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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: many people assemble information on WWll cemeteries and individual graves. We have frequently consulted these sites in preparing this database. Readers are encouraged to consult these sites directly as each brings a unique quality to its work. They include: • • • • • • • •

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions welcomed via Helpdesk

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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeath (↑)BuriedCommemorated (↑)LinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 AbbottLewis JamesSergeant400167RAAF261941-12-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, II. B. 22.
2 AberdeinJ SLieutenant328680VSAAF3 Sqd 231945-02-17ItalyBologna War Cemetery, I, A, 2.Son Of James And Emily M. Aberdein, Of Claremont, Capetown, South Africa.
3 AckermanLloyd WilliamCorporalP5229VSAAF1 Sqd1943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 2.
4 AdamGordon RossWarrant Officer411435RAAF251945-04-13ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, C, 10.Son Of Alexander Gordon And Ruby Adam, Of Culcairn, New South Wales, Australia.
5 AdamsKenneth WilliamFlight Sergeant1575629RAFVR114 Sqd221944-05-16ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, B, 16.Son Of William Frederick And Jessie Selina Adams, Of Moseley, Birmingham.
6 AdamsHarold RaymondFlying Officer133680RAFVR600 Sqd201944-01-29ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 13.Son Of Harold And Mabel Adams, Of Bournemouth, Hampshire.
7 AdamsEdmund ArthurFlying Officer411093RAAF281945-01-30ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 3.Son Of Arthur James Adams And Janet Hughina Priscilla Adams; Husband Of Beryl May Adams, Of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.
8 AinleyAlbertSergeant636563RAF178 Sqd 241945-07-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. E. 6.Son Of Fred And Annie Ainley, Of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire.
9 AinslieHudson GarthFlying Officer405814RAAF111 Sqd (RAF)211944-10-02ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. D. 3.Son Of Adam Richard And Josephine Beatrice Ainslie, Of St. Lucia Heights, Queensland, Australia.
10 AirdAlexander StewartPilot Officer177565RAFVR13 Sqd211944-05-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 13.Son Of Alexander And Annie Weir Donaldson Aird.
11 AirlieJohn Rodger BlairSergeant1823818RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 6.Son Of Hugh And Agnes R. B. Airlie, Of Glasgow.
12 AldcroftWalterLeading Aircraftman1083261RAFVR1944-05-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 26.
13 AlderHugh Ralph LawrenceMajor102181VSAAF12 Sqd251944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Ralph H. L. And Jetta M. Alder, Of Elandskop, Natal, South Africa.
14 AllanJames KeirSergeant710332RAF237 Sqd 201945-04-24Italy Trecella Civil Cemetery, Plot IV. Row 5. Grave 5.

Son Of David Andrew And Mary Allan, Of Avondale, Southern Rhodesia.
15 AllanPeter DouglasFlying Officer419752RAAF221945-04-19ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, D, 13.Son Of Douglas Erskine Allan And Kathleen Helen Allan; Husband Of Barbara Ann Allan, Of Davenham, Cheshire. Father Of Roger Peter Matthew Allan.
16 AllenKenneth RossSergeant1234386RAFVR111 Sqd201943-07-17ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Viii. E. 11.
17 AllenLeonardSergeant1431960RAFVR424 Sqd (RCAF)221943-09-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 47.
18 AllenRowlandCorporal1123503RAFVR608 Sqd351944-04-17ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. F. 3.Son Of Robert Henry And Ruth Allen; Husband Of Margaretta Allen, Of Sacriston, Co. Durham.
19 AllenRonald AlfredAircraftman 1st Class1333143RAFVR231944-10-22ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 12.Son Of William And Edith Allen, Of Chart, Kent.
20 AllenJohn AndrewPilot OfficerJ/94125RCAF93 Sqd 231945-04-12ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VII. G. 2.Son Of John Scott Allen And Ida Marie Allen, Of Port Colbourne, Ontario, Canada.
21 AllinghamWilliam JackFlying OfficerJ/27959RCAF178 Sqd (RAF)271944-05-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 17.Son Of George R. And Elsie W. Allingham, Of Colton, California, U.S.A.
22 AllsopArnoldWarrant Officer657556RAFVR14 Sqd261944-06-26ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 3.Son Of Joseph And Elsie Allsop, Of Sutton-In-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire; Husband Of Nancy Allsop, Of Sutton-In-Ashfield.
23 AllwoodJohn BrianLeading Aircraftman1406704RAFVR1944-06-30ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, I, E, 18.
24 AllwrightPeter FrancisFlight Sergeant429023RNZAF70 Sqd

201944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xix. G. 3.Son Of Robert Sydney And Doris Nina Pauline Allwright, Of Wellington City, New Zealand.
25 AltoftRobert HenryFlying Officer425478RAAF221944-05-29ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iv, C, 2.Son Of Clarence Henry And Susana Altoft; Husband Of Thelma Gloria Altoft, Of Buranda, Queensland, Australia.
26 AlvesJohn RaymondSergeant1582031RAFVR55 Sqd 291945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. D. 8-10.Son Of James And Ethel Alves, Of Walsall, Staffordshire.
27 AmbroseHorace WilfredSergeant1334919RAFVR104 Sqd321943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
28 AmbroseGeorge StephenLeading Aircraftman639474RAF2721 Sqd, RAF Regt.1944-03-07ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. H. 2.Son Of Emily Ambrose, And Stepson Of Harry Dyson; Husband Of Clarice Vera Ambrose, Of Bradford, Yorkshire.
29 AmesRobert WilliamSergeant700947RAFVR178 Sqd231944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of William And Julia Ames, Of Alexandria, Egypt.
30 AmeyFrederick JamesFlight Sergeant1603166RAFVR55 Sqd 211945-02-23ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, G, 13.Son Of Alfred And Grace Emily Amey, Of Copnor, Hampshire.
31 AndersonAlfredLeading Aircraftman953984RAFVR251945-01-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 11.Son Of George And Hannah Elizabeth Anderson; Husband Of Matilda Elizabeth Anderson, Of Durham.
32 AndersonJohn MillarLeading Aircraftman1340825RAFVR231944-08-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 14.Son Of James Millar Anderson And Elizabeth Anderson, Of Edinburgh.
33 AndersonRobert AlwynFlying Officer148934RAFVR1944-04-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 10.
34 AndersonAndrew CharlesFlight Sergeant414634RAAF201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32.Son Of Alfred Bernard Charles And Rose Ann Anderson, Of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
35 AndersonDonald AlbertWarrant Officer401756RAAF251944-04-08ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 25.Son Of James Gordon Anderson And Doris Rae Anderson, Of Jeparit, Victoria, Australia. Pharmaceutical Chemist.
36 AndersonAlfredLeading Aircraftman953984RAFVR251945-01-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 11.Son Of George And Hannah Elizabeth Anderson; Husband Of Matilda Elizabeth Anderson, Of Durham.
37 AndrewBruce WildFlight Lieutenant107908RAFVR114 Sqd1944-04-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xii. J. 21-22.Son Of Joseph And Jane Andrew, Of Woodhouses, Lancashire.
38 AndrewsWilliam CharlesFlight Sergeant410614RAAF241943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
39 AndrewsR AAir Mechanic209267VSAAF21 Sqd231944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. B. 22.Son Of William A. And Bessie T. Andrews, Of Muizenberg, Cape Province, South Africa.
40 AndrewsJ ELieutenant328909VSAAF55 Sqd (RAF)231944-07-15ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Iv. E. 14.Son Of George T. And Annie Andrews, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
41 AnnandJames BertramWarrant Officer428066RNZAF13 Sqd 251945-03-07ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, D, 13.Son Of Bertram Charles Annand And Of Mary Annand (Nee Roughan), Of Trentham, Wellington, New Zealand.
42 AnnandaleH AWarrant Officer Class I543879VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.
43 AnsellSidney George AparkSergeant756962RAFVR18 Sqd241944-08-09ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii, G, 7.Son Of George Henry And May Lena Ansell, Of Guildford, Surrey.
44 AnsteeEdwardSergeant1007177RAFVR458 (R.A.A.F.) Sqd251942-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. A. 49.Son Of Edward James Anstee And Mary Anstee, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Husband Of Mary Anstee, Of Belfast.
45 AnsteeGeorge Frederick JesseSergeant551925RAF31 Sqd SAAF

231944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.Son Of George And Alice Anstee, Of Doynton, Gloucestershire.
46 AppersonDenis HeskethFlying Officer145633RAFVR211944-09-25ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. D. 16.Son Of Lieut. Thomas Arthur Apperson, R.N.R., And Marjorie Apperson, Of South Kensington, London. A.M.I.E.E.
47 ApplebyJohn DunstanFlight Sergeant1256563RAFVR70 Sqd

311943-01-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 47.
48 AppletonRobin EricSergeant1440338RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-02-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 21.Son Of Charles Eric And Gertrude Hettie Appleton, Of Weston Birt, Gloucestershire.
49 ArkellMervyn CharlesLeading Aircraftman1407959RAFVR2862 Sqd RAF Regt.221943-08-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 4.
50 ArmourRobert DouglasFlight Sergeant405168RAAF221943-04-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 43.
51 ArmstrongGeorge PerryFlight SergeantR/157239RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)1943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. J. 7-9.
52 ArmstrongP ALieutenant543156VSAAF12 Sqd191944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Raymond J. O. And Julia Armstrong, Of Simonstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
53 ArsenaultToussaint JosephFlight SergeantR/64553RCAF40 Sqd (RAF)251941-12-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, II. C. 3.Son of Philibert and Marguerite Arsenault, of Wellington, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
54 ArthurKennethFlying Officer118060RAFVR18 Sqd251943-08-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 17.
55 AshbeeFrankSergeant960386RAFVR104 Sqd1944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Joint Grave Xv. B. 32-33.
56 AshmoreStanleySergeant1812443RAFVR178 Sqd201944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of Francis Thomas Ashmore And Doris Ashmore, Of Sutton, Surrey.
57 AshurstJohnLeading Aircraftman1480779RAFVR654 Sqd201943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 23.
58 AskewAlan FrederickLeading Aircraftman1538672RAFVR221944-06-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. S. 12.Son Of Arthur Cecil And Eleanor Mary Askew, Of Moreton, Cheshire.
59 AspeyJohnLeading Aircraftman1100992RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.301944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 36.Son Of Bertie And Winifrede J. H. Aspey; Husband Of Rene Aspey, Of Sedgefield, Co. Durham.
60 AsplinReginald HerbertSergeant1300028RAFVR142 Sqd291944-05-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. F. 33.
61 AstillHenry RoyAircraftman 2nd Class1737120RAFVR201943-07-15ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. D. 8.
62 AtkinsLeonard GeorgeCorporal654183RAF241 Sqd1944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 6.
63 AtkinsBrian PatrickLeading Aircraftman1436367RAFVR2788 Sqd RAF Regt.221944-04-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xiv. F. 13.Son Of Thomas And Brigid Atkins, Of Waterloo, Liverpool.
64 AtkinsonJamesSergeant634551RAF178 Sqd271944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 33.Son Of William And Sarah Jane Atkinson.
65 AtkinsonRoy FarleyLeading Aircraftman952564RAFVR2908 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. A. 6.
66 AtkinsonThomas GeoffreyFlying Officer158050RAFVR201944-08-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 26.Son Of Gerald Whittingham Atkinson And Ruth Ann Atkinson, Of Canterbury. B.Sc., Hons. Engineering (Lond.).
67 AttertonFrederick WilliamFlying Officer159259RAFVR1945-02-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 24.Son Of Cecil Herbert And Edith Atterton, Of Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester.
68 AttewGerald AlbertLeading Aircraftman1175121RAFVR1945-11-28ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. N. 17.Son Of Thomas And Ethel Attew; Husband Of Lena C. Attew, Of Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire.
69 AtyeoArnold William HenrySergeant1607011RAFVR114 Sqd231943-11-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 12.
70 AustinGeorge HaroldSergeant915913RAFVR178 Sqd261943-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. C. 4.
71 AustinRhubert MellorWarrant Officer405169RAAF231943-08-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 43.
72 AustinHarrySergeant810117RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)31 Sqd SAAF

241944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8. May have died on 1944-10-13
73 AustinM F WLieutenant542715VSAAF3 Sqd 211945-02-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. D. 10.Son Of Vernon W. And Elsie N. B. Austin, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
74 AyersDouglas WilliamSergeant1576340RAFVR40 Sqd231944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. A. 28.Son Of Reginald Henry And Sybil Ayers, Of Foleshill, Warwickshire.
75 AylwardHarold Edgar CecilFlying Officer160124RAFVR237 Sqd 201945-03-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, II. E. 12.Son Of John Augustus Samuel And Hilda Janet Aylward, Of Grahamstown, Cape Province, South Africa. Native Of Southern Rhodesia.
76 AzzopardiAnthonyFlying Officer55011RAF70 Sqd

1944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 29.
77 BadenhorstLLieutenant205592VSAAF30 Sqd 1945-03-14ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. C. 11-15.
78 BaileyCecilLeading Aircraftman1158325RAFVR301943-10-12ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 17.
79 BaileyRoySergeant1899465RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8. May have died on 1944-10-13
80 BaileyFrederick JohnWarrant Officer1316181RAFVR73 Sqd211944-02-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 5.Son Of Frederick And Lucy May Bailey, Of Northleach, Gloucestershire.
81 BaileyEdward JamesLeading Aircraftman960483RAFVR975 Sqd231944-04-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. C. 10.Son Of Frederick William And Harriet Bailey, Of Newport, Monmouthshire.
82 BaileyBruce HerbertLeading Aircraftman1090011RAFVR221944-10-18ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. F. 12.Son Of Herbert And Irene May Bailey, Of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
83 BaileyAlfred JamesLeading Aircraftman1610452RAFVR250 Sqd 1945-08-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. A. 2.
84 BaileyJ WLieutenant542869VSAAF450 Sqd (RAF) 241945-02-25ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. C. 7.Son Of William J. And Edna Bailey; Husband Of Florence M. Bailey, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
85 BaileyW TAir Mechanic595784VSAAF181945-10-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. F. 20.Son Of Cecil J. And Hester J. Bailey, Of Klerksdorp, Transvaal, South Africa.
86 BaillieWilliam Frank AllenSergeant700739RAFVR223 Sqd191943-10-15ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Viii. D. 11.
87 BaillieJ PLieutenant79924 VSAAF321944-06-28ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Ii, F, 6.Son Of Alexander And Alexina J. Baillie, Of Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Dulcie M. Baillie, Of Benoni.
88 BainFrancis George LevettWing Commander28259RAF207 Sqd1942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.
89 BainbridgeGeorgeFlight Sergeant656334RAF454 Sqd231944-11-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, C, 15.Son Of Charles Edward And Beatrice Margaret Bainbridge, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
90 BainesCharles EdwardSergeant1145668RAFVR148 Sqd231944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of Charles Edward And Sarah Baines, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Brenda Baines, Of Liverpool.
91 BakerMauriceLeading Aircraftman1030432RAFVR321943-10-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 37.
92 BakerHarryFlying Officer134712RAFVR272 Sqd211944-02-22ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 8.Son Of Alfred Henry And Alice Baker, Of St. Denys, Southampton.
93 BakerPercival JohnFlying Officer151520RAFVR272 Sqd211944-08-28ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 32.Son Of Frederick John And Beatrice Ella Baker, Of Tilehurst, Reading, Berkshire.
94 BakerFrank HenrySergeant1399299RAFVR40 Sqd241944-05-25ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. D. 41-43.Son Of Henry And Alice Baker; Husband Of Doreen Mary Baker, Of Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire.
95 BakerJames PotterFlight Sergeant1600479RAFVR40 Sqd231944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 25.Son Of William Taverner Baker And Alice Maude Baker, Of Exeter.
96 BakerCyril GeorgeCorporal918152RAFVR251944-09-05ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. G. 10.Son Of George H. And Annie E. Baker, Of Reigate, Surrey.
97 BakerThomasLeading Aircraftman1436731RAFVR1944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. E. 3.
98 BakerWilliam HenryLeading Aircraftman1089396RAFVR391945-05-16ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. F. 40.Son Of Andrew And Elizabeth Annie Baker, Of Chilthorne Domer, Somerset.
99 BalaamHorace WilliamCorporal 1239399 RAFVR231946-03-09ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. P. 1.Son Of Stanley George And Florence Balaam, Of Tottenham, Middlesex.
100 BallRonald SidneyFlying Officer129666RAFVR601 Sqd211943-10-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. C. 11.
101 BallJosephLeading Aircraftman1536019RAFVR241945-10-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. F. 28.Son Of Robert And Margarette Ball.
102 BamberT ALieutenant205776VSAAF12 Sqd251944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Thomas D. And Lilian C. Bamber, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
103 BamfordRobert AlecFlying Officer4213155RNZAF185 Sqd (RAF) 201945-04-12Italy Florence War Cemetery, VIII. E. 14. Husband of Mary Bamford and Father of Sara Bamford (Born 5 January 1945)
104 BanksGordon JohnWarrant Officer Class IIR/84883RCAF458 Sqd (RAAF)1943-04-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. N. 11.
105 BanksArthurSergeant1607992George CrossRAFVR112 Sqd221944-12-20ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iii, A, 7.Son Of Charles Chaplin Banks And Harriet Margaret Banks, Of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
106 BanksFrankSergeant1434766RAFVR150 Sqd231944-04-22ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. E. 4.Son Of Abraham And Winifred Harding Banks, Of Willenhall, Staffordshire; Husband Of Ivy Florence Banks, Of Willenhall.
107 BarberLeonard PercivalFlight Sergeant409647RAAF251943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. G. 5.
108 BarberJohn Desmond MulhallFlying Officer181129RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-11-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 18.Son Of Edgar Christie Barber And Florence Katherine Barber, Of Stanmore. Middlesex. May have died on 1944-11-18
109 BarbeyArthur William JohnLeading Aircraftman926805RAFVR145 Sqd221943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 3.
110 BarhamNorman Alfred HenryAircraftman 1st Class1606025RAFVR260 Sqd 211945-07-19ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. G. 3.Son Of Fredrick Charles Barham, And Of Caroline Alice Barham, Of Fulham, London.
111 BarkerRonald OwenFlying Officer116831RAFVR43 Sqd231943-07-04ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Viii. C. 11.
112 BarkerLaurence SidneyWarrant Officer Class IR/62010RCAF37 Sqd241944-03-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, I. G. 11.Son Of Sidney H. Barker, And Of Amy Nora Barker (Nee Dell), Of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
113 BarkerAllan TrevorFlying Officer175637RAFVR70 Sqd

1945-02-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 10.
114 BarkerGilbert NicklessSergeant1582998RAFVR70 Sqd

1945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 3.
115 BarlowCyril EdgarFlight Lieutenant20922Twice MiDRAF291944-06-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. C. 21.Son Of Robert Frederick And Lydia Florence Barlow, Of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.
116 BarnardAlbert LeonardSergeant1622640RAFVR104 Sqd211944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 28.Son Of Harry Clabburn Barnard And Lilian Barnard, Of Flixton, Lancashire.
117 BarnbyMLieutenant Colonel102735VDFCSAAF12 Sqd291944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Henry A. And Helen D. Barnby, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
118 BarnesDouglas StephenFlight Lieutenant44833DFMRAF18 Sqd281944-07-13ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 16.Son Of Stephen And Elizabeth Barnes, Of Aberdare, Glamorgan.
119 BarnesRonald HansonSergeant1580555RAFVR260 Sqd211944-09-25ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. C. 16.Son Of Harry And Winifred Barnes, Of Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire.
120 BarnesDennis Victor HenryFlight Sergeant1048199RAFVR37 Sqd221944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of Henry Sidney And Marguerite Elizabeth Barnes, Of Lee, London.
121 BarnesRobertLeading Aircraftman1637114RAFVR361945-02-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 26.Husband Of Edith Mary Barnes, Of Hull.
122 BarrattArthurSergeant1579787RAFVR13 Sqd211944-09-12ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 11.Son Of Nellie Elizabeth Barratt And Stepson Of Bertie Simpson, Of Leicester.
123 BarrattAlan FrederickFlight Sergeant1586979RAFVR114 Sqd 211945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. E. 7-10.Son Of Thomas And Florence Grace Barratt, Of Kew, Surrey.
124 BarrettW D'ALieutenant328973VSAAF5 Sqd1944-04-14ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. J. 10.
125 BarrowMichael Bertram PalliserSergeant1800452RAFVR250 Sqd201944-05-27ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. J. 18.Son Of Maurice Barrow, And Of Ella Barrow, Of Streatham, London.
126 BarterA BLieutenant328981VSAAF221944-05-04ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 23.Son Of Bernard G. E. And Gertrude M. C. Barter, Of Florida, Transvaal, South Africa.
127 BartholomewDenys VincentLieutenant170635VSAAF24 Sqd241944-09-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 30.Son Of Benjamin V. And Catherine A. Bartholomew, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
128 BartonStafford AlfonzoSergeant1213198RAFVR142 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 31.
129 BartonRonald GeorgeFlight Lieutenant101423RAFVR351944-07-02ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. A. 1.Son Of James William And Mabel Barton; Husband Of Kathleen May Barton, Of Nottingham.
130 BartramRichard Roy ClementsSergeant1604379RAFVR40 Sqd301944-05-25ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. D. 41-43.Son Of Richard George Bartram And Of Maude Bartram (Nee Clements); Husband Of Alice Bessie Bartram, Of Walthamstow, Essex.
131 BaryRonald EdwardWing Commander41818DSO, DFCRAF92 Sqd 291945-04-12ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VIII. D. 21.Son Of Edward And Gladwys Muriel Bary, Of Palmerston North, Wellington, New Zealand; Husband Of Doreen Mary Bary, Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
132 BascombeJohn Alexander HenlenAircraftman 1st Class1860937RAFVR135 Air Stores Park.291943-08-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 16.
133 BashfordPercival ValentineFlight Sergeant414881RAAF241944-02-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 34. Son Of John Edward George And Martha Kitchenham Bashford.
134 BaskervilleJohn BrianSergeant1004452RAFVR178 Sqd231944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 39.Son Of Albert And Annie Baskerville, Of Garston, Liverpool.
135 BassErnest FrederickPilot Officer157436RAFVR462 (RAAF) Sqd1943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 20.
136 BassettSidney LeslieSergeant1201789RAFVR243 Sqd311944-11-05ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. A. 14.Son Of Sidney And Bessie Alma Bassett, Of Ashton Gate, Bristol.
137 BassoVictor DavidSergeant700911RAFVR43 Sqd 1945-01-03ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VI. A. 10.
138 BateAlanFlying Officer66006RAFVR46 Sqd221942-11-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 8.Son Of William John And Frances Edith Bate, Of Rochester, Kent.
139 BatemanArthur ThomasSergeant658598RAF104 Sqd231943-10-30ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, B, 7.
140 Bateman-ChampainPeter John ChristopherFlight Lieutenant108603RAFVR178 Sqd261943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
141 BatesJohn WilliamFlight Sergeant1238686RAFVR14 Sqd331944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 5.Son Of John Henry Bates, And Of Marion Alice Bates, Of Wombourn, Staffordshire.
142 BatsonKennethFlight Sergeant963657RAFVR70 Sqd

