14.
1103 HolykNicholasPilot OfficerJ/92012RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)351944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 27-30.Son Of William And Eva Holyk, Of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada; Husband Of Sarah Holyk, Of Mount Cartier, British Columbia.
1104 HomesJoseph Edward AlbertFlying Officer157515RAFVR614 Sqd221944-08-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 18.Son Of Edward Albert And Florence Ellen Homes, Of Walthamstow, Essex; Husband Of Emily Florence Homes.
1105 HoneyGordon ArthurFlight Sergeant1284070RAFVR114 Sqd281944-01-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 8.Son Of Arthur And Adrienne Marie Sophie Honey, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
1106 HoodJohn ThomasFlight Sergeant1033056RAFVR37 Sqd231944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 19.Son Of John B. And Eleanor Hood Of Manchester; Husband Of Laura Horsfall Hood, Of Cheetham, Manchester.
1107 HoolihanPatrick Gordon ThomasPilot Officer425514DFC
RAAF241945-04-16ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VII. D. 8.Son Of Thomas Patrick And Dorothy Eland Hoolihan, Of Mareeba, Queensland, Australia.
1108 HooperGeorge WilliamLeading Aircraftman636841RAF6 Sqd271941-06-16ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, XII. E. 12.Son Of George And Beatrice Hooper, Of Decoy, Newton Abbot, Devon, England.
1109 HooperLeslie Walter WilliamSergeant1587447RAFVR260 Sqd211944-12-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. L. 8.Son Of Frederick William And Edith Annie Hooper, Of Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
1110 HopkinsT J CLieutenant314347VSAAF1 Sqd231944-10-04ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xix, L, 6.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. T. Hopkins, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1111 HopkinsAlbert John WilliamCorporal927564RAFVR241944-05-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 32.Son Of Albert Henry And Florence Emily Hopkins; Foster-Son Of Percy E. Pryke, Of Wimbledon, Surrey.
1112 HorlockJohn CharlesFlight Lieutenant134123RAFVR272 Sqd281944-12-09ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Ii. F. 13.Son Of Benjamin Withers Horlock And Minnie Horlock, Of Fourmarks, Hampshire.
1113 Hormis DanielCorporal4750RAF Iraq Levies1944-10-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 7.
1114 HorneRobert ArthurFlying Officer175215RAFVR55 Sqd 321945-01-21ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. grave I, G, 8-11.Son Of William J. F. And B. G. Horne, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1115 HorsfordJohnFlight Sergeant1623161DFM

RAFVR272 Sqd211944-09-06ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 7.Son Of John And Ellen Mary Horsford, Of Oundle, Northamptonshire.
1116 HorwoodThomasSergeant551316RAF40 Sqd241944-07-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 13.Son Of Harry And Edna Marjorie Horwood, Of Kidderminster, Worcestershire; Husband Of Doris Horwood. May have died on 1944-07-02
1117 HoskingThomas PellewSergeant926519RAFVR148 Sqd221942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Edward Pellew Hosking And Phillippa Jane Hosking.
1118 HoskingWilliam JamesAircraftman 1st Class1158887RAFVR241944-07-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 15.Son Of William James Hosking And Elizabeth Rouffigivac Hosking, Of Newlyn West, Penzance, Cornwall.
1119 HoughtonRoy William LewisSergeant1453355RAFVR37 Sqd201943-08-08ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 35.
1120 HoughtonJamesSergeant2211819RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

191944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 4.Son Of William And Jane Houghton Of Huyton Quarry, Lancashire. May have died on 1944-10-13
1121 HoustonMatthew CummingSergeant1063716RAFVR211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 17.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Houston, Of Broughshane, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
1122 HowGeoffrey BarnesFlight Sergeant1819994RAFVR55 Sqd 201945-03-25ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. D. 27.Son Of Edward Victor And Florence Lily How, Of Castleton, Derbyshire.
1123 HowardHarold Herbert GeorgeSergeant566374RAF10 Sqd241940-08-27ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 8.Son Of Henry James Howard And Emily Howard, Of Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire.
1124 HowardGodfrey Denzil VaughanFlight Sergeant427327RAAF291944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xxv. D. 33.Son Of Henry Cecil And Helen Vera Howard; Husband Of Alice Verna Howard, Of West Swan, Western Australia. A.F.I.A.
1125 HowardArthur WilliamFlight Sergeant1576163RAFVR18 Sqd 231945-04-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. F. 1-4.Son Of Herbert Howard, And Of Gladys Howard, Of Yardley, Birmingham.
1126 HowarthRalph Hubert FrancisMajor103094VDFC
SAAF12 Sqd1944-08-20ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 3.
1127 HowellAlfred WilliamFlying Officer129629RAFVR272 Sqd241944-02-22ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 11.Son Of Alfred William And Annie Howell; Husband Of Dorothy Margaret Howell.
1128 HowesCharles MelvilleWarrant OfficerR/67314RCAF148 (RAF) Sqd311943-09-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 12.
1129 HoyerKajSecond Lieutenant542955VSAAF40 Sqd (RAF)321944-07-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 9.King Christian X'S Commemorative Medal For Participation In The War, 1940-45. Son Of Edvard And Anna Hoyer, Of Copenhagen, Denmark.
1130 HoylandJackFlight Sergeant1379740RAFVR178 Sqd1943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii. E, 19-25.
1131 HoyleJ CSecond Lieutenant282449VSAAF112 Sqd201944-08-23ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. B. 12.Son Of Clifton Hoyle, And Of Elizabeth Hoyle, Of Nkana, Northern Rhodesia.
1132 HuddlestoneAlbertFlight Sergeant632024DFM

RAF70 Sqd

221943-11-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 10.
1133 HughesHarold FrederickLeading Aircraftman1107672RAFVR654 Sqd211943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 26.
1134 HughesFrancis RichardSergeant1034044RAFVR104 Sqd211944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 26.Son Of Frederick R. And Edith K. Hughes, Of Liverpool.
1135 HughesHenry MaengwynFlight Sergeant1330658RAFVR114 Sqd231944-05-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, D, 3.Son Of Moses Henry Hughes, And Of Anne Hughes, Of Willesden Green, Middlesex.
1136 HughesJackSergeant1582761RAFVR18 Sqd211944-08-09ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii, G, 7.Son Of Francis Alfred And Mabel Hughes, Of Skegness, Lincolnshire.
1137 HughesFrank ShepleyFlying Officer163163RAFVR208 Sqd 231945-04-15ItalyBologna War Cemetery, VI, B, 6.Son Of Frank Hughes, And Of Sarah A. Hughes, Of Walton. Cheshire.
1138 HugoWAir Corporal210577SAAF1945-08-11ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. A. 12.
1139 HumphreyJohn RobertLeading Aircraftman1450065RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.211943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 45.
1140 HumphreyJohn RichardLeading Aircraftman1050806RAFVR341944-06-28ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 15.Son Of Richard And Alice Humphrey, Of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire; Husband Of Edith May Humphrey, Of Middlesbrough.
1141 HuntKenneth SamuelLeading Aircraftman339725RAF271942-11-12ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Iv, E, 7.Son Of Samuel Henry And Daisy Hunt, Of Sanderstead, Surrey.
1142 HuntAlanFlight Sergeant1150662RAFVR221 Sqd231943-02-07ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 11.
1143 HuntPeterPilot Officer190425RAFVR93 Sqd 211945-03-05ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. D. 2.Son Of Hubert Joseph Hunt, And Of Elsie Marie Hunt, Of Caversham, Reading, Berkshire.
1144 HuntJohn PenbossWarrant Officer433038RAAF201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave VI. B. 10-13.Son Of Benjamin James Hunt And Jeanette Ellen Hunt; Husband Of Jean Audrey Hunt, Of Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia.
1145 HunterThomas FultonWarrant Officer1344408RAFVR114 Sqd 231945-03-03ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 19.Son Of William And Elizabeth M. Hunter, Of Roslin, Midlothian.
1146 HuntingWilliam KarlSergeantR/62717RCAF107 Sqd (RAF)201941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. grave I. H. 19.Son Of Kenneth William And Alice Maud Hunting, Of Huntingville, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
1147 HurleyCornelius MichaelSergeant549735RAF207 Sqd1942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.
1148 HurnellHorace PeterFlight Sergeant1319781RAFVR142 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 28.
1149 HurstHenry JohnFlying Officer162074RAFVR231945-07-01ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 7.Son Of Henry Thomas Hurst And Alice Eleanor Hurst, Of Tottenham, Middlesex.
1150 HuskissonD PWarrant Officer Class IIV283655SAAFSAAF 12 Sqd181944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of Cecil And Adelaide Huskisson, Of Vereeniging, Transvaal, South Africa.
1151 HutchesonJohn PeterFlight Sergeant1348894RAFVR18 Sqd221944-03-16ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, C, 14.Son Of Simon And Marjorie Helen Hutcheson, Of Aberdeen.
1152 HutchinsonCyrilSergeant625193RAF601 Sqd1944-09-14ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xx, M, 3.
1153 HuttonJoseph JamesSergeant1795574RAFVR114 Sqd241944-03-31ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. B. 30.Son Of John And Agnes Victoria Hutton; Husband Of Anne Hutton, Of Attercliffe Common, Sheffield.
1154 HynesArthur JosephWarrant Officer419269RAAF211944-11-10ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Vii. B. 1.Son Of Arthur Eugene And Bridget Mary Hynes, Of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
1155 HyslopDavid RaeSergeant1568361RAFVR37 Sqd 221945-04-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. D. 5.Son Of Robert And Elizabeth Hyslop, Of Garlieston, Wigtownshire.
1156 IbbotsonJack KendrickFlight Sergeant402189RNZAF21 Sqd (RAF)211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 17.Son Of Harry Ibbotson, And Of Dorothy Gladys Ibbotson (Nee Harper), Of Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, England.
1157 IbbotsonDesmondFlight Lieutenant129238DFC & Bar

RAFVR231944-11-19ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, H, 4.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. H. Ibbotson.
1158 ImpeyI HLieutenant543034VSAAF60 Sqd201944-09-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. D. 27.Son Of Robert L. And Adele Impey, Of Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa.
1159 ImrieEdwin AlfredFlight Sergeant 1866046 RAFVR70 Sqd

371946-04-02ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 12.Son Of Andrew Edwin And Edith Imrie, Of Barkingside, Ilford, Essex.
1160 InchJames HowardWarrant Officer Class IIR/163741RCAF148 Sqd1944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.
1161 IngallsBruce JohnstonFlight LieutenantJ/17096DFC
221944-06-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, G, 1.Son Of Kenneth Scott Ingalls And Nellie Read Ingalls; Husband Of Jean Frances Ingalls, Of Sayabec, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
1162 IngramWilliam John BowserSergeantR/138030RCAF424 Sqd231943-09-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 47.
1163 InnesArthur Charles SydneyFlight Lieutenant63110RAFVR29 Sqd211943-07-22ItalyRome War Cemetery, Joint Grave  I, B, 11.
1164 InnsAlbert JohnPilot Officer158755RAFVR201944-03-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 3.Son Of Lewis And Nellie Victoria Inns, Of Shepherd'S Bush, London.
1165 IrelandJames HowardFlight SergeantR/162102RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)201944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of William H. And Jessie A. Ireland, Of Macgregor, Manitoba, Canada; Nephew Of Olive M. Tarr, Of Macgregor.
1166 IrlamLeslieFlight Sergeant1084653RAFVR13 Sqd231944-08-23ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Vi. C. 10-11.Son Of Frederick And Harriet Irlam, Of Manchester.
1167 IrvingLouisWarrant Officer636022RAF178 Sqd1944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 2-6.
1168 IrwinMarkSergeant1523165RAFVR14 Sqd211944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 13.Son Of Mark And Ann Irwin; Husband Of Isobel Irwin, Of Seaforth, Liverpool.
1169 IsaacJohnCorporal553500RAF241947-06-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. D. 6.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. S. Isaac, Of Mountain Ash, Glamorgan.
1170 IsraelP M CLieutenant329049VSAAF5 Sqd221944-11-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 18.Son Of Andrew And Susan M. Israel, Of Pretoria, Transvaal. South Africa.
1171 IvesDouglas JuliusFlight Sergeant1615762RAFVR148 Sqd211944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of Sidney Arthur And Ellen Leonora Ives, Of Hemsby, Norfolk.
1172 IvesRalph EricSergeant924625RAFVR55 Sqd271944-08-31ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Vii. D. 16.Son Of Alfred And Sarah Louisa Ives.
1173 JackRoderick StuartLeading Aircraftman 1820436 RAFVR654 AOP Sqd221946-10-16ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. G. 6.Son Of Robert And I. Jack, Of Urray, Ross And Cromarty; Husband Of Joan Jack.
1174 JacksonGeorgeLeading Aircraftman1165578RAFVR321944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 6.Son Of Joseph And Dora Jackson, Of Dalton, Huddersfield.
1175 JacksonWalter JamesAircraftman 1st Class1234936RAFVR221945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 16.Son Of Ellen Sophia Jackson, Of Willesden, Middlesex.
1176 JacobsH JAir Mechanic209655VSAAF1945-07-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. F. 5.
1177 JacquesWilliam KennethFlight Sergeant1576168RAFVR18 Sqd 221945-04-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. F. 1-4.Son Of Leonard Henry And Laura Jacques, Of Berrynarbor, Devon.
1178 JamesStanley HugoSergeant1107497RAFVR40 Sqd291942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 24.Son Of Frederick And May James; Husband Of Marjorie Porritt James, Of Wallasey, Cheshire.
1179 JamesT LFlight Sergeant336479VSAAF21 Sqd1943-11-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 3.
1180 JamesClifford ArthurFlight Sergeant1417380RAFVR70 Sqd

211943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 25.
1181 JamesFred EdmondWarrant Officer406870RAAF142 (City of Worcester) Sqd301944-04-16Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Iii. D. 10. He was aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of Harry Edmond Ogden and Ruby James; Husband of Betty James, of Maddington, Western Australia.
1182 JamesHarold LewisFlight Sergeant1384062RAFVR114 Sqd1944-01-04ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. B. 9.
1183 JamesRaymondAircraftman 1st Class1671156RAFVR231944-07-22ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 1.Son Of Joshua Aneurin James And Doris James, Of Abertillery, Monmouthshire.
1184 JaquesRoland WedgeFlight Sergeant1214000RAFVR243 Sqd221943-08-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 16.
1185 JarvisLeslie RonaldCorporal1413370RAFVR232 Sqd211943-08-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 36.
1186 JeansAlec EmanuelSergeant1602813RAFVR185 Sqd221944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, D, 12.Son Of Alec And Gertrude Elizabeth Jeans, Of Woolston, Southampton.
1187 JeffersonNorman LeoFlying Officer175358RAFVR600 Sqd251944-08-24ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, I, F, 10.Son Of Edward George And Winifred Maude Jefferson.
1188 JefferySydney RedversLeading Aircraftman1519841RAFVR421943-12-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 1.
1189 JenkinTom Michael G.Lieutenant205456VSAAF15 Sqd 1945-02-19ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, G, 5.Husband Of S. E. G. Jenkin, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
1190 JenkinsAllen PhillPilot Officer413078RNZAF114 Sqd (RAF)271944-04-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-14.Son Of Philip Mexted Jenkins And Myrtle Harriett Beatrice Jenkins, Of Wellington, New Zealand.
1191 JenkinsAlexander JamesFlying Officer131488DFC
RAFVR114 Sqd221944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Joint Grave Vi, C, 8.Son Of William John And Marjory Annie Sherriff Jenkins, Of Dyce, Aberdeenshire.
1192 JenkinsB DLieutenant27172VSAAF4 Sqd221944-08-05ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Ii. F. 13.Son Of Charles R. And Amy L. Jenkins, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1193 JenkinsDaniel EvanSergeant1420304RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 30.Son Of John And Mary Jane Jenkins, Of Cilcennin, Cardiganshire.
1194 JenkinsDavid JohnWarrant Officer1338321RAFVR38 Sqd 211945-06-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 8.Son Of James And Elizabeth Jenkins, Of Abercwmboi, Aberdare, Glamorgan.
1195 JennerLeonard Dennis HarveyFlying Officer179052RAFVR241 Sqd 241945-06-08ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. C. 9.Son Of Leonard Arthur And Evelyn Violet Jenner, Of Mitcham, Surrey.
1196 JenningsE JCaptain103041VSAAF24 Sqd 241945-01-27ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. K. 2.
1197 JenningsPatrick SylvesterFlight SergeantR/69427RCAF72 Sqd (RAF) 221945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. B. 5.Son Of James Patrick And Mary Elizabeth Jennings, Of North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
1198 JobH AMajor47421VSAAF21 Sqd (RAF)291944-05-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 1.Son Of George A. And Norah F. Job, Of Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa; Husband Of Patricia J. Job.
1199 JoelCecil EdwardSergeant1324549RAFVR37 Sqd1943-08-08ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. C. 38-39.
1200 JohnDesmondLieutenant543132VSAAF12 Sqd201944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of Thomas John, And Of Ada John, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1201 JohnLeslie RichardFlying Officer162490RAFVR87 Sqd 241945-04-20ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, IX. C. 1.Son Of Joseph Richard And Elizabeth Maud John, Of Bargoed, Glamorgan.
1202 JohnsonWalterFlight Sergeant1078974RAFVR104 Sqd221943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
1203 JohnsonRoderick AlbertFlight Sergeant414985RNZAF145 (RAF) Sqd1943-10-06ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xvi. C. 41.
1204 JohnsonWilliamSergeant1378982RAFVR178 Sqd311943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
1205 JohnsonRonald WalterPilot Officer181135RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8.Son Of Charles Walter And Eileen Mary Frances Johnson. May have died on 1944-10-13
1206 JohnsonMiles AndrewWing Commander80044DFC
RAFVR25 Sqd (SAAF)311944-09-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 13.Son Of Sir George Johnson, Kt., M.I.E.E., J.P., And Of Lady Johnson (Nee Payne), Of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia; Husband Of Gillian Mary Johnson, Of Parktown, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. M.A., C.A.
1207 JohnstonNorman ReidSergeant580546RAF10 Sqd251940-08-27ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. B. 13.Son Of Matthew Reid Johnston And Ivy Ethel Johnston, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
1208 JohnstonJosephFlight Sergeant1265398RAFVR114 Sqd241943-11-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 13.
1209 JohnstonG CFlight Sergeant544135VSAAF21 Sqd1944-03-30ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 20.
1210 JohnstonErrolFlying Officer412316RAAF281945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 16.
1211 JohnstoneRobert AlexanderFlying Officer118477RAF601 Sqd1943-10-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 4.
1212 JohnstoneGeorgeFlying Officer111480RAFVR291943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 8.
1213 JohnstoneJohn EmmanuelFlight Sergeant1683512RAFVR38 Sqd 211945-06-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 7.Son Of William And Margaret Johnstone, Of Bedlington Station, Northumberland.
1214 JollyCecilFlying Officer122139RAFVR87 Sqd221944-02-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. H. 38.Son Of Harry And Violet Jolly, Of Ripon, Yorkshire. Scholar Of Queen'S College, Oxford.
1215 JonesJohn EmrysSergeant1059799RAFVR107 Sqd271941-09-04ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 26.Son Of David And Caroline Jones, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
1216 JonesStanleySergeant1053361RAFVR107 Sqd261941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 19.Son Of Walter Alun Jones And Margaret Jones, Of Lytham, Lancashire.
1217 JonesLewis WyndhamFlight Sergeant1281502RAFVR150 Sqd221943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
1218 JonesEdwin BernardLeading Aircraftman912439RAFVR221943-01-07ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. K. 9.
1219 JonesA HLieutenant542465VSAAF112 Sqd201944-08-01ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Ii. N. 4.Son Of Joseph And Maud R. B. Jones.
1220 JonesErnestWarrant Officer652533RAF223 Sqd241944-03-15ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 9.Son Of James And Ada Jones; Husband Of Mary M. Jones, Of Higher Broughton, Salford, Lancashire.
1221 JonesJohn Bernard LockeFlight Lieutenant47452RAF241 Sqd251944-06-09ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, F, 8.Son Of Maj. Richard Percy Jones, Formerly R.A.O.C., And Mary Kathleen Jones.
1222 JonesRhys RichardFlight Sergeant1336951RAFVR250 Sqd1944-06-02ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xvi. B. 1.
1223 JonesMaxwell StanleyWarrant Officer1334241RAFVR255 Sqd221944-11-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 8.Son Of Edward Stanley Jones And Mary Ann Frances Jones, Of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
1224 JonesEdward VineyLeading Aircraftman1411224RAFVR2900 Sqd RAF Regt.221944-06-05ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 6.Son Of Edward And Alice Jones, Of Stow Hill, Monmouthshire.
1225 JonesGlyndwrAircraftman 1st Class1470834RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.221944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 9.Son Of Roger And Margaret Jones, Of Pontygwaith, Glamorgan.
1226 JonesE AWarrant Officer Class I579429VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.
1227 JonesMaurice NewtonFlight Sergeant1439809RAFVR40 Sqd311944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 12.Son Of Benjamin And Mary Jones, Of New Ferry, Cheshire.
1228 JonesJohn StanleySergeant1174079RAFVR70 Sqd

