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Family visit crash site

Family escorted to WW2 Crash site in 2015 by dedicated Norwegian researcher.


Local Belgium family honour a crew killed at their farm

Children graves

Not only tragic loss of aircrew - civilians and children also killed.

Cockpit javalin

WW2 W/Cdr AFC OBE tragically killed years later in Javelin crash 1956

Please look at the moving poetry we have collected in our Poetry section. Add yours.

 Fascinating story of the Soviet Night Witches Squadron. Amazingly brave women who flew hundreds of missions in biplanes. Plus obituary and a short animation documentary by New York Times

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There's no finer way to pay your respects than laying a wreath on one of our pages. This simple personal act by you does more than recognize sacrifices made: it is a perpetual reminder that each loss was a son or daughter, husband or wife, brother or sister, or friend whilst providing research funding so we can bring comfort to other families and friends.
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Things people say.....

".. I am hoping you can help me! I'm sure you get a lot of people asking for help. I am searching for a photo of a man called Eric Alfred Birrell. All I know was that he died on the 14th March 1944. I work in an aged care facility in Australia and a resident I work with asked to speak to me one day. I sat down with her for an hour while she told me of her long lost love, Eric. They got engaged the day before he had to leave for war. He never came home. It just broke my heart! He was her one and only love and she never went on to marry or have children. I would desperately love to give her a photo of Eric. Regards,Tanya" ... (and after seeing our page..) "Oh my god!!! Thank you so much Kelvin! I have tears in my eyes..I just can not wait to show her this!!! How absolutely incredible."

"Thankyou. These words mean a lot to our team" Kelvin Youngs, Director of Research

Site inspired by the memory of our family hero, Polish ace Alecsander Pietrzak VM (309 Squadron PAF) 1916 - 1945
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