281943-01-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 43.
143 BawdenHarry HealdSergeant1478506RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 12-15.Son Of Robert And Elsie Bawden, Of Cleator. Cumberland. May have died on 1944-10-13
144 BawlerReginald Charles ArthurSignaller II1852785RAFVR216 Sqd221947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of Albert James Bawler And Violet Bawler, Of Curry Mallet, Somerset.
145 BaxterThomas EdwardSergeant975888RAFVR150 Sqd1943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
146 BaxterLloyd JamesWarrant Officer Class IIR/154018RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
221944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Iii, E, 9.Son Of Ernest And Mabel Baxter, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
147 BaylissKeith AlbertPilot Officer162252RAFVR208 Sqd231944-06-06ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Iii. D. 10.Son Of Albert Henry And Lorna Bayliss, Of Thorpe Hesley, Yorkshire.
148 BaylissAlfredSergeant1239957RAFVR40 Sqd221944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. F. 30.Son Of Alfred And Ellen Gertrude Bayliss, Of Erdington, Birmingham.
149 BayntonCyrilFlight Sergeant1168793RAFVR70 Sqd

271943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
150 BealArthur RobertLeading Aircraftman1183668RAFVR241 Sqd301944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 2.Son Of Charles And Sarah Emily Beal; Husband Of Daphne Beal, Of Gillingham, Kent.
151 BealRonald AndreFlight Sergeant412883RAAF231944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 14.Son Of Ronald And Louise Beal, Of Bethune, New South Wales, Australia.
152 BealesChristopher DayFlight Lieutenant49973MiDRAF251944-05-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 29.Son Of Hubert G. D. And Alice L. Beales.
153 BeamesGeorge NormanSergeant1237250RAFVR149 Sqd211942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of George Albert And Alice Elsie Beames, Of Oadby, Leicestershire.
154 BeamesFrederick WilliamCorporal846445RAF411944-11-01ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Vi. D. 12.Son Of Fredrick Ernest And Cathrine Agnes Beames, Of Stratford, Middlesex; Husband Of Annie Violet Beames, Of Stratford.
155 BeanBruce George Harold RobertFlight SergeantR/171347RCAF148 Sqd231944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.Son Of Harold And Lillian Bean; Husband Of Kathleen Nettie Bean, Of Magog, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
156 BeardRoy James GeorgePilot Officer199014RAFVR256 Sqd 211945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. B. 4.Son Of Alfred Robert And Ellen Beard, Of Strood, Kent.
157 BeasleyDennis HaroldLeading Aircraftman1430360RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.211944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 37.Son Of William Joseph And Agnes Mary Beasley.
158 BeaumontArturoFlight Sergeant1380013RAFVR55 Sqd1943-10-18ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 23.
159 BebbingtonGerald WilliamFlight Sergeant1065474RAFVR454 Sqd1944-11-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Viii, C, 10.
160 BeckettAlfred FrancisFlying Officer145778RAFVR361943-12-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. E. 2.
161 BeechinorFrancis JohnCorporal1670817RAFVR657 Sqd281944-06-10ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iii, D, 22.Son Of Jerome And Winifred Beechinor, Of Little Eaton, Derbyshire.
162 BeeleyJohn StuartSergeant1579482RAFVR104 Sqd221944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Joint Grave Xv. C. 4-5.Son Of Arthur Cooling Beeley And Winifred Emily Beeley, Of Cinder Hill, Nottinghamshire; Husband Of Patricia Nora Beeley, Of Nottingham.
163 BeerJack GarfieldFlight Sergeant10634RAAF241943-07-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. G. 1.
164 BeerRyszard AleksanderPlutonowyPolish Air Force1944-09-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Plot 11 Row E Grave 35.
165 BeisiegelDonovan JohnLieutenant542354VSAAF145 Sqd (RAF) 211945-02-07ItalyCesena War Cemetery, II, C, 16.Son Of Jakob And Beatrice Beisiegel, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
166 BelangerJoseph MarcelLeading AircraftmanR/136953RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
221945-02-27ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XIV, E, 3.Son Of J. Henri And M. Alice Belanger, Of Mont-Joli, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
167 BellDavid MathisonWarrant Officer1347909RAFVR87 Sqd211944-11-26ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. H. 17.Son Of The Revd. D. M. Bell And Josephine Bell, Of The Manse, Forfar, Angus.
168 BellAlexander ClarkFlight Sergeant1566694RAFVR600 Sqd 351945-05-05ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, B, 5.Son Of Joseph And Williamina Clark Bell; Husband Of Mary W. Bell.
169 BellisGordon WorsleyFlight Lieutenant104181RAFVR114 Sqd1943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 45.
170 BeltVictor Stanley JamesSergeant547685RAF40 Sqd251944-09-07ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, A, 8.Son Of James William And Ellen Louisa Belt, Of Roath, Cardiff.
171 BenjaminSydney HymanFlight Sergeant1272288RAFVR1435 Sqd201943-07-12ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 4.
172 BenneeP WLieutenant328719VSAAF5 Sqd211944-09-09ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xviii. J. 12.Son Of Dr. And Mrs. A. J. Bennee, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
173 BennettDennis AnthonySergeant1802739RAFVR178 Sqd221944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 38.Son Of William Samuel And Dorothy Emily Mary Bennett; Husband Of Ada Kathleen Bennett, Of Wick, Littlehampton, Sussex.
174 BennieJames HoggSergeant710312RAFVR237 Sqd 191945-04-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, II. C. 2.Son Of Matthew And Alison May Bennie, Of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.
175 BensleyMarcusFlight Sergeant425586RAAF211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 3.Son Of Mark And Ellen May Bensley, Of Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia.
176 BensonLeslieLeading Aircraftman1035648RAFVR341944-11-07ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 22.Husband Of Ellen Doris Benson, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
177 BentMatthewCorporal1409798RAFVR361945-02-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 8.Son Of Matthew And Hannah Bent; Husband Of Edna M. M. Bent, Of Leicester.
178 BergErik ChristianFlight Sergeant1390400RAFVR272 Sqd 241945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. F. 9.Son Of Carl Christian And Ingrid Berg, Of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
179 BerryJamesFlight Sergeant643934RAF296 Sqd231943-07-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 7.
180 BerryErnest GrahamSergeant1359891RAFVR1943-10-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. E. 1.
181 BerryRonaldLeading Aircraftman1540324RAFVR221944-12-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. A. 6.Son Of Arthur And Ethel Berry, Of Wallasey, Cheshire; Husband Of Sarah Elizabeth Berry.
182 BerwickEdwardFlight Sergeant1218149RAFVR142 Sqd1944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 1-5.
183 BestAubrey RossSergeant1602024RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 12-15.Son Of Aubrey Hewitt Best And Fairy Gertrude Best, Of Brighton, Sussex. May have died on 1944-10-13
184 BetteridgeEric EdwardFlight Sergeant1602883RAFVR104 Sqd201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32.Son Of Stanley Edward And Catherine Betteridge, Of Fawley, Hampshire.
185 BettlesKevin JosephWarrant Officer1320322RAFVR148 Sqd221944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 9-11.Son Of Frederick Charles And Mary Bettles, Of Tempsford, Bedfordshire.
186 BettsDouglas HenrySergeant1318481RAFVR142 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 27.
187 BettsGeorge ArthurFlight Sergeant1334069RAFVR37 Sqd231944-11-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 30.Son Of Thomas Benjamin And Rachel Deborah Betts, Of Norwich.
188 BeukesL. Von S.Captain47891VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

261944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 4.Son Of Mattheus J. H. And Martha Beukes; Husband Of Susanna M. Beukes, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
189 BezuidenhoutE RWarrant Officer Class II542837VSAAF12 Sqd231944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. W.F. Bezuidenhout, Of Coligny, Transvaal, South Africa.
190 BiceFrederick CyrilSergeant1101768RAFVR18 Sqd 281945-05-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. H. 12.Son Of Frederick Malachi Bice And Flora Bice; Husband Of Edith Bice, Of Lincoln.
191 BickfordRonald FrederickFlight Sergeant1585102RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-05-02ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 12.Son Of Harry Chambers Bickford And Violetta Maud Bickford, Of Plymouth.
192 BiggsRobert WilliamSergeant339617RAFVR18 Sqd 251945-02-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 5.Son Of Ernest And Frances Biggs, Of Acton, Middlesex.
193 BillingStuart BertramFlight Sergeant1382317RAFVR70 Sqd

1943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
194 BillingWilliam HenryPilot OfficerJ/88630RCAF272 Sqd (RAF)1944-08-31ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. C. 4.
195 BillinghurstDerek John WilliamSergeant1628300RAFVR178 Sqd 201945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 9.Son Of Eric Edward John And Eva Florence Billinghurst, Of Hayes, Bromley, Kent.
196 BilsbyRalph TrenhamFlight Sergeant415222RAAF211943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
197 BinghamWilliam JohnSergeant1796293RAFVR114 Sqd201944-10-02ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, A, 19-21.Son Of James And Maria Bingham, Of Greencastle, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
198 BinghamKevin JoffreFlight Sergeant426027RAAF201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32. Son Of John Henry James Bingham And Clara Ivy Bingham, Of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
199 BirchRaymond HarrySergeant1873585RAFVR178 Sqd201944-04-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 9.Son Of Harry Edward And Ellen Rosina Birch, Of Wyverstone, Suffolk.
200 BirchStanleyPilot Officer189758RAFVR114 Sqd 261945-03-02ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 17.Son Of John Wilkinson Birch And Emily Birch; Husband Of Myrtle Birch, Of Whitkirk, Yorkshire. May have died on 1945-03-03
201 BirdB ALieutenant206166VSAAF4 Sqd201943-11-07ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xiii. D. 9.
202 BirdDonald CharlesSergeant1256225RAFVR291945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 15.Husband Of Ivy Helen Bird, Of Dunkirk, Kent.
203 BirkettArthurSergeant1077732RAFVR18 Sqd1944-07-18ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 19.
204 BirminghamFrederick BrookFlight Lieutenant113268DFCRAFVR462 (RAAF) Sqd221943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 22.
205 BirtlesJames JohnSergeant2209439RAFVR148 Sqd201944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. C. 12.Son Of James And M. Birtles, Of Altrincham, Cheshire.
206 BishopJohn DillonFlying Officer47904RAF251943-04-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, I. C. 15.
207 BishopDavid WilfredSergeant1391762RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 8-11.Son Of Ernest Charles And Lilian Annie Bishop, Of Waltham Abbey, Essex.
208 BlacklawsA RLieutenant581629VSAAF19 Sqd 191945-04-21ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, IX. H. 1.Son Of David B. And Ivah E. Blacklaws, Of Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa.
209 BlackmoreDouglas GeorgeFlight Sergeant655145RAF39 Sqd221943-03-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 13.
210 BlackwellGeorge WilliamWarrant Officer1206552RAFVR293 Sqd351944-11-20ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, H, 2.Son Of Frederick William And Annie Blackwell, Of Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire; Husband Of Dorothy Margaret Blackwell, Of Wootton Bassett.
211 BladenWilliam MichaelSergeant1510804RAFVR40 Sqd221943-08-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. N. 10.Son Of William And Mary Bladen, Of Widnes, Lancashire. Date of death might have been 1943-08-16
212 BlainDavid ThompsonFlying Officer55404RAFVR40 Sqd 231945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 4.Son Of David And Agnes Helen Reid Blain, Of Glasgow.
213 BlairRobert EdwardSergeant1796287RAFVR114 Sqd191944-01-04ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. A. 1.Son Of Frederick Charles And Annie Blair, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
214 BlakeLawrence AlanLeading Aircraftman1458277RAFVR13 Sqd211944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 12.Son Of Aylmer Cameron Blake And Mildred Lilian Blake, Of Foulsham, Norfolk.
215 BlakeJames Henry BanningWing Commander33433MBERAF1945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 10.
216 BlancJ PLieutenant211492VSAAF37 Sqd (RAF)281944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 6.Son Of Dr. M. A. Blanc And Mrs. N. Blanc, Of Melsetter, Southern Rhodesia. May have died on 1944-07-14
217 BlandDennis JohnFlying Officer158252RAFVR13 Sqd291944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 41.Son Of Dennis And Ellen May Bland, Of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
218 BlattP ALieutenant581173VSAAF34 Sqd 241945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 3.Son Of Pieter A. And Davina J. S. Blatt, Of Malmesbury, Cape Province, South Africa.
219 BlomGeorge HenryPilot Officer420525RAAF251944-09-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 20.Son Of Otto Pieter And Emma Hayward Blom, Of Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
220 BlomW DLieutenant581737VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)191945-07-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. A. 4.Son Of Daniel J. And Winifred M. A. T. Blom, Of Amalinda, Cape Province, South Africa.
221 BloodworthCharles OscarFlying Officer45553RAF281941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 5.Son of Eric Charles and Dorothy Bloodworth; Husband of Kathleen Mary Bloodworth, of Ampthill, Bedfordshire.
222 BlumrickA AFlight Sergeant116715VSAAF431944-10-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 29.Son Of Gustav A. And Friedericke Blumrick, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
223 BluntJohn GeorgeLeading Aircraftman964927RAFVR2721 Sqd, RAF Regt.241944-04-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. L. 9.Son Of John George And Lily Maud Blunt, Of Bournbrook, Birmingham.
224 BlustonHyam MauriceFlight Sergeant1321872RAFVR18 Sqd231944-12-28ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 12.Son Of Simon And Hannah Bluston, Of Stoke Newington, London.
225 BoardmanRoySergeant610906RAF207 Sqd291942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of Harry And Margaret Boardman, Of Manchester.
226 BodenJohn StuartFlight Sergeant426013RAAF142 (City of Worcester) Sqd211944-04-16Hungary Budapest War Cemetery, Ii. E. 10. He was aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of John And Kathleen Elizabeth Boden, of Casino, New South Wales, Australia; Husband of Ethel Boden, of Gordon Park, Queensland, Australia.
227 BodenhamJohn EdwardFlying Officer162013RAFVR104 Sqd191944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Ii. F. 1.Son Of James F. And Ethel Susanne Bodenham, Of Weybridge, Surrey.
228 BondDeryck HunterPilot OfficerJ/86529RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)221944-05-15ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Iii. C. 7.Son Of Harold And Florence Bond, Of Kelowna, British Columbia.
229 BondWilliam Alan CharlesCorporal904985RAFVR614 Sqd251944-09-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 19.Son Of George Fairlie Bond And Margaret Ellen Bond, Of Cringleford, Norfolk.
230 BondB CLieutenant582028VSAAF11 Sqd 201945-07-26ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. A. 13.Son Of Eric C. And Mary Bond, Of Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa.
231 BoneStanley Cornelius HenryFlying Officer130944RAF37 Sqd211943-08-08ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. C. 38-39.
232 BooyseFransLieutenant94429VSAAF21 Sqd261943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 33-35.
233 BorderStanleyCorporal644061RAF221943-11-19ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 23.
234 BoschD CLieutenant328959VSAAF7 Sqd1944-11-17ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, C, 10.
235 BosherFrank ChristopherLeading Aircraftman1245405RAFVR1945-05-23ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 21.
236 BosleyPercy Raymond JamesSergeant926288RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 7.Son Of George And Matilda Annie Bosley, Of Thatcham, Berkshire.
237 BostockAlexander ThomasFlight Sergeant1818442RAFVR18 Sqd 201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave VI. B. 10-13.Son Of William And Ada Bostock, Of Kimberley, Nottinghamshire.
238 BostonCharles HenryPilot Officer191425RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 9.Son Of Charles And Eliza Boston, Of Birkenhead.
239 BoswellJack EdwardSergeant1388279RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8. May have died on 1944-10-13
240 BothaD LWarrant Officer Class IP/3803VSAAF21 Sqd1944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. B. 24-27.
241 BothaC JAir Corporal96008VSAAF7 Sqd 361945-05-01ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 9.Husband Of Johanna M. Botha, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
242 BothamJames HaroldFlight Lieutenant124378RAFVR148 Sqd231944-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 17.Son Of Harold Botham, And Of Edith Gertrude Botham, Of Kearsley, Lancashire.
243 BouchierAnthony WallaceFlight Sergeant1335662RAFVR72 Sqd221943-12-19ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xii. D. 1.
244 BoultonRexSergeant1527065RAFVR424 Sqd1943-08-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 30-34.
245 BowerBertramCorporal1061569RAFVR331945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 8.Son Of Arthur And Florence Bower; Husband Of Rose Annie Bower, Of Holymoorside, Derbyshire.
246 BoweringGordonSergeant1439758RAFVR142 Sqd241943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. J. 7-9.
247 BowieValance TrentFlight Sergeant402450RNZAF149 Sqd (RAF)251942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. B. 3.Son Of Thomas Herbert Bowie And Of Mildred Maud Bowie (Nee Trent), Of Auckland City, New Zealand.
248 BowkerStanley CharlesFlight Sergeant420435RAAF221943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
249 BowlerHarry ConradSergeant1851797RAFVR104 Sqd191944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 30.Son Of Harry And Lilian Margeret Southam, Of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
250 BowmanCyril ThomasSergeant1291113RAFVR221943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 30.
251 BowmanH EAir Sergeant72721VSAAF17 Sqd281944-11-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 17.Son Of Nellie Bowman, And Stepson Of Michael Brink, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa; Husband Of Joan Bowman, Of Durban.
252 BowringFrances CharlesFlying OfficerJ/13097RCAF13 Sqd (RAF)231944-05-11ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 39.Son Of Charles Richard And Elsie Bowring, Of Milton, Ontario, Canada; Husband Of Helen Marguerite Bowring, Of Milton.
253 BoyceJohn SamuelSergeant1332588RAFVR614 Sqd201944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 15.Son Of Fredric John And Nellie Boyce; Husband Of Violet Winifred Boyce, Of West Croydon, Surrey.
254 BoydC W LLieutenant328595VSAAF201945-01-23ItalyForli War Cemetery, VIII, C, 7.Son Of Edward And Dorothy Boyd, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
255 BoyleWilliamSergeant1369114RAFVR150 Sqd211944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 12.Son Of Laurence Boyle, And Of Agnes Boyle, Of Methil, Fife.
256 BoysNigel G.Lieutenant191200VSAAF40 Sqd211944-08-03ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. K. 12.Son Of Charles And Ethel A. Boys, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
257 BradshawGeorge WilliamSergeant1803965RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-09-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 5.Son Of Albert And Jessie Florence Bradshaw, Of East Dulwich, London.
258 BradshawGeorge ThomasLeading Aircraftman1286121RAFVR657 A.O.P. Sqd321944-06-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. M. 16.Son Of Walter And Anne Bradshaw; Husband Of Cecilia Ellen Bradshaw, Of New Cross, London.
259 BradyWilliamFlight Sergeant1075561RAFVR18 Sqd291944-08-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. D. 4-7.Son Of William And Violetta Brady; Husband Of Gladys Brady, Of Ferryhill, Co. Durham.
260 BrallF WLieutenant62624VSAAF21 Sqd1944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. B. 24-27.
261 BrandStanley SherwenFlying Officer122361RAFVR178 Sqd211943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
262 BrandJ ELieutenant206536VSAAF7 Sqd201944-04-18ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. G. 14.Son Of John D. And Violetta A. Brand, Of Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa.
263 BrayGordon PagePilot OfficerJ/17673RCAF1435 Sqd211943-06-29ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. H. 4.
264 BrayRonald CecilFlight Sergeant1315659RAFVR178 Sqd221944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. C. 8.Son Of Cecil Leonard And Annie Jane Bray, Of Bradford-On-Avon, Wiltshire.
265 BreakeyT. J. Mcd.Lieutenant329121VSAAF2 Sqd 221945-04-25ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, B, 15.Son Of Isaiah And Violet L. Breakey, Of Trompsburg, Orange Free State, South Africa.
266 BreedtL AAir Sergeant542490VSAAF21 Sqd1943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. D. 27.
267 BremnerNLieutenant206879VSAAF7 Sqd 261945-04-13ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, C, 21.Son Of William S. And Caroline E. Bremner, Of Springs, Transvaal, South Africa.
268 BrentonWilliam FrederickFlight Sergeant417453RAAF241944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 20.Son Of William Charles Henry And Charlotte Moffat Brenton; Husband Of Patricia Brenton, Of Kensington Park, South Australia.
269 BrettErnest EdwardSergeant1613907RAFVR114 Sqd1944-06-04ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave. Xix. G. 10.
270 BrettellDavid Graham MacduffFlight Sergeant700926RAFVR250 Sqd 201945-01-30ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 2.Son Of William Percy Macduff Brettell And Gertrude Ellen Brettell, Of Kitale, Kenya. His Brother William Anthony Macduff Brettell Also Died On Service.
271 BrewisAlan GeoffreyFlight Lieutenant129531RAFVR19 Sqd291944-09-08ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. C. 2.Son Of The Revd. John Brewis, And Of Carrie Constance Brewis, Of Oswestry, Shropshire; Husband Of Vera Joan Brewis, Of Oswestry.
272 BrewsterArchibaldSergeant975232RAFVR70 Sqd