221944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 4.Son Of Elizabeth Jones, And Stepson Of Joseph Southall, Of Lower Gomal, Staffordshire.
1229 JonesMervyn FrancisFlight Sergeant410843RAAF201944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 27.Son Of Francis John Richard And Rose Mabel Jones, Of Whittington, Victoria, Australia.
1230 JonesOwain GwynforFlight Sergeant570249RAF112 Sqd 251945-03-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 13.Son Of John Owen And Margaret Eleanor Jones, Of Llanarth, Cardiganshire.
1231 JonesDavid ElvinLeading Aircraftman1652767RAFVR148 Sqd 201945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 2.Son Of Elvin Thomas Jones And Gwen Jones, Of Aberdare, Glamorgan.
1232 JonesClifford HenrySergeant1583952RAFVR40 Sqd 201945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 38.Son Of Charles And Fanny Elizabeth Jones, Of Standon, Staffordshire.
1233 JonesRaymond HenryFlight Sergeant1583477RAFVR500 Sqd 231945-04-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 10.Son Of Cpl. James Henry Jones,Raf, And Elsie Jones, Of Billesley, Birmingham. His Father Also Died On Service.
1234 JonesFrederick WilliamSergeant1399337RAFVR87 Sqd 201945-02-08ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, V. H. 1.Son Of Frederick James Roland Jones, And Of Ellen Jones, Of Gillingham, Kent.
1235 JonesOwen Hafan EllisFlight Lieutenant 122023 DFC
RAFVR92 Sqd251946-04-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. C. 11.Son Of Owen Thomas Jones And Ethel May Jones, Of Cambridge.
1236 JonkerM JFlight Sergeant206426VSAAF12 Sqd1943-08-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 2.
1237 JoosteC JLieutenant104010VSAAF28 Sqd341944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. A. 3.Son Of Hendrik S. And Maria M. Jooste; Husband Of Eileen Louise Jooste, Of Naauwpoort, Cape Province, South Africa.
1238 JoosteJ HLieutenant328660VSAAF5 Sqd (RAF)1944-05-27ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvi. D. 21.
1239 JordaanV CCorporal577128 VSAAF231944-07-05ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Iv. E. 13.Son Of Herbert H. And Johanna Du P. Jordaan, Of Kingwilliamstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
1240 JordanE CLieutenant140809VSAAF2 Sqd1943-12-02ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 44.
1241 JordanAlexander GrantSergeant1317401RAFVR250 Sqd211943-09-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 38.
1242 JordonA ASecond Lieutenant581332VSAAF12 Sqd191944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Iv. A. 1.Son Of Edwin And Henrietta Jordon, Of Port Alfred, Cape Province, South Africa.
1243 JovanovitchGeorgeFlight Sergeant339766RAF1943-08-22ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 12.
1244 JoyceWilliam Charles EdwardSergeant1896675RAFVR13 Sqd 221945-03-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. B. 9.Son Of William Philip And Evelyn Mabel Joyce, Of Stratford, Essex.
1245 JoyntAlfred EarlFlying OfficerJ/29889RCAF225 Sqd (RAF) 281945-03-19ItalyMilan War Cemetery, II. A. 8.Son Of Daniel And Ellen Joynt, Of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1246 JuddD RCaptain102759VSAAF1 Sqd261944-07-03ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Ii, G, 4.Son Of Frank B. Judd, And Of Christian H. Judd, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1247 KahleJames MichaelSergeant1545931RAFVR14 Sqd231944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 9.Son Of Adolph And Edith May Kahle, Of Harrogate, Yorkshire.
1248 KainamuLu HenryFlight Sergeant413087RNZAF178 (RAF) Sqd241943-09-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. A. 14.
1249 KeefeCornelius SwinnertonSergeant1126779RAFVR14 Sqd281944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 9.Son Of Cornelius And Mary Elizabeth Keefe, Of Notting Hill Gate, London.
1250 KeenDorianFlying Officer138495RAFVR221 Sqd291944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 47.Son Of Leslie Cyril And Gladys Keen, Of Wimbledon, Surrey.
1251 KehoeJames BernardSergeant1289922RAFVR148 Sqd1942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.
1252 KeighleyJames CliftonFlying Officer134588RAFVR40 Sqd261944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. F. 30.Son Of Ernest Clifton Keighley And Edith Keighley, Of Thornbury, Bradford, Yorkshire.
1253 KeilLWarrant Officer Class I47941VSAAF12 Sqd 341945-09-23ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 1.Son Of Louis And Jean Keil, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Beatrice M. Keil, Of Illovo, Johannesburg.
1254 KeithGeorge NoelFlying OfficerJ/15374DFC
RCAF72 Sqd221943-08-04ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, B, 278.
1255 KellyRobert DicksonFlight Sergeant658269RAF255 Sqd1944-01-07ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 32.Son Of John And Isabella Kelly; Husband Of Anna Kelly, Of Stromness, Orkney.
1256 KellyEric WilliamCorporal1484786RAFVR2788 Sqd RAF Regt.231945-01-14ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. E. 26.Son Of John Joseph Kelly, And  Florence Lillian Kelly Of Onchan, Isle Of Man.
1257 KemsleyK CCaptain103588VSAAF5 Sqd221944-11-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. D. 2.Son Of Oliver C. And Ayesna M. Kemsley, Of Potgietersrust, Transvaal, South Africa.
1258 KendallGilbert EdwardSergeant1339970RAFVR104 Sqd1943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, F, 10.
1259 KendallFrederickFlight Sergeant1485096RAFVR614 Sqd 221945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.Son Of George Kendall, And Of Louisa Kendall (Nee Cadwell), Of Balham, London.
1260 KennawayAlexander McminnSergeant657172RAF178 Sqd221944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 24.Son Of Daniel And Katherine Kennaway, Of Edinburgh.
1261 KennedyPeterFlight Sergeant410672RAAF201944-02-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 35.Son Of Leo Vincent Kennedy And Mathilde Ruth Kennedy, Of Benalla, Victoria, Australia.
1262 KennyWilliamFlight Lieutenant102235RAFVR431944-05-14ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. C. 7.Son Of Thomas And Kathleen Kenny; Husband Of Marion Kenny, Of Cowley, Oxford.
1263 KernohanAllan WilliamFlight Sergeant1395345RAFVR178 Sqd 221945-05-13ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. D. 7.Son Of William And Hilda Kernohan, Of Blackheath, London.
1264 KerrJohn McdougalSergeant982366RAFVR104 Sqd291944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Ii. F. 2.Son Of William And Gladys Kerr, Of Seaforth, Liverpool.
1265 Kessock-PhilipHarold EdwardFlying Officer134333RAFVR40 Sqd311943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 37.
1266 KidbyRobert GeorgeSergeant1157291RAFVR291941-12-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, IV. B. 50.Son Of George Henry And Florence Beatrice Kidby, Of Reading, Berkshire.
1267 KiffDennis WilliamLeading Aircraftman1445032RAFVR72 Sqd221944-01-26ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. C. 14.Son Of William Thomas Kiff And Grace Kiff, Of Shenley, Hertfordshire.
1268 KilburnH VAir Corporal94744VSAAF28 Sqd1944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. E. 2.
1269 KilroyJamesFlying Officer181367RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

311945-03-07ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, B, 22.Son Of Richard And Jean Kilroy; Husband Of Agnes Hilda Kilroy, Of Bearsden, Dunbartonshire. May have died on 1945-03-08
1270 KimberGordon StanleyFlying OfficerJ/25461RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
221944-07-08ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, I, G. 1.Son Of Stanley Bertram And Jean Edna Kimber, Of Westmount, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
1271 KimbreyW EAir CorporalP/4943VSAAF21 Sqd1944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. B. 24-27.
1272 KimptonDonald AlaricFlying Officer128655RAFVR23 Sqd221944-01-20ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 10.Son Of Charles H. D. And Lily Kimpton, Of Kingston Hill, Surrey.
1273 KincaidCliffordSergeant1080458RAFVR18 Sqd221943-07-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 3.
1274 KinderJohn BernardLeading Aircraftman1526562RAFVR73 Sqd291944-04-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 11.Son Of John Francis And Hilda Ellen Kinder; Husband Of Maud Lucy Kinder, Of Leicester.
1275 KingDouglas ClarenceSergeant1162476RAFVR148 Sqd211942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Alfred Archibald Frederick Clarence And Gwendoline Victoria King; Husband Of Joan Winifred Mary King, Of Banstead, Surrey.
1276 KingGeorge HenrySergeant933276RAFVR148 Sqd251942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Henry King, And Of Mabel Anne King (Nee Levett); Husband Of Betty Millicent King, Of Canvey Island, Essex.
1277 KingGordon LawrenceFlying OfficerJ/13949RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)231944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 14.Son Of Stanley Herman King And Mabel Essa King; Husband Of Aileen Lucille King, Of Milton West, Ontario, Canada.
1278 KingPatrickSergeant1821946RAFVR148 Sqd1944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.
1279 KingHerbertFlight Lieutenant124798RAFVR72 Sqd 221945-04-10ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, III. F. 19.Son Of William And Margaret Ann King, Of Fordyce, Banffshire.
1280 KingGeorge JamesSquadron Leader 136540 DFC
RAFVR87 Sqd271946-06-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. F. 15.Son Of George James King And Norah King, Of Kent;  Husband Of Ida King, Of Stroud, Gloucester.
1281 KingslandAlexanderSergeant1801276RAFVR223 Sqd211944-04-25ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 29.Son Of William And Edith Kingsland, Of Plumstead, London.
1282 KippenW PLieutenant72822VSAAF30 Sqd301944-12-26ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. F. 1.Son Of Horatio C. C. And Elizabeth C. Kippen, Of Doonside, Natal, South Africa.
1283 KirbySydney HarveyCorporal1303435RAFVR2771 Sqd RAF Regt.241944-07-19ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, G, 1.Son Of Horace Ernest And Amelia Kirby, Of Reading, Berkshire.
1284 KirkJohn KennethSergeant1548321RAFVR40 Sqd221943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
1285 KirkHenry FrankWarrant Officer1580249RAFVR272 Sqd 231945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. F. 8.Son Of Frank And Minnie Kirk, Of Long Eaton, Derbyshire.
1286 KirklandWilliamSergeant2211818RAFVR142 Sqd291944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 1-5.Son Of William And Margaret Duncan Kirkland; Husband Of Doris Milly Kirkland, Of Heaton, Newcastle-On-Tyne.
1287 KissnerCyril ChristianFlight Lieutenant257481MiDRAAF371944-04-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. C. 5. Son Of Annie Kissner; Husband Of Ruby Ida Kissner, Of Long Nose Point, New South Wales, Australia.
1288 KitchingGeorgeSergeant1451227RAFVR221945-05-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. F. 46.Son Of George And Jessie Kitching, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
1289 KitsonWalter StanleyFlight Sergeant580055DFM

RAF9 Sqd1941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 6.
1290 KnappJack FrederickFlight Sergeant415664RAAF231943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 6.
1291 KnightWilliam RobsonSergeant659065RAFVR142 Sqd281943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
1292 KnightGeoffrey RobertFlight Lieutenant47475RAF114 Sqd231944-04-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 18.Son Of Walter And Eveline Hilda Knight; Husband Of Patricia Constance Knight, Of Poole, Dorsetshire.
1293 KnightFrank StephenSergeant1180468RAFVR148 Sqd221944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of Francis Richard And Amy Florence Knight, Of Plymtree, Devon.
1294 KnightCyril RoySergeant1805887RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

251944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 8.Son Of Philip And Rose Annie Knight; Husband Of Joan Rose Knight, Of Brockley, London.
1295 KnightAlfred JamesSergeant1895514RAFVR40 Sqd361944-07-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 12.Son Of James And Ada Knight; Husband Of Lilian Florence Ellen Knight, Of Peckham, London.
1296 KnightDonald HedleySergeant1458237RAFVR40 Sqd201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 19.Son Of Walter D. And Edith Knight, Of Bradford, Yorkshire.
1297 KnightJames GabrielFlight Lieutenant404379RNZAF261944-03-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 3.Son Of William Charles And Annie Jean Knight, Of Auckland, New Zealand.
1298 KnightsPeterFlight Sergeant1600425RAFVR70 Sqd

221945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 8.Son Of Reginald Robert And Alma Mary Knights, Of Cowley, Oxford.
1299 KnockerPeter DavidFlight Sergeant 1607731 RAFVR43 Sqd221946-10-08ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. F. 8.Son Of Arnold Hector And Marjorie Mary Knocker, Of Porchester, Hampshire.
1300 KnoxDavid MoirSergeant985691RAFVR70 Sqd

281944-11-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 13.Son Of Thomas And Catherine Knox, Of Glasgow.
1301 KnoxMalcolm Thomas FosterWarrant Officer415537RAAF458 Sqd RAAF
231944-04-08ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 21.

Images courtesy Matthias Krebbers

Son Of Thomas And Myrtle Knox, Of Greenhills, Western Australia.
1302 KoetsveldNorman HenryFlying Officer12517RAAF291944-03-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 37.Son Of Norman Gordon Koetsveld And Mary Eliza Koetsveld, Of Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
1303 KrielJ RLieutenant207008VSAAF17 Sqd241944-11-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 16.Son Of Jacobus R. And Jacomina E. Kriel, Of Riviersonderend. Cape Province, South Africa.
1304 KrugerM C F D PLieutenant329217VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

