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The first crew to have 'all' been decorated on the 'same operation' in WW2

150 Squadron - Fairey Battle K9283

Pilot, Sq/Ldr. Macdonald went on to be Air Aide-de-Camp to the Queen in 1965

Canadians at Stalag Luft 3

 Amazing photo of a group of aircrew taken at Stalag Luft III (Sagan and Belaria) 

All are from Manitoba, Canada and now most have been named with details of their loss.

Do you know any? 

Featured story.

Are you able to identify these crew members from 214 Squadron Stirling BF478, BU-G?

Shot down over the Wadden Sea in May, 1943 by Ofw. Scherfling of 10./NJG1

Higher definition photo available on request

303 Squadron Memorial for W/Cdr. Ronald Kellett At the end of August 2014 a new Memorial to W/Cdr. Ronald Kellett and 303 Squadron will be held in Kent. Former 303 Squadron members/relatives of aircrew and groundcrew are invited in the first instance to contact us. We will forward your details to W/Cdr. Kellett's daughter for a formal invitation. 

We fought together through the great offensive of 1940 and I then knew that the pilots of No. 303 Squadron were not only the best but would also see me through any troubles. In the month of September, 303 Squadron was on top - no squadron from the Empire could equal the courage and skill of our pilots, no bombing could daunt our airmen.”  Sq/Ldr Ronald Kellett 303 Squadron Chronicles.

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