271944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Joint Grave Xx. H. 11-12.Son Of James And Elizabeth Brewster, Of Dunfermline, Fife.
273 BriandAlfred LouisPilot Officer189159DFCRAFVR145 Sqd 221945-02-08ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. A. 10.Son Of Charles Clement Briand, And Of Nellie Briand, Of Dagenham, Essex.
274 BriceR DWarrant Officer Class II328342VSAAF21 Sqd201944-06-30ItalyForli War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv, D, 1-2.Son Of Harry L. And Millicent E. Brice, Of Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa.
275 BridgesNorman GeorgePilot Officer198797RAFVR114 Sqd 231945-08-25ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. A. 11.Son Of Robert And Bessie Maud Bridges.
276 BridgmanSidney WilliamSergeant1312743RAFVR37 Sqd231943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, F, 31.
277 BriggsWilliamSergeant1581878RAFVR70 Sqd

191944-06-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 23.Son Of William And Edith Briggs, Of Coventry.
278 BriggsWilliamLeading Aircraftman1527593RAFVR251945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. A. 9.Son Of Raymond And Jane Annie Reid Briggs, Of Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire.
279 BrighamKennethFlight Sergeant1000239RAFVR18 Sqd211943-09-26ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 40.
280 BrighamJack MccraeFlight Sergeant41141RNZAF243 Sqd221944-06-12ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, I, F, 3.Son Of John Mccrae Brigham And Clara Georgina Brigham, Of Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand.
281 BrinkG SCaptain36228VSAAF24 Sqd1944-07-04ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 28.
282 BrislanJohn GlenFlight SergeantR/156384RCAF424 Sqd201943-08-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave, Iii. E. 30-34.
283 BritsJ H SWarrant Officer Class II101681VSAAF24 Sqd221944-09-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 32.Son Of Josina M. Van Wyk, Of Discovery, Transvaal, South Africa.
284 BrittainHenry LeonardSergeant1145431RAFVR150 Sqd201943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, G, 14.
285 BritzJohannes FrederickLieutenant ColonelP/102633VDFCSAAF21 Sqd271943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. D. 30.
286 BroadFrederick JohnSergeant1800908RAFVR40 Sqd221944-05-25ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. D. 41-43.Son Of Frederick And Ethel Mary Broad, Of Sunbury-On-Thames, Middlesex.
287 BroadbentWalter RuleLeading Aircraftman1561060RAFVR241944-10-28ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, A, 3.Son Of James M. And Sarah C. Broadbent, Of Edinburgh.
288 BrodieIan James DuncanPilot Officer149883RAFVR75 Sqd RNZAF
271943-03-08GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 2. G. 12.Son Of 2/Lt. Duncan Smith Brodie, York And Lancaster Regt. (Killed In Italy, 15Th June, 1918), And Of Agnes Ida Brodie, Of Doune, Perthshire. Dux Ludorum, Mclaren High School, Callander.
289 BrodieRichard Frederick CharlesFlying Officer136196RAFVR43 Sqd211944-01-02ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 14.Son Of Cyril Fredrick Clements Brodie And Catherine Eliza Brodie, Of Balham, London.
290 BrokenshaWilliam OwenFlight Sergeant778272RAFVR55 Sqd271943-10-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 1.
291 BromfieldJohn HenryCorporal1072927RAFVR341945-03-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. B. 14.Son Of Alfred George And Gertrude Phyllis Bromfield; Husband Of Edith Rose Bromfield, Of Sandy, Bedfordshire.
292 BrookerWilliam JohnFlight Sergeant430434RAAF201945-04-09ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. B. 27.Son Of Roy Ulric James Hubert And Elizabeth Mary Brooker, Of Albert Park, Victoria, Australia.
293 BrownMark HenryWing Commander37904DFCRAF249 Sqd1941-11-12Italy Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, III. G. 24. Czechoslovakian Military Cross
294 BrownRichard Job ThomasFlying Officer120912RAF39 Sqd261942-11-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 25.Son Of Joseph Harold And Lucy Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Ethel Brown, Of Chiswick, Middlesex.
295 BrownEric WilliamSquadron Leader40074RAF150 Sqd281943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 9.
296 BrownDouglasSergeant1317926RAFVR61 Sqd221943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 3.
297 BrownAllan EdwardFlying Officer137147RAFVR18 Sqd221944-03-11ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, E, 2.Son Of Edward And Grace Brown, Of West Bridgford, Nottingham.
298 BrownReginald Leslie ArthurLeading Aircraftman1156203RAFVR241 Sqd301944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 5.Son Of William And Ellen Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Joyce Mary Brown, Of Rushden, Northamptonshire.
299 BrownGordanSergeant1673141RAFVR201944-08-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. F. 3.Son Of Ernest And Margaret Lilian Brown, Of Whitehaven, Cumberland.
300 BrownReginald Archibald PercivalPilot Officer15705RAAF281944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 23.Son Of Archibald Frederick And Rose Brown, Of Wetherill Park, New South Wales, Australia.
301 BrownEdgar AlecWarrant Officer1333806RAFVR55 Sqd 231945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. E. 14.Son Of Alec Wilfred And Ellen Brown, Of West Raynham, Norfolk.
302 BrownJohn Baldwin FoulgerSergeant3040093RAFVR55 Sqd 191945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 7.Son Of Louis F. And Eleanor Brown, Of Alnwick, Northumberland.
303 BrownFrank WilliamSergeant1711888RAFVR421945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 5.Son Of William George And Harriet Ann Brown; Husband Of Ventriss May Brown, Of Stoneleigh, Surrey.
304 BrownBrian WilliamPilot Officer410035RAAF231945-04-05ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. G. 4.Son Of George And Maie Josephine Brown, Of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.
305 BrowneKenneth Hugh CecilAircraftman 1st Class970756RAFVR607 Sqd261943-08-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 39.
306 BrowningAlbert CharlesSergeant1179328RAFVR331945-12-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. O. 3.Foster-Son Of Henry And Selina Smith, Of Whitehall, Bristol.
307 BruceFrederick ThompsonFlight Lieutenant154969RAFVR216 Sqd231947-03-08ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Coll. Grave IV. S. 6-13.Son Of F. T. And Ethel Bruce, Of Hampstead, London.
308 BryanMauriceSergeant1252090RAFVR40 Sqd211942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 25.Son Of Maurice And Elizabeth Bryan. Of Woodford, Essex.
309 BryantBenjamin LawrenceSergeant1386705RAFVR104 Sqd221943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, F, 10.
310 BrysonFrank RaynerLeading Aircraftman1246589RAFVR371944-10-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. S. 11.Son Of Frank Inge Bryson And Susanna Bryson; Husband Of Marjorie Isabel Bryson, Of Rainham, Kent.
311 BuchH JCaptain47577VSAAF4 Sqd261943-12-31ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 13.
312 BuchananColin HughFlying Officer133488RAFVR55 Sqd251943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
313 BuckleDudley Gordon GeorgeSergeant1810316RAFVR70 Sqd

1943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 24.
314 BuckleyMaurice WilliamSergeant1380001RAFVR148 Sqd1942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.
315 BuckleyBayneFlight SergeantR/136372RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)1943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
316 BucksJohnSergeant772720RAF34 Sqd (SAAF)1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll Grave Iii. E. 8-11.
317 BullArthur DennisFlying Officer133776RAFVR104 Sqd331944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 23.Son Of Frederick George And Annie Bull, Of Winslow, Buckinghamshire.
318 BullardFrancisLieutenant206276VSAAF15 Sqd 301945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave IV. E. 2-3.Son Of Francis H. And Thyra Bullard; Of Springs, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Elizabeth H. B. Bullard, Of Springs.
319 BullochAlexanderCorporal1057146RAFVR341945-05-14ItalyRome War Cemetery, II. D. 25.Son Of Andrew And Helen Bulloch, Of Larkhill, Lanarkshire.
320 BundyRobert OswaldSergeant1586935RAFVR104 Sqd211944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. F. 3-5.Son Of Robert William And Elsie Bundy; Husband Of Grace Betty Bundy, Of Romford, Essex.
321 BunnEdward BernardFlight Lieutenant127282RAFVR13 Sqd 231945-01-31ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 4-7.Son Of Edward Percy And Agnes Bunn; Husband Of Joan Bunn, Of West Kensington, London.
322 BunyanJohn Walter Robert AndreSergeant1392128RAFVR104 Sqd211944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 40.Son Of John Bunyan And Of Charlotte Bunyan (Nee Presle), Of Islington, London.
323 BurcherLeslie JamesSergeant919091RAFVR107 Sqd221941-12-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, IV. B. 49.Son of John Morley Burcher and Lucy Maria Burcher, of Bedminster, Bristol.
324 BurgerP C RCaptain103205VSAAF4 Sqd1944-07-18ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Iv. C. 1.
325 BurnardJames Fry LeslieLieutenant542821VSAAF11 Sqd 231945-02-17ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, VIII. K. 5.Son Of Percy And Addy Burnard, Of Cape Town, South Africa; Husband Of Anna Johanna Burnard.
326 BurnellHarold HamlynWing Commander39299DSORAF371945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 7.Son Of Edgar Phillip And Jean May Burnell; Husband Of Lilian Irene Burnell, Of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
327 BurrellArthur CharlesFlight Lieutenant101577RAFVR114 Sqd301943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 1.
328 BurrellDerek ThomasFlight Sergeant1865843RAFVR174 Sqd 201945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 14.Son Of Charles D. Burrell, And Of Rose E. Burrell, Of Hayes, Middlesex.
329 BurtonRalph CharlesSergeant1584576RAFVR40 Sqd 211945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. D. 8.Son Of Frank Alfred And Annie Burton, Of Walsall, Staffordshire.
330 BurwellAdrian JamesFlight SergeantR/95646RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)231943-04-10ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. D. 10.
331 ButlerWalter DonaldGroup Captain26008RAFCdg. 285 Wing371943-09-18ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 33.
332 ButlerLeonard Maurice StewartFlying Officer127953RAFVR241 Sqd211944-03-21ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. F. 2.Son Of Colonel Richard Barry Butler, C.I.E., C.B.E., M.C., And Offr. Ensign Marjory Stewart Butler, American Amb. Corps (Great Britain), Formerly F.A.N.Y. (Died On Active Service 11Th May, 1941), Of Castle Carrock, Cumberland.
333 ButlerKennethSergeant1581733RAFVR55 Sqd211944-07-29ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 6.Son Of George And Rachel Butler, Of Darlaston, South Staffordshire.
334 ButlerReginald Edward StanleyCorporal630026RAF92 Sqd1944-07-08ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, H, 3.
335 BuxtonJames LeonardSergeant1387989RAFVR454 (RAAF) Sqd 221945-04-19ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave V. C. 3-6.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. R. H. Buxton, Of Barnsbury, London.
336 BythewayJohnLeading Aircraftman 1099808 RAFVR1946-03-06ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. O. 18.
337 CaldecuttTom HoughtonFlight Sergeant1190116RAFVR55 Sqd1944-04-07ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Iv, C, 7.
338 CaleyBrian PhilipSergeant1623680RAFVR37 Sqd201944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 14.Son Of Robert Dixon Caley And Enid Bertha Caley, Of Otley, Yorkshire.
339 CalhounJohn CaldwellWarrant Officer Class IIR/84954RCAF148 Sqd241944-03-03ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 16.Son Of John Weston Calhoun And Lillian M. Calhoun, Of Lewisville, New Brunswick, Canada.
340 CameronHughFlying Officer49681DFCRAF114 Sqd221943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. E. 46.
341 CameronRobertSergeant1130757RAFVR221 Sqd221944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 46.Son Of Robert And Ethel Cameron; Husband Of Phyliss May Cameron, Of Sandiacre, Derbyshire.
342 CameronJames SpaldingPilot Officer195466RAFVR114 Sqd 331945-02-19ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 3-5.Son Of John And Annie Cameron; Husband Of Dorothy May Cameron, Of Kelday Castle, Yorkshire.
343 CampbellIan Alexander CalthropFlying Officer127887RAFVR111 Sqd211943-12-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 7.
344 CampbellAdam GrayAircraftman 1st Class1567326RAFVR1435 Sqd201943-12-31ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 9.
345 CampbellEarl KennethFlying OfficerJ/8598RCAF18 (RAF) Sqd1943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. H. 3.
346 CampbellD BLieutenant206098SAAF21 Sqd201943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 27.
347 CampbellD JLieutenant206104VSAAF4 Sqd211943-11-08ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xiii. C. 4.
348 CampbellJeffrey WilliamFlight Sergeant413959RAAF201943-04-10ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. D. 10.
349 CampbellHudson CecilFlying OfficerJ/17252RCAF14 Sqd (RAF)221944-02-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 20.Son Of William Russell Campbell And Agnes Mabel Campbell, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
350 CampbellThomasFlight Sergeant1131139RAFVR18 Sqd211944-01-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. S. 1.Son Of John And Sarah Campbell, O Bootle, Liverpool.
351 CampbellWilliam FreemanFlying OfficerJ/22247RCAF221 Sqd221944-01-04ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, E, 321.Son Of William Mcfarlane Campbell And Marjorie F. Campbell, Of Hamilton, Ontario.
352 CampbellThe Rev. George Adam GordonChaplain106468RAFVR25 Sqd (SAAF)301944-09-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 5.Son Of George Gordon Campbell, And Of Janetta Martine Ronaldson Campbell, Of Comrie, Perthshire. M.A.(Edin.).
353 CanovanStanislaus IgnutiusSergeant1238313RAFVR104 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
354 CantrillCharles StanleySergeant1898683RAFVR178 Sqd 301945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 7.Son Of Jessie William And Ellen Cantrill; Husband Of Ellen Patricia Cantrill, Of Hook, Surbiton, Surrey.
355 CapewellEdward HugoFlight Sergeant413250RNZAF104 (RAF) Sqd251943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
356 CarlsonJohn ArvidCorporal818181RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)271945-03-27ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. F. 18.Son Of Alec And Edith Carlson, Of Cardiff; Husband Of Gwyneth Maud Carlson, Of Cardiff.
357 CarlyleJohn FairfaxSquadron Leader43960RAF237 Sqd 261945-04-18ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, VIII. H. 4.Son Of Thomas Fairfax Carlyle And Isabel Margaret Carlyle, Of Sherborne, Dorsetshire.
358 CarmanThomas FrederickSergeant1875076RAFVR24 Sqd (SAAF)201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 5.Son Of Francis John And Elizabeth Carman, Of Pitsea, Essex.
359 CarpenterRonald FrankSergeant1392923RAFVR37 Sqd231943-08-08ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 37.
360 CarrWilliam LaurenceFlight Sergeant421316RNZAF40 (RAF) Sqd341943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 22.
361 CarrJames RoySergeant1620942RAFVR112 Sqd201944-06-02ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. F. 12.Son Of Reginald And Dorothy Mary Carr, Of Greenhill, Sheffield.
362 CarruthersJohn David Rupert BernardFlight Lieutenant400963RAAF251944-08-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. D. 4-7.Son Of The Revd. David Davidson Carruthers And Muriel Eugenie Carruthers, Of Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
363 CarterHughie WilliamSergeant628721RAF10 Sqd221940-08-27ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 10.Son Of Lt. Hugh Carter, The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regt.), (Killed In France 18Th October, 1918), And Of Edith Carter, Of Dover.
364 CarterAmbrose ThomasSergeant1253846RAFVR149 Sqd351942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. B. 1.Son Of Thomas Edwin And Lilian Carter; Husband Of Margaret Mcintyre Carter, Of Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex.
365 CarterKenneth RossSergeant933794RAFVR142 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 6.
366 CarterDonald NicholasSergeant1330255RAFVR18 Sqd211943-10-13ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. F. 3.
367 CarterNicholasFlight Sergeant934904RAFVR40 Sqd191943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 14.
368 CarterGeoffrey WiliamFlight Lieutenant132305RAFVR18 Sqd261944-03-16ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, C, 18.Son Of William Howard Carter And Edna Lovell Carter, Of Barbados, British West Indies.
369 CarterEdmund WilliamFlying Officer55063RAF70 Sqd