291944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.Son Of Johannes And Aletta Kruger; Husband Of R. Margaritha Kruger, Of Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa.
1305 KrugerT JAir Mechanic101584VSAAF34 Sqd201944-07-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 17.Son Of Daniel J. And Anna C. Kruger, Of Buffelsvlei, Transvaal, South Africa.
1306 KrugerC M LWarrant Officer Class I329233VSAAF15 Sqd 241945-02-21ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. E. 3.Son Of Hendrik A. B. And Alida J. Kruger, Of Boksburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1307 KrugerEWarrant Officer Class II606964VSAAFSAAF 30 Sqd 211945-03-14ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. C. 11-15.Son Of Sarel G. And Anna S. Kruger, Of Westdene, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1308 KrynauwR FLieutenant79278VSAAF40 Sqd 1945-03-30ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, C, 5.
1309 KullichLeonard VictorCorporal956052RAFVR281944-03-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. C. 2.Husband Of Betsy Joan Kullich, Of Birkenhead.
1310 KunzJames JonathanWarrant Officer Class IIR/115568RCAF296 Sqd231943-07-14ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, H, 367.
1311 KusterAlfred Peter CharlesSergeant1615877RAFVR37 Sqd211944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 17.Son Of Alfred And Ethel Helen Kuster, Of Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
1312 LaingRussell E.Lieutenant205715VSAAF2 Sqd201943-12-02ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Ix. H. 6.
1313 LaingRonald StanleyFlight Sergeant420964RAAF261944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 15.Son Of Robert And Mary Laing, Of Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia.
1314 LairdThomas PatersonFlight Sergeant415337RAAF231943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1315 LairdDavid DrenelFlight LieutenantJ/21258RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)1944-07-26ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xviii. J. 7-10.
1316 LakinJames DuncanSergeant1624474RAFVR104 Sqd211944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. F. 3-5.Son Of George Shelley Lakin And Minnie Lakin, Of Wigan, Lancashire.
1317 LambCharles Montague FrankFlight Sergeant1389997RAFVR18 Sqd1944-03-11ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, C, 16.Son Of Mrs. F. M. Lamb, Of Finchley, Middlesex.
1318 LambJohn DouglasSergeant1022141RAFVR311945-10-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 4.Son Of John And Louisa Lamb, Of Liverpool.
1319 LambertJohnSergeant1569643RAFVR145 Sqd201944-10-07ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 20.Son Of Charles D. And Norah Lambert, Of North Berwick, East Lothian.
1320 LancasterHenry GeorgeFlying Officer138156RAFVR148 Sqd281944-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 15.Son Of Harry Hayward Lancaster And Lily Lancaster, Of Hanwell, Middlesex; Husband Of Elsie Lorraine Lancaster, Of Hanwell.
1321 LancasterHermonSergeant1213549RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-09-12ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. A. 22-24.Son Of William And Ruth Lancaster; Husband Of Joyce Edna Lancaster, Of Derby.
1322 LaneDerek WilliamWarrant Officer574072RAF272 Sqd221944-12-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. A. 8.Son Of Frederick And Harriet Ann Lane, Of Buckfastleigh, Devon.
1323 LaneArthur JohnLeading Aircraftman1529214RAFVR1944-04-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 22.
1324 LaneGrahamCorporal638609RAF251945-07-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. F. 9.Son Of Thomas Henry And Susan Mary Lane, Of Rumney, Cardiff.
1325 LanghornePeter ByronFlight Sergeant1891257RAFVR30 Sqd (SAAF)201945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of Alfred Byron Langhorne, And Of Marjorie Joan Langhorne, Of Shepherd'S Bush, London.
1326 LangleyJack WilliamWarrant Officer425027RAAF291944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. G. 5-9.Son Of Elsie Elizabeth Langley, Of Shorncliffe, Queensland, Australia.
1327 LangloisJoseph Albert RogerWarrant Officer Class IR/108482RCAF424 Sqd1943-09-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 47.
1328 LansdaleMaurice AlfredFlight Sergeant 57827 RAFVR1946-06-18ItalyBologna War Cemetery, IV, A, 3.
1329 LapworthRobert EdwardFlight Sergeant1582180RAFVR500 Sqd 211945-01-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. G. 1.Son Of Robert And Annie Elizabeth Lapworth, Of Attleborough, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
1330 LarcombeWilliam JosephFlight Sergeant16724RAAF211943-04-10ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. D. 10.
1331 LarterD HLieutenant38232VSAAF60 Sqd271943-12-01ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 26.
1332 LasburyGeorge FrancisLeading Aircraftman1414789RAFVR2867 Sqd, RAF Regt.1944-08-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 4.
1333 LascellesEric ThomasSergeant1588394RAFVR601 Sqd201944-06-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, H, 1.Son Of Ronald G. And E. Trezise Lascelles, Of Liverpool.
1334 LathamJohn EricWarrant Officer1511713RAFVR18 Sqd 211945-04-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. F. 1-4.Son Of Edward Graham Latham And Dorothy Latham, Of Ruabon, Denbighshire.
1335 LauderGordon WilliamFlight Sergeant1865921RAFVR454 (RAAF) Sqd 1945-04-19ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave V. C. 3-6.
1336 LavalleeThomas EdwardWarrant Officer Class IIR/117397RCAF178 (RAF) Sqd321943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. C. 31.
1337 LaverLeonard CourtneyWarrant Officer400228RAAF251943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 7-10.
1338 LawlessThomas AnthonySergeant967730RAFVR178 Sqd241944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of Thomas And Mary Lawless, Of Liverpool.
1339 LawlessH NLieutenant99300VSAAF30 Sqd 321945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of Joseph And Francis M. Lawless; Husband Of Jean Lawless, Of Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.
1340 LawleyHarry GardnerFlight Sergeant1578060RAFVR614 Sqd 211945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.Son Of John Thomas Lawley And Florence Lawley, Of Brierley Hill, Staffordshire.
1341 LawrenceEric WalterFlight Sergeant1392140RAFVR142 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 6.
1342 LawrenceJohn SetonLieutenant543121VSAAF500 Sqd (RAF) 1945-04-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 12.
1343 LawrieIan HopeLieutenant205877VSAAF28 Sqd201943-09-25ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Iii, A, 8.
1344 LawsonVictor EdwardFlight Sergeant420687RAAF201943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, G, 14.
1345 LawsonStanleyFlight Sergeant1671859RAFVR221945-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. G. 3.Son Of William Smith Lawson And Mary Ann Lawson, Of South Shields, Co. Durham.
1346 LawtonClarence WilliamFlight Sergeant424771RAAF231944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. E. 5.Son Of William And Ethel Margaret May Lawton.
1347 LayMaurice FrederickFlight Sergeant401974RAAF211943-04-10ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 10.
1348 LaytonJohn WilliamSergeant1202313RAFVR104 Sqd1942-11-19Italy Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave I. F. 26-27. No details of the circumstances of his death but he was an Air Gunner from 104 Squadron who died on the same day as Flt.Lt. Mercer the Flying instructor, Pilot on Wellington X flying out of Oudna Southern Italy and is remembered in the joint grave. Husband to Mrs Marjorie Layton of Littleport, Cambridgeshire.
1349 LazenbyThomas HenryWarrant Officer Class IIR/124427RCAF420 Sqd1943-08-17ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, E, 322.
1350 Le BosseFrancois MarkLeading Aircraftman1290760RAFVR680 Sqd 221945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 6.Son Of Philip And Sadie Le Bosse; Husband Of Estelle Le Bosse, Of Golders Green, Middlesex.
1351 Le MaitreReneAircraftman 2nd Class928404RAFVR1945-09-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. L. 13.
1352 Le RossignolJohn AugustinFlying Officer120555RAFVR23 Sqd311943-09-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 9.
1353 LeaEdwin FrancisFlight Sergeant1819115RAFVR55 Sqd 221945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. D. 8-10.Son Of Edwin Charles And Mary Ann Lea, Of Sunbury-On-Thames, Middlesex.
1354 LeachJohn HoraceSergeant1321339RAFVR150 Sqd1943-10-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. G. 3.
1355 LeachR FCaptain102244VSAAF301945-03-22ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, III. F. 10.Son Of Charles E. And Dorothy Leach; Husband Of Kathleen D. Leach, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1356 LeaverCharles HoraceCorporal1223204RAFVR341943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 30.Son Of Charles And Ellen Leaver, Of Herne Bay, Kent; Husband Of Barbara Alicia Leaver, Of Silchester, Berkshire. Date of death might have been 1943-08-12
1357 LeboldusJohn AnthonyFlight SergeantR/155568RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
1358 LeckeyEdwardCorporal612557RAF272 Sqd261944-11-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 20.Son Of John And Elizabeth Leckey, Of Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
1359 LeeJames WilliamsonSergeant638198RAF9 Sqd211941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 11.Son Of James And Eva Lee, Of Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham.
1360 LeeArthurFlight Sergeant1128221RAFVR114 Sqd231944-01-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. R. 3.Son Of Thomas And Lily Taylor, Of Warrington, Lancashire.
1361 LeeGeorge AudenbyLeading Aircraftman1501843RAFVR231944-03-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. P. 4.Son Of Nicholas Abraham And Mary Lee, Of Annesley, Nottinghamshire.
1362 LeeSidney GeorgeWarrant Officer420819RAAF231944-09-21ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 5.Son Of George William And Olive Elvina Lee, Of Pelican Flats, New South Wales, Australia.
1363 LehmanC WFlight Sergeant210056VSAAF12 Sqd191943-08-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 35.
1364 LeighGeoffrey RobertFlight Sergeant1477559RAFVR43 Sqd211944-12-04ItalyForli War Cemetery, Viii, C, 8.Son Of Robert And Lilian Leigh, Of Blackley, Lancashire.
1365 LeitchDouglas MackenzieFlight Lieutenant47831RAF72 Sqd 271945-03-06ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. G. 24.Son Of James Boyes Leitch And Mary Nicholson Leitch, Of Aberdeen.
1366 LeitchAndrewCorporal1556919RAFVR331945-10-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 6.Son Of Andrew And Elizabeth Martin Leitch; Husband Of Mary Stewart Leitch, Of Parkgate, Dumfriesshire.
1367 Leith-Hay-ClarkDonald MassingberdFlight Lieutenant95249RAF241944-01-27ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. D. 18.Son Of Maj. Norman Leith-Hay-Clark And Alice Theodora Leith-Hay-Clark, Of South Kensington, London. His Brother Richard Langton Leith-Hay-Clark Also Died On Service.
1368 LennardsWilliam HuskinsFlight Sergeant1312243RAFVR255 Sqd231943-08-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 14.
1369 LentonJoseph WilliamSergeant1615679RAFVR13 Sqd211944-09-12ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 9.Son Of Joseph And Agnes Lenton, Of March, Cambridgeshire.
1370 LeonardFrederick CharlesSergeant3025068RAFVR148 Sqd 191945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. A. 3.Son Of Robert Mitcheal Leonard And Fanny Eliza Leonard, Of Mayhill, Swansea.
1371 LeslieKenneth JamesFlight Sergeant419785RAAF221944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 5.Son Of John And Ethel Leslie, Of East Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.
1372 LewisVivian ThomasSergeant931608RAFVR21 Sqd211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 16.Son Of Archie Vivian And Eva May Lewis, Of Cardiff.
1373 LewisPhillip JohnFlight Sergeant643665RAFVR18 Sqd 301945-04-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. F. 1-4.Son Of Levi And Elizabeth Lewis, Of Briton Ferry, Neath, Glamorgan.
1374 LewisDonaldSergeant 1837160 RAFVR221946-12-14ItalyRome War Cemetery, II. B. 36.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Charles Lewis, Of Abertysswg, Monmouthshire.
1375 LewisFrank GeorgeNavigator II1811442RAFVR216 Sqd221947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of Frank Edwin Joseph And Eliza Elizabeth Lewis; Husband Of Lilian Doris Lewis, Of East Dulwich, London.
1376 LewthwaiteJames FrederickFlight Sergeant403463RNZAF40 (R.A.F). Sqd231942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 23.Son Of Frederick Arnold Lewthwaite, And Of Ellen Mary Lewthwaite (Nee Pollard), Of Duvauchelle, Canterbury, New Zealand.
1377 LicquorishDonald WebsterFlying Officer129591RAFVR540 Sqd231943-07-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iii. B. 12.
1378 LillPhilip FrederickSergeant1203314RAFVR40 Sqd291942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave I. K. 21-22.Son Of Charles Robert And Nellie Lill; Husband Of Doris May Lill, Of Loughborough, Leicestershire.
1379 LincolnBernard AlanSergeant1601858RAFVR150 Sqd231944-04-22ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. E. 10.Son Of Henry Parlby Lincoln And Edith Lincoln, Of West Dulwich, London.
1380 LindleyJohn HubertSergeant1673199RAFVR37 Sqd201944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 13.Son Of John Hubert And Margaret E. Lindley, Of Leigh, Lancashire.
1381 LindleyB MSecond Lieutenant542436VSAAF12 Sqd 1945-02-19ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 2.
1382 LindsayJohnPilot OfficerJ/87617RCAF274 Sqd (RAF)211944-02-14ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. J. 1.Son Of John Paton Lindsay And Jean Scott Lindsay, Of Kearny, New Jersey, U.S.A.
1383 LindsayWalter HenryLeading Aircraftman948222RAFVR281945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 7.Son Of Walter And Elizabeth Lindsay; Nephew Of Esther Mather, Of Wingates, Lancashire.
1384 LipinerSalkeLeading Aircraftman775031RAFVR145 Sqd1943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 15.
1385 ListerFrank GilmoreSergeant1673359RAFVR454 (RAAF) Sqd 221945-04-19ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave V. C. 3-6.Son Of Thomas Albert And Margaret Lister, Of Coxhoe, Co. Durham.
1386 LitchfieldRichard WilliamFlight Lieutenant401239RAAF271944-08-23ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. B. 2.Son Of Charles Henry And Jeannette May Litchfield, Of Merbein, Victoria, Australia.
1387 LithgowJohnLieutenant329220VSAAF11 Sqd 201945-01-29ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, A, 3.Son Of James B. And Violet B. Lithgow, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1388 LloydRichard HerbertSergeant1605342RAFVR114 Sqd201943-12-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. C. 12.
1389 LloydOLieutenant205697VSAAF231944-10-12ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 1.Son Of Richard And Hannah Lloyd; Husband Of Elise Lloyd, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
1390 LloydAlbert CyrilSergeant1230786RAFVR40 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 34.Son Of Peter And Llottie Lloyd, Of Netherton, Dudley, Worcestershire.
1391 LloydHarold BartonFlying Officer170086RAFVR1945-07-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. F. 8.
1392 LockAlfred Reginald CharlesCorporal1250719RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-08-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 25.
1393 LockeyEricSergeant1624864RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8.Son Of Ephraim And Emily Lockey, Of Wakefield, Yorkshire. May have died on 1944-10-13
1394 LocktonStanley EdwinSergeant1881847RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)241944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. E. 4.Son Of Edwin Tom And Nellie Lockton, Of Leicester.
1395 LodgeWallace EugeneSergeant407868RAAF231942-12-09ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. B. 4.Son Of Evie And Caroline Adelaide Lodge, Of Henley Beach, South Australia.
1396 LoganKLieutenant580887VSAAF30 Sqd 201945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of John And Irene C. Logan, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1397 LongJohn HerbertFlight LieutenantJ/15069RCAF126 (RAF) Sqd1943-01-28ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. H. 8.
1398 LongleyReginald WilliamSergeant1202743RAFVR70 Sqd

231943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 23.
1399 LordJohn MadenFlying Officer130845RAFVR29 Sqd291943-07-22ItalyRome War Cemetery, Joint Grave  I. B. 11.
1400 LouwVAir Corporal98968VSAAF4 Sqd1943-11-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. A. 31.
1401 Lovell-WrightLeonard WentworthLieutenant102512VSAAF12 Sqd1943-12-08ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 42.
1402 LoweE HLieutenant207001VSAAF24 Sqd 201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 8.Son Of Percival A. And Lilian F. Lowe.
1403 LuckhurstJack DavidFlight Sergeant1385032RAFVR255 Sqd221944-01-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. E. 10.Son Of John Percy And Frances Helena Luckhurst, Of Eltham, London.
1404 LukeDavid WilliamLieutenant103426VSAAF12 Sqd1943-12-08ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 41.
1405 LukeCyril SpencerWarrant Officer412461RAAF211944-02-05ItalyCassino War Cemetery, X. K. 4.Son Of Stanley John Henry And Clara Adelaide Luke, Of Ourimbah, Queensland, Australia; Husband Of June Luke, Of Merrylands, New South Wales.
1406 LummisPercy RussellLeading Aircraftman1173044RAFVR58 M.T. Sqd 321945-04-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, II, G, 20.Son Of John William And Ada Lummis; Husband Of Brenda Kathleen Lummis, Of Helmingham, Suffolk.
1407 LundJohn RaymondLieutenant329087VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)201944-10-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Viii, C, 2.Son Of John P. And Gladys Lund, Of Kensington, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1408 LustyKenneth JohnFlight Lieutenant139819RAFVR251944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 16.Son Of William J. And Jeanne E. F. Lusty, Of Loughton, Essex; Husband Of Marjorie Lusty.
1409 LyleHedley RobertPilot Officer185144DFM

RAFVR6 Sqd221944-11-08ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. D. 16.Son Of Maj. Norman Yates Lyle And Marian Robertson Lyle, Of Bearsden, Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
1410 LynasRobertCorporal530316RAF1945-05-14ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 13.Son Of James And Margaret Lynas, Of Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
1411 LyonKenneth WilliamFlying Officer415478RAAF271944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 16. Son Of James And Flora Charlotte Lyon; Husband Of Sadie Robinson Lyon, Of Mt. Hawthorn, Western Australia.
1412 LyonsJohn ThomasPilot Officer169487DFC