221944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 26.Son Of Edmund William And Martha Carter, Of Hillingdon Heath, Middlesex.
370 CarterGuy LloydAir CommodoreDSO, AFCRAFHQ Balkan Air Force441944-07-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. C. 9.Legion Of Merit (U.S.A.).  Son Of Henry Lloyd Carter And Lumley Carter; Husband Of Hilary Mary Carter, Of Little Hadham, Hertfordshire.
371 CarterLeslieSergeant1685158RAFVR30 Sqd (SAAF)221945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 5.Son Of William Edwin And Mary Crabtree Miller Carter, Of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.
372 CarterE PLieutenant328707VSAAF34 Sqd 221945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 4.Son Of Henry K. And Elizabeth M. Carter, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
373 CartterW CLieutenant338099VSAAF12 Sqd201944-04-25ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, B, 2-3.Son Of Frederick E. And Alice S. Cartter, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
374 CasboltTerence William HenrySergeant1467115RAFVR76 Sqd211942-11-20ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 6-11.Son Of Charles Victor And Emma Vera Georgina Casbolt, Of Cambridge.
375 CashinPatrickFlight Sergeant968964RAFVR142 Sqd261944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. E. 10.Son Of Michael Cashin And Of Margaret Cashin (Nee Carty), Of New Ross, Co. Wexford, Irish Republic.
376 CashmoreHoraceCorporal1530081RAFVR211944-01-17ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 19.Son Of Charles And Mary Jane Cashmore, Of Birmingham.
377 CassonJohnPilot Officer160186CGMRAFVR250 Sqd211944-05-27ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iv, A, 16.Son Of Henry And Olive Beatrice Casson, Of Inyanga, Southern Rhodesia. His Brother William Harry Also Died On Service.
378 CathlesNoel Alfred CampbellPilot Officer102975RAFVR110 Sqd251941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 20.Son of Albert Cathles, and of Ada R. Cathles, of Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.
379 CatonErnest BernardFlight Sergeant1292145RAFVR142 Sqd291943-12-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 9.
380 CauchiAnthony WilliamFlight Sergeant776048RAFVR55 Sqd 241945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 7.Son Of William And Luisa Cauchi, Of Port Said, Egypt.
381 CaudleRonald HartleburySergeant1835935RAFVR37 Sqd191943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. H. 14.
382 Cave-BrowneEdward HenryFlying Officer106194RAFVR23 Sqd201943-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 38.
383 CawleyRobert JackCorporal1272583RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.221943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 29.
384 ChabotCharles Warden ErnestWarrant Officer Class II542302VSAAF12 Sqd201944-03-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. F. 5.Son Of Vincent And Nellie Chabot, Of George, Cape Province, South Africa.
385 ChadwickVivian RaymundSergeant1578279RAFVR104 Sqd201944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Joint Grave Xv. C. 4-5.Son Of Vivian Raymund Chadwick And Elsie Doris Chadwick, Of Rugeley, Staffordshire.
386 ChalmersWilliamSergeant1256369RAFVR40 Sqd261942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave I. K. 21-22.Son Of Alexander And Elizabeth Chalmers, Of Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.
387 ChalmersGordonFlight Sergeant1132879RAFVR40 Sqd221943-11-25ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 12.
388 ChalmersWilliamLeading Aircraftman1343313RAFVR231945-02-04ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. E. 1.Son Of James And Rebecca Chalmers, Of Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire.
389 ChambersWilliam HelmAircraftman 1st Class1343057RAFVR81 Sqd281943-10-02ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. E. 27.
390 ChambersKenneth EricFlying Officer147104RAFVR108 Sqd221944-05-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 29.Son Of Ernest And Ethel Chambers, Of Lewisham, London.
391 ChandlerReginaldFlying Officer126688RAFVR600 Sqd241944-02-18ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. H. 11.Son Of William And Minnie Anne Chandler, Of Eastleigh, Hampshire; Husband Of Vera Eileen Chandler, Of Eastleigh.
392 ChaplinR ELieutenant90481VSAAF4 Sqd211944-05-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 6.Son Of Ernest And Helen A. Chaplin, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
393 ChapmanThomas CharlesCorporal635953RAF112 Sqd241944-07-01ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 17.Son Of Charles Chapman, And Of Lydia Chapman, Of Barnstaple, Devon.
394 ChapmanW JAir Mechanic208515VSAAF12 Sqd1944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. A. 28-32.
395 ChapmanEdward GeoffreySergeant1323119RAFVR148 Sqd211944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 25.Son Of Walter Thomas Chapman And Daisy Ethel Chapman, Of Staines, Middlesex.
396 ChapmanGeorge EdwardLeading Aircraftman1147237RAFVR6 Sqd321944-11-17ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. E. 4.Son Of Herbert Edward And Clare Chapman, Of Broughton, Northamptonshire, England; Husband Of Kathleen Mary Chapman, Of Broughton.
397 ChapmanAmbrose ArthurFlight Sergeant571903RAF111 Sqd 1945-03-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 6.
398 ChappellBoyce HerbertFlight Sergeant1299294RAFVR104 Sqd 231945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 2.Son Of George Herbert And Cecilia Chappell, Of Redruth, Cornwall.
399 ChapplePaxtonPilot Officer422368RNZAF1435 Sqd 221945-04-25ItalyAncona War Cemetery, I. K. 16.Son Of Hollis Miro Blanchard Chapple And Constance Chapple, Of Waiwera, Auckland, New Zealand.
400 CharalambousChristakisPilot Officer162971RAFVR40 Sqd301944-07-13ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 8.Son Of Charalambous And Haji Maritsa Charalambous, Of Nicosia, Cyprus.
401 CharlesRobertFlight Sergeant1562672RAFVR600 Sqd231944-10-14ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. G. 14-15.Son Of Robert And Jessie Newsome Charles, Of Dundee.
402 ChatterisWilliam GeorgeFlying Officer146883RAFVR15 Sqd 251945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave III. D. 14-15.Son Of William Frederick And Rose Ethel Chatteris, Of Lowestoft, Suffolk.
403 CheekRichard Leslie WilliamFlight Lieutenant131080DSORAFVR271944-05-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 27.Son Of Richard Charles And Mary Elizabeth Cheek, Of Bayswater, London.
404 CheesmanJ E DAir CorporalP/4878VSAAF21 Sqd1944-09-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. B. 23.
405 ChesherCyril GeorgeSergeant701547RAFVR261944-10-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 37.Son Of Edgar Stephen And Emma Elizabeth Chesher, Of Kempston, Bedford.
406 Chiappa-SinclairAlfred JosephFlight Lieutenant69971RAFVR491944-10-05ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. S. 3.Son Of Luigi And Emilia Chiappa; Husband Of Dora Louise Chiappa-Sinclair, Of St. John'S Wood, London. L.R.C.P., L.D.S., M.R.C.S.
407 ChidgeyMaurice IvorSergeant750058RAFVR251944-10-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. E. 39.Son Of John George And Elsie Dorothy Chidgey, Of St. Andrews. Bristol.
408 ChildBertram JohnSergeant911216RAFVR110 Sqd231941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 18.Son of Edward Henry and Emmeline Child, of Southend-on-sea, Essex.
409 ChildeLeslie EricLeading Aircraftman971545RAFVR241943-11-05ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 8.
410 ChisholmJ ALieutenant100138VSAAF178 Sqd (RAF)331944-06-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 9.Son Of Peter And Esther Chisholm, Of Onchan, Isle Of Man.
411 ChristieWilliam TempletonFlight Lieutenant63779DSO, DFMRAFVR7 Sqd1942-12-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 5.
412 ChrzanStanislawKapralPolish Air Force1946-04-20ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Plot II Row C Grave 14.
413 ChubbAlbert EdwardLeading Aircraftman1254054RAFVR93 Sqd281944-06-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. S. 1.Son Of Henry And Ann Chubb; Husband Of Edith Vera Chubb, Of Wootton, Oxfordshire.
414 ChurcherFrederick CharlesSergeant1314803RAFVR142 Sqd221944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 32.Son Of Cornelius Frederick And Janetta Maud Churcher, Of Falmouth, Cornwall.
415 ChurchillWalter MyersGroup Captain90241DSO, DFCRAF (Auxiliary Air Force)605 Sqd351942-08-27ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, V. D. 3.Son Of William Algernon And Violet Churchill; Husband Of Joyce Churchill, Of Leamington, Warwickshire. B.A. (Cantab.).
416 ClareEdwardCorporal1277447RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd321944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. D. 35.Son Of Peter And Margaret Clare, Of St. Helens, Lancashire; Husband Of Doris Clare, Of St. Helens.
417 ClarkHorace AlfredSergeant1295124RAFVR142 Sqd231943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 15-20.
418 ClarkAlexanderFlight Sergeant1336679RAFVR150 Sqd221943-10-16ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll.  Grave I, G, 14.
419 ClarkJohn RonaldFlight Sergeant1376137RAFVR70 Sqd

291943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
420 ClarkGeorge GordonPilot Officer185335RAFVR112 Sqd211944-11-08ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. G. 9.Son Of George And Annie Lillian Clark, Of Stanwick, Northamptonshire; Nephew Of Arthur Clark, Of Stanwick.
421 ClarkStanley WilfredLeading Aircraftman925148RAFVR301944-07-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. B. 8.Son Of Henry Frederick And Alice Maud Clark, Of Lymington, Hampshire.
422 ClarkJohn WemyssPilot OfficerJ/86974RCAF221944-05-17ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, H, 365.Son Of Reginald Wemyss Clark And Daisy Eva Clark, Of Rossland, British Columbia.
423 ClarkA E ISecond Lieutenant542565VSAAF221944-08-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 21.Son Of Harold L. And Susan Clark, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
424 ClarkJohn LeonardLeading Aircraftman1034855RAFVR680 Sqd 221945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 5.Son Of John Leonard And Martha Clark, Of Scarborough, Yorkshire.
425 ClarkRichard GeoffreyLeading Aircraftman1234258RAFVR231945-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. G. 2.Son Of Geoffrey Best Clark And Dorothy Elizabeth Clark; Husband Of Olive Maud Clark, Of Stretham, Cambridgeshire.
426 ClarkeM R BAir Mechanic207896VSAAF12 Sqd1944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. A. 28-32.
427 ClarkeStephen WallaceSergeant1557385RAFVR18 Sqd291944-02-07ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. E. 1-3.Son Of Frederick And Clara Clarke; Husband Of Amy E. Clarke, Of West Harrow, Middlesex.
428 ClarkeFrancis HenryLeading Aircraftman1501233RAFVR241 Sqd221944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 8.Son Of Frederick And Laura Clarke, Of Warstock, Warwickshire.
429 ClarkeJackCorporal1101306MiDRAFVR281944-07-07ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. E. 37.Son Of William Henry And Eleanor Clarke; Husband Of Gladys Clarke, Of New Mill, Yorkshire.
430 ClarkeIvan TrevorSergeant1868063RAFVR1944-08-08ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Xii. E. 1.
431 ClarkeH J EMajor21685VDFCSAAF5 Sqd 261945-05-01ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. B. 2.Son Of Fred And Madeleine I. Ellis Clarke, Of Springs, Transvaal, South Africa.
432 ClaypoleJohnCorporal1783112RAFVR211944-05-17ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. F. 20.Son Of James William And Mary Ann Claypole, Of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.
433 ClaytonFrank AlbertSergeant1576143RAFVR221 Sqd211944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 50.Son Of Harold Frank And Florence Edith Clayton, Of Abbey Lane, Leicester.
434 ClaytonFrederick RonaldFlight Sergeant414199RAAF201944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 16.Son Of William James Clayton And Esther Clayton, Of East Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
435 CleaverArthur LeonardSergeant1805106RAFVR18 Sqd 201945-02-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 7.Son Of Thomas And Mary Ellen Cleaver, Of Clapton, London.
436 CleeveDesmond MaxwellFlying Officer157844RAFVR40 Sqd201944-05-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, F, 9.Son Of Charles Edward And Josephine Eugenie Cleeve, Of Westminster, London.
437 CleggHarryLeading Aircraftman1071774RAFVR221943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 7.
438 ClementDonald JackPilot Officer104410RAFVR21 Sqd281942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 18.Son Of William Thomas Clement And Daisy Kathleen Clement, Of Bristol; Husband Of Betty Grace Clement, Of Bristol.
439 ClementsAlfred AlbertSergeant1801772RAFVR500 Sqd 231945-01-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 2.Son Of Alfred And Alice Clements; Husband Of Betty Clements, Of Maentwrog, Merionethshire.
440 CleminsonOwen FrederickSergeant1488924RAFVR13 Sqd201944-09-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iii. A. 3.Son Of Frederick William Cleminson, And Of Ella Cleminson, Of Bedlington, Northumberland.
441 CliffordWalter PaulFlight Lieutenant136405RAFVR241945-10-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 12.Son Of The Revd. Walter Henry Clifford And Gertrude E. Clifford, Of Bambalapitiya, Ceylon.
442 CliftEric Henry AlbertSergeant1602670RAFVR34 Sqd (SAAF)201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 8-11.Son Of Henry James Clift And Beatrice Elizabeth Clift, Of Eastleigh, Hampshire.
443 CloseSidney MaynardFlight Sergeant416413RAAF291943-10-20ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, E, 5.
444 ClunesDouglas IanFlight Sergeant1268272RAFVR23 Sqd221943-02-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 19.
445 CoatesEdward William PetieFlight Sergeant752036RAFVR18 Sqd321943-10-13ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. F. 1.
446 CoatesArthur HenryPilot Officer146344RAFVR207 Sqd341943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 8.
447 CoatesDonald MarsdenFlying Officer134562RAFVR272 Sqd241943-12-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. B. 16.
448 CockWalter DownesFlight Sergeant421344RAAF201944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 36-38 (Coll.)Son Of Morris Charles Downes Cock And Alice Cock, Of Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia.
449 CockburnC T MSecond Lieutenant328603VSAAF21 Sqd191944-03-02ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xx. D. 3.Son Of Alexander M. And Kathleen A. Cockburn, Of Port Shepstone, Natal, South Africa.
450 CocksWilliam EdwardFlight Sergeant1393866RAFVR112 Sqd231944-04-07ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, I, F, 4.Son Of Frederic Edward And Emily Charlotte Cocks.
451 CoddPeter WilliamSergeant1804088RAFVR178 Sqd 201945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 10.Son Of William George And Violet Ada Irene Codd, Of Horsham. Sussex.
452 CoeColinFlight Sergeant1291120RAFVR114 Sqd211943-12-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. C. 9.
453 CoeSidneyLeading Aircraftman1502683RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.201943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 34.
454 CoetzeeJ CCaptain103385VDFCSAAF5 Sqd 1945-04-19ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, D, 14.
455 CoetzerC JLieutenant542665VSAAF5 Sqd221944-12-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Ii. C. 8.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. C. S. Coetzer, Of Melville, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
456 CogginsWilliam RogerFlying Officer142067RAFVR255 Sqd211943-12-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. E. 17.
457 ColeEric JamesFlying Officer130281RAFVR18 Sqd341944-05-16ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. K. 17-18.Son Of Ernest And Janet Cole, Of Wallasey Cheshire.
458 ColeSidneyFlight Sergeant1162359RAFVR256 Sqd1944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. B. 3.
459 ColesSydney CharlesCorporal1420932RAFVR2933 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. E. 40.
460 CollettMalcolm ErnestFlying Officer416414RAAF221944-05-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Viii, B, 1.Son Of Ernest Budd Collett And Kathleen Mary Collett, Of Burnside, South Australia.
461 CollingwoodAnthony Leonard FrederickFlying Officer53676DFMRAF13 Sqd241944-06-09ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 9.Son Of Leonard And Winifred Collingwood; Husband Of Edith Primrose Collingwood, Of Rochester, Kent.
462 CollinsVincentFlight Sergeant413348RAAF231943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. G. 5.
463 CollisFrederick CharlesSergeant1804816RAFVR70 Sqd

371945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 4.Son Of Henry And Jane Collis; Husband Of Muriel Collis, Of Epsom Downs, Surrey.
464 ColnetJohn RobertSergeant1432554RAFVR37 Sqd1944-02-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 12.
465 ColvinRobert StevensonSergeant1691852RAFVR40 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
466 CondStanley GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1207540RAFVR251945-04-16ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 13.Son Of Sydney And Ellen Cond, Of Heston, Middlesex.
467 ConnonRobertPilot Officer185789RAFVR72 Sqd 1945-01-31ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 10.
468 ConroyRonald SamuelSergeant1501727RAFVR18 Sqd211944-02-07ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xvii. E. 1-3.Son Of Samuel And Annie Conroy, Of Oldham, Lancashire.
469 ConwayPatrick MichaelFlight Sergeant1263776RAFVR114 Sqd301943-12-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 7.
470 CookThomas VictorAircraftman 2nd Class1611793RAFVR281945-06-08ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, C, 34.Son Of John Lewis Cook And Kate Elizabeth Cook; Husband Of Norah Emily Cook, Of Bassett, Hampshire.
471 CookeRalph WilliamFlight Sergeant413027RNZAF178 (RAF) Sqd201943-09-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. A. 15.
472 CooperEdward JohnFlying Officer148023RAFVR165 Sqd1944-04-14ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, V, K, 17.
473 CooperGeoffreyFlight Sergeant1582607RAFVR293 Sqd211944-11-19ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Iv, H, 3.Son Of William And Amy Cooper, Of Netherfield, Nottinghamshire.
474 CooperHarry BarronFlight Lieutenant415408RNZAF231945-02-19ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, VII. A. 17.Son Of Harry Dudley Cooper And Stella Whitmore Cooper, Of Auckland City, New Zealand.
475 CopeGeoffrey Thomas PeterLeading Aircraftman1611470RAFVR248 Sqd 241945-10-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. F. 18.Son Of Leonard And Nellie Cope, Of Great Barr, Birmingham.
476 CopperHarry GordonSergeant1865911RAFVR13 Sqd191944-09-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iii, A, 2.Son Of Alfred L. P. And Janet W. Copper, Of Plumstead, London.
477 CorbishleyFrederick LeslieCorporal1114987RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.231943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 33.
478 CorlyonDonald JoySergeant1005441RAFVR104 Sqd221944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Joint Grave Xv. 3. 32-33.Son Of Sydney And Annie Eliza Corlyon, Of Hull.
479 CornwellLeslie CharlesSergeant1331434RAFVR221 Sqd261943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii. A. 38.
480 CorryGeorge StanleyFlying Officer49879RAF225 Sqd231944-07-26ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Xii. E. 4.Son Of Herbert Finlay Corry And Isabel Corry, Of Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
481 CotnamRoyden LeslieFlying OfficerJ/26636RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
1945-04-08ItalyPadua War Cemetery, V. F. 2.
482 CottrellDonald William FoulkesSergeant1395257RAFVR55 Sqd201943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
483 CouchJames HarrySergeant1425206RAFVR70 Sqd

211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 4.Son Of Horace And Margaret S. Couch, Of Southall, Middlesex.
484 CourtneyRobert JohnSergeant1585029RAFVR104 Sqd211943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 30.
485 CousinsAnthony YoungFlight Sergeant424737RAAF201944-11-05ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 24.Son Of Athol Young Cousins And Mary Isabelle Cousins, Of Canowindra, New South Wales, Australia.
486 CouturierPaul MartinSergeant1575420RAFVR114 Sqd221944-05-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vi, D, 7.Son Of Michael And Doris Couturier, Of Handsworth, Birmingham.
487 CoveneyRichardLeading Aircraftman1284266RAFVR371945-01-05ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 5.Son Of Michael And Johanna Coveney, Of Dowlais, Glamorgan.
488 CowanRonald HodgsonFlight Sergeant1671870RAFVR92 Sqd 221945-05-19ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. G. 1.Son Of William And Kate Cowan, Of Annfield Plain, Co. Durham.
489 CowellC LLieutenant107850VSAAF19 Sqd 1945-04-21ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, IX. H. 2.
490 CowernWilliamFlight Sergeant1578054RAFVR70 Sqd

361944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 7.Son Of Samuel And Eliza Cowern, Of Wolverhampton; Husband Of Phyllis Cowern, Of Wolverhampton.
491 CowleyKennethFlight Sergeant1252351RAFVR55 Sqd231944-04-07ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv, E, 9-10.Son Of William Henry And Sarah Winifred Cowley, Of Romford, Essex.
492 CoxWalter JohnLeading Aircraftman1056153RAFVR267 Sqd231943-12-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. B. 27.
493 CoxRonald GeorgeSergeant1322991RAFVR608 Sqd221944-01-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 10.Son Of Francis Joseph And Laura Cox, Of Torquay, Devon; Husband Of Marjorie Edith Cox, Of Kilsyth, Stirlingshire.
494 CoxJohn Stanley HastingsSergeant1311063RAFVR70 Sqd

351944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 18.Son Of John Ewart Cox And Madeline Benny Cox, Of Finchley, Middlesex.
495 CoxWalter ThomasFlight Lieutenant145779RAFVR256 Sqd 281945-03-04ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 21.Son Of Herbert Thomas Warr Cox And Lilian Cox, Of Bristol. King'S Scout.
496 CoxFrank TrevorLeading Aircraftman 1811256 RAFVR221946-12-14ItalyRome War Cemetery, II, C, 36.Son Of Harold Samuel And Ethel Violet Cox; Husband Of Beryl Cox, Of Hurst Hill, Staffordshire.
497 CraigNorman HaroldFlying Officer420154RAAF43 (RAF) Sqd231943-11-15ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iii. E. 24.
498 CraigWalterPilot OfficerJ/18106RCAF70 (RAF) Sqd261943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
499 CraigNorman SpoonerCorporal1105452RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd221944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. D. 34.Son Of Robert John And Jane Craig, Of Sunderland, Co. Durham; Husband Of Catherine Mary Craig, Of Sunderland.
500 CraigJohn MalcolmFlight Sergeant410309RAAF201944-06-04ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. F. 3.Son Of John Frederick And Margaret Kerr Craig, Of Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia.
501 CranerJohn JosephWarrant Officer403791RAAF211943-10-20ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 4.
502 CrapperVincent BertramSergeant1078907RAFVR23 Sqd221943-07-10ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Joint Grave Xxi. H. 5.
503 CravenStanleyLeading Aircraftman1457356RAFVR2900 Sqd RAF Regt.211944-10-16ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. D. 11.Son Of Alfred And Rebecca Craven, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
504 CrawfordDavid GordonFlying OfficerJ/28749RCAF72 Sqd 1945-01-10ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, F, 1.
505 CrawfordJamesWarrant Officer509251RAF361947-01-02ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. E. 15.Son Of Thomas And Helen Jane Crawford, Of Chessington, Surrey; Husband Of Mabel Irene Crawford, Of Old Basford, Nottingham.
506 CrawleyChristopher WilliamWarrant Officer412403RAAF211943-12-14ItalyCassino War Cemetery, X. K. 2.
507 CrawleyClifford TomWarrant Officer1390092RAFVR55 Sqd231944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 6-9.Son Of Clifford And Dora Crawley, Of Bellingham, London.
508 CreedyThomas FrankSergeant640485RAF114 Sqd 241945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. E. 7-10.Son Of Frank And Mary Creedy, Of Cardiff.
509 CreightonB WLieutenant103244VSAAF16 Sqd 281945-05-23ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, IX. H. 7.Son Of F. P. And Augusta H. Creighton, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Margaret L. Creighton, Of Pretoria.
510 CreminsRonald VincentFlight Sergeant1671463RAFVR70 Sqd