RAFVR600 Sqd311944-02-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. G. 2.Air Medal (U.S.A.). Son Of James And Martha A. C. Lyons, Of Wood Green, Middlesex.
1413 MabeyAlbert HoraceSergeant1399182RAFVR40 Sqd351944-07-11ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 11-15.Son Of William And Laura Mabey, Of Kingston, Surrey.
1414 MacdonaldKenneth ForbesSquadron Leader100649RAFVR93 Sqd291943-09-11ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. E. 30.
1415 MacfarlaneAlbertFlight Sergeant591688RAF213 Sqd211944-08-29ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 34.Son Of David And Mary Macfarlane, Of Motherwell, Lanarkshire.
1416 MacgillivrayDonaldSergeant532170RAF301944-04-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 45.Son Of Donald An Jeanie Macgillivray, Of Milngavie, Dunbartonshire; Husband Of Elizabeth Lavina Macgillivray Of Milngavie.
1417 MacglashanPeter David KeithSquadron Leader47787RAF13 Sqd1944-08-23ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. C. 9.
1418 MacgregorRoy Campbell WallaceFlight Sergeant1343702RAFVR142 Sqd221944-07-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. C. 6.Son Of Ian Pride Macgregor And Nan Davidson Macgregor, Of Edinburgh.
1419 MacguireP GCaptain103825VSAAF5 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 4.Son Of John And Christie Macguire; Husband Of Iris I. E. Macguire, Of Durban North, Natal, South Africa.
1420 MacintyreWilliam CampbellFlight Lieutenant139763RAFVR441945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 1.Son Of John And Hannah M. T. Macintyre; Husband Of Annie Macintyre, Of Glasgow.
1421 MackenzieJames MacphersonSergeant1102489RAFVR40 Sqd301944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 29.Son Of Frank And Jessie Anne Mackenzie, Of Inverness.
1422 MackenzieDonald JohnLeading Aircraftman1821360RAFVR241945-07-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. E. 9.Son Of Kenneth And Helen Mackenzie, Of Edderton, Ross And Cromarty.
1423 MacklinJames AllanSergeant1684939RAFVR150 Sqd211944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of Alfred And Mary Ellen Macklin.
1424 MacleodNeil AlexanderSergeant978459RAFVR149 Sqd221942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. B. 2.Son Of John Hector And Catherine Macleod, Of Portree, Isle Of Skye.
1425 MacleodRonaldCorporal1352499RAFVR2900 Sqd, RAF Regt.371944-12-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. D. 2.Son Of Duncan A. And Agnes Macleod; Husband Of Evelyn J. Macleod, Of Cawdor, Nairnshire.
1426 MacleodJohn MalcolmFlight Sergeant421937RNZAF614 Sqd (RAF)251944-04-20ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. B. 31.Son Of Donald John Macleod And Of Louie Macleod (Nee Atkinson), Of Wellington City, New Zealand; Husband Of M. Macleod, Of Wellington City.
1427 MacleodWilliam MacraeLeading Aircraftman1372291RAFVR311945-02-16ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, D, 3.Son Of Malcolm And Annie Macleod, Of Portree, Isle Of Skye. May have died on 1945-02-17
1428 MacleodAlanFlight Sergeant1583970RAFVR40 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 3.Son Of Alexander And Margaret Macleod, Of Edinburgh.
1429 MacreadyJamesSergeant1037956RAFVR221 Sqd211944-02-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iv. C. 15.Son Of James And Violet Macready, Of Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
1430 MaddisonMauriceSergeant1041441RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-09-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Vii, D, 21.
1431 MaddockDFlight Sergeant1580347RAFVR256 Sqd 241945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. B. 3.Son Of George And Alice Maddock, Of Shirebrook, Derbyshire; Husband Of Dorothy Joan Maddock, Of Shirebrook.
1432 MaederD RAir Mechanic313242VSAAF21 Sqd1944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V.B. 24-27.
1433 MagillHorace Michael DermottFlight Lieutenant84004RAFVR178 Sqd251943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 5.
1434 MaherFrancis EugeneSergeant1395005RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 25.Son Of Norah Maher, Of Stoke, Devon.
1435 MainwaringMervyn F. T.Lieutenant207012VSAAF34 Sqd 221945-03-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. B. 1.Son Of Thomas C. And Maud E. Mainwaring, Of Longwood, St. Helena.
1436 MairCharles MaxwellFlying OfficerJ/22694RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)231943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. J. 7-9.
1437 MairBruce DixonLieutenant33255VSAAF1 Sqd1944-12-14ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 18.
1438 MallickThomas Henry AnthonyFlight Sergeant412989RAAF241944-05-31ItalyCassino War Cemetery, X. K. 3.Son Of Thomas And Millicent Geraldine Mallick, Of Orange, New South Wales, Australia.
1439 ManktelowRobert Eric EustaceFlight Sergeant1257893RAFVR272 Sqd231944-11-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 19.Son Of Robert And Lillian Frances Manktelow, Of Chartham, Kent.
1440 MannGeoffrey EdwardFlying Officer125981RAFVR540 Sqd201943-07-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iii. B. 12.
1441 MannKenneth RichardSergeant1332895RAFVR112 Sqd221944-08-05ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, V. J. 4.Son Of William Richard And Violet Bess Mann, Of Barkingside, Ilford, Essex.
1442 MannWilliam ChurchFlying Officer174377RAFVR221944-11-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. B. 16.Son Of John K. And Nellie Mann, Of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
1443 MannHerbert ReubenFlight Sergeant418968RAAF311944-07-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. E. 39.Son Of Herbert Turner Mann And Clara Alice Mann; Husband Of Mary Emma Mann, Of Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
1444 ManningRaymond Julius GuyFlying Officer152227RAFVR211945-02-19ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, II. C. 17.Son Of Julius Joseph And Oriel Clare Manning, Of Brighton, Sussex; Husband Of Diana Mary Manning (Nee Portman).
1445 MannionDenis StephenFlying Officer 198046 RAFVR92 Sqd241946-05-30ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. A. 1.Son Of Richard And Alice Mannion, Of Sheffield.
1446 MansellNeville BrightonFlying Officer160264RAFVR237 Sqd 231945-04-25ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. D. 12.Son Of George Frederick Laurence Mansell And Doris Violet Mansell, Of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
1447 MantleHerbert RichardSergeant1390374RAFVR178 Sqd221943-09-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. A. 16.
1448 MarchEdward HenrySergeant1183970RAFVR148 Sqd211942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Edward George And Dorothy Irene March, Of Highams Park, Essex.
1449 MarchantDonald GeorgeFlight Sergeant1319610RAFVR250 Sqd221944-08-29ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 26.Son Of George And Ethel Marchant, Of Holland, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex.
1450 MareeDavid JacobusCaptain21417VDFC
SAAF60 Sqd271943-09-25ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Iii, C, 9.
1451 MareeD WMajor102199VDFC & Bar

SAAF40 Sqd1944-07-10ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, C, 6.
1452 MarkowskiJoseph Rene PhillippeFlying OfficerJ/18061RCAF39 Sqd (RAF)241944-05-27ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 5.Son Of Raph And Maria Markowski, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
1453 MarksG VLieutenant606359VSAAF11 Sqd 201945-08-30ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. A. 9.Son Of Emanuel And Mildred G. Marks, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1454 MarlerEric FrancisFlying Officer152447RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 26.Son Of William Henry Marler, And Of Agnes Marler, Of Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent.
1455 MarquisArchibaldFlight Sergeant1558890RAFVR145 Sqd231944-12-15ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Ii. D. 7.Son Of Archibald And Christina Campbell Marquis, Of Killin, Perthshire. B. Com. (Lond.).
1456 MarrsG A CAir Mechanic211284VSAAF12 Sqd201944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. A. 28-32.Son Of James And G. H. Marrs, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1457 MarshAllan HenryWarrant Officer404644RNZAF241944-05-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 32.Son Of Henry John Marsh, And Of Sissy Ada Jane Marsh (Nee Seales), Of Ngongotaha, Auckland. New Zealand.
1458 MarshLeonard ErnestLeading Aircraftman1182160RAFVR371945-08-29ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 6.Son Of John Thomas Marsh And Margaret Marsh, Of Leicester; Husband Of Ida Mary Marsh, Of Leicester.
1459 MarshallReginald ArthurFlying Officer413226RNZAF152 (RAF) Sqd1943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 47.
1460 MarshallGordon WilliamFlying Officer135651RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 21.
1461 MarshallEdwin JohnSergeant1396439RAFVR150 Sqd211944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of Frederick Ewart Marshall And Maud Emily Marshall, Of Littlehampton, Sussex.
1462 MarshallGilbert LawrenceLeading Aircraftman1233704RAFVR975 Sqd211944-07-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. C. 15.Son Of John Gilbert Marshall And Dorothy Mary Marshall, Of Eccles, Lancashire.
1463 MarshallBernardLeading Aircraftman1029585RAFVR111 Sqd 1945-02-08ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 3.
1464 MarstonReginald CharlesSergeant1169718RAFVR23 Sqd221943-02-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. L. 45.
1465 MartinAlva JamesPilot OfficerJ/87018RCAF114 Sqd (RAF)231944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Vi, C, 9.Son Of Alva Jay Martin And Annie Houston Martin, Of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
1466 MartinDavidSergeant1489044RAFVR14 Sqd211944-06-26ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 3.Son Of David And Mary Martin, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1467 MartinJohn Charles WilliamSergeant1385426RAFVR178 Sqd231944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 6.Son Of Arthur William And Edith Kate Martin, Of Hook, Surbiton, Surrey.
1468 MartinD SLieutenant205569VSAAF30 Sqd1944-12-26ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 19.
1469 MartinEdward CecilFlying Officer153351RAFVR40 Sqd211944-07-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 11.Son Of George Cecil And Elsie May Martin, Of Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex.
1470 MartinSelwyn William BruceFlight Sergeant421605RAAF201944-02-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 23. Son Of Edward Selwyn Frederick And Linda Martin, Of Double Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
1471 MartincichJosephAircraftman 2nd Class 722457 RAF241946-12-18ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. E. 2.Son Of Domenico And Justina Martincich; Husband Of Yvonne Martincich, Of Torre Del Greco, Naples, Italy.
1472 MaslenArchibald VictorSquadron Leader88877DFC
RAFVR208 Sqd251944-04-02ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 32.Son Of Alfred Joseph And Beatrice May Maslen, Of Worting, Hampshire.
1473 MasonWilliam BirtlesFlight Sergeant958143DFM

RAFVR24 Sqd221944-09-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 31.Son Of Abraham And Minnie Mason; Husband Of Phyllis Mary Mason, Of Rothwell, Northamptonshire.
1474 MasonAlan FirthFlight Sergeant420575RAAF261944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. F. 30.Son Of Harold Firth Mason And Maud Thurza E. Mason, Of Lindfield, New South Wales, Australia.
1475 MassonJ BLieutenant103809VSAAF34 Sqd 1945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.
1476 MathiasWalter Morse PatrickMajor47488VSAAF15 Sqd 271945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave IV. E. 2-3.Son Of Thomas M. And Helen A. Mathias.
1477 MatthewsFrancis NormanCorporal1194236RAFVR241 Sqd321944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 3.Son Of Francis Joseph And Esther Mary Matthews; Husband Of Elsie Winifred Matthews, Of Mickleover, Derbyshire. A.I.B.
1478 MatthewsThomas WilliamFlight Sergeant1326561RAFVR274 Sqd241944-02-08ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xix. F. 18.Son Of William John And Margaret Matthews, Of Bridgend, Glamorgan.
1479 MatthewsLawrence MichaelFlying Officer158734RAFVR500 Sqd 1945-04-16ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave IV. F. 9-10.
1480 Maughan-TaylorDouglas MichaelFlight Sergeant700731RAFVR142 Sqd1944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. E. 2.
1481 MaunderLewis WesleyFlight Sergeant1585831RAFVR256 Sqd 1945-05-14ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 14.
1482 MawsonEricFlying Officer124200RAFVR207 Sqd281943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 13.
1483 MaxwellWilliam AlexandriaSergeant710331RAFVR237 Sqd 1945-04-06ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, VIII. H. 3.Of Southern Rhodesia.
1484 McadamIan AlexanderFlying Officer401654RAAF281943-10-14ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. B. 14.
1485 McalpineDavidLeading Aircraftman1556630RAFVR654 Sqd221943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 22.
1486 McardleClifford AustinPilot OfficerJ/18756RCAF221 (RAF) Sqd1943-02-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 36.
1487 McashWilliam Grant StewartSergeant1128271RAFVR76 Sqd261942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 6-11.Son Of Thomas And Christina Mcash, Of Glasgow.
1488 McbrideG LCaptain102859VSAAF21 Sqd231943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. G. 2.
1489 MccallumJohnWarrant Officer Class IR/77789RCAF37 Sqd (RAF)321944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 36.Son Of George And Jeannie Mccallum, Of Harthill, Lanarkshire.
1490 MccannEric WilliamFlying OfficerJ/26139RCAF92 Sqd (RAF)231944-12-15ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Vi. A. 8.Son Of Jack And Margaret Mccann, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
1491 MccarterJames PhillipsFlying Officer130567RAFVR13 Sqd211944-07-26ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xviii. J. 7-10.Son Of Robert A. H. And Margaret M. P. Mccarter, Of Edinburgh.
1492 MccleanJohnSergeant1038795RAFVR18 Sqd301943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Iii. H. 1-2.
1493 McCormickG FLieutenant102542VSAAF7 Sqd 231945-04-13Italy Forli War Cemetery, VII, B, 14. Son Of George And Jessie McCormick, Of Kenilworth, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1494 MccrindleD RWarrant Officer Class II337469VSAAF21 Sqd191944-03-02ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xx. J. 12.Son Of Robert And Rosa Mccrindle, Of Vereeniging, Transvaal, South Africa.
1495 McculloughHenryLeading Aircraftman502053RAF231945-05-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, C, 4.Son Of John And Elizabeth Mccullough, Of Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
1496 MccutcheonErnest BordenFlying OfficerJ/21030RCAF420 Sqd251943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1497 McdeanVernon ArthurFlying Officer162153RAFVR241945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 7.Son Of Frank And Annie Mcdean, Of Moston, Lancashire.
1498 McdougallCornelius CameronWarrant OfficerR/90538RCAF250 (RAF) Sqd251943-08-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiii. G. 7.
1499 McewanJohnFlight Sergeant1552609DFM

RAFVR256 Sqd231944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. B. 2.Son Of Annie Mcewan, Of Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.
1500 McfieGLieutenant542252VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)211944-09-25ItalyForli War Cemetery, Viii, C, 13.Son Of George And Madeleine Mcfie; Ward Of Mr. J.T. Mcfie, Of Lowlands, Natal, South Africa.
1501 McgarryConstantineSergeant1802959RAFVR260 Sqd201944-08-30ItalyBologna War Cemetery, I, A, 3.Son Of Constantine And Mary Mcgarry, Of Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire.
1502 McgaugheyThomasLeading Aircraftman1347563RAFVR1944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 7.
1503 McgillivrayRobert CharlesFlight Sergeant1392304RAFVR37 Sqd1944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 18.
1504 McgilveryEdwin ErnestFlight Sergeant425536RAAF201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. F. 30.Son Of Edwin Ernest And Dalina Mcgilvery, Of Bardon, Queensland, Australia.
1505 McGowanRobertFlying Officer143734RAFVR 70 Sqd

291944-11-17Italy Ancona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 17. Son Of Robert And Julia McGowan, Of Great Hallingbury, Essex.
1506 McguckinJamesSergeant1542335RAFVR104 Sqd1944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. F. 3-5.
1507 McGurkJamesFlying Officer158532RAFVR55 Sqd321944-09-24Italy Ravenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave. I. F. 28-30. Son Of Peter And Annie McGurk; Husband Of Annie Clayton McGurk, Of Thornton-Le-Moor, Yorkshire.
1508 McharrieJames NelsonSergeant1351177RAFVR178 Sqd231943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 1.
1509 MchughD HLieutenant205804VSAAF12 Sqd241944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Michael F. J. And Anne F. Mchugh, Of Karibib, South-West Africa.
1510 McintoshWilliam ClarkFlight Sergeant1822450RAFVR148 Sqd201944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. G. 12.Son Of William Dingwall Mcintosh And Annie Clark Mcintosh, Of Dundee.
1511 McintoshAlexander Charles ErnestPilot Officer423843RAAF201944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. G. 5-9.Son Of Ernest And Gladys Annie Mcintosh, Of Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia.
1512 McintyreMalcolm John ColinCaptain103890VSAAF12 Sqd231944-08-20ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 4.Son Of John And Margaret M. Mcintyre, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1513 MckayWill CraigSergeant1560125RAFVR614 Sqd221944-04-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 2.Son Of Robert And Mary C. Mckay, Of Crosshill, Glasgow. May have died on 1944-04-21
1514 MckayHerbertFlying Officer156023RAFVR272 Sqd331944-02-22ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 8.Son Of Frederick Nicholas And Sarah Alice Mckay; Husband Of Isabella Mckay, Of Sprowston, Norfolk.
1515 MckeenRonaldSergeant2210512RAFVR148 Sqd191944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of Thomas And Elsie Mckeen, Of Liverpool.
1516 MckenzieDaniel MurrayFlight LieutenantJ/8786DFC
RCAF682 (RAF) Sqd221943-03-29ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 6.
1517 MckenzieB GLieutenant543181VSAAF16 Sqd251944-10-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. C. 3.Son Of George W. And Margaret A. Mckenzie, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa. B.A.
1518 McKenzieAndrewSergeant1567889RAFVR40 Sqd221944-07-11Italy Milan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 11-15. Son Of Andrew And Agnes L. McKenzie, Of Paisley, Renfrewshire.
1519 MckilliganAlfred DawsonSergeant657876RAFVR178 Sqd291943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 2.
1520 MckinnonReginald WolfePilot OfficerJ/94290RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
1945-03-06ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. E. 15.
1521 MclarenRobert WilliamFlying OfficerJ/19717RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
241944-07-03ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Ii. A. 17.Son Of Robert And Ethel Jane Mclaren, Of Long Branch, Ontario, Canada.
1522 McleanJohn AlfredSergeant920382RAFVR9 Sqd211941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 10.Son Of John And Ellen Mclean, Of Plumstead, London.
1523 MclellanRodd CampbellSergeantR/126941RCAF420 Sqd1943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1524 MclellanBruce HilaryPilot OfficerJ/95052RCAF1945-02-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 6.
1525 MclenahanArthur CedricFlight SergeantR/99282RCAF424 Sqd231943-08-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 30-34.
1526 McleodD GLieutenant206883 VSAAF241945-02-06ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V. A. 5.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. James G. Mcleod, Of Houghton, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Joan Mcleod.
1527 McloughlinFrancis ErnestPilot Officer196807RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)1945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 8.
1528 McMichaelBasil HerrickFlight Lieutenant42757RAFVR 70 Sqd

1943-01-30Italy Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 41.
1529 McmurrayGeorge VallanceFlight Sergeant409732RAAF221943-09-04ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. A. 41.
1530 McmurrayWilliam Robert BruceFlight Lieutenant121318RAFVR241 Sqd1944-05-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 18.Son Of Walter Edward And Mary Jane Mcmurray, Of Canton, Cardiff.
1531 McNabGeorge WilsonSergeant1080625RAFVR40 Sqd241944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 7. Son Of Charles And Mary McNab; Husband Of Kathleen McNab, Of Billingham, Co. Durham.
1532 McnamaraN AWarrant Officer Class I581644VSAAF30 Sqd201944-09-04ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Ii. B. 18.Son Of Gerald H. And Ethel M. Mcnamara, Of Beaconsfield, Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa.
1533 McRaeRonaldSergeant1603291RAFVR114 Sqd 271945-02-22Italy Padua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. E. 7-10. Son Of Alexander And Mary Elizabeth Mcrae, Of Garston, Liverpool.
1534 MeagerRodney WalterFlying Officer158521RAFVR351945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 13.Son Of Samuel Trim Meager And Kate Lucy Meager, Of Wimbledon, Surrey.
1535 MearsTerence OMohrSergeant658884RAF150 Sqd221943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, G, 14.
1536 MedlicottDonald WilfordSergeant1580101RAFVR185 Sqd201944-09-22ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Vii, F, 14.Son Of Wilford And Elizabeth Elsie Medlicott, Of Selly Oak, Birmingham.
1537 MegawT WLieutenant88277 VSAAF37 Sqd (RAF)1944-06-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. E. 1.
1538 MehouasJacquesSergeant791033RAFVR211941-01-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 1.Son Of Rene Mehouas, And Of Marguerite Marie Mehouas (Nee Uribault), Of Nice, France.
1539 MeiringJ WCaptain203156VSAAF4 Sqd281944-02-08ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. J. 6.Son Of Jan W. And Cornelia H. Meiring, Of Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa.
1540 MellorFrankPilot Officer155777DFM

RAFVR111 Sqd1943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 20.
1541 MellorsFrederick ArthurFlying Officer125701DFC
RAFVR111 Sqd211943-11-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. T. 13.
1542 MelroseJames Adam WeatherbeeFlying OfficerJ/10046RCAF420 Sqd321943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1543 MephamHarry KennethFlight Lieutenant138802RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.Son Of Thomas Henry And Florence Maud Mepham, Of Bexhill-On-Sea, Sussex; Husband Of Edith Mabel Mepham, Of Bexhill-On-Sea.
1544 MercerJohn Henry DennisFlight Lieutenant42626RAF104 Sqd291942-11-19Italy Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave I. F. 26-27. No details of the circumstances of his death but he was probably the Flying instructor, Pilot on Wellington X flying out of Oudna Southern Italy. An Air Gunner, Sgt. Layton, also from 104 Squadron who died on the same day is remembered in the joint grave. Son of James Dennis Mercer and Helena Charlotte Mercer; Husband of Peta Margaret Mercer, of Acocks Green, Birmingham.
1545 MerkleyHarry DwainFlying OfficerJ/10815RCAF14 Sqd (RAF)221944-02-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 22.Son Of Charles And Nellie Merkley; Husband Of Mary Joyce Merkley, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
1546 MessengerJohn NormanWarrant Officer630180RAF500 Sqd251944-12-15ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, E, 6.Son Of Frederick James Messenger And Martha Messenger; Husband Of Nellie Messenger.
1547 MetelerkampAlexander Henry RexLieutenant542602VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

231944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.Son Of Lawrence And Wilhelma Metelerkamp, Of Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa. B.A.
1548 MeyerV GFlight Sergeant206936VSAAF21 Sqd191943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Ii. G. 4-5.
1549 MickelboroughLeonard WilfredWarrant Officer1332678RAFVR39 Sqd221944-07-18ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 5.Son Of Wilfred Harcourt Mickelborough And Rose Miriam Mickelborough, Of Sutton, Surrey.
1550 MiddlemistKenneth ForrestWarrant Officer1376378RAFVR112 Sqd231943-09-15ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. D. 48.
1551 MiddletonFrederickSergeant1330281RAFVR40 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 13.
1552 MiddletonLaurenceSergeant1590877RAFVR104 Sqd191944-09-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. B. 4.Son Of Albert Edward And Ivy Marguerite Middleton, Of Sheffield.
1553 MikecMartinAircraftman 2nd Class719351RAFVR1947-09-25ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 8.Of Yugoslavia.
1554 MilesJohn Thomas NorieFlying Officer116729RAFVR57 Sqd211942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Son Of Lieut John Miles, R. N., And Frances Lottie Miles, Of Hayling Island, Hampshire. Leverhulme Scholarship, Royal Instute Of British Architects, 1937. His Brother, David William Norie Miles, Also Died On Service.
1555 MillerHenrySergeant1049364RAFVR221 Sqd211944-02-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 14.Son Of George And Isabel R. Miller, Of North Seaton, Northumberland.
1556 MillerJ BLieutenant177085 VSAAF2 Sqd 211945-02-20ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, D, 16.Son Of Harry B. And Helena C. Miller, Of Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa.
1557 MillichipArthur James MccandlishFlight Sergeant1454045RAFVR37 Sqd201944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 20.Son Of Ernest And Florence Margaret Millichip, Of Liversedge, Yorkshire.
1558 MilnerGeoffreyFlight Sergeant1809397RAFVR38 Sqd 211945-06-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 6.Son Of Geoffrey And Ellen Milner, Of Chingford, Essex.
1559 MiltonAlexander JamesFlying Officer127916RAFVR225 Sqd221944-01-14ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Vii, A, 12.Son Of John And Ekaterina Milton; Nephew Of Ernest Milton, Of Newlands, Glasgow.
1560 MitchellDouglas MichaelPilot Officer134515RAFVR178 Sqd221943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
1561 MitchellRobert CavenSergeant1060145RAFVR207 Sqd331943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 11.
1562 MitchellAlfred Walter CyrilFlying Officer124491RAFVR225 Sqd211943-10-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 26.
1563 MitchellRobert FairbairnSergeant1592422RAFVR104 Sqd191944-06-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 9.Son Of William And Agnes Ann Mitchell, Of Tweedmouth, Northumberland.
1564 MitchellL H GWarrant Officer Class II3198VSAAF311944-09-10ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Xi. G. 3.Son Of Herbert T. And Ruby Mitchell; Husband Of Estelle V. Mitchell, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1565 MitchellJack JosephLeading Aircraftman1552172RAFVR321945-10-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 7.Son Of Frank And Barbara Mitchell.
1566 MitchenerFrank William AugustusLeading Aircraftman1445094RAFVR221943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 10.
1567 MoffatJoseph RaymonPilot Officer424871RNZAF145 Sqd 251945-04-13ItalyBologna War Cemetery, III, A, 4.Son Of The Hon. William Moffat, M.L.C., And Of Kathleen Moffat (Nee Mcglone), Of Palmerston North, Wellington, New Zealand.
1568 MoleHerbert JeffreyFlight Sergeant410687RAAF261944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 25.Son Of Ernest And Lottie Richmond Mole, Of Brighton Beach, Victoria, Australia.
1569 MolyneuxMarkSergeant642703RAF1942-02-17ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. C. 6.
1570 MonardDonald StanleyFlying Officer129380RAFVR241 Sqd231944-08-23ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Ii. G. 5.Son Of Stanley Hopkirk Monard And Kathleen Monard, Of Cosham, Hampshire.
1571 MoncrieffStuart RobbSergeant1512533RAFVR450 Sqd201944-11-17ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, D, 6.Son Of Thomas Robb Moncrieff And Jennie Mcwhit Moncrieff, Of Carlisle.
1572 MonseyBernard JackSergeant1461429RAFVR18 Sqd231944-07-18ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 15.Son Of Frederick Charles And Nellie Mabel Monsey, Of Cantley, Norfolk.
1573 MontgomerieHugh MccullochCorporal1107082RAFVR261943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 46.
1574 MontgomerieLeighton JohnFlight Lieutenant412377DFC


RNZAF92 Sqd (RAF)221944-08-27ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 14.Son Of John Eglinton Montgomerie And Of Irene Agnes Montgomerie (Nee Cameron), Of New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.
1575 MontgomeryJ AAir Mechanic207773VSAAF3 Sqd1944-10-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 35.
1576 MoodieD HLieutenant209420VSAAF12 Sqd1944-09-04ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Ii, G, 5.Husband Of M. J. Moodie, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1577 MoodyErnest WilliamFlight Sergeant1324545RAFVR37 Sqd211944-02-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 13.Son Of Herbert James Moody And Lizzie Moody, Of Wallingford, Berkshire.
1578 MooreArthur StanleySergeant1575491RAFVR104 Sqd201943-10-30ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, B, 7.
1579 MooreTony GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1233882RAFVR150 Sqd221943-12-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. E. 21.
1580 MooreW RLieutenant103607VSAAF13 (RAF)231944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 16.Son Of Philip A. And Magdalena E. Moore, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1581 MooreP SLieutenant328791VSAAF28 Sqd311944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. A. 4.Son Of Edgar S. And Caroline E. Moore, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Jessie N. Moore, Of Johannesburg.
1582 MooreRonald AlfredSergeant1897619RAFVR40 Sqd211944-05-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, F, 9.Son Of Alfred Joseph And Florence Bertha Moore, Of Greenwich, London.
1583 MoranWilliam TerenceCorporal1528632RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.231944-08-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 15.Son Of Micheal And Catherine Moran, Of Stratford, Essex.
1584 MorganDavid HughFlight Sergeant416598RAAF40 (RAF) Sqd211943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
1585 MorganBrynLeading Aircraftman1220896RAFVR601 Sqd271943-08-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 9.
1586 MorganHubert JamesSergeant1317190RAFVR104 Sqd1944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32.
1587 MorganGLieutenant542629VSAAF40 Sqd221944-09-01ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Ii, B, 43.Son Of Lewis And Sarah A. Morgan.
1588 MorganDavid Henry IslwynPilot Officer189705RAFVR301945-05-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 7.Son Of William Henry And Prudence Olivia Morgan; Husband Of Elizabeth Morgan, Of Nottingham. B.A., L.R.A.M.
1589 MorganWilfredLeading Aircraftman1011329RAFVR1945-01-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. D. 10.
1590 MorgansBurlington William RichardFlight Sergeant1320663RAFVR272 Sqd231944-12-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. A. 10.Son Of Bertie And Caroline Bessie Morgans, Of St. Budeaux, Plymouth.
1591 MorgansCwyn CrunnLeading Aircraftman1079313RAFVR231944-07-18ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Xii. E. 8.Son Of James And Ethel Maud Morgans, Of Penarth, Glamorgan.
1592 MoricePeter JamesFlying Officer120569RAFVR76 Sqd371942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll Grave V. D. 6-11.Son Of The Revd. Harry Chalmers Gray Morice, M.A., And Of Elsee Louisa Morice, Of Hastings, Sussex. M.A. (Oxon.).
1593 MorisonKennethFlight Sergeant1750335RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 5.Son Of George And Eva Morison, Of Failsworth, Lancashire.
1594 MorleyClifford WilliamFlight Sergeant1579539RAFVR12 Sqd (SAAF)221944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A.14-15.Son Of Robert March Morley And Emily Taylor Morley, Of Swannington, Leicestershire.
1595 MorleyAnthony JohnSergeant1582766RAFVR12 Sqd231944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Ii. C. 2.Son Of James Henry And Mary Elizabeth Morley, Of Chislehurst, Kent.
1596 MorleyBasil YatesSergeant1580110RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 27.Son Of Percy And Gertrude Ethel Morley, Of Stapleford, Nottinghamshire.
1597 MorlingDenis ArnoldFlight Sergeant1334218RAFVR600 Sqd221944-02-21ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iii, D, 14-15.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. S. K. Morling, Of Colchester, Essex.
1598 MorriceJohn Bertram DavidsonFlight Sergeant656087RAF1944-05-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. B. 15.
1599 MorrisWilliam Arthur CharlesFlying Officer140870RAFVR255 Sqd281944-04-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 1.Son Of Charles W. And Winifred R. Morris; Husband Of Sibyl M. Morris, Of Hillesden, Buckinghamshire.
1600 MorrisThomasSergeant1822603RAFVR40 Sqd191944-09-07ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, A, 8.Son Of William P. And Margaret A. Morris, Of Leven, Fife.
1601 MorrisAlan RalphFlying Officer125702RAFVR73 Sqd1944-03-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiii. G. 8.
1602 MorrisPhilip EdwinFlight Lieutenant52444RAF251945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 15.Son Of Arthur Ernest And Helen Elizabeth Morris, Of Babworth, Nottinghamshire.
1603 MorrisJames ArthurWarrant Officer 1583080 DFM

RAFVR250 Sqd271946-08-13ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. F. 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Herbert Morris, Of Bangor-On-Dee, Flintshire.
1604 MorrisonStanley KennethSergeant1624853RAFVR148 Sqd201944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of William And Edith Morrison, Of Formby, Lancashire.
1605 MorrisonNoel LindsayFlight Lieutenant128901RAFVR178 Sqd1944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.
1606 MorrisonRobert LionelMajorP/203184VDFC
SAAF5 Sqd231944-09-13ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iii. D. 15.Son Of Lionel G. And Amelia B. Morrison, Of Estcourt, Natal, South Africa.
1607 MorrisseyDavid HaganFlight Sergeant15835RAAF311944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 25.Son Of James Patrick And Alberta Nellie Morrissey, Of Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia.
1608 MorrowHarold ElwoodPilot OfficerJ/85805RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
231944-03-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xii. G. 10.Son Of William Gordon Morrow And Susan Sophia Morrow, Of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
1609 MortonJames ButlerSergeant1322416RAFVR142 Sqd211944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 37.Son Of Herbert And Hilda Morton, Of New Barnet, Hertfordshire.
1610 MortonH NAir Mechanic581371SAAF171944-07-11ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, B, 3.Son Of Fred And Hester Morton, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
1611 MosleyGeorge WilliamFlying Officer47723RAF87 Sqd251943-10-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 13.
1612 MoxeyPercival Joseph EdwinSergeant1318956RAFVR114 Sqd221944-04-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-14.Son Of Mrs. R. Moxey, Of Exeter.
1613 MudgeVictor JamesSergeant1270710RAFVR223 Sqd251944-04-25ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 30.Son Of John William Edward And Harriet Agnes Mudge, Of Kennington, London.
1614 MuirPercyLieutenant103295VSAAF5 Sqd 261945-04-23ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 10.Son Of Albert R. And Mabel Muir; Husband Of Katharine M. A. Muir.
1615 MulcahyRobert EdwinFlying Officer143255RAFVR37 Sqd331943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. H. 14.
1616 MulhollandNorman GeorgeWing Commander34098DFC
RAF458 (R.A.A.F.) Sqd341942-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. A. 48.Son Of Fredrick Hannam Mulholland, And Of Clarice Estelle Mulholland, Of Helensburgh, New South Wales, Australia.
1617 MulhollandJames BernardSergeant1107757RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-12-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. C. 3.Son Of Dominic And Bridget Mulholland, Of South Bank, Yorkshire.
1618 MulpeterEdwardFlight Sergeant1822090RAFVR40 Sqd 201945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 6.Son Of Edward And Margaret Mulpeter, Of Aberdeen.
1619 MuncerJerome TheodoreFlight Sergeant1292002RAFVR211944-11-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. B. 18.Son Of Edward Frederick And Nellie Tosephine Muncer, Of Dartford, Kent.
1620 MunroT PCaptain103335VSAAF60 Sqd221944-11-27ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvii, E, 8.Son Of Francis A. And Hilda M. Munro, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1621 MunroVictorCorporal638481RAF261945-06-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. B. 6.Son Of Hugh And Mary Jean Munro; Husband Of Peggy May Munro, Of Malmesbury, Wiltshire.
1622 MunstermanErnestSergeantR/76838RCAF424 Sqd241943-08-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 30-34.
1623 MurchisonJohnSergeant1126541RAFVR76 Sqd1942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 6-11.
1624 MurlessAurelius GodfreyLeading Aircraftman1611653RAFVR421945-10-07ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 5.Husband Of Louisa Winnifred Ada Murless, Of Hextable, Swanley, Kent.
1625 MurmanHelge CharlesCaptain105800VDFC


SAAF15 Sqd 271945-04-18ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, II, G, 7.Son Of Nils F. And Frances G. Murman; Husband Of Margaret Murman, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1626 MurphyDouglas GeraldSergeant1567885RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 2.Son Of Michael And Margaret Douglas Murphy, Of Saltcoats, Ayrshire.
1627 MurphyEdwin GeorgeWarrant Officer425721RAAF231945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 15.Son Of Hubert And Evelyn Murphy; Husband Of Dora Calder Murphy, Of Bardon, Queensland, Australia.
1628 MurrayGordon HughWarrant Officer Class IIR/104235RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)231944-06-02ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. B. 21.Son Of Murdock H. And Janet Murray, Of Thorburn, Nova Scotia, Canada.
1629 MurrayG CLieutenant543040VSAAF5 Sqd201944-10-15ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Vi, B, 4.Son Of Laura Murray, Of Strand, Cape Province, South Africa.
1630 MurrayThomas Patrick LoraineMajor103425VDFC
SAAF111 Sqd (RAF) 1945-02-20ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 4.
1631 MurrayMichael JosephLeading Aircraftman646465RAF271945-03-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. G. 2.Son Of John And Annie Murray, Of Mostrim, Co. Longford, Irish Republic.
1632 MutchGeorge ConnellySergeant575761RAF35 Sqd201943-08-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. B. 8.
1633 MuttonDavid IdrisFlight Sergeant1586678RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-04-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 3.Son Ol Frank And Mary Charlotta Mutton, Of Liskeard, Cornwall.
1634 MyersFrankFlight Sergeant1457886RAFVR221 Sqd211944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 21.Son Of Frederick And Lily Myers, Of Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire.
1635 NaltyRobert AnthonyFlight Sergeant591348RAF231944-08-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 37.Son Of Robert Anthony Nalty, And Of Mabel Isobel Nalty, Of Flookborough, Lancashire.
1636 NankivellArthur RexWarrant Officer658944RAF600 Sqd 261945-05-05ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, B, 6.Son Of Arthur And Francess Nankivell, Of Dinas Powis, Glamorgan.
1637 NashRobertPilot Officer136021RAFVR69 Sqd221943-02-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 46.
1638 NashArthur LeonardFlight Sergeant1394416RAFVR23 Sqd221944-01-20ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 10.Son Of Arthur And Gertrude Edith Nash; Husband Of Alice Lillian Nash, Of York.
1639 NaylorKennethLeading Aircraftman1644140RAFVR293 Sqd221944-06-06ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, X. B. 5.Son Of Albert And Kate Naylor, Of Methley, Yorkshire.
1640 NaylorPLieutenant329021VSAAF40 Sqd221944-07-12ItalyCastiglione South African Cemetery, Vi, F, 14.Son Of Daniel And Rosina Naylor, Of East London, Cape Province.
1641 NaylorWilliam HenryLeading Aircraftman1541909RAFVR221944-08-22ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. F. 2.Son Of William Henry And Elizabeth Naylor, Of Sheffield.
1642 NeameFrederick AlbertSergeant1283762RAFVR221 Sqd311943-03-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 8.
1643 NeilsonDavid RobertFlight Lieutenant47268RAF241 Sqd241944-03-21ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. F. 1.Son Of Robert Thomson Neilson And Dorothea Neilson, Of Annbank, Ayrshire.
1644 NelC G BLieutenant328634VSAAF21 Sqd201943-11-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 1.
1645 NelC PLieutenant206556VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