211945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 8.Son Of Edward John And Margaret Jane Cremins, Of Swinton, Lancashire.
511 CrewWilliam DenysFlying Officer127527RAFVR55 Sqd231943-10-20ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. A. 10.
512 CrispinGordon SansonWarrant Officer1338477RAFVR38 Sqd 241945-06-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 5.Son Of William Henry And Emily Jane Crispin.
513 CristBrian VincentWarrant Officer Class IIR/93427RCAF93 (RAF) Sqd241943-09-24ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Iii. D. 33.
514 CroftHerbertAircraftman 1st Class539303RAF112 Sqd231943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. D. 5.
515 CrokerDenys WilliamFlight Sergeant922939RAFVR37 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv C. 1-2.
516 CrombieJamesLeading Aircraftman1556765RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.211944-08-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 11.Son Of William And Isabella Crombie, Of Newhaven, Edinburgh.
517 CromeDavidFlight Sergeant1391961RAFVR223 Sqd211944-03-15ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 8.Son Of Edward Frank And Mary Crome, Of Lewisham, London.
518 CroninGerald PatrickLieutenant97052VSAAF28 Sqd1944-12-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xii. A. 1.
519 CrooksRobert LesliePilot OfficerJ/87377RCAF600 Sqd (RAF)211944-10-14ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. G. 14-15.Son Of Walter Norman Crooks And Ellen Crooks, Of Mannville, Alberta, Canada.
520 CropleyLeslie JohnCorporal1263700RAFVR1945-02-28ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VI, D, 12.
521 CropperHarrySergeant1454286RAFVR37 Sqd1943-11-25ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. H. 14.
522 CrosbieWilliam FrancisPilot Officer175953RAFVR150 Sqd291944-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. E. 10.Son Of Samuel Crosbie, And Of Annie Crosbie, Of Caerwent, Monmouthshire.
523 CrosbieJamesSergeant1670507RAFVR70 Sqd

221944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. G. 5-9.Son Of Christopher Gordon Crosbie And Catherine Crosbie, Of Bonnyton, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.
524 CrossGeoffreyFlying Officer156644RAFVR185 Sqd1944-08-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. J. 12.
525 CrossHarold JosephFlight Lieutenant122940RAFVR13 Sqd 271945-01-31ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 4-7.Son Of Edna Cross; Husband Of Mary Marguerite Chislett Cross, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
526 CrossleyDonald MarshallWing Commander63455DFC and BarRAFVR104 Sqd301943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 9.
527 CroweGeorge WilliamFlight Sergeant997721RAFVR40 Sqd1943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 21.
528 CrowellRichard AlvinzieWarrant Officer Class IIR/153348RCAF148 Sqd (RAF)211944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of Robert And Eva Mary Crowell, Of Cambridge, Massachusetts,  U.S.A.
529 CrumpThomas HillSergeant1892775RAFVR18 Sqd1944-05-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Ii, D, 15.
530 CuffD CLieutenant543183VSAAF24 Sqd 1945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 6.
531 CullisThomas EdwardAir Mechanic207630VSAAF1943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. E. 14.
532 CullomPhilip GeorgeSergeant1258445RAFVR5 PRU Sqd 331945-06-16ItalySalerno War Cemetery, VII. A. 23.Son Of John And Elizabeth Catherine Cullom; Husband Of Vera May Cullom, Of Orpington, Kent.
533 CummingDouglas AndersonFlying Officer410312RAAF251944-05-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, X. K. 6.Son Of Gerald Dowling Cumming And Mary Daisy Cumming, Of Darlington, Victoria, Australia.
534 CummingsHarold Arthur JohnFlight Sergeant414006RAAF211943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
535 CummingsAlexander MckayFlight Lieutenant128858RAFVR43 Sqd211944-11-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iii. F. 14.Son Of Alexander And Louisa J. Cummings, Of Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Dux Medallist Of Larbert Central School, 1937.
536 CundyRaymond LeslieSergeant1808557RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-12-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. C. 6.Son Of Leslie Henry And Phyllis Mary Cundy, Of Tufnell Park, London.
537 CunninghamRobert DavidSergeant1561939RAFVR104 Sqd211944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 3.Son Of James A. And Katherine Cunningham, Of Westlands, Ladybank, Fife.
538 CunninghamColin SinclairWarrant Officer 1822523 RAFVR70 Sqd

211946-04-02ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 19.Son Of Colin And Christina Cunningham, Of Nitshill, Glasgow.
539 CurleyArthur Charles JohnFlight Sergeant1334231RAFVR250 Sqd231944-02-29ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xiv. B. 14.Son Of George And Alice E. Curley, Of Denton, Gravesend, Kent.
540 CurleyJohn HenryFlight Sergeant1339193RAFVR256 Sqd 211945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. grave II, G, 16-17.Son Of John And Maud Elizabeth Curley, Of Romford, Essex.
541 CurryFrederickSergeant1082732RAFVR293 Sqd211944-05-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. C. 6.Son Of Frederick And Millicent Golightly Curry, Of Whitburn, Co. Durham.
542 CustanceJohn PatrickFlying OfficerJ/8832RCAF18 Sqd271943-08-27ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, D, 301.
543 D'Assonville (Dassonville)Guy JosephFlight Sergeant1685982RAFVR311945-02-19ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, II. C. 15.Son Of Gabriel And Josephine D'Assonville, Of Beau-Bassin, Mauritius.
544 DaddFrankFlight Sergeant989707RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-04-08ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. C. 22.Son Of Frank And Catherine Dadd, Of Manningham, Bradford, Yorkshire.
545 DaleskiCyril PaulWarrant Officer Class II329230VSAAF12 Sqd1944-04-25ItalyGradara War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, B, 2-3.Son Of Nathan And Bessie Daleski, Of Highlands North, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
546 DaleyCarol JamesFlight Sergeant414537RAAF221944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. H. 37. Son Of John William Dillon Daley And Elizabeth Jane Daley, Of Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia.
547 DaltonJoseph StanleyLeading Aircraftman1032549RAFVR381944-06-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 4.Son Of Thomas Joseph And Margaret Ann Dalton, Of Blackpool, Lancashire; Husband Of Edith Dalton, Of Blackpool.
548 DaltonR CSecond Lieutenant580562VSAAF34 Sqd 201945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. B. 2.Son Of Herbert C. J. And Mary A. Dalton, Of Green Point, Cape Province, South Africa.
549 DalyJohn RaymondFlying OfficerJ/17612RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
231944-07-04ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 22.Son Of R. C. And Rita E. M. Daly, Of Crystal City, Manitoba, Canada.
550 DanielsW OSecond Lieutenant61135VSAAF21 Sqd1943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Ii. G. 2.
551 DanielsF CSergeant973006RAFVR424 Sqd (RCAF)1943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
552 DarbyBasil Frederick GoochSquadron Leader121281DFCRAFVR111 Sqd 1945-03-08ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, III, A, 5.
553 DarwenJohnGroup Captain33237DSO, DFC and BarRAFCdg. 239 Wing271943-10-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 27.
554 DauphinWilliam RalphPilot OfficerJ/92276RCAF43 Sqd231945-01-01ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Viii. D. 22.Son Of Ralph Charles And Eupheme Dauphin, Of Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada.
555 DauphinWilliam RalphPilot OfficerJ/92276RCAF43 Sqd 231945-01-01ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, VIII. D. 22.Son Of Ralph Charles And Eupheme Dauphin, Of Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada.
556 DaveyGeorge FrankFlying Officer406470RAAF221943-02-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 14.
557 DavidsonWilliamFlying Officer181179RAFVR250 Sqd201944-12-17ItalyForli War Cemetery, Ii, C, 14.Son Of James Davidson And Of Eleanor Margaret Davidson (Nee Chessor), Of Aberdeen.
558 DavidsonLancelot VernonFlying Officer412530RNZAF37 Sqd (RAF)291944-06-08ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. O. 4-5.Son Of Arnold And Leah Davidson, Of Napier, Hawke'S Bay, New Zealand; Husband Of Mary Davidson, Of Napier.
559 DaviesDavid JohnSergeant1315214RAFVR37 Sqd221944-05-25ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. H. 8.Son Of John And Elenor Mary Davies, Of Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
560 DaviesRichard HaroldSergeant1417893RAFVR40 Sqd211944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 10.Son Of William Harold And Agnes Annie Davies, Of Swansea.
561 DaviesJohn ElwynFlight Sergeant1522965RAFVR500 Sqd211945-01-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. G. 3.Son Of John And Mary A. Davies, Of Bangor, Caernarvonshire.
562 DaviesD D OLieutenant205469VSAAF15 Sqd (RAF)261945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave III. D. 14-15.Son Of Daniel And Edith Davies, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Ena Davies, Of Johannesburg.
563 DaviesThomas HubertLeading Aircraftman1218754RAFVR214 Sqd 231945-08-12ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. F. 8.Son Of Fred And Mary R. Davies, Of Northfleet, Kent.
564 DaviesTheophilusFlight Sergeant1392612RAFVR38 Sqd 211945-06-09ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. M. 4.Son Of Helen Davies, Of Hawkhurst, Kent.
565 DaviesJohn ElwynFlight Sergeant1522965RAFVR500 Sqd 211945-01-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave V. G. 3.Son Of John And Mary A. Davies, Of Bangor, Caernarvonshire.
566 DaviesThomas JohnFlight Lieutenant151107RAFVR680 Sqd 291945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 1.Son Of Jacob And Margaret Elizabeth Davies; Husband Of Jessie Davies, Of Leeds, Yorkshire. B.A.
567 DaviesRalphFlying Officer141357RAFVR311945-01-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. B. 38.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. David Davies, Of Pontyclun, Glamorgan. Mining Engineer.
568 DavisLeonardFlight Sergeant1193143RAFVR37 Sqd221943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, F, 31.
569 DavisGeorge FrederickSergeant1614505RAFVR112 Sqd221944-05-31ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Iii. D. 15.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. E. T. Davis, Of East Dulwich. London.
570 DavisMauriceLieutenant542752VSAAF70 Sqd

211944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xix. G. 4.Son Of Samuel And Dinah Davis, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
571 DavisFrederickFlight Sergeant427447RAAF261944-12-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. B. 8.Son Of Jack And Gertrude Davis, Of Mosman Park, Western Australia. B.Eng.
572 DavisonKenneth Arthur FrederickSergeant1432967RAFVR232 Sqd221943-09-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. F. 36.
573 DawberP OLieutenant328596VSAAF3 Sqd1944-08-30ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. K. 6.
574 DawesRonald VictorFlying Officer121542RAFVR39 Sqd271943-04-11ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 31.
575 DawkinsJohn Arthur NormanFlying Officer115203RAF249 Sqd201943-01-06ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 6.
576 DawsonErnest Albert WesleyPilot OfficerJ/88669RCAF142 Sqd (RAF)1944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 1-5.
577 DayDonald DouglasLeading Aircraftman1453615RAFVR293 Sqd211944-06-06ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, X. B. 3.Son Of Leslie Bromage Day And Nellie Elizabeth Day, Of Cowley, Oxford.
578 DayRoy NoelCaptain103375VSAAF7 Sqd271944-12-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Vii. D. 4.Son Of Mr. & Mrs. T.L. Day; Husband Of Joan Day, Of Johannesburg, South Africa.
579 DayEric AlbertWarrant Officer1389158RAFVR13 Sqd 221945-03-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. B. 12.Son Of Maurice William And Louisa Jane Day, Of Winton, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
580 DayAlfred CharlesCorporal901837RAFVR271945-05-09ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, III, B, 7.Son Of Charles William And Ada Sarah Day, Of Cambridge.
581 DaynesNorman RobertSergeant1803246RAFVR104 Sqd 221945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. E. 10.Son Of John N. And Marie V. Daynes, Of Wembley Park, Middlesex.
582 De DouallierO DWarrant Officer Class I580057VSAAF1944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.
583 De KlerkJohannes StephanusLieutenant328486VSAAF223 Sqd (RAF)181944-04-25ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 26.Son Of Pieter And Catherina P. De Klerk, Of Tyaneen, Transvaal, South Africa.
584 De KlerkLLieutenant78505VSAAF2 Sqd 1945-03-24ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. D. 1.
585 De LisleSydney SapenneSergeant1213386RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

231944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 12-15.Husband Of Betty Eileen De Lisle, Of Looe, Cornwall. Of St. Kitts, British West Indies. May have died on 1944-10-13
586 De LuciaJohnAircraftman 2nd ClassR/161336RCAF301944-05-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Ii. G. 12.Son Of Rocco And Maria De Lucia, Of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. B.A.
587 De SaullesNormanCorporal1009644RAFVR5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd1944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. D. 33.
588 De VilliersJohan PhillipMajor47832VDFCSAAF21 Sqd321944-05-29ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 3.Son Of Izak And Caroline De Villiers; Husband Of Audrey A. De Villiers, Of Hatfield, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
589 De VilliersDouglas JohnLieutenant328497VSAAF4 Sqd191944-05-17ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 5.Son Of Michael And Madeline A. De Villiers, Of Umtentweni, Natal, South Africa.
590 De WaalJ OCaptain4306VSAAF2 Sqd281944-05-25ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. A. 5.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. A. K. De Waal; Husband Of Pamela B. De Waal, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa. B.A., Ll.B.
591 DeanGeorgePilot OfficerJ/88518RCAF18 Sqd (RAF)231944-02-07ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. E. 4.Son Of John Dean, And Of Christina Dean, Of Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada.
592 DeanJackPilot Officer183397RAFVR55 Sqd271944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 6-9.Son Of Edward And Edith Annie Dean, Of Huyton, Lancashire. M.P.S. (Lond.).
593 DeelmanArnold FrederickLieutenant123896VSAAF70 Sqd

321944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xix. G. 1.Son Of Herman F. And Irene E. Deelman, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
594 DeeryRonald JamesSergeant1867256RAFVR178 Sqd 201945-07-12ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. K. 6.Son Of Thomas And Millicent Deery, Of West Wickham, Kent.
595 DeetlefsT PWarrant Officer Class I336447VSAAF12 Sqd221944-03-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. F. 8.Son Of Eston And Johanna M. Deetlefs, Of Molteno, Cape Province, South Africa.
596 DeitchRWarrant Officer Class I579653VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 10.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. B. Deitch, Of Kensington, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
597 DekemaJ RLieutenant542831VSAAF11 Sqd 201945-04-09ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, XI. F. 9.Son Of Cecil And Doreen Dekema, Of Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa.
598 DelaunayFrederickAircraftman 2nd Class1650609RAFVR242 Sqd361943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 44.
599 DenchWalterSergeant1182341RAFVR40 Sqd221943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 36.
600 DenholmRobert AlexanderWarrant Officer408363RAAF221945-02-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 11.Son Of Peter Crichton Denholm And Una Mary Denholm; Husband Of Betty Marion Denholm, Of Blackheath, London, England.
601 DennisKenneth VictorSergeant1805853RAFVR40 Sqd 211945-02-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, VII. D. 32.Son Of Harold Victor And Jane Dennis. Of Hackney, London.
602 DerrickAlbert JamesFlying Officer120900RAF55 Sqd261943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
603 DesicoPascal Albert JosephWarrant Officer Class IR/144997RCAF40 Sqd (RAF)1944-05-25ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. D. 41-43.
604 DevlinFrank DevineFlying Officer159388RAFVR250 Sqd 261945-03-24ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. G. 15.Son Of Dr. Frank Devlin, M.D., And Adele Devine Devlin, Of Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.
605 DibdenClifford JohnFlying Officer136511RAFVR92 Sqd261944-01-22ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, E, 19.Son Of Charles Edward And Edith Mary Dibden; Husband Of Pearl Frances Dibden, Of Tidenham, Gloucestershire.
606 DickJames McnabSergeant1672409RAFVR250 Sqd211944-11-07ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Vi, A, 14.Son Of George H. And Euphemia Dick, Of Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire.
607 DickinsonALieutenant281663VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

191944-07-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 34.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. G. A. Dickinson, Of Hattingspruit, Natal, South Africa.
608 DicksonAnthonyFlight Sergeant1063380RAFVR13 Sqd321944-08-20ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 6.Son Of Anthony Brown Dickson And Rose Dickson, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Margery Dickson, Of Netherton, Liverpool.
609 DicksonJamesCorporal1301570RAFVR2788 Sqd221944-10-27ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. H. 9.Son Of William And Ellen Dickson, Of Prestonpans, East Lothian.
610 DicksonK FLieutenant103837VSAAF5 Sqd241944-09-15ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Iii, C, 6.Son Of Thomas E. And Mabel M. Dickson, Of Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa.
611 DidluckWilliam AlbertSergeant1601192RAFVR37 Sqd1944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. B. 16.
612 DimondJackFlight Sergeant1338733RAFVR178 Sqd211944-05-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 6.Son Of Frank And Ellen Dimond, Of Teignmouth, Devon.
613 DippleErnest HenryLeading Aircraftman1187752RAFVR301943-08-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 35.
614 DixonRonald CoverdaleSergeant1452182RAFVR424 Sqd (RCAF)1943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
615 DixonWilliam GeorgeFlight Sergeant1126858RAFVR55 Sqd201943-10-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 3.
616 DixonJohn MichaelFlying Officer173908RAFVR145 Sqd221944-09-16ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 21.Son Of Harold Parson Dixon And Lena Gertrude Dixon, Of Teignmouth, Devon.
617 DixonHerbertCorporal922780MiDRAFVR301945-10-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 9.Son Of Heyworth And Rhoda Dixon; Husband Of Queenie May Dixon, Of Scale Hall, Lancaster.
618 DobinsonWalter BeattieSergeant1621706RAFVR18 Sqd211944-07-18ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, G, 17.Son Of Frank Dobinson, And Of Mary Harvey Dobinson, Of Frodsham, Cheshire.
619 DobsonWilliam TrevorFlight Sergeant404905RNZAF18 (RAF) Sqd241943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Iii. H. 1-2.
620 DobsonJohn MaxwellSergeant1093809RAFVR40 Sqd241944-09-07ItalyBologna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, A, 8.Son Of John Robert And Helen Lorna Dobson, Of Eaglescliffe, Co. Durham.
621 DochertyWilliam McnaughtonSergeant1566654RAFVR250 Sqd1944-09-02ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xx, C, 4.
622 DoddEric CharlesCorporal801585RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)601 Sqd261943-08-11ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vi. F. 1.
623 DoddW JLieutenant542419VSAAF30 Sqd 211945-01-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. F. 4.Son Of William G. And Ada E. Dodd, Of Queenstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
624 DoeryJames FrankFlying Officer410315RAAF211944-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. D. 18.Son Of Frank Edward And Muriel Doery, Of Westmere, Victoria, Australia.
625 DohertyJohn AnthonySergeant1810229RAFVR114 Sqd 201945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. E. 7-10.Son Of John And Catherine Doherty, Of Norris Green, Liverpool.
626 DorringtonRonald KingstonFlying Officer419765RAAF251945-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 10.Son Of David And Irene Rachael Dorrington, Of Perth, Western Australia.
627 DouglasJohn JamesAircraftman 1st Class1562716RAFVR2744 Sqd RAF Regt.1944-06-30ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Joint Grave I, C, 6.
628 DouglassLenard WalterLieutenant329091VSAAF55 Sqd 211945-01-21ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Coll. grave I, G, 8-11.Son Of Herbert W. And Marie E. Douglass.
629 DoverCyril William JamesSergeant916049RAFVR104 Sqd281944-12-02ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 32.Son Of William Henry And Beatrice Sarah Dover, Of Parkstone, Dorsetshire.
630 downCharles JamesFlying OfficerJ/12072RCAF608 Sqd (RAF)211944-01-31ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Iii. F. 2.Son Of Horace James Down And Sarah Lillian Down, Of Birch Cliff, Ontario, Canada.
631 DowneyWilliam EdwardLeading Aircraftman1031446RAFVR145 Sqd 221945-05-30ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. B. 14.Son Of Reginald S. Downey, And Of Mary Downey, Of Stretford, Lancashire.
632 DowningArthur WilliamWarrant Officer403261RAAF211943-10-18ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. E. 23.
633 DownsJohn ThomasFlight Lieutenant180111RAFVR1947-01-14ItalyPadua War Cemetery, VI. D. 11.
634 DoyleJosephLeading Aircraftman1070133RAFVR614 Sqd1944-12-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. B. 6.
635 DraneR JAir Mechanic210551VSAAF16 Sqd211944-09-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. E. 1.Son Of James And Elizabeth Drane, Of Eshowe, Natal, South Africa.
636 DraycottHarold FrancisLeading Aircraftman982691RAFVR81 Sqd251943-10-02ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. E. 28.
637 DreckiWladyslawPorucznikPolish Air Force1943-09-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Plot I Row K Grave 48.
638 DreweryClifford JohnLeading Aircraftman1133783RAFVR110 MU241944-08-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 14.Son Of Walter Harry Clifford Drewery, And Of Maud Lilian Drewery, Of Shepherd'S Bush, London.
639 DriverDLieutenant102435VSAAF2 Sqd1943-10-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 33.
640 DrowerSamuelLeading Aircraftman1534854RAFVRRAF(VR) 2744 Sqd211944-09-13ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 44.Son Of William And Myra Drower, Of Swinton, Mexborough, Yorkshire.
641 DrummondLawsonCorporal1487209RAFVR680 Sqd 351945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 2.Husband Of Joyce Drummond, Of Hexham Northumberland.
642 DrummondWilliamLeading Aircraftman1345105RAFVR401945-08-12ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, C, 26.Son Of Daniel And Margaret Drummond; Husband Of Christina Stenhouse Drummond, Of Alloa, Clackmannanshire.
643 Du PiesanieG SFlight Sergeant326162VSAAF21 Sqd1943-11-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 37-40.
644 Du PlessisJ HLieutenant207133VSAAF40 Sqd301944-07-28ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iii. B. 14.Son Of Philip And Sophia Du Plessis, Of Reitz, Orange Free State, South Africa.
645 Du PreezJ KLieutenant328675VSAAF15 Sqd 201945-04-18ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, II, G, 8.Son Of Gerrit J. J. And Johanna A. Du Preez, Of Windhoek, South West Africa.
646 Du ToitFrancois MeyerLieutenant152680VSAAF145 Sqd191944-07-08ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 4.Son Of Matthys M. And Maria M. Du Toit, Of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
647 Du ToitP JLieutenant542861VSAAF7 Sqd271944-11-06ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. B. 15.Son Of Paul J. And Aletta G. W. Du Toit, Of Paarl, Cape Province, South Africa.
648 Du ToitJ BLieutenant542935VSAAF30 Sqd 221945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of Theodorus L. And Margaretha E. Du Toit, Of Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa.
649 DuchenMichaelLieutenant329081VSAAF43 Sqd231944-10-02ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iii. A. 10.Son Of Max Duchen, And Of Carrie Duchen, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
650 DuffJames EyvalFlight Sergeant411130RAAF70 (RAF) Sqd271943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
651 DugdaleAlfredLeading Aircraftman1479157RAFVR150 Sqd221943-12-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. E. 22.
652 DugmoreO LLieutenant206642VSAAF40 Sqd211943-08-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 40.
653 DukasN GAir Mechanic101425VSAAF1 Sqd191944-07-28ItalyFoiano Della Chiana War Cemetery, Ii. O. 8.Son Of George And Ellen Dukas, Of Queenstown, Cape Province, South Africa.
654 DuncanWilliam JackFlight Sergeant672271RAFVR37 Sqd1944-11-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 14.
655 DuncanG LAir Corporal326715VSAAF8 Sqd191944-09-23ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 3.Son Of Alexander And Catherine Duncan.
656 DuncanGeorge WilliamWarrant Officer425286RAAF241944-08-17ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. A. 2.Son Of George And Sarah Ann Duncan, Of Silkstone, Queensland, Australia.
657 DuncanHugh GeoffreyFlying Officer156801RAFVR221945-11-14ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, VIII, D, 11.Son Of Harry Gornall Duncan And Annie Midgely Duncan, Of Leeds, Yorkshire. B.A., Hons. (Oxon.).
658 DuncombeRobert PaulSergeant1606014RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. G. 5-9.Son Of William George And Violet Duncombe, Of Chandler'S Ford, Hampshire.
659 DunkerleyRex KenilworthCaptain102813VAFC, MiDSAAF40 Sqd341944-06-11ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xi. C. 3.Son Of Thomas And Alice Dunkerley; Husband Of Thelma T. Dunkerley, Of Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa.
660 DunnDouglas James MorrisonFlight Sergeant1554921RAFVR104 Sqd231944-06-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 11.Son Of Andrew And Jeannie Dunn, Of Rosefield, Perthshire.
661 DurantG JWarrant Officer Class I181264VSAAF30 Sqd 211945-02-20ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. G. 3.Son Of Louis J. And Georgina E. Durant, Of Umtata, Cape Province, South Africa.
662 DurhamAnthony StuartLeading Aircraftman1408978RAFVR2933 Sqd, RAF Regt.221944-08-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 35.Son Of Reginald Jume Durham And Florence May Durham, Of St. Paul'S, Bristol.
663 DuttonH CLieutenant206149VSAAF12 Sqd271944-07-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 8.Son Of Cyril N. O. And Edith S. Dutton, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
664 DuvauchelleReneSergeant791032RAFVR431 Sqd RCAF