211944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8.Son Of Louis L. And Catherine E. Nel, Of Oudtshoorn, Cape Province, South Africa. May have died on 1944-10-13
1646 NelJLieutenant102275VSAAF24 Sqd1944-07-04ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 27.
1647 NelsonMaurice GordonPilot Officer175363DFC
RAFVR260 Sqd221944-06-02ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Ii. H. 23.Son Of John Angus Nelson And Hilda Nelson, Of Finchley, Middlesex.
1648 NelsonRoger HenrySergeant591964RAF500 Sqd 211945-04-16ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. F. 11.Son Of William Henry And Margaret Nelson; Stepson Of Mr. W. Pepper, Of Cheriton, Folkstone.
1649 Nelson-BergN BWarrant Officer Class I578032VSAAFSAAF 12 Sqd181944-07-14ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, B, 1.Son Of Norman And Barbara Nelson-Berg, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1650 NetheryGeorge DouglasAircraftman 1st Class1795642RAFVR231944-06-28ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 13.Son Of William J. And Minnie Nethery, Of Drumquin, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
1651 NeubeckWilliam FrancisFlight Lieutenant421820RAAF231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. C. 9.Son Of Francis Joseph And Violet Amy E. Neubeck, Of Lidsdale, New South Wales, Australia.
1652 NewboroughSidney GeorgePilot Officer88700RAFVR110 Sqd241941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 19.Son Of Sidney George And Avis Sarah Newborough, Of Ilford, Essex; Husband Of Marion Joan Newborough, Of Barkingside, Ilford.
1653 NewcombeDonald FrankWarrant Officer Class IR/87343RCAF18 Sqd201943-08-27ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, D, F, 458.
1654 NewmanGordon HenryAircraftman 1st Class1809081RAFVR2855 Sqd RAF Regt.191943-08-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 7.
1655 NewmanLeslie CharlesFlying Officer159997RAFVR178 Sqd221944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of Richard Ernest And Emma Newman, Of Well End, Hertfordshire.
1656 NewmanAndrew George PattersonFlying Officer414664RNZAF145 Sqd (RAF) 241945-01-18ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. B. 14.Son Of Charles W. Newman, And Of Harriet Madalene Newman, Of Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand.
1657 NicholsPaul EatonWarrant Officer Class IIR/124510RCAF40 Sqd1943-09-17ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, A, 3.
1658 NicollDavid AndrewFlight Lieutenant45683DFC
RAF207 Sqd1942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.
1659 NielsenBorgeFlying Officer163012DFC
RAFVR291945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 13.Son Of Niels Mogens Nielsen And Marie Nielsen, Of Copenhagen, Denmark.
1660 NienaberS JSecond Lieutenant542426VSAAF15 Sqd 1945-04-27ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. A. 7-9. May have died on 1945-04-28
1661 NobleGeorge KennethPilot Officer42424DFC
RAF148 Sqd251941-01-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, II. C. 45.Son Of George William Rutherford Noble And Mary Noble.
1662 NobleLynden CharlesLeading Aircraftman1652810RAFVR2857 Sqd RAF Regt.271943-08-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 4.
1663 NolanJoseph GeorgeSergeant1255244RAFVR103 Sqd221943-02-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 1.
1664 NorrisAlbert EdwardFlying Officer128487RAFVR293 Sqd211944-05-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. C. 3.Son Of Robert And Alicia Norris, Of Northallerton, Yorkshire.
1665 NourseP WLieutenant103283VSAAF7 Sqd231944-12-26ItalyForli War Cemetery, Ii, C, 21.Son Of Philip N. And Marjorie Nourse, Of Gilletts, Natal, South Africa.
1666 NoyesDonald WilliamPilot Officer183409RAFVR55 Sqd241944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 6-9.Son Of William Rhys Noyes And Margaret Eleanor Noyes, Of Ewenny, Glamorgan.
1667 Nunn-PattrickKenneth BrennanWarrant Officer424556RAAF231945-04-13ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, C, 8.Son Of William Harvey And Florence Alice Nunn Pattrick, Of Scone, New South Wales, Australia.
1668 NusseyA D WLieutenant328728VSAAF150 Sqd (RAF)191944-04-21ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. E. 6.Son Of Brigadier-General A. H. M. Nussey And Bridget Nussey, Of Potchefstroom, Transvaal, South Africa.
1669 NuttycombeKenneth JamesSergeant1693660RAFVR40 Sqd211944-05-25ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. D. 41-43.Son Of Joseph E. And Daisy Nuttycombe, Of Banwell, Somerset.
1670 O'Brien (Obrien)J EPilot OfficerJ/87441RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)211944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of John Vincent O'Brien And Velma Elizabeth O'Brien, Of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
1671 O'Brien (Obrien)ThomasLeading Aircraftman1082728RAFVR2825 Sqd RAF Regt.231945-04-02ItalyCesena War Cemetery, V, B, 1.Son Of John Edward And Jemima O'Brien, Of Low Moorsley, Co. Durham.
1672 O'Connell (Oconnell)John BonaventureWarrant Officer425201RAAF291944-09-27ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 8.Son Of Thomas Virgilius And Emily Georgina O'Connell, Of Southbrook, Queensland, Australia.
1673 O'Connor (Oconnor)F ALieutenant100766VSAAF4 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Ii. A. 25.
1674 O'Dell (Odell)Dennis WalterSergeant1466783RAFVR37 Sqd1944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.
1675 O'Donnell (Odonnell)Ernest ChristopherWarrant Officer1315520RAFVR237 Sqd 231945-05-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. D. 3.Son Of Christopher Thomas O'Donnell And Christian O'Donnell, Of Ashton, Bristol.
1676 O'Fee (Ofee)James EdwardSergeant1544258RAFVR18 Sqd241944-08-09ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii, G, 7.Son Of James And Jenny O'Fee, Of Kilrea, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
1677 O'Keefe (Okeefe)John HarrisWarrant Officer427723RAAF291945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 18.Son Of John And Rosalie O'Keefe; Husband Of Coral O'Keefe, Of Boulder, Western Australia.
1678 O'Rourke (Orourke)DanielLeading Aircraftman1011735RAFVR1944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. A. 21.
1679 OakesK TLieutenant328597VSAAF24 Sqd 1945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 7.
1680 OatesL JLieutenant209155VSAAF1 Sqd201943-11-28ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xiii. A. 13.
1681 OBrienWilliamSergeant1436222RAFVR207 Sqd281943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 9.
1682 OdendaalN FSecond Lieutenant205939VSAAF15 Sqd (RAF)241945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. E. 11.Son Of William J. And Catharine M. Odendaal, Of Queenstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
1683 OGradyJamesPilot Officer118202RAFVR21 Sqd221942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 18.Son Of Joseph And Florrie Ogrady, Of Askern, Yorkshire.
1684 OHaraBernard AloysiusFlight Sergeant415176RAAF221943-07-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 4.
1685 OliverFrederick ThomasSergeant914870RAFVR18 Sqd231944-07-13ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 18.Son Of Robert Richardson Oliver And Gladys Anderson Oliver, Of Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.
1686 OLoughlinJustin VincentFlight Sergeant416226RAAF261943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Viii, E, 18.
1687 ONeillRichard BenjaminWarrant Officer401533RAAF271943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. A. 37.
1688 OpieFrancis ColinWarrant Officer364911RAF361945-03-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. F. 2.Son Of William John And Edith Mary Opie; Husband Of Daisy Julia Opie, Of Stoke-On-Trent.
1689 OrdMalcolmSergeant1602540RAFVR601 Sqd211944-07-18ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 9.Son Of John Edward And Edith Ord, Of Bedford.
1690 OrmeSelwyn CharlesSergeant403558RNZAF83 Sqd (RAF)241942-11-07ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 16.Son Of John Orme And Of May Orme (Nee Hall), Of Whangarei, Auckland, New Zealand.
1691 OrmeCharles ThomasPilot Officer176997RAFVR39 Sqd281944-09-14ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 25.Son Of Thomas George And Ethel Orme; Husband Of Gwendoline Florence Orme, Of Palmer'S Green, Middlesex.
1692 OrwinThomas RobertSergeant1800079RAFVR104 Sqd211944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 29.Son Of Thomas Parker Orwin, And Of May Orwin, Of Edgware, Middlesex.
1693 OsbornStanley DeryckFlight Lieutenant109707RAF154 Sqd231944-06-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 32.Son Of Charles Edwin Stanley Osborn And Georgina Osborn, Of Watford, Hertfordshire.
1694 OsborneAlfred CecilCorporal1460963RAFVR371944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 11.Son Of Alfred Edward And Henrietta Osborne, Of Bognor Regis, Sussex.
1695 OsmondCharles GriffithsSergeant1668616RAFVR371945-08-08ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. A. 15.Son Of Charles James Joseph And Annie Griffiths Osmond; Husband Of Ethel Irene Osmond, Of Swaythling, Southampton.
1696 OswaldWilliamSecond Lieutenant181228VSAAF21 Sqd1943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. D. 28.
1697 OuelletteStanley JosephFlight SergeantR/124429RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)211943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. J. 7-9.
1698 OultramCharles BernardSergeant2202332RAFVR37 Sqd 251945-04-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. D. 7.Son Of Samuel Lewis Oultram And Mary Oultram; Husband Of Olive Oultram, Of Willington, Cheshire.
1699 OustonErnest ArthurSergeant1258970RAFVR2862 Sqd RAF Regt.351943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 7.
1700 OuterbridgeJamesFlying Officer119810RAFVR458 Sqd (RAAF)201943-05-01ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. D. 28.
1701 OutfinRichard MalherbeWing Commander23296MiDRAFVR361944-04-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 31.Son Of William Henry And Edith Outfin; Husband Of Cynthia Outfin, Of Esher, Surrey.
1702 OverallFrank HarrySergeant1850154RAFVR1945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 4.
1703 OwenThomas AlexanderSergeant1379857RAFVR104 Sqd1943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
1704 OwenGilbertPilot Officer174323RAFVR114 Sqd231943-12-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. C. 8.
1705 OwenGeoffrey Frederick GeorgeFlying Officer144613RAFVR221 Sqd211944-02-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 13.Son Of Frederick S. And Ann Joan Owen, Of Willesden, Middlesex.
1706 OwenThomasFlight Sergeant1529931RAFVR40 Sqd221944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 6.Son Of Richard And Emily Owen, Of Bolton, Lancashire; Husband Of Josephine Owen, Of Tong Moor, Bolton.
1707 OwenColin JohnSergeant1653099RAFVR55 Sqd211944-07-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 3.Son Of Elwyn And Rose Ruth Owen, Of Town Hill, Swansea.
1708 OxfordC SCorporal577460 VSAAF1945-05-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. H. 11. May have died on 1945-05-17
1709 PaceEmanuel JohnLeading Aircraftman961639RAFVR221944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 9.Son Of Joseph And Emily Pace, Of Gorseinon, Glamorgan.
1710 PageLouis HenrySergeant1583358RAFVR37 Sqd201944-11-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 12.Son Of Walter William And Kate Page, Of Cubbington, Warwickshire.
1711 PagetJohn RowlandLeading Aircraftman1126558RAFVR231943-09-28ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. B. 25.
1712 PainAustin FletcherFlight Lieutenant39945RAF70 Sqd

271941-02-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. S. 17.Son Of Arnold Edwin And Katherine Pain, Of Sevenoaks, Kent.
1713 PallantHampdenSquadron Leader43580RAF431947-01-10ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. E. 12.Son Of Hampden And Annie Pallant; Husband Of Martha Pallant, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
1714 PallettPercy LenardFlight Sergeant1294955RAFVR55 Sqd231944-07-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 2.Son Of Henry Charles And Rose Martha Pallett, Of Walthamstow, Essex.
1715 PalmerJohn RichardSergeant957006RAFVR9 Sqd251941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 9.Son Of Henry Edgar And Matilda Leona Palmer, Of Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.
1716 PalmerRonald JackSergeant641645RAF178 Sqd231944-12-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. B. 4.Son Of Thomas And Elizabeth Palmer, Of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.
1717 PalmerWilliam FrederickPilot OfficerJ/85453RCAF267 Sqd (RAF)231944-04-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. D. 14.Son Of William A. And Marie Palmer, Of Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada.
1718 PalmerWilliam HenryFlying Officer147282RAFVR256 Sqd 231945-03-06ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 10.Son Of William Walter And Ellen Hannah Palmer, Of Llandaff, Cardiff.
1719 PalmerDouglas EricFlying Officer162218RAFVR500 Sqd 221945-04-16ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave IV. F. 9-10.Son Of Charles William Reginald And Violet May Palmer, Of Newport, Monmouthshire.
1720 PaolaJ JLieutenant542578VSAAF12 Sqd251944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of Joseph And Zariffie Paola, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa. B.A.
1721 PapworthBrian HughFlight Sergeant1335836RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 22.
1722 ParkIan Harper AlexanderFlying Officer172610RAFVR1944-11-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. C. 3.
1723 ParkR DLieutenant543052VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)211945-07-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. A. 3.Son Of David W. And Myrtle Park, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
1724 ParkC ESecond Lieutenant78851VSAAF34 Sqd 271945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.Son Of Clement E. And Hester H. Park; Husband Of Eileen Park, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1725 ParkerLeslie Raeburn Royston A.Sergeant1380869RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.
1726 ParkerFrederick George MalcolmFlight Sergeant1603689RAFVR73 Sqd211944-11-16ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. E. 1.Son Of Hubert Charles William And Dorothea Winifred Gladys Parker, Of South Norwood, Surrey, England.
1727 ParkerVictor CrawfordFlying Officer179593RAFVR231945-02-05ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 12.Son Of Andrew Crawford Parker And Elsie Parker, Of Catford, London.
1728 ParkesJamesLeading Aircraftman1390270RAFVR2885 Sqd RAF Regt.221943-08-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. F. 1.
1729 ParkinsonCharles JohnSergeant1800971RAFVR112 Sqd221944-05-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. G. 12.Son Of Arthur F. And Lilian M. Parkinson, Of Finchley, Middlesex.
1730 ParkinsonJ MFlying OfficerJ/27460RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)1944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.
1731 ParkinsonRobertCorporal1509159RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.231944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 17.Son Of Frederick And Elizabeth Parkinson, Of Oldham, Lancashire.
1732 ParrisGeorge FrederickSergeant1336970RAFVR150 Sqd251943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
1733 ParrishGeorge AlbertFlying Officer146630RAFVR114 Sqd241944-12-09ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Joint Grave Viii. C. 15-16.Son Of Albert Edward And Ada Parrish; Husband Of Vera Mary Parrish.
1734 ParryLewis DesmondSergeant954380RAFVR107 Sqd221941-09-04ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 25.Son Of Clive Vaughan Parry And Jane Parry, Of Grays, Essex.
1735 ParsonsRonald JohnSergeant1419611RAFVR178 Sqd211944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 2-6.Son Of Ernest George And Eva Parsons, Of Polsloe Park, Exeter.
1736 ParvinJohn Hugh KeithPilot Officer33441RAF10 Sqd1940-08-27ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 6.
1737 PascoeGordon KeithWarrant Officer437156RAAF201945-05-12ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. D. 8.Son Of Ernest Arthur And Mary Annie Pascoe, Of Westbourne Park, South Australia.
1738 PassmoreDouglas GeorgeFlight Sergeant1587095RAFVR221 Sqd211944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 24.Son Of George And Violet Passmore. Of Redfield, Bristol.
1739 PatonDavidPilot I1366179RAFVR216 Sqd231947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of John N. And Annie Paton, Of Prestonpans, East Lothian.
1740 PattersonDLieutenant328980VSAAF12 Sqd201944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-15.Son Of Frederick And Ethel M. Patterson, Of Fish Hoek, Cape Province, South Africa.
1741 PattersonRonaldFlight Sergeant1487355RAFVR55 Sqd 211945-02-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 4.Son Of Henry And Ellen Patterson, Of Norton, Stockton-On-Tees, Co. Durham.
1742 PattersonCliffordFlight Sergeant 3011191 RAFVR211946-04-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, XI. F. 35.Son Of David E. And Nellie Patterson, Of Morecambe, Lancashire.
1743 PattisonKenneth FrederickFlying Officer151304RAFVR221 Sqd201944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 26.Son Of Frederick Joseph And Alice Amelia Pattison, Of Streatham, London.
1744 PaulCliffordLeading Aircraftman1484947RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.221943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 31.
1745 Paulos EssaPrivate10389RAF Iraq Levies1944-10-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. D. 3.
1746 PeakmanArthur FrederickCorporal524002RAF624 Sqd 311945-05-24ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, B, 12.Son Of Arthur Simeon Peakman And Dorothy Peakman; Husband Of Daisy M. Peakman.
1747 PearceLeonard AncliffWarrant Officer401049RAAF331943-06-23ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. B. 7.
1748 PearceS DAir Mechanic209323VSAAF25 Sqd 1945-03-09ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, X. H. 5.
1749 PearceHoward DennisFlight Sergeant1601200RAFVR1945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 6.
1750 PearsonPeter OliverSergeant1394062RAFVR40 Sqd211943-08-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. N. 10.Son Of Oliver And E. M. Pearson, Of Lindfield, Sussex. Date of death might have been 1943-08-16
1751 PearsonEric RalphFlight Lieutenant61977RAFVR72 Sqd231943-12-09ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 6.
1752 PeasgoodJackFlight Sergeant1149027RAFVR608 Sqd231943-12-07ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Iii. D. 15.
1753 PeensG JWarrant Officer Class II542256VSAAF21 Sqd1944-05-21ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Viii. B. 19.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. G. J. Peens.
1754 PellHenry KennethSergeant1080102RAFVR178 Sqd241944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 30.Son Of Henry And Annie Pell; Husband Of Hilda Pell, Of Offerton, Cheshire.
1755 PenfoldFrederick ThomasAir Mechanic207743VSAAF12 Sqd181944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 27.Son Of Thomas F. And Matilda Penfold, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
1756 PercivalReginald EdmundWarrant Officer402671RAAF221943-09-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 47.
1757 PerkinsDavid MillardFlight Sergeant1801441RAFVR18 Sqd 201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave VI. B. 10-13.Son Of Leonard And Annie Millard Perkins, Of Sydenham, London.
1758 PerkinsCharles RonaldCorporal650884RAF251945-12-31ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. O. 7.Son Of Charles And Milicent Perkins; Husband Of Kathleen Minnie Perkins, Of Hempnall, Norfolk.
1759 PerrinRaymond TuckerSergeant1167487RAFVR148 Sqd281942-04-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 23.Son Of Albert Francis And Daisy Maud Perrin, Of Trinity, Jersey, Channel Islands; Husband Of Rosanna Martha Perrin, Of St. John, Jersey.
1760 PerrottAlbertLeading Aircraftman1544564RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.301944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 40.Son Of Frank And Minnie Perrott, Of Manchester.
1761 PetersenA WLieutenant542929VSAAF30 Sqd 1945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 7.
1762 PetrieRobert Mckenzie DareLeading Aircraftman976154RAFVR2906 Sqd RAF Regt.231943-08-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 22.
1763 PettyferJohn AlfredLeading Aircraftman1258057RAFVR291945-04-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, II, G, 21.Son Of Percy And Jane Pettyfer; Husband Of Ellen Olive Pettyfer, Of Stockwell, London.
1764 PetzMathew GeorgeWarrant Officer Class IIR/115314RCAF463 Sqd RAAF

211943-07-06ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, D, F, 463.
1765 PhillimoreAlan HenryWarrant Officer1126339RAFVR92 Sqd211944-05-25ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. J. 19.Son Of William F. And Lily Phillimore, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
1766 PhillipsFloyd J.Flying Officer16436RCAF114 Sqd (RAF)281943-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 29.
1767 PhilpottLaurence JohnFlying Officer163004RAFVR250 Sqd211944-10-14ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 3.Son Of Reginald F. And Lucy P. Philpott, Of Balham, London.
1768 PickWilliam RogersSergeantR/61039RCAF40 Sqd (RAF)1942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 26.
1769 PickeringThomas RichardLeading Aircraftman1670005RAFVR241 Sqd211944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 4.Son Of Leonard And Ethel Pickering, Of Northfield, Birmingham.
1770 PickersHenry John CharlesCorporal 1219803 RAFVR231946-06-22ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. D. 3.Son Of Henry George And Catherine Mary Jane Pickers, Of Loughton, Essex.
1771 PicklesJackFlying Officer162080RAFVR104 Sqd291944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 32.Son Of George And Isabella Pickles; Husband Of Edith Pickles, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
1772 PickupJ BCaptain102219VSAAF21 Sqd251943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 33-35.
1773 PickupClive AlexanderWarrant Officer32274RAAF311944-06-04ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xix. G. 10.Son Of Ainsworth James Pickup And Mary Jane Pickup, Of Randwick, New South Wales, Australia.
1774 PienaarJ FLieutenant103456VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 2.
1775 PietersJ HWarrant Officer Class II543197VSAAF30 Sqd 221945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of Jakobus H. And Anna J. M. Pieters; Grandson Of Mr. C. H. Badenhorst, Of Tierkloof, Oshoek, Transvaal, South Africa.
1776 PigramHarry William OwenFlight Sergeant924825RAFVR267 Sqd231944-03-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 9.Son Of Harry And Elsie Dora Pigram, Of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
1777 PikeJohn McdougallWarrant Officer1330291RAFVR37 Sqd211944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 37.Son Of Reginald William And Ada E. Pike; Husband Of Sanchia Mary Vaughan Pike, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
1778 PilcherPatrick StephenFlying Officer162066RAFVR55 Sqd231944-09-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. F. 28-30.Son Of Stephen Alexander Pilcher And Kathleen Pilcher, Of Portsmouth.
1779 PilleyThompsonSergeant1366436RAFVR18 Sqd301944-03-11ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, E, 8.Son Of Duncan Walker Pilley And Isabella Pilley, Of Edinburgh; Husband Of Helen Pilley, Of Edinburgh.
1780 PillingerSidney Edward PeterFlight Sergeant1316290RAFVR40 Sqd211944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 18.Son Of Sidney J. And Miriam W. Pillinger, Of Tavistock, Devon.
1781 PilsonRobertSergeant934460RAFVR178 Sqd1943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
1782 PinderArthurSergeant1538939RAFVR148 Sqd1944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 27-30.
1783 PitkethlyAlexanderFlying OfficerJ/14205RCAF424 Sqd321943-09-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 47.
1784 PittsRaymond A. ScottFlying Officer139108RAFVR55 Sqd1944-08-31ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Vii. D. 10.
1785 PlattSidneyLeading Aircraftman1500405RAFVR301943-09-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. C. 46.
1786 PlattsLeslieSergeant1684796RAFVR55 Sqd 231945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 8.Son Of Savil And Mabel Platts, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
1787 PlumbHenry VictorFlying Officer118635DFC
RAFVR114 Sqd221943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 46.
1788 PoadJoseph BasilFlying Officer116399RAFVR104 Sqd211944-03-24ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. A. 6.Son Of The Revd. Frank E. Poad And Olive G. Poad, Of Glasgow.
1789 PollardHarryFlight Sergeant657517RAF70 Sqd

1944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. D. 12-13.
1790 PollockEdmond JamesFlying Officer80253RAFVR5 Sqd211943-09-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 22.
1791 PollockRobertFlight Sergeant1801070RAFVR87 Sqd 211945-03-14ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, A, 2.Son Of William Mather Pollock, And Of Edith Dora Pollock, Of Kennington, London.
1792 PolsonGeorgeLeading Aircraftman1016360RAFVR24 Sqd (SAAF)321943-09-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 1.
1793 PooleWilliam HenrySergeant1284492RAFVR40 Sqd211941-12-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, II. C. 4.Son Of Edward Lionel And Cornelia Poole, Of Hampton, Middlesex.
1794 PooleAlbert DerrickSergeant1580928RAFVR40 Sqd211944-05-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, F, 9.Adopted Son Of Mrs. S. A. Billingham, Of Abthorpe, Northamptonshire.
1795 PosthumusJ M ZWarrant Officer Class I581398VSAAF21 Sqd1944-06-30ItalyForli War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv, D, 1-2.
1796 PotgieterJ WLieutenant98509VSAAF5 Sqd 231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. B. 3.Son Of Myra S. Potgieter, Of Turffontein, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1797 PotocnikJAircraftman 2nd Class791249RAFVR1944-09-24ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 33.Of Yugoslavia.
1798 PotterJohn LeonardFlight Sergeant1319598RAFVR114 Sqd211944-08-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 10.Son Of William And Catherine Potter, Of Barking, Essex.
1799 PotterDennis AlbertFlight Sergeant1585646RAFVR18 Sqd291944-03-11ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, C, 12.Son Of John And Rosina Potter; Husband Of Ella Margot Potter, Of Clapham, London.
1800 PottsStanleyFlying Officer138297RAFVR142 Sqd221943-10-20ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, E, 5.
1801 PottsLindsay GordonFlight Sergeant412701RAAF211943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1802 PoultonDennisWarrant Officer778672RAFVR255 Sqd1944-01-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. E. 11.Son Of Thomas William And Emily Beatrice Poulton.
1803 PoundRobert TasmanFlight Sergeant408517RAAF241943-10-13ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. F. 4.
1804 PowdrellWalter HarrySquadron Leader37984RAF103 Sqd311943-02-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 15.
1805 PowellHerbert CharlesSergeant1378440RAFVR148 Sqd321942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Herbert J. And Annie S. Powell; Husband Of Grace Isabella Powell, Of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
1806 PowisRalph EdwinFlight SergeantR/96500RCAF178 (RAF) Sqd201943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. C. 30.
1807 PrattFrederick GeorgeCaptain207110VSAAF114 Sqd (RAF) 1945-02-24ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 2.
1808 PremruJosephAircraftman 2nd Class722508RAFVR1947-03-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. E. 15.Of Yugoslavia.
1809 PrescottA ECorporal1530983RAFVR40 Air Sqd 241945-09-22ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, C, 15.Son Of James Arthur And Phoebe Prescott, Of Leigh, Lancashire.
1810 PrestonArthur RonaldSergeant658303RAF104 Sqd231943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, F, 11.
1811 PrestonFrederick ThomasLeading Aircraftman1127327RAFVR351945-05-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. F. 1.Son Of Frederick George And Florence Jane Preston, Of Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.
1812 PriceMaurice GordonFlight Sergeant1196586RAFVR55 Sqd231944-07-16ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Iv. E. 16.Son Of Sidney And Amelia Jane Price, Of Harborne, Birmingham.
1813 PriestGordon WilliamSergeant1431944RAFVR55 Sqd211943-10-18ItalyCassino War Cemetery, I. F. 9.
1814 PriestleyMichael ThomasCorporal1798793RAFVR1947-04-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. A. 3.
1815 PrinceCharles EdwardFlight Sergeant1379759RAFVR70 Sqd

281943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
1816 PritchardDennis GordonFlight Sergeant1604063RAFVR211945-04-04ItalySalerno War Cemetery, IV. E. 44.Son Of Alfred Henry And Eliza Mary Pritchard, Of Twickenham, Middlesex.
1817 PryceWilliam LeslieSergeant1421608RAFVR1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.
1818 PuddephatLeslie ThomasPilot Officer158027RAFVR40 Sqd221944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 8.Son Of Alfred And Beatrice Puddephat; Husband Of Edna Ina Puddephat, Of Tooting, Surrey.
1819 PurdonJohnSergeant1821679RAFVR40 Sqd 201945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 9.Son Of James And Elizabeth Purdon, Of Glasgow.
1820 PurdueDonald Maurice RussellWarrant Officer421688RAAF201944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. E. 4.Son Of Maurice Henry And Matilda Louisa Purdue, Of Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia.
1821 PurvisThomas AllanSergeant1077824RAFVR114 Sqd 221945-02-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. B. 15.Son Of Allan And Gladys Purvis, Of Whiston, Rotherham, Yorkshire.
1822 PusnikHenrikAircraftman 2nd Class719364RAFVR1947-03-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. F. 1.Native Of Yugoslavia.
1823 PutmanRonald AlexanderWarrant Officer1383205RAFVR256 Sqd 231945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Joint grave II, G, 16-17.Son Of Robert A. And Lena M. Putman, Of Battersea, London.
1824 PyleArthur JohnPilot Officer103034RAFVR40 Sqd251941-12-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, II. C. 5.Son Of John Robert And M. M. Pyle, Of Peterborough, Northamptonshire; Husband Of F. F. Pyle. His Father Fell In The 1914-1918 War.
1825 PyottJ BLieutenant542941VSAAF450 Sqd (RAF) 201945-03-04ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 6.Son Of Ian V. J. And Norah F. Pyott, Of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
1826 QuaileWilliamSergeant1119328RAFVR104 Sqd211943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
1827 QuarendonDouglas MalcolmWarrant Officer658807RAF148 Sqd261944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of Jesse F. And Edith C. Quarendon, Of Horley, Surrey; Husband Of Alice M. Quarendon (Nee Parsons).
1828 QuartermainPeter CharlesLeading Aircraftman1650408RAFVR221945-02-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 5.Son Of Walter Frederick And Rose Alice Quartermain; Husband Of Margaret C. W. Quartermain, Of Beckenham, Kent.
1829 QuinAlfred JohnFlying Officer162262RAFVR40 Sqd201944-09-07ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, A, 8.Son Of Alfred Elliott Quin And Valentina Alexievna Quin.
1830 RabyEric AlbertSergeant1334028RAFVR142 Sqd181943-04-10ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. D. 10.
1831 RaeburnEWarrant Officer Class II607514VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

211944-07-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. E. 20.Son Of James And Joan B. Raeburn, Of Dundee, Scotland. May have died on 1944-07-27
1832 RaffenJohn PercyFlying Officer407183RAAF231943-12-30ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. A. 3.
1833 RaikesDavid KennedySergeant1807677RAFVR18 Sqd 201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave VI. B. 10-13.Son Of Lt.Col. Wilfrid Raikes And Elizabeth Gentle Raikes.
1834 RamsayAlistair StewartPilot Officer88659DFC
RAFVR105 Sqd1941-08-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, IV. L. 50.
1835 RamsayAlexanderWarrant Officer1600766RAFVR12 Sqd221944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Ii. C. 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. James Ramsay, Of Dufflown, Banffshire.
1836 RamsayFrederick JamesSergeant1566768RAFVR178 Sqd211944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 17.Son Of William And Euphemia Johnstone Ramsay, Of East Kilbride, Lanarkshire.
1837 RamsdenRonald HoltCorporal1057103RAFVR2923 Sqd RAF Regt.251945-05-05ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 6.Son Of Edward And Sarah Jane Ramsden, Of Haywood, Lancashire.
1838 RansomCharles TrevorCorporal1194662RAFVR1944-07-11ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, H, 11.
1839 RastallDeryck StephenSergeant1470004RAFVR255 Sqd221943-08-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 15.
1840 RastonPiers Oscar GeorgeFlight Sergeant17641RAAF221944-04-02ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Viii, B, 2.Son Of Frank Harcourt Raston And Enid Raston; Husband Of Irene May Raston, Of West Perth, Western Australia.
1841 RatliffFrederick CharlesCorporal924393RAFVR301944-06-28ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 16.Son Of Frederick And Louise Ratliff, Of Eastbourne, Sussex; Husband Of Millie Anne Ratliffe, Of Eastbourne.
1842 RawsonGeorge EdwardSergeant572735RAF76 Sqd211942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 6-11.Son Of Joseph Edward And Elsie Edith Rawson, Of Wellington, Shropshire.
1843 RayBernardFlying Officer147942RAFVR255 Sqd361944-11-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 6.Son Of John Ernest And Minnie Ray; Husband Of Doris Florence Ray, Of St. Cross, Winchester. Solicitor.
1844 RaynsJohn Francis AnthonyFlying Officer150263RAFVR148 Sqd211944-11-22ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. B. 3.Son Of Alfred Horace Rayns, And Of Johanna Rayns, Of Loughborough, Leicestershire.
1845 RayworthGeorge WilliamCorporal 1497074 RAFVR251946-03-29ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. P. 8.Son Of George Paulson Rayworth And Gertrude Rayworth; Husband Of Dorothy Muriel Rayworth, Of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
1846 ReadHenry Calvin ChambersFlying OfficerJ/20418RCAF614 Sqd (RAF)241944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 40.Son Of George Cook Read And Of Ellen Victoria Read (Nee Chambers), Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada; Husband Of Mabel Smith Read (Nee Malcolmson), Of Montreal.
1847 ReaderKenneth RobertSergeant1393375RAFVR40 Sqd221944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 17.Son Of Robert William And Dorothy Alice Reader, Of Streatham, London.
1848 ReadingPeter WilliamFlight Lieutenant104558RAFVR43 Sqd1943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. G. 10.
1849 ReadshawGilbertLeading Aircraftman1533917RAFVR231945-04-01ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. K. 5.Son Of John Henry And Elizabeth May Readshaw, Of Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire.
1850 ReddinOsborne CyrilAircraftman 1st Class1427797RAFVR231943-12-14ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Ii. D. 48.
1851 RedfernEdwin CurtisFlight Lieutenant76541RAFVR321945-12-05ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. A. 2.Son Of John R. And Fanny Redfern, Of Cobham, Surrey. L.D.S., R.C.S., Eng., D.D.S. (University Of Toronto).
1852 RedmanDouglas GeorgeCorporal610728RAF241945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 9.Son Of Henry John And Edith Olive Redman, Of Hove, Sussex; Husband Of Sheila Redman.
1853 ReesGeorge IorwerthSergeant1601916RAFVR178 Sqd221944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of John And Lettice Ann Rees, Of Burry Port, Carmarthenshire.
1854 ReidH GWarrant Officer Class IR/92101RCAF221 Sqd (RAF)1944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 36-38 (Coll.)Son Of Alfred Gordon Reid And Catherine Elizabeth Reid, Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
1855 ReillyBernardSergeant1825864RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

191944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 10.Son Of Patrick And Elizabeth Reilly, Of Dundee.
1856 ReimM FLieutenant29310VSAAF4 Sqd 1945-03-03ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. A. 14.
1857 RennisonIanWarrant Officer419704RAAF211945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. G. 8.Son Of Charles And Daphne Mabel Rennison, Of Boronia, Victoria, Australia.
1858 RenwickAnthonyAircraftman 1st Class1038252RAFVR231944-07-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 42.Son Of Joseph And Margaret Renwick, Of Winlaton, Co. Durham.
1859 ReynoldsAlbert EdwinFlight Sergeant801547RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)601 Sqd241943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. F. 2.
1860 ReynoldsAnthony Frederick TonyFlying Officer151000RAFVR272 Sqd211944-09-04ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 11.Son Of Sydney John And Hildred Alice Reynolds; Stepson Of Ida Reynolds, Of Sherwood, Nottingham.
1861 ReynoldsFrankLeading Aircraftman1284002RAFVR281944-10-18ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. H. 13.Son Of Samuel And Ada Reynolds, Of Erith, Kent.
1862 RhindLaurence RatcliffeWarrant Officer1106489RAFVR37 Sqd1944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 35.
1863 RichardsLeonard LloydSergeant1515483RAFVR150 Sqd201943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. G. 5.
1864 RichardsJohnSergeant1600392RAFVR37 Sqd1943-06-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 40.
1865 RichardsRobert WilliamWarrant Officer407950RAAF241943-08-08ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 36.
1866 RichardsV CLieutenant211003VSAAF21 Sqd1944-03-02ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xx. D. 2.
1867 RichardsHowellLeading Aircraftman1249740RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.231944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 39.Son Of Hugh And Lily Richards, Of Holyhead, Anglesey.
1868 RichardsP JFlying Officer124493RAFVR43 Sqd1944-01-22ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, F, 33.
1869 RichardsE CSecond Lieutenant107486VSAAF15 Sqd 261945-02-19ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, G, 4.Son Of Harry And Maud E. Richards, Of Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa.
1870 RichardsonJamesSergeant1345219RAFVR40 Sqd201943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 39.
1871 RichardsonJamesSergeant1108445RAFVR114 Sqd1944-01-04ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. A. 2.
1872 RichardsonS VLieutenant207322VSAAF72 (RAF)1944-03-27ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xii. F. 11.
1873 RichardsonGeorge SydneyFlying Officer143372RAFVR93 Sqd231944-10-24ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Ii. E, 22.Son Of George Frederick And Elizabeth Sophia Richardson, Of Wandsworth, London.
1874 RichardsonGordon H.Lieutenant241963VSAAF15 Sqd 241945-04-27ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. A. 7-9.Son Of John P. And Jean G. A. Richardson, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. May have died on 1945-04-28
1875 RichardsonC GLieutenant103984VSAAF30 Sqd 1945-03-14ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. C. 11-15.
1876 RicherDonald FrederickFlying Officer146987RAFVR142 Sqd291944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. F. 5.Son Of Arthur And Ellen Richer, Of Ipswich, Suffolk.
1877 RidoutWilliam Frank SmithLeading Aircraftman1657406RAFVR401943-08-21ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 7.
1878 RigbyThomas EdwardLeading Aircraftman1513379RAFVR421945-03-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. B. 10.Son Of Charles Thomas Rigby And Polly Rigby, Of Warrington, Lancashire; Husband Of Alice Rigby, Of Padgate, Warrington.
1879 RigneyOwen JosephLeading Aircraftman1438491RAFVR232 Sqd191943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 41.
1880 RimmerJohn William HenrySergeant632547RAF104 Sqd1944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 36.
1881 RinghamWilliam Ernest ThomasSergeant1866290RAFVR178 Sqd 201945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 8.Son Of William Thomas Ringham And Edith Ringham, Of Potters Bar, Middlesex.
1882 RitchieDavidLeading Aircraftman999440RAFVR2869 Sqd RAF Regt.221943-11-25ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 13.
1883 RoachJoseph NormanSquadron Leader81414RAFVR2865 Sqd RAF Regt.391943-11-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 18.
1884 RobbAndrewLeading Aircraftman1105924RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd351944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. C. 31.Son Of James Lamb Robb And Frances Wight Robb; Husband Of Margaret Lugton Robb, Of Tranent, East Lothian.
1885 RobersonEdward George LewisWarrant Officer Class IR/110103RCAF608 Sqd (RAF)221944-01-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. D. 38.Son Of Edward H. B. And Jessamine Roberson, Of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
1886 RobertsJohn MorrisLeading Aircraftman1061976RAFVR1944-08-22ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. F. 1.
1887 RobertsGuy ParkerFlying Officer423383RAAF211944-09-07ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, A, 8.Son Of Percy Lawson And Mabel Roberts, Of Sydney, New South Wales. Australia.
1888 RobertsE NLieutenant328730VSAAF112 Sqd 221945-04-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, F, 2.Son Of Ernest N. And Eugeni F. Roberts, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
1889 RobertsPatrick GordonSergeant1851341RAFVR13 Sqd 201945-03-07ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, D, 11.Son Of Thomas Kenneth And Florence Daisy Roberts, Of Gosport, Hampshire.
1890 RobertsRonaldFlying Officer153672RAFVR272 Sqd 211945-03-28ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. K. 4.Son Of Thomas And Ettie Roberts, Of Cleadon Park, South Shields, Co. Durham.
1891 RobertsHerbert AlfredFlight Sergeant964947RAFVR500 Sqd 351945-04-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 13.Son Of Joseph Henry And Mary Ann Roberts, Of Birmingham.
1892 RobertsDavid HerbertSergeant2220794RAFVR70 Sqd