281941-01-11United KingdomThe Maidenhead Register, Repatriated To Rome, Italy.
665 DyerAlanWarrant Officer553009RAF18 Sqd1944-08-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. D. 4-7.
666 EaglesWilliam AlbertFlying Officer136527RAFVR40 Sqd231943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
667 EarlArthur ErnestLeading Aircraftman1104775RAFVR261943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 49.
668 EastRonald ClarkFlying OfficerJ/8202RCAF420 Sqd211943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
669 EastEdwin GeorgeCorporal636273RAF1945-04-28ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, II, E, 1.
670 EasterbeeArthur EdwardFlying Officer153385DFCRAFVR272 Sqd 361945-04-10ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. G. 11.Son Of Charles And Mary Easterbee, Of Stockbridge, Hampshire; Husband Of Marion Easterbee.
671 EasthamThomas VincentSergeant1458042RAFVR24 Sqd221944-09-23ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. A. 29.Son Of Frederick And Edith Eastham. Of Rochdale, Lancashire.
672 EatoHorace NormanSergeant1804491RAFVR104 Sqd201944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. F. 3-5.Son Of Horace And Doris Eato, Of Leicester.
673 EatonB JLieutenant205799VSAAF5 Sqd221944-11-21ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, C, 20.Son Of Alexander And Gladys M. Eaton, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
674 EbblewhiteGordonFlying Officer149499RAFVR13 Sqd 331945-01-31ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 4-7.Son Of William And Amelia Ebblewhite; Husband Of Edith Verna Ebblewhite, Of Holyland, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
675 EdgeRichardLeading Aircraftman1532948RAFVR2788 Sqd RAF Regt.1945-01-12ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. E. 27.Husband Of Florence Edge, Of Bolton, Lancashire.
676 EdgeRaymondFlying OfficerJ/26144RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
221945-01-20ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Joint grave II. D. 6.Son Of Walter Blears Edge And Ethel Edge, Of Swansea, Ontario, Canada.
677 EdmeadesRex HarcourtFlying Officer160081RAFVR21 Sqd (SAAF)231943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, V. D. 36.
678 EdmendsWilliam Colin CliffordFlying Officer401425RAAF221943-12-20ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. E. 1.
679 EdmondsEdward HenrySergeant554011RAF150 Sqd1943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 12.
680 EdmondsJames TalbotFlight Lieutenant114755RAFVR3 (RAAF) Sqd 271945-04-11ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, V. F. 5.Son Of W. Talbot Edmonds And Effie R. Edmonds, Of Maidstone, Kent. Champion, Kent Amateur Athletic Association, 1938, 1939; Champion, Bengal Amateur Athletic Association, 1944.
681 EdmondsonWilfredFlight Sergeant1459115RAFVR148 Sqd241944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. C. 13.Son Of Tom And Eliza Edmondson; Husband Of Evelyn Isobel Edmondson, Of Worcester.
682 EdwardsJohn WilliamFlight Sergeant961547RAFVR213 Sqd1942-06-25ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, I, E, 13.Son Of Frederick William And Bessie Charity Edwards, Of North Walsham, Norfolk.
683 EdwardsEdward WilliamSergeant948474RAFVR9 Sqd211943-07-16ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. G. 14.
684 EdwardsDouglasWarrant Officer1312935RAFVR14 Sqd221944-06-26ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. D. 2.Son Of Thomas And Elizabeth Ann Edwards, Of Trecynon, Aberdare, Glamorgan.
685 EdwardsMervyn LloydFlight Sergeant1026802RAFVR178 Sqd231944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 22.Son Of John And Emily Edwards, Of Towyn, Abergele, Denbighshire.
686 EdwardsG HCaptain11208VSAAF112 Sqd (RAF)231945-07-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. A. 7.Son Of Hilton And Florence Edwards, Of Peddie, Cape Province, South Africa.
687 ElandJohn Henry FowlerLeading Aircraftman1148180RAFVR55 Sqd321943-08-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. B. 20.
688 EliotHugh WilliamWing Commander42490DSO, DFCRAF256 Sqd 231945-03-04ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 20.Son Of Frederick Hunt Eliot And Josephine Mary Eliot, Of Bromley, Kent.
689 ElleryJohn AndrewFlight Sergeant1586909RAFVR600 Sqd211944-02-21ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iii, D, 14-15.Son Of Joseph William And Winifred Ellery, Of Upton St. Leonards, Gloucestershire.
690 Elliot-WilsonE GLieutenant206037VSAAF21 Sqd1944-06-30ItalyForli War Cemetery, Iv, D, 3.
691 ElliottGeorge Kenneth MarshallFlight Sergeant1111566RAFVR104 Sqd231943-10-30ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I, B, 7.
692 ElliottFrankPilot Officer185909RAFVR14 Sqd241944-09-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. B. 4.Son Of James And Eva Elliott, Of Stalybridge, Cheshire.
693 EllisWilliam HowardSergeant1384878RAFVR207 Sqd211942-12-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. B. 6.Son Of William And Elizabeth Ellis, Of East Barnet, Hertfordshire.
694 EllisWalter HerbertSergeant1543941RAFVR14 Sqd231944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 8.Son Of Charles Walter And Sarah Ellis, Of Holbeck, Yorkshire.
695 EllisAlec OtleyFlying Officer426215RNZAF450 Sqd211944-12-15ItalyFaenza War Cemetery, Iv. D. 16.Son Of Cyril Charlie And Daisy Ellis, Of Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand.
696 EllisRobertWarrant Officer427457RAAF301944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 9.Son Of John And Mabel Ellis, Of Mt. Lawley, Western Australia.
697 EllisWilliam RaymondWarrant Officer 1315307 RAFVR1946-05-15ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. D. 14.Son Of Albert Clements Ellis And Marion Ellis, Of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset.
698 EllisonBruce WoodwardFlight Sergeant4310166RNZAF148 Sqd (RAF)261944-09-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. C. 5-6.Son Of Percy Charles Ellison And Of Gwenllian Glamorgan Ellison (Nee Richards), Of Napier, Hawke'S Bay, New Zealand.
699 EllisonEricLeading Aircraftman1535978RAFVR241 Sqd231944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, E, 10.Son Of Albert And Lucy Ellison, Of Marsh, Huddersfield.
700 ElmerGrantFlying OfficerJ/24285RCAF231944-07-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. C. 16.Son Of John Dourden Elmer And Of Florence May Elmer (Nee Pearson), Of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
701 ElmsHenryFlight Lieutenant404895RAAF281944-04-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xii. J. 21-22.Son Of Cecil Henry And Daisy Elms; Husband Of Jessie Joyce Elms, Of Hillend, Queensland, Australia.
702 ElseyHowardSquadron LeaderJ/9365RCAF14 Sqd (RAF)1944-02-23ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 21.
703 ElsleyWilfred HenryFlight Sergeant1034671RAFVR114 Sqd351944-06-04ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xix. G. 10.Son Of Charles And Rose Elsley, Of Newbridge, Monmouthshire; Husband Of Nancy Elsley, Of Treowen, Newbridge.
704 ElworthyArthur JamesSergeant1013219RAFVR40 Sqd201944-07-11ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. E. 11-15.Son Of Stanley And Kathleen Elworthy, Of Down St. Mary, Devon.
705 ElyJohn SidneyWarrant Officer1321524RAFVR256 Sqd 221945-03-06ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. K. 1.Son Of Sidney Herbert And Elizabeth Florence Ely.
706 EmbersonEdwin NertonFlight Sergeant419883RAAF201944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 30.Son Of Herbert William And May Emberson, Of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.
707 EmblingK OLieutenant328715VSAAF7 Sqd 211945-04-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 11.Son Of Frank 0. And Joyce C. Embling, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
708 EmeryAlec GrieveFlight Sergeant1316163RAFVR37 Sqd211943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii, F, 31.
709 EmeryJoshua EllisFlying Officer137149RAFVR40 Sqd221944-04-21ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 28.Son Of Joshua Ellis Emery And Maggie Emery, Of Whitley Bay, Northumberland.
710 EmpeyR HWarrant Officer Class II542352VSAAF12 Sqd201944-07-13ItalyArezzo War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-24.Son Of James N. And Ada F. Empey, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
711 EnglishRobert MouldFlying OfficerJ/29567RCAF208 Sqd (RAF) 1945-04-15ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, IX. J. 6.
712 EssexWilfredSergeant933235RAFVR18 Sqd 241945-02-23ItalyAncona War Cemetery, IV. G. 4.Son Of Bertram Thomas Durant Essex And Nellie Louisa Essex.
713 EtheridgeAnthony DennisSergeant1587771RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-10-12ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. G. 5-9.Son Of Christopher John And Olive Etheridge, Of Applecross, Western Australia.
714 EvansEdward VictorSergeant1377543RAFVR233 Sqd211942-12-27ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, V, K, 16.Son Of Walter Daniel James Evans And Naomi Elizabeth Evans, Of Walthamstow, Essex.
715 EvansDavid WoodhillLeading Aircraftman1067560RAFVR232 Sqd331943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 50.
716 EvansGeorge HenrySergeant937031RAFVR178 Sqd1944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 13.
717 EvansAntony G.Sergeant1653071RAFVR114 Sqd 221945-03-05ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. C. 3.Son Of Henry And Winnifred Evans, Of Cardiff.
718 EvansISecond Lieutenant4002VSAAF16 Sqd 241945-05-23ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, IX. H. 8.Son Of Arthur E. And Ivy A. Evans, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
719 EvansColin WarePilot Officer421797RAAF271945-04-12ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, I, F, 14.Son Of Charles And Sarah Anne Evans; Husband Of Violet Merle Evans, Of Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia.
720 EverettFrancis JohnFlight Sergeant1315675RAFVR142 Sqd231944-02-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 36.Son Of William J. B. And Mabel Everett, Of Bodmin, Cornwall.
721 EversonPeter MichaelFlight Sergeant922204RAFVR149 Sqd191942-11-30ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave. Vi. E. 1-10.Son Of Charles Henry And Sarah Elizabeth Everson, Of Cowley, Oxford.
722 EveryThomas AshtonFlight Sergeant 1617506 RAFVR93 Sqd231946-06-17ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. D. 5.Son Of Thomas And Margaret Every, Of Stoke Newington, London.
723 EwerDerek Ronald JamesFlight Sergeant1319638RAFVR223 Sqd211944-03-15ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. B. 6.Son Of Austin Ronald And Constance May Ewer, Of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
724 ExtonPeter GeorgeFlight Sergeant1255346RAFVR39 Sqd211943-03-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 34.
725 EyearsGeoffrey Peter NewtonSergeant575856RAF112 Sqd 211945-07-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. A. 6.Son Of Rex And Grace Mary Eyears, Of Boscombe, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
726 FacerA W SLieutenant206722 VSAAF5 Sqd201944-05-05ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. F. 12.Son Of Charles W. Facer, And Of Minnie Facer, Of Uitenhage, Cape Province, South Africa.
727 FackrellKenneth Arthur DouglasSergeant545300RAF43 Sqd251944-08-17ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 7.Son Of Albert Arthur And Rebecca Frances Fackrell, Of Bexleyheath, Kent.
728 FaganBernardSergeant1563239RAFVR150 Sqd1944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Vi. A. 13.
729 FairWilliam ReginaldFlying OfficerJ/25400RCAF92 Sqd221944-12-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Ii, C, 23.Son Of Reginald Joseph And Amy Lila Fair, Of Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.
730 FaircloughKenneth ArthurFlight Sergeant1339199RAFVR142 Sqd231944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 1-5.Son Of Arthur Henry And Maud Lilian Fairclough, Of Hayes, Bromley, Kent.
731 FakeJohn EdwardSergeant1427346RAFVR221 Sqd231943-12-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. A. 40.
732 FanceAlbert CharlesFlight Sergeant1320851RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-02-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 19.Son Of Charles William And Lilian Mary Fance, Of Chichester, Sussex.
733 FariaRaymondWarrant Officer421045RAAF231944-09-25ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. A. 1.Son Of Cecil And Mathilde Herminia Faria, Of Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia.
734 FarrellDunstan PatricLieutenant542658VSAAF1 Sqd191944-09-17ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iv. K. 5.Son Of Patrick J. And Natalia I. Farrell, Of Hibberdene, Natal, South Africa.
735 FarrellPatrick JohnWarrant Officer427504RAAF281944-12-14ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 4.Son Of Patrick Joseph And Eileen Christina Farrell, Of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.
736 FarrellMartin PatrickLieutenant542960VSAAF55 Sqd 211945-02-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 4.Son Of John T. And Swanhild Farrell, Of Eshowe, Natal, South Africa.
737 FarrellyJohn ThomasSergeant1238493RAFVR23 Sqd261943-08-17ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. F. 15.
738 FarrerThomas William AubreyPilot OfficerJ/87766RCAF608 Sqd (RAF)241944-01-31ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Iv. B. 47.Son Of William Edward And Phoebe Elizabeth Farrer.
739 FarringtonWilliamLeading Aircraftman1305966RAFVR1945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 5.
740 FarthingLlewelyn GarfieldFlight Lieutenant75708RAFVR1944-10-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 15.Husband Of Frida Maria Farthing, Of Cricklewood, Middlesex.
741 FayCharles Robert KennethSergeant1385039RAFVR70 Sqd

211943-08-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 16.
742 FearnJamesFlying OfficerJ/12721RCAF114 Sqd (RAF)1943-09-18ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. N. 13.Date of death might have been 1943-09-19
743 FearnsideJamesWarrant Officer Class IIR/87380RCAF104 Sqd221942-11-19ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, H, 364.Son Of James And Margaret Fearnside, Of Bounty, Saskatchewan.
744 FeenyDavid PatrickPilot Officer182952RAFVR250 Sqd211944-11-08ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, I. F. 23.Son Of Gerard And Margaret Mary Feeny, Of Birmingham.
745 FeldmanMarcus H.Flight Sergeant314201VSAAF24 Sqd241944-08-13ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Ix. B. 36.Son Of Nathan And Ruby Feldman, Of Finchley, Middlesex, England.
746 FenderGeorgeLeading Aircraftman1289807RAFVR331945-03-04ItalyRome War Cemetery, II, D, 6.Son Of Alfred George And Elizabeth Fender; Husband Of Violet M. Fender, Of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.
747 FentonStanleyLeading Aircraftman948478RAFVR1945-06-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. C. 6.
748 FerrarJ MCaptain206188VSAAF7 Sqd 241945-02-14ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 7.Son Of William H. And Jessie L. S. Ferrar, Of Ramsgate, Natal, S. Africa.
749 FerreiraJ ALieutenant99531VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 15.
750 FieldR GLieutenant205798VSAAF145 Sqd211944-08-31ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 25.Son Of George W. Field, And Of Grace M. Field, Of Strand, Cape Province, South Africa.
751 FieldAllan ThompsonPilot Officer412939RAAF251944-07-04ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. B. 10.Son Of William Henry Heward Field And Eva Rose Field, Of Bowral, New South Wales, Australia. Pharmacist.
752 FilbyJack E.Lieutenant42988VSAAF5 Sqd 231945-04-24ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. A. 5.Son Of Ernest E. And Hilda M. Filby, Of Cape Town, South Africa.
753 FilmerEricFlying Officer132872RAFVR61 Sqd261943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 5.
754 FinchLeslieLeading Aircraftman1036141RAFVR272 Sqd231943-12-31ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 28.
755 FindlerHaroldSergeant1432827RAFVR37 Sqd201944-02-08ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. B. 11.Son Of Elijah And Eva Grace Findler, Of South Elmsall, Yorkshire.
756 FinlayDavidFlying Officer141342RAFVR260 Sqd221944-01-31ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. E. 13.Son Of John Finlay And Of Mary Finlay (Nee Scalley); Husband Of Helen Finlay, Of Rosebank, Cape Province, South Africa.
757 FinlaysonDixonSergeant1824006RAFVR148 Sqd351944-06-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. C. 27-30.Son Of Adam And Alice Finlayson, Of Edinburgh; Husband Of Agnes Robb Finlayson, Of Edinburgh.
758 FinlowJackWarrant Officer40561RNZAF13 Sqd (RAF)241944-07-26ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Coll. Grave Xviii. J. 7-10.Son Of John Henry And Elizabeth Goodison Finlow, Of Auckland City, New Zealand.
759 FinneyErnestSergeant615952RAF178 Sqd241944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 2-6.Son Of Herbert And Elsie Finney, Of Oldham, Lancashire.
760 FisherLeonard JamesSergeant1398923RAFVR37 Sqd211944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 16.Son Of Mrs. M. V. Fisher, And Sepson Of Mr. H.J.Porter, Of Ipswich, Suffolk.
761 FisherJames Wharton SevernFlight Sergeant422477RAAF271944-03-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 39.Son Of Henry Heath Fisher And Cecilia Ellen Fisher; Husband Of Gladys Marjorie Fisher, Of Five Dock, New South Wales, Australia.
762 FisherH MLieutenant328711VSAAF201944-10-20ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 8.
763 FitchHedley WilliamFlight LieutenantJ/3485RCAF37 Sqd (RAF)311943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. A. 12.
764 FlackDouglasFlight Sergeant651875RAF14 Sqd241944-06-26ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 2.Son Of John James Flack And Marguerite Elizabeth Flack, Of Exeter; Husband Of Mabel Joyce Flack, Of Heavitree, Exeter.
765 FlackR H RLieutenant103661VSAAF5 Sqd 281945-02-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, D, 15.Son Of Brian V. H. And Maud E. Flack; Husband Of Denise F. Flack, Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa.
766 FlanneryJohn Derek FortescueFlying Officer131609RAFVR6 Sqd221944-06-05ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. D. 17.Son Of Sir Harold Flannery, Bt., M.B.E., And Lady Flannery Of Wethersfield, Essex.
767 FletcherNorman JohnFlying Officer134677RAFVR37 Sqd241943-09-19ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, I, B, 8.
768 FletcherNormanLeading Aircraftman1134849RAFVR221943-11-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xiv. B. 38.
769 FletcherClaude Gordon ChristopherFlight Sergeant964739RAFVR271944-01-04ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 16.Son Of Claude Wallace Hamilton Fletcher And Queenie Clementine Fletcher, Of Doncaster, Yorkshire; Husband Of Hilda Rienie Fletcher.
770 FlockhartAlfredSergeant652082RAF37 Sqd1941-02-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. grave XI. D. 19-21.
771 FloodArthur AlfredSergeant1898788RAFVR114 Sqd311944-12-28ItalyAncona War Cemetery, I. M. 9.Son Of Arthur And Amy Gladys Flood; Husband Of Alice Flood, Of Cricklewood, Middlesex.
772 FloodRoy AshtonFlight Sergeant3000157RAFVR55 Sqd 191945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. F. 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Percy Eric Charles Flood.
773 FloquetJ AWarrant Officer Class II206673VSAAF21 Sqd211944-05-29ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 5.Son Of Claude E. And Clara Floquet, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
774 FlynnMichaelLieutenant207016VSAAF2 Sqd211944-12-28ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Iv, D, 10.Son Of Thomas And Mary Flynn, Of Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa.
775 FollowsWilliam JohnSergeant579086RAFVR114 Sqd1944-04-17ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xii. J. 21-22.
776 FoordCreswell DudleyLieutenant606412VSAAF34 Sqd 221945-03-06ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 13-15.Son Of Sylvia J. Hart, Of Pietermaritzburg, Natal. South Africa.
777 FootWilliam HenryFlight Sergeant1270764RAFVR55 Sqd261943-10-20ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Xvii. A. 9.
778 FordPatrickWarrant Officer1005414RAFVR13 Sqd 321945-01-31ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave IV. B. 4-7.Son Of Patrick And Jeanie Ford; Husband Of Mary Ford, Of Polmont, Stirlingshire.
779 FordhamRussellLeading Aircraftman1508064RAFVR431945-08-10ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. L. 5.Son Of Arthur And Jemima Fordham, Of Barrow, Suffolk.
780 ForrestIan FaulklandSergeant771610RAFVR70 Sqd

251944-11-11ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 40.Son Of Maj. Frederick Mervin Faulkland Forrest, L.M.S. S.A. (Lond.), Indian Medical Service, And Violet Louisa Harriet Forrest, Of Lahore, Pakistan.
781 ForrestJohn Frederick RonaldLeading Aircraftman1059040RAFVR1945-07-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. G. 9.
782 ForresterNorman SmithWarrant Officer405011RAAF331943-02-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 34.
783 ForsythCharles Hugh JamesWarrant Officer1550616RAFVR1945-07-01ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 5.
784 FosterCharles LeaSergeant1807337RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

201944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.Son Of Lt.-Col. Joseph Henry Foster And Olive Truda Foster, Of Thornage, Norfolk.
785 FosterGilbert ThomasFlight Sergeant1583331RAFVR70 Sqd

1944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 16.
786 FosterWilliam EwenLieutenant207365 VSAAF201944-04-23ItalyBolsena War Cemetery, Ii. H. 16.Son Of Gildart F. And Shelagh M. O'D. Foster, Of Newcastle, Natal, South Africa.
787 FosterEric KennethSergeant905488RAFVR281945-10-11ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. M. 8.Son Of Henry And Bessie Foster, Of Bournemouth, Hampshire; Husband Of Sylvia Renee Foster, Of Winton, Bournemouth.
788 FotheringhamThomas DuffasPilot Officer56930RAF34 Sqd (SAAF)231944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iii. E. 6.Son Of Thomas And Isabella Fotheringham, Of Dundee.
789 FournierEdward FrancisWarrant Officer Class IIR/98467RCAF37 Sqd (RAF)1943-02-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 33.Son Of Francis J. And Felicia M. Fournier, Of Wayne, Michigan,. Date of death might have been 1943-02-21
790 FowlerHaroldLeading Aircraftman1076550RAFVR241944-12-13ItalyForli War Cemetery, I, B, 10.Son Of William And Rhoda Mary Fowler, Of Liverpool.
791 FowlerLeonard ArthurFlight Sergeant1150885RAFVR55 Sqd 241945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 6.Son Of Arthur Ernest And Mary Louisa Fowler, Of Southall, Middlesex.
792 FoxLloyd AlanPilot Officer401281RAAF261943-10-29ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vi. C. 20.
793 FoxFrances James RaySergeant611155MiDRAF5136 (Bomb Disposal) Sqd311944-07-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. D. 36.Son Of William George And Lilian Mabel Fox.
794 FoxFrederick CharlesSergeant1801361RAFVR221944-10-15ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, H, 2.Son Of William Frederick And Violet May Fox, Of Shirley, Surrey.
795 FoxPeter LionelSergeant1818633RAFVR24 Sqd (SAAF)191945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 3.Son Of Donald Leslie Robinson Fox And Evelyn Sofia Fox, Of Northfield, Birmingham.
796 FoxArthur EdwardAircraftman 1st Class 2266625 RAFVR1946-07-17ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. E. 12.
797 FoyHenrySergeant1684642RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-10-12ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. C. 1-8.Son Of Thomas Foy, And Of Ada Broster Foy, Of Old Trafford, Manchester. May have died on 1944-10-13
798 FrancisD A WWarrant Officer Class IIP/5057VSAAF31 Sqd SAAF

1944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. B. 14.
799 FrancombeJohnFlight Lieutenant83117RAFVR69 Sqd221943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 6.
800 FraserGilbert GordonSergeant14065RAAF321942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.Son Of Edward And Jessie Fraser; Husband Of Annie Isabella Geddes Fraser, Of Gladesville, New South Wales, Australia.
801 FreelandJohn RoyPilot OfficerJ/5342RCAF9 Sqd (RAF)231941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 7.Son Of John Anderson Freeland And Etta Yarker Love Freeland, Of Timiskaming, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
802 FreemanWilliam FrederickFlying Officer156411RAFVR37 Sqd221944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 15.Son Of Frederick Jonas Freeman And Kate Bartlett Freeman, Of Southfields, Surrey.
803 FrewinWilliam JohnSergeant1321312RAFVR104 Sqd201944-01-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 27.Son Of William And Catherine Frewin, Of Hounslow, Middlesex.
804 FrickerPeter AngeloSergeant1332987RAFVR18 Sqd211943-08-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 10.
805 FrizzellRobert JamesWarrant Officer415525RNZAF18 Sqd291944-12-28ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, E, 12.Son Of George And Ellen Frizzell, Of Shirley, Christchurch, New Zealand.
806 FrostLeonard JohnSergeant1258080RAFVR21 Sqd211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 16.Son Of John Sidney And Gertrude Florence Frost.
807 FrostWilliam LeslieFlight Sergeant1615873RAFVR500 Sqd211945-01-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. G. 3.Son Of Percy Hamilton Frost, And Of Florence Amy Frost, Of Camberwell, London. His Brother Walter John Frost Also Fell.  
808 FrostWilliam LeslieFlight Sergeant1615873RAFVR500 Sqd 211945-01-01ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Joint grave V. G. 3.Son Of Percy Hamilton Frost, And Of Florence Amy Frost, Of Camberwell, London. His Brother Walter John Frost Also Fell.  
809 FuchsSMajor202884VMiDSAAF19 (RAF)1944-10-30ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Ii. B. 20.
810 FullerGeorge DonaldWarrant Officer993682RAFVR55 Sqd231943-10-30ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. C. 2.
811 FunkeyHoward ThomasLieutenant328915VSAAF12 Sqd241944-12-29ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 2-7.Son Of Charles H. And Anita C. Funkey, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
812 FunnellJames Victor CecilSergeant1605466RAFVR250 Sqd201944-12-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. D. 3.Son Of Daisy Elizabeth Funnell And Stepson Of Harry Mew, Of Earlswood, Surrey.
813 FurmanRussel MaxPilot OfficerJ/17917RCAF207 Sqd (RAF)211943-07-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Vi. A. 10.
814 FynnLeonardWarrant Officer1121140RAFVR55 Sqd231944-08-03ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. G. 6-9.Son Of William And Lucy Fynn, Of Wharton, Winsford, Cheshire.
815 GaffneyPatrickSergeant1520556RAFVR150 Sqd231944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of Michael And Susan Gaffney, Of Glasgow.
816 GagalaEdwardSierzantPolish Air Force1945-01-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Plot 13 Row G Grave 9.
817 GaleWalter William BeresfordSquadron Leader406243RAAF241944-07-17ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. J. 18.Son Of Edwin And Alice Elizabeth Gale, Of West Perth, Western Australia.
818 GallivanPatrick JosephSergeant1102394RAFVR148 Sqd1944-08-16ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. B. 9-12.
819 GarbuttEdward HarveySergeant1604738RAFVR55 Sqd 211945-03-25ItalyCesena War Cemetery, VII, D, 1.Son Of James Edward B. And Lilian Mary B. Garbutt, Of Camden Town, London.
820 GardnerGeorge OakleyFlying Officer115222RAFVR33 Sqd311942-11-13ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. E. 12.Son Of Eric And Dora Constance Gardner, Of Weybridge, Surrey.
821 GarlandStewart FosterFlight LieutenantJ/16208DFCRCAF142 Sqd (RAF)241944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. E. 8.Son Of William Foster Garland And Margaret Garland, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
822 GarnettRichard PercivalFlight Lieutenant111629RAFVR411945-05-26ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, IV, A, 8.Son Of Frank And Leonora Garnett; Husband Of Sylvia Florence Garnett.
823 GarrodGeorge DanielFlying Officer111254RAFVR89 Sqd241943-01-15ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, V. F. 15.
824 GarrowR AAir Mechanic209593VSAAF60 Sqd1944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 19.
825 GaskellAlfred RonaldFlying Officer162083RAFVR18 Sqd211944-08-09ItalyCesena War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii, G, 7.Son Of Ernest And Ellen Ann Gaskell, Of Wigan, Lancashire.
826 GaterH JLieutenant329000VSAAF450 (RAAF) Sqd221944-08-13ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 16.Son Of A. H. And Annie R. Gater, Of Vereeniging, Transvaal, South Africa.
827 GatleyPeterWarrant Officer1072709RAFVR242 Sqd201943-09-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 49.
828 GauntGeoffrey BernardSergeant1517309RAFVR150 Sqd341944-05-15ItalyPadua War Cemetery, I. E. 11.Son Of Bernard Arthur And Mabel Gaunt, Of Conway, Caernarvonshire; Husband Of Eileen Gaunt. Chartered Accountant.
829 GawithArnoldFlight Sergeant422385RNZAF70 Sqd

241944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 2.Son Of Frederick Gawith And Of Mary Ann Gawith (Nee Black), Of Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand.
830 GaynorJohn HenryMajor205579VDFC, MiDSAAF2 Sqd271944-03-03ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 8.Son Of John G Gaynor, And Of Christianna M. Gaynor, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
831 GazeWharton OwenFlight Sergeant409069RAAF40 (RAF) Sqd211943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
832 GeereCarl FrederickMajor102995VOBE, DFCSAAF19 Sqd271944-10-30ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Ii. B. 21.Son Of Lt.-Col. Petrus Geere And Martha M. Geere, Of Krugersdorp, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Yvonne R. Geere, Of Krugersdorp.
833 GeldardC CLieutenant207319VSAAF601 Sqd (RAF)321944-03-30ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Ii. D. 45.Son Of Herbert And Martha H. Geldard, Of Carolina, Transvaal, South Africa.
834 GellAllan ThomasPilot Officer402440RAAF331943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 7.
835 GentryPhilip EdwinLeading Aircraftman1397628RAFVR680 Sqd 221945-02-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, XII. C. 4.Son Of Harry And Dora Adelaide Gentry, Of Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
836 GerrandNorman HarrisonPilot OfficerJ/86559RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
211944-07-23ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, E, 2.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur W. Gerrand, Of Birtle, Manitoba, Canada.
837 GertyStanley FitzherbertWarrant Officer411892RAAF241944-07-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 23.Son Of George Sheridan Gerty And Mabel Adele Gerty, Of Blayney, New South Wales, Australia.
838 GibbonDonald ErnestWarrant Officer Class IR/109190RCAF18 Sqd (RAF)1944-01-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. E. 25.
839 GibbonsRobert StephenLeading Aircraftman1383068RAFVR655 Sqd 231945-06-18ItalyUdine War Cemetery, III. A. 6.Son Of Henry And Edith Gibbons, Of Kilburn, Middlesex.
840 GibbsCyril WilliamFlight SergeantR/77691RCAF178 (RAF) Sqd271943-09-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. B. 2.
841 GibbsRonald WilliamSergeant1602909RAFVR114 Sqd221944-08-30ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 12.Son Of William And Elsie Ellen Gibbs, Of Swindon, Wiltshire.
842 GibbsWilliam JohnPilot Officer185785RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, Coll. grave I. C. 10-13.Son Of Albert Edward And Elsie Gibbs, Of Bournville, Worcestershire.
843 GibsonWilliam GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1227634RAFVR241 Sqd 1945-07-23ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. C. 11.Son Of Mrs. E. E. Gibson, Of Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire.
844 GilbertA M WFlight Sergeant1387444RAFVR114 Sqd221944-09-12ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Joint Grave Vi, C, 8.Son Of Arthur Charles And Julia Mary Gilbert, Of Dulwich, London.
845 GilchristWilliam BrownlieSergeant1370571RAFVR70 Sqd

281943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
846 GillRoySergeant1808284RAFVR241 Sqd201945-01-01ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, E, 8.Son Of Edward Francis And Ellen Mabel Gill, Of Oxhey, Hertfordshire.
847 GillRoySergeant1808284RAFVR241 Sqd 201945-01-01ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 8.Son Of Edward Francis And Ellen Mabel Gill, Of Oxhey, Hertfordshire.
848 GillandersAlexander Thomas HoldenSergeant745285RAFVR37 Sqd211941-02-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. grave XI. D. 19-21.Son Of James Grey Gillanders And Kate Eliza Gillanders, Of Sutton, Surrey.
849 GillinderAlbert EdwardFlight Sergeant1291759RAFVR18 Sqd1944-01-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 39.
850 GirvanWilliam Thomas WhitelawLeading Aircraftman635883RAF221944-09-01ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, Viii, G, 5.Son Of Peter And Alice Whitelaw Girvan, Of Maryhill, Glasgow.
851 GishfordJ WLieutenant328974VSAAF24 Sqd1944-07-04ItalyGradara War Cemetery, I, A, 29.
852 GissingFrederick WilliamFlight Sergeant425637RAAF211944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 31.Son Of Sydney William And Ella Gissing, Of Clayfield, Queensland, Australia.
853 GittinsWilfredFlight Sergeant1230234RAFVR18 Sqd231944-03-16ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vi, E, 18.Son Of Charles Frederick And Annie Gittins, Of Manchester.
854 GladmanPeter JamesFlying Officer131761RAFVR23 Sqd201943-06-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 20.
855 GladstoneDouglas Stuart JamesFlying Officer164291RAFVR614 Sqd 231945-02-21ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. C. 8.Son Of Douglas And Lucy Ellen Gladstone; Husband Of Irene May Gladstone, Of Yiewsley, Middlesex.
856 GlassJohn RonaldFlying Officer163114RAFVR208 Sqd211944-10-27ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, V. J. 11.Son Of Hedley Pattinson Glass And Jane March Glass, Of Bath, Somerset.
857 GleaveKenneth GeorgePilot Officer187249RAFVR70 Sqd

231945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 6.Son Of Albert And Maud Evelyn Gleave, Of Mortimer, Berkshire.
858 GleghornArthurWarrant Officer1107056RAFVR55 Sqd321944-05-17ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 36.Son Of John Edward And Frances Gleghorn, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
859 GlenRolandFlying Officer162165RAFVR260 Sqd201944-07-22ItalyForli War Cemetery, Viii, C, 11.Son Of Malcolm Vicars Glen And Emily Glen, Of Hull.
860 GlendinningRobert MercerLeading Aircraftman948046RAFVR231945-03-27ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, XVI, E, 7.Son Of John And Helen Glendinning, Of Glasgow.
861 GlenwrightAlbert CliveSergeant410323RAAF211943-11-24ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 6.
862 GlewNormanSquadron Leader107955RAFVR1435 Sqd271944-05-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. C. 24.Son Of Capt. Norman H. Glew And Mildred A. Glew, Of Derby.
863 GlewRoland CornerWarrant Officer552144DFMRAF293 Sqd1944-04-29ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. E. 28.
864 GobyWilfred JohnFlight Lieutenant122949RAFVR81 Sqd221943-09-13ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. E. 33.
865 GodbyIvor MichaelFlying Officer415308RNZAF150 Sqd301943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 13.
866 GoddardStanley NelsonSergeant1153369RAFVR178 Sqd1943-03-05ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Viii, E, 19-25.
867 GoddardFredFlying Officer114781RAFVR281944-02-26ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. G. 7.Son Of George And Mary Ellen Goddard, Of Hollinwood, Oldham, Lancashire. B.Sc. (Lond.): King'S College.
868 GoddenStephen WilloughbyFlight Sergeant1319385RAFVR70 Sqd