211945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 2.Son Of David Edward Twist Roberts And Mary Elizabeth Roberts, Of West Bridgford, Nottingham.
1893 RobertsArthur ClelandLeading Aircraftman1343384RAFVR241945-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. F. 10.Son Of Alexander And Grace Roberts, Of Wishaw, Lanarkshire.
1894 RobertsThe Rev. Douglas Martyn KenmureSquadron Leader135070RAFVR321945-04-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. D. 1.Son Of Gordon Kenmure Roberts And Isabel H. Roberts; Husband Of L. Hilda Roberts, Of Clacton-On-Sea, Essex. M.A.
1895 RobertsFrankWarrant Officer 1622784 RAFVR83 Sqd231946-04-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. P. 14.Son Of Peter And Eliza Lily Roberts, Of New Moston, Manchester.
1896 RobertsonJames Charles RichmondFlight Sergeant1332280RAFVR150 Sqd211943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 8.
1897 RobertsonI F DLieutenant99829VSAAF21 Sqd241943-11-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 37-40.
1898 RobertsonJ F PWarrant Officer Class II328830VSAAF21 Sqd211943-11-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 5.
1899 RobertsonJames RossFlight SergeantR/161315RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)211944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 26.Son Of William James Robertson And Olive May Robertson, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
1900 RobinsonGeorge CharlesSergeant1220692RAFVR114 Sqd341943-09-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. N. 4.
1901 RobinsonBrian CharlesFlying Officer427562RNZAF614 Sqd (RAF) 221945-04-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 4.Son Of Charles Henry Robinson And Of Lurline Amy Robinson (Nee Radford), Of Ngongotaha, Auckland, New Zealand.
1902 RobinsonRobert WilliamFlight Sergeant529571RAF271945-04-22ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 18.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Charles Robinson; Husband Of Olive Muriel Robinson, Of North Cray, Sidcup, Kent.
1903 RobinsonJames HenryLeading Aircraftman1488001RAFVR241945-06-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. C. 3.Son Of Percy And Annie Robinson, Of Bradford, Yorkshire; Husband Of Marcella Robinson, Of Bradford.
1904 RobsonDennisLeading Aircraftman1682482RAFVR211944-11-16ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 13.Son Of Joseph Cowey Robson And Louisa Adelaide Robson, Of Jesmond, Northumberland.
1905 RobsonPeter CurtisPilot Officer188413RAFVR601 Sqd 211945-04-23ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 1.Son Of Sydney George Robson, And Of Elsie Florence Robson, Of Ramsgate, Kent.
1906 RochfordJ VCaptain47856VSAAF4 Sqd251944-10-24ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, A, 1.Son Of John And May Rochford, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa; Husband Of Ray Rochford. Chartered Accountant.
1907 RodgersJ L WWarrant Officer Class I542628VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-14ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, V. J. 14.
1908 RoelofseJ JLieutenant329142VSAAF4 Sqd 211945-01-04ItalyForli War Cemetery, IV, A, 13.Son Of Hendrik J. And Ada J. Roelofse, Of George, Cape Province, South Africa.
1909 RoganH ELieutenant209397VSAAF178 Sqd (RAF)281944-04-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 7.Son Of John And Margaret Rogan; Husband Of Emma Rogan, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. M.A. (Cantab.).
1910 RogersAlbert Edward LawrenceAircraftman 1st Class1236689RAFVR111 Sqd211944-07-05ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. J. 14.Son Of William Albert And Sylvia Lawrence Rogers, Of Wickford, Essex.
1911 RogersGeorge Lawrence DickensonAir Mechanic101748VSAAF12 Sqd221944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 25.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. S. G. Rogers, Of Yarima, P.O. Arlington, Orange Free State, South Africa.
1912 RogersWilliam HerbertFlying Officer147669RAFVR23 Sqd231944-02-06ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. A. 8.Son Of William Morrott Rogers And Ellen Elizabeth Rogers, Of Teignmouth, Devon.
1913 RogersWilliam AlexanderSergeant1582635RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. C. 4.Son Of James Rogers, And Of Catherine Rogers, Of Derby.
1914 RogersEdward FrederickSergeant958747RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

281944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 7.Son Of Frederick Reginald And Cecily Rogers, Of Streatham Vale, London.
1915 RogersKenneth RoyPilot Officer184473RAFVR37 Sqd211944-11-07ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 21.Son Of Alfred Arthur And Alice Winifred Rogers, Of Sholing, Southampton.
1916 RogersonWilliamCorporal1355517RAFVR2885 Sqd RAF Regt.1943-08-14ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. F. 12.
1917 RoneyJacques William JamesFlying Officer156137RAFVR112 Sqd221944-11-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. D. 15.Son Of William Leonard And Solange Jeanne Roney, Of East Sheen, Surrey.
1918 RookeAlan SidneyPilot Officer410917RAAF211944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 22.Son Of Sidney And Amelia May Rooke, Of Carapook, Victoria, Australia.
1919 RoseJohn ThomasFlying OfficerJ/36208RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
231945-04-16ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, V. F. 9.Son Of Thomas A. And Stancil Annie Rose, Of Chapleau, Ontario, Canada.
1920 RosenSidney IsidoreAircraftman 1st Class1446539RAFVR654 Sqd301943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 27.
1921 RosenbergerMaurice BernardSergeant1801120RAFVR70 Sqd

1944-11-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 15.
1922 RosendorffMLieutenant102146VSAAF232 Sqd251944-04-29ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. H. 10.Son Of Max And Doreen Rosendorff, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
1923 RosensteinErnest WillyLieutenant328895VSAAF185 Sqd 221945-04-02ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. A. 5.Son Of Willy And Hedwig Rosenstein, Of Rustenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1924 RosherEricSergeant1054385RAFVR1 Sqd (SAAF)281944-02-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 19.Son Of Edwin And Elizabeth Ann Rosher, Of Ramsey, Huntingdonshire.
1925 RossJ WCaptain103134VSAAF1 Sqd261944-02-23ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, C, 3.Son Of Leon And Nora Ross, Of South Coast, Natal, South Africa.
1926 RossStanley Gordon McleanPilot OfficerJ/88105RCAF104 Sqd (RAF)1944-07-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 27.
1927 RossAlanSergeant1494140RAFVR40 Sqd221944-07-11ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 11-15.Son Of Percy And Mary Jane Ross, Of Gateshead, Co. Durham.
1928 RossWilliamSergeant1596612RAFVR281944-10-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 21.Son Of William And Ellen Maud Ross, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne; Husband Of Joan Ross, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
1929 RourkeLeslieWarrant Officer1436347RAFVR111 Sqd 281945-01-03ItalyForli War Cemetery, VIII, C, 9.Son Of John And Annie Rourke; Husband Of Sybil Rourke. Of Jarrow. Co. Durham.
1930 RowanJ TSecond Lieutenant543060VSAAF24 Sqd201944-09-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 28.Son Of John P. And Esther M. Rowan, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
1931 RowanRowland WilliamLieutenant205881VDFC
SAAF4 Sqd211944-05-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 2.Son Of William And Eva Gibson Rowan, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1932 RoweHenry VictorSergeant1330263RAFVR178 Sqd211944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 20.Son Of Herbert Victor And Elsie Eliza Rowe, Of Maidstone, Kent.
1933 RoweJamesFlight Sergeant1431574RAFVR18 Sqd221944-07-29ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, V. H. 15.Son Of James And Ethel Rowe, Of Preston, Lancashire.
1934 RoweRodney JosephLieutenant328705VSAAF185 Sqd (RAF)1944-09-18ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 7.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. P. J. Rowe, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
1935 RoweEric WilliamSergeant567999RAF216 Sqd281947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of Murial Rowe; Husband Of Frances Eileen Rowe, Of Moulsecoomb, Brighton, Sussex.
1936 RowleyGeorge WillisLeading Aircraftman1464399RAFVR1944-11-29ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 1.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Rowley; Husband Of Betty Ivy Rowley, Of Hayes, Middlesex.
1937 RoyG ALieutenant542672VSAAF1 Sqd211944-09-18ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. K. 4.Son Of Clee E. And Gladys J. Roy, Of Luipaardsvlei, Transvaal, South Africa.
1938 RoyleFrank ReginaldLeading Aircraftman1326206RAFVR2867 Sqd, RAF Regt.311943-10-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 17.
1939 RozellGlen EdwinSergeantR/107240RCAF18 Sqd221943-07-21ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, D, 299.
1940 RuckTimothy BaldwinSergeant1132980RAFVR371947-05-04ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. G. 3.Son Of Artis And Louisa Ruck, Of Hereford; Husband Of Olive Emily Ruck, Of Hereford.
1941 RudlandArthur PercyPilot Officer176627RAFVR37 Sqd291944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.Son Of Percy Arthur Rudland, And Of Eva Annie Rudland, Of Wood Green, Middlesex.
1942 RundleSidney AlbertLeading Aircraftman1272522RAFVR2925 Sqd RAF Regt.221943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. F. 3.
1943 RushforthRowlandLeading Aircraftman1013319RAFVR231943-08-19ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 13.
1944 RussellHarry ArthurLeading Aircraftman1216081RAFVR232 Sqd221943-08-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 48.
1945 RussellWilliam JamesCorporal801576RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)601 Sqd351943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 5.
1946 RussellJohnFlight Lieutenant80195RAFVR150 Sqd341944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Vi. A. 12.Son Of Charles And Elizabeth Russell; Husband Of Dorothy Isabel Joy Russell (Nee Gliddon), Of Cape Town, South Africa.
1947 RutledgeCharles IrwinLeading Aircraftman652115RAF241945-12-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, IV. L. 13.Son Of Andrew Rutledge, And Of Annie Jane Rutledge, Of Killen, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
1948 RutterVernon TempleFlying Officer418182RAAF301944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 31.Son Of Samuel Temple Rutter And Winifred Olga Rutter; Husband Of Elsa Mary Rutter, Of Claremont, Western Australia.
1949 SabineLouisSergeant659095RAF23 Sqd301943-08-17ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 8.
1950 SaggersEric FrankFlight Sergeant404425RAAF271943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 7-10.
1951 SalesHarry Norman JohnCorporal1281908RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd221944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. D. 32.Son Of Percy Harry And Fanny Beatrice Sales, Of Hastings, Sussex.
1952 SalisburyPaul HenrySergeant1488749RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 24.Son Of Thomas Baden Salisbury And Maria Salisbury; Husband Of Ethel Salisbury, Of New Basford, Nottingham.
1953 SalmondJ RLieutenant279643VSAAF12 Sqd1944-08-20ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 5.
1954 SalvidgeAlfred GeorgeLeading Aircraftman546876RAF241944-03-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. P. 7.Son Of Alfred And Edith Salvidge, Of West Harptree, Somerset.
1955 SampsonStanleySergeant3050156RAFVR13 Sqd 191945-03-07ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, D, 12.Son Of James Herbert Thomas Sampson And Doris Elizabeth Sampson, Of Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
1956 SamuelNorman DesmondSquadron Leader137661DFC
RAFVR251945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 9.Son Of John And Ada Samuel, Of Tongwynlais, Glamorgan.
1957 SandersJohn Francis HastingsFlight Sergeant1166117RAFVR231943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 9.
1958 SandersFrancis CarstairsFlying Officer416155RAAF241944-09-26ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Ii. F. 8.Son Of Francis Gordon Sanders And Elsie Madge Sanders, Of Jamestown, South Australia.
1959 SandersonLinton PatrickFlight Sergeant414164RAAF271943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
1960 SandersonJohnFlight Sergeant1567077RAFVR256 Sqd 231945-04-08ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. F. 1.Son Of Arthur And Annie Sanderson Of Paisley, Renfrewshire.
1961 SaundersMaurice WalterFlight Sergeant1337027RAFVR37 Sqd221943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll Grave V. H. 14.
1962 SaundersS C RLieutenant103552VSAAF60 Sqd1944-09-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. D. 25.
1963 SaundersJohn TrevorSergeant1620263RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xix. G. 5.Son Of Robert And Ada Saunders, Of Oldham. Lancashire.
1964 SaundersRonald FrederickFlight Sergeant1576953RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 23.Son Of William Francis And Minnie Saunders, Of Ward End, Birmingham.
1965 SaundersDouglas RoyLeading Aircraftman1461544RAFVR231944-10-01ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. K. 18.Son Of Percy And Lizzie F. Saunders, Of Ardleigh, Essex.
1966 SaundersP ECaptain203117VSAAF1944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 6.
1967 SaundersSLieutenant543612VSAAF271944-05-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 2.Son Of Frederick And Sarah Jane Saunders, Of Allendale, Northumberland, England.
1968 Saunders-Knox-GoreWilliam LawrenceFlight Lieutenant128927DFC
RAFVR13 Sqd211944-09-12ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 8.Son Of Colonel William Arthur Cecil Saunders-Knox-Gore, D.S.O., Croix De Guerre, And Of Monica Saunders-Knox-Gore, Of Chelsea, London.
1969 SavageJohn RaymondFlight Lieutenant118493RAFVR208 Sqd311944-04-24ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 17.Son Of Henry Charles Frederick And Edith Savage, Of Albury, Surrey.
1970 SavageG EWarrant Officer Class I210434VSAAF21 Sqd201944-05-29ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 2.Son Of George E. And Elsie A. Savage, Of Vasco, Cape Town, South Africa.
1971 SavilleEric CowleyMajor103255VDFC & Bar

SAAF260 (RAF) Sqd211943-09-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. P. 11.
1972 SavinHarold Walter JamesFlight Sergeant1323100RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 31.Son Of Harold Walter And Dorothy Sarah Savin, Of Summertown, Oxford.
1973 SayerEdward SydneySergeant1390342RAFVR40 Sqd291944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. F. 30.Son Of Sydney Victor And Jane Sophia Sayer, Of Camberwell, London.
1974 SayleAllan DuncanFlying Officer133762RAFVR92 Sqd261943-10-28ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 25.
1975 ScharfRonald HenryFlight Sergeant434706RAAF211945-05-12ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. D. 26.Son Of Joseph Anton Scharf And Mabel Lillian Scharf, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
1976 SchmitzDonald Joseph EugenePilot OfficerJ/94345RCAF243 Sqd1944-06-05ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, A, 5.
1977 SchneiderSLieutenant207086VSAAF1 Sqd1944-11-07ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Vii. B. 3.Son Of Abraham And Celia Schneider, Of Springs, Transvaal, South Africa. B.Sc.
1978 SchoemanA JAir Corporal226243VSAAF21 Sqd 1945-06-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 1.
1979 SchofieldEricSergeant1523136RAFVR201944-08-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 25.Son Of Benjamin And Ellen Rutherford Schofield, Of Wallsend-On-Tyne, Northumberland. His Brother Benjamin Also Died In Service.
1980 ScholesHaroldSergeant1490977RAFVR37 Sqd1944-02-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 9.
1981 SchravesandeL JMajor102635VSAAF21 Sqd1943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 28.
1982 ScorerJackson CarlyleFlying OfficerJ/26770RCAF148 Sqd (RAF) 1945-03-31ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. B. 10.
1983 ScottRobert EricSergeant759136RAFVR84 Sqd1942-06-18ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. B. 2.
1984 ScottJohn EdgarSquadron Leader43981DFC
RAF114 Sqd251943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 43.
1985 ScottJohnSergeant1367183RAFVR142 Sqd231943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
1986 ScottAlbert ArthurSergeant16890RAAF331943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 23.
1987 ScottRobert SamuelSergeant1481014RAFVR104 Sqd221944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32.Son Of Alexander And Sarah Mary Scott, Of Derrylane, Co. Cavan, Irish Republic.
1988 ScottJohn Alexander WilliamFlight Sergeant657999RAF37 Sqd231944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 17.Son Of James G. And Gertrude A. Scott, Of Selkirk.
1989 ScottAndrew MarkFlight Sergeant1880756RAFVR104 Sqd 211945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 4.Son Of Ernest Hugh And Jane Scott, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
1990 ScourfieldWilliam HaydnPilot Officer185942RAFVR14 Sqd351944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 4.Son Of David And Mary Jane Scourfield.
1991 SeamanWilfredFlying Officer125757AFCRAFVR601 Sqd221943-07-06ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. B. 10.
1992 SearesAnthony John WallisSergeant1620861RAFVR87 Sqd211944-08-30ItalyForli War Cemetery, Ii, D, 3.Son Of Charles W. And Ethel Seares, Of Riddlesden, Yorkshire.
1993 SeddonJohn HenryLeading Aircraftman1509640RAFVR2771 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-09-18ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii. G, 2.
1994 SellarsRoy SamuelSergeant1101209RAFVR92 Sqd221944-08-24ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 15.Son Of Arnold And Ethel Sellars, Of Sheffield.
1995 SercombeWilliam GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1407478RAFVR221944-08-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 19.Son Of William George Orchard Sercombe And Louise Sercombe, Of Dartington, Devon.
1996 SewardJ DAir Mechanic142714VSAAF28 Sqd291944-09-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 3.Son Of Ernest And Grace Seward, Of Kensington, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
1997 SewellWilliam Richard PercivalFlight LieutenantJ/6290RCAF81 (RAF) Sqd221943-10-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. D. 8.
1998 SeymourLawrence AlfredFlying Officer402208DFC
RAAF301944-05-16ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. K. 17-18.Son Of James Monday Seymour And Daisy Isabel Seymour, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
1999 ShaftoEdward Foliot DuncombeWarrant Officer1029641RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-03-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 15.Son Of Robert Charles Duncombe Shafto And Rosa Edith Marguerite Shafto, Of Spennymoor, Co. Durham.
2000 ShannonRichard AllanPilot OfficerJ/89211RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
231944-12-10ItalyForli War Cemetery, Vi, D, 23.Son Of George Richard And Ettie White Shannon, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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