331944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave V. D. 12-13.Son Of Henry Robert Russell Godden And Amy Lucy Godden; Husband Of Margaret Estelle Godden, Of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. M.P.S.
869 GoffReginald George WilliamSergeant1454431RAFVR50 Sqd181943-07-16ItalyMilan War Cemetery, V. A. 2.
870 GoldmannGWarrant Officer Class I328722VSAAF30 Sqd211944-12-26ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. E. 20.Son Of Max And Louise Goldmann, Of Boesmanskop, Orange Free State, South Africa.
871 GoldsmithReginald VictorFlying Officer159972RAFVR55 Sqd 1945-02-22ItalyUdine War Cemetery, I. B. 1.
872 GoldstoneR FAir Corporal99509VSAAF21 Sqd1944-12-10ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. D. 13.
873 Golsby-SmithMaxwell FrederickWarrant Officer421724RAAF221944-11-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 10.Son Of Keith Jenkins Golsby-Smith And Stella Gladys Golsby-Smith, Of Griffith, New South Wales, Australia.
874 GoodRLieutenant542768VSAAF15 Sqd 1945-04-18ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, II, G, 9.
875 GoodrumErnest ThomasSergeant1280379RAFVR37 Sqd221944-08-21ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. E. 15.Son Of Thomas Ernest And Mildred Ruth Goodrum, Of Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk.
876 GoodwinIvor DenisFlight Sergeant1391100RAFVR272 Sqd231944-11-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. A. 20.Son Of Henry Edward And Esther Hannah Goodwin; Husband Of Maude Anne Goodwin, Of South Oxhey, Hertfordshire.
877 GoodyearSandy Harold KendallPilot OfficerJ/16701RCAF229 (RAF) Sqd211943-02-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 19.
878 GoodyearNormanFlight Sergeant1325399RAFVR256 Sqd 251945-03-10ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 3.Son Of Stanley And Rosella Goodyear, Of Brighouse, Yorkshire.
879 GorickRonald GeorgeSergeant1632276RAFVR150 Sqd201944-07-14ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. D. 1-7.Son Of George James Victor And Rose Ellen Gorick, Of Mitcham, Surrey.
880 GosdenAlbert SidneySergeant1396920RAFVR37 Sqd321944-11-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 16.Son Of Frederick And Emily Florence Gosden; Husband Of Anne Gosden, Of Wandsworth Common, London.
881 GoslingLeslie CyrilFlight LieutenantJ/9359DFC and BarRCAF229 (RAF) Sqd231943-07-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 19.
882 GoslingTerence JamesPilot Officer159880DFMRAF40 Sqd1943-11-25ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 11.
883 GouldWilfred WallaceSergeant1318715RAFVR114 Sqd221944-03-31ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xiii. A. 10.Son Of William Ernest And Evelyn Gould, Of Honiton, Devon, England.
884 GouldD LCaptain82005VSAAF15 Sqd 351945-04-26ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. E. 1.Son Of Joseph A. And Lillian A. Gould; Husband Of Erica K. Gould, Of Brakpan, Transvaal, South Africa.
885 GourleyJohn Muir PatonFlying Officer175195RAFVR683 Sqd251944-12-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Vii. D. 6.Son Of James And Elizabeth Stafford Gourley; Husband Of Catherine Best Gourley, Of Clarkston, Renfrewshire.
886 GoveRonald GordonSergeant748724RAFVR9 Sqd251941-09-29ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. E. 8.Son Of John And Elizabeth Gove, Of Hillside, Angus.
887 GowDavid MurrayFlying Officer413306RAAF241944-05-25ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, E, 26.Son Of John Murray Gow And Nina Wellesley Gow, Of New South Wales, Australia.
888 GradyJohnSergeant1676177RAFVR37 Sqd 211945-04-10ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. D. 8.Son Of Edward And Isabella Grady, Of Blaydon, Co. Durham.
889 GrahamLester CameronPilot OfficerJ/86951RCAF267 Sqd (RAF)221944-03-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Iii. D. 10.Son Of William Wallace Graham And Janet Louise Graham, Of Westville, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.
890 GrahamRonald JohnWarrant Officer428780RNZAF55 Sqd (RAF) 231945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. grave II. D. 8-10.Son Of John Higdon Graham And Annie Rachel Graham, Of Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand.
891 GrantEAir Mechanic572606VSAAF12 Sqd291944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. A. 28-32.Son Of George And Maria M. Grant, Of Germiston, Transvaal, South Africa.
892 GravellAlecLeading Aircraftman1869547RAFVR148 Sqd 201945-07-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. F. 9.Son Of Llewelyn And Mary Ann Gravell, Of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire.
893 GraverMaurice OsricWarrant Officer1389193RAFVR256 Sqd 221945-05-14ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 15.Son Of Frederick William And Florence Graver, Of Eastbourne, Sussex.
894 GrayClifford ErnestFlight Sergeant1001414RAFVR104 Sqd271942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 29.Son Of The Revd. Ernest S. Gray, B.Th., And Charlotte A. Gray, Of Chingford, Essex. L.R.A.M.
895 GrayRobert EdwinSergeant1025844RAFVR104 Sqd221943-06-27ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. F. 19-20.
896 GrayLemuel WilliamFlying OfficerJ/21425RCAF454 (RAAF) Sqd271944-08-23ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Viii. G. 16.Son Of William And Thirza Gray; Husband Of Alice Gray, Of Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada.
897 GrayNeil AlexanderFlying Officer137621RAFVR93 Sqd201944-04-12ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxi. J. 3.Son Of The Revd. John Meikle Gray And Gwendoline Clara Gray, Of Lauder, Berwickshire.
898 Gray-KingJohn WilliamFlight Lieutenant68934RAFVR351943-07-10ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. H. 13.
899 GreatrexFerdinand David WoodhamFlying Officer116681RAFVR89 Sqd201943-01-16ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, V. D. 15.
900 GreavesPeter LandlessSergeant1808528RAFVR112 Sqd 211945-05-13ItalyForli War Cemetery, VII, D, 13.Son Of Capt. John Greaves And The Late Mary Wallwork Greaves, Of Bicknoller, Somerset. Member Of The Desert Air Force.
901 GreenGeorge HenryPilot Officer42499RAF70 Sqd

261941-02-24ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. S. 18.Son Of George William And Eleda Mae Green, Of Sardis, British Columbia, Canada.
902 GreenLeslieSergeant1556380RAFVR23 Sqd221943-09-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 4.
903 GreenJamesFlight Sergeant1497992RAFVR70 Sqd

221943-11-25ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 16-20.
904 GreenJohnSergeant1576108RAFVR150 Sqd231944-04-22ItalySalerno War Cemetery, I. E. 8.Son Of Mrs. E. Reid, Of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
905 GreenHenry JamesCorporal933246RAFVR221945-04-09ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. E. 10.Son Of William Ernest And Ethel Green, Of Islington, London.
906 GreenJames Frederick StanleyFlight Sergeant1890799RAFVR201945-07-01ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. A. 9.Son Of Stanley George Green M.M., And Frances Green, Of Muswell Hill, Middlesex.
907 GreenRobert RileyFlight Lieutenant106972RAFVR1945-03-20ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. F. 15.
908 GreenawayJack RobertPilot Officer184791RAF112 Sqd241944-09-02ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Vi, C, 11.Son Of Robert Alfred And Ada Margaret Greenaway, Of Mottingham, Kent.
909 GreeningRobert LancelotAircraftman 2nd Class1646098RAFVR1944-02-19ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. A. 14.Husband Of Violet Greening, Of Clapham, London.
910 GreensladeCharles PeterSergeant1605365RAFVR70 Sqd

1944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 1.
911 GreensmithVernon WalkerWarrant Officer1217076RAFVR40 Sqd 231945-04-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. E. 1.Son Of Fred And Jane Greensmith, Of Erdington, Birmingham. His Brother Walter Kenneth Also Died On Service.
912 GreenstreetJames FrederickPilot Officer412376RNZAF18 (RAF) Sqd281943-09-26ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 41.
913 GregoryRichard JamesWarrant Officer Class IR/147536RCAF178 Sqd (RAF)221944-10-04ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. C. 2-6.Son Of L. C. And Mildred M. Gregory, Of Bints, Saskatchewan, Canada.
914 GregoryHenryLeading Aircraftman752792RAFVR241944-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, Ii. D. 11.Son Of Henry And Louisa Gregory; Husband Of Eileen Gregory, Of Woodlands East, Doncaster, Yorkshire.
915 GreigHarry LawrenceSergeant1395500RAFVR31 Sqd SAAF

211944-07-26ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. E. 22.Son Of Harry Lawrence Greig And Elizabeth Margaret Greig, Of Sandy Lodge, Middlesex. May have died on 1944-07-27
916 Greville-SmithJohn NigelFlying Officer155243RAFVR272 Sqd201944-02-22ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. C. 9.Son Of Dudley Frederic Howard Greville-Smith And Millicent Rose Greville-Smith, Of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
917 GriceJackSergeant1870873RAFVR12 Sqd (SAAF)1944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-15.
918 GriesselS RLieutenant328960VSAAF7 Sqd1944-09-02ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Iii. A. 14.
919 GriffinArthur DonaldSergeant631190RAF31 Sqd SAAF

251944-10-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Iv. B. 2.Son Of Arthur And May Griffin, Of Churchdown. Gloucestershire.
920 GriffinTom Philip GeorgeWarrant Officer655579RAF241944-10-01ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iv. K. 18.Son Of Tom Edward Philip And Adeline Ellen Griffin, Of Great Barr, Birmingham.
921 GriffithJohn LlewellynFlying Officer151445RAFVR39 Sqd201944-06-11ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. B. 10.Son Of David And Violet Frances Griffith, Of Feckenham, Worcestershire.
922 GriffithsRobert WilliamsFlying Officer116501RAFVR35 Sqd251943-08-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Joint Grave I. C. 1-2.
923 GriffithsAlbert MichaelFlight Sergeant1382927RAFVR72 Sqd261943-07-16ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. H. 15.
924 GriffithsReginald Thomas JohnFlight Sergeant640904RAF104 Sqd231944-07-19ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. E. 40.Son Of Thomas John And Louisa Griffiths; Husband Of Gwyneth Margaret Griffiths, Of Johnstown, Carmarthen.
925 GriffithsHarryLeading Aircraftman1201821RAFVR208 Sqd361944-10-02ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, Ii. G. 18.Son Of Thomas And Eliza Griffiths, Of Newcastle, Staffordshire.
926 GriffithsJohn CharlesLeading Aircraftman1016621RAFVR241 Sqd331944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, E, 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. John Charles Griffiths, Of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire; Husband Of Margaret Ann Griffiths, Of Middlesbrough.
927 GrimmettGerford CharlesFlight Sergeant1338980RAFVR70 Sqd

231944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 5.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. C. Grimmett, Of Fishponds, Gloucestershire.
928 GroblerJ L KLieutenant329037VSAAF12 Sqd1944-07-16ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. H. 9.
929 Grosse-RasgadoWermer Richard AlexLieutenant206375VSAAF12 Sqd311944-08-31ItalyMontecchio War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. A. 14-15.Son Of Oscar And Hildegard N. Heymann, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
930 GubbinsDenis ChristopherFlight Sergeant1606170RAFVR24 Sqd (SAAF)201945-04-21ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. G. 4.Son Of Henry G. And Sarah J. M. Gubbins, Of France Lynch, Gloucestershire.
931 GunnJohn Greville OcklestonSergeant2216258RAFVR178 Sqd 201945-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. B. 1.Son Of Capt. Donald Greville Gunn And Ursula Gunn, Of Nantwich, Cheshire.
932 GwalchmaiGeorge Kenneth RowleyPilot Officer182371RAFVR221944-11-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iv. C. 1.Son Of George Gilbert And Alice Lilian Irene Gwalchmai, Of Newtown, Montgomeryshire.
933 HackerA MLieutenant543177VSAAF15 Sqd 211945-03-25ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, II, G, 6.Son Of Mrs. D. Hacker, Of Bellevue East, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
934 HackshawEdward ArthurFlight Lieutenant137633RAFVR150 Sqd211943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 10.
935 HaegiFrederick HenryFlight Sergeant659090RAF40 Sqd251943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
936 HaganJohn GeraldSergeant1347882RAFVR37 Sqd211943-10-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. C. 49.
937 HaggartDonald CameronLeading Aircraftman14675RAAF271944-06-01ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. R. 2.Son Of John Cameron Haggart And Grace Evelyn Haggart, Of Kurrajong Heights, New South Wales, Australia.
938 HaggartyPatrick ArchibaldSquadron Leader42500DFCRAF35 Sqd291943-08-17ItalyMilan War Cemetery, I. B. 10.
939 HahnTAir Mechanic577321VSAAF181944-09-18ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xi. B. 17.(Served As Botha, T.). Son Of Hugo C. And Violet E. Hahn, Of East London, Cape Province, South Africa.
940 HaighErnestSergeant1533134RAFVR150 Sqd221944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. A. 9-11.Son Of John And Ruth Haigh, Of Hull.
941 HainsworthJoseph HaroldSergeant1684595RAFVR17 Sqd211944-11-16ItalyRome War Cemetery, I, F, 19.Son Of Joseph And Edith Hainsworth, Of Bolton, Bradford, Yorkshire.
942 HalesLeslieSergeant968399RAFVR13 Sqd261944-09-26ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, Ii, A. 1.Son Of Isabella Hales, Of Salford, Lancashire.
943 HalesFrank JosephFlying Officer175205RAFVR70 Sqd

221945-04-04ItalyBari War Cemetery, XIII. A. 3.Son Of Jack And Florence Maud Hales, Of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
944 HalkierHenryPilot Officer149519RAFVR61 Sqd251943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 5.
945 HallHugh MckayLeading Aircraftman1073750RAFVR2925 Sqd, RAF Regt.331943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 39.
946 HallJohn PatrickFlight Sergeant415030RAAF40 (RAF) Sqd251943-08-13ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Viii. H. 11-12.
947 HallGeorge BrianSergeant1435459RAFVR104 Sqd221944-04-16ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 35.Son Of Thomas Scholey Hall And Lizzie Maude Mary Hall, Of Fearnhead, Lancashire.
948 HallJohn NeillLieutenant328343VSAAF178 (RAF)1944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 16.
949 HallGordon KingsleySergeant1321763RAFVR70 Sqd

201944-02-25ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 28.Son Of Richard And Florence Marie Hall, Of Twickenham, Middlesex.
950 HallGeorge VernonFlight Sergeant1324294RAFVR250 Sqd 231945-04-04ItalyUdine War Cemetery, II. G. 10.Son Of Frank And Nellie Hall; Husband Of Stella Mary Lucie Hall, Of Clapham Park, London.
951 HallRobertSergeant1345891RAFVR70 Sqd

221945-03-03ItalyBari War Cemetery, IX. E. 1.Son Of John H. And Mary Ann Hall, Of Jedburgh, Roxburghshire.
952 HallamThomas AlfredSergeant1234790RAFVR424 Sqd (RCAF)221943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
953 HallasArnold George RaymondFlying Officer162489RAFVR601 Sqd 241945-04-30ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. E. 5.Son Of George And Florence Rose Hallas, Of Burton-On-Trent.
954 HallidayC ALieutenant2714VMiDSAAF1 Sqd241943-07-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 38.
955 HallidayRobert HenryFlight SergeantR/131077RCAF18 Sqd221943-07-18ItalyAgira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, C, D, 300.
956 HalliwellKenneth StephenSergeant1026402RAFVR221945-03-31ItalySalerno War Cemetery, VI. F. 46.Son Of Harold And Florence May Halliwell, Of Shipley, Yorkshire.
957 HalpinClement ThistletonWarrant Officer420746RAAF261944-08-21ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iii. J. 11.Son Of Cyril And Ida Francis Halpin, Of Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia.
958 HamerRobert TopeFlying Officer46635RAF296 Sqd301943-07-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 8.
959 HamerJohn EdwardFlying Officer158751RAFVR145 Sqd 1945-02-07ItalyCesena War Cemetery, II, C, 15.
960 HamiltonWilliam CaldwellFlying OfficerJ/10176RCAF57 Sqd (RAF)331942-10-24ItalyRavenna War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. F. 2-4.
961 HamiltonJFlight Sergeant206322VSAAF12 Sqd1943-12-08ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 40.
962 HamiltonE PLieutenant205678VSAAF21 Sqd301943-07-15ItalySyracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, Vii. H. 10.
963 HamiltonMatthew MillarFlight Sergeant42325RNZAF114 Sqd (RAF)291944-04-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-14.Son Of Henry Murray Hamilton And Of Charlotte Calder Hamilton, (Nee Sutherland), Of Garston, Southland, New Zealand; Husband Of Alice May Elizabeth Hamilton (Nee Soper), Of Invercargill, Southland.
964 HamiltonStewart AlfredWarrant Officer418398RAAF201944-10-11ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave I. G. 4-9.Son Of Arthur James Hamilton And Jessie Hutchison Hamilton, Of Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
965 HammanB JAir Mechanic338156VSAAF12 Sqd1944-04-07ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave X. A. 28-32.
966 HammonCharles JamesLeading Aircraftman1633127RAFVR231945-08-19ItalyMilan War Cemetery, III. A. 9.Son Of Frederick Sydney Hammon, And Of Alice Beatrice Hammon, Of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
967 HammondWilliam EricSergeant41585RNZAF104 Sqd (RAF)231942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 43.Son Of William Hammond, And Of Esther Hammond (Nee Lipany); Husband Of Eileen Margaret Hammond, Of Te Aroha, Auckland, New Zealand.
968 HancoxHarryLeading Aircraftman1055661RAFVR1943-09-03ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vi. B. 46.
969 HanesJohn Neville FrancisFlying Officer157857RAFVR208 Sqd 211945-04-15ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, IX. J. 5.Son Of Frank Harry And Elizabeth Hedwig Hanes, Of Boscombe East, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
970 HanksGerald AustinSergeant1600956RAFVR201944-11-14ItalySalerno War Cemetery, Vii. A. 36.Son Of James Austin Hanks And Cecel Maud Hanks, Of Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
971 HannahWilliam McredieSergeant352525RAF421945-04-03ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. G. 6.Son Of Thomas And Cathrine Mcredie Hannah, Of Stranraer, Wigtownshire; Husband Of Ann Hannah, Of Stranraer.
972 HannibalJohn HowardFlying Officer130285RAFVR114 Sqd311944-01-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. J. 7.Son Of Arthur And Elsie May Hannibal, Of Smethwick, Staffordshire. A.L.A. Scoutmaster.
973 HanniganRobert JohnAircraftman 1st Class1348881RAFVR231944-05-07ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. L. 2.Son Of William Downs Hannigan And Martha Moore Hannigan, Of Elderslie, Renfrewshire.
974 HanningF WLieutenant206257VSAAF21 Sqd331943-11-28ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vi. B. 37-40.
975 HansonKenneth StewartPilot OfficerJ/95560RCAF417 Sqd RCAF
231944-12-31ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Iii, D, 1.Son Of Charles And Gladys May Hanson, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
976 HansonD MLieutenant329056VSAAF5 Sqd (RAF)241944-05-27ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Ii. A. 15.Son Of Raphael And Eveline Hanson, Of Estcourt, Natal, South Africa.
977 HardieRossWarrant Officer902422RAFVR271944-05-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 33.Son Of Alexander Forester Hardie And Elsie Hardie, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
978 HardingKenneth BruceSergeant1590964RAFVR70 Sqd

191944-05-24ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xxii. G. 4.Son Of William Arthur And Irene Hrding, Of Shipton-By-Beningbrough, Yorkshire.
979 HardingJ D HLieutenant103790VSAAF92 Sqd251944-06-15ItalyAssisi War Cemetery, V, A, 12.Son Of George E. And Catherine F. L. Harding, Of Port Elizabeth, Cape Province, South Africa.
980 HardingRoss NormanFlight Sergeant423286RAAF211944-11-21ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. L. 17.Son Of Eric James And Ruby Maude Harding, Of Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia.
981 HargraveGeorge WilliamLeading Aircraftman1498300RAFVR241945-06-11ItalyNaples War Cemetery, IV. J. 9.Son Of George William And Irene Hargrave; Husband Of Kathleen Hargrave, Of Blackpool, Lancashire.
982 HarlingtonCarlSergeant1430143RAFVR150 Sqd221943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 11.
983 HarmerJ RLieutenant98213VSAAF40 Sqd271944-02-01ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. F. 5.Son Of Capt. Thomas R. Harmer And May E. R. Harmer, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
984 HarperRoderick MacmillanFlying Officer402442RAAF291942-04-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 22.Son Of Archibald Mclean Harper And Pleasant Harper, Of Lindfield, New South Wales, Australia.
985 HarperWilliam HarrySergeant1352813RAFVR142 Sqd321944-09-17ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Iv. F. 7.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Harper; Husband Of Mirian Edith Kate Harper, Of Coventry.
986 HarpinRonaldFlight Lieutenant138474DFCRAFVR211945-02-19ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, II. C. 16.Son Of James And Marguerite Ellen Harpin, Of Clapham, London.
987 HarringtonOliver LovattFlying Officer143224RAFVR600 Sqd231944-04-30ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, V, D, 11.Son Of Oliver Barnard Harrington And Alice Mary Harrington, Of Nottingham; Husband Of Dorothy Mary Harrington, Of Nottingham.
988 HarrisC ALieutenant328793VSAAF55 Sqd (RAF)1944-07-02ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Ii. A. 1.
989 HarrisJamesCorporal541809RAF321944-03-15ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Ii. N. 8.Son Of William And Mary Jane Harris; Husband Of Emma Harris, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland.
990 HarrisR JLieutenant327630VSAAF201944-05-22ItalySangro River War Cemetery, X. A. 11.Son Of George H. And May Harris, Of Lady Grey, Cape Province, South Africa.
991 HarrisGerald LeonardSergeant1616848RAFVR13 Sqd 211945-03-07ItalyForli War Cemetery, VI, D, 14.Son Of Isaac And Sarah Harris, Of Aldgate, London.
992 HarrisonJ RLieutenant280011VSAAF21 Sqd191943-11-03ItalySangro River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave V. D. 33-35.
993 HarrisonAlfredFlying Officer162526DFMRAFVR18 Sqd251944-08-02ItalyPadua War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iv. D. 4-7.Son Of Alfred Henry And Blanche Harrison, Of Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent.
994 HartBernard ErnestFlight Sergeant1321472RAFVR178 Sqd221944-04-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 34.Son Of Ernest Alfred Hart, And Of Edith Florence Hart, Of Almondbury, Yorkshire.
995 HartJohnFlying Officer139105RAFVR178 Sqd301944-06-01ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. C. 18.Son Of George And Alice Hart; Husband Of Iris May Hart, Of Putney, London.
996 HartKenneth GrahamSquadron Leader42222DFCRAFVR18 Sqd231944-12-28ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii, E, 12.Son Of Frederick John And Elijabeth Hart, Of Palmer'S Green, Middlesex.
997 HartRaymond RobertCaptain205792VSAAF601 Sqd (RAF)1944-10-07ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Iii, G, 12.
998 HartAlbert FrankCorporal1213929RAFVR231944-06-29ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Ii, B, 8.Son Of Albert And May Phoebe Hart, Of Wanstead, Essex.
999 HartJohn MoffatCorporal339656RAFVR241944-06-28ItalyMoro River Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. G. 9.Son Of Hugh Moffat And Isabella Hart, Of Glasgow, Scotland.
1000 HartAlexander BarrFlight Sergeant426339RAAF221944-07-13ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. C. 11.Son Of Harry And Bethea Sword Hart, Of Yeronga, Queensland, Australia.

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